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He’ll risk it all for one more night… When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s jHe’ll risk it all for one more night… When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s just boosted—or asking her to come home with him. But a thief like him can’t offer more, no matter how much he wants to. Everyone either leaves or is taken away, at least that’s all graphics designer Shay Freestone has ever known. And after a confidence shattering, career destroying break-up, she’s sworn off relationships forever. So it’s a good thing this raw, bearded, mountain of a man isn’t her type. Yet as one reckless hot night leads to another, their casual, no-strings affair starts to feel like so much more. Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?...

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Swerve Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2018-09-16 00:55

    Swerve is book one in the brand new Boosted Hearts series by Sherilee Gray. I have read every one of Sherilee’s books so far so I was so excited to start this new series. Let me tell you it was amazing! I fell in love with the dirty talking, tough as nails on the outside but not so tough on the inside, hero, and the tiny little red head that changed his life. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author. “Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?”The only thing good there ever was in Shay Freestone’s life was her grandma. And she’s gone now. After a disastrous break up with her ex, who is also her ex-boss, Shay was forced to leave her well paying job and is now working three part time jobs to try to pay the bills. She was also forced to give up her apartment and is living in the pink trailer that belonged to her grandmother. Shay’s waste of space mother raised her with ridicule, eventually convincing Shay of some of the things she said about her. After what happened with her ex-boyfriend, Shay’s feelings of self-worth are at an all time low. Hugh Colton has shouldered the responsibility of his mother, brother and sister since he was a kid. His father drifted in and out of his life. He gambled and drank away every penny they had, then he would disappear leaving them to clean up the debt. Time and time again, Hugh would find ways to scrape together the money to pay off his father’s debts to protect his family. Often he would resort to stealing cars to find the money, sometimes he just needed to put food on the table. Until finally, his dad disappeared for good, but not before leaving them with a huge debt, this time to a man that would stop at nothing to regain his losses. So Hugh and his brother and best friend entered into a repayment plan with him, a plan where they would steal cars in order to repay the debt. It was on such a night, when Hugh was delivering a boosted car, that he first saw Shay, dressed up in a crazy barely there costume, being harassed by some drunk guy. So he swooped in and helped her and gave her a ride.Hugh didn’t do relationships. He did one night stands only. As soon as he saw Shay, he knew he wanted her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “One night might not be enough to get her out of his system, and one night is all he’d ever allow himself to have.”After Shay’s experience with her ex, she has no desire to be in another relationship. It’s all she can do to get from day to day with her life as it is. But something about this giant of a man. She can’t get him off her mind. “So, what’re you saying here, sweetheart?”“I’d like to…, us…to have an affair,” she finished.Shay and Hugh’s one night stand turns into one more night and another after that. They are drawn to each other like magnets. Hugh can’t admit to himself that Shay means more to him than he wants her to. He can’t allow her to be a part of his dirty life. To expose her to the people that rule his nights. If they find out about her, they could use her to hurt him. But every time he tells himself that this is the last time, that he has to walk away, he can’t seem to force himself to stay away.“How could he continue to treat her as if she meant nothing, when in a short time she’d come to mean everything.”This book was completely and totally fantastic. I was in love with the characters from page one. I could not put it down. The things that came out of Hugh’s mouth…definitely not for the faint of heart. Turn down the thermostats for this one because it will definitely heat up the room. These two together practically melted the screen of my e-reader. This book is being released on April 26 so put it on your calendars because you aren’t going to want to miss it. In the interim, check out Sherilee’s other series, Axle Alley Vipers. It is also fantastically awesome. You just can’t go wrong with anything Sherilee Gray writes!

  • Aisling Zena
    2018-09-17 01:03

    4.5 starsWhy did I take so long to read this author! Oh, I know, real life keeps bloody interfering with my reading time!This was a nice little gem of a book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like big, beasty alpha men with a gentle side and a heart of gold do give this one a try.P.S. Irrelevant to the review but I'm off on holiday for 3 weeks! I will try to check GR through their crappy app. I'm mentioning it here, since GR "fixed" the updates, I don't know if any of you will see it on a General Update. I will miss you all! xxx

  • SB*needs low angst books*
    2018-09-06 01:19

    ***Buddy read with Nicla :-)***Shay and Hugh meet while she is stranded at a costume party and he is boosting a car. Hugh finds Shay attractive and offers her a one night deal and after a little time she accepts. The thing is they both can't let go but neither want to admit they want more and feel more either. But they have a lot of their own personal problems that make them think they are not enough for more. I did this buddy read with Nicla and I thank her for the recommendation as well. I really liked both characters. Shay is shy and sweet and Hugh is hot and protective. They really did have some major crap going on in their lives but I also thought it was sweet how much they really find peace in each other. I wished that they could admit it sooner and the small break up sucked but I still really enjoyed the book.

