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"Big Law has it all. A locomotive drive, a fantastic, appealing, big-hearted narrative voice, and an inside and very entertaining look at the intersection of big law and big business. Smart and truly unputdownable." --John Lescroart As a young partner at Dunn & Sullivan, one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Carney Blake has represented dozens of high-prof"Big Law has it all. A locomotive drive, a fantastic, appealing, big-hearted narrative voice, and an inside and very entertaining look at the intersection of big law and big business. Smart and truly unputdownable."--John Lescroart As a young partner at Dunn & Sullivan, one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Carney Blake has represented dozens of high-profile clients. But being a pawn of Big Law often means defending the corporate dirt bags of the world--the spillers, the drillers, and the killers. Morality aside, Carney is starting to make a name for himself, despite having a father who resents his success and an unpredictable big brother bent on self-destruction.So when Carney is suddenly asked by his firm's chairman to represent the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit--and not, as usual, the corporate bad guys--he warily accepts. Maybe they're turning a corner, he thinks. And even if they aren't, when else has a junior partner been assigned such a major case, with a possible billion dollar payout?But Carney can't fool himself for very long. As he digs deeper into the case, he uncovers corruption and maliciously orchestrated schemes that go straight to the top of Dunn & Sullivan--along with the true motives behind his placement on the case. Written by former top litigator Ron Liebman, Big Law is a thrilling, fast-paced roman a clef that exposes the secrecy, deception, and machinations underlining America's most powerful mega-firms....

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Big Law Reviews

  • Esil
    2018-08-19 14:39

    My starting point in reviewing Big Law has to be to confess that I have a soft spot for legal mysteries/thrillers. It's a genre my father and I enjoyed together for many years before he died a few years ago. Now, I don't read very many, but I still tend to get engrossed and really enjoy them. Big Law is no exception. The author was a lawyer for many years, and has crafted a fine page turner. Carney Blake is a young partner with a big New York law firm. He is assigned to lead a class action involving an explosion in a factory in India. The case is fraught, the law firm's politics are fraught, and from the beginning we know Blake is in big trouble. Liebman does a good job of creating a multi layered story -- the layers include Blake's family, the complex machinations in the case, and the not so benign world of the big law firm where Blake works. He also tells the story from an interesting point of view, as though in a direct in conversation with the reader after everything has happened, so he has the benefit of hindsight as he tells the story. Plausibility is a bit of an issue, but I didn't care one bit as I galloped my way through this entertaining read. I know my father would have loved it too. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.

  • Jean Poulos
    2018-09-13 09:40

    This is a new author for me. The main character and first person narrator of the story is attorney Carney Blake. Blake comes from a working class dysfunctional family of Irish alcoholics.His boss at the large law firm is Carl Smith. He assigns him a class action law suit from India. He is to be the lead attorney for the first time in his career. Blake is to start proceedings to seize the U.S. asset of a chemical company responsible for the death of workers and a village in India due to a spill of toxic chemicals. The Indian court has found the company libel. It turns out the chemical company hires the major competitor of Blake’s law firm to defend it. Blake starts to become suspicious something is wrong when his boss avoids him. He feels he is in over his head at work, and his brother and father are in chaos. The book is well written. The plot is twisting and turning as the suspense builds. The dialogue is strong and well-pointed, particularly in the courtroom sparing. This is one of those books that is hard to put down. If you enjoy legal thrillers, you will enjoy this book.I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. The book is about seven hours long. L. J. Ganser does an excellent job narrating the story. Ganser is an award-winning audiobook narrator.

  • Viva
    2018-08-21 10:28

    I love this book! The best law thriller I've read in years. Looks like the author found the formula of how to write a great book because he's hit all the right spots.Synopsis: Law firm 1 tries to take down law firm 2 and our protagonist is caught in the middle.Characters: The characters make the book and the #1 reason I like this book is because of the larger than life characters. True that all of them are cliches (evil bosses, super smart sidekicks, lovely girlfriends, damaged family, criminals with heart of gold, etc) but he makes them come to life.Plot: Law thrillers can get convoluted if the author bogs you down in law speak but the law action here is pretty straightforward. The plot is fairly tight and linear with a couple of small subplots that support the main one. It's easy to follow and understand without boring or meandering parts. Writing style: Timeline jumps back and forth a little. Starts at present day, goes back 2 years and back again. It's first person narrative breaking the 4th wall so the protagonist (Blake) talks to you as well. Usually, I don't like fancy writing styles where authors jump back and forth but the prose is easy to read and follow.This is a short book at 256 pages and I finished it within 12 hours. At the worst, you could say this book is a little too syrupy sweet or cliched as bad guys get their comeuppance, good guys get together but this is exactly the type of book I want to finish off on a Monday morning and start my week. It looks like it's the beginning of a series and I'll definitely read the next ones. I got this book free as a review copy.

  • Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister
    2018-09-08 07:37

    Take a young lawyer at a big New York firm who is being set up by a senior partner to take the fall on a huge case, and add deception, corruption and evil plots and you have a fast paced read. The author is close to his subject as he too was a top flight lawyer. This is a fun book. My thanks to the author and the Penguin First to Read program for a complimentary copy.

  • Linda
    2018-09-08 10:26

    I totally enjoyed this and have a greater understanding how lawyers can tie up cases sometimes for years to get a fatter check in return! The author had me swearing throughout his story while at the same time cheering for the underdog. Big Law is about revenge, back stabbing and the love Carney Blake had for his dad and brother, it is filled with a sense of justice that everyone seeks.

  • Kay
    2018-08-24 10:50

    This is somewhere between a three and a four-star book IMHO. Four stars for the very topical and complex subject: a deadly explosion in a factory in India, leading to a class-action suit against the parent company in the US. But that's just the beginning. Turns out that hedge funds actually bet, in effect, on the outcome of these suits. The whole thing is mind boggling and appalling, so I give the author FOUR stars for that. Character development and perfunctory sex scandals were the downside, but it's a good read on the whole.

  • Ed Stoll
    2018-08-27 14:27

    Not your typical lawyer story. One of the fastest reads I've had in a long time, I just kept turning the pages -- ie, tapping my kindle.

  • John Jenchura
    2018-09-16 08:50


  • Joey
    2018-08-26 07:49

    Very interesting book. Interesting characters and plots. Kept me turning the pages to learn how it all turns out. Looking forward to reading more by this author.

  • Caren
    2018-09-18 06:37

    Rather cynical look at Big Law. Gritty, good read.

  • Sharon
    2018-09-05 06:24

    Good suspense on a young attorney set up by his nefarious employers.this was a goodreads giveaway

  • Susana
    2018-08-24 11:35

    Un libro entretenido, en la onda de los thrillers de abogados, con su toque de humor, rivalidades de abogados y el sistema de justicia norteamericano.Muy bueno para pasar el rato, sin mayores pretensiones.

  • Jennifer
    2018-08-29 14:46

    ****THIS BOOK WAS A GOODREADS GIVEAWAY AND I AGREED TO READ IT AND GIVE AN HONEST REVIEW IN EXCHANGE FOR THE BOOK *****Don't start this book until you have enough time ahead to finish it. There is something about Mr. Liebman's writing that draws you in and makes you care about Carney, like him and root for him. It's almost like the author is having a conversation with the reader. I don't know how else to explain it - not many writers are able to find that particular groove. I especially liked how these intricate legal specifics that most of us are not familiar with are explained as though you are just hanging out and your lawyer friend "dumbs down" what they do without making you feel dumb for not knowing.The author's previous books are going on my must-read list and I can't wait to read more from him. Thank you so much for the copy and the opportunity to have such an enjoyable read.

  • Audra (ouija.doodle.reads)
    2018-09-14 09:49

    check out this review on my blog, puppy included: realized lately that all I really know about law and courtrooms and lawyering is what I’ve seen, heard, and read about through criminal trials (both real and imagined). True crime and crime fiction is generally my scene, but when given a chance to expand my knowledge, I’m game.Big Law is about a different side of the justice world. One where lawyers from big name firms make boatloads of money working all the time on cases representing big syndicates and companies who are probably in the wrong and have done horrible things, like spill oil all over the habitat of a bunch of poor birds or force people to work in an unhealthy environment that led to early lung cancer related deaths.Somehow, those corporations seem to skive off without much damage and it’s always Big Law lawyers who are seen skulking away.Welcome to the world of totally unfair bullsh!t. Oh, wait, I think you’ll recognize it since we are all currently living there for the next four years.Anyway, back to the story. Big Law follows an up-and-coming newly minted partner, Carney Blake, who is pretty fresh from law school and still rosy-eyed and a bit idealistic about the whole law game.When he’s given a case fighting against the corporation, for the plaintiff, the people who have been wronged, it seems a bit fishy, but he figures his company is just turning over a new leaf.Wrong-o.The story is told from a point in the future, so the reader gets bits of Carney’s more hardened, mature narration throughout and we can’t help but wonder, where is he telling this story from? The top of his own executive office in a crisp Armani suit? Or a jail cell in a nice orange D.O.C. jumpsuit?Because things don’t seem to be going so well for Carney. Not in his personal life, where his father is an alcoholic mess and his brother is a drug addict, and not at his job, where every decision he makes for this case seems to send it spiraling out of control—and right into the hands of the firm’s biggest enemy.This is an extremely fast-paced novel that spins out the world of corporate law in a way that is not only intelligible, but exciting and effortless. It drew me in and I didn’t feel like it stopping to explain every step of the process to me—instead the book treated me like an equal while still giving me all the information I needed. The mark of an experienced and great writer.I think it definitely helps that this book is written by someone very much in the know: Ron Liebman is a former top litigator himself.Interestingly, this book has some very clear lines demarcating good and bad, with only one surprise character (who I had a sneaking suspicion about anyway). People who the narrator thinks are bad (and are therefore cast in a bad light throughout) invariably turn out bad, through and through.No real grey area in law, I guess.Though the book definitely wraps up with a nicely tight bow, a bit neat for my taste, the story is definitely satisfying and gave me a buzz to read. It puts you right in the action of making the decisions with Carney and floods your brain with just a small bit of the constant wave information that lawyers’ brains must deal with.Can’t say I’m envious of that life, but it’s nice to take a peek inside for one heck of a wild ride.*I received this copy from Blue Rider Press. Thank you!*

