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In the Midst—a place for those who die young—there are no rules except one.And Walker Callaghan, dead at seventeen, just broke it. She briefly revisited her earthly life . . . and the punishment is eternal. Longing for her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, Walker finds an ally in Cass, whose attraction to her is as alive as he is. “Life is short,” he tells her. “I’m bankinIn the Midst—a place for those who die young—there are no rules except one.And Walker Callaghan, dead at seventeen, just broke it. She briefly revisited her earthly life . . . and the punishment is eternal. Longing for her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, Walker finds an ally in Cass, whose attraction to her is as alive as he is. “Life is short,” he tells her. “I’m banking on eternity. With you.”In the second book of the Ascenders Saga, a realm-jumping journey takes Walker and Daniel back to life again when they search for something buried in history. They team with students from several other schools in the middle realm including a place for teens born with oddities. It’s home to the Claires . . . beautiful, ruthless, and quite dead seventeen-year-old quads who each have a different clairvoyant gift.Can Walker survive another adventure of an afterlife-time—or will she find herself on the downside of eternity?...

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Skypunch Reviews

  • Amber
    2019-02-24 14:55

    Skypunch by C.L. Gaber is a paranormal book with fantasy, mystery and ghosts. This is the 2nd book in the series and I definitely recommend reading the first book as this one starts right where book one leaves off. In the last book Daniel and Walker broke the one rule that they really weren't supposed to break and now have to suffer the consequences. Neither of them regret it because Bobby is now in the right place with all his brothers and sisters. The new principal which I found hilarious is basically a President that resigned we will call him Dick and he really acts like one decides to make examples out of them. After so long they are approached and offered opportunities by higher authorities that will put them in danger but offer them things that is hard to say no to. There's a lot that goes on in this book at close to 500 pages there are a lot of details and a lot of stories from other deceased teens. It took me a while to read this because for me there was so much to read and absorb I didn't want to fly through it. I took my time with it. I have to say still even in book two some of my favorite parts are with the stars that are mentioned that have passed. Freddie, David, Alan just to name a few were really hard for me to swallow as a fan. And even if I sound like a complete dork when I say this I don't care it made me so happy to read (yes in a fictional book even) that in the afterlife they are still doing what they loved on earth. I am really enjoying these books. I think they are different and unique and I am really enjoying them. 4 star rating.

  • Joy Corkery
    2019-02-04 20:59

    This post originally appeared here: want to write this review with minimal spoilers for the first book as I really feel that Skypunch should not be a standalone book (although, it does offer a good intro to the past). But, in order to proceed, I have to reveal that in the last book, Walker and boyfriend Daniel, broke the one ultimate rule, they travelled back to the living realm. Skypunch picks up from here and the reader finds them preparing for yet another trip back, this time, to find something hidden in history as part of a mission for the Higher Authority.This book was so full of suspense that I was at the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. There were so many twists and turns, many of which I certainly didn’t see coming. However, the biggest twist was that the story I was expecting to be told didn’t necessarily occur at all. Instead, Gaber leaves the reader hanging on a massive cliffhanger (spoiler alert: there will be a third book).So, what does Gaber present the reader with if the book doesn’t exactly follow true to the blurb? Well, we are introduced to a lot of new characters, some who were just written to be hated, and others who enter the heart from the first sentence of their bookish existence. Of course, we learn more about past characters who were only touched on before, including Bobby, the only annoying character in the book, in my opinion. We also learn more about the other schools present in the realm: ITT and Frederick Reardon. Believe me, these two places add a hell of a lot of excitement to this series.As this is a YA book, Gaber also includes a number of life lessons and themes important to this age group. We see that rules cannot just be broken and that there are consequences for everything. We also learn that friendships are precious and sometimes as good, if not better, than family. Certainly, in this case, as we see the bonding of friendships which cannot be broken. Again, as in Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed, these lessons are told naturally and not all in a preachy way.Overall, I loved this book and the series as a whole. Ascenders were the first books in a while where I was truly sucked in and, embarrassingly at 28 years of age, actually developed a book crush. Here’s hoping the next installment comes out sooner rather than later!I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Recipe Fairy
    2019-02-22 18:17

    The brilliant adventure continues! You definitely want to read the first book first, as this sequel picks up right where it left off. I am completely awed by this series, and this second book is as good as the first one! With all new characters, the intrigue keeps rolling out and the complexity of all the characters is just stunning! The storyline is absolutely original and unique, the dialogue is full and rounded and the descriptions of everything is point on and flawless! I just can't get over how intricate this story is! The emotions you feel for the characters and situations are so realistic and palpable they could be real people. I would definitely rate this series as some of the best books that I have ever read and I would recommend them to everybody- young or old! They desperately need to make these into movies- it'd be a chart-topping hit!

