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A (cozy) mystery with a heap of laughs, a generous portion of romance, and just a smidgeon of suspense. Callie’s life is rather awesome. She’s happy owning her own cupcake bakery, though she lives to teach German literature at the local university. But that dream is threatened when the police accuse her of murdering her pole dancing instructor. Callie didn’t even want to tA (cozy) mystery with a heap of laughs, a generous portion of romance, and just a smidgeon of suspense. Callie’s life is rather awesome. She’s happy owning her own cupcake bakery, though she lives to teach German literature at the local university. But that dream is threatened when the police accuse her of murdering her pole dancing instructor. Callie didn’t even want to take those stupid pole dancing classes! No way is she letting anything get between her and her dream. Together with best baker bud Anna, she embarks on a journey to uncover the real killer. They stumble through stripper auditions and meetings with some colorful characters, but nothing is stopping them – not even a hot detective determined to keep Callie safe and make the cupcake baker his own. Cupcakes not included. Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker is the first novel in the Death by Cupcake series but can be read as a standalone. Guaranteed Happily Ever After (HEA)....

Title : Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker
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Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker Reviews

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-04-12 03:39

    A cupcake + a pole dance instructor = murder.A baker + death threats = mystery.One hot detective + One year courtship = one big decision.Callie whips up that tastiest cupcakes this side of town, and Detective Hottie sure loves being around her, especially after Callie and her ex broke up. Despite the attention she gets, she still feels insecure about her body. So she signs up for a pole dancing class and meets terror instructor, Dolly.Dolly and Callie never gets along. The slim pole dancer often demeans Callie's body and even her bakeshop. Things take a turn when cops arrest Callie for murder after her altercation with Dolly.Detective Hottie aka Ben is sweet and determined. While other guys may have given up hope when their ladylove is already taken, Ben is the opposite. He is persistent, but not in the stalkerish kind. He really is so sweet with Callie that I could feel ants swarming my feet whenever he shows how much he loves her.Sumptuous, delicious, mouth-watering, mystifying and mind boggling.... Murder mystery in the hands of a cupcake baker who only wishes to slim down. Would she go to great lengths to kill someone who humiliates her and degrades her?One of the reasons why I love reading cozy mysteries is the thrill and chill I feel whenever murder is involved. I could never rightly guess the culprit or murderer in a story and it always left me wondering how in the heck I missed all the clues and such. It's a thrill to read this book. You'd expect hilarious scenes from Callie and her best friend / business partner Anna. They're one odd pair but clicks in every way.D.E. Haggerty's got a knack for writing funny cozy mysteries, and I loved the laughs I got from reading her latest offering. It is true what they say, never trust a skinny baker. Better go for the heavier girl, they're better to hug and cuddle. Trust those who have curves and love handles to prove it.

  • Felicia
    2019-03-29 08:48

    "Laugh-Out-Loud Fun!"How much did I love this??? This read was simply too much fun!Someone is trying to frame bakery owner and part-time college professor, Callie Muller, for murder. With two detectives who are more like badly played TV cops than real professionals, Callie realizes that to avoid jail and save her job, she’ll need to do a lil investigating on her own. Okay, Callie doesn’t realize it in the beginning, it’s actually her pink-haired, diminutive bestie, Anna. And trust me here – ANNA ROCKS!Think up any buddy team...Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis, LUCY AND ETHEL! There is always one buddy who is calm and rational, while the other throws caution to the wind in a heartbeat and lets the chips fall…wherever. Take all the devil-may-care buddies, roll them up into one…and you have Anna! I had several laugh-out-loud moments during this read, and nearly all of them were because of Anna. Who else could convince you to take a pole-dancing class...(stripper dancing), except for your zany, out-of-control best friend? Kudos to the author for this well-developed, breath of fresh air!Detective Hottie aka Ben is the perfect wannabe boyfriend. He is determined, without being pushy and overbearing. I mean, who spends a year just trying to get a woman to have dinner with him? Once he saw that jealous spark in Callie, all bets were off, and he “moved in for the kill!” Go, Ben!Dottie was absolutely, positively, perfectly dreadful! Everyone knows a Dottie…and probably wanted to commit homicide at one time or another! LOL! No tears were shed at her demise. But why frame Callie?Callie. She is where the story hits snags for me. She was smart and resourceful, and brought the snarkiness with a quickness. But the number she allowed her ex to do on her psyche didn’t sit well with me. So she’s carrying a few extra pounds. To not only allow and tolerate the person who’s supposed to care about her most to ridicule and insult her on a regular basis, but to let that mindset beat her down even AFTER he’s walked away? Oh please! She should have thrown herself a party, instead of believing herself unworthy. (And spending all that time pushing hunkalicious Ben away!)However, for any points Callie lost with me because of her endless, self-deprecating remarks, she gained them back with her amateur sleuthing. She was sharp enough to think outside of the box – of course, with Anna right there tossing out ideas, staging ‘distractions’, and possibly engaging in less than legal cyber activities. I was quite proud of her for not only going through with the audition (Anna, again!), but getting the job! That should have shut down all those negative self-images then and there.I figured out who the murderer was ¾ of the way through, but trust me – my motive couldn’t have been more wrong. That is a plot twist you will not see coming!If you love cozy mysteries, this is a must-read. If you don’t, or have never read one, this will convert you. Who knew you could have so much fun solving a murder?!?Enjoy!