  • Andy Abramowitz
    2018-09-06 14:21

    Highly recommend this book. Masterful storytelling, a fast-paced plot that takes you down so many unexpected roads, and loaded with multi-dimensional characters. You'll love spending time in the head of Carney Blake, whose narrative voice draws you in from page one. Even if you generally don't gravitate toward legal fiction, this is a terrific read. Clearly a veteran of big law, Liebman does enough explaining that there's no "inside baseball" that goes over the reader's head. Literally couldn't put it down. A page-turner in the best sense of the word.

  • Peter T. Tomaras
    2018-09-18 11:33

    I liked the book. Well constructed, and with only legal maneuvering and brief courtroom action, the author maintains a level of tension. Since I have worked with attorneys for the past dozen years or so, I found it easy to relate to the mentalities of the characters. That said, the author does not overdo the legal jargon, and makes the story easily accessible to any reader.

  • Gerry Swimmer
    2018-08-24 13:34

    The story is interesting and moves along very well. There were nice insights into the big law firm life. The Blake family was interesting and so was the life of Carney Blake in the firm in which he did not fit. Having said that when I finished it I was not certain that I would read another book by this author. Somehow even though I enjoyed the book it did not move me.

  • Des Hunt
    2018-08-30 10:22

    Unusual cryptic style of writing. But i liked it enough to try another title by him

  • Amanda
    2018-09-17 08:29

    Carney Blake thought he had his big break when his firm's chairmen asked him to represent the plantiffs in a big class action lawsuit. He was wrong. Instead of rising up in the firm he digs himself a deep hole that threatens to swallow him up. The novel starts in the present with Blake and his brother waiting for a verdict to come in... his own. It turns out his big break was the beginnings of a revenge plot for the old college roommate of the firm's chairman, Carl Smith and Blake was just a pawn.The novel is written in memoir style from the perspective of Blake. At first I thought this would be a bit annoying, and it would have been if Blake wit and humor were not engaging. They book is fast paced and has a surprising ending (don't worry I will not give it away). "Big Law" is being recommended to readers who like John Grisham. While there are similarities (e.g. it is a legal thriller) the characters are a little less developed and the details are not as in depth as they would have been in a John Grisham novel. However, that being said, "Big Law" has merit. It was fun and informative and I look forward to future books from Liebman.Note: I was given this book to review by the publisher. In no way did that effect my opinion or review of the book. (Publication Date: January 10,2017)

  • Ken Oder
    2018-09-15 13:35

    This is a good story, exciting with unexpected twists. As a lawyer who practiced in a big firm, I didn't find the depiction of big law to be credible, and the underlying legal conceit seemed far-fetched. These criticisms flow from my personal experiences, though. For most readers, this story is a fun ride, told from the perspective of a likable, engaging protagonist.

  • Susan
    2018-08-28 14:25

    It's been a long time since I've started a book in the evening and then stayed up too late at night to finish it. Big Law is a quick, captivating read, and you wouldn't think so when a novel has to explain law terms to you, but here we are. The protagonist, a partner at a big law firm, gets assigned a class action lawsuit by a senior partner. No problem, right? Well, cogs are turning, shenanigans happen as they always do, and well, read the book. You won't regret it. Promise. It's not a thriller, though there are thriller-like sequences in the plot. It's more like a drama? If it were a movie? It could be a dramedy. Or a drama-slash-caper.

