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I'd never meant to stack up so many potential enemies at once, but apparently people get snippy when you shoot a guy and blame someone else for it. Hiding from one mercenary was hard enough. Hiding from several, in addition to Interpol and my arms-dealing ex-boyfriend-next to impossible. Begrudgingly, I agreed to return to New York with Sean, the latest merc tasked with "kI'd never meant to stack up so many potential enemies at once, but apparently people get snippy when you shoot a guy and blame someone else for it. Hiding from one mercenary was hard enough. Hiding from several, in addition to Interpol and my arms-dealing ex-boyfriend-next to impossible. Begrudgingly, I agreed to return to New York with Sean, the latest merc tasked with "keeping me safe". But smoothing things over with Noah wasn't going to be easy, let alone with his homicidal best friend, Andrew.These days, David was becoming the least of my worries....

Title : Affinity
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Affinity Reviews

  • Ju Ephraime
    2019-04-19 16:12

    I read the first book in this series, Solitary and I was primed for the second one. I like Melissa Copeland’s writing. It’s crisp and clean, with characters that are bad-ass believable, throw in a bit of heat, my weakness, and I’m sold.The first book ended with Sean locating Paige, the female protagonist in this series. I like Sean in the first book and wanted more of him, and am sure, so did Paige, even though she didn’t know it yet or refuses to acknowledge it. And then there’s Noah. The way Copeland plays these three characters without giving anything away is brilliant. Paige has grown somewhat, more bad-ass, more stubborn and even more quick tempered: Act first and think after. I can’t say any more without giving away the story, but you won’t be disappointed in this read. It’s worth every penny. Enjoy, and of course, prepare yourself for the cliffhanger.

  • Ashley Pullen
    2019-03-28 15:26

    Paige did not disappoint as she maintained to be a strong female. Noah and his lies and deception has me a bit upset glad he was arrested. Wish there was more written about Sean in the book. Can't wait to read the third series and see what happens with David and Paige going back to NY. Its definitely a page turner. Couldn't put the book down and I highly recommend if you love thrillers than this book is for you. Well done!

  • Alexa Whitewolf
    2019-03-28 11:13

    This book deserves a 5+++ stars in my opinion.I thought I liked Noah... This book has me liking Sean... I mean I loved him from Solitary, but oh man, in Affinity, that goes up a notch! Or a few... Wish I could bottle him up and carry him around!It's my top fav slow burn action romance, for sure!Again, I loved how Paige deals with everything - from being attacked, to betrayed, etc. Her spunk as a strong female character is everlasting! It's what got me hooked in Solitary, and still kept me hooked in this follow up. Normally, I don't do as well with 2nd books... But I loved this one even more than the 1st! Twists and intrigues follow galore, and the sexual tension... Oh man. Wow. Just wow. I saw it in 1st book, but this 2nd one just ups it to a new level! I'm very impatiently waiting for the 3rd... VERY. Impatiently. *I received a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest, unbiased review*

  • Meghana Sarathy
    2019-04-19 16:24

    Wow. Just wow. When I read solitary I knew that author was a very capable writer who could spin amazing stories which would keep us at the edge of our seats and makes us to flip pages without missing a beat but with this book she completely outdid herself. I truly accolade her for her excellent writing and amazing story.I am not going to reveal any part of the story in this review since it would just dampen the fun. There is so much happening in this book that anything I reveal might act as a big SPOILER so I am keeping my lips sealed. what a story though?! the best part is it is so unpredictable and never boring being so action packed. MY most fav element of this book is I got my love triangle the undercurrents of which were present in the last book. For that alone I çan give this book six stars. Throw in a sassy heroine, with hot heroes, a nasty goon and a heart wrenching love triangle and you have affinity. It's a hard combination to get right but the author has nailed it.So now the characters. Hmm, Paige is still very much Paige ( u will know what I mean by my review of the first) but I suppose she has grown little more matured and at least by the end of this book she has become more open about her feelings and more sensible, I would say. I like her at parts and at some points she totally gets on my nerves. It's good for me to read a story revolving her but very hard for me actually like her. she is strong, independent, but she is ALWAYS so damn impatient and impulsive that she creates problems for herself most of the time. If only she was little more obedient and more expressive about her thoughts she could have found a workaround for at least half her problems.Sean was totally hot n cool. I loved his blunt attitude and yet he has the caring persona. A rare mixture that he pulled off with great ease. it's hard not to like him. The best part is he knew how to control Paige which Noah unfortunately failed at. I don't actually blame Noah since it's an impossible feat to achieve but for doing just that Sean gets cookie points.Noah was again understanding and sweet, sticking to his principles completely unaware of the chemistry cooking between Sean and Paige. I felt sorry for him. He was handling things the way he believed was right but it ultimately backfires and he kind of lost Paige again. But honestly I feel he is better off without her since she is better with Sean.Andrew was his usual self but knowing the whole truth he was caught between Sean and Noah and ultimately had to change his attitude towards Paige. I loved the times those two were together. It was very funny and though Andrew has a very thick exterior, he is actually quite admirable too.Hannah was sensible, funny and caring. A very good friend whose advice Paige should have listened to but again she doesn't most of the time. I still love Hannah more than Paige and I really really want a book for her.I loved the chemistry between Paige and Sean especially when they finally GET started ( U know the steamy, hot bedroom scenes) There was so much sexual tension that I was desperately waiting for it to HAPPEN and I even sent a mail to the author wanting to know if it will!! ( I was that eager) and when it did was soooooo goooood. I had to literally fan myself. Very well written intimate scenes.All in all an AMAZING series and I can't wait for the next installement

  • Steve
    2019-04-10 13:10

    See my review of the first book in the series.This is a great continuation. Lots of character development and shifting relationship dynamics. It's got me very interested to read Book 3.