  • books are love
    2019-04-17 05:35

    DE Haggerty has hit it out of the park again. This is so funny and entertaining. You will not stop smiling and laughing even though we are in a murder mystery. You will even embroil yourself in the whodunit and play clue along with Ben, Callie and Ana.Ben-the sweet tenacious cop who has been trying for a year to get Callie to go out with him. He is sweet, kind, caring and protective. Watching him show Callie that she is all that he wants and more is sexy and heartwarming. Example the scene in the restaurant. Holy toledo boledo that was hawt sexy and intimate without going to far. He is a confidence booster for Callie. I love how he stands by her as she is suspected of killing the pole dancing instructor and how he helps her figure out who really killed the woman.Callie-self deprecating and hysterical. Watching her resolve over Ben waver and Ben break through was awesome. He humour and wit was just great to see. We don’t see to many real curved woman in books and when we do and they are kind, successful, smart, funny and sexy smexy it is inspiring. Seeing Ben show his appreciation is heartmelting. This girl is funny and comfortable in her own skin. The pole dancing classes a hoot but her adventures becoming a dancer at a strip club to get information was hysterical. This girl is funny and will keep you smiling throughout with her thoughts and her views of people and situations.Ana-the pixie friend with so much energy and enthusiasm. wow just wow that girl is entertaining. She is like those pixiestix you had as a kid. they were filled with sugar and gave you boundless energy. She is sugar and energy. Her pouting when she couldn’t go to the gynecologist for the case, encouragement of Callie to be a stripper pole dancer and watching her root on a relationship with Ben was entertaining to boot.The story of a not nice thin pole dancing teacher being killed and Callie being blamed with her solving the case while having a relationship blossom is entertaining, light and fun. Truly DE Haggerty keeps you in the story and as a participant the whole way as you read and get involved in the characters lives and happenings. I hope we get more of Ben and Callie because they are just sweet and fun. With Callie’s bff Ana in the mix with her boundless energy you can’t help but be entertained and enjoy each fun moment in this whodunit. A book that entertains, has you laugh and smile at its lightheartedness and titles for each chapter that will have you hoot while getting into a mystery and romance that you are entrenched in and getting laughs at as well. The ending of the whodunit not expected wow but great just the same. A grand slam with it’s entertaining sweet funny moments throughout the story of the adventures of Callie the bakery owner accused of murdering the pole dancer and how she goes around trying to figure out who did it and has a romance happening at the same time.I look forward to the next book of DE Haggerty’s with her entertaining quirky characters and her way of having you become part of the fun.

  • Mike Billington
    2019-04-11 09:45

    Callie Muller is a curvy woman with a doctorate in German literature who just happens to own a cupcake bakery.She is unattached because her last boyfriend walked out one day after telling her she had to lose weight.Jerk.Her dream is to become a full-time professor at the local university, where she currently teaches a couple of classes as an adjunct, but until that happens she's running the bakery she inherited when the previous owner died. Her life isn't bad, it's just not great even though there's a hunky police detective who thinks she's the bomb.(She, on the other hand, thinks he's too handsome to be truly interested in her - something that drives both the detective and her best friend and primo cupcake baker Anna just a little crazy.)Anna - ever anxious to boost Callie's confidence - enrolls the both of them in a pole dancing class at a nearby gym and, predictably, that doesn't go so well. When the instructor - a Class A bitch named Dolly - turns up dead and Callie is accused of her murder things really get interesting.Author D. E. Haggerty has fashioned a sweet read in "Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker." It's got a little danger, some romance, and mystery all rolled into one delightful story. It also has some very interesting characters, starting with Callie. I liked the fact that Haggerty was able to create a main character who, despite her ongoing body issues, is a smart and independent woman who runs a successful business and has an eye toward the future, She reads as very real to me and, in my opinion, that's the highest compliment you can pay a fictional character and the author that created her.I also liked Haggerty's portrayal of both Anna and Ben - the hunky detective - even though they were are not as fully realized in this novel as is Callie. Since this novel is the first in a series I look forward to reading more about them in future books.Haggerty has a nice narrative style. Her chapters flow easily, one into another, and she has filled the pages of "Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker" with a lot of gentle humor. The plot is reasonably convoluted, with a couple of red herrings thrown in for good measure, though I confess that I had a pretty good idea of who the killer was about three-quarters of the way through the story. That's not a criticism, just a comment from someone who also writes mystery novels.My advice: If you're looking for a nice read with appealing characters, you should take a bite of "Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker."If you do, I think you'll find it's delicious.I certainly did.

