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Welcome to Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the surf capital of Canada and much, much more. They call this the “end of the road” for Western Canada, but you are going to be calling it the start of the best time of your life. All you need is this eBook, an open mind, an open heart and the sense of wonder and adventure to embark on the journey of a thousand lifetiWelcome to Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the surf capital of Canada and much, much more. They call this the “end of the road” for Western Canada, but you are going to be calling it the start of the best time of your life. All you need is this eBook, an open mind, an open heart and the sense of wonder and adventure to embark on the journey of a thousand lifetimes.Whether you are here to find out why this is the Surf Capital of Canada or to check out the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve or to find something entirely new and exciting, this is the book that will help you start your journey and this is the place to find the magic that you seek. 251 Things to do in Tofino indeed does have that many suggestions (and more).This eBook also includes:• First Nations history, local artists & galleries• Amazing outdoors and fun kids’ activities• Annual events, entertainment and local gourmet eats• Great tips to make unforgettable memories• Voices of 100 local contributing authors• A comprehensive, detailed directory of Tofino• And so much more!ABOUT THE AUTHORKait Fennell is a permanent resident of Tofino who finds herself more at home in the water than anywhere else. An islander at heart, she has travelled all over the world - from flying and developing pilot guide books in the Okavango Delta, Botswana to volunteering for a small pilot school in Durban, South Africa. Recognized as a National Garfield Weston Foundation Scholar, and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Technology with a Commercial Pilot License, she left her aviation roots to pursue her passion for surfing, healthy living, the environment and indigenous culture. She can be reached at [email protected]

Title : 251 Things To Do In Tofino: And It Is Not Just About Surfing
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251 Things To Do In Tofino: And It Is Not Just About Surfing Reviews

  • Angel
    2019-04-11 03:43

    When I was 19, I visited Quebec, Toronto Ontario, Canada, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, NY and this book brings me back to pleasant times I had in Canada and I've always wanted to go back. This book focuses on the cultural heritage, history, the wonders and beauties of Tofino in Vancouver, British Columbia, the hiking, biking, diving, enjoying nature, art, myriad of adventures, various fun-loving things that can make you want to explore all the timeless treasures it has to offer. I miss Canada and at the time I visited I never wanted to leave ever. If I went there right now I wouldn't ever leave. This fantastic book is a great read and a great source for anyone who is looking for a place to go on vacation. The various foods, cuisines, local slang, phrases, laid back ambience piques lots of interest into this phenomenal world we only need to travel to in our minds, or even better to explore in person with our own story of adventure to tell.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-24 10:27

    This is a guidebook for a seaside community in British Columbia. The surf capital of BC. The community is filled with artists and local stores with unusual wares. It was quite an interesting read to see so many shops mentioned and to find so many welcoming people.

  • Stjepan Cobets
    2019-04-06 10:42

    I must honestly admit that this book describes literally every little detail that can be found in Tofino. Every tourist must have a copy of this in their backpacks when they visit beautiful Tofino and the surrounding area. This book makes it extremely easy for first-timers to get to Tofino, tour the national parks, nature, beaches, hiking trails, restaurants, cafés and galleries. I have to admit that every aspect of Tofino is covered to the last detail, from nature, national parks, customs, the Nuu-cha-nulth Nations, sports of all kinds and lots of events that you can enjoy when you visit. This is required reading for every visitor who comes to Tofino. My only complaint is that there weren't many pictures of this beautiful area. If it has more pictures, I'd than give it 5+. My rating is five stars because of the huge enormous effort that went into the creation of this book.