  • J. Saman
    2019-03-26 14:11

    So, let me start with this. I was supposed to read 3 other books first, but once I opened this, I was done for. So good! I am obsessed with these characters and Melissa Copeland's writing. So we have Paige again. At the end of the last book a lot of things happened (I can't get into them - it would spoil the first book). Eventually Paige, who had found herself in NYC with Noah and a slew of other characters, flees NYC after she has Noah arrested for a murder she committed. Sean, who is half brother to Andrew, comes down to Key West to bring Paige back to NYC for the soul purpose of using her as bait to get at David (her ex-boyfriend who killed everyone she's ever loved and who is also an arms dealer). Let me start with Sean. I was torn over him at the end of the last book. Same with Noah for that matter. But Sean immediately grew on me. Exponentially even. I fell in love with the chemistry and heat he and Paige had together. They were so much fun to read and I couldn't get enough. Noah I still felt a sense of longing and loss over. Sure he turned out to be a liar and did some things that Paige did not feel were in her best interest, but I still liked him. I can't help it. The love triangle in this story was brilliantly crafted and expertly executed. Those can go ugly quickly, but not in this case. The only thing I can say that I did not absolutely love about this book was Paige's pride and quick temper. She did manage to grow a bit with that, but a lot of time I found myself wanting to smack some sense into her over her actions. I refuse to give away too many details and this book had a lot of them. I will say that it ends in a cliffhanger that is sort of killing me. I need more of these characters now. I'm invested in every one of them. I will say that the cliffhanger is worth it in this case. This series is worth it and these characters and their stories are worth it. I recommend this book to everyone! Okay, maybe not people under 18, but all adults. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Connie Lafortune
    2019-04-13 14:11

    After the cliff-hanger in Solitary, I couldn't wait to find out what would become of Paige and Noah. Well, let me tell ya! Move over Noah 'cause there's a new hunk in town. Technically, he's not a new character but Copeland turns up the heat in Affinity and Sean is front and center. Now Paige has to choose between the man who saved her or the mercenary who's keeping her alive...I must admit that I was a tad frustrated with Paige every time she ran. It was like watching a scary movie, when you know they should't go down into the basement but they do. With that said, it was the only frustrating thing about the book. For me, anyway. The love-hate relationship between Paige and Sean had me smiling one minute and had my heart racing the next. I simply loved the nicknames they chose for one another..."You sound angry, Irish. Did we keep you up too late?""Everyone changes, sourpuss. Not many of us can say we're the way we used to be."**SIGHS**I loved Affinity! My only dilemma now is having to wait until the third installment comes out. No pressure Melissa but when will it be ready??? Oh, and just in case you haven't quite finished it yet, I'm team Sean all the way! Say what? Well, a few edits could correct that ;-)

  • Dana Christy
    2019-04-18 13:29

    The only complaint that I have about this book..... I have to wait for book 3 to find out what happens.From the first story, Solitary, I knew I loved Sean. Affinity just confirmed how much.Sean's character develops through the second part of this suspenseful story into (for me personal) one of my favorite male characters. I love his brutal honesty, his ability to be a ghost while being a true protector and of course...his Irish accent!The character Paige develops into someone I truly care for. I completely identify with how difficult it is for her to trust others, and.... why she so easily trusts a guy like Sean.This book kept me wanting more of the both of them and craving for a happy ending. No not that fairly tale Disney crap.... a REAL happy ending. Please tell me part 3 is coming soon.... I don't know if I can read another story until I know how Sean, Paige, and Noah's story comes to an end.Beautifully Written.Excellent Story.Movie worthy plot and characters!

  • Alex
    2019-04-06 14:31

    Sequel was just as good as the first! Maybe even better because more Sean!

  • K.B. Rose
    2019-03-23 17:31

    This was one of those books where I find myself checking the clock to make sure I still have plenty of time left to read, and then somehow it’s after midnight and I have to go to bed but I just can’t put it down. It’s that good. I adored Sean, the quick-witted and no-nonsense mercenary who doesn’t put up with Paige’s crap. The heat between them…omg. I was not expecting that, but I can firmly say I’m team Sean now. These two characters just click in my opinion, and every scene between them is fully enjoyable, from the witty banter to the small moments of vulnerability to the, um, less verbal fun. I’m still alright with Noah, but now that I’ve experienced Paige and Sean I’m not really coming back from that.And Andrew…the author must have a gift to make such a vicious character so damn likable. Seriously, I just love him. I love the way he and Paige clash, but how she sort of understands him, and the way he puts his loyalty toward family and friends first, even if it means doing some pretty despicable things. He’s such an interesting character.Normally I don’t read series, I’m more of a self-contained standalone kind of girl, but I’m completely hooked on this story. It reads more like a movie to me, fast paced and energetic with larger than life characters and awesomely fun dialogue. It’s so good. Very highly recommended!