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    2019-04-05 03:49

    Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake BakerBy DE Haggerty 4-4.5 StarsHaggerty whips up the perfect recipe for a cozy with a heap of laughs, a sweet and sexy romance, scrumptious characters, and a mystery to die for. Bakery owner and college professor, Callie, isn't the most self assured woman. She can't even believe Detective Hottie could have any genuine interest in her, despite the fact that he's been trying to go out with her for the last year! Having a boyfriend who was jerk and always criticizing her for her curves didn't help either. Her best friend and business partner, Anna, decides to sign them up for a poll dancing class to help Callie feel sexy and confident. Too bad Dolly, the poll instructor, is just as bad as Callie's ex. Dolly's torment only pushes Callie to stick with it! Unfortunately for Dolly, Callie's not the only one with a point to prove. Dolly is found murdered and all the evidence points to Callie. With her teaching position on the line, Callie and Anna, with some help from Ben aka Detective Hottie, set out to prove Callie's innocence. Callie was such a fabulous female lead. She was intelligent, hardworking, driven, and vulnerable. It was hard to watch her be so down on herself though. She was so confident in so many other aspects of her life but when it came to her body image, she was extremely uncomfortable. She didn't go through any instant or drastic changes throughout the story, her changes were more subtle. It made her feel more relatable and realistic. In addition to Callie, Haggerty adds in spitfire Anna, swoonworthy Ben, and anger inducing Dolly. It was a great cast of characters.The fast paced storyline and intriguing mystery grabbed my attention and held it throughout. She had Callie and Anna uncover clues bit by bit in the most hilarious and clever ways. Haggerty's wit and humor were captivating. I laughed from start to finish. I also enjoyed the romantic aspect of the story. It helped to illustrate growth in Callie as well as gave a new dimension to the story. I can't wait to see where things go between those two. This is the second book I've read from DE Haggerty and I thoroughly enjoy her stories. I'm excited that this is the start of a new series and eager to read more of the Death by Cupcake series.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-20 10:31

    Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker is a charming cozy mystery, a perfect read to snuggle up on the sofa with on a Sunday afternoon. Callie is such an endearing and relatable character- she's intelligent, successful, and fiesty; she has an awesome friend and business partner, and a sexy cop who is quite determined to finally make her his. But like a lot of women she's not comfortable with her body and has a hard time accepting that hot cop Ben could be really interested in her, because of course the ex broke up with her due to the little extra weight she's carrying around...the jerk. Determined to get Callie more comfortable and accepting of herself, Anna, cute little pixie Anna, signs them up for a pole dancing class...and that's where the fun begins!I got such a kick out of the the antics Callie and Anna went through as they tried to clear Callie's name and solve the mystery of Dolly's murder themselves. These 2 are so fun, I really enjoy the friendship they share- Anna is such a great friend and supporter of Callie. And Ben, oh sweet sweet Ben! Such devotion and patience he's had for Callie... "Fight me all you want, Callie, but you're mine." "Sweetheart, give me this. You getting hauled into the police station scared the pants off of me. I'm finally getting the chance at making you mine. I can't lose you now." Swoon!This is just a really cute read, it's light-hearted, sweet, and funny. I hope we get to see more of Callie, Anna, and Ben in future books...I can only imagine the troubles and hijinks these characters will get into!Copy received and reviewed for The Book Enthusiast.

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-04-01 09:47

    Debbie's Review4 Suspensefully Funny Stars! This is the first book I have read from this author but it certainly will not be the last. I loved the humor and funny back and forth banter between all the characters. “Stressed spelled backwards in desserts. Coincidence? I think not.” This is the story of Callie who owns Callie’s Cakes. Her best friend happens to be the baker at her shop. I loved the chemistry and relationship she had with her BFF, Anna. Callie has been crushing on Detective Hottie, a.k.a Ben. Ben has been after Callie for over a year but Callie has body issues and things it is a sympathy date because he is way out of her league. Callie is not skin and bones by any means but she doesn’t’ understand that Ben doesn’t want a stick he wants her. He sees all her inner beauty as well as the outer beauty she just doesn’t see.“I’m no one’s ideal date. “I indicate my size fourteen body with a sweep of my hand. “I don’t want a pity date.” This book is fast paced which is what I really like. I hate when an author spends four pages describing a room. Totally not necessary and was not done in this book. The book flowed really well and had a little bit of everything; Humor, romance and even suspense. I loved the author’s witty writing style and the fact that it wasn’t your typical romance book it had a suspense element to it. I devoured this book in one day as it had me hooked and I needed to know how it was going to end. If you are looking for a book that will have you laughing but sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next you might want to give this one a try.

