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Welcome to the Danse Macabre Since time immemorial, the Kindred — vampires — have stalked their prey, unseen by the mortal masses. Their world is a xenophobic nightmare, populated by tyrannical despots, wildeyed heretics, bloodthirsty rogues and scheming manipulators, all unified by the mysterious curse of vampirism. And you would join them? You would live forever? To playWelcome to the Danse Macabre Since time immemorial, the Kindred — vampires — have stalked their prey, unseen by the mortal masses. Their world is a xenophobic nightmare, populated by tyrannical despots, wildeyed heretics, bloodthirsty rogues and scheming manipulators, all unified by the mysterious curse of vampirism. And you would join them? You would live forever? To play the lusts of mortals like a violinist plays the strings? Then beware, the price is steep to enter the neofeudal hell that the Damned have wrought.Welcome to Undeath Join the revival of the Storytelling tradition. Vampire: The Requiem invites you to tell your own stories set within the world of the Kindred. This book includes rules for using vampires in World of Darkness chronicles, covering everything from the five clans to covenants to Disciplines, bloodlines, storytelling advice and a complete spread of game systems governing the undead. Hardcover. Requires the World of Darkness rulebook for play....

Title : Vampire: The Requiem
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Vampire: The Requiem Reviews

  • Courtney Wells
    2019-04-01 05:56

    As an avid, rabid fan of Vampire: the Masquerade when I was in high school, I had more than a few misgivings about the "New" World of Darkness and how much of a money-grubbing gimmick re-releasing tweaked version of everything was going to turn out to be.So wrong. Serve my words up and I'll eat them with or without a fork.Basically, Vampire: the Requiem nailed personal horror while making these vampires stunning predators who are caught between mourning their humanity and reveling in damnation. As before, these vampires have characteristics, powers and weakness that fuel all the familiar myths but - true to White Wolf - that's never the full story.I personally love all the tweaks and twists added to this incarnation of vampire - it sounds like a bitch to get by as a vampire with facets of the existence invoking a true feel of unease imagining how you would function if you became one. It's basically like White Wolf kept everything that worked wonders for VtM, streamlined it, and brought in some vicious, bitter stuff to make sure players can't help but get a little messed up. It really emphasizes what a supernatural cesspool Chicago is with vampires running the show and characters are almost certain to be victimized time and again if they hope to thrive - or just survive.

  • Alexis Hall
    2019-03-19 23:40

    Okay this is mine.*scuff toes*.It was a present from H who is entertained by my adolescent fondness for Vampire: The Masquerade.What can I say about this? It's a White Wolf game so its systems are built around the assumption that your players are dickheads who want to derail, interfere with and generally disrespect your storytelling genioos. As such, when it's fun, it's fun in spite of itself. Combat is slightly more streamlined than Masquerade but you still get the feeling you are somehow Letting the Side Down by engaging in it. Because this is a STORYTELLING game, not a game for, y'know, enjoying.It's also still got that thing where your vampire powers are dependent on semi-arbitrary stats and skills so in order to be even semi-competent at anything you basically have to choose your skills to fit your disciplines rather than, say, your character.And most sessions are spent going "sorry, what's my second obfuscate power again, and what do I roll?" and then flicking frantically going the the book "I think it allows you conceal small objects about your person, oh no, wait, that's the one that lets you be invisible and you need to roll dexterity plus ... horse riding."But, hey, that's tabletop gaming for you. Ten minutes of fun crammed into four hours of play.Also it has the on-going Vampire problem of critical failures being hilariously difficult to articulate.Here is a sample of actual play:W: Okay, so ... I have this power that lets me talk to animals, I think? I think?Me: *thumbing frantically through rule book* Uh, yes. Feral Whispers: You can communicate with and control animals, individually or in groups.W: Great, so there's bound to be animals around. We can ask if they know anything about this murder.D: Sounds like a plan.W: Uh, how do I do that?Me: *thumbing frantically through rule book* Manipulation plus animal ken plus animalism.W: Manipulation? I don't have any manipulation. Why the fuck would I take manipulation? I'm supposed to be this bestial monster savager guy.Me: Just ... like ... roll what you have?W: Okay, what animals are around?Me: Um, in Oxford at night? I guess there's pigeons maybe?W: I'm not talking to pigeons. That's undignified.Me: Beetles?W: No.Me: Squirrels?W: Fine, squirrels. I'll try to talk to the squirrels about the murder. *rolls* Okay, I've critically failed.Me: Right, so the squirrels won't talk to you.W: I've been snubbed by squirrels.H: Wasn't that a botch though?Me: You mean, it has to be worse than that? Look, I honestly have no idea what a spectacular failure to talk to squirrels would look like. I guess they're pissed off. Your name is black-listed among the Oxfordshire squirrel population. Whenever they see you coming they throw nuts at you.And there you have it. A storytelling game of personal horror.

  • Krzysztof
    2019-04-04 00:48

    *Finally* got through this book. It took me forever to finish it, as I found the style to be rather difficult and I found pieces of the book which were supposed to be interesting to be VERY boring. And I still don't really know what to think of it. Surely, this is a much poorer setting than Masquerade, but at the same time it's more deep in a way. I can't help to think it doesn't really know what it wants to do, however - it has pretty much set a scene in which every Kindred hates every other Kindred, and by putting a big focus on power struggles between the Covenants, I think it kind of limits the Storyteller's options. I like how "full" this setting tries to be, but I can't say I like the clan choices much, the new bloodline mechanics, or the new powers. They did a good job of making them less powerful but I think that it takes a bit of the fun away. Especially the Morbus and Burakumin special Disciplines seem very limiting in use.I have to finally play this to have an opinion, but after a readthrough this doesn't top Masquerade on any ground.