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2018-09-19 18:23

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  • Leonor
    2018-08-21 00:03

    4 stars for the hero. Heroine needed a backbone and stop being a doormat with her mother. Hero was perfect with her, he was an alpha, possesive , protective. HEA ending but no babies. The heroine had an ex who wanted her back and forced kissed her, the ex was nasty to her and kept complaining about her weight.

  • Irene
    2018-09-08 01:25

    4 starsI really enjoyed Swerve!The storyline was entertaining and held my interest from the first page to the last and the characters were likable, relatable, fun, passionate, and their chemistry was off the charts!I'm a fan of Sherilee Gray's writing and once again she's given us a very entertaining storyline with fabulous characters that will touch your heart.I highly recommend this book. *I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.*

  • Nicla
    2018-09-20 23:03

    3.5 starsReview to come....Buddy read with SB :)HEA (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[ No cheating or scenes with OW/OM (hide spoiler)]Any push/pull (view spoiler)[Yes by both (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: MediumHeat Level: High

  • ♥ WishfulMiss ♥
    2018-09-02 00:06

    Loved this read! I loved funny Shay and big growl-y Hugh and all the sexy that they get up to in Swerve. The characters were interesting, memorable and had instant chemistry. I loved how possessive and protective Hugh was when it came to Shay. She was a bit shy and naive but he cherished that about her and it was so sweet. This is a great first for the series and I'm antsy to get my hands on Joe and Adam's story next. This does start off as a ONS that turns into a friends with benefits type relationship but there is never any OW drama on the H's part and Shay does have a persistent ex that pops up a few times but nothing serious. Once they meet, Hugh and Shay are exclusive and only have eyes for each other.I do have to rant about Shay's mom drama though because Shay's mother is the worst! Couldn't stand her nastiness or Shay's doormat behavior around her. She clearly was a horrid person and Shay just rolled with the punches?! I wanted her to stand up to her way before she actually does. I was happy for her when it finally happens but I felt like it needed to happen sooner. Although I'm interested in Adam's story (who is getting paired with Hugh and Joe's little sister) I can see a lot of things going wrong with this one. (view spoiler)[ For one, Adam is a big man whore in Swerve, so I'll have to wait to see if the author can redeem him without so much OW drama or constant mention of his sexual past. Second thing, his h, Lucy, is kind of brash and pushy (not my ideal h) and also didn't like the the whole old married professor scandal.(hide spoiler)] Still it's part of a series and I'm a sucker for series about siblings and if I read one, I have to read the rest. The last one finally came out so I'm making room on my tbr and finishing this out. I'd say this one was sexy, sweet and safe. If you like shy awkwardly adorable hs, growl-y alpha Hs with sexy beards, then Swerve is definitely worth a read. Favorite Line:"I want to make beautiful memories with you Shay, here in our house. I want to have babies with you, grow old with you, spend the rest of my life with you. Safety: Hugh is 31 and Shay is 25Neither are virginNo OW drama, slight OM drama (Shay's ex)Ends with a HEA (engagement)No Epilogue