  • John Martin
    2019-04-17 09:47

    I've read a lot of tourist guides but this has to be among the best of them.It oozes both passion and information.Yes, it does deliver on its promise to tell the reader about 251 things to do in Tofino, a remote town and strikingly beautiful town on Vancouver Island.It goes into great detail how to get there too.But it also gives you a sense of the long- and short-term history of the place, and the people who live there all year round.The section written by the locals about what they love about Tofino tells me this is a special place in the world, a place where there's a community spirit of mutual respect and caring, and where the door is open for tourists to come share it."I love the people," writes one of the locals (who came to Tofino on a two-week vacation 16 years ago!). "I love living on the edge of the world. I love that it takes effort to get here; you just don't show up in Tofino. You have to make a choice to be here and live here."I live in Australia but if I'm ever in that neck of the woods again I could happily spend a week or two in Tofino.It's a good thing there are way more things to do there than surfing, as the book says, because my surfing days are long behind me. But eating lots of seafood and enjoying the fresh air, soaking up the stunning scenery, and meeting some of the locals and hearing their stories will certainly sustain me. And did I mention Chummas, the best English bulldog in town? He gets a couple of mentions in the book, and not many travel guides I've seen talk about the canine attractions. Thanks to 251 things to do in Tofino, I know where to find him for a pat. (Spoiler alert: No. 210)

  • Ginger Marin
    2019-04-13 09:43

    Okay, I’m pretty certain I’m ready to pack my bags and head off to a fabulous long-term stay in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada after reading Kait Fennell’s “251 Things to Do in Tofino”.Her book is a wonderful resource guide of the community and environs, including that of its indigenous peoples. It’s part history, geography and delightful visitors’ guide listing everything from what you can expect at different times of the year, best beaches and hiking trails, restaurants and eateries, places to stay, what to do and where to shop amidst what sounds like a surfer’s and environmentalist’s dream vacation experience. Ready, set, go! And make sure to take this guide with you. As Kait explains, Tofino is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia at the southern edge of Clayoquot Sound which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. That should tell you a lot right there. Respect for the environment is high on the list of things you need to know when visiting. As for anything else, well, you just need to read the book if nature, peace and quiet, beautiful vistas, water sports and hiking in an environment that is largely rainforest appeals to you. It all sounds like a treasure of a find if you ask me.Who knows, you might become lost forever, not so much wandering the woods, but lost to its beauty - that’s how well Ms. Fennel has managed to sway me to Tofino’s charms. I’ve already started using her links to discover some of the fabulous shops that abound in Tofino.Easy reading and charming graphics also highlight the book.

  • Segilola Salami
    2019-04-05 08:37

    Review of 251 Things to Do in TofinoI received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest feedback, so here goesPrior to receiving this book, I hadn't even heard of Tofino. My knowledge of the different things the US/Canada has to offer is quite limited.The opening chapter starts thus "TOFINO in Tla-o-qui-aht Territory . . . Head way west, you'll stubble upon the great Pacific Ocean and a little quaint town called Tofino." I think that assumes the reader has at least a vague idea of where Tofino is located geographically. If you are reading this review then it is possible you already know of the existence of the town.As you read on, there's a little history of the town/region which helps to shed some light and I found it helped me picture the town. What would have been particularly helpful to me would have been a map to point out where it was exactly in relation to the country. Just cos I'm lazy. There were some other basics covered which I thought was quite usefulNow that the intros are out of the way, I found it quite a lighthearted read. Then of course you get the 251 things to do in TofinoThere were negligible typos that I picked, so the reading was smooth. I recommend you give this book a quick read. You just might be surprised

  • Om Chand
    2019-03-26 06:56

    This is such an amazing book! I wish I had it last time when I was in Tofino. The book almost made me want to book a vacation in Tofino again! The author has done a great job in describing the unique charm the place has.I love British Columbia for the amazing drives, scenic places, and the great stuff you can do. This book will help the travelers to BC find details of a range of things Tofino offers. I wish every place has a reference guide like this--full of research and enthusiastic way of writing--so that the travelers could just pick the reference guide for that place. May be the author will consider writing a series, covering more places :)

