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Rosemary Laurey’s newest novel is a wickedly delicious tale of love, lust, and the otherworldly with a decidedly sexy twist...There Are Beings Worse Than Vampires...Vampire Toby Wise knows there is a spy in his organization. He thinks Laura Fox, the beautiful nurse who looks after the invalid founder of Connor Corp., is one. But Laura is no mere spy -- she’s a reporter outRosemary Laurey’s newest novel is a wickedly delicious tale of love, lust, and the otherworldly with a decidedly sexy twist...There Are Beings Worse Than Vampires...Vampire Toby Wise knows there is a spy in his organization. He thinks Laura Fox, the beautiful nurse who looks after the invalid founder of Connor Corp., is one. But Laura is no mere spy -- she’s a reporter out for a hot story. So when Toby receives a call for aid from a witch, Toby reluctantly involves Laura. There are sinister goings-on in Dark Falls, Oregon. A bloodthirsty beast of the night has been plaguing the town. As Toby struggles with his feelings for the irresistible Laura, she struggles to accept the alluring yet perilous world of the vampires. And as their attraction grows, so does the danger. For the prey they are hunting will prove to be a more deadly predator than either can imagine......

Title : Midnight Lover
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ISBN : 9780821779293
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 352 Pages
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Midnight Lover Reviews

  • PepperP0t
    2019-02-17 22:17

    I didn't like this book or this series but I didn't exactly dislike it either. Probably 1.5stars is best rating. This entry featured Toby & Laura to say more delves into why this was a bad book. 1) When there is a series of 5books - why recycle your own work?2) I finished this series because it was a gift (although now I'm wondering if my sister even likes me; especially since she made me promise to finish it).3) When writing both British & American characters - they don't speak the same english, keep it straight. I was confused when the american's couldn't stop speaking british english & british slang. 4) Romances need chemistry and there is more to chemistry than sex. I believe in falling fast but in a matter of hours each of the characters were irrevocably in love with the exact same character that was irrevocably in love with them??? (the half star was the sex scenes)5) Characters should be interesting on their own. Most of them had plenty of potential but not much follow thru. I forgot everything about it & them as soon as the book was done - not memorable at all. I had to re-open the book to find the character's names. 6) Sophmoric writing -- a page quota?7) Too often characters had information they shouldn't/couldn't/wouldn't. Causing confusion for both the characters and the reader. Those are all huge obstacles to overcome, so what was good? Hmm....the premise wasn't bad. It was quick - a good thing. The conceit of historic literary figures being modern day vamps, great possibilities. Other supernatural's being in the mix (witches, ghouls, etc) and the variety of vampires could be an interesting ongoing series. These things were great jumping off points -- too bad the series fell flat on its face and the possibilities unexplored. One thing is certain, I will run from anything else by this author.

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-02-22 15:08

    3.5 stars. I liked it. The writing and conversations have a spark.The author had me chuckling several times. I liked the way luck came into play to foil the bad guy on a few different occasions. I wasn’t expecting luck to be a helper, but it was nice. I also liked reading about Toby’s past. He was a slave in S. Carolina just before the Civil War. He still had scars on his back. He escaped his owner by hiding on a British ship which took him to England. He later became a vampire in England and eventually moved to Oregon. There wasn’t a lot of time spent on this back story, but it was a good addition to the story. This is book 5 in a series. I have only read this one book, and I enjoyed it without knowing about the others. Another reviewer claims these books are better when read in order.Story brief:Evil vampire Axel comes to town, Dark Falls, and feeds from and mind controls Granger Fox, the local newspaper owner. Axel forces Granger to ask his daughter Laura to get a job in Piet’s home to gather evidence against Piet, who is old and dying. Piet lives in the nearby town of Devil’s Elbow. Laura gets a job working as a nurse for Piet. Toby is a vampire who is staying at Piet’s home to sort out Piet’s business affairs. Adela, a witch, lives in Dark Falls and is a friend of Toby’s. Axel has a familiar, an evil creature called a chupacabra. This creature is killing animals in the town. The local people think Adela is responsible and threaten her. Other vampires and a ghoul become involved. Laura and Toby fall in love during all the craziness.Data:Story length: 330 pages. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 5. Length of sex scenes: 2 short scenes (1 page each) and 3 long scenes (7, 8 and 9 pages). Setting: current day Oregon. Copyright: 2007. Genre: paranormal romance.

  • Theresa
    2019-02-11 16:04

    Sigh! Why do the good series have to end so soon? I want another Forever Vampire!Toby Wise is house-sitting for Elizbeth Kyd in Devil's Elbow OR, keeping an eye on her invalid dad, Piet, while 'cleaning up' the financial records after Laran's 'hostile takeover'. But one of Piet's nurses, Laura Fox has a mission of her own. Forced on her by her dad's new 'friend' Axel.The complications multiply, brought on by Axel's violent determination to bend the humans to his will. Toby is confronted by the FBI, mind-controlled deputys and Chupacabras, handling it all with patience and tact. But his efforts to handle one little human just about does him in. Laura steals his heart as she runs frantically into danger to save her father.Help arrives from Elizabeth and her stepmother, Adela Whyte; our favorite frenchman: Etiene Larousliere and Vlad Tepes and his warriors. Laura surprises then all, earning Vlad's admiration as she follows in Elizabeth's footsteps in rescuing her father.Toby finally realizes what his male buddies have before: that you can't force your female to obey your commands. He learns to just love her (which he does very well) and try to keep her safe as helps her take on the world. I love the interaction of the vampires, especially Etiene's idiosyncrasies. And the way Laura takes down Axel is priceless. Favorite scene: Toby pranking the mob with the body of the dead Chupacabra after they burn down Adela's friend's house.

  • Michelle Nichols
    2019-02-09 19:58

    And again, such a good story. Seriously I love how these random romances spring up. "I'm hundreds of years old and am never going to find someone I'm interested in like that.... Ohhhh hello there....." After reading four of her books already I guess it's expected but it still makes me smile. Also twisting in a chupacabra into the story? Classic. Not something that would have been in a vampire novel but I liked it. :) I love the way that the characters from all of the books in the series are all twisted into each other's stories, it shows how well thought they all are. Although I must say that the story behind this book was very similar to the story of the ghouls. Really? This race of vampires just happens to always guilt trip only daughters about their fathers? A little too similar for my tastes but still a good story nonetheless.

  • Crystal
    2019-01-26 16:14

    Wow, did I get through this whole series? I guess I did, but I can't remember the ending because I kinda skimmed through it. Its hard to write fiction, it's harder to write from a POV that is not your own. I get that but for God sakes an editor should be able to catch these mistakes of Americans never being ever in Europe not talking like an English person. While this book did have many fewer "I see."'s there were still the obligitory exclaimation points. It just breaks the romance scenes for me. I equate the ! to shouting, ending on a high pitched tone, alarm. And don't even get me started on the nigger comment...

  • Maria
    2019-02-09 16:21

    Forever Vampires Series:1. Kiss Me Forever2. Love Me Forever3. Be Mine Forever4. Keep Me Forever5. Midnight Lover

  • Texas Book Lover
    2019-02-21 22:15

    3.75 stars. She ended this series on a high note compared to the last couple of books!

  • Khalia Hades
    2019-02-10 14:09

    What happened?! Why couldn't the previous books be as good as this one? My ass was laughing the entire not farts included.