  • Claire Robinson
    2018-08-21 20:04

    4.5 - "I'm in your bed, or you're in mine. Nothing more." Stars!The first book in Sherillee Gray’s Boosted Heart’s series, was an absolute treat to read. I have really enjoyed previous books by this author, but I have to say that Swerve is the best book I have read by her to date.I think there is a massive trend with authors nowadays in that their main man is a dirty talker, some do it well, while some fail abysmally, and where intending to come across sexy and attractive, a lot of them come over as cheesy wannabe porn-stars. The author nailed it with Hugh in that he is a dirty, dirty mouthed man, but rather than leaving me a little green about the gills, which seems to have been the norm of late, I was pleasantly hot under the collar, and jealous that Shay was the recipient of all that, blunt, growly alpha goodness.The woman was a mystery. Talked like class, dressed up like Poison Ivy, and lived in a goddamned pink trailer.Shay was the other positive for me in this book, because if I am honest, every trope that was added to her story-line is pretty much a pet peeve of mine, douche-ex, crappy parent, and at points a little too overly trusting, especially when it came to letting past mistakes repeat themselves. But again the author managed to give her the story I would normally be grinding my teeth at, but make it so I wasn’t. "It's... It's hard for me to trust... not just you but myself... after everything I've been through. I don't know... I just don't know."Mainly, I think because none of the aforementioned were dragged out or overplayed, so rather than be annoyed with the things that occurred as the story between her and Hugh progressed, they were dealt with progressively, but overall added to the relationship that was building between them. "I want you. You want me. It’s as simple and as complicated as that."So you have a sexy, sexy car-booster, a woman who has been dealt with more than a few life-setbacks of late, and a really well rounded story-line, there isn’t any one thing that made this book stellar, but everything culminating together as a whole. I ploughed through it, and told from both POV’s you really do get an understanding as to what is happening to them outside of their relationship as everything progresses. Joe Colton is up next, with Spin book two in the series, due for release in June. You are given a little idea as to where his story is likely to go in the resolution of Hugh and Shay’s story, and I am eager to read his story, more from this series, and the author in general in the forthcoming months.ARC generously provided by the author, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.

  • Libby Harrison
    2018-08-24 19:15

    https://romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c...Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Shay): 25yrs oldHero (Hugh): 31yrs oldPlot: 4/5Grovel: yesCheating: none HEA: yes but would have preferred babies not just a proposalTriggers: noneAverage score: 4/5Best Line: “I’m Shay’s.” – can this guy get any sweeter?!Worst Line: “He was a fucking giant ogre, and she was a fairy princess.”Personal Review:This was a solid romance between an alpha and a curvy woman. One of the best alpha’s I have come across in a romance but I am going to stop while I am ahead because the secondary characters in this didn’t impress me and I have no intention in reading their stories.Random Ramblings•I liked the H’s protectiveness•Not interested in reading his sister’s story after finding out she slept with her professor•I loved the way she stood up to Travis•Those scenes were hot!•I wanted to cry after what her mum did to her•Such a great hero for providing for his siblings…one of my own weaknesses in heroesOverall Feeling:

  • Victoria
    2018-08-29 22:09

    “I’m really fucking attracted to you, Shay. I don’t do dates. Don’t like to waste time, either. You’re not interested, I’ll drop you home then I’m gone, no problem. But if you are, say the word, and I’ll spend the night making you come so hard you’ll forget your own name.”4.25+RATING- I'm tempted to rate this one even higher just because I liked it so much. It's not an amazing or original read but it was exactly what I needed after a long week. I loved the hero, found him sexy on a lot of different levels. He definitely reminded me of a hero that Kristen Ashley may have written (back in the day). I especially appreciated his dirty talking skills. He took it far enough to be hot and sexy but not far enough to end up cheesy or eye roll worthy. Definitely deserves to be added to my "best dirty talk" shelf. All in all, this was a great guilty pleasure read. I wish I had a pile of books just like this waiting for me to read. I'm looking forward to reading more by this author.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-08-27 23:55

    Enjoyable book of its type. The hero is hot and the heroine is sweet. The scenes with the two of them are well written and tell a believable story of two people falling in love even when it really isnt't the right time especially for the hero. He just couldn't stay away from her. And isn't that the point of romance novels? To live vicariously through written characters as they fall in love? The author also did a good job with the element of making the non stick thin heroine a true to life character without her whining about her weight all the time. Recommended.

  • Bev
    2018-09-12 00:23

    What a little gem this was! I went in not knowing what to expect from a new to me author and I loved it. Hugh and Shay meet up when she's trying to get shot of a cling-on that wouldn't leave her alone. Enter hot, protective, mountain of a man Hugh who's right in the middle of a "job" to the rescue. And cue the insta-lust, which so worked here. Uh, he's a dirty talker, and a damn good one too - these two sizzled!Both Hugh and Shay have baggage from their childhood, Hugh's father is the reason he's turned to stealing cars, Shay's mother is just something else. Shay has trust issues, Hugh has commitment issues. Marry the two together and yeah - lots of hot, sexy times, a bit of push and pull and what started off as a casual hook up so didn't stay casual no matter how hard they fought it. Her mother's actions all through her life plus having had a number done on her by her ex has left Shay insecure, I really felt for her when Hugh was pushing her away. Fortunately the book is in dual POV so I got why Hugh was so frightened of commitment, and seeing him fall hook, line and sinker was awesome. What started off as a casual hook up so didn't work for him, he fell HARD no matter how much he tried to deny it and walk away.I loved both characters as well as Joe and Adam and am so looking forward to their books.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review4.75 stars.