  • Pamela Sims
    2019-01-26 22:03

    There's not enough stars for this book!Rarely, if ever, does the second book in a series come close to being as good as the first....But, this book! New characters are introduced, some twists you won't see coming and the epic storyline continues. I would put this series in my top three favorites ever. One-click it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Tammy
    2019-02-06 19:58

    Oh how I LOVE this series!! Such an awesome story, that I just can't get enough of....CL Gaber writes one spectacular book! So need Book 3 ❤️❤️

  • Angelina Smith
    2019-02-19 16:13

    Ascenders: Skypunch is book 2 in the Ascenders saga by C.L. Gaber and is not a standalone.We first met Walker in Ascenders: High School, book 1, when she dies and finds herself in the Midst; a place where recently departed children go to continue developing before they move on. There she meets Daniel who takes her on a mission to search for a portal so he can return to the living realm and find his missing brother, Bobby, who is an Earth Bound Spirit.“The truth is simple. Since I’ve been gone - expired, dead, finito, over and out, a flatliner, gone, baby, gone - I’ve never felt more alive.” - WalkerAscenders: Skypunch immediately follows on from book 1. Walker and Daniel, along with Bobby, are back in their realm but must now wait to see what the consequences will be for what they did. The Higher Authority arrest them and they find themselves at the ITT, Institute for Troubled Teens, but they have the chance of getting out by returning to the living realm on a dangerous mission for the Higher Authority. We get to see characters return from book 1 but also meet new characters, including Cass who has his own plans for Walker. Will Walker and Daniel survive their next mission? Will they ever get the opportunity to just focus on being a family with Daniel’s siblings? What happened to Principal King who made a sacrifice for Walker and Daniel in book 1?“I can hardly remember not knowing you...wanting you...needing you...breathing you” - DanielAfter reading Ascenders: High School, I was looking forward to reading Ascenders: Skypunch as I love the whole concept/idea created by C.L. Gaber and I wanted to see where she took it to next. I wasn’t disappointed and again, C.L. Gaber has created a story that’s full of surprise, emotion, plot twists and creative characters. The descriptions used by C.L. Gaber make you feel like you’re right there and some scenes are film worthy. There are characters you love and some you hate but each one adds perfectly to the story. I loved the idea of using famous names for members of staff in book 1 and I’m so glad that C.L. Gaber does the same in this book. It takes skill to be able to intertwine reality with makebelieve.“I had to stop and stare at him for a second while something big dawned on me. This was how you created a family. You connected one dot at a time until the solid lines formed.” - WalkerC.L. Gaber waits until you’re ready for the expected and then hits you with the unexpected. The beginning of Ascenders: Skypunch feels like everything is finally settling down and you can see the love of the family that Walker and Daniel have created. Walker and Daniel return to school and you think life will go on but then the Higher Authority appear out of nowhere and you’re left wondering what’s going to happen to the family members who all need each other. The story then takes a dark and dramatic turn and C.L. Gaber just keeps on rolling out the unexpected time and time again. I did struggle with some parts, as I did with book 1, because they were too descriptive and I wanted to get on with the story. As I said in my first review, these don’t take away from the story and it’s the same with Ascenders: Skypunch.“This school welcomed teachers who chose to come here to pass on their vast life knowledge. It followed that the faculty here included the famous and infamous. It was fun to do a quick round of “Who’s Who” with them and fill in their last names, which were eye-poppers for sure.” - WalkerI would recommend the first two books of the Ascenders saga and next up is Ascenders: Omorrow, which is book 3 and also available.

