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Weston Conrad is the best headhunter in the business. That handsome smile goes a long way towards convincing most people to trust him with their future. I’m not most people. I’m his direct competition. And it doesn’t hurt to be just the kind of woman he’s been looking for. I’m gonna flash you these legs, Weston Conrad. I’m gonna wear low-cut shirts and micro-mini skirts. IWeston Conrad is the best headhunter in the business. That handsome smile goes a long way towards convincing most people to trust him with their future. I’m not most people. I’m his direct competition. And it doesn’t hurt to be just the kind of woman he’s been looking for. I’m gonna flash you these legs, Weston Conrad. I’m gonna wear low-cut shirts and micro-mini skirts. I’m gonna dazzle you with wit and conversation and kiss those lips like they’re exactly what I’ve been waiting for. So don’t hate me when you figure out my secret. You understand, right? You’re Mr. Corporate and this is just business. ALL BOOKS IN THIS SERIES CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE! Mr. Perfect Mr. Romantic (Releases 6-22-16) Mr. Corporate (Releases 8-17-16) Mr. Mysterious (Releases 10-12-16) Mr. Match (Releases 12-7-16) ...

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Mr. Corporate Reviews

  • Christy
    2018-08-26 01:11

    4 stars!!! Mr. Corporate is the third book in JA Huss’s Mister’s series. Weston Conrad is Mr. Corporate but lets be clear here- he probably should have been named Mr. Romantic. Weston was a great hero who had a sweet, sexy and romantic side. Mr. Corporate is different than the first two books in the seres because it’s a second chance romance. Weston and Victoria dated off and on for quite a while through college but things didn’t end well with them. We’re in this endless pattern of destruction. We’re a trainwreck. A plane crash. A hurricane of nothing-will-ever-come-of-this. Ever.The last thing Victoria Arias expects when she gets called for a job is to run into her ex, Weston. Victoria is a stubborn woman. That’s one of the main reasons she and West aren’t together anymore. This job she’s working, she’s not working with Mr. Corporate, she’s pitted against him. They had this love/hate thing going on, but you could tell West still loved her and she has feelings for him. There is a romance rekindling between West and Tori, but on top of that there is tons of suspense and mystery. Once again, someone is messing with the Mister’s. Weston is determined to find out who, with the help of our two Misters who have yet to be written about- Mr. Mysterious and Mr. Match. I loved a cameo that was made by one of my favorite Julie characters! It was great! This book has a great mix of romance and mystery. I’m anxious to see where the rest of the series goes. And especially read Mr. Match’s book!

  • S.M. West
    2018-08-28 19:58

    5 STARSSomeone’s fucking with the Misters again, and I seriously want to know who it is and why! This series is about a bunch of guys who met in college. They became inextricably tied to each other and dubbed the misters because of one tragic and public accusation. Now someone’s targeted them, again. And it’s Weston Conrad’s, aka Mr. Corporate, turn. While the mystery surrounding these men continues to unravel and gets more complicated with the lies, secrets and betrayals, it also got clearer. Or maybe not. You see, if you’re a Huss fan, you’ll know that nothing is ever as it seems and just when you think you’ve figured it out, wham! The rug gets pulled out from beneath you!West, head hunter extraordinaire, and his ex-girlfriend/love of his life, Victoria Arias (Tori), end up vying for the same job. Tori is wild, head-strong and hot-tempered, and sexy.“Because that’s the kind of girl Victoria Arias is. Wild. It’s her default setting.”And West certainly is no slouch either.The serious tension, sexual and otherwise, between West and Tori was verra, verra good and palpable. And the emotions, hot and cold, that ran deep and wide between these two was ever present.“Too busy looking for what we want and not realizing nearly enough of what we have.”While this was very much about the five misters, it was also very much about West and Tori’s past, in more than one way. This was a second chance love story with mystery and intrigue, buried secrets and lies, among other things. “Everything about Tori and me is real. Except all the things that aren’t.”“…there has never been another woman in my life like her and there never will be.”Really enjoyed both Corporate and Tori. Two strong characters who fought hard and loved even harder.Of course, things come to a head and while more clues are revealed and some things put to rest, we're still left with missing pieces! This is part of the Mister series and while the first four books can be read in any order, Mr. Match should be read as the fifth and final book. If you haven’t meet the Misters, you should. A girl always needs a few more book boyfriends. Although I must say, Mr. Mysterious is mine. #Claimed. **ARC generously provided by JA Huss in exchange for an honest review.**For more reviews and blog posts.

