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I went to war, running away from myself. I came back in pieces to find out who I really was...It took me nearly ten years, two tours in Afghanistan and losing a leg to come to terms with who I really am.Two years after coming back from war, I can say that I’m finally content. I’m as fit as ever, my prosthetic leg allowing me the freedom to move and exercise as if nothing hI went to war, running away from myself. I came back in pieces to find out who I really was...It took me nearly ten years, two tours in Afghanistan and losing a leg to come to terms with who I really am.Two years after coming back from war, I can say that I’m finally content. I’m as fit as ever, my prosthetic leg allowing me the freedom to move and exercise as if nothing has changed. I own a small bakery in the centre of Cambridge, and I have a loyal circle of friends that I can always count on.And yet...Yet, there’s something missing. A part of me craves the intimacy, the deep connection to another human being. But another – bigger – part of me is terrified of letting anyone in.My internal conflict didn't stand a chance when I met Jay. He stormed through my defence walls like a hurricane, wrapping around me with gentle force until I had no choice but to surrender.Surrendering has never felt so good.Will Jay want to stay when he sees the real me? When he sees the nightmares and insecurities clawing at my soul? When he realises the burden I come with may be heavier than we both can carry?My name is Amir Gopal and this is my story.Author's Note: I did a ton of research about amputated limbs, soldiers, the military and, of course, baking. I read some heartbreaking stories, but I also read stories that inspired me and lifted my spirits when I felt stuck.I desperately wanted to do all these people justice. But at the same time, I wanted to show the softer side of the story, not focus on the initial battle to get your life back that nearly every veteran experiences coming back home.I really hope I succeeded showing the respect I feel for every single person who’s fought for their country.Cookies is a feel-good, happy book. It's a curl-on-the-sofa-on-a-rainy-Sunday-afternoon kinda book.I wanted to make people smile, and gush, and desperately want a brownie or five. Hopefully, I succeeded. Enjoy! xx...

Title : Cookies
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Cookies Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-02-16 16:37

    ~4.5~I loved this mostly feel-good story about a military vet cum bakery owner and college student falling in love. Cookies is slower paced and relationship focused, with two endearing and well-developed MCs. Because we get Amir's first-person POV, his insecurities and fears feel tangible and real. Amir lost his leg below the knee in Afghanistan and has burn and surgery scars all over his legs and torso. He still suffers from flashbacks (fire and loud noises are particular triggers) and doesn't let people get close. But meeting Jay changes everything. Jay, who is 22 to Amir's 28, is lighthearted and thoughtful; he has a willing smile for everyone. When Jay visits Amir's bakery, called Cookie's (yes, with an apostrophe; Amir was dubbed Cookie by his American comrades in the military because of his baking prowess), he can't stay away ... not from the salted caramel brownies and not from Amir. What really worked for me was the sexual tension, the element of hurt/comfort, and the low angst. Forget miscommunication. While Amir holds his feelings close, he never pushes Jay away. The men get along like a house on fire, and the chemistry between them is palpable. Jay doesn't care about Amir's physical imperfections. He adores Amir's body, prosthetic and all. There is a great cast of secondary characters in the story, including Shane, Amir's ex and doctor who runs a center for veterans with which Amir is involved; Greg, Amir's cocky best friends who has a year left on his military contract; Cedric, Jay's snarky, arrogant roommate (I just know there was something going on with Cedric we weren't seeing); and Flo, Amir's sweet four-legged girl who "works" at the center as a comfort dog. When Jay finds out the center for veterans is losing funding, he throws himself into organizing fundraisers and making the center more visible. Jay is such a amazing guy, no wonder Amir crawls out of his comfort zone to be the man Jay needs and deserves. The sexual chemistry between the men is scorching hot. This story is super steamy, just the way I like it. Throw in a lovely HEA, and you have yourself one very satisfied reader. My only complaint is that while the story is set in England, it doesn't read particularly British; the dialogue is very Americanized, which is a pet peeve of mine. Even so, that's a small issue. I'll be first in line for Shane and Greg's story!