  • Debi
    2019-02-17 15:18

    Ascenders: Skypunch (Ascenders Saga Book 2) by C.L. Gaber5 StarsBook two was just as fantastic as book one. This story picks right up where the first book ended. Daniel and Walker just returned from the living realm and are reunited with the family. Walker is fearful because they broke the only rule that is enforced in the midst by jumping realms and going back, what will their punishment be? Will anyone even know they did it?She finds out soon enough and it is devastating to say the least. She does all she can to make life somewhat easier for Daniel, but she doesn't even know where he is. The only way she's able to cope is when she is visited by a very alive Cass who gives her her own sort of realm jumping live tv, where she is able to get updates about her Mom. Cass loves Walker, and has plans of spending eternity with her.When a chance arises to escape the horrendous punishment they have been enduring, Daniel jumps all over it, much to Walker’s dismay once she realizes what he has done, but then a proposal is offered which will require Walker and Daniel to go back once again. Something is buried in history and the higher power wants it. They are teamed up with students from ITT and another school for teens that are born with oddities, which is where they meet the Claire's….they are dangerous 17 year old quadruplets each with their own gift.Everyone will be fighting to bring back this hidden item they call The Hiding, whoever actuality hands it to the powers that be will be granted their mission wish, and no one needs that wish granted more than Daniel.Oh much happening in this book, this review doesn't even cover half of it. I said it before on my first review, this author's imagination is amazing, and she packs in so much content and you never get lost, everything seems to make sense. I love the characters she has created and this story, I just can't say enough about it and I can not wait to read number three..Excellent Book!!!! Loved it!!

  • Kerry Baker
    2019-02-01 21:09

    Ascenders: Skypunch by C.L. Gaber is the second in the High school for the dead series. Still following the afterlives of Walker and Daniel this book follows immediately on from where the last one ended – they made it back to their realm somehow and now had to wait and see if any consequences would follow.“He told me you can’t die twice. What he showed me is that you can…. Die again and again, In your heart.”Walker is relieve to be back home again having managed to rescue the youngest Reid brother. And thanks to the heart breaking sacrifice from Dr King she also had Daniel back. But now that they were back were their troubles over? Or were they just beginning?’Callaghan, you’re the only one who could break me into a million pieces.’”Daniel keeps doing what he knows best – he protects those he loves. Even when the higher authority come knocking on their door, first to take them away and then to send them on what is possibly a suicide mission, he fights to keep Walker out of danger – even if it means sacrificing himself to do so. But the higher authorities have a different agenda, one that, no matter how hard he tries, he just cannot fight.“I felt my heart shatter into tiny pieces… I’d probably never see him again. I would never look no those eyes again, I would never touch his hand. I would never hear his voice.”Walker and Daniel decide to do the only thing they can do – they will fight and they will do it together. Even when more gets thrown their way they keep hope and they keep their trust in each other. Even when they can’t be sure if either of them will make it out the other side.“You fight for what you love.”This book was a fantastic follow up to the first of the series. It had me crying and rejoicing and I more than once found myself rushing through page after page to soak in more of the story. I am pleased this is a series I started on and I’m excited to read the third instalment.

  • Jenni Bishop
    2019-02-02 16:09

    CL Gaber is one excellent story teller as she will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat as you read her books. Putting the book down until the very end is not an option, as this series will pull you in and leave you wanting more. These books are definitely not standalone books. You need to read each of them in the correct order to fully understand all the world that CL has cleverly weaved in this story of Walker Callaghan. This book continues with the same characters we enjoyed in the first book, but there are many new introductions to some new FREAKy characters as well. This book picks right up from where book 1 finished off. The journey continues with Walker and Daniel realm jumping and after they have returned from their visit to the living realm they are sent to be punished. The conditions that they have to contend with will set your heart racing and will have you wanting to wreak havoc on those doling out their punishment. Walker and Daniel find themselves released from their confinement and slaves to a Higher Authority that needs them to return to the living realm to find something long buried. To refuse is not an option. Daniel and his family come face to face with their past in a way they never expected and the chaos that brings to them. I really enjoyed the growth of Walker and Daniel and their family and all of their friends. I particularly enjoy reading about all the celebrity faculty members and those of the Higher Authority and look forward to who we may meet next and their roles within the stories. There are many, many secrets within secrets in this wonderful world that will keep you captivated from book to book. This wonderfully written book will keep you entertained. You will find yourself smiling and laughing at their antics and rooting for them to overcome all terrible things that happen. The characters are goofy and fun, engaging and clever. I am looking to continuing the adventure with them in the next book.

