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Trading bullets for board meetings, or so he thought...Connor Matthews, former Marine and gun for hire, is not what you'd call the quintessential businessman. But when his father's unexpected passing leaves the family business to him and his brother, Connor agrees to take over until his brother finishes his last tour of duty. Connor resigns himself to a life of dull meetinTrading bullets for board meetings, or so he thought...Connor Matthews, former Marine and gun for hire, is not what you'd call the quintessential businessman. But when his father's unexpected passing leaves the family business to him and his brother, Connor agrees to take over until his brother finishes his last tour of duty. Connor resigns himself to a life of dull meetings and paperwork, but quickly finds himself mired in his father's web of shady business deals. And in the midst of the mess is Olivia Taylor, his gorgeous and headstrong ex-girlfriend.Since they last parted, Olivia has known nothing but grief, heartache, and loss. Despite it all, she's built a life for herself--a life with no room for the likes of Connor Matthews. She's survived more than most could endure, but Connor has the ability to ruin everything she's worked so hard to achieve. She must put the past behind her in order to survive . . . but can she forgive the man who broke her heart?*This is a STAND-ALONE romance in the Hidden Truths series. Unlike books 1 & 2 in the series, Buried Lies is told in the 1st person POV, alternating between the male/female protagonists.*...

Title : Buried Lies
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Buried Lies Reviews

  • NMmomof4
    2019-04-19 13:38

    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:This was a well done suspenseful romance. I struggle with these types of books when I feel like there isn't a good balance between the suspense and the romance, but this one felt pretty well balanced. I was intruiged, and it kept me engaged throughout. I really wanted to know what happened to them before to make them separate, and I felt like it was revealed at a good time -- because by then, I had deemed them meant to be in my mind. My biggest complaint is that we didn't get a full HEA IMO. We didn't get to see them as an actual couple really at all! It felt a little bit abrupt, and it was at 85% on my kindle app!!!! I hate that! I'm really picky on what I call "HEA" so other readers might be just fine with how it ended, but I wanted more!Brief Summary of the Storyline:I can't say much without giving things away, so this'll be really brief... This is Olivia and Connor's story. Connor's dad dies and leaves him in charge of his company. Connor meets with a man that had a deal going with his father, and is shocked to see Olivia. They hadn't seen each other in ~10 years, and their reunion was unwanted because of the way their relationship ended. There are some shady things going on with Olivia's employer and they cannot avoid their personal after some suspenseful and sexy-time moments, they get a HFN ending.POV: This alternated between Olivia and Connor's POV.Overall Pace of Story:Good. I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well.Instalove: No, but residual feelings were present for both of them.H rating: 4 stars. Connor. I liked him. He was mad at Olivia because of their ending, but he realized that she was "the one" like he had previously thought and became a pretty sweet guy.h rating: 4 stars. Olivia. I liked her. She was in a crappy situation with her job and the H. So even though I understood why she lied about certain things, I wanted her to come clean with the H completely.Sadness level: Low. No tissues needed.Push/Pull: Yes (view spoiler)[Both of them are hesitant to start anything with each other because of the way their relationship ended. Neither of them can avoid the connection, so it's pretty mutual in the pursuit.(hide spoiler)]Heat level: Moderate. They have some good chemistry and scenes.Descriptive sex: YesSafe sex: Yes. Condoms are mentioned (I think one time they go without, or its just not mentioned). I don't remember any mentions of other birth control, std statuses, or past practices.OW/OM drama: Yes, but mild (view spoiler)[ The H has a co-worker that hits on him. The h also has a co-worker that was an on-again-off-again f-buddy, and has asked her to start up again (but she declined) (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating: NoSeparation: Yes (view spoiler)[ They are separated for ~10 years after dating for ~1 year. I remember mention of h having another partner during this separation (because he is her co-worker), but no mention as to if the H had other partners or not. They are separated for a short time while things settle down after the big conflict is resolved. There is no mention or suggestion of other partners during this separation. (hide spoiler)]Possible Triggers:Yes (view spoiler)[ Violence, loss of a parent, and miscarriage. (hide spoiler)]Closure:This had a cute ending, but it was one of those that I needed more time with them as a couple. I would call it a HFN ending. (view spoiler)[They do find out they're having a baby (hide spoiler)]How I got it: I paid the $0.99 on Amazon.Safety: I'd call this Safe for most readers.(view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does have both the H and h pushing away-Does have a short separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse by h or H-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does Not have a HEA ending (hide spoiler)]

