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Smile. Wave. Dominate. Presley loves the pageant world. She knows how to work the crowd and looks gorgeous in an evening gown. But really, she needs the pageant world -- for its scholarships and opportunities. The only thing standing in her way? Her archrival, Megan, who was practically born wearing a crown and sash. Megan may be the nastiest girl on the circuit, but sheSmile. Wave. Dominate. Presley loves the pageant world. She knows how to work the crowd and looks gorgeous in an evening gown. But really, she needs the pageant world -- for its scholarships and opportunities. The only thing standing in her way? Her archrival, Megan, who was practically born wearing a crown and sash. Megan may be the nastiest girl on the circuit, but she has one thing that Presley doesn't: connections. And she won't hesitate to use them. What happens when two girls will stop at nothing -- including scandalous Internet pictures, vicious message board rumors, or "accidentally" ruined hair -- to be crowned the winner? Strap on your stilettos and tuck in those shoulder's going to be a bumpy ride....

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Crowned Reviews

  • Deepa
    2018-09-04 07:10

    This book is about a high school beauty queen whose biggest goal right now is to rob the bank in order to buy a brand new evening gown...for the Miss Teen State pageant. Oh, and stay out of her archenemy, Megan, way, because last year, she tried to kill her. Oh, and win her boyfriend back from the same murderer or convince Robbie Sweet to fall for her to make Megan insanely jealous. Oh, and find out who she'll be rooming with for 4 days during state, make sure her best friend doesn't get kicked off the cheer squad, study for finals and redeem her reputation after a photo of her doing "stuff" is leaked onto the web. Hm...not so hard. Now, all she has to do is win Miss Teen State. Sounds easy...

  • Mary Kate
    2018-09-05 14:33

    This is a story about high school girls who hate each other. They both compete in pageants and would probably have the same chances of winning if it weren't for the fact Megan is super rich and has connections while Parsley comes from a poor family. Throughout the book these girls (mainly Megan)are doing anything to irk each other and try to win the pageant. Megan even dies Parsley's hair! In the end the girl that doesn't win the crown may have one a whole lot more then the one who does. This book proves that cheating may help you get the gold, but are you really winning? Even though I loved the story in this book and I loved Parsley's personality the author needed more details when it came to Parsley's day to day life and her feelings. How does she feel about her mom? Her dad? Is it hard for her to love them? What about Justine, if it were me it would be hard not to be jealous of her. How does she earn the money to pay for her dresses and shoes? She seriously can't earn all of it from baby-sitting! Overall though this is a good side read of you just want a laugh. Maybe it doesn't have a really obvious moral, but everything you read is not going to be a real serious, deep, classic book. Everyone picks up something for fun!

  • Anne
    2018-08-23 07:23

    Beauty pageant contestant for Miss Teen State, Presley Ashbury, (yes, that seriously is her name!) discovers her boyfriend kissing the girl who is her arch rival for the crown and title! This traumatic event and a few others occur right before the big competition, causing lots of angst for Presley. This novel follows her very stream of consciousness way of dealing with the situation. A bit annoying for a more mature audience as Presley is a bit ADD. However, the teen voice rings fairly true and will appeal to those who like Clique, Gossip Girl, etc.

  • Laurie
    2018-09-03 11:28

    Fun and funny. Refreshing to have a protagonist of average intelligence who is comfortable in her own skin.

  • Stephanie A.
    2018-09-16 08:21

    Cute, superficial fun: pageant style.

  • Mysterio
    2018-08-23 11:38

    The main character came off as a racist homophobe who can't handle much of anything. She complained a lot and though she had enthusiasm, was utter trash. Her best friend was the best character in the book, but she was present for a total of 10 pages maximum.Presley's relationship with Robbie was excruciatingly slow in the beginning when compared to how quickly they had their happily ever after in the last couple of pages in the book. That's correct: the last couple of pages was what sealed their relationship.This book had no real substance, but it was still entertaining. It was fun to hate it, hence the 2 stars.

  • Alise
    2018-08-27 15:39

    I do not recommend this book.