  • April Epley
    2019-02-03 14:22

    I absolutely LOVED this book and am so very sad that it is over. I cannot wait for the next book in this saga!!! This book gets a raving 5 stars from me. If I could give it more I would!!!CL Gaber keeps you on the edge with her excellent story telling. You will start to think that you know what is going to happen and then Bam.... Plot Twist!! This book will suck you in and not let you go until you have completed it. It will leave you wanting more and begging to know what happens next! I am working so hard at not begging CL for more info!You will continue the journey with Daniel and Walker along with their friends (and enemies) right where book 1 left off. Do yourself a favor and pick up the first book and read it first, although it is not completely necessary. It will give you the background info that you will want to know.You will find out so much about so many in this book. I am dying to know more about Chronos and his amazing Freakiness. The Claires, grrrr, I very much so dislike them but they are so important to this book!!! Without them it would not be as interesting. Oh and I cannot even get going on Cass!!! The rivalry between Cass and Daniel is amazing. The Dream walking is wonderful!Now you will have to dive into this book to see what happens with Daniel and Walker after they made it back from the living realm in Book 1. Follow along with their trials and see how they were treated when they returned. Find out about their chaos as Daniel runs into his past. See what happens when Cass tries to help Walker with her mother. Join them on their journey to FREAK academy. There are so many amazing secrets in this book!!You will meet so many superstars in this series. I loved the star quality and wondering who I would meet next!!!Thank you so very much for your wonderful story CL!! I will be on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next!

  • Arien/Sloan
    2019-02-16 14:17

    Ascenders SkyPunch is the second book in this really well written YA series. Walker and Daniel have barely made it back from their great adventure when things start in this book. They achieved their goal, lost an ally, gained an unlikely one with Cass - who can see ghosts and tells Walker he will see her again and seemingly does. What does this all mean?The Reid family is all reunited now and things couldn't seem better. Until school assembly. In front of all to see Walker and Daniel are arrested for Crimes Against Eternity and taken to ITT - the Prison for those teens that are deemed worst of the worst and the Warden is known as the GF. Daniel gets thrown in the Hole and Walker is thrown in a cell next to the kid who made it possible for them to escape the "In Between" Realm to begin with. What will Walker do to keep Daniel safe and get him out of solitary? Can Daniel survive with his mind intact from all of this? What is this new mission that the Higher Authority has come up with that demands only these youth can achieve it?As Walker falls more deeply in love with Daniel and his family, can things ever be normal? And what about this growing crew of extended family and Cass? And this Team of kids that the Higher Authority is sending - the Claires that are gorgeous, ruthless, quads who each have a different clairvoyant gift, who keep lusting after Daniel and giving Walker a rough time. What more can a recently dead seventeen year handle?! I was emotionally drained in the beginning because of all the things Walker and Daniel have to go through but reading about how their love grows, it was hard to put the book down. I look forward to seeing what happens with Walker and Daniel. I give this book 5 stars.

  • Nancy J. Sandidge
    2019-01-26 17:03

    Title: Ascenders: Skypunch ( Ascenders Saga Book 2)Author: C.L. GaberStars: 5Holy moly talk about amazing!!! I am very rarely impressed with 2nd book in a series, but this book totally impressed me. Again, C.L. Gaber had me entranced with her writing. Each scene was vivid in my mind, and every emotion was felt. Skypunch punched in me the afterlife realm and the new places & people that are revealed in this book. Skypunch starts off right where Ascenders Book One left off. Walker and Daniel return from their realm jumping adventures. All seems to be back to normal till a new principal has taken over The Academy and calls an assembly of the students. This is where Walker & Daniel learn that there is consequences to their realm jump, eternity at ITT. The time spent here is a true test to the will and sanity of these two. Survival of the fittest and the smartest to the extreme at ITT. It's a place where the saying “enemy of my enemy is my friend” needs to apply to survive. Strategy and will gets Walker freed from ITT, but at a cost for Daniel. But then something from an unexpected source let's Daniel free, but with anything in this realm there are strings attached. What will it take to keep him free, and free for good? There is a mission at hand.  Opposites and alikes are assembled as they prepare for the biggest test of their existence. Characters from the past & present are introduced in this book. You learn more about everyone and what they are about. Some secrets are revealed and some connections you never thought are made. This book keeps you thinking and on your toes. I'm eagerly waiting for the next book!!! C.L. Gaber gives us the next book quickly, pretty please?!?!?!?!?!