  • Vicki
    2019-04-12 10:41

    This was a romance that had a hard main character that was forced to take over his father business. He and Olivia had a past and Olivia still has the broken heart from the relationship. The story really flowed well and drew me in. It is a really well-written book. The scenes were very emotion packed and there was plenty of suspense as to what had occurred before. It was a fine read.

  • Carlene Inspired
    2019-04-16 12:26

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.For more on Buried Lies and other books, visit Carlene Inspired.Connor Matthews is a former Marine, a gun-for-hire, and after his father's passing, a businessman. He's determined to do the minimum to get by until his brother can take over, but soon he finds his father was working on some less than legal business deals. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend Olivia is involved and she's just as beautiful as she was 10 years ago. Olivia's life changed 10 years ago and while it's been nothing but heartbreak since, she's managed to make a life for herself. Having Caleb back in her life may not necessarily be a bad thing, until he gets in the way of everything she's worked so hard for.Together they put their past behind them in order to make it through the messy web they've found themselves in, but the painful feelings and renewed chemistry may get in the way.I love the handsome, alpha ex-marines Brittney created for the Hidden Truths series and was super excited for Buried Lies, because CONNOR! Finally. I have been harboring a minor crush on him since he was originally introduced as a secondary character in Silenced Memories. He's flirty, he's alpha, has a chip the size of the world on his shoulder, and he makes a career of saving charming girls from bad guys ...sign me up. He also happens to be a bit of a player and I knew right away he was going to be an intrigiung character. Then there's Olivia, ex-girlfriend, the person behind his playboy mentality, and the girl he still has insane chemistry with. She's witty, a bit naive, tough as nails, and hiding a huge secret. These two may have a tumultuous past, but nothing compares to the risks they take when they cross paths during a dangerous business deal. Told from dual POV's, Buried Lies is the first novel from Brittney Sahin told from first person perspective. I loved this change and felt like I really got to know the characters. Olivia and Caleb are complex and I really enjoyed how their lives were intertwined throughout the entire novel. Sahin did an incredible job of weaving the past into the present with both characters struggling with forgiveness, hiding secrets, as well as finding they needed one another to make it through a dangerous situation. I love that Olivia is a headstrong and fierce heroine, she's my favorite kind of female character. Hers and Connor's love story isn't perfect and it definitely isn't easy, but it is steamy and emotional, and will draw you in, leaving you hoping for the best. Mixed in with the romance is an action-packed, twisting story filled with weapons, deciet, nightclubs, the mafia, and some villains you will love to hate. This isn't the kind of book you walk away from, that's for sure, the tension is high and the drama is unpredictable. Buried Lies features an incredible plot, detailed writing, and hot characters you'll wish were real. It is the third novel in the standalone series Hidden Truths by Brittney Sahin. I read these out of order and definitely suggest you pick up all three.