  • Ashley Books and Warpaint
    2019-04-10 05:31

    Callie is a fluffy girl, bakery owner and part time professor who gets accused of murdering her pole dancing class instructor. LOL That alone would have drawn me in without all the additional awesomeness included in this book. There are so many good parts in this book that I can't even list them all and some of them would be spoilers so you'll just have to take my word for it. You won't be sorry. Now for some of the other characters: Anna is Callie's best friend and a pink-haired spitfire who pushes Callie to embrace her body and be more confident. Yay for best friends!! Ben is a police detective who Callie and Anna dub "Detective Hottie." He has been after Callie to go on a date with him for over a year and needless to say, he is all up in Callie's "business" throughout the book. I don't think that Callie ever got over her self-consciousness but she was well on her way which makes me happy. Dolly is the murder victim and she was rude to Callie on more than one occasion during her pole dancing classes because she was a big girl. That was enough to make me want to smack her without finding out all the other life details later in the book. The ending actually threw me for a loop which is hard to do because there are only so many people the killer could be but this one was different. This is a HEA book with so many fun characters. I would love to see a follow up book with Anna's story.Book provided to Books and Warpaint in exchange for review. All opinions are my own. :)

  • Olga Miret
    2019-04-01 10:39

    Cupcakes, pole dancing, murder and amusement I am reviewing this book as part of Rosie’s Book Review Team and I received a free copy of the novel in exchange for an unbiased review.From the description I thought this book sounded like a fun and light read, and indeed it is. We have the adventures of Callie, a woman who had to work hard to get her doctorate and now teaches at university, although only on a part-time basis, whilst also running a bakery with her friend, Anna. She’s just come out of a disastrous relationship that hasn’t done her self-esteem any good. She’s being pursued by a police detective, who according to all women who meet him is a Mr Hottie, but she can’t believe he’s serious as she feels she not in his league because she’s overweight and does not feel sexy. In an attempt at changing her perspective, her friend enrols both of them in a pole dancing class. Unfortunately this ends up quite badly, not because of lack of skill (that too) but because their instructor is killed and Callie becomes the main suspect. Not only that, but her position teaching at university is put in jeopardy because of this and she decides (with Anna by her side) that if the police won’t do anything to investigate and clear her name, she will.Each chapter in the novel starts with an amusing quote related to cupcakes and the book moves at a good pace, with twists, turns, new clues and threats at every turn.As is to be expected in cozy mysteries, the protagonist is quirky (she describes herself as a nerd and when nervous she tends to quote facts as if she were Wikipedia), self-deprecating and with a sense of humour. The male in the story is gorgeous and insistently pursues the protagonist no matter what (he seems too good to be true, perhaps a bit on the overprotective side, but that’s usual when the genre involves big doses of romance). I liked Anna, with her pink hair and her no-nonsense attitude. She is all up and go and drags her friend into action, like it or not. I hope we’ll get to know more about her as the series progresses, as in this one we don’t know much about her personal life other than that she gets propositioned by Dolly, the pole-dancing instructor (who although attractive, isn’t at all nice. Not by a long shot).Perhaps because I read more straight thrillers than cozy ones, the investigation part of the novel for me stretched the imagination and required more suspension of disbelief than I’m used to. There aren’t that many clues but the few ones available keep being dismissed by the police (than other than Ben, the hottie detective, seem utterly useless) and the ending is satisfying, although seems to be brought on more by the guilty party than by the investigative skills of the police and the main characters. But there are enough twists and turns to keep everybody guessing, and quite a few characters you’d love to hate.Overall it’s an amusing and light read, and includes a delicious recipe, and it is a good start to a series that I hope will develop further the characters and the stories. 

  • N.N. Light
    2019-03-26 06:48

    My Review: D. E. Haggerty is back with a brand new cozy mystery series and she had me with her title. I mean, what woman wouldn’t read a book titled, Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker?Callie is the best thing since Bridget Jones. She’s a cupcake baker/bakery owner by day and a part time German literature professor in her spare time. She runs the bakery with her best friend, Anna, and tries not to drool every time Detective Hottie (Ben) asks her out. See, Callie doesn’t believe Ben when he says she’s the woman of his dreams because she has trouble seeing her body in a healthy way (totally can relate).Anna, in her role as pixie best friend, enrolls the two of them for pole-dancing classes. Callie agrees (like she has a choice) but when the pole-dancing instructor is a catty b*tch, Callie complains to the gym’s manager. Everyone in the class hears about it and when the pole-dancing instructor is found poisoned by a cupcake, guess who’s the prime suspect?Ben convinces Callie to go on a date and even though she doesn’t believe him, he treats her like a queen. He’s head-over-heels in love with Callie and proves it even more when she’s accused of murder. Will Callie see herself the way Ben sees her? Will she be cleared of murder (with the help of Anna and Ben) or will she be next on the murderer’s list?I loved this book and I highly recommend it! I laughed, swooned, gasped and was totally taken in by the story. I cheered when Callie and Ben kissed for the first time and the antics of Anna made me laugh out loud. I mean, trying to trap a murderer by attending the funeral of the one you’re accused of killing? Haggerty has a talent for comedic timing and I’m a devout fan!I swooned over Ben and his patience with Callie. He’s a sexy cop who’s totally in love with a curvy woman who doesn’t realize how damn sexy she is. He helps her in so many ways and he’s sweeter than a German chocolate cupcake.The best part, though, was I didn’t know who the murderer was until it was revealed to me. Well done, Haggerty.If you love romantic comedy with dashes of mystery and suspense, you have to read this book! I can’t wait for a television or film producer to make this into a movie/show. You hear me, Hollywood? This is a gem!Favorite Character: Callie, hands down. While I could relate to her on the whole body image thing, it was her humorous outlook on life and love that made me fall in love with her. I want to hang out with her and of course eat her cupcakes. Yummy!Favorite Quote:“I have no words. I stare at him until he motions for me to get my act together. Yeah, like that’s possible after Detective Hottie declares he wants to spend his nights with you.” ~CallieMy Rating: 5+ starsThis review first appeared: https://princessofthelight.wordpress....