  • Jean Martin
    2019-02-24 14:21

    Wow, Another five star book for C. L. Gaber. skypunch continues the story of Daniel and Walker. C.L. Gaber writes an amazing book in Ascenders and continues the tradition in Skypunch. Her plot is fresh, her characters are real and her descriptions are out of this world. I love the plot of the Ascenders series. I’m not usually a fan of Young Adult books because the parents of these high schoolers are usually non-existent. However, that is not the case in Skypunch. Walker and Daniel still have interactions with their parents and with other adults even though, in Walker’s case, she is dead and her mother is grieving. The relationships between parents and children is complex and complicated and Skypunch addresses these relationships in a real, down to earth way. I love being able to suspend my disbelief when I read a book and the very real relationships between Daniel, walker and the rest of the protagonists in Skypunch are really well developed. I can see the relationships developing and growing. the characters in skypunch are growing as well. I can see and feel their growth from Ascenders to Skypunch and look forward eagerly to the next book in the series. C.L. Gaber’s descriptions are very intricate and extremely well thought out. She paints every detail with care. I felt as if I actually were in the world of Skypunch. C.L. Gabers world is vivid and breathtaking. It is populated with a vast array of fabulous dead people. I find this really fun and sometimes really funny.In short, I really love Ms. Gaber’s writing and look forward to reading and reviewing her next book.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-24 14:23

    This story starts off right where book one ended. Our heroine, Walker Callaghan, gives us a quick review of what happened in book one, but it would be so much better for you, the reader, if you started with Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed. We get straight to the action when Daniel and Callaghan are captured and punished for their travels. This book introduces new characters, some very evil. However, many characters we met in book one have returned. Friendships are formed and tightened. Daniel Reid is once again our hero in this book and he continues to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. You can feel his pain. Luckily, Gaber writes in such a way that you can even feel Daniel’s strength and toughness. You can feel when he realizes he is not alone in this adventure usually called life. As much as book one was a light and easy read, book two is darker and a little more twisted. More heart pumping, more fear and more page turning surprises! “You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see. But you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel.”In book one, other schools were mentioned. In this book we get a closer look at a couple of them. ITT is the place that teenage spirits who were bad in real life end up. Freak U is the school for the spirits that are special either in mind or in physical abilities. Gaber has created quite the fantasy world that keeps me wanting more. I don’t want to stop. I can’t wait to read more in this series and anything else Gaber can dream up! Highly recommended!

  • Elizabeth Patch
    2019-02-08 17:16

    As the second book in the Ascenders series, Skypunch picks up straight where the previous story finished. There is only one rule in the Midst and Walker Callaghan just broke it. Living in a world designated for those who die young, Walker did the one thing she was told not to. Returning to the living realm to see her mother one last time means one thing: eternal punishment. With her rebel boyfriend, Daniel Reid, Walker is forced to comply with her new leader. But the mysterious Cass refuses to leave Walker alone, and their attraction feels alive more than anything Walker has ever experience. Cass wants an eternity with Walker and will stop at nothing to get it. The search for something buried deep in history takes Walker and Daniel on a realm-jumping journey. They need help and before long they have a new ally: the Claires. Living in the middle realm, each of these four beautiful and dead seventeen-year-olds offers a different clairvoyant gift. Will Walker continue to survive in the afterlife? Or will this adventure be the end of her eternity? Walker is such an amazing character. There is such a special thing between her and Daniel that I can't help but have a fangirl moment over their relationship. These characters are beyond amazing. There are so many impactful stories with the supporting characters. I have laughed, cried, and loved in this novel so far. There is just so much detail and power in this world that C.L. Gaber has created. It’s absolutely beautiful and i am once again left wanting more!