  • Michelle
    2018-08-31 22:03

    Mr. Corporate is the 3rd in the Stand-Alone Series, The Misters from NYT Best Selling author JA Huss. The series will consist of five books, the first four can be read in ANY order, but Mr. Match, should be read last. Weston Conrad is Mr. Corporate and boy does he have a closet full of secrets. In true JA fashion, this entire story was unexpected and an edge of your seat thrill ride. I ended up reading a few old reviews from prior works from this author and I had to laugh over the number of times I commented about this author’s ability to always surprise me and to keep me on my toes. But it is the truth. I always try to piece together the clues in the book, in a weak attempt to figure out where she is taking us, and every single time she surprises me.Now on to my Mister ;)Weston is a headhunter. The best in the business. Ten years after being accused of that heinous crime, he’s made quite the name for himself. But he’s pitted against a rival in the industry for this latest job. Victoria Arias. But Tori isn’t just a competitor, she’s a former lover. The woman that stood by his side ten years ago and broke his heart as he broke hers. The one that got away, the one he never stopped loving. But now they are stuck. Stranded. And suddenly it’s not about a job. It’s about them. And their past. And the past that links these five former college kids together. Fuckin’ Julie. Mother fuck. Fuck. This book. It was ... fucking good. The first 60% of this story was this constant tug of war. Sexually fueled, push and mother fucking pull. You start to get these slices of their relationship back at Brown. The struggle of wills when West wants Tori to need him and Tori is hell bent on not ever needing anyone. But it was all about the buildup. All these pieces being stacked atop one another. All these questions put out there just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You knew that something big was coming. You could feel it. Like the calm before the storm. And then all hell broke loose. As I reached the final 40% of this book, I was white-knuckling my kindle. The calm was over and we were in the middle of the storm. Zero to a million fucking miles per hour. I was on the edge of my seat. I was trying to figure out who to trust, who to believe. I was trying to figure out what in the mother fuck was happening. The action sequences in this book read like blockbuster movies on the big screen. But after having a night to sit on this book I have come to the conclusion that my favorite part of this book was Mr. Corporate’s heart. He gives Mr. Romantic a run for his money in the name department. There are so many parts where you get this raw version of him. Genuine and sincere. So damn real that my heart ached. Each one of these books has had such a unique feel. The sexy times we get with West & Tori are steamy and hot, but there was this quality of sweetness to it all. Even with his dirty mouth, there was such feeling there between these two. It wasn’t just sex between former lovers. It was love. And it shined through flawlessly. Since the first four in this series can be read out of order, there are no big reveals to the full story, I expect that beyond Mr. Match’s story – every single thing will come together perfectly. But this did give a great lead into Pax’s (Mr. Mysterious) story and that little bit of lead in, has me salivating for it already. For those that are #SuperFans like myself, you will love the little gems in this. And just so we are clear, these Misters are mine. #MrsToTheMisters #YesAllOfThem #GreedyWhore #DealWithIt

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2018-09-19 22:59

    ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★This series seriously gets better and better, and whilst each book can be read as a standalone, I am completely enjoying the mystery that links each 'Mister' together. There is so much suspense and plenty of excitement that keeps me turning the pages. Plus Mr. Corporate had one of my favourite elements that I love in a romance book - love/hate!“Why are we so hot and cold? Why are we so on and off? So all or nothing? Friends or enemies?”Weston Conrad aka Mr. Corporate is a headhunter, and is completely brutal and the best at his job. His ex-girlfriend and rival, Victoria Arias is a volatile and highly independent woman who is counting on this particular headhunt to save her from a downfall that she is determined must not happen and will fight to the death. They are pitched against each other to secure someone for a job, but nothing is what it seems and they end up stranded on a desert island with each other, with dangerous consequences.“I hate you.” “I know,” he says, good-naturedly. “But I’ll still take care of you if you’re alone, Tori. Don’t worry.”The dynamic between West and Tori was explosive! I loved how completely bonkers she was, she was a passionate woman who had balls, and she was one of the most interesting heroine's I have read in a long time. West never stopped loving Tori, and although he is not one to let anyone walk all over him, he was determined to prove to her that he meant business when he said he wanted her - all or nothing.This book for me was pure pleasure, and I can't wait to read more from the other Misters.Mr. Corporate is a standalone erotic romance, told in dual POV. Part of an overall series with an ongoing story arc.ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest reviewImages featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites. [image error]

  • Michelle
    2018-08-26 22:57

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewSo you would think Mr. Perfect and Mr. Romantic would win my heart with their given moniker but it’s actually Mr. Corporate. I personally think Mr. Corporate should have been given the epithet of Mr. Romantic since I found him to be more romantic especially when it came to matters of the heart.“I don’t believe I can do anything right when it comes to Victoria Arias. And it’s not because I feel like sulking against the wall at my own pity party. It’s because I’ve hurt her so many times in the past, it’s become a habit. It’s because we’re in this endless pattern of destruction. We’re a trainwreck. A plane crash. A hurricane of nothing-will-ever-come-of-this. Ever.”Weston Conrad also known as Mr. Corporate is the best headhunter in the business. He gets the job done with quickness and efficiency that is until Victoria Arias enters into the competition vying for the same contract as Weston. Usually, Weston wouldn’t have any problem with competition but Victoria is not just an ordinary competitor, she is his ex-girlfriend.Victoria Arias’s business is about to go bankrupt and she needs to secure this contract deal even if it means competing against her ex. Victoria is not your wallflower kind of hero. She is tough as nails. She prides herself on her confidence and determination. In order to save her company, she knows that she will have to outsmart Weston. But what Victoria never expected was to find herself stranded on a deserted island with Mr. Corporate.“Sex with Tori isn’t boring because, while she does like to be worshipped , she also likes to hear my dirty mouth as I do it. It turns her on so bad, she gets animalistic and wild. Just like she is in real life. Everything about Tori and me is real. Except all the things that aren’t.”Stranded on an island, Weston and Victoria are forced to somewhat work together in order to survive and figure out how to get off the island. As sexual tension brews between them, revelations of their tumultuous and heated relationship are revealed. Readers will soon discover that the passion and love that they had for each other never went away. After all these years, they both wanted the same thing. Each other. As secrets and truths are revealed, will Victoria Arias be able to admit that Weston Conrad owns her heart, body, and soul? Can this fiery Latina submit to Mr. Corporate and be seen as his equal? “I’ve always been yours. You should know that. I have never belonged, will never belong, to anyone but you. Even when we’re apart, I am yours and only yours. Forever.”In the backdrops of the Victoria and Weston’s reunion, JA Huss of course had to throw a little surprise into the storyline. If you are familiar with JA’s books, then you are all aware that she doesn’t give you the cookie cutter romance. This author is practically synonymous with adding a little shock and surprise to keep readers captivated and intrigued. And boy oh boy was I intrigued especially when Julie laid out the groundwork for Mr. Mysterious and Mr. Match’s stories. While readers got a glimpse of the last two misters, Julie made this book extra special with the appearance of FIVE!! **cue in the happy squeal**Mr. Corporate was indeed my favorite of the Mister series so far. I loved how everything came together in this book. There was the element of love, second chances, steam, forgiveness and suspense thrown into the mix to give readers an engaging and captivating story. What I especially love about this book was the way Julie went about in revealing the secrets of each mister. She masterfully sprinkled the secrets and truths in such a manner that heightened the story in allowing readers to be shocked and intrigued as to who is behind in the reemergence of the certain people in each Mister’s life. All there is left to say, go read this fun, sexy, and wildly entertaining read from J.A. “motherfucking” Huss. If there is one thing you can always count on is that she never fails to deliver a bold romance that has heart, passion, banter and steam. Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...J.A. Huss