  • Tanu Gill
    2019-02-24 16:44

    3.5 starsThe book was exactly how the author described it. It was a sappy, feel-good, low angst type of story. And even though I have enjoyed my fair share of such books, this one didn't much do it for me.First, the guy on the cover doesn't look too Indian. Second, the sappiness actually obstructed me from getting connected with the MCs. The relationship development was very repetitive and stagnant, no noticeable markings. The secondary characters other than Shane, Greg and Peter (to some extent) were completely forgettable. It just felt very superficial, in the sense that the emotions weren't delved into deeply enough.I had high hopes, and I am definitely going to see if there is a story for Greg and Shane--if only because I'm dying of curiosity--but this one was just so-so.

  • Barbara➰
    2019-02-11 18:35

    **Reread December 2017I decided to reread this because I needed something sweet and easy . I really like this book and like the two mc's together. Amir still annoyed me a bit this time but he's still a great hero. And I absolutely LOVE Jay. I'm sure I will reread this again from time to time. I'm still waiting on Shane and Greg's book...**Originally read November 2016****4.25 Cookie Stars**What a sweet, low angst and beautiful read! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. These two were so great together. Poor Amir...he's had such a rough time losing part of his leg and gaining multiple scars during his tours in the military. He suffered from flashbacks and PTSD which only added to his insecurities. But he was also strong. He made his way and became a successful person. He annoyed me a tad bit, at one point. But, he got his head out of his ass and came through.Oh Jay...what can I say. He was absolutely awesome. He never looked at Amir differently and loved him scars and all. He was patient, kind, beautiful...just amazing. I do wish we had his POV even though you don't really need it to know how much he loved Amir.So, yeah, we all love the hot MM sex scenes, right? While there were a few that were totally lust driven, I really enjoyed them all because you could feel the love between the two....the care they took with each other to SHOW in actions, not just words, how special the other was and how much he meant to him. It was actually MAKING LOVE and not just "sex" to get off. To me, these are way hotter than just the dirty quick, lust filled scenes.There's quite a few side characters that I really hope get books. I'm really interested in Greg and Shane...*hint, hint*. So, overall, a nice read to curl up with and enjoy on a lazy day. I'm looking forward to more.

  • Saioa
    2019-01-29 20:24

    Let me start saying that I loved this book!I had it on my kindle for weeks, but I wasn't until I read Dani's review that I decided to give it a try, and thank goodness I did! It's not a secret that I don't like full of angst stories. I'm of the opinion that we get enough of that in the news everyday so I try to avoid them as much as possible. This however, was not full of angst. At all. This was a sweet, slow-paced love story. Totally focused on Amir, his day-by-day and his journey to true love. Even though Amir and Jay become a couple fairly early, they really made me crave to hear those three little words. They made me root for them so badly. I don't think Amir was ever truly in love until he met Jay. But then again, he didn't really have the time before he enlisted and after it took him a while and someone special to be ready for it.I loved them both equally. Amir's struggle with his PTSD and his insecurities was heartbreaking. I needed Amir to be happy and Jay was just the man to make it possible. Jay's a sweetheart. Caring and gentle and brilliant. But mistreated too. He had no clue about how awesome he was until Amir arrived to show him. Amir might have had a hard time saying the actual words but he found a million different ways to show his devotion and Jay blossomed under his affection.I missed having Jay's pov tho, I think If I had had it I would have given this book 5 stars. A word of advice, stock up on sweets to treat yourself with if you decide to read this because I ended up craving cookies like nobody's business!Oh! and I would love for Freddie to have his own book too! Just saying ;)4.5*

  • BWT (Belen)
    2019-01-28 23:52

    This is a pretty low angst hurt/comfort insta-love romance that took a while to get it's sea legs. I found it a little slow in the beginning, but it gets a nice head of steam and chugs right along towards the end.There's not a lot of conflict (if you don't count Amir's jealous tendencies in the beginning), so beyond the romance there's not a lot driving the story. I loved Jay and Shane, but felt lukewarm about Amir. Though I did feel like the author did a good job expressing Amir's self-consciousness about his amputation and his struggle with PTSD and panic attacks. All in all, I felt like this had a lot of potential, and while it was sweet and soothing, like a warm cup of tea, I was hoping for something to blow me away and this just didn't hit that mark.One of the biggest things for me was that there were quite a few mistakes and typos, etc. that drove me nuts...then I read the big thank you at the end to the editor and proofreader. Awkward.Bottom line - ignore the errors and it's a nice, easy read with not much angst or conflict, some nice sexy times, and some good hurt/comfort.Advanced Review Galley copy of Cookies provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • .Lili.
    2019-02-02 19:39