  • Bent Hansen
    2018-09-08 06:33

    This novel offers a refreshing take on the legal thriller that authors like John Grisham and Scott Turow used to master. The pace is mostly breathtaking, the dialogue is witty, and the legal details in or out of the courtroom are kept at a minimum, which is a huge plus in my book. Ron Liebman cuts some corners in the development of the story in order to keep it short and sweet, whereas many other authors in the genre would have provided much more detail, which often times ends up boring the reader. Well, I doubt that very many will feel bored reading this book, and fans of the not overly legal thriller with a witty touch (also well-executed by Marcia Clark lately) will be well entertained by this short novel of David vs Goliath.[An ARC of this book was generously provided by the publisher through NetGalley]

  • Jackie Taylor
    2018-09-19 09:23

    First, thank you to Penguin for selecting me to review this book as an Arc giveaway. This was a quick read of a legal thriller. It doesn't go as in depth as say Grisham, but it gives you a gist of how the legal system operates and keeps it easy on the reader in terms of a simple explanation. I am not usually too keen on stories that open at the end and are told in reverse, nor am I fan of second person narratives, but the author keeps it light enough and witty that I managed to overlook these aspects. For those who have worked in the legal industry, none of the occurrences will come as a shock to you and some may even have first-hand war stories they could swap with the author. For those who don't, it might be an interesting look into the legal realm and what maybe your loved ones or friends are experiencing during their daily jobs. Overall, the mystery wasn't over the top intriguing, but it would hold my attention for a plane or train ride to keep me occupied.

  • Angeladyrcz
    2018-09-09 09:34

    Thanks to First to Read and the publisher for the opportunity! This isn't my normal style of book but it caught and kept my attention from start to finish. I really enjoyed the humor paired with the mystery. Since it's begins in the present and has flashbacks it was fun getting to know Carney in both tenses. I know it happens in many places around the nation but this was a fun glimpse at those who have to make the choice between what's asked of you and what's ethical. I definitely rooted for Carney from the beginning and felt a sense of pride for him because he'd worked so hard to get where he was. I think this is one of those things we all experience where if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is and taking the chance is always putting yourself out there to deal with the outcome, good or bad.

  • Glen
    2018-09-04 08:41

    Disclaimer: I received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review via I used to work in a men's store selling clothing and often joked about writing a book about situations and customers I came across during those years. I never wrote that book. I also worked in Human Resources and often joked about writing a book about the many hilarious employee relations cases I worked on. I never wrote that book. Ron Liebman used to work in law and thought about writing a book about it. He did write that book. And, the sixteen people that used to work with him probably found it hilarious. I felt like he was telling a friend about a case and sprinkled humor throughout over a few beers. It was an easy read but the mood didn't seem to match the seriousness of the case or his family troubles.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-07 11:27

    I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway, and I agreed to read it in exchange for a review of what I thought of this book. This book is written as a first-person account from Carney Blake, a young partner in a big New York firm, who ends up criminally charged for doing his job in pursuing collection on a plaintiff's class action judgment.It is a fast paced and easy read, with very concise sentences, with some legal jargon thrown in. I love a book with a good beginning that grabs my attention and keeps me interested.At times it drags, and lots of characters are introduced and there are a lot of things going on, but nothing is developing. I think that is why I was actually bored with the book, halfway in.

  • Becca
    2018-09-19 09:34

    This was definitely a quick legal mystery-not quite a thriller. In fact, it was a more of a diatribe on how to conduct a case should you not understand anything about the law, justice system, or how the US courts work. I got tired of reading the explanations and wanted more 'meat' to the story. Carney Blake is pulled into a dirty case by the head of his firm. It quickly turns into more than Carney can handle. Lots going on, lots to keep track of and then at the end it seems like the author just wrapped things up too quickly forgetting the layers and layers he left for us readers at the beginning. I really enjoyed the parts of the story having to do with Carney's home life. Will there be a sequel? Thanks to First to Read for the opportunity to read and review this work.

  • Marci
    2018-08-21 13:38

    I received a free advance e-copy of Big Law by Ron Liebman from the First to Read program at Penguin Books in exchange for an unbiased review. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced and suspenseful book. It was really a fast read, and I was sorry I finished it because I wanted more! The narrative was sharp and concise. No padding in this one. The book moves around between years and sometimes puts insight into the past or the future but was not hard to follow at all. I also liked the characters. The good ones were not all good and the bad ones were really nasty. They were all relatable to in one way or another. I definitely recommend it for a fun, not too heavy read.

  • Jodi
    2018-09-01 13:28

    I received this book for free as part of Penguin's First to Read giveaway in exchange for my honest review of the book. A quick paced, legal thriller that kept my attention. The story did jump back and forth in time and occasionally I was not quite sure which time I was in. I enjoyed how the author wove the story of the two law firms and how the main character was just a pawn, caught in the middle. By time he realizes this, he is screwed. The story wraps up all the lose ends very tidily at the end.I would read other books by this author

  • Bobbi
    2018-09-19 13:34

    I love legal thrillers....but didn't feel as if there were many thrills in this book. The legalities were rather convoluted and took a bit to figure out what was going on. But, it was set in "Big Law" firms and was an interesting take on a section of the legal community not usually highlighted in the books I have read. It also took place in New York, including the neighborhood I used to live in! That was fun. I recommend it, but don't necessarily expect one of the best books you've ever read. lol