  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    2018-09-03 19:13

    The Mister Series Book 3 is a twisted take on a second chance office romance. It's completely unexpected. After book 2, I was expecting something so much darker. Believe it or not, the normalcy and lack of darkness was a bit of a letdown for me.Here's the breakdown: Victoria and Weston dated during the whole rape case drama. They love each other fiercely, but were never on the same page relationship wise. Their views on relationships and marriage could NOT be more different. Long story short....after being forced into a pretty drastic situation they must confront their feelings for one another and deal with the varying expectations of their new relationship. A few secrets are uncovered, but even more questions are raised over the course of this installment. I have no idea what's going to happen! What I liked: I really enjoyed learning more about Five and Mr. Mysterious. I have so many theories about the nature of their relationship and I have to know how their stories unfold! I liked Victoria a lot. She's fiery and feisty, but it was a little OTT after her repetitive outbursts. What I loved most about her was her belief in Weston. Although their relationship was not the best, she always believed in him. That was nice to experience.I liked Weston. He's sweet, sexy, and a pretty great guy. I totally didn't expect that!Overall, this started out slow for me. That was mostly due to my dark expectations! It eventually picked up, but I'm still left with more questions. Who is behind all the drama and what are their motives? So far, things are working out in favor of the Misters. What on earth will happen next?Audiobook review: This audiobook is narrated by Abby Craden and Ryan West.. They are perfection! I recommend the audible version.

  • Bindi Boo
    2018-09-09 00:46

    3 starsStory continues with Mr Corporate and while more secrets surrounding that night were revealed, it still ended with me having more questions.I didn't love this book, but i didn't hate it either. It mainly involved a very traditional man, who wanted a traditional life (i.e. stay at home wife who would cook, clean and take care of his kids) and a cynical, non-traditional woman who despised marriage and wanted a career. There were a lot of fights (both physical and verbal) between this couple and i never really got the love they apparently had for each other. The fights were worrying! They said and did stuff to each other, I'm just wondering if they'd need some counselling down the road :I Not a fan of the heroine at all, she's now one of my most despised heroines in my list. She was nasty, loud, rude and obnoxious. There was nothing sweet about her except during sex. Not sure if that was intended by the author but whatever she had in mind clearly didn't work for me. Overall, read this if you're intrigued by the mystery surrounding the 5 Misters, otherwise it was a meh-just-an-ok read for me. The next one up is Mr Mysterious and i'll probably wait around instead of pre-ordering. I've learnt my lesson twice now with this series.

  • ~Kristin~
    2018-08-27 01:12

    4 StarsI loved the EOBS for this book, it's like being gifted a behind the scenes pass to the making of the story. I'm a huge *GIANT* Rook and Ronin fan, so as much as I enjoyed this book....I'm on pins and needles waiting to read Mr. Match's book, and the fact that Julie says this is Oliver and Five's book....that noise you're happy squeals. The fact that Cindy, Cinderella, is the love interest in Mr. Mysterious' book...yep pretty jacked about that little fact too!

  • Beverly
    2018-09-09 18:57

    With every story I keep getting more and more pulled in. What will happen next and when will all the secrets come out. I have a feeling Julie will be waiting until the very end to tell us. The thing I do enjoy is how this series has a mysterious and suspenseful edge, but each couple also has their own romantic story.ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cyndi
    2018-09-05 20:44

    This was a good book, but not quite as good as the first two. The story was interesting, and the action was pretty good, especially the last scene in the bar.But what pulled my enjoyment out of the story too many times were the main characters. Although he kept saying he wasn't sexist he had very little respect for her work. Instead of understanding her feelings about being controlled after she told him her past (which BTW, how did they live together for years and never discuss it with each other?) Anyway, after she tells him their next sex scene has him controlling her. It just felt uncaring.As for her? Good God I was tired of all the slapping! I couldn't keep up with all the mood and opinion changes. And what's with all the dresses?I'm not really sure if this moved the overall Mr. story along much. There are a few clues that may be useful, and we learned more about Five. Just have to wait and see, cause you know I'm going to the next book right away. I'm hooked. Gotta find out who the puppet master is. 🤔

  • J. Grayland
    2018-09-12 01:13

    This is the third book in the Mr. series and it follows Mr. Corporate Weston Conrad a handsome, rich head hunter for the business world and his ex girlfriend the hot-headed business woman Victoria Arias. They are thrown together when they both end up head hunting the same client, only problem is they get stuck on a remote deserted island together and that's where it all starts again, still in love and lust with each other they continue their relationship debate (With lots of hot sex) while they wait to be rescued. Things turn dangerous when Mr. Mysterious and Five arrive and both Weston and Victoria are embroiled in a shoot out and try to gain some control over demons from the past. I love this series although around 70% into it you might tend to get a little lost and confused but stick with it as it all comes together in the end. Loved the characters and the hot sex, so bring on book four Mr. Mysterious. Brilliant narration by Ryan West and the talented Abby Craden and her sexy male voice.

