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Resuscitated after he drowns and dies in a flood, David Flint discovers he has returned from the other side with an uncanny ability: He can “jump” into people’s bodies and minds, and control their thoughts and actions.David believes it's a gift, and wants to use it to help people. Then four members of a ruthless drug ring savagely attack his fiancée and leave her in a comaResuscitated after he drowns and dies in a flood, David Flint discovers he has returned from the other side with an uncanny ability: He can “jump” into people’s bodies and minds, and control their thoughts and actions.David believes it's a gift, and wants to use it to help people. Then four members of a ruthless drug ring savagely attack his fiancée and leave her in a coma, and David tries to use his new power to destroy the whole ring. But the ringleader, a voodoo priest known as the Zombie Master, is a formidable man with a deadly secret: He has the same incredible ability as David.When the two human marionette masters clash in a brutal bloody showdown, using the ring’s members as their puppets, David discovers he’s battling for much more than his life—he’s fighting to rid the world of an evil human abomination.Marionettes illuminates the greatest achievements of the human spirit and the darkest corridors of our minds, and answers the age-old question: What are the consequences of absolute power?...

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Marionettes Reviews

  • Sherry Fundin
    2019-02-19 18:38

    The creepy cover of Marionettes by Kerry Alan Denney hints at the story inside. This supernatural thriller has enough twists and turns to keep me reading and marveling at the thought provoking scenarios David is forced to work through as he battles the evil lurking around every corner.David Flint awoke in a hospital bed, confused and struggling to remember what happened. All he could think was WTH is going on. Have you ever had an out of body experience? David Flint has, but it goes so much further than that…he is the Marionette Man. He can mind jump. He not only knows what people think and feel, but he can control their actions.I loved the scene in the hospital with the junkie. I wonder if I would have done the same…or worse, but you will have to read the book to find out more.The Marionettes takes place in Gulfport, Mississippi, a place I know very well. In fact I just returned from a trip there on Tuesday. I know the devastation of a hurricane, which is what killed David Flint. His wife had died in a senseless accident some time before but her family still welcomed him with open arms. Eleana, his mother-in-law, is a hurricane force of her own, giving and well intentioned. Benny, his father-in-law, has a funny streak and is quite the comic, but can be counted on when needed. Shaina, his sister-in-law, has always been in love with him, yet she is determined to be his best friend, if that is what he needs to recover from Karin’s loss. She suffers from Karin’s loss too. She is quite the character and I wonder what their relationship will be.When David Flint pisses off the wrong guy who is capable of so much more than David, I wonder how he could come out of this alive. The evil grows and challenges every resource he has.I chuckled at the shower scene…and it’s 5 0’clock somewhere, so if David’s having a beer, I don’t want him to drink alone…so CHEERS.What would be the repercussions of mind jumping? What moral and ethical dilemmas would arise? Maybe some secrets are best kept.Marionettes makes me ask the question, “How far would I go to save the ones I love?”I haven’t read a story quite like Marionettes and I love it. Kerry Alan Denney’s imagination and creative writing lend the story a sense of reality and brought mind jumping to life as I wondered if I would be able to follow the straight and narrow or would I bend the rules for my own personal gain? As David deals with his demons Kerry Alan Denny gives me food for thought and I feel the questions will linger long after I finish readingI will be checking out more of Kerry Alan Denney’s award winning work and I look forward to taking another fantastic adventure through the pages with him.I received a copy of Marionettes by Kerry Alan Denney in return for an honest review.To see more visit

  • Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)
    2019-02-14 22:39

    This was a very interesting and unique read. It brings a lot of questions to mind, from the very beginning, and has you wondering what you would do. As soon as our main character gained his ability, I was pulled into the story, with his intentions to help others. We all knew that his best intentions would never go completely to plan. Life doesn't go that way, but I really enjoyed reading along as the main character approached different issues, both in and out of his own life. It's when the issues hit directly home that he starts to question just how far he can and will go with his power. It was very interesting to read along as the main character evolved and became a deeper person. We got to know lots of detail about him and his way of thinking, which was perfect because it made understanding his different thoughts and actions easy, so easy it felt as though you were with him. I liked the pace of the story. it was exciting, yet still gave you lots of detail and time to think about things, with a subject that could be discussed for ages - control. I liked that we were given time to question things and what we would do ourselves, yet we were still thrown right into the action. Overall a really good read. I thought it was unique and enjoyable, and look forward to reading more from this author. **I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)
    2019-02-16 22:47