  • Mia Searles (The Muses Circle)
    2018-09-04 22:23

    Sherilee Gray knows how to write the most sexy alpha male heroes...Hugh...where do I even start? Intense, big, growly...and I just love how he handles Shay and her shy, broken self. It was a beautiful thing to see how he builds her back up, gives her back her confidence so that she grows into feisty, sexy woman. My favorite scene? That shower scene...when she finally owns her sexuality and seduces Hugh, turns him on so much that he looses control. HOT AS F*CK!

  • Nicole P
    2018-09-08 02:21

    Another delicious alpha male and sweet girl story by Sherilee Gray. Shay Freestone has been knocked down one too many times. But she's nothing but resilient. And despite her crappy circumstances of having to quit her job, pay off debts by working three jobs, and having no time for herself let alone a relationship, she gets help from a sexy mountain man one night when she is accosted in an alleyway. Hugh Colton is having problems of his own. He has been roped in to boosting cars in order to pay off his fathers debt. He messes up big time by giving Shay a lift in the car he just boosted. There is just something about her that makes him want to know more. His attraction to her is instant and since he can only do a one-night thing, he states his case but things don't go the way he hoped they would. Their rocky start gets smoother and hotter once they lay what they want on the table. And despite their insistence that its nothing serious, its anything but that. Hugh was the perfect alpha. All growly and possessive. Had dirty talk down to a fine art and knew what to do with what God blessed him with. Shay needed a little bit more of a backbone at times and the times when she did find it, boy, was it just awesome.The secrecy and lies that are spun throughout make for complicated situations. Secondary characters were intriguing and fascinating, with Hugh's brother Joe bringing a lighthearted side to things with his infectious humor. An enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

  • Anita George
    2018-09-13 23:25

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review of Swerve the very first book in Sherilee Greys new series Boosted Hearts.Shay Freestone is a not so timid Graphic Designer whose friend ditches her at a costume party.Dressed as the femme fatale Poison Ivy she manages to escape the unwanted advances of a not so sexy Batman, with the help of a big bearded professional car theif by the name of Hugh Colton.Shay and Hugh have to overcome some deep rooted family issues when they both realize one night together would never be enough.

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2018-09-12 20:18

    The story/journey of Hugh Colton and Shay Freestone is captivating, thrilling, incredibly sexy and just plain amazing. I haven't read too many books by Sherilee Gray to date, but I'll be remedying that very soon. These two MCs had so much power and determination that I was not only hooked by their personalities, but hooked because I got invested in their success. I really really want it to work out for them. So I clung to the story. read it in mere hours. Which is really kind of funny when you think about it, because this is fiction and most always the guy and girl always get each other in the end. But when you read Swerve, it doesn't feel predictable. You honest to God are on the edge of your seat praying it all works out in the end for them both.Two more opposite people, Sherilee Gray could not have created. Not in the typical way of have/have-not type of thing. It was in personality and life view. Hugh is a true dirty talking, gritty bad-boy that will melt your panties off and make your girlie parts sing Soprano just by saying Hello. And Shay, well she was .... gun-shy, I think is the best word for her. She was cautious about life. She hadn't had the best of luck in the life department so it was really difficult for her to be open, mainly with herself. But they were perfection together and made for a very steamy and heart-warming story! They were ridiculously good for each other. Where one failed, the other conquered. That is the best couple to read about, in my opinion. Where one pulls the other, and vise versa, out of their insecurities and helps them grow with in themselves and together.Seriously good story here people. It's not a new story, but the author's style and voice made it unique. And her attention to characterization was top notch! Well done!ARC provided for blog tour review

  • Sherilee Gray
    2018-08-26 21:18

  • Varied Books
    2018-09-01 01:56

    3/30/17 free

  • Sabrina
    2018-09-12 22:17

    Just whay I needed and what the doctor recommended!! Back with a full review later!! ❤❤❤