  • Di Covey
    2018-09-16 02:13

    Picture this: You're stranded on a island with your ex, the one that always runs away, the one that holds your heart, the one that you hate to love - love to hate. 'Naked and Afraid.' You'll totally get this when you read this book. Haha! Prepare for 4 hours of non-stop reading, you won't want to put this book down. Mr. Corporate is one of five men who've been wrongfully accused. The past is edging it's way into each one's life. All interconnected standalones. JA Huss explains it in every book. Anyway, it's Weston Conrad's turn to fight with the demons of the past. The past and present collide. Shocking secrets unfold as we try to figure out another piece of the puzzle. I laughed out loud, the banter between the two mains was hilarious. Stubborn love at it's worst, or in this case, maybe best. Just one of the many reasons I loved this book. The characters aren't perfect, but they fit perfectly together. I crave mystery in my books, and this plot, the plot for this entire series has got me in a noose. They can't be written fat enough. A new layer of flavor for every character. And I fall in love with every new secret. I feel like JA Huss reaches in my book soul and picks the perfect balance of romance, mystery, action, and suspense. I can't wait to see what's next.

  • Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    2018-08-22 18:00

    One of the things that keep me coming back for more with JA Huss is that each new book is like having a reunion. She has this talent of making these great standalone books that anyone can read and enjoy on their own, yet if you’ve read all of her books, she slips in old characters from past books that bring back fond memories. It’s like saying hello to an old friend. I love her books on their own, but I’m fond of all her books as a whole. The one thing I’ve always been a fan of, is series because I fall in love with characters and don’t want to say goodbye. I want to call them up and ask them how they are doing and what’s new in their life. This is something JA Huss provides. She knows how to deliver a book for those readers that just want a standalone but at the same time for those that like to see past come to present. I’ve also noticed that when I finish one of her books, I’m left thinking about it long after I finish reading it. She likes to keep her readers guessing and providing puzzles to solve. I realize I am huge fan of this. While Mr. Corporate can be read as a standalone, we got to say hi to past characters and was left with some teaser for the next book. I’m so excited for the next two books. I can’t wait to see where this is all going and seeing more of my favorites.

  • Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress#
    2018-09-03 21:47

    ** 3.75-4 STARS **We’re in this endless pattern of destruction. We’re a trainwreck. A plane crash. A hurricane of nothing-will-ever-come-of-this. Ever.Well JA Huss sure knows how to surprise. After reading Mr. Romantic, I was 100% positive this one would have a subplot as edgy and unpredictably controversial, but this one seemed so...normal, you know? "normal" as a JA Huss plot can be, of course. OVERALL: I am getting more and more excited with every new book and curious about who is lying or hiding huge secrets. No one is off the hook yet.

  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    2018-09-15 18:55

    Honestly... I feel so bored with this series... Its the same thing, over and over and over again...

  • The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog
    2018-09-17 22:46

    SERIES REVIEW You know that Pringles advert, "once you pop, you just can't stop," well that was absolutely the case with JA Huss's "Mister" series. Ok, that may be a tiny lie. You may get away with reading the first book and leaving a gap before starting the next but once you've got "Mr Perfect" and "Mr Romantic" safely under your belts, you can kiss goodbye to your life for the next few days, a week tops because you will want to devour this absolute gem of a series. You (like every single other person who read this series before you), will want to know the answer to the question that was on everyone's lips, "what the fuck happened that night?" Oh that darn question drove me crazy and kept me up night after night until all was revealed and then of course came the gasps, the shock, the palpitations, the sweaty palms. Uh huh, prepare yourselves peeps because this is one hell of a bumpy, crazy, wild ride and I loved every single freakin' bit of it.I feel like i just walked into a trap. I feel like a rabbit looking up into the eyes of a wolf.As I've said on many an occasion, this author's story telling abilities are second to none and although she has written numerous books (like maybe a gazillion), I never feel like they are "samey" or that there are similarities in the story lines. But this story line, what can I say other than this was pure genius on Julie A Huss's part. The way this series was written ensured that although (in theory) each book could be read as a standalone, in practice that was never (and I mean NEVER) going to happen. The sub plot, that wasn't a sub plot but was actually the pièce de résistance had me hook, line and sinker. God I could talk about it but I can't, I just can't because this is one you will want to read without any knowledge of what's to come. That element of surprise will seriously knock you on your ass. I can't believe I'm so turned on. Am I supposed to be turned on? Am i supposed to like this?So on to the characters, boy did these guys test me. Having read "Mister Perfect" and "Mr Romantic," I honestly thought I'd got these books and these men and their leading ladies sussed. I thought I'd worked out the formula for what was to come but nope. Book three turned out to be such a huge game changer as did books four and five. None of the characters were alike. Some I absolutely loved. Some I just wanted to hug and some, well some were really going to have to work their asses off to win my affections. An honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies. What else to say without spoiling anything, nothing I guess other than the whole series is a must read. This whole story from start to finish was dramatic, full of twists and turns, action packed, sexy and swoony and full of mystery and suspense. I could honestly see this on the big screen some day. The icing on the cake for me was the link to some of Julie's other series. When an author does this and does it well, it will blow your mind as this series did. Go grab it. What are you waiting for!!!!The rules of the game state that you only get one chance for every moment. Make the wrong choice and it stays wrong forever. So ratings: The whole series gets a ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ for the genius way it was written. Mr Perfect: ❤️❤️❤️❤️Mr Romantic: ❤️❤️❤️❤️Mr corporate: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mr Mysterious: ❤️❤️❤️❤️Mr Match: ❤️❤️❤️❤️.5Facebook: http://thehopelessromanticsbookblog.b...

