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HER SECRETS ARE UGLY.They've kept her from coming home.Now she's risking everything to return.She thought it would be a quick trip. Show up. Say the right words. Then she'd be gone.She never counted on meeting him.The football star. The single dad.He knew she was shattered by some event she kept hidden under lock and key. The clues on her body failed to reveal her secretsHER SECRETS ARE UGLY.They've kept her from coming home.Now she's risking everything to return.She thought it would be a quick trip. Show up. Say the right words. Then she'd be gone.She never counted on meeting him.The football star. The single dad.He knew she was shattered by some event she kept hidden under lock and key. The clues on her body failed to reveal her secrets - unlike scars on his body that clearly publicized his.The clock was ticking, giving him only a short time to uncover the true meaning of the flower branded into her flesh. Because if she got back on that plane, he knew it would be forever.Note to reader: This book can be read as a standalone novel. It is the third book in a series that follows three sisters. This series can easily be enjoyed out of order.Series reading order: Purple Orchids, White Lilies, Black Roses. Due to adult language and sexual situations, this book is intended for mature audiences....

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Black Roses Reviews

  • Samantha Christy
    2019-04-12 08:47

    Yeah, uh, I wrote it :-)

  • NMmomof4
    2019-03-25 08:37

    3 StarsOverall Opinion:This was an ok read. The first book in the series, Purple Orchids, will remain my top rated and liked. This was surprisingly pretty heavy with the past trauma the h was dealing with. The epilogue literally gave me goosebumps, but it wasn't enough to make me love this book either. Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Piper and Mason story. Piper is returning to the states after being away for many years for her sister's wedding. She meets Mason when he is sent to the airport to pick her up, since he is the best man. Sparks fly immediately, but they deal with them by bickering and not getting along. Piper has some past damage, and it's obvious by the way she puts up a b¡tch exterior. Mason sees something worth pursuing through it all. They form a friendship of sorts that eventually turns into more. There are some major past demons that they both have to face and work through, some family issues, some sweet moments, and some sexy times...and they get their HEA ending.POV: This alternated between Piper and Mason's POV.Overall Pace of Story:Good until the end. The epilogue was right after a conflict -- not the big one, but it seems to be what a lot of authors are doing right now. I hate it when that happens. I never skimmed, and otherwise it flowed well.Instalove: No. They had a friendship of sorts before developing into love.H rating: 5 stars. Mason. He was pretty perfect IMO. He was damaged in his own way, but he was completely devoted to Piper. He never gave up and worked hard on getting through to her. AND he was celibate for 2+ years before the h.h rating: 3 stars. Piper. I struggled with her character. I understood that she was really damaged from her past, but I didn't find her likeable enough to get past her pushing away the amazing H so much.Sadness level: Low. Even though it did cover some really heavy subjects, I never felt the need to cry.Heat level: Moderate/low. The h was traumatized because of her past (see below trigger spoiler), but the H was extremely patient and broke down her walls. They did have some hotter scenes later.Descriptive sex: YesSafe sex: Yes. Condoms are used.OW/OM drama: Yes(view spoiler)[ The H has a daughter with OW (see below trigger spoiler) and she causes some drama. (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating: NoPossible Triggers: Yes (major spoilers -- click at your own risk)(view spoiler)[ The h was drugged and sexually assaulted by multiple unknown boys when she was 16. She got pregnant (even though she didn't know what truly happened because of the drugs and memories would only come back in nightmares, so she thought she was still a virgin), and gave up the child for adoption. The H was driving when he was a teen and swerved to miss a squirrel, hit a tree, and killed both of his parents. The H was trapped by OW stealing condom and getting pregnant intentionally (she was stalking him since high school and he wasn't interested in more than a few hook-ups in college). Mentions of a side character being physically and sexually assaulted as a child. Drug use by side character. (hide spoiler)]Closure:This had pretty good closure with a HEA ending in the jump ahead epilogue. How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.Safety: Safe with exception (view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does have the h pushing the H away-Does have a ~1 week separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse in present tense, but h was sexually assaulted in the past-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does have a HEA ending. (hide spoiler)]

  • Coco.V
    2019-03-30 09:32

    FREE on Amazon today (10/15/2017)!