    Marionettes had a great premise, but the execution wasn’t the best. The power to leap from person to person’s mind – to control and to know them – is awesome. The directions this book could have went? Fantastic. The book failed to live up the potential. The writing itself wasn’t bad. There were few spelling or punctuation errors. Some of the characters were memorable and fun. The action really is non-stop. Basically, all the window dressing was perfectly fine, but the core of the book needs a little more work.There were two main problems with Marionettes. The first one is that basically every single important event was telegraphed. Every one of them. You were basically told “This is going to be important later”. There was no real mystery, no suspense. There was maybe one thing that wasn’t revealed from the outset. You were told everything that was important before you could even wonder if it was or not. In every book I’ve read where something like this has gone on, the result has been the same – I did not like the book. I do not like – I don’t think many readers do – being spoon fed every piece of information and hardly being given anything to speculate or wonder about. It just doesn’t work out well.The second problem is that it just wasn’t believable – and I’m not talking about the premise. The main character did go through some pain in the beginning, but beyond bad dreams doesn’t really seem to be appreciably affected. He wakes up with a superpower, then has smoking hot women falling over him left and right. He always manages to escape in the nick of time. Who barely thinks twice about cheating on the woman he supposedly loves, and walks away with only a mildly guilty conscience. No one is that lucky, super-power or no. He just never really felt like a ‘real’ character to me.Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Denise
    2019-02-01 16:43

    ** I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.**Where do I start? This book blew me away with the creativity. 'Marionettes' was full of action, suspense, mystery and some very cool body hopping. The way the storyline played out held my attention and kept me on the edge. I loved the Destin, Fl. reference (being that I live close to it.) The characters were amazing. David was one lucky dude. He survived through more devastation than any one person should endure. His laid back demeanor was very fitting for his personality. I liked his determination and his tenacity. Shaina was a force to be reckoned with. Though tough on the exterior, she was so loving and also determined when it comes to what she wants. Dana was a straight up bad-ass. I understood her reasoning and could see how she was proof that revenge can take over everything you cherish. Yet, she was still quite the mystery. I loved how the story ended. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read.

  • C.T. Phipps
    2019-01-27 21:40

    Marionettes is equal parts The Equalizer and X-Men with the protagonist, David Flint gaining the ability to possess people after almost dying in a flood. His near-death experience provides him not only the ability to enter other people’s bodies but gain a superhuman comprehension of their minds, beliefs, and pasts. Much like the protagonist of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, he decides to put these abilities to use after events conspire to confront him with the evils of the world around him.David is a somewhat 80s action-hero-esque sort of person in terms of morality with an unflinching sense of righteousness and brutal willingness to dole out revenge on those who have committed criminal acts. Kerry Alan Denney is uninterested in getting into the nuances of what drove the criminals David faces to their chosen acts, despite the fact he literally walks miles in their shoes, but instead has the protagonist neatly divide the world into two categories: good and evil.The criminals in this novel are absolute scumbags with no redeeming qualities. This ranges from the sleazy used car salesman who David terrifies shitless to the murderous rapist drug-dealers who visit his new girlfriend’s house to the supernaturally-enhanced Voodoo-using drug kingpin who serves as the central antagonist for the latter half of the book. While this is something of a missed opportunity given the powers of empathy which his abilities might bestow, I don’t begrudge the author for writing psychic Dirty Harry. Quite the opposite I found the book to extremely entertaining.Nevertheless, I actually found the non-adventure portions of the book to be the most interesting. I enjoyed reading about David as he struggled to master his newfound abilities and figuring out how to use such an invasive ability as possession for good. I also enjoyed David coping with the death of his wife, which happened before his accident, and discovering details about it which he hadn’t known before. While something of a plot device, I really enjoyed David’s new girlfriend as well.Shaina is a character who, initially, comes off as something of a fantasy being the sister of his dead wife and absolutely throwing herself at David. The fact she’s a sexy, exuberant blonde also makes it seem a little cliche. However, Kerry nicely subverts the narrative by pointing out she’s a deeply unhappy woman with severe issues (a drug problem in this case) who is trying to hang onto the one stable element in her life the only way she knows how. It transforms a character who could have been a rather one note love-interest into a well-rounded, three-dimensional character.The supporting cast in the novel is believable, and there are some very interesting subplots which emerge from regular human drama. I especially liked David’s in-laws, who are trying to deal with the fact that their son-in-law is one of their few family left, but he wants nothing to do with them due to guilt. I also loved the story involving David’s friend Pete who has entered a guilt-ridden fugue following the death of David’s wife for reasons unknown to our hero.Readers should be warned that there is an assault and rape sequence roughly a third of the way through the book which sets up the event. The event is entirely off-screen but the attack’s effects are described, and the consequences dealt with for the entirety of the book. It is the event which motivates our protagonist to take his bloody revenge on the Cartel which results in them deciding to make an enemy of both him as well as his family.Marionettes is an enjoyable popcorn read with the kind of tough-but-still-everyman protagonists you don’t often see in fiction nowadays. I think it will appeal to many readers even if I don’t agree with all of the writing decisions. The book really wants you to see David as a hero, and he’s a likable enough fellow when he’s not forcing people to murder each other. But, hey, they were all assholes.9/10