  • Liz
    2018-09-11 22:00

    The Misters just keep getting better and better. Each time I think she is not able to outdo herself, she does. J.A. Huss is an author that, in my opinion, never disappoints. Her mind, though even I have to admit, can be a bit scary, continues to give us stories and characters we love (and love to hate). To come up with the plot twists, fresh story lines and timelines she gives us is an amazing feat. In Mr. Corporate, we meet Weston Conrad, also known as Mr. Corporate. He is ruthless, determined and very cocky. He is the best at what he does and he knows it. Nothing and no one stands in his way. His only weakness? The woman he cannot get out of his heart. Victoria Arias is an independent woman that stands on her own two feet. She needs no one, especially one cocky, arrogant, sexist man to come to her rescue. It does not matter who he is or what he was to her. They were always water and vinegar. There is so much I want to say, but so little that can be said, because I do not want to spoil the story. Again a mister is found in a situation out of his control and orchestrated by others. Who can he trust? So many secrets surround all the misters. Even from each other. How do they overcome that horrible night that forever changed their lives? They move forward and are pushed back over and over. Just when they think they may have a clue, will it all come crashing in? You will be at the edge of your seat for the entire ride! Then you have Weston, he just stole my heart. He is not a nice guy, can be very mean when he wants too, but when he opens up and share his heart? Well, you will be a goner. When West and Tory come to a realization about each other and he explains something to her, it will steal your heart. And Tory. She wants to be strong, she wants to succeed, but when we get to see her vulnerabilities, we get to see a whole new side of her. Why she made the choices she did. This story is fast-paced and intriguing from the prologue to the epilogue. It will grab you and not let go until you read the last word. You will walk away with more questions, but that is J.A. Huss at her best. Her stories and series will pull you in from start to finish. I loved this book. Loved Mr. Corporate. These are all hard men who learned early that life was not easy or fair, but they also have a side to them you can’t help to love. I give Mr. Corporate by JA Huss 5+ stars! Happy reading!

  • SimplyƝì₭
    2018-08-27 21:44

    I have been waiting for him.. Mr. Corporate. He's MINE. Boy did I pick the right one. He is passionate, handy, hung, manly and MINE. Oops I am not fighting for him on FB right now. I am telling all of you why you should read this one, this book of the MISTERS, by J. A. HUSS. She brings it. Romantic suspense at it's best right here. Weston Conrad is the 3rd book in the 5 book series. These books are standalone and can be read in any order.This story is a love story of old love re-united. Love between Weston Conrad and Miss Victoria Arias they are both corporate headhunters and old flames. Ironically they were together that fateful night when the Misters earned their names and altered their lives forever. I was shocked by their backstory. I loved the character development, the banter and fire. Victoria is feisty and sexy. Weston Conrad is swoon worthy. Sexy and a real man, knows how to work with his hands and his brain. Their chemistry made the story. I also enjoyed all the twists and turns, the plot was crazy. I white knuckled my wine glass. The story wasn't just about them, no that wouldn't be a Huss book, it's about what happens to them, with them and then the WHOLE big picture.. plus we get some nuggets which rock!!Again Huss weaves her story over the dynamics of love, between men and women. Submission and domination who wins. Is love a loss or a win. Read this book to understand my question then ask yourself to love is to give or is it to get? I won't tell you the book, just 1*Click it and be done. This is a #CLASSIC.

  • D.C. Triana
    2018-09-10 22:00

    Fucking Tori Arias. Why, of all people to get stuck on an island with, does it have to be her? The only girl I want but I can't have?And this new revelation about her past. It intrigues me and sends my Mr. Corporate cynicism into overdrive at the same time. Because I see what's coming. She's gotten a little glimpse of my lies as well. And if I want more of her, she'll want more of me.Something I cannot-will not-give up. So we are doomed.Victoria Arias is a whirlwind of crazy. She's a know-it-all hot shot who knows she's all that and a bag of chips. She's also nuts, stubborn, and full of baggage. I found it a little hard to like her, but for some reason, her craziness worked for her character. Although it annoyed me how much she fought West in everything. She just couldn't concede to him or his love. I can see why he hated to love her and loved to hate her. Because Tori Arias holds a past that is a little too turbulent, and it causes trouble for her and for the love she constantly rejects.Weston Conrad, on the other hand, likes crazy-you can even say he's in love with crazy. He loves it when it slaps him in the face, he likes when it gives him a run for his money, and he definitely loves it when it offers itself up to him on a silver platter. Weston loves crazy, because through his cool, hot as sin, all-business demeanor, Mr. Corporate holds his own kind of crazy. His own secrets that hold him back and keep him hidden and always vying for control.Add in a deserted island, an approaching hurricane, and a gangster who may or may not be trying to kill them and you have a recipe for some seriously hot sex and some intense secrets that may or may not destroy them. On top of that the Misters take a turn for the hostile, making this book as intriguing as ever. Thank you Ms. Huss once again, for giving us an unforgettable Mister.