  • Anne OK
    2019-04-06 06:56

    I can't believe I'm admitting to starting this series with the third book. It's not really something I do -- ever! But the book blurb caught my interest and believe me -- the book entrapped me. I loved every minute devouring this knockout romance. The two main characters are beautifully drawn. (Yes, I also admit that the hero being an NFL quarterback might have been part of the allure for me!) Both are equally filled with pain and agonizing angst -- one is just handling his better than the other. The attraction is instant, but the road to happily-ever-after is filled with slow steps and sometimes no steps at all. But the romance is everything a romance reader yearns for in a romance novel. And to top it all off, there's plenty of family and friends that add all the layers that complete the full range of feel goods. This one was the full package and a surefire winner! And yes, I'm definitely going to read the first two books in this fabulous series immediately!

  • Lorie
    2019-03-30 05:33

    DNFI'm not rating this because I have no intention of finishing it. At 34%, I really don't feel like going any further... I want to because I really love Mason, but I honestly can't stand the heroine. I know she's broken and damaged, but seriously she just comes of as a total bitch and mean. As a reader, she's not really likable at all. And the way she is right now, no matter what is revealed to justify the way she is, I have no desire to even want to like her. She needs to come across as closed off when it comes to men, not my-mother-never-taught-me-how-to-talk-to-people stand-offish and rude.

  • Asia
    2019-04-17 11:01

    Nazywam się Amber Rose Black. a ja umarlam i nie żyje....

  • Asia
    2019-04-15 09:54

    Znakomita i pierwszorzędna

  • Tinsoni
    2019-04-05 06:58

    The plot had potential...but the writing and storytelling failed to deliver.

  • Ewa
    2019-04-15 10:36

    Zaskakująca - bardzo pozytywnie.

  • Robin Collins
    2019-03-22 05:41

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️READ THIS SERIES⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Get tissues...I read each book in this series in 3 days and I swear I don't know which one I love the most...there is no way to chose bc they are all PERFECTLY WRITTEN!!! I have to save though, White Lilies was the gut wrenching one for sure even though they each had their good share of pure painful moments. Wow is all I can say!! I can't wait to read Charlie's story and the three brothers that start the new series. I am just absolutely blown away by this series!!! Thanks to my sister in law for telling me about them and thank you Samantha Christy for writing a series I will never forget....the characters were so great and so thought out...just amazing writing sweet lady!!! I won't forget these stories for a very long time!

  • Angela
    2019-03-21 06:37

    I was thrilled to be asked to beta read for Samantha. I'm a huge fan of The Mitchell Sisters series, and when I find out this book was coming out, I was behind excited. This is probably my favorite book in the whole series. It's so heartbreakingly good, you will not be able to stop reading. This book left me speechless once I finished. It's just sooooo good. You can't help but get sucked into the story. I was so emotionally drained after this, but in the best possible way. This book is a standalone, but you are going to want read the entire series, because it is just that good.

  • Monika
    2019-03-27 09:45


  • Hbeebti
    2019-04-12 05:01

    I thought this was really good. Piper has some major issues. But I could understand why. I like that she had this tough girl act but then something would trigger her and you would see the wounded soul. Piper and Mason were perfect for each other. They healed each other. Mason was so patient and sweet with Piper trying to help her to overcome what happened to her. I did not read the first two books but now I want to . Charlie has her own book too. I want to read her book as well . Overall I was very happy with this read. Will be checking out more books by this author.

  • French Press Bookworm Blog
    2019-04-13 07:32

    Seriously rough reading. But also so freaking fantastic!

  • Bev
    2019-03-28 08:54

    I admit I was a little nervous to read this as I wasn't too sure about Piper after seeing a bit of her in her sisters books.Piper is a runner - literally and figuratively. Add to that she was a bit of a bitch for the early part of the book and yeah, I definitely wasn't too sure about Piper. Her first meeting with Mason didn't go too well, she snarled and he snapped. And I love that he stood up to her. Mason was, for me, the perfect hero. He was gentle, understanding, so patient and could read between the lines so he just "got" Piper. And as the story unfolds and it's revealed why Piper is how she is I got her too. My God, that any child should endure what she did doesn't bear thinking about. He was so open with her, he knew she needed that and when he shared his past without playing on it (so no drama) my heart melted into goo. Again, for a youngster to have to endure that loss and come through the other side not only a totally head-screwed-on-the-right-way amazing man, but a fantastic father too. She made him work for it and he didn't give up, not once regardless of what she threw at him. I loved seeing him earn her trust, seeing her slowly opening up to him and accepting and believing in him. There was a little hiccup towards the end thanks to Cassidy, but for a book that could have jumped on the whole woe is me drama train, kudos to the author for not taking the story there.We got to catch up again with the couples from the previous books and all this was finished off with an epilogue that left me hugging my Kindle. Oh, and the promise of Charlie's story. Eek, so stoked about that bit of news.After this series I'm thinking I'll read Ms. Christy's shopping list if she hits publish on it.