    I really enjoyed this one. I was nervous, but this story hit all the points I was in the mood for:-Low angst-Hurt/Comfort-SteamyAmir, the owner of Cookie's, is instantly attracted to one of his customer's Jay. One day Amir gets brave and slips Jay his number. What ensues is a sweet, slice of life love story. My highlights:-Amir. I could tell that the author did her research about veterans and amputees. She did an excellent job expressing Amir's self-consciousness and his feelings regarding his injury.-Jay. He was such a lovable guy. He was sweet and loyal. He was perfect for Amir.-I also liked supporting cast. The added to the plot without overtaking it.-The sex scenes were hot and well written.-The story had a nice pace- a bit slow at first but doesn't take long to pick up.-The insta-love. Not always a fan- but I dug it here. I don't know it just gave the warm fuzzies. -The end was solid. ♥Why not 5 Stars? The editing. I am pretty easy about editing, but there were more than I was willing to overlook. A couple of inconsistencies and misspelled words and for that reason, I deducted a star. I do want to point out though that I received the ARC before it was published so these editing issues may have been fixed. All in all, this was a hit in my eyes. This book was just what my heart needed- a lovely story with great characters who get their happily ever after. 4 Stars.P.S. I'm assuming that some of the side characters will be getting their own spin-off books... At least I sincerely hope so! ARC kindly provided by the author to Gay Book Reviews in exchange of an honest review.

  • Nerea
    2019-02-14 15:35

    This book is like Romantic scene after romantic scene ♥ LOVELYThis is a simple plot love story; Amir is now living his dream to own a successful bakery, but he's still broken physically and emotionally after being in the army, so he really can´t find someone to really open his heart to. AND one day Jay, a cute student start coming to his shop and everything changes. He REALLY want to try and open to him.Their story is so cute and well written SPECIALLY ROMANTIC. Really, I was “AWWW-ing” in every chapter!The secondary characters have a lot of charm too! I really hope she writes about them in the future :_) - Cedric inclusive xD

  • Josy
    2019-02-05 20:26

    ~ 4.5 stars ~This book was exactly what the author promised: feel-good and happy. I was wondering how she would pull this off with the story following Amir who came back from war with PTSD and a prosthetic leg. But she did it. There was not much angst, a lot of communication between the MCs, and thankfully, no magic cure for Amir's struggles.This story is very relationship focused and not much is happening other than Amir's and Jay's day-to-day life and the endeavor to keep the Veteran Rehabilitation Centre going when it faces financial problems. But I liked this. There are also a lot of great secondary characters (I need Shane's and Greg's story right now!!!)The chemistry between Amir and Jay was amazing!! The first meeting, the first kiss... ~happy sigh~ And the sex scenes were super hot!At the end, I couldn't help but cry a little. There were so many feelings. Still, some things I didn't like so much:- at times the story felt a little too drawn-out,- the scene with the punting boat and Amir thinking they were doing something illegal was overkill IMO,- I was surprised when I read about Amir's Indian heritage - why isn't "the contrast between my dark skin and Jay’s white, nearly translucent one" visible on the cover?- The narration of the audiobook was good but the quality wasn't. Also, the narrator made some odd pauses. I don't know if the book was divided this way but it was really strange to listen to it sometimes.Read as part of my EuroPrideCon reading challenge: to read new-to-me-authors before the convention (

  • Gigi
    2019-02-17 15:27

    The blurb for this book is phenomenal. It promises a broken military man who is wounded physically and emotionally. The possibility for hurt/healing/comfort seems endless after Amir loses friends in Afghanistan and his leg.Unfortunately the emotional payoff was less than stellar. The author missed several opportunities to milk the emotions from Amir and his love interest Jay. And, honestly? Amir came off as a bit of a whiner. Woe is me, etc. etc.Another thing that turned me off to this book was how jealous and possessive Amir was of Jay. The two men hadn't even been on a date yet and Amir was already doing the growly thing about Jay being "his". He instantly hated Jay's roommate and judged his by his appearance alone, and he was very non-pc with his thoughts. Example, Amir's inner dialogue when Freddie tells him he's trying to watch what he eats: Freddie was stocky, no more than five-foot-nine, with broad shoulders and muscular thighs. I could understand why some people might mistake that for being fat.Ouch! And the plot? Pretty much non-existent. Nothing really happened here. It was just Amir and Jay going through their day-to-day lives without any external conflict to shake things up.I did like the sex here. It was hot and full of emotion, which is always a plus in my book. Amir and Jay were a bit insta-lovey, but not enough to push me over the edge. I also loved the idea of Amir coming home and following his dream of opening a bakery. Plus, he had a big lovable lug of a dog named Flo, but she spent 90% of her time in the care of others so we didn't see much of her.So, many missed opportunities for some juicy hurt/healing/comfort here, an inappropriate, whiny, not all that likeable hero and a plot that was dull but good sex and emotions. 50/50 love/hate.Recommended with caution because of the problems listed above.Galley copy of Cookies provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