  • Silvia
    2018-09-11 23:50

    This Mister series keeps getting better and better and Mr Corporate is soooooooo excellent!Weston 'West' Conrad is Mr Corporate and finds himself face to face with the ex love of his life, Victoria 'Tori' Arias, after several years of being apart. Their history goes back to when they attended Brown University. They tried to make their relationship work but due to secrets they kept from each other and a humongous amount of baggage, they fell apart. But a phone call from an anonymous caller brings them back together and the twist and turns and craziness that is pure JA Huss begins. Throughout Mr Corporate we get some more history of the Misters which I loved and all the Misters pop up to varying degrees throughout. Plus we get more of Five, I love Five! I hope he gets his own spinoff! By the end of this book some secrets are revealed but some are not, then more questions arise and are left unanswered. But instead of leaving me frustrated, I was left fascinated! I was left guessing...wanting and needy, a deliciously masochistic way. Oh yeah, JAH! You know how I like it, give it to me just like that!So is this more of classic JA Huss? You betcha by golly wow! Yes indeed! I wasn't disappointed, no siree, not one iota. I was over the top in heaven! Plus the EOBS.....I am so addicted to the EOBS!! Insight galore, it's a must read so don't skip over the EOBS!! (Hint: it's at the End of the Book!)Thanks to JA Huss for nothing short of another brilliant book. I love love loved it. I'm giving Mr Corporate 5 delicious stars!

  • Jean
    2018-08-29 19:02

    j'adore.Mr. Corporate is the latest addition to JA Huss’ set of stand alones “The Misters”. Mr. Perfect was Pop Rocks - sweet and fizzy and a lot of fun in bed (those urban legends are true). Mr. Romantic was that decadent chocolate truffle – dark and rich but you can’t be sure that you’ll actually like it until you actually bite into it. Mr. Corporate is your favorite childhood candy that takes you back to a safe happy time. For me that’s candied cherry sours. A tart, hard shell with a sweet soft center.  To recap, each of The Misters is the story of a man finding love in the aftermath of a high profile criminal investigation that left five college friends under a cloud of suspicion. Mr. Corporate, Weston Conrad, is seemingly the least affected by that night ten years ago, because he has an alibi. An alibi the other Misters were never aware of.Weston is a corporate headhunter at the pinnacle of his field, closing multi- million dollars contracts and wheeling and dealing because he loves the thrill of the game. Victoria Arias is his direct competitor. Just as skilled but on the brink of losing it all because of mistakes connected with a real estate deal she made. But this is JA Huss so nothing is as it seems. Victoria was Weston’s alibi that long ago night – and his soulmate. Only she fought their destiny at every turn – sometimes physically - and now they’re six years out from the mother of ugly break ups. And in direct competition for the same $7 million contract – one that will save Victoria from losing it all. A fact that is one of many secrets each of them has kept from the otherThen things take a turn – don’t they always in JA Huss’ universe? Sex on a beach has never been this complicated. Deserted islands straight out of an episode of “Lost”. Helicopters. Hurricanes. Mercenaries. And let’s not forget that sketchy charter pilot, Vlad. The course of true love never runs smooth – a massive understatement in this case.Weston is the ultimate alpha business man – except when it comes to Victoria. He is an unabashed, dyed in the wool romantic – even swoonier that Spencer Shrike, which is saying a lot. Victoria, the object of his affection, is a fighter with a cartload of baggage, who will physically and verbally lash out to hide her vulnerability. For me, Victoria’s treatment of Weston sometimes made it hard to root for them, she was that cruel to him. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and Weston’s unceasing optimism, commitment and COURTSHIP of her made me fall in love with their love. Theirs is one of the most "capital R” romantic couplings created by Ms. Huss to date. They were thisclose to edging out Spencer and his Bombshell. If you’re craving romance, Mr. Corporate with satisfy your hunger. I LOVE THEIR JOURNEY.On other fronts, the Misters have pretty much lost the battle on keeping a lid on their past and things are really starting to bubble over. The underlying mystery has become so hot I’m losing sleep trying to figure out all the moving parts. I’ll be counting the day until we get to spend more time with Paxton Vance. Mr. Mysterious, and getting some answers to my questions. In the meantime, I’m going to lose myself in love and romance Weston Conrad style. How can a girl can say no to soulmates? Sighhhh5 eternal stars

  • Libby Harrison
    2018-09-04 21:05

    https://romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c...Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Victoria): 3/5Hero (Weston): 4/5Plot: 4/5Grovel: goodCheating: noneHEA: yes but no babies yetTriggers: rapeAverage score: 4/5Best Line: “I’m not interested in fulfilling anyone’s prescribed role. I’m not interested in being someone’s subordinate. I’m not interested in marrying my boss. I’m the boss.”Worst Line: “Everyone glances twice, but that’s because I’m a beautiful woman.”Personal Review:This was a good continuation of the series. Two hard-headed lovers needing to compromise and it didn’t happen easily.Random Ramblings:•Can’t wait for Mr Mysterious’ story•Calm down girl, you don’t need to keep reminding me that you’re beautiful, I get it now stop harping on about it•It was interesting to read a romance with two people who have completely opposite ideals•So much violence in their relationship! •I still didn’t get the connection between everythingOverall Feeling:So many secrets![image error]

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2018-09-12 18:06

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  • RentasticReads
    2018-08-24 02:06