  • Deb Markanton
    2019-03-30 10:20

    Why haven’t I read Brittney Sahin’s novels until now? Going in, I expected a typical romance sprinkled with a bit of suspense. What I got was so much more! Buried Lies is well written and cleverly layered. It’s full of intrigue and shenanigans a la The Bourne Conspiracy that will have you wondering what’s going on one minute, and saying “I knew it!” the next. Ms. Sahin keeps the action going full tilt, and just when you think you have a handle on don’t. This is a smooth flowing, well thought out puzzle of a story and every piece fits beautifully. There’s nothing forced or superfluous. There’s nothing to make me roll my eyes and mutter, “Really?” Olivia has been working an undercover case for nine long months. The FBI wants the goods on a few high-level Russian mafia guys that have been evading them for years. Her “job” as PA to nightclub owner/shady douchebag Declan Reid is finally starting to pay off. Big problem; It’s leading her to Matthews Tech, the company owned by her ex-boyfriend’s father. Bigger problem; the recent death of Matthews senior has now put the company in the hands of, you guessed it, his son Connor, aka the ex. It’s been ten years since he broke her heart but she remembers every last detail of their time together. And she’s still confused about why he just up and walked out on her. Seeing Connor causes Olivia’s feelings to go haywire; anger over what he did to her ten years ago, surprise to see him associating with scum like her “boss” Declan, and a familiar lust she thought she’d said good riddance to. The last place she ever figured to meet up with him is smack dab in the middle of this dangerous undercover operation. Is he involved? Where has he been for the last ten years? Why can’t she stop loving him?Connor is back in NYC. Albeit reluctantly. His estranged father has suddenly died, leaving his corporation to Connor and his brother, Mason. Since Mason still has a few months left to serve on his tour in Afghanistan, Connor agrees to man the helm until his return. The last person he expected to run into is Olivia. Just the sight of the gorgeous woman who broke his heart all those years ago has his brain completely muddled. Wait...what? Approach the bench, counselors. I thought HE broke HER heart! Now Connor is saying SHE broke HIS heart? So naturally, Connor has a few questions of his own. Why is Olivia working as a PA to this sketchy douche, Declan? Exactly what kind of deal did his father get into with the guy? More importantly, is Olivia involved? His ex-Marine/hired gun instincts are screaming Foul! But he needs to play along if only to make sure Olivia is safe.Olivia and Connor are strong, well-developed characters. Olivia is an intelligent, kick-ass woman able to take care of herself without compromising her femininity. Connor is a tough-as-nails soldier bound and determined to do the right thing, yet he isn’t so stubborn as to let his pride take over. Even after ten years apart their chemistry is explosive. Their romance is believable and just angsty enough to make you squirm. There are more than a few secrets and lies going down between these two. But bottom line, Olivia and Connor are damn hot together! Buried Lies delves deep into the intrigue and suspense, and it does it well. Covert weapons development, shady corporate dealings, blackmail, murder, you name it. If that isn't enough, the circumstances under which Olivia and Connor split up ten years ago will also have you guessing. Ms. Sahin tells this story via first person, dual point of view. And it works Oh So Well! She shuttles us back and forth between Olivia and Connor, doling out info on a need-to-know basis. We know just as much as Olivia and Connor know at any given time. And the fact that we are living in both of their heads makes for damn interesting reading! I’m definitely going to have to go back and read the first two books in the Hidden Truths series.

  • Annamaria
    2019-04-09 09:33

    Five Suspenseful Stars! Connor is an ex-marine, who now works rescuing kidnapped women and after returning home finds out he is in charge of his father's company after he passed. Olivia is Connor's ex-girlfriend, she is currently working for the FBI undercover and she sees Connor after ten years. They still have chemistry after all that time, but secrets have been kept from each other. Can Connor and Olivia overcome their demons and develop something that is very difficult to ignore? Ms. Sahin writes a story full of suspense, mystery, and romance that had me flipping the pages wanting more. Olivia and Connor had chemistry that was amazing! This book is a stand-alone novel that is part of the Hidden Truth Series and I will be reading the other books in the series. I highly recommend!I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Annamaria for Alpha Book Club.Plot: 5Chemistry: 5Pacing: 5Ending: 5Character Development: 5

  • Brittney Sahin
    2019-04-12 09:21

    See the book trailer for Buried Lies at:

  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)
    2019-03-29 15:36

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.After reading Silenced Memories and Innocence & Betrayal from the Hidden Truths series, I was ready for another dose of these sexy alpha ex-marines who dodge bullets and seduce women everyday of the week. I have grown to love this unlikely band of brothers and was anxiously awaiting Connor's story. If I wasn't already in love with Brittney Sahin's writing, I am hopelessly besotted after reading Buried Lies, because this is the first book she has written in first person. She takes her readers inside the minds and hearts of Connor and Olivia and we become immediately engrossed in the mystery and uncontrollable passion that surrounds these two.Connor Matthews seem to have his life all figured out. Living life single and helping to protect Americans while kicking ass and taking names. That is until his estranged father dies of an unexpected heart attack and he is left as the acting CEO for the next six months in his father's business. He feels less than giddy about these circumstances, especially when it involves less than reputable corporate deals that include his gorgeous ex-girlfriend Olivia, who deceived him and ripped his heart out ten years ago. Can he settle into his new less than appealing role and deal with the woman who used to own his heart? I first fell for Connor during Silenced Memories and couldn't wait to read his story. He has all the rugged good looks and dark broodiness that is more comfortable rescuing woman and young girls from mercenaries than wearing a tie. He also possesses a bleeding heart that leaves the reader swooning with an unhealthy obsession for a fictional character.If Connor thought that Olivia Taylor had secrets and lies that destroyed their relationship before, he hasn't seen anything yet. Olivia is now a enigmatic gorgeous package, with her ability to take down a grown man three times her size, and assistant to the unscrupulous night club owner, Declan. Connor and Olivia's journey began ten years ago and ended in a web of lies, would now be any different? I absolutely love this bad ass chick! I like my heroine's feisty, intelligent, to love fiercely and fight even harder. When she wasn't pummeling someone in the boxing ring, she was one step ahead of everyone else in strategy and giving as good as she got.Brittney Sahin delivers another smokin' hot addition to the Hidden Truth series that will have you falling even more for these ex-marine hotties. Whether they are speaking in an Irish brogue, gathering intel, or dodging bullets, they have us readers and their strong willed damsels in distress falling at their feet. I highly recommend for a steamy read filled with intrigue, rekindled love, covert operations, and a story that will capture your heart and keep you guessing. After getting to know and love Michael, Aiden, and Connor, now I am ready to get up close and personal with sexy and mysterious Jake.

  • J.A.
    2019-03-22 10:42

    I'm a fan of Brittney Sahin's, and this book was my favorite! I loved the character development and the storyline. Connor and Olivia, their chemistry, and the strong writing brought the characters to life. This is a fantastic summer read that you don't want to miss!Thank you Brittney Sahin for another great book. Can't wait for the next one.

  • S.J. Lynn
    2019-04-20 12:32

    I love Romantic Suspense and from her other two novels in the Hidden Truths series, I knew I could also count on this one for a thrilling read.Packed full of action. This story gripped me from the first line. Both Olivia's and Connor's stories were well thought out and plotted and they are equally strong characters. There is nothing weak about this story. Brittney gives an amazing attention to detail in this romantic suspense as well. I was impressed.And Connor? Loved him. You will too. Turns out he can do just about anything. From being a former marine and current gun for hire to successfully running his father's business. Right from the very first passage, you get a real sense of just how in control he really is. The opening takes you right into the scene with him. That mixed with his good looks...sigh.Olivia? Talk about a badass. I couldn't help but cheer her on. She's tough, but not above letting Connor be the man that he is: a hero in many senses of the word. These two really get into deep waters. They have a history...and not a good one. But it wasn't always like that. With what they have to face now, it's difficult to deal with the past. But the past is intertwined in a way that can't be pushed aside, nor forgotten about. So much tension and drama. You won't be skipping over anything to find a good part because you'll be engaged the whole time. I've lost sleep over this book.***Highly recommended by me. Brittney is one of my favorite authors and never disappoints.Brittney Sahin

  • Aimie
    2019-03-24 15:36

    Buried Lies is the third book in the Hidden Truths series but can also be read as a standalone.Buried Lies mainly revolves around Connor Matthew, a former marine and gun for hire, and Olivia Taylor, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend. When Connor's father unexpectedly passes away, he takes over the family business until his brother finishes his tour of duty. He resigns himself to a rather dull life but quickly finds himself mired in his father's web shady business deals. Olivia Taylor has survived more than most could ever endure but Connor has a way of ruining everything she has worked so hard to achieve and build. Will she ever be able to forgive the man who broke her heart? This is an absolute amazing novel to read! The plot was well thought out, the story flowed well, the attention to detail was delightful, and there was such strong characters. Olivia's and Connor's stories were so much fun to read. Connor, a former marine, will captivate you and make you want to get to know him some more by simply reading the first passage. Olivia is a real badass, she is both tough and strong. Connor and Olivia have history, not exactly a good one either. However, when the two end up getting into some trouble, they have to deal with the past and everything that it entails.An advance copy of the novel was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.For this review and more, check out:

  • Wendy Livingstone
    2019-03-21 12:34

    I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the third book in the Hidden Truths series, and just like the others can be read as a standalone. This book enthrals the reader from the work go. It is written differently from the other two, as it is in a first person perspective. Loved it!!! This is another action packed thriller.Connor and Olivia have a history together and not a good one either. They are both extremely strong characters. Connor is a former marine, and Olivia is now a tough badass. Will they overcome the past, and forgive each other for past hurts? You need to read this for yourself to find out. I mean you really, really, need to read this book!! This is an amazing story. Brittney has the knack for excellent attention to detail. This is a good plot and strong characters. An absolute joy to read.Brittney I am in awe of your writing. I cannot recommend your work enough, and you are definitely added to my favourites as well as 1-click lists. Cannot wait for your next story to unfold.

  • She's a Lip Biter
    2019-04-15 14:39

    This was my first book by this author and it was really good!! The characters are strong and well thought out, the storyline compelling and gripping and the attention to detail by Brittney was great. Olivia and Connor had history and not the good kind. They are both strong willed and not easy to please. Connor can do literally anything. Ex-marine, gun for hire, business man, the most romantic man in the world...yup, all of that. I loved him and I know you will too. Olivia has worked hard for everything she has in life. She's strong, funny, loves w something fierce but most importantly has her heart guarded after what Connor did to her. When unexpected circumstances throw them back into each other's lives they embark on a journey of tension, drama second chances.Such a great book, I can't wait for the next one! Reviewed by Kaci

  • Sarah
    2019-03-25 15:17

    This is the first book of Brittneys that I have read. I certainly was not dissapointed. I was hooked from the first chapter! The characters are strong and the story flows well! im actually gutted that he book ended. I could have just kept on going!Im all for connor and jake to become my new book boyfriends! i loved how Olivia was a strong independent women! it was a nice change from the damsel in distress kind of women!cant wait to see what he next story may bring!*revied for 2 girls who loved books*

  • Soccergypsy
    2019-04-12 12:21

    ** ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. **Scorching. I have been awaiting a story about Connor since he swaggered into "Silenced Memories" and I was not disappointed! (The Hidden Truths series are stand-alone novels with characters that know each other from their military service.) An ex-military alpha male with a soft-side, who knew?? The longing and yearning of these two characters is so hot it singes the pages and leaves you breathless.

  • Coleena
    2019-04-01 14:33

    Wow. Loved this book! I loved the first two-but this one was off the charts.

  • Amanda Neilly
    2019-03-24 14:34

    Fantastic story full of twists, definitely my favourite in the series.

  • Renee
    2019-03-31 09:32

    Made the mistake of reading when it downloaded at midnight... didn't get much sleep. Read book in one sitting. LOVED CONNOR. Hello fictional boyfriend!

  • Reading Cafe
    2019-03-24 14:41

    I literally just finished The Hard Truth by Brittney Sahin and I had to write my review right away!!!! This book is just YES... I'm at a loss for words!!! At first I was afraid that it would be boring or maybe disappoint me since I loved the first two books in the series, but NO!!! There were more emotional scenes in this one which I loved, because I got to really know the characters and their backstories!!! Don't get me wrong there were some very steamy part's but what really got to me was the very strong and raw connection between our leading characters!!! I highly recommend you go read this book!!! HELL read the WHOLE DAMN SERIES!!!

  • Epiphany
    2019-03-25 11:32

    Out of the three books in this series, Hidden Truths, this is the one I wanted to read the most. And I must say I was not disappointed. There was something about the book description on this one that just grabbed me. I loved this book. The way Ms Sahin has written and developed the characters and storyline for this book makes it very relatable. I was unable to put this book down from page 1. I read all three books back to back and now can hardly wait for the next book. I am so glad I read this series. I Highly Recommend this book and this series. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Confessions_of_a_Serial_Reader
    2019-03-24 17:29

    When I read the blurb for this I figured it was another run of the mill 2nd chance romance. I was pleasantly surprised with the direction this book went. This went so much deeper than just plain lies that tear a couple apart. This is my confession: if you love a good romantic suspense thats heavy on the suspense that will keep you page turning, this ones for you.