  • Kendra Beth
    2018-09-13 07:29

    (Critical review intended for conservative-type readers)Phenomenal book, truly. The writing was fantastic! Julie Linker has a gift for brining to life fictional characters. The plot is clear, the story is clear, the people are tangible and understandable. Crowned gives insight into the high school world, form the perspective of Presley, a sixteen year old young lady, and Miss. Teen Pageant Queen.For me, the tale shed a great deal of light onto the pageant system: how it works, what kind of people associate with this circle, what the pageant directors and coordinators are like, etc., and so forth. The dog-eat-dog mentality in the young woman of our modern culture is absolutely astonishing, and crystal clearly portrayed in this fictional novel. I can completely relate to some of the situations written by Linker, here, although my mom found them rather shocking. The tale begins two-weeks out from a major pageant competition, a hobby of Presley's (the main character). Throughout the book your read about her struggles, challenges and emotional crisis that are thrown her way, previous, during and after the pageant. Competitive girls, or (as Linker titles them) "Vultures," encircle Presley often, causing havoc in her life, giving her pause to nearly every female relationship that comes her way, due to trust/ or not to trust issues. Emotional and mental tug-of-war rages in Presley as she thinks through whether she "should take revenge on this girl for doing ___ to me? What should it be? Should I make her suffer?" And the process of differentiating between confronting or standing up to someone, and simply being mean to someone begins to take place.Our young heroine is also faced with the issue of eating. Eating regularly is important to her, and the reader sees (much later in the book) that she quite enjoys food, but the prospect of standing in front of 500 people in a two-piece bathing suit keeps her diet in check (which consists of low-calorie rice cakes, another food which escapes me, and at one point a stale 3 Musketeers bar. However, there is one point where Presley and two of her pageant-minded girls friends talk about a young woman who struggles with an eating disorder because, "someone said the only reason she didn't win was because of the swim suit competition... and if she could just loose fifteen pounds." This "careless comment" resulted in the young girl becoming absolutely obsessed with how she looked, as apposed to her weight, resulting in a fifty-pound loss, and "skeleton looking" persona. Intimacy with boy-friends is discussed throughout the book. Presley's boy-friend is stolen by Megan (Presley's sworn pageant enemy). Presley does not understand why her boy-friend dumped her for "Megabitch," as she is so politely referred to numerous times throughout the book, and Justine (Presley’s BFF) enlightens her with the statement, "I think their having hot, kinky sex...." Our dear, and now obviously rather prudish, young character, cannot get the word out of her mouth, is absolutely disguised, and chides Justine for talking with her about thinking such a "disgusting" thing. There are mentions of strip-dancing, nudity, boys hitting on girls in a vulgar and crude way and drunkenness as a social activity, the underage high school students being the consumers of all the alcohol (although Presley is not portrayed as being any sort of drinker, and comments on Justine being "crazy when she's drunk," but having drunk alcohol only a few times, as she's highly sensitive)All over, it was a fantastic book, and I would highly recommend it to those who are interested in pursuing pageant, or wanting to get a better glimpse of the sad state our young women are in, socially.(I am curious, if you think this book is an accurate portrayal of the pageant world, please state so in a comment below. I am highly intrigued by the whole pageant world, and would like to what it is truly like. Thanks!)

  • Marieme
    2018-09-17 13:39

    CrownedBy Julie Linker296pp. 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing. $8.99ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-6052-2ISBN-10: 1-4169-6052-XPresley Ashbury is a regular high school girl who's generally pleased with her life. She's a cheerleader at school, she has great best friends, she's a contender in several pageants and she has a gorgeous boyfriend, Gabe. Well, if there was one thing that Presley could delete from her life, it would be her enemy and long-time adversary, Megan Leighton. As if Megan was born to make Presley's life a living hell, Presely catches her so-called boyfriend, Gabe in full-out make-out mode with Megan. In the middle of the hallway. For the WHOLE school to see.But after things between she and Gabe (obviously) end, Presely has more important things to worry about. Like beating Megan in the Miss Teen State Pageant and maybe even potentially forming a relationship with Robbie Sweet, AKA the hottest guy in school.I was a bit hesitant to actually read this book at first; I wasn't too interested in anything having to do with Beauty Pageants. I'm glad that I decided to give the book a chance.Crowned, written by Julie Linker, is written prom Presley's point of view. I liked the fact that it was written from first person because Presley had some humorous thoughts and opinions about thing. She made references to real-life modern day people and things such as the Jonas Brothers (which made me like the book even more).Julie Linker did a great job in writing this novel. It was interesting , humorous and the characters were very realistic. I would recommend this story to anyone, but mostly girls ages 12+. I think they'd enjoy it if they're really into realistic fiction.

