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An untold storyYou don’t have to be a monk to enter the ultimate realm of happiness! Yes, it’s true.In his book Kundalini – An Untold Story, Himalayan ascetic Om Swami unveils the enigmatic story of kundalini, the formless aspect of the Goddess or your primordial energy. With workable steps for awakening this energy source, the author explains the esoteric and practical meAn untold storyYou don’t have to be a monk to enter the ultimate realm of happiness! Yes, it’s true.In his book Kundalini – An Untold Story, Himalayan ascetic Om Swami unveils the enigmatic story of kundalini, the formless aspect of the Goddess or your primordial energy. With workable steps for awakening this energy source, the author explains the esoteric and practical meaning of kundalini and the seven chakras in his usual humorous style. These riveting anecdotes are based on his personal experience gained from years of intense meditation.Take an awe-inspiring journey – something no other book on spirituality can offer – from the origins of kundalini all the way to Swami’s own sadhana in the modern age.Om Swami is a mystic living in the Himalayan foothills. He has a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA from Sydney, Australia. Prior to his renunciation of this world, he founded and ran a multi-million dollar software company successfully. He is the bestselling author of A Fistful of Love....

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Kundalini: An untold story Reviews

  • Rohit Marathe
    2018-09-01 20:09

    Good guide in the path of spiritualityThis is my second book by swami om. And to be true I loved and enjoyed every word and sentence composed by swamiji.

  • Bharath Ramakrishnan
    2018-09-07 02:12

    If you are new to the concept of Kundalini, this is an ideal book to get started. A large portion of the book deals with the mythology, concept and beliefs. The explanation is simple and easy to read. The latter part of the book deals with meditation practice. The notes here are sketchy and you will likely need more guidance before you can get going. This is probably just as well - an instructor or group meditation would make this easier. However, more notes of the authors personal experience and/or an accompanying DVD would have been great.Definitely recommended for a conceptual read on Kundalini.

  • Dustin Broked
    2018-08-31 22:06

    Great read!Fantastically insightful yet easy to follow and understand. I found myself constantly wanting to read this book and I became dedicated to following the path of awakening

  • H Lamar
    2018-08-23 20:44

    Om Swami is a great teacher, perhaps to be a Buddha in his right. I love how presents the hard and the easy path at once. His writing style is easily recognized, and the way he speaks for Thervada and Mahayan Buddhism is exmplory. He is a treasure. But you must still read "In the Buddha's Words" edited by the amazing and beloved Bhikku Budhi. We cannot understand commentary if we have not yet meditated enough or read enough of the Shakymuni Guatama Buddha. Om Swamt read his state of guru by studying and practicing, learning and discussion. I wish I could read all of Om Swami the way tv shows are binge watched. He is engaging. I have spoken back to passages in his books before, as if it would respond, and sure enough a couple of paragraphs or chapters later he does and this is why he is such a celebrated future emergence as an Enlightened one in the Hall of 500. But yeah, I know I know things are different, but it is just a wish.

  • keshav
    2018-09-14 00:00

    Over all a good read. There were definitely many good part and expositions on fundamental concepts in new light. This, in comparison to other books in similar lines was a differentiation. It would have further helped if the author would have explained in a clearer sense, on his realization of 'chakras, colours and bija mantras and how it is different; and why there is a paradigm in his realization comparison to so many others who have written before him.This is a Simple, clutter free, basic concepts of Kundalini and how to work towards it.

  • Girish Pednekar
    2018-09-12 19:13

    Really it was untold Story!It was awesome and first time to read about Kundalini from someone who actually practiced. Swamiji writes all of this from First hand experience and clears all the doubts or misconceptions about this topic. And it's not just the theory but all the practical exercises are mentioned bery well if one really wants to experience the bliss through this way of Sadhana. Beautiful. Clears all the aspects about this most misunderstood, deep Subject. Thank You Swamiji. Hare Krishna!

    2018-08-29 01:54

    Kundalini and how to arouse it. Told from Swami’s own experience of kundalini awakening during his years of sadhana in the Himalayas. The book, like his Memoir, has a ring of authenticity about it. This is good read, but at this stage of my life, it is not likely to be of much use. I need to travel a long way. I look forward to reading other books by Swami.

  • Raghu Ram
    2018-09-05 02:09

    Good readFirst half of the book could have been better. Didn't know Lalitha Shastranamam had such significance. Good read to understand what is Kundalini, the esoteric aspect and story behind Kundalini.

  • Garima Gupta
    2018-09-16 01:07

    Absolutely fascinating. It was my companion on a recent trip to Spiti valley in tribal HImalayas... but lasted only 3 days. Before this I had only heard of the kundalini shakti. Now I meditate on it daily.

  • Savan Vyas
    2018-08-23 01:01

    More like intro to kundalini This is like an intro book , i was expecting lot more techniques and path to get there. It should be more clear in description. If you write such a book please let me know. Thanks

  • Vivek Deveshwar
    2018-09-13 22:50

    Interesting Probably only book I have read so far which gives a time period recommendation for meditation/sadhan in a practical guide fashion. But details on colour or mantra were not found. Maybe needs re-reading

  • Bryar Trent
    2018-08-27 17:43

    Fantastic and lucid introduction to Tantra. I would recommend this in conjunction with Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi and the writings of John in the New Testament.