  • D. Miller
    2019-04-21 08:31

    I must confess that before reading this book, I did not know much about Tofino, one of the world’s must-see tourist destinations, as I soon discovered. Located on Vancouver Island, it is the western counterpart of Cape Spear, Newfoundland (the easternmost point of Canada). As a resident of Nova Scotia, I would likely feel right at home in Tofino (“Tuff City”) and Clayoquot Sound with its towering mountain ranges, mild climate, awe-inspiring views, fish and fishermen, beaches, treasure-hunting, challenging trails and extensive parks, First Nations reservations, whale watching, precious wildlife…and did I mention water? Here where we live, though, we do not have the peaceful rainforests nor the surfs and accompanying surfers…sounds like so much fun! No wonder they call Tofino the “surf capital” of Canada. Those who visit B.C. but stop at Victoria will miss out on this Pacific Ocean jewel.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author has produced not just another dry tourist book that reads like a long-winded *pedia contribution but one that intersperses local humor and customs and cute graphics throughout. Her enthusiasm for the place shines through. As you read the book, you come to know the residents (with some pretty quirky quirks) and want to get to know them even better by meeting them face to face. The author also includes some useful information that isn’t Tofino-specific—such as how to respond when you come face to face with a bear or coyote; this could happen anywhere in rural Canada (here in Nova Scotia, too)! The detailed directory of local retailers, restaurants, events and attractions, artists, kids’ activities, campgrounds, transit options with links would be invaluable when planning a visit to the area. The personal stories from members of the community with their suggestions of how to make the best use of only ONE day in Tofino are an addition that I have not seen included in other tourist guides, but these testimonies definitely help bring the place to life for the reader. This book proves that even when you feel you know enough about your own country, there’s even more yet to discover. I’ve definitely added a trip to Tofino to my bucket list!

  • Ravenna Young
    2019-04-16 09:54

    British Columbia is a home away from home for me, but I have never been to Tofino, so I was curious. I don't normally read travel books, but I was captivated because this book had the big three for me: awesome cover, great blurb, and enticing preview.This book is extremely well-researched and is well-written. It's light-hearted, sassy and it has an edge to it that made me giggle on more than one occasion. I didn't feel bogged down with too many details like history etc, and I never got bored with the book--I couldn't put it down. There seemed to be a happy medium of everything mixed as one. By page twenty-five I was on Google looking at travel plans. I want to go. I have to go, and it is Fennell's description of Tofino and the west coast of West Vancouver Island, particularly Clayoquot Sound and long beach located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve that drew me in. Tofino is the outdoor enthusiast's dream, with many hiking trails, rainforest, water adventures, surfing, marine life and wildlife. The opportunities for outdoor lovers and the vast and intriguing history attracts many tourists every year, taking the town of Tofino from its normal 2,000 residents to well over 20, 000. It is also an area that is rainy 200 days out of the year but the weather is still warm--in fact the rain seems to be a way of life and is happily embraced by all who live in the Tuff.Tofino has long list of things to do, and not all of them cost money, it could be something as simple and fun as bonfire crashing or taking a nap on the beach, but it all sounded amazing.What I loved the most about this book were the letters at the back from local residents and business owners. Each letter conveyed a different perspective on life in the Tuff. It sealed the deal for me. I'm going to Tofino!