  • Christelle
    2019-02-19 19:41

    It was sweet, so sweet, too sweet for me. I liked it and it was nice to read about this war veteran owning his bakery and growing very fond of one of his customer. It’s full of warm feelings and hot sex, no doubt, but…”sugar overload” for me :-(

  • Meep
    2019-02-17 22:43

    Serious issues were added to this 'feel-good' fluff-fest but not adequately dealt with. I couldn't get to grips with what nature of facility their centre is, offical or drop-in, but if it was at risk would like to think the main people would be fighting not taking a holiday. How characters approached things such as Amir's prosthetic didn't ring true, were inconsistent and often seemed rude. There's also a clear political message woven in here as regards military authority, out of place in something advertised as a light read to curl up with.Jay is all beautiful and troubled presumably by his own beauty. Amir is a mix of issues with PTSD thrown in like an after-thought.Going to be lazy and link to another review for a more detailed break-down - Elaine's Review covers all the issues I had with this.It gets 2* as it's not 'awful' I found it sweet enough up to 30% but by then it felt over-long and the story appeared all told, there was no reason to read on so I didn't.

  • Chris
    2019-01-25 23:48

    This was a sweet, low angst book that celebrates those who come home from war and continue with their lives and get up each morning regardless of their pain or fear. Really enjoyed this feel good story

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    2019-01-26 17:30

    This was a very pleasant afternoon read, but I think the story could have been pared down a bit more.3.5* rounded down due it being a little too long IMO.