  • Autumn
    2019-04-18 05:33

    AmazingThis was my first book I've read by this author. I didn't read the first two books of this series which was completely ok, there were not any parts missing that took away from the story. Black Roses is one of those rare books that give you all the feels. Great characters, there are sensitive subjects but it was so well written. Although I loved the two main characters, Mason and Piper, I fell in love with her best friend Charlie and was so happy she would be getting her own story.

  • Barbara Strickland
    2019-03-22 09:50

    Full of emotional uphevealsThis was surprisingly good. I wondered if the author hadn't tried to cram too much into the plot especially as it revolves around one family but it worked. What kept me reading was the fact that neither of Piper's sisters noticed there was such major trauma going on so close to home but unfortunately this is too often the truth in families, even close ones. That she finds Mason and has her happy ending soothes the savage everyday beasts that roam the normality of readers lives.

  • Sandy
    2019-04-06 06:40

    LOVED this book, LOVE the series. Samantha Christy is a "Rock Star" author. She tells a story that keeps you flipping the pages as fast as you can. I haven't been able to put my Kindle down since I started this series. I highly recommend!

  • Meka Weaver
    2019-04-02 06:42

    5 starsI loved this book. My god I got sucked in and could not put it down. Piper was a beautiful soul. She was so troubled and guarded. She had a horrible traumatic event happen to her. She kept reliving it and having nightmares. I felt for her. It broke my heart. In spite of that she was strong, determined, loving, loyal and one hell of a lady. Never dates...or so she thought.Mason was wonderful. He was living with is own troubles. Dealing with a difficult ex who happens to be his daughters mother. Having a demanding job. He was strong, out spoken, determined, loving, caring, and protective. Not interested in dating or so he thought.When Piper and Mason meet its not love at first sight that is for sure. They do not get off to a good start. There is name calling, antagonizing each other and making un true assumptions about the other. Although they keep getting under each others skin. Before you know it there is a gradual like to love story happening. Mason has to get threw Pipers walls she has up. Getting her to open up and trust him. That's when the beauty happens. They do have great chemistry. The story flows smoothly. I believed in the story and Piper and Mason. I cried, laughed and yelled. There is everything you could want in this book. Touchy subjects are told with such care that I felt I knew Piper I wanted to be there for her. This story touched my heart. I would recommend this story to everyone. I will continue reading Samantha Christy she knows what she is doing.....

  • Shirley
    2019-04-02 08:43

    5 StarsAnother great read from Ms Christy and a good ending to the series, although we will be getting Charlie’s story soon Yay!!After meeting Piper in the previous books you just know something bad happened to her and I was chomping at the bit to find out what. Piper was a bit of a bitch at the start and she’s most definitely a runner both literally and emotionally, however she does have her reasons for all her issues with trust and men. I did end up really liking her and I loved seeing her grow throughout the book. Mason, oh Mason what a hero he turned out to be. He was patient, loving, understanding and he really got Piper and her issues. He had every reason to be an emotional runner himself but he continuity stuck by her gaining her trust and slowly but surely helping her blossom in to a confident sexy woman. They made the perfect couple and I think these might just be my favourite of the series and I loved the scenes with Mason and Hailey they made my heart melt.

  • Donna Wright
    2019-04-10 05:48

    4.5 StarsWOW!!!! This Is The 3rd And By Far My Favourite Book In The Series.I Wasn't Quite Sure How This Author Could Have It In Her To Top Her Last Book But My God Did She Do It With This Emotionally Charged Story.I Loved The Characters And Their Chemistry Was Amazing. I Was So Happy With The Ending Of This Series. The Author Did What Needed To Be Done And Didn't Disappoint At All.I So Recommend This Series Of Books And Although They Are All Standalones I Wouldn't Read Them As Such.Yep I Will Definitely Be Telling People To Go Read This Amazing Story Of A Great Family And 3 Beautiful Sisters

  • Chelsea
    2019-03-23 11:38

    DNF @ 18%Not sure how many chapters I'm expected to read with the heroine being a total bitch before she "sees the light" and starts being nice, but so far she's not worth it and I don't have the energy to tolerate her any longer.