  • Billy McLaughlin
    2019-04-01 05:28

    I discovered 251 Things To Do… quite by accident and I have to say it is an impressive read. I’ve never been to Tofino, but it is something that I would love to do. This book is the ultimate travel guide and covers just about everything imaginable in a colourful intuitive way. Now, I’m not much of a fisherman, but this book even managed to make me believe that I would enjoy it. It is beautifully segmented so that each portion of the book tells the story of different elements. It is essentially a tourist guide, but it even advises you on the many ways that you can make yourself seem like a local. I’m not sure if Torfino is everything this books tells you it is, but if it is, it sounds like paradise. I especially loved the little inserts and photos that make up some of the pages. What the author also does is insert many different links; some are for airlines that you can use domestically, some are even for the local seasonal free shuttle service that is available as well as the many other local transport systems. When the book actually kicks in to the 251 that the title refers to, you are presented with a full array of activities including an endless list of walks through its stunning wilderness. I live in a big city and I’d be hard pressed to find 251 things to do. Most Saturday’s I struggle to think of 51, let alone 51. That is the beauty of this book in that it takes all of the things available in Torfino and condenses it into a quick guide to the whole place. By its very nature, this book covers a wide spectrum of ages and personalities, thanks to the input of five different authors. So whether you are looking for an artsy holiday, a walking trip, or a knees up at the local bars and restaurants, you should definitely plan your trip around this fantastic book.

  • Jennifer S. Alderson
    2019-03-28 08:49

    Are you looking to take a break from city life and get in touch with nature, but you don’t know where to go or what to do? Book your flight or ferry to Vancouver Island, read 251 Things To Do in Torfino on the way and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time.251 Things has all the practical tips you would expect from a regional travel guide – information about lodgings, food, transport – as well as descriptions of popular hiking trails, bike paths, hot springs and kayaking routes. Yet it goes much deeper, sharing local tips that most guidebooks would overlook, such as the best places to find Japanese floats, tidal pools and patches of untouched old growth forest, or how to tell the difference between wild and farmed salmon. It also includes lots of interesting information about the local indigenous population, the Nuu-cha-nulth Nations, and the positive impact conservation has had on the island community. For me personally, reading this guide brought back great memories of many summers spent kayaking and hiking around Vancouver Island. It is truly a magical place. Somehow I never landed in Torfino and now I’m sorry I missed it!I would highly recommend this guide to anyone interested in learning more about the indigenous cultures and natural beauty of Vancouver Island and Torfino, or looking for a great place to get back to nature and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

  • Leslie Barrett
    2019-04-16 04:53

    I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.And what I have to say is... I love it!I had never heard of Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia before receiving this travel guide. And I am not an outdoorsy person, although now I wish I was. Reading this guide was like exploring an alternate universe. I live in a busy suburb north of Ann Arbor, Michigan. While we have lakes and parks and many areas to visit in Michigan... there is a certain allure to consider living in a place like Tofino. In another life, I would like to live there. And be a surfer and know how to fillet wild salmon... and be adventurous and wear flannel... and know all the locals. Sigh. It tugs at my heartstrings.As a licensed Zumba instructor, I do have to say I really enjoyed #49 in the list of 251 things to do!The book was fun to read, and broken up into great sections. I really enjoyed the personal stories toward the back of the book, from various locals, who shared what they would do if given ONE day in Tuff.Maybe someday my family and I can visit...

  • Lana Kortchik
    2019-03-29 04:36

    I've never heard about Tofino until I came across this book but now I know dozens of useful facts about it! For example, I know it's home to the first ever tribal park and even what a tribal park is. And forget the sharks - you should never mess with the orcas! This book was so much fun, it made me wish I could pack my bags and hop on the plane to Canada right away. It's definitely one of the best travel books I've read, filled with many fascinating details and useful information for any traveler.The book is well-written and the authors' love for Tofino is evident on every page. The book has a joyous vibe to it and I imagine the town would, too. Although I've never been there, I have a feeling that the book has captured the spirit of Tofino perfectly. A must read for anyone planning a holiday in Canada!Tofino does sound amazing, with breath-taking spots to visit and untouched nature to explore. I am definitely adding this small town to my list of destinations.

  • Carole P. Roman
    2019-04-10 08:36

    When I grow up, I want to live in Tofino. This a a love letter written by the mayor of the small town in Vancouver Island about her home. Though it sounds like a sun-drenched Italian resort, it it really a small island in British Columbia. Kait Fennel leaves no stone unturned in her vivid and thorough descriptions. A surfers paradise, it is filled with Native American history, and well as a natural wonderland for people see enjoy animals doing what they do best. She includes highlights, activities for young and old as well as charming snippets for the areas inhabitants. This is a wonderful slice of life in a beautiful place, where people are proud to share their heritage as well as their hospitality. I received a copy of this book for an honest review, but now I think I honestly want to bring my grandkids there for a visit!