  • Sheri
    2019-02-24 19:20

    “Ascenders: Skypunch” by C.L. Gaber is the second book in the Ascenders series. This book continues the adventures of Walker Callahan and Daniel Reid in the Realm. They have returned from the living world after realm jumping, but now must face their punishment. Without giving too much away, they are given a deal by the Higher Authority. Will they fulfill the challenge or back out?This book continues with many of the characters we enjoyed in the first book, plus introduces some new characters also. I enjoyed the continued development of Walker, Daniel, and the Reid family. Also, their friends from the Academy such as Iz, Bertha, and Tosh. We are introduced to the students of Freak U. such as the Claires and Tor and revisited by the Wargo boys from ITT. I especially enjoy the special teachers, members of the Higher Authority, and other members of the faculties involved with the various schools.I loved that the second book picks up right where the first one left off. Keep this in mind and read the first book first. I’m sure it could be read as a standalone but would not be as suspenseful. The development of the characters and concept of the Realm is different and entertaining. The story is original and different. What a concept that teens who pass too soon have a chance to continue their stories. I was excited after the first book still am after reading the second book. I cannot wait to see where the story continues.

  • Sunday
    2019-02-03 19:05

    Ascenders: Skypunch by C.L. GaberFive StarsAscenders: Skypunch is the second book in the Ascenders Series by C.L. Gaber. This book picks up right where Ascenders: High School left off. It is best if you read this series in order to get the whole story. I was hoping the second book would be as good as the first and it didn't disappoint. Actually I think this book was even better. The storyline and characters are easily relatable. Teenagers will be teenagers even when they are dead. This story is the continuation of Walker and Daniel’s story. There is only one rule in the Midst, and they have broken it. They went back to the living world to get Daniel’s brother and although they made it back there will be consequences. They are sentenced to a new school called ITT, it’s a place where they send teens who break the rules. They meet new friends in their new school and find themselves traveling back to the living world with the quads to find something that they are not quite sure it is. A new boy, who has an interest in Walker is introduced. Will Cass catch Walker’s attention or will she stick by Daniel?The book is very well written, and flows from one point to the next seamlessly. I love the new characters the author has introduced in the second book. This series really has me hooked. I read it in one sitting and I can't wait to read book three.

  • Sandra Dawson
    2019-02-21 22:08

    Skypunch is book two in the Ascenders series by C.L Gaber. Ascenders is a young adult series about the adventures of a group of teens and their actions packed life alerter their death on earth. Book two gives more of a view from the darker side of the teen after life. With an inside look of the day to day life of life at ITT and an afterlife that isn't all flowers and sunshine which we found in the first book.Gaber made sure to expand on these little after life world she has created and I have to say I like. While we did get a few peaks of ITT in book one not much if anything was mentioned on but the freak school or Freak US. Also technically named Frederick Reardon school. This is where teens with unusual abilities go upon death. Believe me when I say you have to read it to believe where Gabers imagination took things. It's unbelievable. Book two has our heroic teens from book one back but with a different principal of questionable ethics in charge anything is bound to happen when he decided to create a team of our heroes a few criminals and a group of freaks what follows is the drama that kept me turning pages into the night. There is no doubt Gaber writes a great talent and cannot wait to see what revelations adventures and secrets book three will hold for our team of misfits and who all will make it through. In one word C.L. Gaber is Awesome!