  • Valicity Garris
    2019-02-18 16:42

    I think this book definitely has an intriguing concept but I don’t think it was put together the best way it could have been. Honestly, the book reads more like a rough draft than a final copy. And I don’t necessarily mean that as an insult to editing or grammar. Just what is this book about? Marionettes is a story about an ordinary man receiving extraordinary powers. David somewhat teeters the line of being a ‘zombie’ and being someone who experienced a medical miracle. After passing away, David is resurrected and now has the power to jump into other people’s heads or ‘consciousness’. In a way, he takes on their life and sees things from their perspective. What I thought was most interesting about the book was that David started off with the desire to use his powers for good but soon changes his mind and begins a path of revenge. I expected his character—for the sake of development—to experience the opposite. I thought he would desire to do bad at first but then learn to do good. Either way was fine with me and made for an interesting read. I think David was an easy-going character who offered detailed descriptions of his environment and situation. For someone who was brought back to life, he had a rather laid-back reaction to everything he experienced but, for his character, it was believable and somewhat realistic. The beginning of the story was probably Denney’s most powerful. The book opened by letting everyone know that David had died and been brought back to life. There wasn’t much build-up which allowed readers to jump right into the drama. What made me feel a bit conflicted about the story was the writing. Some parts were beautifully detailed, especially the character descriptions and what happened to David as he hopped from body to body. But other parts felt repetitive and confusing. There was a plus and a minus to diving straight into the story and I think what took away from it for me was that jumping right in didn’t leave much room for explaining what exactly was going on. I felt like I was figuring things out right alongside David whereas I normally like to have somewhat of an idea beyond the character’s awareness. That may be a matter of narration, however, since the book is narrated in first person rather than third. My last issue with the story was with David bouncing between minds. He jumped into the minds and bodies of people who were different races and genders from himself. That definitely made for great reading but sometimes it seemed like the characters fell into stiff racial stereotypes—like how the ‘big’ black woman had enormous breasts and went around singing gospel hymns about Jesus. I don’t know if this was meant to be a reflection of how David saw the world or how Denney sees the world. Nevertheless, it left a rather sour taste in my mouth. If you’re looking for a little violence and backstabbing drama, then this paranormal read is for you. I would definitely recommend it to science fiction fans and adult readers.*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

  • Harmony Kent
    2019-02-02 20:23

    I recieved a free mobi copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.David Flint drowns in Hurricane Holly. His resuscitation is seen as somewhat of a medical miracle. David comes back as much more than he went out with. He has a power: the ability to jump into other people's minds and take over their bodies. He's just a regular guy, with an about average mix of goodness versus badness. At first, he wants to use his newfound power for good, but soon uses it to get his revenge, and in the process, he walks a fine line. Which side will he come down on, once all the dust has settled?The book has a veritable soup filled with bits of romance, suspense, graphic violence, and supernatural abilities. However, the pacing does lag at times due to repetition, especially in the dialogue. I didn't particularly connect with any of the characters, and didn't care one way or the other what happened to them. I like the premise of ordinary people receiving extraordinary powers and the moral dilemmas this can produce. I think that readers of paranormal thrillers would like this book.

  • Constance McKee
    2019-02-09 20:48

    This book is a supernatural / paranormal thriller, which I read for a Decatur Book Festival panel I was to moderate. It's not a genre I typically read, so I was not expecting to like it, but I enjoyed it very much! Kerry Denney did a great job! First of all, the characters are very likable and realistic, despite the fact that several of them possess special powers. The plot moves at a crisp pace--it's definitely a page-turner--yet not at the expense of description and thoughtful reflection. The descriptions, of settings on the Gulf Coast that I know very well, were well-done and evocative. The book has a philosophical thread that examines issues of right and wrong and the meaning of life. This surprised me in a book that is a thriller, yet these threads were thoughtful and done with a deft hand. This is an enjoyable journey for readers of any genre. I look forward to reading more novels by Kerry Alan Denney.

  • Michael
    2019-02-19 20:35

    This is Denney’s best yet! In MARIONETTES, he presents readers with a wholly original take on the “Lazarus” sub-genre—the topic of what happens if someone is raised from the dead. In our protagonist, David, we see a complex man who is broken, lost, and mourning. He is given a power that can offer either salvation or a means for revenge. His captivating journey is as much about self-discovery as it is about practicing his newfound talent. As challenges mount, so does the suspense. The last fifty pages fly by with extreme action and insight. Such a cleverly balanced book, MARIONETTES is a captivating thriller that blends action, suspense, and heart. MARIONETTES is not to be missed;it's reality bending at it's best!