  • Roxana Dykes-planck
    2019-04-09 12:38

    I received this arc for an honest review. I really enjoyed Connor and Olivia's story. This was my first book by Brittney Sahin. She kept me on the edge of my seat. I will definitely read the first two in this series.

  • Venly
    2019-04-19 11:39

    I love this story. A second chance love story between former marine and an FBI agent, Russian mafia involved. The male and female characters are strong. Some surprises in the story line.

  • Lisa Anderson
    2019-04-20 10:37

    Ok so stupidly started this book at 9pm one night and didnt go to sleep until I finished!! Connor is amazing, My fave so far! Buy this book you will not be disappointed, loved it!

  • Ashley
    2019-04-13 16:32

    What would you do if the love of your life, the one who walked away and crushed your very soul was the one person who could help you gain everything you have worked your entire adult life for?Secrets, Lies and Sexual Tension= MUST READ!!! You WON'T be sorry!!Olivia Taylor is a Spunky, Sassy and Seriously bad ass lady. Someone who has literally suffered so much loss it could cripple a person. Olivia uses that loss as motivation.Connor Matthews is a Mega, Macho, Ex-Marine who could set your panties on fire with one look of his gorgeous green eyes and sexy smile. Having to take over his fathers business after his sudden death proves to be more interesting than he though after he finds out its not all board meeting and conference calls.Having to face his past and come to terms that things are not always as they appear.Once again Mrs. Sahin knows how to write chemistry. You couldn't cut the sexual tension in this book with a butcher knife! I absolutely loved every minutes of it. I actually read it twice just to make sure i did miss anything!If you haven't read anything by Brittney Sahin you are SERIOUSLY missing out! EVERY BOOK i have read of hers is fantastic!!

  • Di
    2019-04-13 09:33

    What a great romantic suspense read filled with heartache, suspense, lies, betrayals, lust/love and second chances. A thorough read that doesn't leave any gaps in the story. Brittney Sahin does an amazing job of leaving you in suspense and giving you enough information to keep you guessing and then revealing the whole story at the right time. Connor is a gun for hire and comes back home after his father passes away and leaves his company to him and his brother. He starts to run the company for now until his brother is done his tour in the Marines who will come back to take over. One of the deals his father was going through is on the list to complete, little does he know the only woman who he has ever loved, Olivia, works for the man he is supposed to deal with. What happens after keeps you turning the pages as there is more to Olivia than Connor knows. She's an FBI agent undercover to bring down the Russian mafia that have ties to her boss. When they see each other after 10 years the sparks are still there but so is the feeling of betrayal and hurt. Little do they know that all the feelings and betrayals are due to something neither of them suspected or knew about until it's almost too late. You don't want to pass up this amazing romantic suspense that will have you turning the pages until the whole story is revealed. You won't be disappointed.*I recieved a free copy of this book and I voluntarily chose to review it*

  • Sandy
    2019-04-12 09:36

    I finally got the chance to read this book and it definitely didn't disappoint me. It made me more eager for the next book in the series, which is Jake's book. Connor, who we had met in the previous books, is back in the city to help manage his father's business while his brother is still on tour. While he is trying his best to be a businessman, he meets his ex-girlfriend, Olivia. Olivia is a PA for the club that is trying to do business with Connor, which is how they met again. Olivia has a secret and that is she is an undercover agent for the FBI. Her real job is to uncover information about some Russian mafia boss but what she didn't expect is to see Connor. The secrets that these two have and had heard is causing them to deny their attraction again. The chemistry for these two are wow. I think it has to do with the fact that their love for each never disappear; it's still as strong as ever.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-04-18 14:20

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  • Christine Campbell
    2019-04-01 15:37

    I received this book in exchange for my honest review. It starts out with Connor in another country trying to rescue a kidnapped girl. He goes home afterward and is told about his father being deceased. While his brother is on his final tour of duty he agrees to take over the company. Olivia who is undercover with the FBI and who is ex girlfriend who she thought he left her and he thought she took money from his father. they see each other for the first time in 10 yrs. Sparks FLY! They still have the chemistry! I enjoyed the entire book. When the truth comes out its so surprisingI cant wait to read more of her books

  • Amber
    2019-03-26 09:24

    56% dnf