  • Kelly Moore
    2019-04-02 10:57

    I love history and traveling and this would have been an awesome book to have when I lived as a traveling nurse up in Washington. I was not very far from Tofino. If I had this book I would have definitely loved to go hiking there. This book gives great detail on the history and the people that currently live there from the dog walker, sushi bar owner, barista, pharmacist, and the guy that took a two-week vacation there and never left. What a great story. I am an avid hiker and feel like I missed a real treasure and I would have visited all the local dives that were mentioned. I love that they care about their environment so much. Out of the 251 things to do, I absolutely love number 251.I highly recommend this book to anyone visiting the area or history buffs. Things to add to your bucket list.

  • Kellyn Roth
    2019-04-16 10:53

    If you've ever been to Tofino, ever intend to go to Tofino, or just like going on vacations and don't know where to go, then get this book. You will know everything you ever needed to know about Tofino from weather to what clothes to bring to history to how to talk like a native ... and, of course, 251 things to do while there! :)Besides being highly informative, it's also entertaining, written in an engaging writing style. It's easy to navigate and well put-together.Read the full review here!~Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

  • Martin Perks
    2019-04-09 07:43

    I don’t normally read non fiction books like these, and coming from the UK, I’d never actually heard of Tofino. To find out about it from this book, made me want to book a holiday straight away. I didn’t know Canada had a surfing Mecca. The author has a great love of the place, and it’s easy to see why. From the photos and the text of the many things to do there, proved to me anyone going there would never be bored, and would certainly fall in love with the place. It’s a different world from the one I live in in England, and it’s a place I’d love to explore. If this doesn’t get Tofino zillions more visitors nothing will. Not sure I’d know what to do if I faced one of the bears though!!!

  • L.C. Perry
    2019-04-09 07:47

    Let me start off by saying that reading this guide made me want to hop on a plane and visit Tolfino myself. The author was super resourceful and also added a sense of humor as well. I enjoyed reading about how to act like a local, ways of transportation and the kind of killer whales swimming nearby. It's packed with so many different kinds of information that I felt any question I could think of would have been covered fully by this guide. The personal notes from the people that live there was also very satisfying to read. I often viewed guides as boring but this book went above and beyond and gave me a whole different perspective. Very interesting!

  • KayeC Jones
    2019-04-21 04:53

    Easy to read, great humor and well drafted, this travel book is great.This covers everything you need in a travel guide: a brief history, climate, info on whales and salmon, explanations of the local occurrences ("Why does the Sea Sparkle At Night?"), wildlife tips, directional navigation, transportation, local culture explanations and all the types of entertainment you can find in Tofino.And each thing on the list is a great idea. You'll definitely have to extend you stay or come back several times in order to do everything on that list!My favorite part are all the random tidbits she gives the reader so you can mingle with the locals like a pro.

  • Juliet Aharoni
    2019-04-08 03:28

    I found this book to be very informative. I'd never heard of Tofino so I was thrilled to discover this unknown area. The author jammed everything about Tofino into her book. I learnt that one could also marry there and where to park your car. The people I met on my journey fascinated me. Readers, who have never been to ToFino, will be enlightened by all the information.I recommend.

  • Laura Emery
    2019-04-04 04:30

    A great fun guide to this area I was previously unfamiliar with. Am planning a trip up north this summer and truly enjoyed getting to know this are through this wonderful book. It is well organized and easy to navigate with useful phone numbers and information. O loved all the letters near the end of the book which had locals telling their own personal experiences with the town.