  • Laura's Book Addiction
    2019-03-27 10:43

    So I basically binge read all three books in this series in a day and a half and boy was it worth it. I loved all three sisters but I've gotta say Skylar is my favourite. I can't wait for Charlie's book!!!!

  • K.M
    2019-04-01 04:50

    Fantastic writing! Review to come 4.5 Stars!

  • Judy.Ca
    2019-04-01 03:54

    4.5* This was heartbreaking but inspirational at the same time. I loved this series and want more. Give me an epilogue with all three couples! Can't wait for Charlie's story :)

  • Vega_girl
    2019-03-22 05:58

    I wish I was a Mitchell sister!!

  • Books are my Pyrocant
    2019-04-16 06:34

    4.5 Great read. :)

  • Denise
    2019-04-08 03:35

    Loved it!

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    2019-03-23 08:38

    There is no wonder this book has no less than 3 stars. Not only the first book I've read by this author but my first in the series too. It is a standalone and definitely a powerful book. The time and research the writer had to do to put out this story is not lost on me. Piper is 21 and come back home after avoiding it for 4 years because her older sister is getting married. She defines herself as homeless but her sisters really don't know why, when they were so close growing up, she pulled away and left. Mason is a single dad of an almost 2 year old daughter, Hailey, and plays pro ball for the Giants. He isn't the main quarterback but hopes his dreams will unfold around the next corner. He couldn't be closer to the truth but his dreams are a lot more complicated than he realizes. I loved him as a Hero he comes across as a country boy to me he is charming and laid back but there is also a side to him that is forthright. These two clash as they are both strangely attracted to the other the only problem is Mason has no trouble being open. It is Piper who is suspicious and insulting, stereotyping his character to fit his well formed body. I laughed out loud reading the scene when Mason shows up at her sisters house and the two lock horns. Not only does she challenge him in the Boston Marathon but she insults his car and manhood in the process. I loved her even though she is mean and won't cut Mason any slack you know there is more to her than has been revealed. I think Mason sensed it from the beginning this tough outer shell Piper has up and it slowly becomes clearer to him. The two begin to realize they have similar pain under the surface. While Mason has nightmares of skeletons from his past Piper refuses to acknowledge hers. It is a long painful journey that takes 80% of the book to be all the way revealed and believe me when I say you will figure out parts before she finally opens up but the author peels a layer at a time and you get more surprises as you read. Each stepping stone this couple takes is so consuming. I hate angst but at each hurdle you understand why she hesitates. Mason is the type of man we all need in our lives. He is sweet, kind, strong, faithful and while so many authors like to create that manwhore this man stole my heart in his actions and conviction. Literally crying and feeling the same pain that Piper had buried for so many years. They weren't alone because I needed some tissues myself. A beautiful story from start to finish. A word of warning though the pain is real and felt and the author is graphic. It is not an easy thing to witness your heroine dealing with the pain Piper did but Mason more than makes up for it and at books end it offers new love and hope along with inner peace and love. Hailey will also steal your heart like father like daughter as does pipers family. I will definitely be reading more books in this series and author. A must read for anyone who believes that the best things in life are unexpected but always come when we need them most.

  • Brandan WH
    2019-04-13 05:58

    A legit emotional roller coaster-3.5 Good Lord. You need to be ready for all of the feels!Piper was once the life of the party. That all changed one night and, ever since, she’s been running. Running from her feelings, her family, her memories. But, now she’s back home for an extended period of time for her sisters wedding. And, it’s at the airport when she meets HIM. Mason is a professional athlete and likes to keep to himself. After one of the women he slept with got pregnant, he resolved to only loving two things: football and his daughter. He’s stuck with that until Piper and finds that not only is she the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen but she’s also the sister of his best friends fiancé. They each have a lot of questions; how do you heal when you’ve promised that you’ll stay closed off forever? Who do you trust if you can’t trust yourself? Mason is patient but is that enough to convince Piper that he’s worth the trouble? There are a number of sad parts to this book, and I can’t wait to read about Charlie, but it’s more a book about overcoming your past and not allowing yourself to be defined by it.