  • Ashleigh
    2019-02-08 18:10

    The second book in the Ascenders series, Skypunch by C L Gaber picks up straight where the previous story finished. Written in first person, once again we follow Walker’s story as she struggles to navigate the afterlife, having been killed as a teenage. If you read the first book, Skypunch is a must read. Although not normally a genre I would choose, I can safely say this series has my full interest and attention; I can’t get enough!There is only one rule in the Midst and Walker Callaghan just broke it. Living in a world designated for those who die young, Walker did the one thing she was told not to. Returning to the living realm to see her mother one last time means one thing: eternal punishment. With her rebel boyfriend, Daniel Reid, Walker is forced to comply with her new leader. But the mysterious Cass refuses to leave Walker alone, and their attraction feels more alive than anything Walker has ever experience. Cass wants an eternity with Walker and will stop at nothing to get it. The search for something buried deep in history takes Walker and Daniel on a realm-jumping journey. They need help and before long they have a new ally: the Claires. Living in the middle realm, each of these four beautiful and very dead seventeen-year-olds offer a different clairvoyant gift. Will Walker continue to survve in the afterlife? Or will this adventure be the end of her eternity? Having completely fallen in love with the first book in the Ascenders series, I was super excited to get started on Skypunch. The end of the previous book left me with so many unanswered questions, so I was hopeful Skypunch would offer some answers. And while it did, it also create a whole load more! This book, like its predecessor, is a slow burn. It’s not a quick fix story, but a well-thought out, intricately planned adventure. It’s one of those books, and series, that takes you on a journey. Not only does it have a gripping, exciting and shocking plot, the author has created characters that I feel a real connection to. Walker is my kind of girl: strong, smart and fearless. Although she’s scared at times, she doesn’t let this stop her from doing what she thinks is right. She is a good person and despite everything she’s been through (she is dead after all!) she tries to remain good at heart. This is a fantastic contrast to both Daniel and Cass, who both have a rebellious streak! I’d fallen in love with Daniel in Ascenders, so seeing some of the things he went through in this book was heart breaking. As for Cass, what a character! Unsure about what to think of him for most of the book, I’m still split on whether I like his and Walker’s relationship. These three, plus some great supporting characters, make for a really fun read. Without giving too much away about the plot, Skypunch reveals just how big the universe the series is set in is. Forget everything you thought you new about the afterlife!Skypunch reads like a movie. I could picture everything so vividly all thanks to the author’s fantastic writing. I love this instalment just as much as the first and cannot wait for my next fix. Thanks to the author for such a fantastic read; I cannot recommend this series enough!

  • Cyndi Flores
    2019-02-19 15:11

    The sega continues!!!Daniel Reed is back, and swoon worthy! This is the 2nd book in the Assenders series, so make sure you read the first book prior to this one.Both are fantastic reads! Unique story line, about a after life realm for the "living dead" so teenagers go here after death. This picks up where book one left off, and is full of suspence and romance. I was shocked at the twists and turns, the characters are so well writen you will want to meet them in real life! ( maybe for hugs? Or a punch in their face?)You will get attached to these characters!!I loved this book, you see all the same characters from book one, and new ones too!!They learn the consequences of them going to the living realm, and are revealed in this book, you find out if Principle King is dead or alive.There are several characters that are up to no good too!You also get to learn about other parts of the realm they are in, all the good, bad, and ugly parts!This is now one of my favorite series! I read a lot so that is a fabulous thing!!!If you are looking for a Y/A read that will hook you in, get this series! If you read book one, you must read this!

  • Erin
    2019-02-23 17:59

    I give Ascenders: Skypunch (Ascenders Saga, book 2) by C.L. Gaber, 5 stars.This book may include spoilers of book 1.Walker Callaghan is dead. She has adjusted to that. But after a trip to the living realm, a trip that is strictly forbidden and illegal, she finds herself in a whole new world. Their wonderful principal is gone, replaced by someone who seemingly hates kids and is only out for himself. His first order of business is to send Walker and Daniel to ITT, the equivalent of prison for bad teens. Life here is horrible. Daniel is sent to solitary confinement and treated horribly. Walker is treated a little better, but only because the terrible warden wants something from her. She has no choice but to comply, both for her safety and Daniel’s. But it turns out this may be just the beginning.Turns out the higher authority wants them for another mission. Once again, they have little choice but to accept. And they will not be alone. There is a mixed group of their friends, and people from the other universities. They are sent to train both physically and mentally for this task. Of course there are ulterior motives of the higher powers. Their closest advisors warn them it is a suicide mission and the ones calling the orders don’t really care if the teens live or die. They just want the mission to be a success.There doesn’t seem to be much hope, but Walker, Daniel, and their friends know to enjoy what time they have and take it one day at a time. They are also determined to make this endeavor so much more successful then the higher powers ever dreamed of. But why do they have this feeling of impending doom?This series just keeps getting better. There is so much going on in this one book alone, you will never be bored. I just couldn’t put it down. In fact, I stayed up so late reading it, I was falling asleep with it in my hands. I never do that, I was just exhausted. That’s how good this book is.The cast of characters are amazing. You have the same group of friends and mentors from the previous book, but there have been so many more people added, both good and bad. And the teachers from all the schools are great! Every one of people in the story is written so well. And the events that happen, and keep happening! You will never be bored. This isn’t a book for just teens and young adults. I haven’t been a teen for such a long time and I can say that adults will definitely love this book. Pick this series up now!

