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The dark, dangerous sequel to the thrilling INITIATION OF PB 500. Having proven himself worthy of his demanding alien master, number ?500? now faces new challenges as he enters the dreaded Citadel alone. Gay male erotica...

Title : The Citadel
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ISBN : 9780968677643
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The Citadel Reviews

  • Don Bradshaw
    2018-09-15 00:21

    What a different follow up story to The Initiation of PB 500 and loaded with a plethora of perversions. I have to agree with Vivian Archer that this book should have some warnings in the blurb. The torture that Micah/Chento went through at the hands of Kerdas went from scrotal ballooning to scat and this was all done because Kerdas was jealous of Attlad. I have to admit that only the scat squicked me and bestiality is not my thing but the other tortures hit my kinks well. Everything in the story was done either out of a twisted sense of jealousy or for political gain and what may offend a reader was all considered perfectly socially acceptable. Dadani and her little cadre of women playing with the pearl boys were not much more than bored, spoiled little children. The cock bobbing done to the pearl boys so that they could not impregnate the women was different and it made me wonder how it was done. I liked Bar and the arrogant Grir. Their bodies were messed with but they were characters of some depth. The mysteries of the Cave of Truth were interesting showing a society built on both technology and the esoteric. I found it a bit incredulous that Micah/Chento was in any kind of physical condition to escape from the secret dungeon, go through the rigors of the ritual of Truth and then set Attlad free. Seriously? The man was near dead from abuse, dehydration and starvation. Yes, this fiction and primarily a vehicle to see how many kinks could be crammed into a story but there needs to be a touch of reality. The role reversals and the HEA ending were very much a surprise to me. I recommend this book not for its story value but more as a test to see how many exotic kinks you can take in one sitting.

  • Vivian
    2018-09-06 22:11

    I have no idea how to rate this book so until I can figure it out, I'm not. First, it pretty much messed with my limit lines and yes, I reaffirmed they are still in place. Like the previous book humiliation based scenes predominate the first half of the book with cruel and callous games played by palace elites. It continues until it becomes a foray into torture, which was actually much easier to deal with than the body modifications done on young males--icky, creepy and Oh Hell No Thank You.I guess I would have felt better about the story and the resolution if I believed in the emotions of both Attlad and Micah. As it is, I don't understand either one and the frankly the ending is ludicrous. I lost connection with the story when my limits were crossed and subsequent scenes became gratuitous in the ever increasing sadism. This had a lot of heavy sadism with zero emotion--just torture.This book is severe enough that I'm going to issue warnings because it is extreme: rape, rape of underage males, torture, humiliation, body modification, watersports, scatA definite DMC candidate.

  • Ayanna
    2018-08-31 19:57

    None of it really makes sense, the world building isn't even that great anymore, the sex is boring and unerotic, and the narrator is still least reading it was an interesting experience.(actually read the ebook, but I'm too lazy to create a new entry for it on GR right this moment)

  • Deanna
    2018-09-15 21:22

    While this book was more extreme than the first, I didn't like it as much. There was some role reversal in the ending that kind of ruined the fantasy for me. And the sexual tension just wasn't there. There was a lot of talk about cock docking (not the fun kind - I'm talking cutting off length) that was interesting but I'm not sure I ever really got the importance of it. Or why it was so standard for all of the pearlboys. I guess I would say that they were some interesting elements here, but it was no where near the level of pb500.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2018-08-28 19:13

    Well that was an ending. Lots of torture in this one - a little disjointed compared to the first. It feels weird to say I liked it but I did. Not as much as the 1st but well enough to read it all the way through. I think its the world itself that fascinates me most. I'll admit I liked what happened at the end - and I won't spoil it for others.

  • Cindy (eclecticfirefly)
    2018-09-03 01:03

    Wow...... Extremely intense book. I'm not squeamish, and I've read other D/s books that involve intense Master/slave relationships, but I almost stopped reading this one mid way thru. I kept going and was glad I did. (view spoiler)[Never would have thought this kind of book would have a HEA. (hide spoiler)] Definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

  • Eve
    2018-09-16 19:00

    So this rating is a sheer reflection of how much this book turned me on and not at all indicative of the quality of the writing or story. As with the first, sheer tortureporn..

  • Sirenprincess
    2018-09-10 00:10

    I liked the continuation of the story, but the sex and submission pushed the line even further in this book, beyond my point. Also, there was plot, but at the end it just totally fell apart and made no sense whatsoever. I really don't recommend reading this one.

