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Winning in the courts, vanquishing England's foes on the battlefield, Barrington Norton has used these winner-take-all rules to script his life, but is London's most distinguished mulatto barrister prepared to win the ultimate fight, restoring his wife's love? Amora Norton is running out of time. The shadows in her Egyptian mind, which threaten her sanity and alienate BarrWinning in the courts, vanquishing England's foes on the battlefield, Barrington Norton has used these winner-take-all rules to script his life, but is London's most distinguished mulatto barrister prepared to win the ultimate fight, restoring his wife's love? Amora Norton is running out of time. The shadows in her Egyptian mind, which threaten her sanity and alienate Barrington's love, have returned. How many others will die if she can't piece together her shattered memories? Can she trust that Barrington's new found care is about saving their marriage rather than winning the trial of the century? This is the first Regency Romance of four. Dear Lovely Reader, Unveiling Love is a serialized historical romance or soap opera told in episodes. Each episode averages three to eight chapters, about 18,000 to 30,000 words. Each episode resolves one issue. Emotional cliffhangers may be offered, but the plot, the action of the episode, will be complete in resolving this issue. My promise to you is that the action will be compelling, the romance passionate, and the journey like nothing you've read before. I will tell you in the forward the length. This episode, Episode I, is eight chapters long, 28,000 words. Enjoy this Regency Romance. Vanessa Riley...

Title : Unveiling Love: Episode I
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ISBN : 9781943885084
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Unveiling Love: Episode I Reviews

  • Gramy
    2019-04-06 10:57

    .The entire episode was filled with confusion and inconceivability. I do not have the ability comprehend the non-communication between this couple that seemed to love one another so much. The barrister was depicted as such a smart man, able to figure things out in the real world, but has no idea what's happening in his marriage.There were an excessive amount of typos and grammatical errors. It did not flow well for me.The description of the book held an assurance from the author that "Emotional cliffhangers may be offered, but the plot, the action of the episode, will be complete in resolving this issue." However, I find that was not accomplished in this reading at all. Bits and pieces of the past haunt this woman, but the issue was not resolved at all. Instead you are left with a cliffhanger, probably enticing readings to purchase the next installment. I'll bow out now. I prefer a series where each book stands on its own and delivers an HEA. That is why readers generally adventure into fiction!I've lost any interest in the story and don't intend to read any other of the books in this series. Why would anyone feel good about paying for 4 separate installments, when it could have all been included in one - especially if you were not interested in the first installment?'

  • Cynthia Marcano
    2019-04-12 16:00

    My first read from Vanessa Riley. Love the bi- racial characters. Its rare to read about wealthy successful ethnics in Historical Christian Fiction. So Brava Riley! Needless to say I was excited to read this book. I can clearly picture Barrington...yep he's hot.Riley writing is sometimes a bit choppy and abrupt but by the end I hardly noticed it. I am moving on to Episode 2.

  • Nadine Keels
    2019-04-02 12:09

    "Thank you. I like the light.""You have to do more than just like it. You have to seek it, fight for it to be in your life."As a barrister, Barrington Norton is serious about fighting for life, truth, and justice in court. But his wife, Amora, doubts that he may be as serious about working with her to save their tenuous union. Yet, her inability to fully recall a nightmarish incident in her past could undermine any efforts toward their marriage in Unveiling Love, a Regency suspense tale by author Vanessa Riley.Yes, for the second time in recent history, this bookworm who doesn't do serialized novels is reading a serialized novel. I do have the complete story, though, so perhaps the only difference here is my taking the opportunity to review it by episodes.I think it can be easy for a contemporary writer to rely on the interesting manners, frills, and glamorous motifs of England's Regency period and leave out the kind of deeper, human exploration that makes novels like Jane Austen's so great. Hence, while a story may have Austen-like qualities on the "outside," it can fall flat beneath its English frills.Thus far, Unveiling Love is no such flat or flimsy story. I'm not comparing it to Austen's work, as Barrington and Amora's tale comes from a whole different kind of outlook and whatnot. And I did notice minor errors and inconsistencies in the writing.But I also noticed the story's layering, and the author's poetic style that shines or pierces in places. I noticed the nuances in characters' development and interaction. It annoyed me when Barrington and Amora would jump to drastic conclusions in their heads, but it wouldn't make them suddenly jump out of character with melodramatic tantrums, as might have been the case in a flimsier story. No, the balance and tension between their thoughts and actions make them all the more believable.Plus, of course (absolutely of course), I'm thrilled to be reading Regency romantic suspense with main characters of color. I don't run into this kind of book every day. And this tale of passion, doubt, faith, and intrigue has me most curious to see if this husband and wife are indeed going to seek and fight for light.