  • Hannah
    2019-01-25 15:00

    4.25 starsThis suffered a bit from second book syndrome.It took place right after the ending of Ascenders, despite it being over a year since I've been in this world.I enjoyed the continued storyline with Walker and her dealing with her mother in the living realm.But... I didn't like the introduction of a love triangle with her, Daniel, and Cass.My only other complaint is nothing really happened in this one.We got introductions to new characters, including fleshing their individual stories a bit.Also, expanding the world beyond The Academy to other schools that exist in their realm.But that's it. Nothing else.I'm not sure when I'll pick up Omorrow, hopefully before the end of the year. I'm not sure.It did kinda leave off on a cliffhanger.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-18 18:56

    Amazing Storytelling! Skypunch starts where book one ended. I definitely recommend reading book one first. This book took me on an amazing journey from page one. This story is full of twists and turns and a bit darker than the first. I love Walker's growth as a person. The new characters introduced are well written and very interesting/likable (for me anyways ). I am absolutely in love with the way this author paints such a picture with her storytelling. This, so far, has been one of the best series I have read all year!!!!!

  • Chrissi
    2019-02-12 18:22

    So this book starts exactly where we left off in book 1. If you haven't read the first book Ascenders: High School for the Recently Departed, then put this down, and read it first!! This was even better than book 1! With more plot twists, turns, loopy loops and summersaults, this book will really have you trapped between its pages until you are spat out the other end! Get started with book 1 NOW!!!

  • Staci
    2019-01-27 18:20

    Unpredictable yet familiar...Life and the after such an amazing journey. So many unknowns startle us. It is comforting to find pieces stay reliably the same. Each has it's place in this giant puzzle. This story is so complex. Full of obstacles to surpass. Friends, Family and Foes. Discovering which each are. Can't wait to continue the adventure!

  • Bobbi Wagner
    2019-01-28 16:21

    Ascenders: Skypunch (Ascenders Saga) Volume 2 by C.L. Gaber is the second story in the Ascenders Saga series. This story is a continuation of Walker and Daniel's story. If you loved the first story, you will love this one. Once again, you will love how the author has created a story that will grab your attention from the first page forward. They will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of suspense and action. They will take you on a journey that you won't get enough of. Find out how their story continues!Walker Callaghan and Daniel Reid live in a world that is for those who die young. There is one rule that you do not break and Walker and Daniel has broken that rule. What will the consequences be? What will happen when she is forced to comply with the new leader, Cass? Cass is determined to have her no matter what, his attraction is real more real then anything. What will happen when Daniel and her go on a journey of finding something that is buried deep in history? What will happen when they team up with other students from different schools especially students with oddities. They have different clairvoyant gifts. Will they survive another adventure to life? Will she find herself going to the downside of eternity? Will love survive or will that be gone for eternity? This is my second story by C.L. Gaber and it won't be the last. C. L lives in Nevada with her husband, daughter and their dogs. She is also the co-author of Jex Malone with V.C. Stanley. Once again, this author has created a page turner that you will lose yourself in this story. You will have a hard time putting it down. The connection the characters have together make the story flow. All three characters are strong and will pull at your heart. Their journey will make you feel like you are there with them. You will find yourself relating to them. You will need to see what happens with them! I highly suggest this story as I know you will want to see what happens with them like I did.

  • Onnica (I Love Romantic Fiction blog)
    2019-02-18 18:01

    Epic read - really enjoyable. Packed with action and drama and a bit of romance too! It was inventive, it constantly evolved and I thoroughly enjoyed this original tale.

  • Jonathan Cody
    2019-02-13 21:55

    Great book. Did not see the twists that went with it. Definitely cannot wait to continue the journey.

  • Rebecca Waldron
    2019-01-28 16:20

    Loved, loved, loved!!!! When stories are so good, that you really don't care about small errors! Love the characters, even Eddie Wargo is growing on me... Yeah, crazy, right? On to book 3!!!

  • Gabriel Wollenburg
    2019-01-29 20:14

    Walker, Walker, Walker. Why you worry so much about what the boys think?You are smart, funny and so much better than them. Those boys are no good. You be you.