  • Eating Between
    2019-04-19 09:37

    Who doesn’t love cupcakes? No one that is who and if you don’t loe cupcakes we can;t be friends cause honestly I don;t need that kind of negativity in my life…. Just kidding! Seriously though this book was everything I was craving! Not only are the characters full of snark and sarcasm which is everything for me but they are hilarious and realistic. Callie herself as a chip one her shoulder but I loved watching the relationship that blooms between her and Ben fill that chip.You can find the rest of my review here- https://eatingbetweenthelinesinc.word...

  • Teresa Kander
    2019-04-01 10:58

    One of my favorite authors, cupcakes, and cozy mystery--it's a trifecta of perfection!! This is the fifth book I've read by this author, and I have yet to be disappointed. From chick-lit to cozy mysteries, she is a winner!This series features Callie, a curvy woman who owns a bakery and is a professor of German literature at the local university. She has very low self-esteem and self-confidence, in spite of being chased for the past year by Detective Hottie, as Anna, her pink-haired pixie of a baker, calls him. Anna and Callie play off each other SO well, and add plenty of humor to the story. I also enjoyed the cute little quotes/comments at the beginning of each chapter,which usually have something to do with cupcakes.Ben, the detective, is a true gentleman, and a romantic to boot. I kept wanting to shake some sense into Callie every time she tried to tell him that he was out of her league, or anything else along those lines. Getting to witness her journey to believing in herself, and in the two of them, is going to be a great side story in this series.I enjoyed trying to solve the murder along with this trio. I thought I had it figured out at one point, but boy, was I wrong...the final reveal was a shocker for me! I can't wait to see what other adventures these characters get into as the series progresses.**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.**

  • Christy
    2019-04-07 08:56

    Another fun cozy mystery from DE Haggerty!Callie is the curvy beauty who owns a bakery. She has caught the eye of Detective Hottie, and with some strong encouragement from her bestie Anna, she finally finds herself dating him. She also finds herself in a pole dancing class.Callie is the immediate target of the teacher, Dolly, who isn't a fan of "curvy" women in her class, which doesn't sit well with Callie. Callie burns Dolly fairly well in front of the class.A few days later, Dolly is found murdered! And the police are sure that Callie is the murderer!What follows is a nice, light, mystery that can be enjoyed in an evening sitting. There's just a touch of romance, mystery, hi-jinks between the two best friends as they try to find the real murdered in order for Callie to not be fired from her job as a professor of literature.While I did enjoy this story, I do find that I preferred the other cozy mysteries by this author, which contained more humor. There are funny moments in this book, but just not quite "laugh out loud" like the others she has written. Still, a good read though.3.5 stars - ARC received for honest review.

  • Diana
    2019-04-12 08:35

    Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker (Death by cupcake #1) by D. E. HaggertyThis book was such a fun book to read. This cozy mystery is about Callie, she owns a successful bakery and teaches at the local university. She has a baker who is awesome named Anna, and Anna has decided that Callie needs some help in the exercise department and signs them up for a pole dancing class. I personally have never done a pole dancing class and neither has Callie. Well poor Callie, she doesn’t hit it off well with the instructor. The next thing you know the instructor has been murder and the police decide it was Callie who did it. This story is really fun to read. Callie who is a very innocent type person, never would have murder someone and she is determined to find out who did it. If you looking for a fun cozy read, this would be it. I really did enjoy this story. The adventure is great and I would advise to eat a cupcake while reading this book. I did get this book from the Author to read. I received a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review

  • Geri
    2019-04-02 09:49

    This is one pinch mystery and a whole bunch of fun! I enjoyed this book so much and I think part of it was I had no idea what to expect. This was the first time reading this author and I found myself smiling throughout the story. Callie is perfect and I would love to hang out with her! She is a character that almost everyone will be able to relate to. She isn't a tall, thin, Barbie doll type and isn't ashamed of it, in fact, she embraces it! Callie goes to a pole dancing class with her friend and when the instructor is found dead, Callie is accused. So begins the mystery part, but then throw in a super hot detective who is totally interested in our Callie and the fact that Callie needs to prove her innocence or she may lose not only her bakery, but she also is a teacher and her job is at stake! Loved this book so much and I will be looking for more from this author. Perfect read when you need a pick me up!