  • Ashwini
    2018-09-03 01:05

    I was expecting more. having read Swamiji's other books this one was not as breath taking as those. having said this it is still a fascinating read.

  • Ravneet Kotwal
    2018-09-15 17:48

    Basics on Kundalini meditation. Crisp, text book precision.

  • Rahul Kumar
    2018-08-29 23:05

    Thank you Swami Ji , is all i can say Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience. Thousands of seeker will benifit from it. May the godess always remain with us.

  • Sudhir
    2018-09-06 01:00

    Pretty decent book on chakras and kundalini. Author takes us through his journey of awakening kundalini with his personal experiences through hours and years that he had spent mastering each chakra step by step. ..

  • Sneha Suyal
    2018-08-20 22:53

    Its thought provoking...

  • Jay Zes
    2018-08-22 02:12

    I love most of what Om Swami does. Resonates with me.

  • yamiyoghurt
    2018-09-08 23:02

    I liked the intro and the conclusion. Not sure what to feel about the practical guide to the actual chakra sadhana though. I've always resonated with the traditional/popular chakra model, so when presented with a slightly different one, I need time to see how much of the new material I can relate to.

  • Ch Sairam
    2018-09-17 21:48

    This is a nice book for a beginner in meditation. The author explains the basic info about kundalini, its origin, various chakras, their significance and the final state of enlightenment out of his own experiences. This book can motivate a person to start meditation upon his primal energy and harness them to attain material success in this physical world as well the state of enlightenment in his spiritual journey. The book is not exhaustive but the author has presented crisp facts and precise information about kundalini awakening, chakra meditation and enlightenment.

  • Raghav Aggiwal
    2018-08-26 00:50

    I have always liked the depiction of chakras in the images of yogis, I liked the idea of supreme energy and I wanted a detailed reading on the matter. This book has provided me with the required satisfaction and knowledge of the subject. Even though the practices are a little harder to implement in day-to-day life (especially the food regulations) for a student like me, I am glad that I, at the least, have the supreme theoretical knowledge and a motivation to go ahead on the path of meditation.I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Meditation and wants to go a step further.

  • Vikram CL
    2018-08-21 20:06

    Even though there are plenty of methods like Hatha, Bhakti, Karma, Dhayana etc... to activate the Kundalini in each individual. This enlightened being approaches it through Raja Yogic method. But, it again depends on the temperament of the individual to opt for the better path. The way he explains very subtle things which in the Yoga Sutras book they have mentioned as Siddhis are mind boggling. You will attain 8 major siddhis during the process! :-) His explanations about Chakras are very precise and perfect. Must read book for truth seekers.

  • Srikar ED
    2018-08-20 22:03

    Actually I never heard of Kundalini , I read the preface of the book and purchased it on Amazon. Its totally a new concept for me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The Author has covered the history and story behind Kundalini , the Chakras and their significance. The book not just stops there but also tells you the way to achieve Kundalini (Though the author says that a guru would be required). His experience with Kundalini is also shared. A good read for everyone who want to tap in to understanding spiritual texts and their inner meaning.

  • Abhijit Sahoo
    2018-09-01 19:44

    It is one of the wonderful books one serious meditator will ever find!I liked each line of it. The first part covers the history of kundalini and is very inspiring while the second part contains precise methodologies for practices. Only somebody with first-hand knowledge can deliver such contents.A great gift to humanity!

  • Ashok Gyanchand
    2018-09-20 17:50

    Quite different explanation on Chakras as well as awakening KundaliniI have read all books published books of Poojniya Om Swami. Each book is wonderful and opens new dimension in very straightforward , simple and convincing way. I recommend to read you all books written by Oman Swami

  • Yashas
    2018-09-14 22:07

    Absolutely amazing mind blowing book. This book tells you the origins of kundalini, gives the authors a own personal story of transformation and the most important all, the practical methods for awakening your kundalini. It also gives you detailed information about the seven chakras. Must real for all serious meditators who are on the journey to self realization and enlightenment.

  • Mehul
    2018-08-29 00:44

    If you are a Fresher in this genre and desperate to know about the truth about Kundalini Meditation then your search ends here. Om swami shares all his experiences and the untold story about kundalini. You will be baffled to know the truth of its origin. A complete book about Kundalini. In very precise writing. A must read fir a seeker. Amazing reading experience.

  • Pankaj
    2018-08-24 21:09

    the words of the book are mesmerising. I think the book has cure of many problems. But the book has no practical steps to achieve the mastery of chakras. a person of indian origin or previous study of indian scriptures can relate to the book.

  • Shashi
    2018-09-19 20:50

    A very simple and beautifully written book with very practical guide to work on Kundalini. I enjoyed reading it a lot.The subject has been discussed in its historical and mythological perspective as well which makes a reader connect with it more deeply.

  • marie-paule Grenham
    2018-09-11 00:02

    WonderfulVery practical, easy to read, I learned a lot, now I have to put I to practice, some knowledge different from other yoga book, I guest I need to experience myself to see the validity. Love it