  • Elaine White
    2019-02-19 15:31

    Book – CookiesAuthor – Teodora KostovaStar rating - ★★☆☆☆No. of Pages – 242Cover – Cute!POV – 1st person, past tense (with a slip of present in places)Would I read it again – No.Genre – LGBT, Romance, Military** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ***There will be spoilers ahead.*Sadly, this book just wasn't my cup of tea. I'd been really looking forward to it – a baker, who used to be in the army, and a story about finding love and himself in the process. It sounded great. The author added this to the blurb - “Cookies is a feel-good, happy book. It's a curl-on-the-sofa-on-a-rainy-Sunday-afternoon kinda book.I wanted to make people smile, and gush, and desperately want a brownie or five.”Unfortunately, I have to say it didn't work for me. Most of the baking was off page, with only one real scene of cookie making. I didn't feel good after reading it, I actually kind of mad and I had to spend literally all day trudging through it, because it felt so long. Not a curl up on an afternoon book.First off, I didn't actually bond or connect with either of the main characters. This was disappointing, since I'd previously read “Snowed In” by this author and really enjoyed it. But, insta-love has never really been something I've enjoyed and Amir was far too whiny and overprotective for my taste. Jay was sometimes femme, sometimes naive and all too pathetic, in comparison. They didn't fit well as a couple, in my opinion.I'm also not a fan of the way this story was told. It's LONG, like, really, really long, considering that nothing really happens. It's mostly about Jay and Amir hooking up, then about 60% in, you get a hint of plot when it comes to saving the centre. But, even when this could have been a really great, massive plot arc – entered about 20% in – it was mostly glossed over. Each of the “events” used to save the centre were less than a few pages, when it could have become a much bigger thing.I didn't like the introduction to Amir, either. We already know from the blurb that he's lost his leg and that he's an army vet, but I really don't think this is the most sensitive or considerate way to introduce his problems:“I'm an army veteran. I have nightmares plaguing my dreams. I sustained a nearly fatal injury because I was blown up by a bomb.”Not only is it a shocking way to be told of his issues, but the nightmares are never, ever mentioned again. Not once. I thought maybe they'd make an appearance when Jay spent the night, but it never happened. He reacted to a loud door slam, not a nightmare. They were completely ignored.I also think it's very rude to have Chris laughing it off, as though it means nothing. I get that they're talking about something else, but her reaction seems inconsistent and disproportionate to a conversation they have later, when Amir admits he's got PTSD. In which Chris acts wounded and concerned, guilty for bringing it up. But she doesn't mind making him admit he was nearly blown up?When it comes to Amir, I'm never quite sure what to think. He's a really strange character. Selfish more often than not, he doesn't take other people's feelings into consideration (shown when he doesn't ask if anyone can look after his dog at a moments notice, but expects it).“I wanted to encourage him to keep talking. I wanted to know more about his family, his life, but I was afraid he'd want me to reciprocate.”It was also really selfish of him to go into that burning building, at the end of the story, knowing that fire and flames are his trigger. It was reckless and dangerous of him to rush in like an idiot, just to save Jay, when he could easily have flagged down a firefighter and just TOLD someone that there were more people inside and where to find them. Instead, he put multiple lives at risk for his own ego, which could have gotten them all killed.In nearly every scene where Amir is at the bakery, he's always asking Chris to take over and for her to work more hours or whatever. There are very few scenes where he actually does real work or sends her home early. I also find it really strange that when he talks about the people he knows at the centre, he introduces Peter like this -“I loved Peter like a brother. He was on my team for two years, and we came back home together in pieces.”Now, you'd think this was the most important information about him, since it's being told first, right? Nope, at least two paragraphs later, we're then told that it was Peter who dragged Amir out of a burning building and saved his life. I'd imagine that would be the first thing out of Amir's thoughts/mouth, when trying to describe what Peter meant to him. But it's buried in amongst a description of all that Peter suffered.I didn't really like the way Amir was so jealous and over-protective about Jay, either. He was practically bordering on obsessive, sometimes, while being judgemental and egotistical at others. He had a cheek to tell Cedric not to judge him, because he judged ever previous partner Jay had ever been with for treating him terribly. Yet, Jay is a grown man and he has a voice. If he wanted to change things, it was within his power to. There was no implication that he wasn't capable of standing up for himself. It was a little petty. And the whole thing about stealing the boat was just ridiculous.Amir also claims: “I wasn't a smoker.” Which isn't true, since he lights up about 8 eights throughout the book. He's a “social” smoker, and a “stress” smoker, but this line would suggest that he didn't smoke at all, but hung out with all the smokers, which just isn't true. And what person who wasn't a smoker keeps a packet of cigarettes at the ready in their bag?I found it really rude of Jay – and again Freddy – to ask Amir outright about his leg. They both meet him for the first time (literally in Freddie's case and for the first time outside of ordering from the shop for Jay) and ask:“How did you lose your leg?”Now, as someone who is in a wheelchair and has multiple