  • Krista Basilio
    2018-09-04 14:37

    Presley Ashbury is passionate about pageants. You know the kind: the swimsuit contest, talent show, evening gowns, and tiaras all around. Presley is quite good at them, and not just because she likes looking pretty in the spotlight (though that is a perk): she needs the scholarship money that goes with winning the crown. But just two weeks before the Miss Teen State pageant, her nemesis and all around evil girl Megan Leighton is already on a mission to ensure Presley's defeat. Presley isn't the kind to take that kind of treatment lying down, but she will have to find a happy medium between getting even and acting like a lady if she has any chance at all of wearing the crown. Crowned is one drama-filled, sparkling, and hilarious read. Presley is a vibrant and energetic character whose realistic and dramatic narration will enrapture the audience and is sure to illicit many giggles. But the book isn't all giggles and glitter: Crowned deals with some tough issues, like underage drinking, and the effect it can have on a person's image, bullying, as well as the dangers of posting pictures on the internet that will hopefully make an impression on readers. At the center of the story is Presley's struggle to deal with her enemy and how difficult it is to get along with Megan. Readers will be happy know that despite whatever thoughts Presley may have about Megan, she doesn't stoop to her level, which leaves a lasting and positive impression. Crowned is a cute and fun read that not only debunks a few misconceived perceptions of beauty pageants, but is a book that reminds readers that life's low points don't last forever, and success comes in many different forms.

  • Bookworm1858
    2018-09-17 15:30

    Crowned by Julie LinkerSimon Pulse, 2008290 pagesYA; Contemporary4/5 starsSource: LibraryRead for YA Overlooked Book Battle.I really enjoyed the conversational tone of this book as Presley directs her narration toward the narrator with frequent asides. I also enjoyed the setting, which is focused on a beauty pageant, as might be guessed by looking at the cover. The main focus is Presley's rivalry with Megan at the pageant and many hilarious events happen over the course of the novel. Presley is brash and rather confident but she frequently acts ridiculous and I found myself laughing a lot.Although I think I've only watched Miss America maybe once, I'll admit that I have long been interested in the whole concept of the beauty pageant circuit (too many viewings of Miss Congeniality?) This provides many insights on the process from talent to interview portions and they added verisimilitude although I admit that I can't actually judge on the accuracy.Of course there are also some cute guys. There is the very nice but gullible Gabe who breaks up with Presley by making out with Megan in the hallway of their school early in the book. However Robbie, the very hot senior, takes more than a friendly interest in Presley. Neither guy occupies much page space but being possessed of a vivid imagination, I was able to conjure up pictures of them, which added a lot.Overall: A funny and opinionated main character in the cut-throat world of beauty pageants.Cover: The main character's hair is actually stated as blonde in the beginning although that changes...but I really like the purple and the tiara is very pretty.

  • Amanda Bynum
    2018-08-20 09:26

    I wouldn't go so far as to say that Crowned by Julie Linker was recommended to me - more like, my teen titleholder was reading it, so it caught my attention. Miss Teen didn't have much to say about it, other than that each chapter opens with an interview question - questions like How do you handle people not liking you? and If you were on a TV talk show and could get one message across to viewers, what subject would you choose? These questions frame each chapter, so if you're into that sort of thing, it's a nice concept. And if you're preparing for a pageant, they might be good practice questions.Crowned is pretty formulaic - teen girl with amazing best friend and popular boyfriend gets dumped by said boyfriend, tries to distract herself by the next big event coming up (in this case, the Miss Teen State pageant), and falls for an even better guy along the way. Of course, they can't get together too easily, and another girl does everything in her power to keep the heroine down. But good prevails, and the better guy comes to his senses and all is well. Yay!Some parts of Crowned were awfully familiar to me - like, personally familiar. Turns out that Julie Linker is from Arkansas, where I had my short-lived yet triumphant pageant career. Good on you, Julie, way to expose Arkansas' dirty little secrets.Easy, silly, fun, but not anything anyone other than a current or recovering pageant girl needs to read.

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-22 10:37

    Crowned is charming and frothily fun fiction for teenage and young adult girls. While the focus is on a beauty pageant contender, Presley is a well-rounded character with understandable and admirable goals. Presley knows she's not smart enough to get scholarships to college and that her single mom will never have enough money to send her, but she's good at pageants and they're her ticket to breaking the cycle of poverty. The action is full of drama, but there's some nice information on being aware of the dangers that the expanding online world holds in terms of publicity. Presley's archrival Megan is a perfect foil as a cruel and manipulative competitor who steals Presley's boyfriend in the opening pages of the book. That's just the beginning though - there's a compromising picture of Presley posted online, the hair dye in her shampoo, and Megan's self-shredded swimsuit to be blamed on Presley. Presley's final comeuppance of Megan through gaining the boyfriend Megan has always wanted and releasing an embarrasing video is extremely satisfying and could even lead to Presley (as runner-up) replacing Megan as Miss Teen State - leaving things open for a possible sequel. If you're looking for a light read to entertain you Crowned is a definite winner.