  • Bookgyrl
    2019-04-08 10:31

    Callie has a cupcake bakery, which she runs with best friend Anna. Every day, detective Ben visits the bakery to ask Callie out, but she won't budge as she thinks he is out of her league. Anna enrolls them in a pole dancing class to boost Callie's confidence, but the teacher named Dolly is a real bitch. She constantly remarks on Callie's size.When Dolly is murdered Callie is arrested. Her being a suspect leads to her being suspended from her new job as a university professor in German lit. Anna convinces Callie to investigate the case themselves to save her dream job. With Ben lending a helping hand the two ladies get into some scrapes. Very enjoyable, funny and warm cozy mystery. The next is about Anna, the pink haired pixie and best friend of Callie.

  • Christine Lee
    2019-04-25 08:42

    ***THIS BOOK WAS PROVIDED BY THE PUBLISHER/AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW**Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker, is D. E. Haggerty's first novel in the Death by Cupcake Series. As an opener, it's wonderful.I loved Callie, and her everyday, every woman issues. Her "Detective Hottie" sounds hot as well. If I have any complaint, I didn't feel like I knew him well enough.This cost me 1/2 a star, for a total of 4 1/2 stars rounded to 5. I'm very hopeful we learn a great deal more about him in future stories from this series. I know I'll be looking for them!**Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fan Site:***

  • Tonia Amet
    2019-04-04 09:39

    A funny, sexy, sweet, even a bit suspenseful read!! I loved this book from start to finish. Callie is a curvaceous and down to earth woman that has no clue how gorgeous she is, especially to certain detective that is smitten with her. One day her friend drags her to a pole dancing class where she encounters the most evil human being that tries to make her feel less of person because she isn't a size 2. Callie doesn't let it bring her down nor stop her from attending the class which pushes this individual to make her life a living hell. Not to spoil the rest of the book for others but this book was a great read!!

  • Tamara
    2019-04-15 05:45

    Callie is accused of murder which gives Ben the perfect opportunity to get closer to her. Callie's friend Anna tries to help her clear her name and find the killer. This is a fun and fast read. Once I started it was hard to put down. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

  • Erin
    2019-04-11 10:54

    Reviewed for Nerdy Dirty & FlirtyLink to review:

  • E. Myer
    2019-04-22 05:43

    Lively pace and a really fun protagonist - what a great read!

  • Michelle Perry
    2019-04-06 05:38

    I can easily say that DE Haggerty has become one of my favorite authors. A while back I was given the chance to review her book, “Molly’s Misadventures.” I honestly can’t remember when I enjoyed a book so much. I was thrilled to be asked to review this latest release, “Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker.”Callie has a lot going for her. Her business, Callie’s Cakes, is successful, she has a budding career as a professor at the local university, and she is being romantically pursued, with active approval from her lifelong bestie Anna, by the man of her dreams, super hot police detective Ben. Still her life is colored by what she sees when she looks in the mirror and what she sees in the mirror is colored by a callous ex-boyfriend whose erroneous opinions about her were superficial and flat out rude.Anna decides to help bring out Callie’s inner sexy and confidence by enrolling them in a pole dancing class at the gym. The teacher is a full on witch and when after several verbal clashes, she turns up dead, Callie is the prime suspect. The murder weapon seems to be a cupcake from Callie’s Bakery.Though the evidence is circumstantial, the dogged insistence by the investigating detectives that Callie is guilty leads to her being suspended by the university. She is given a deadline to prove her innocence before the suspension becomes permanent and as the police aren’t inclined to explore other options, she and Anna set out to solve the murder themselves.Callie and Annie are a hoot. Every woman in the world needs to have a best friend relationship like theirs. Insanely funny hi jinks ensue as the two attempt to find the clues they need to clear Callie. “Detective Hottie,” Ben, is every woman’s dream man. It is hard not to feel his frustration as Callie’s self esteem issues keep her from seeing how he feels. It hard to not to feel sorry for him as he tries, in vain to keep Callie and Anna from getting into further trouble or danger while they jump head long into investigative mode. They are a force of nature and he doesn’t stand a chance.As if the story weren’t enough to keep the reader thoroughly engaged, the chapter titles had me once again waking up my sleeping family with my giggles as I sailed my way through the book in the wee hours of the morning.An apple a day will keep anyone away, if thrown hard enough.“Wow, that Lean Cuisine really filled me up,” said no one, ever.Celery is 95% water and 100% NOT PIZZA.Cupcakes don’t ask silly questions. Cupcakes understand.And my favorite, Procrastibaking: The art of making cupcakes instead of doing what you should be doing.I am totally stealing that!I totally recommend this book to cozy lovers of all kinda and I am looking forward to further books in the series.5 starsI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This review is part of a book spotlight originally posted at https://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.c...