  • A.B. Gayle
    2018-08-25 01:05

    What got me was the improbability of recovery time after all this unrelenting torture and abuse. Magic ointment indeed.

  • M60601
    2018-08-21 20:17

    1.5 Stars - DNFAfter finishing the first book, I had no desire to read the next. Here we are months later and I just decided to give it a go. The preview of the book wasn't terrible and it cut off at a point that left me curious enough to buy the whole book. Everything that followed really put me off.Micah's master is a fucking cunt head and I can't even be bothered to remember his name because I hate him. All the people in power are shit heads. The thing that bothers me the most in this series is the entire concept taking intelligent beings and treating them as if they are mindless objects to use and play with as is pleasing. It just disgusts me the extreme level it is taken to. People are born into being sex slaves, but it isn't anything erotic. They're literally objects that have their bodies mutilated for the pleasure of the master. Nothing is erotic in this. The sadism/torture, the humiliation, the harem setting. None of it. It's just disgusting. Shove food up your ass, eat your shit, disgusting. There is no real love, no understandable pleasure, just a fucked up Micah who chose this fucked up position. So I DNF this thing. It's 2 stars because I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt that it gets better at the end, but I doubt it, honestly.

  • Timeforme
    2018-09-15 19:03

    Main Characters:Micah Starion - A sub-captain stranded on an alien planetAttlad - The alien that purchases Micah/ChintoSynopsis:Micah is taken to the Citadel as a gift to Attlad's fiancee.My Thoughts:Rated at 1.5. I purchased this book by mistake (I need to change my Kindle settings from automatic buy...). I was hoping that it would be a fortuitous mistake but alas I felt this book was only so-so. I had to skip a good portion of the story simply because it seemed to be repetitively abusive and nasty. I just didn't see any point in dragging myself through those pages. If the end would have included an Attlad who was worthy of Micah/Chinto, I would probably have rated the book higher, but as it was, I felt that Attlad was no better than his brother. (view spoiler)[He placed Micah/Chinto (who was supposedly his heart slave)into severe risk (and certain severe abuse)by giving him to his fiancee simply because he wanted to get ahead in his world). Why Micah/Chinto decided to stay is beyond me. I think if he chose to stay, he should have kept Attlad as his slave, rather than the other way around. (hide spoiler)]

  • Jonah Bergan
    2018-09-01 22:17

    Micah, the blond long haired human slave called Chento, is given to his Master’s cruel and sadistic brother as a gift. No explanation is given. He is bound, crated and shipped, like cargo to the Citadel, where some significant degradation and torment await. Has he failed his Master? Has he disappointed or displeased his Master, or does his Master have some other agenda?Fans of Femdom will find the occasional hint of fun in one of the chapters where Chento is presented to a number of alien women who pose him as a model for their art class. They lead him around by a ribbon tied around his cock. As a slave, he certainly has no choice about who he is to serve or in what capacity, but the M/m crowd will not be shocked or offended or even distracted by this brief scene. The majority of the tale is focused very squarely on M/m action.For the critics of the PB500 novel who felt there was too much brutality in that first bookRead the full text of my review

  • Benjamin
    2018-08-22 21:25

    In this sequel to The Initiation of PB500 the story most definitely hots up. The writing is more erotic, and the training, disciplining and torture are more extreme, in addition there are interesting characters including the pearlboys. But there is much more to the book, the plot is good, and the drama and tension are maintained, and running throughout is a story of betrayal, loyalty and above all a love of one warrior for another.

  • Danyele Johnson
    2018-09-05 18:03

    I was frusterated the entire way through but that's because I was very engaged in the plot. However I wasn't ever really that involved in the characters however I was curious on how the events would unfold, so much so I devoured the book. It was a nice read :)

  • Carole-Ann
    2018-09-02 21:10

    Totally unlike the previous book The Initiation of Pb500 and lots of totally gratuitous sex and torture - so NOT BDSM as we know it.I suppose it could trigger a lot of nasties, so don't go there if you're susceptible or squeamish.

  • Arlene
    2018-09-17 22:26

    This had absolutely no redeeming value. This was for titillation,torture for no reason beyond sadism and the story stunk also. I would never recommend this ridiculous mess. There is no real love or affection between either character. Plus I would never read another thing from this author!!

  • mlady_rebecca
    2018-08-23 22:09

    Not quite as intriguing or consistent as part 1, but a satisfying conclusion in the end, despite the tangents in between.

  • sommer
    2018-09-12 02:08

    like the initiation