  • Melissa Copeland
    2019-04-07 10:40

    I was asked by the author to provide an honest review of this book.I will go ahead and confess from the start: Travel books are not a genre I have a lot of familiarity with. I read a Frommer’s once? Other than that, I typically resign myself to tourist brochures. That being said, I’ve seen this title making the rounds on my feed. Right off the bat, we get a warning: Don’t mess with Orcas!Ya know, as you do.You can tell this book was written with much love and deep respect for Tofino. I dig that. You don’t get that same vibe from something like Frommer’s.As the title indicates, there are 251 things. Here are a few that caught my attention:The sea sparkles at night in Tofino.What to do if you encounter a bear, wolf, or cougar: Peeing your pants/apologizing to no one in particular that you let Bobby Carter take the blame for that time you stole Mrs. Brown’s pencil sharpener in 1st grade was NOT the answer, apparently. Guess who’s probably returning to the food phase in the circle of life if wild predators show up?There is also a nude beach. The fresh water stream there "tastes great". I have concerns.The book also provides several local narratives of life in Tofino from artists and business owners, each giving their own suggestions of where they would go if they only had a day to spend in Tofino. This was a really nice touch. Tofino (Tuh-fino, dude!) sounds like a lovely place to visit. I might just take myself a little vacay (as soon as I find out when bear hibernation begins). As ratings go, I give this book 5 stars. Again, travel books aren’t something I’m accustomed to reading on the regular, but this book does everything I think a travel book should: it provided a compelling list of activities, described local customs, and was structured/written very well.

  • Joe Turk
    2019-04-16 10:55

    I love books like this; full of interesting trivia and written by someone who obviously loves what they are writing about. 251 things to do is full of historical anecdotes, (I liked the tuff city story and the First Nation background), fun details about local flora and fauna, (I honestly didn’t know killer whales were the top ocean predator), funny tips for fitting in (don’t grocery shop in your wetsuit), campground locations, an event calendar, (Oyster festival sounded fun), and of course, a huge list of things to do and details on how to get there. (And how much money you should bring, if any is required) There is also a fascinating section of the book where local residents, artisans, and local business people tell you what they’d do if they had ONE day in town. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that in a guidebook before, but it’s a great idea. Imagine walking up to a local and asking ‘what’s your favorite place to eat in this town.” That’s what this is. It’s a collection of recommendations from the people that live there. I liked ‘Crazy Ron’s’ page.The graphic design is eye-catching, the layout is easy to navigate, the guide is eco-friendly, and there’s a ton of content about the area. I knew nothing about Tofino when I picked up this book, but now I feel like I need to hurry up and take a trip. (And I’ll know to bring a headlamp!) The “Radar Hill hike”, “Bonfires, smores, and spider dogs”, “Hot springs Cove”, “Whale watching”, “Squid fishing at night”, “Tough City Sushi”, and “chowder tasting competition” were at the top of my list. For readers who are headed to Tofino for vacation (or to live permanently) and want a guidebook written by someone who deeply loves the area, I can’t imagine a better guide.

  • Simon Campbell
    2019-04-07 05:31

    Tofino - the answer to the riddle; what do glaciers, nude beaches, banana slugs and 'Twilight' have in common?Halfway through this book you realise that this is much more than a 'to do' guide, there's all of the info about the local flora and fauna and the history of the indigenous Nuu-chah-nulth you'd expect to find in a Lonely Planet but this is less a travel guide and more a genre I didn't know existed; this is the autobiography of a community rather than an individual; a community filled with foodies, surfers, environmentalists and artists, with a few locals who wouldn't seem out of place in an episode of Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure (the person who is a lighthouse keeper and writer has my dream job!).You quickly get to feel like you know almost everyone in town through a series of love letters written by the residents; a melting pot of the indigenous Ahousaht and Tla-o-qui-aht and those who moved in from elsewhere looking for a new life (rather than just moving their old life to a new location) at 'the edge of the world'. I guess they might have to get used to their community growing, thanks to this book. Currently Canada's prime surfing destination, eco-tourism seems to be the future for Tofino and its residents are keen conservationists who have inherited the First Nations' deep connection with the wilderness (and their willingness to share their landscape (not to mention their history, culture and sense of humour) with visitors from around the world). If you like the idea of whale watching or bear watching (but given the amount of great food, probably not weight watching) then Tofino is the place for you.