illnesses, I would be so insulted if the first thing out of anyone's mouth was “what's wrong with you?” which is basically what these two people do. Yet, Amir doesn't grumble or think twice when Jay asks, yet when Freddie asks, thinks about how he wouldn't normally answer that. This is just one of the many inconsistencies and examples of bad editing I've found, that directly affect the reading of the book. If it was true that he didn't normally answer those kinds of questions, he would have put up resistance or shown frustration when both men asked. No amount of sincerity is going to help soothe how rude it is.As for the writing, there were quite a few strange word choices, spelling and grammar issues. Enough that I noticed and couldn't just ignore it. I also thought the story was dragged out too long. I didn't like the weird plot twist at the end, either. I mean, the whole story was basically about Jay convincing Amir that he was still himself and still hot even with his scars and burns. Then Jay is put in a similar situation, feels sorry for himself, worries about his looks more than his health and actually says this horrible line, which feels really insulting, to Amir, who suffered much worse than Jay:“I don't know who I am without my looks, Amir.”It's really shallow and unexpected, since Jay has never expressed ideas like this before.There are also breaks where they don't need to be. Often only dividing a few paragraphs from the main text, when really it's the same POV and the same scene, just a minute or two ahead in time.This quote also confused me, due to the editing. I'm not sure if something was removed that shouldn't have been or if we were supposed to be led to something, but it didn't work for me.“My mind instantly went to the gutter when I imagined Jay in my kitchen, his hands covered in flour, his cheeks flushed, his nose scrunched in concentration...”Maybe it's just me, but that's not the gutter. In fact, those are normal reactions and things to do when baking. I don't see how any of it is suggestive in the slightest.Also included in the editing are physically impossible movements - “propping my head on my elbow”“My hands slid around his body, drawing him even closer.” ← except, just in the paragraph before, it said that Amir was leaning over the counter to kiss him, so this is not possible, as they didn't move between these two events.“My head dropped back between my shoulder blades.”There was also a timeline inconsistency somewhere. Either I didn't pick up on it or it wasn't made clear, (or the author changed the timeline and didn't edit accordingly) because we were constantly told that it had been “a couple of weeks” and even one time, a month, since Amir and Jay met, when in truth it was more like days. They met one day, then the next, then again jogging. Then everything happened all at once, with no big timeline jumps, until around 50-60%. Then and only then was there about a week or two of time passing. Unless the timeline is so confusing that I completely missed a few weeks passing, I have to assume it's a timeline issue.I found that the whole “army” aspect, mentioned so prominently in the blurb, is actually sidelined for the romance. There was no real exploration of Amir's problems, his relationships with his fellow army guys (other than regularly meeting up at the centre) and there entire cause of his injuries is tackled in a very dismissive manner.There was also a really stunningly surprising rejection or army ideas, throughout the entire book. I get that some of it was used to show how angry the vets were, but most of the story pretty much implied that soldiers were nothing more than killers. It really drives me nuts, because it doesn't acknowledge the reason they join the army, the good that soldiers do or anything. (This coming from someone who has a family with vets in it.)This is evidenced with this quote (which is just one of many):“As fucked up as it was, we got trained and paid by the government to kill.”And there's this one → “I was so angry at the world, at the war, at my commanders for making me this way. Most of all, I was angry at myself for making the choice to go to war in the first place.” I don't really have the words to describe what this made me feel. Angry just doesn't seem to cut it. I mean, Amir is suggesting that his commanders gave him PTSD. Which, surprisingly, is a recurring them in the book. Especially when it comes to Greg, the emphasis is on the fact that the higher ups send them to war, whether they're capable or not – despite the vets not reporting health concerns or PTSD to them in the first place. It also implies that Amir regrets his time in the army, which he has never said or thought anywhere else in the book.The vets also talk, so often, (Amir included) as if there is absolutely no hope of recovery. Yet, they go out drinking and partying, which implies they're not on the medication which could help them recover from the PTSD and other psychological symptoms.~Overall, I'd say the story has a lot of potential, but it fell short. It was too long, too drawn out and too insta-love for my liking.There was no exploration of the things that really mattered in this relationship – Amir's PTSD, nightmares and such; learning about each other on page, which didn't really happened. I missed the experimentation of baking skills, the actual baking, the whole baking shop work. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver on that front. I expected something a little along the lines of actually getting to see Amir at work in the bakery, coming up with concoctions, really showing us his passion. Instead, it just felt like a business venture.Sadly, the only on page baking led to Jay and Amir having sex – again! Which there was too much of, after that fact. I ended up skimming most of the sex scenes and the last 20% of the book, just because it was clear that nothing was happening.So, a story with a lot of potential, but that didn't go anywhere. I'm disappointed.