  • Keri
    2018-09-15 07:34

    Being a Toddlers and Tiaras fan, I picked up Crowned as a light read focusing on the pageant world. Unlike the hit TLC show, the book didn't focus on adorable little girls and their pushy stage moms, but on catty teenagers.I simply couldn't get into the book. The main character, Presley, is annoying. I felt like I was reading a book narrated by the girl from Clueless. Her pop-culture references became superfluous and she could never simply focus on one aspect without getting distracted (which she described as her ADD...I saw it more as awful writing). I think the author tried to make her relatable to female readers but, between the sarcastic comments and entire sentences crossed out in bold lines on almost every other page, she came across as dumb and selfish. There were some funny parts in the writing that made me giggle, but overall I just grew annoyed by the book. While it's a fast read, there are plenty of other light reads out there with more likeable characters.

  • Stefanie
    2018-09-07 14:38

    I love when I re-read a book but don't really remember anything about it except for the final chapter because it's like reading a whole new book. I do remember really enjoying it and this hasn't changed. I'm a complete lover of all young adult contemporary so this was right up my ally. I loved Presley as our main character. She was sarcastic, witty and on occasion slightly an airhead which just upped the humour factor. Her friends and family are great supporting characters and I loved all the details and such that go into a beauty pageant. Also enjoyed how there isn't that much swearing, yes there pageant drama but most of it is pretty PG. Sad how kind of rare this is now. I recommend this to everyone who loves a good contemporary or anyone who loves a beauty pageant or both.Reread in April 2015. Originally read this sometime in 2009 or 2010.

  • Terri
    2018-09-18 07:23

    Presley Ashbury is a regular high school girl who's happy with her life. She's a cheerleader at school, she has great best friends, and she has a gorgeous boyfriend, Gabe. Well, if there was one person that she hated the most was Megan Leighton. Presley's opinion of her is that she was born to make her suffer in lif. Presely caught Gabe making out with Megan in the school she breaks up with him. She didn't even worry about the break up she just wanted to beat Megan in the Miss Teen State Pageant. At first I didn;t think I would like reading this book because usually books like this don't really interest me. I don't regret picking this book to read though, because it wasn't bad.

  • Abby Johnson
    2018-09-03 14:38

    A fun and fluffy chick lit book about beauty pageants, Crowned is written in a very conversational tone. Presley Ashbury isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but her heart's in the right place. I have to take Ms. Linker at her word that she knows anything about the pageant world, but it's fun to get an inside glimpse. I found a couple of scenes mildly offensive (Presley dealing with a partially deaf shop attendant, and Presley's thoughts on minorities in the pageant world). I might feel better about the commentary on minorities if I knew where Ms. Linker's background in pageantry comes from...

  • 46milestogo
    2018-08-19 13:37

    Exactly what I expected and yet not at all what I expected. The main character is a beautiful and ditzy girl who loves being in beauty pageants, but Linker makes the character aware of her less-than-perfect i.q. and highlights her insecurities about that as well as her less-than-perfect background. This is one I will have talk up to my teens, as they don't like to read books about pretty girls for the most part in my experience, but this one could win them over.

  • Aimee
    2018-09-08 13:39

    I found this book one that I was debating about even reading. at first I read the back and it seemed like a fluff read, but I kind of got into it. I wish she did'nt end up with Robbie, and I wish that the author would have focused more on Robbie and his fathers relationship. Some of the more "dramatic" parts went by to fast, and the author could have gone into depth about it. Yet I laughed with this book and really enjoyed it!

  • Lauren Brittain
    2018-08-25 09:09

    I've read this book about three times. Its not that its amazing writing, or that has some deep, philosophical meaning that I relate to my life. Its the simple fact that this book is funny! Sure it was funnier when I was a bit younger and had just read it for the first time but it still has its great moments. So yeah, go ahead, read Crowned. Its a light read that you'll breeze through in a day but its a break from the norm and a riot!

  • Crystal
    2018-08-31 09:34

    I didn't like this book. The plot sounded interesting, but seriously, the main character was so stupid. I don't know if the author wanted to make her sound relatable, but she just came off sounding really dumb.

  • Leonela Serrano
    2018-08-25 09:36


  • Sasha
    2018-09-11 15:31

    Its a really good book about friendship, competition, and finding your true self. I think anybody who likes realistic fiction should definitely read this great read!

  • Natalie Sullivan
    2018-08-27 10:26

    It was an awesome book.

  • Alia
    2018-08-24 11:11

    This was a very easy read, which is what I was going for, but also more of a teeny-bopper book. Probably won't read any more by this author.

  • Tori
    2018-09-15 09:10

    2010- This book started off cute, and I thought the author's voice worked well. However, it soon became slow and too predictable for my taste.

  • Meghann H
    2018-09-11 12:15


  • Grace
    2018-08-22 07:18

    I dont't like pagent books ><

  • Lesley
    2018-08-20 12:33

    some very interesting character names

  • Erin
    2018-09-18 09:27

    Ha ha ha ha!