    Oh. My. Word. I'm blown out of my wits. Again. Seriously, this is absolutely what I dig and crave so much in this author's writing. It's phenomenal. Just, oh my god. This entire series, the whole story just gets deeper and even more intense than the last one. My head is ready to explode, my heart was about to leap out of my chest from everything going on! This is way more addicting than I thought. It's like this huge mystery puzzle that will drive you insane—book after book, revelation after revelation—trying to put everything together, to make sense of the things that continue to unravel. Sweet and gentle Weston Conrad... Where do I even start with you? All I know is that I'm swooning and drooling over every single thing you say and do. The way West loves Tori so vehemently makes me want to marry him, regardless if he still got a couple of secrets hidden up his sleeve. Despite all that, I still utterly fell head over heels for the man. I loved how much he cared for and never really got over the love of his life. The one woman he knew would be his future and that if it doesn't work out with her, he can never love or even be with anybody else. The way he took every crazy stunt she dished out on him in stride makes me yearn for that tenderness in him. He was Tori's polar opposite, but he always loved that untamed and raw passion in her. He adored her so deeply despite all her fears and insecurities. West always knew what to do with her and he was just willing to give everything up, if it means he'll get his Tori for eternity. And that in itself is already swoon-worthy. I mean, how lucky can this woman be???And Victoria Arias, gosh, I can't imagine the horrendous and heartbreaking childhood this woman went through. There's no way, just no chance for you to get out of that unscathed and not be scarred on the inside even as years pass by. No wonder she grew up to be that way. She and West saved each other's lives that night years ago. And they were so good in the beginning when they first met. Until West starts talking about the future he wanted for both of them and Tori's fears rear their ugly heads. She became so wild and unhinged. They started to keep clashing and exploding that even I got to the point of being so frustrated with them fighting all the time. But I still loved this girl. She tried so hard to be strong and independent and be in control of her entire life, but she clearly needs West too. She was just too stubborn and scared. Everything that happened in the Exuma Cays were all so mind boggling. Every single thing that Mr. Corporate revealed from his past left my jaw stuck on the floor. It messed with my head so bad, but I live for these kinds of plots in a book. I felt like my brain was getting stretched and pulled in so many directions all at the same time, though it felt so good. It will honestly make you think, dig more and even try to put pieces of the puzzle yourself. And I'm still going stir crazy, waiting for Mysterious' and Match's story. I know Match will be the one to tie it all up and I can't wait to see how it all comes together. And Five... God, I just love his many faces as we get more and more of him.This is, without a doubt, an outstanding sequel to the Mister series and a little less extreme compared to all of Romantic's kink. It really is on the more normal side, but still with a great twist and J.A. Huss' flare. Another epically mind-blowing read. It will definitely keep all your body and brain juices flowing everywhere!!

  • Wendy LeGrand
    2018-08-27 23:43

    WTF did I just finish reading?? Why am I surprised that I actually asked that question?? Huh....kind of speechless right now, so I'll be back with my full review after I pick my blown mind up off the floor. All I can say right now with perfect clarity is that this book was incredible! Just like the other Mister books have been!Okay so I slept on it, but I swear I dreamed about this book last night and Weston and Victoria. But that's a story for another time. I'll just say that it was a very sexy dream....and I blame that squarely on Julie Huss and the scorching hot sex scenes she wrote in this book! But I digress, I'll get back to the book. So Mr. Corporate is the 3rd book in the Mister series that Julie is currently writing. It revolves around five guys that were charged with a horrible crime 10 years ago while attending college together. The press gave each of the guys a nickname so that is how we end up with Mr. Perfect (book 1) Mr. Romantic (book 2) Mr. Corporate (book 3) Mr. Mysterious (book 4) and Mr. Match (book 5). The first four books in this series are standalones and can be read in any order. Book 5 with Mr. Match is the only book that will require you to have read all four of the previous books first. 10 years after the "incident" that occurred in college, Weston Conrad is one of the best headhunters in the industry. He's contacted about a huge contract to snag an elusive client. But he gets blindsided with the announcement that he has a competitor vying for the same contract. The competitor? His ex-girlfriend whom he met in college just before his life was turned upside down by the charges he and his 4 friends faced. I absolutely loved the push and pull that Julie created between Weston and Victoria. It was so obvious that these two have genuine, deep feelings for each other. But they both want things the way they want them and neither wants to give an inch. Add to this dynamic is the fact that in their quest to snag this client, they end up stranded on a deserted island together with hurricane force storms barreling in. Then in typical Julie fashion, there's danger and intrigue, and secrets galore. And the secrets that both Weston and Victoria are keeping could really mean the difference between life and death. Sounds dramatic? It is!! I'm telling you that you will be reading this book not knowing what the hell to believe, trying like mad to pick up on any clues you think are hidden in the story. Both Weston and Victoria have had a lot happen to them in their pasts, could those events be coming back to haunt them and threaten their lives? As much as I love the way Julie builds the story, introduces the players, layers the questions all throughout, my most favorite part of this book was the love felt between Weston and Victoria. It was so endearing to listen to West's professions of love for Tori. He made me melt so many times in this book! I wanted to shove Tori aside and take her place and have West talk to me how he talks to her, especially during the sex scenes. They didn't just have sex, they made love and professed so much to each other through their actions. Words weren't needed with them, that is how much in sync they were. Julie is a master at writing hot and sexy, but this was sweet and loving and true passion. Okay, so as I mentioned you can read these books in any order until the last book. In each book so far, something or someone has started messing with the Misters and their women. As I read each of these books, I picture a huge white board with each character listed and lines crisscrossing the board. I have no clue how Julie keeps all the details straight. I just know that as the momentum builds for me with each book, I cannot wait to read the fifth book with Mr. Match and finally have all the answers and truths revealed. Another incredible installment in the Mister series!!