  • El Ma
    2019-02-13 19:38

    Wenn mich jemand sucht, ich bin bei Amir in der Cookie-Bäckerei 💜

  • Amber
    2019-02-19 15:51

    3 HeartsI absolutely fell in love with the blurb for this story. Damaged characters, check! Scared of love, check! Men who bake, check!! This story really had so much going for it which is even more frustrating. I found that I had to force myself to pick the book back up and try to finish it. The writing wasn’t bad but this story drags, a lot. It’s a pretty long story too so the slower parts feel like they go on and on. I did like the characters, however. Very likeable and extremely hot together.Amir owns and runs a successful bakery shop. At work one day he meets, Jay and there is an immediate attraction/connection. They set out on a dating relationship. Jay is in college so he spends a great deal of time studying and doing school work. When Amir and Jay do have time to be together their connections is awesome and you can really feel the emotion these men share.I didn’t really understand the deal with Jay’s roommate. It seemed like it was added for drama but not really explained.I did like the writing. I do think this author is talented and I wouldn’t be opposed to reading other stories by her. Like I mentioned my biggest issue was the slow crawl at which the story was told.Overall, this was just ok for me.This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Marte - Thunderella
    2019-02-01 20:51

    **** 3,5 Cookie stars ****A very sweets story about Amir, a war veteran who has lost his foot in the war and is suffering from PTSD, but trying to go through everyday life after coming home. He owns and runs the small bakery "Cookie's", a tribute to his nick name "Cookie" he got while in the army when he started baking cookies in their downtime during deployment. Cookie baking cookies. And brownies, and cakes, and all sorts of goodies. One of the customers is Jay, who comes in to get his cookie fix, but end up with the other Cookie too. ;)Amir and Jay hit it off instantly, so the story is kind of insta-attraction/love. The beginning of the book was a bit slow, so it took a while for me to get into the characters, but it picked up. Amir and Jay are very sweet together and the sex scenes where especially well written. I could really feel the love blossoming between them. I liked that Amir's past was a theme in the book, but not overshadowing the romance. There are few bumps in the road, so this is a low angst, feel good book. Sometimes you just want something sweet!Beta copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mathilda Grace
    2019-01-25 16:32

    Jay und Amir sind ein echt tolles Pärchen, auch wenn das Buch im Ganzen manchmal eine Qual war. Aber auf angenehme Weise, denn Amir leitet eine Bäckerei und wedelt dem armen Leser ständig mit Keksen und Cookies vor der Nase herum. Ich hatte beim Lesen irgendwie ständig Hunger. *grins*Aber auch sonst, ließ mich das Buch immer wieder schmunzeln. Dabei hat es eigentlich mehrere ernstere Themen inne. Es geht um Veteranen, PTBS und vor allem um den schlechten Umgang mit den Männern und Frauen, die nach dem Krieg in eine Heimat zurückkommen, die sie nicht mehr kennen und in der sie sich nicht mehr zuerechtfinden. Es bräuchte viel mehr Zentren, wie Shane eines im Buch betreibt, das auch eine zentrale Rolle spielt, und ich hoffe sehr, dass Shane noch sein eigenes Buch bekommt.Da Shane der beste Freund von Amir ist, wird natürlich auch Jay, der ein lebensfroher Kerl, aber trotzdem nicht ganz glücklich ist, schnell in Amirs Leben hineingezogen, und das verändert beide Männer sichtbar ins Positive. Amir lernt, mehr aus sich herauszugehen und nicht immer an allem zu zweifeln, was "gut" sein könnte. Jay hingehen lernt, dass es durchaus Sinn macht um seine Träume zu kämpfen. Selbst wenn man sich dafür gegen die eigenen Eltern stellen muss.Eine wirklich schöne Geschichte, die natürlich ein Happy End hat und die ich uneingeschränkt empfehle. Volle Punktzahl gibt es von mir dafür.Und jetzt brauche ich dringend einen Cookie. ;-)

  • Daphne
    2019-02-06 22:52

    This book delivered exactly what the author indicated that she hoped to provide: a feel good, warm fuzzy, low angst love story featuring a returned soldier. This truly IS a book that you can curl up with on a Sunday afternoon and while away the day. If you like high highs and low lows and tons of angst, this maybe shouldn't be your first choice. For everyone else, give this comfort read a shot. 3.5 stars.

  • Marion
    2019-02-14 17:24

    3.75 Stars! With a name like "Cookies" you know you're going to get a sweet sweet romance...and this was. Lovable MC's, an interesting story, low angst, hot sexy times and pure romance. If you're in the mood for light and sweet, grab a tea and some cookies and curl up!

  • Toni FGMAMTC
    2019-02-09 17:42

    I thought this was sweet. It brings attention to the fact that some soldiers come home with physical and/or mental scars. I like the idea of an ex military man baking cookies, and all the caramel talk made me hungry. Salted caramel (drool).

  • Catherine
    2019-02-18 17:42

    *** 3.5 Stars ***

  • Michele Notaro
    2019-02-14 20:43

    SweetI liked the characters in this book. I thought Amir and Jay were so adorable together and I could really feel their connection. A very sweet love story.