  • Seregon BookWorm
    2019-01-24 22:23

    I received this in exchange for an honest review. Caution: possible spoilers.A man wakes from dying (being brought back) and realizes he can get into other people's head, read their thoughts, and 'control' them if need be. Sure it's an abuse of power, but one can also stop someone from doing horrible things and keep them from happening, too. And before too long...oh what a tangled web we weave...What I like is the idea, the story arc, and how good intentions can go horribly, horribly wrong...What I didn't like was the subliminal message that abortion is wrong (the MC goes inside of a pregnant woman's mind, to see what it "felt like". And since he "felt" pregnant, he feels like he "knows" how wrong abortion!) -- No respect for the author's personal opinion trying to scold the public.

  • Micah Richards
    2019-02-15 23:32

    The talent of Kerry Alan Denny knows no boundaries. This is yet another fascinating work that leaves you wanting more! I love the supernatural power being bestowed on the everyday individual. It leaves you wondering what you might do with an amazing power if you were placed in, David's shoes. There are a couple of places where I felt the book was a touch slow, but so are parts of everyday life and conversation, yes. For me, this added an identifiable element of reality to this well written fictional work. These are the kind of signature marks that can only derive from brilliance. I would like to see a sequel to this book.

  • Reader's Hollow
    2019-02-02 16:37

    **We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**With the developing, and new, mental abilities that David has woken up to, he has a lot to understand and deal with. Think the Kilgrave from Jessica Jones, but it's someone with a conscience and there are others like him out there...I thought the ability that David woke up to was well crafted. We were given just a little bit of information at a time, and were able to understand his mind-walking talents alongside him. He did mention a few times how tempting it would be to abuse it, as well.Like a few of Kerry Denney's books in the past, it's an extraordinary ability handed off to very regular people. People who, in the grand scheme, aren't that special. They're just getting by and descent folks. With these new powers, they are able (and usually very willing) to take on the injustices of the world. Everything from the big, like mobsters and criminals, to the small, like that greasy used-car salesman you automatically hate.​The characters were solid enough, they were like I said, regular people who take on huge tasks. David was somewhat forced into his, and toed the line between good and evil at times, but generally kept to his character. None really changed, but their situations did.The pacing does lag sometimes with the dialogue, for me. Sometimes I felt the repeated information to be in the way of the story. But, every scene was carefully plotted out to give the reader something to chew on, which I liked.CONCLUSIONIt's always nice to see the good guys given a chance at taking on injustice. It's a good vs. evil, but at the same time, good people can be tempted. There's a blossoming romance, a love of animals, and an imaginative set of supernatural abilities that I think readers of paranormal thrillers will enjoy.

  • S.K. Gregory
    2019-01-25 17:47

    I was given an ARC of Marionettes for an honest review. David is brought back to life after drowning and soon discovers that he has developed a strange ability. He can jump into other people's bodies and control them.In the beginning David used his power for good, but like most 'superheroes' he soon uses the power to get revenge on a gang who attacked his fiancee. This was an interesting story. I loved the idea of a power like that, where you could do just about anything. It isn't your usual story and I thought David was a good character. It was well written and a real page turner. I would recommend this book.

  • Ramona Plant
    2019-01-31 17:48

    Amazing book !!!! I have read books from Kerry before and she delivers time after time. This book has a very unique concept that is execute perfectly. The plot is well thought through and has some really nice twists in it that you don't see coming. The pace is perfect and it is difficult to put the book down!David is a very likable character and is continuously developing in the story. He has a nice support of characters that make this story great. The enemy does not really surface much until the very end, but the actual journey there is what makes this so interesting.I have received this book from the author for an honest review, and very happy I read it!

  • Elizabeth Robbins
    2019-02-14 22:46

    What a wild ride! Marionettes is a seat-of-your-pants psychological mind bender! It operates on a wholly different level than your typical thriller, getting inside the heads of crazed hit men, innocent children, and wise muses. Every time something starts to make sense, Denney flips it on its head and changes direction. The surprise ending answers all of the reader's (and the characters') questions, and leaves you wondering...what if?

  • Barb McKinley
    2019-02-09 21:47

    PUPPETS ON A STRING.............This story is great. Denny has a great idea, but, this story, while good just didn't deliver the one-two knockout that it could have delivered. I believe that this book could have been scary beyond belief. The book starts out slow but picks up and has a much better ending

  • Kaila
    2019-02-23 23:53

    very enjoyable and i enjoy the freaky aspect of it. i liked it a lot

  • Kerry Denney
    2019-02-17 18:41