  • Patty Pieczka
    2019-04-09 08:39

    I love books that teach me something, books that open doors to the unexplored and leave me better than they found me. 251 Things To Do In Tofino was such a book. Contrary to what I expected, this is not just another travel book. Kait Fennell's enthusiasm for Tofino is contagious, as she paints a picture of a pristine and remote area where locals and indigenous people live in harmony, sharing their cultures, traditions and humor. From art to restaurants, from bear watching to surfing, she charts out activities from the most strenuous to the least, so everyone can find something they'd love to do. I was intrigued by her descriptions of rugged and remote uncharted hiking trails that only the locals know about. Throughout the book, we hear voices of many people who live there, people who respect and love the land. Kait makes the reader want to drive up to Canada and spend some time taking and beauty of Tofino.

  • Anthony Stancomb
    2019-04-02 04:36

    The book is basically a guide to Tofino ( a place I’d never heard of), and written with a light touch and huge enthusiasm, it’s a pleasure to read. Instead of the usual list of all the things you can do and see, you get introduced to the residents, see their hang-outs, and savour the daily life of the village. You also get all the information about what to do and see, but by the time you come to the end of the book, you feel you could turn up in the village and feel sufficiently at home to be able to take part the daily round.This is something of an achievement, and I can’t think of another book that has done this.I, too, write books about the place where I live (an island) which has a winter population of 2000 that grows to several thousand in the summer, and I learned a lot from ‘251 Things…’Congratulations to the author for having created such a sparkling oeuvre.

  • M.J. Webb
    2019-04-10 08:44

    As tourist' guides go, this book is about as fun-packed and comprehensive as you get. It contains everything you want to know about Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. And it's written in such an enthusiastic way, that five minutes after reading this, you'll be packing your bags !Rarely do you find such complete information at your fingertips, or this book covers everything from the history and geography, to seasonal variations, things to see and do, what not to do, dining, surfing, weather, what to wear, the indigenous people, how to fit in with the locals, beaches, hiking, shopping..... The knowledge and passion of the author comes shining through. It really is a well thought out, thorough, professional package.Looking for a different type of vacation ? Look no further.

  • Greg Jolley
    2019-03-21 11:52

    What Ms. Fennell has accomplished with 251 Things To Do In Tofino is a wonderful blend of information for visitors and a sparkling, colorful introduction to many of the fine characters and players in the little, festive community. She has, in effect, opened up a new world to many and extended a warm and cheerful welcome. The book is full of well drawn details of all there’s to do in Tofino, shared with both wit and charm. This is an excellent welcoming book to a unique and friendly place and way of life, that’s surely going to tempt many to load up wetsuits and boards and head on over.

  • Ana Meyer
    2019-03-30 10:39

    I had never even heard of ToFino before this book but my desire to travel more drew me to grab a copy. I enjoyed reading through this so much and learning more about ToFino. Hoenstly is the most enjoyable travel book that I have read recently. I think it is partially becaue the kid in me enjoyed the visual aids in it. Colorful and entertaining it made most other travel books seem lame. I seriously want to visit now and check out all the fun things ToFino has to offer, even the surfing ;) Check it out and find a great new vacation destination.

  • Johannes Jacobs
    2019-04-09 05:35

    Informative, detailed and concise Tofino seemed like a wonderful place go to relax and be active. I'm on my way there now and this book was a Godsend. With so much to do and wonderful people and place to see and meet, I might just never leave. Well done to the Author of the book; "251 Things to Do in Tofino" is a must read for anyone who is going there or needs a great place to go.