  • Darkerling the Necromancer
    2019-03-27 03:46

    This is a pretty good roleplaying book/system

  • [Name Redacted]
    2019-04-15 05:43

    White Wolf's attempt to reboot their popular "Vampire" line of roleplaying games proved something of a blunder. While full of potentially-interesting ideas and reimaginings of older concepts, as well as several new takes on the vampire genre, they chose to strip away much of the mythology which had made the original "Vampire" line so fantastically popular. Players/readers are given vague, sparse descriptions of the underlying concepts and new mythos with little-to-no "flavor-text" to provide a sense of atmosphere or purpose; the overwhelming majority of the book is given over to statistics, charts and descriptions of the dry (largely mathematical) mechanics of playing the game itself. White Wolf chose to call the people who run their games "Storytellers" (instead of "Game Masters" or "Dungeon Masters") because originally their games were intended to be more like group story-telling sessions, with the rules providing necessary limitations to allow for challenges and a genuine sense of accomplishment -- they chose to emphasize the storytelling and role-playing aspects of the game to differentiate themselves from other role-playing games. They evidently went in the opposite direction with this reboot of "Vampire", either hoping to mimic the maths-based Dungeons & Dragons or to sell more books by saving all the flavor, atmosphere & context for future supplements (the latter being the more likely explanation since, unlike the original "Vampire" line, this line requires a separate core rulebook in addition to the "Vampire" core book to actually play the game).

  • Caleb
    2019-04-12 23:53

    Vampire has always been the flagship game for the World of Darkness. This is the new version, which replaced Vampire the Masquerade in 2004. There are endless debates on which is better. I seem to be one of the few who like both, but I will not be reviewing Masquerade here. Requiem is a role-playing game of Gothic horror. Welcome to the Danse Macabre. This game's strength is political intrigue with Vampires. There are 5 different clans, which is technically your species of vampire and there are 5 covenants, which is pretty much your political party. This leads to some very fun role-playing sessions with so many different types of characters. While that is the game's strength the combat can be pretty lethal, each clan has different vampire "disciplines", which are the vampire's supernatural powers. The appendix of the book also has a teaser for New Orleans, which is where they placed the first source book for the game, but it also shows how a campaign should be set up and good examples of characters. Overall, a great game.

  • Deadwish
    2019-03-29 02:00

    Excelente manual de juego basado en el Nuevo Mundo de Tinieblas. Esto no es una continuación o expansión de Vampiro: La Mascarada. Esto es una reinvención del juego. Diferentes clanes (con sus respectivas Lineas de Sangre) y una nueva diversidad de Alianzas que coexisten bajo la Mascarada agregan mucho más dinamismo al juego en comparación con su antecesor.El arte también ha mejorado muchísimo y es un libro muy bello.La única crítica que puedo hacerle es la falta de algunos de los clanes del viejo juego que eran un clásico para todos.

  • Richard Vince
    2019-04-01 06:46

    For those playing this system, an excellent resource book and reference tome. Reading cover to cover harder as a touch over-written. Like most adult vampire fiction in that, I suppose....

  • Sarah O'brien
    2019-03-30 00:59

    Vampire puts political maneuvering and classic horror in one tidy, bloody package.

  • Radu
    2019-04-11 05:59

    Third best of the series. My personal list: 1st - Dark Ages, 2nd - Masquerade, 3rd - Requiem and then the rest.

  • M
    2019-04-16 05:54

    This is a really cool setting and system, and I'm looking forward to running it soon. I like a lot of the changes from Masquerade that have been made to make the world of the Kindred more mysterious. The mythology of the Cainites was pretty cool, but it also felt like it could be hard to use as a Storyteller. This game gives me a much greater ability to decide what the world is like, and what secrets are and aren't true. I could still have a sense of impending doom and a fear of the return of powerful vampiric elders, or I can focus on smaller scale politics among Kindred who are sure that they have years and years of unlife left. Going down to five clans works pretty well for me, especially since there are interesting rules on having specialized bloodlines for those who want more variety in their vampires. What I like even more is the new concept of covenants, which are special religious or political groups the Kindred can join. The pagan Circle of the Crone and mystical Ordo Dracul are particularly interesting to me, and I plan to check out their sourcebooks some time. The Disciplines generally do a good job of emulating vampire powers from fiction, though some of them feel a little underwhelming at times. For example, after you can turn into a wolf, having turning into mist be your ultimate power seems a little disappointing.The setting as a whole is pretty cool, and a lot of thought has gone into the intricacies of vampire society. I really enjoyed reading all of the details of how vampire politics work and thinking of various plot ideas inspired by these details. The advice for Storytellers was really good, and I'm tempted to use the sample campaign idea they outline, of a revolution against a tyrannical Prince. I also enjoyed the description of New Orleans to an extent. It makes me want to get the book on that city, but I do feel like the brief description didn't do enough to give me an idea of how to actually use New Orleans in a chronicle. Further, I would have liked some details on how they took inspiration from the real world city to create the World of Darkness version.Over all, though, I really enjoyed reading about this game. Years ago I had no idea why you'd want to roleplay as vampires, but now I understand that there are a lot of interesting opportunities and themes to explore here. I'm definitely looking forward to using these rules and setting.

  • Timothy McNeil
    2019-04-05 06:35

    Take a decent setting with mood and tone done correctly (which would be 2nd and 3rd Editions of Vampire: The Masquerade), then throw it all away by trashing everything for some sort of pseudo-nihilism (Your vampire character only feels shadows of emotions? Seriously? An RPG where the characters are [i]feeling[/i] impaired?) and needlessly complicating the simple mechanics of the Storyteller System.But all of that could be forgiven on some level if the book were not also so poorly written. Just an all around disaster than no self-respecting gamer should, if they have the misfortune of owning it, ever remove from the shelf.