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2018-08-30 22:58

    Swerve is the first book in the Boosted Hearts series and my first read of this author.Hugh Colton is once again picking up his father’s debts and mistakes and is forced to revert to boosting cars to pay off the debt to protect his mother and sister from the crime boss wanting repayment. Not his ideal occupation when he was trying to sort his life and career in his auto business but the sooner the debt was cleared he was home free. It was whilst he was in the middle of a job late at night that he comes across the curvy beauty and saves her from an attack. Little does he know how this woman will impact his life from now on.Shay Freestone is trying to make ends meet after having to leave her prestigious job due to her boss now being her ex. Trying to cheer herself up she agrees to go to a party with her friend but finding herself alone and then being accosted by a jerk she leaves only to be followed by said jerk. When she is rescued by the big burly mountain of a man she finds herself considering things she had never before. Such as the attraction to him. He’s not her type at all. Or is he?This was a great story of opposites attract and a fantastic flow of passion, romance and lots of dirty talk and lots of dirty action between the sheets. Hugh is an absolute filthy mouthed but sex on legs alpha man who says as he finds and what he finds in Shay with her luscious curves is want. He wants her and he has her but how can he keep her when he does what he does? He’s a thief and she is so perfect. How could he inflict his past and his dealings on her life? Shay is unaware of what Hugh is involved in but this shy and unconfident woman knows her growing attraction and need of him is something to make a foundation of, that is if her douche of an ex would stay out of her life.A fast flowing and absorbing book that was hard to put down once I started reading it. Great characters, fantastic chemistry and a touch of angst and grit to create the drama to tie it all together. I can’t wait for the rest of the series and find out about Joe, Hugh’s brother. Floved! Four and a half stars.*ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for my honest review

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2018-09-04 01:04

    Sweet, emotional and uber-sexy….Hugh Colton and Shay Freestone are now two of my favourite people! Shay is reeling from another in a line of devastating blows. Working three jobs to keep the bills at bay, she is determined to stay on the path her Gran set her on. Work hard and look after yourself and you will be okay. Protecting her heart was a little trickier… Hugh also took his responsibilities seriously and was doing what he had to, keeping his family safe. He was counting the days until he was free, a relationship the farthest thing from his mind.From the moment these two met I knew they were going to be special. From the start, Hugh is attracted to Shay in a way that has his protective streak in high gear from the start. While Shay may be uncertain about her appeal, she is also sweet and compassionate in a way that he had rarely seen. He offers and, surprisingly, Shay accepts but that one night wasn’t enough… for either of them.And thank goodness! I loved the chemistry between Shay and Hugh. They really didn’t seem to know what to do each other. They were attracted – oh yes, the sparks flew at each encounter – but they were so different from what they were used to. Maybe because they were both solid, honest and unbelievably… nice? They seemed to complement each other in so many ways – in and out of the bedroom. Their sense of responsibility, the way they cared about their family and friends… Even if they only had the heat they created under the sheets that probably would have been enough but, happily, they had so much more. How they dodge ex-lovers and the ugliness that exists in both their lives has them banding together despite their own issues with trust.A delicious treat from start to finish, the only thing happy about story coming to an end was finding out that Joe’s story, Hugh’s intriguing brother, is next! It can’t come soon enough!

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    2018-09-02 23:08

    So this story took me way longer then what I wanted it to. The blurb sounded really amazing then I get reading it and I'm kinda like what the hell. The story line did keep me interested from start to finish it was everything else in between that didn't make sense. The POV was really weird and hard to follow, the way it kept switching back and forth didn't really know who you were reading from. I liked the characters from the start they were both strong, fun loving and caring. I just didn't care for it much at all, 3 stars was given due to that face that it was hard to follow with the POV, I lost interest more then half way through it, and the story just kept dragging on and on. This was just not a story for me at all. It's almost a love/hate feel to it loved some parts and hated the rest. I know hate is a strong word I disliked a lot of this story.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ ***

  • Sheryl
    2018-08-21 22:03

    *4.5 stars*CAN'T WAIT for Joe's story next in Spin!!!

  • Sania
    2018-08-28 21:04

    Standalone/Cliffhanger: Standalone but part of a series Ages of H and h: in their late 20sMulti-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)[After. Shay's ex wants her back and constantly shows up trying to talk to her and persuade her(hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex In The Book: (view spoiler)[ A decent amount. (hide spoiler)]HEA/HFN/etc Ending: (view spoiler)[ HEA(hide spoiler)]Will This Meet My 'Safety Gang' Buddies' Approval: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Any Triggers/Warnings: No (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]>>Detail: N/A Do You Recommend This Book: Yes.Will You Re-read This Book: YesWould You Read More Books By This Author: YesMy Thoughts I love heroes who are instantly in love with their heroine. Especially when they're curvy. It makes me hopeful. Really enjoyed reading Hugo's and Shay's story

  • Clare
    2018-08-26 20:58

    ReviewNew to me author and was blown away. You forget how good books can really be until you find a good one again. Although I would have liked to see what happened with her mother or even Travis I still enjoyed this a lot

  • Coco.V
    2018-09-11 20:06

    FREE on Amazon today (10/12/2017)!