  • LuAnn
    2019-03-28 08:32

    I have something in common with Callie. I, too, am a woman with a little more than meat on my bones. And while I have not taken a pole dancing class, I did take a few belly dancing lessons. The teacher was very nice and supportive, saying it actually helped to have a little bit of a belly!So Callie was going to a pole dancing class at a nearby gym. She probably wouldn't have gone if her business partner, Anna, didn't drag her. Because Callie was rather uncomfortable going there. She did not see herself as beautiful, despite her business partner and her wanna-be boyfriend telling her she was. Of course, it didn't help that the pole dancing instructor was gorgeous and very fit, and walks into Callie's class and says, "Oh great. Another group of heifers to teach. I hope the poles don't break." It was definitely hard to like Dolly (the instructor). She also called her class attendees "sluts" just about any time she started a direction.. And Dolly was an equal opportunity abuser. She ticked off just about everyone she met; but seemed to take particular pleasure in torturing Callie. I think Dolly could even make me forget I'm trying to cut down on the saltiness of my diet - my language diet, that is.On the one hand, Callie needn't have worried, because Dolly ticks someone off a little too much and winds up a corpse. On the other hand, Callie really needs to worry because she is looking like the prime suspect! And her policeman admirer can't help her because he cannot be on the case. It's a good thing Callie has the cupcake business because her position at the local college is not looking all that stable after Dolly's murder, because the college doesn't want 'that kind of publicity'. The dean gives her a weekend to do what she can to clear her name, unfortunately providing her with maybe more than the usual motivation to find the real killer.I know how it is to not have confidence in oneself or one's looks, so Callie's troubles in that department resonated with me. It was heartening to see her friends' support her - and even give her the occasional loving 'shove' for her own good. That's part of what makes this book special to me. Everyone needs friends like that. It's also part of what will make me come back for more cupcakes in the future.And about the cupcakes ... it's really too bad that they are not included. But there are cupcake-related humor at the beginning of each chapter and they are gems! Those alone are with the price of admission. That you get a great story along with it is the icing on the cupcake!(Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-10 03:44

    In Never Trust A Skinny Cupcake Baker, the first book in the Death By Cupcake Series, author D.E. Haggerty weaves a delightful cozy mystery that follows the amateur investigative adventures of bakery owner / college professor Callie Muller.Callie owns a successful bakery and is a professor of German literature at the local university. But there is only one thing missing in her life ... a non-existent love life. After getting dumped by her ex-boyfriend for being overweight in his eyes, Callie's self-esteem and self-confidence is extremely low, even though local hottie police detective Ben has asked her out numerous times. Callie's best friend and bakery co-worker Anna signs them up for a pole dancing class at the local gym, but when Dolly, the obnoxious pole dancing instructor is found murdered, Callie finds herself accused of the murder. Callie is determined to clear her name and prove her innocence in order to save her teaching position. So with the help of Anna, Callie embarks on a murder investigation adventure to find the real killer.Never Trust A Skinny Cupcake Baker is a thoroughly entertaining cozy mystery that will keep the reader in stitches. Written in the first person narrative, the reader follows the humorous trials and tribulations of Callie's investigative adventures.This was such a fun book to read! The reader can't help but get drawn into the quirky trials and tribulations and intriguing suspense that Callie and Anna encounter during the investigation. I could relate to Callie, she is a normal woman with everyday issues, and I really enjoyed the humor and wit between Callie and Anna. And when you add in some romance with the hot police detective Ben into the mix, you get a delightful cozy mystery that will leave you wanting more!Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book blast event hosted by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours.http://jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot...

  • Magda
    2019-03-31 06:33

    I've promised you a review of yet another book by one of my latest favorite writers D.E. Haggerty and here it is! This time, it's a brand new book [yes, I'm a bit after the premiere, but I had some other reads to finish before they expired] and an opening to the new series! It involves tasty cupcakes, pink-haired baker, a not-so-skinny doctor/bakery owner, and a hot detective. Yup, the hot detective is a must! :PIf you're in a need of a book that makes you crave for sweets, keeps your mood up and has a bit of mystery then this is it! Callie is a perfect and relatable character, especially if you're self-conscious about your weight ;). Together with her kind of crazy, in a positive way, pixie friend they make a unique duo that will make sure to keep your mood up. Prepare for some laugh :)I love the light style in which these books are written. The easy, yet well-plotted mysteries that keep your mind busy and in the same time make you happy. All these lively characters are simply perfect, it's so easy to like them. And the romantic note is nicely mixed up into the story. Yet again I have to say I loved the chapter titles/quotes. They are especially perfect if you're on a diet :P. Here are few examples: "My Diet Plan: Make all my friends cupcakes: the fatter they get, the thinner I'll look..." "A balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand." "A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than men who mention it." "According to this BMI chart, I'm too short."So once again I'd love to recommend you this book and the other two I've already read and reviewed. If you're looking for a funny cozy mystery this is it! Grab it, read it, be happy :DI received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Check my reviews at