  • Chelsey Brosier
    2019-04-16 16:52

    LoveUnveiling Love is a well written historical romance story. The title is self explanatory! Barrington and Amora Norton love is deep. So deep that they learned to hide their imperfections from each other assuming that was the only way their relationship would work. Normally that would happen in the beginning stages of a relationship but the truth and reality would come to surface as a relationship grows. Not with the Norton's! The personal struggles that they both battle has finally manifest and interfere in their relationship. What is so frustrating is both struggles may be different but also similar in a lot of ways, if they would just trust each other....Smh! Like I said the title of this book is fitting and Vanessa Riley did an excellent job! She pulls you in and leaves you hanging for the next part of the series Lol Yes! This is a series and I'm hooked to see what's next for the Norton's. What's even better is the characters from Unmasked Heart another great historical from Vanessa Riley is in this series go check that out also! I received this book free from Gallium Optronics Publishing as part of their Book Review program in exchange for a honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

  • Bhriv
    2019-04-04 14:11

    Unveiling Love, written by Vanessa Riley, is a beautiful romantic historical read. It’s the story of Barrington & Amora Norton. I think my favorite character in this story was Barrington. He was a mulatto barrister. He knew what it was like to grow up with challenges and now that he was back from war and dealing with being a barrister and married and the challenges that go with all of that. He tries very hard to do the right thing, but somehow he is caught in the middle of situations that challenge his ability to show his caring side. Can Barrington get through the difficulties of being a good barrister and be a good, caring, loving husband?This is book one of four. Each story is going to be a continuation of the previous story. There seems to be somewhat of a cliffhanger feeling at the end of the story, which I usually don’t care for, but it’s so well written that I’m excited to read book two rather than be annoyed that book one has ended at this point. I received this book free from Gallium Optronics Publishing as part of their Book Review program in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-11 09:48

    Vanessa Riley is an author who stands out not only for her unique take on Regency romance but in her excellent writing ability. Following in the Dickensian tradition of serial fiction Unveiling Love, episode one in this author's London Regency Suspense Tale, quickly had me invested in its intrigues. While there was an inspirational aspect to this tale the conviction of the characters came across peripherally and did not dictate who they were. Well researched Ms. Riley shows readers a side of Regency culture often not depicted in her portrayal of a multicultural cast. All things said though it is ultimately the touching relationship between the emotionally wounded hero and heroine in this work that will keep readers involved in this secret filled, nicely written story!*I received this work from the author in exchange for an honest review.**This work is an installment in a serial.*

  • deb
    2019-03-22 12:14

    Unveiling LoveBarrington and Amora are an enigma to me, here is a couple who are so in love  with each other, but seems to have so many misconceptions about each other. As you read Unveiling Love you are hoping that their secrets are unveiled so that this couple can move forward into martial bliss, but  the unveiling of the secrets only seem to create more chaos. At same time that they are  struggling in their marriage there is a murderer who must be caught and an abductor who is on the loose, could they be the same person? The drama and suspense will keep you engaged and you will not be disappointed with this story. You will be enamored  with the characters and will be sad to see the first episode end; it ends with a bang, that will keep you wanting more. Episode one will have you salivating for espisode 2 . So hold on because I think we are going on a wild adventure with Barrington and Amora. I might need to go into my prayer closet for these two  characters

  • Bel
    2019-03-31 16:00

    I enjoyed this story.HOWEVER, it was difficult to keep up, it seemed like parts of the story were missing. For instance, one moment the main character would be at home and out of nowhere he was in a courtroom. Also, just as I was getting into the story it ends in a cliffhanger because this is a series. This is Episode 1 out of 4. FREE on Bookbub

  • Chasia Lloyd
    2019-04-02 15:03

    Neat, but I have lots of mixed feelings on it. Gonna hold off on a star-rating for now.GORGEOUS COVER THO OMG

  • Anna Ballard
    2019-04-18 18:07

    London, 1819. Barrington Norton is a barrister who is so busy with his work he doesn't have time for his wife or to find out why his marriage is falling apart. His wife has a secret she doesn't dare tell her husband. Just as they are about to straighten things out - the book ends, continued in the next book. I don't mind books that are written in a series but they should be complete within each book. If the next 2 books are like this one, the work of a good editor could have reduced them to a feasible one volume.

  • Alicia
    2019-04-09 15:47

    I didn't think I was going to make it through, then it abruptly ended at about 75% so I was spared. So many good idea, I wanted to like it, but the plot was jumbled, the characterisation inconsistent and unengaging and the pacing off.

  • Alice
    2019-04-06 12:55

    Well paced.Presents an aspect of history and society not usually presented in regency-romance

  • Cindy Woods
    2019-03-25 11:06

    Difficult readThis first book of the series is very difficult, at times, to follow as the book is written using fragmented thoughts of the husband and wife, both under great strain. Their marriage is a true mess filled with restrained truths, feeling and total misunderstanding of one another. It left me thoroughly irritated with Barrington and not very impressed by his subdued wife. Understanding the setting is Regency Era, it still made me less than understanding the reasons. Of course, the cliffhanger ending made it worse.

  • Ann
    2019-03-24 13:01

    Vanessa Riley did it again. I enjoyed “Unveiling Love” (Episode 1) which recounts the love story of Barrington and Amora Norton. This story confirms that loving someone is never as easy as we would like it to be. I could feel the struggles of this couple, and I wanted them to succeed. They reminded me that communication is of utmost importance in a marriage.Vanessa’s writing style is beautiful and engaging. I am truly a fan of her work. I am now reading Episode 2 and loving it. Thanks, Vanessa! Awesome job! Highly recommended!

  • Victoria
    2019-03-21 16:50

    It is a great book to read