  • Alexandra G.
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  • Penny
    2018-09-11 19:15

    Swerve was a great read. Ms. Gray knows how to perfectly blend action, romance, hot shenanigans and drama.Hugh has dedicated his life to fix his father’s screw-ups. The last one has left him and his brother indebted to a crime family that is demanding payment in stolen cars. Being a criminal was never his life’s ambition, he just wants to work in his shop and have a quiet life. He is finally within reach of it with only a couple more cars for the debt to be paid in full.But the best things in life happen at the most unexpected times. In the middle of boosting a car, he finds himself coming to the defense of a hot redhead in a Poison Ivy costume who’s being accosted by a beer-bellied Batman.Shay is not having the best month of her life. She had to quit her job as a graphic designer, has just broken up with her boyfriend (note to self: never date your boss), her beloved grandmother passed, and now her best friend left her stranded in a lame costume party having to run away from a persistent Batman who won’t take “go away” for an answer.All it took was one joy ride for their attraction to solidify. And even when they both were set on fighting it, each for their own good reasons, when something’s meant to be there’s not much you can do about it but go with the flow.Hugh was a tough, bearded, giant of a teddy bear. Yes, he was rough and talked dirty but he was perfect.“I’m really attracted to you, Shay. I don’t do dates. Don’t like to waste time, either. You’re not interested, I’ll drop you home then I’m gone, no problem. But if you are, say the word, and I’ll spend the night making you come so hard you’ll forget your own name.”Evidently she said the word. “Let me make one thing clear. I like curves. I like soft, and I like round. I like a woman who, when I fuck her hard, her hips, ass, they’re cushioning mine while I’m doing it.” “Oh.” “Yeah, beautiful, I think you’re getting it. What you got going on fucking turns me on. Makes my cock hard as goddamn steel. Don’t ever think otherwise.”As I said, Hugh is perfect.Shay was the shit too. She had some mild confidence issues but that was more than understandable after we meet her ex and her mother. Boy, those two are sure lucky they’re fictional characters and not real people because I would have loved to kick some ass right there. She was sweet, caring, smart and I loved her if only because she’d think things like “Is this cretin for real?” and had a Grandma whose life motto was Carpe-that-fucking-Diem, Cupcake.They were really sweet together and fortunately there’s not a lot of angst involved in Swerve. Both Shay and Hugh had some issues to work through, which in Hugh’s case were actual problems (he had a crime lord demanding payment) besides what his childhood and life decisions put him through. Near the end, he dove a bit too much into the “I’m unworthy of you” pool but I could accept where he was coming from.As I said, this was a fantastic read I greatly enjoyed. I’ve read other books by the author and really liked them, but I’m now going to be sure to get my hands on anything she’s written. I’d go as far as saying I might have found a new favorite author to me. Yay!

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2018-08-26 22:58

    Title:SwerveAuthor:Sherilee GraySeries:Boosted Hearts, Book #1Publisher:Reviewer:MelissaRelease Date:April 2016Genre(s):Contemporary RomancePage Count:200Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s just boosted—or asking her to come home with him. But a thief like him can’t offer more, no matter how much he wants to.Everyone either leaves or is taken away, at least that’s all graphics designer Shay Freestone has ever known. And after a confidence shattering, career destroying break-up, she’s sworn off relationships forever. So it’s a good thing this raw, bearded, mountain of a man isn’t her type. Yet as one reckless hot night leads to another, their casual, no-strings affair starts to feel like so much more. Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?Review:“‘That’s my girl,’ he rasped again, the words out of his mouth before he knew what he was saying. Words he shouldn’t be saying but that felt right, more than right.”5 thief stars! This book was beyond amazing!! I’m hooked to this series now!When they said opposites attract, they really mean Hugh and Shay! These two couldn’t be more different from the other, but their chemistry together is off the charts hot! The minute these two meet, I couldn’t put my kindle down! You pull for these two and you want them to get over their hang ups and be together. There’s suspense, heat and humor in the book and I loved every second of it!ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club