  • Jo-Anne
    2019-04-15 08:41

    Callie's business partner, Anna, signed them up for pole dancing classes. Callie felt very uncomfortable about going because she was self-conscious about her weight thanks to her boyfriend just dumping her because he thought she was too heavy. Both Anna and Ben (a police detective who has been asking Callie out for a year) tell her she isn't over-weight and is beautiful but she doesn't believe them.The pole dancing instructor is so rude and obnoxious that Callie doesn't plan on returning after one lesson. But when the instructor is found murdered and Callie is the prime suspect, she keeps going in order to find the real killer. Callie is also a professor of German Literature at the nearby university but they threaten to fire her unless she can prove her innocence before the start of the semester in two weeks. So this puts more pressure on her to find the killer fast and without Ben's help or he could loose his job.I knew I would like this book on the first page and was laughing out loud in the first chapter! D.E. Haggerty's books are always enjoyable reads and the Death by Cupcake series looks like it's going to be just as good as her other books. The lines at the beginning of each chapter are hilarious. I especially liked "A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it."Callie was an amazing woman that was intelligent and beautiful - even though she didn't think she was. And Anna was the perfect pushy side kick. I was surprised that Ben AKA Detective Hottie kept asking Callie out for so long and didn't give up.Seriously, this was a great book and I can’t wait to try more from D.E. Haggerty! Obviously, I'm glad I received a copy of Never Trust a Skinny Cupcake Baker in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lynda Dickson
    2019-04-21 08:55

    While Callie runs Callie's Cakes with her baker and best friend Anna, she's actually a professor of German Literature at the nearby university. Her boyfriend just broke up with her because she is slightly overweight, but Ben (aka Detective Hottie) has been waiting in the wings and trying to ask her out for the last year. In an attempt to improve Callie's self-esteem, Anna enrolls them both into a pole dancing class. But when their pole dancing instructor is murdered, Callie becomes the prime suspect. Ben says, "Leave the police work to the police." Well, we all know that's not going to happen! Especially when the University threatens to fire her unless she can prove her innocence before the start of the semester - problem is, that's only two weeks away! At least Callie gets to put her pole dancing lessons to good use during the investigation!This is a delightful romp featuring a bunch of likable characters. Callie is adorable, and has a habit of spouting useless trivia when she's nervous. I especially love Ben - he's so sweet (excuse the pun)! I did guess the identity of the murderer early on and, while the investigation does take a few interesting turns, Callie solves the mystery a little too easily. However, I look forward to her further investigations and to getting to know these characters a bit more. There are cute sayings at the beginning of each chapter, usually about cupcakes. My favorite: "A balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand." There's even a Triple Choc Chunk Muffin recipe at the end!A great start to a new series.I received this book in return for an honest review.Full blog post (11 April):

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-03-26 10:33

    My Rating:4.5Favorite Quotes:“Anna’s not even five feet tall and, with her bright pink spiky hair, easily confused with a pixie. The girl doesn’t even weigh enough to donate blood – let alone drag a heifer like me across my kitchen.”“I debate leaving my glasses in my locker but decide I’d rather look like the nerd I am than be the idiot that knocks herself out when she walks into a door. It wouldn’t be the first time.”My Review:D.E. Haggerty is a sure thing – she has never failed to put a smirk on my face. Her latest cozy mystery guarantees an afternoon of delightful entertainment with likable and relevant characters, snark, clever humor, and a fun plot. I adored Callie and her tendency to spout off obscure yet loosely relevant trivia when nervous. She has a real woman’s body and struggles more than a little with body issues, although she also enjoys her baked goods. Most of us will see a bit of ourselves in Callie, I hope that you notice her intelligence and perseverance as well.

  • Paula Ratcliffe
    2019-04-02 09:55

    This book follows Callie who is working in her bakery shop and teaching at the local college while her co-worker and friend Anna tries to get Callie to spice up her non-existent love life. Callie keeps getting asked out by local hot police officer Ben she can't seem to bring herself to say yes to his various dates. When she decides to go with Anna to work out she faces her toughest competition in the name of Dolly who is rude and obnoxious beyond belief. When Dolly winds up dead the pressure is for Callie to clear her name and get her teaching job reinstated. How will Callie get the killer and get her job back from suspension?This book was great you got to meet Callie, Anna, and their friends and co-workers and see what they are like. I enjoyed the relationship between Callie and Anna and watching the relationship with Ben grow. Such a great fabulous story!