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2018-09-20 20:06

    This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsMr. Corporate made me doubt what I thought I knew about the Misters, and I enjoyed that he was keeping his card so close to the chest he wasn't even thinking about what they were.I really enjoyed Weston and what he brought to the story in Mr. Corporate, but Tori truly grated on my nerves. For almost the whole story, she went from hot to cold to scalding, and her reactions didn't really make much sense to me. Even when I got to know her back story, I didn't fully understand her or think she was justified in the way she treated Weston. The overall story and plot was awesome, though, and I found Weston to be great - especially because even at the end of the story, he was still keeping secrets about his own past. Just because he thought he could.There is still someone in the background pulling all the Misters' strings to get them into situations that are really potentially deadly. Mr. Corporate seems to think he knows who that person is, but he isn't sharing with the group - nor the readers - so the mystery is still intact. The suspense was extremely well done, too, just like I've gotten used to with a Huss novel. She manages to keep her readers guessing, while the characters are scrambling to stay alive and try to stay one step ahead of the bad guys (or gals).Even with the tense storyline, there was a lot of humor. I enjoyed the fact that while Tori and West were the only two characters present for parts of the story, all the Misters and Five make some strong appearances as well. So between the overall plot of the series moving forward, the romance between West and Tori, and the mystery that is still impossible to guess, Mr. Corporate satisfied most of my reading needs. There is a strong story, characters that evolve, a lot of teasing and a solid plot.Written in dual points of view, with chapters from either Weston's or Victoria's perspective, I felt like I was right there with them, and I have to admit my heart rate was racing in places - there was just so many things that could go wrong!I sigh. Because I don't really want to do any of that. I want to say I'm sorry. I want to say I've missed her. I want to say there has never been another woman in my life like her and there never will be. I want to say... I love her. West is eerily silent and contemplative as he stares out the window. It's like he doesn't even notice me. I dressed in these clothes to taunt him, wore this low-cut shirt to pique his interest. And all I've gotten so far is indifference. He's always been that way, right?Everything about her is complex and convoluted. She's a maze of emotions and a labyrinth of feelings that requires careful navigation or the wild comes out and can't be put back. 

  • Brandi
    2018-09-05 02:01

    Moments worth making are moments worth remembering.Mr. Corporate is the third book in the fabulous Misters series by JA Huss. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Perfect and Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate is a hot, steamy read with more twists and turns than my favorite roller coaster. Corporate is another misunderstood Mister. He has so many secrets that I have no idea how he keeps them straight. Victoria Arias knows Mr. Corporate, but she met him before that title became a thing. She knows him as Weston Conrad. West and Tori have a complicated past so when they are forced to compete in business you just know it's going to be explosive. Plus, this is a Huss book so it's bound to be explosive. Whether it's with real explosions or just the fireworks in the bedroom, there will be something fantastic on the pages. Tori and West's past makes the present that much more complicated. Fighting not so buried feelings for one another, it's only a matter of time before they give in and submit. "Stop," I command quietly. "I'm gonna make you come now, so stop."Honestly, these ladies should know that there is no denying a Mister. Once you're in their line of sight, that's where you will stay. Tori should know this better than most as she has already experienced the determination of West. I can't think of a better way to set up the rest of this series. Perfect was almost light and fun, Romantic was...well, my favorite, but we won't get into that because there's a review for that--it can be found here:, and now Corporate. His story is dark and twisted and full of turns that I never saw coming. I couldn't even begin to grasp at the complexity of these interconnected stories and I will probably never be able to guess what's in JA Huss's mind. I think this is when I really connected with Weston Conrad. This entire conversation about marriage. Why is it so important? Why does it matter? Well, West, you summed up my feelings entirely."Why do you need that piece of paper?""Why don't you need that piece of paper?""Because it's meaningless--""It's not meaningless. It's got so much fucking meaning, Tori. It means you're my wife. It means you're my partner. It means you get everything of mine if I die. It's a promise to each other, to our future kids, to the world."And then, because we like the sweet with the dirty, there's this hot piece of dirty talk."Now open your mouth and suck my cock like you've been dreaming about it for three years.""Want me to talk you into it?""I don't like to ask twice, Victoria."Weston Conrad. Mr. Corporate. It doesn't matter what you call him. He's a Mister and the Misters are fantastic. And if you've been waiting to see more of Match, Mysterious, and Five--yes, that Five, then dive in. The water's really fucking hot. I'm ready. I've been preparing for this moment for fifteen years. I'm all in, motherfuckers. Let's do this shit.

  • Pam Nelson
    2018-09-04 01:12

    3.5 Corporate StarsI loved book 1 & 2, but for me book 3 was good but it didn’t really get interesting for me until the last 6 chapters. It’s not like I didn’t like it it’s a good book just didn’t like it as much as the other books, still worth the read hells ya it is. It brings all the Misters together and you get more of the story for sure. “Why are we so hot and cold> Why are we so on and off? So all or nothing? Friends or enemies?” – VictoriaThese two keep dancing around each other they are together or they aren’t and when they have to spend time together, trying to win over a job that could save her from the downfall of her company. So they are both fighting for the positions. Only they end up fight for more than just a job, their lives, and love if it can be salvaged. More of there all of their back stories come out, and you will be shocked at what you learn. So again I said I like the book by no means is it bad, it just wasn’t as good in my eyes as book 1 & 2. I am very much looking forward to book 4 :)ARC provided by author for honest review*All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.*

  • Jeri
    2018-08-22 22:07

    Stuff just got real. And i really wanted to use the other "s" word, but some corporate entities really frown on foul language in your reviews. So, stuff instead of s#!+. Weston Conrad is Mr. Corporate and has more secrets than the Misters ever knew, until now. Tori has loved Wes forever, they just couldnt make things work and maybe this second chance for her job may turn into a second chance with Wes. Or not. "Mr. and Mrs. Corporate. It's just business, Mister style.". Love this book! Love the refernce to one of my all time favorite movies and how it all tied into the story. Twists and turns and hints at secrets that have yet to be revealed. A true Huss classic that leaves you guessing and speculating where things are going, where they will end and if the true meaning is up or down. A real page turner that is impossible to put down once you start to read. Enjoy! I know I did.

  • Nicole
    2018-08-21 23:44

    3.5 Stars