  • Tj
    2019-01-24 19:34

    Sometimes rating a book isn't so much about the characters, their interactions or the events that happen. Sometimes it is about how the book makes you think and feel.Cookies is a low angst book. Amir and Jay click from the word go and steadily fall for each other. There isn't an angry ex or disapproving parents trying to end their relationship. The elephant in this relationship is one faced daily by the men and women who protect our country - the aftermath of war.Imagine the smell of meat on the grill, a slamming door, or too much noise causing a flashback and debilitating panic attacks. Amir knows first hand. We meet him after he has done the heavy lifting. He survived the loss of a leg, learned to walk again, and built a business. His PTSD and flashbacks will always be a part of his life but they are better. He carries the scars of war on his body and in his mind.Because of all he has gone through, Amir has insecurities. He is afraid a lover will be repulsed by his scars and will pity him. Jay is beautiful inside and out. He sees the real Amir and refuses to back down. It takes all Amir's courage to allow Jay to see him nude and even more to accept the occasional help from Jay. In time he realizes that Jay loves him scars and all, they build something special. My take away... Jay and Amir are not remarkable outstanding characters. With all the books I read, I am sure they will get lost in the character shuffle in my brain. However, there are parts that will stick with me. Courage isn't just putting your life on the line to serve and protect. It takes as much if not more courage to fight the aftermath that often accompanies war. Cookies has a sweet romance but its greatest value is reminding us the price soldiers pay and debt we owe to each one of them.

  • Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    2019-02-11 20:33

    Sweet Cookies is my first Teofora Kostova and it wasn't bad at all. Sometimes we need a sweet love story. Pun intended. Even with its lightness, Cookies does touch on our need to not forget & respect our returning veterans, nice touch.The MC's both were interesting. Amir Gopal with his self-doubts and his open-minded, kind Jay were good foils for each other. I would have loved to have a bit more British feel to it but that's just me. I love a strong sense of place in my stories. I am perplexed with all the 'one arm hugs'. What was with that?

  • Dee Aditya
    2019-02-17 18:37

    This whole book is squee worthy.It's a slow burn, fluffy romance with emotional impact and very low key drama.I loved Amir especially. Partly cuz he's Indian (hehe) and also because he's brave and amusing and sweet. And Jay is damn adorable and smart, and the two of them are such a great couple. Thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended especially if you like slow burn romance!

  • BR11
    2019-02-10 23:45

    3.5 starsThis was a great and sweet story.Both Amir and Jay are awesome MCs. I liked how Amir was constantly trying to get better to make their relationship succeed. He didn't let his self doubts ruin what he knew was a great chance at love.And Jay was amazing. So understanding and always seeing Amir for what he really was: a hero, a great person and a pillar to his ex vet friends.I loved their story even if there is no big drama.The sexy times were great too! Nice steam level.Now I'm looking forward to Greg and Shane's story. We learn a few things about them in Cookies and I'm invested in their characters. Free with KU. Recommend.

  • Caipi
    2019-02-16 19:36

    3,5 sweet stars

  • Debra
    2019-02-19 19:44

    Review originally posted at Sinfully.This is a character driven romance between Amir, a war veteran now running a growing bakery business and Jay, a beautiful college student who seems to have it all together. The story a lot lighter than the blurb suggests, angst-free with minimal outside drama, considering the subject matter of Amir’s situation. When the story starts Amir has been back from his final deployment for several years and has mostly come to terms with the physical and emotional scars he’s been left with. This is not the story of his recovery, but the story of accepting that he is worthy of being loved as the man he has become.Although Amir has taken to his prosthesis and his body scars are as healed as they will get, he has yet to really get out into the dating world, assuming anyone he might want to get close to would be disgusted by his body. His scarring is extensive and there is a mention that he has covered some of it with tattoos. Amir still has some PTSD triggers, but that also seems to be mostly under control. His friends worry more about his love life than he does; Amir has his growing bakery business and spends all spare time with his therapy dog at the veterans’ rehab center that helped him so much when he returned home.When Jay shows up at his bakery, Amir is instantly taken and turns on the charm. They flirt and Amir slips Jay his number, but Amir is affected by Jay as he’s never been by anyone before and as soon as Jay leaves, his mind flies between euphoria and panic. It turns out however, that Jay is just as beautiful inside as he is on the outside. He’s smart, caring and everything Amir fears he isn’t, which just fuels his insecurities and the thoughts that he’s not worthy. Amir is so drawn to him that he can’t help feeling possessive and jealous even before their first real date.The book’s focus really is on Amir. Although Jay struggles with breaking free from his father’s plans for his future and appears to have had some bad relationships in the past that isn’t really a big stumbling block to the relationship. Amir is his own worst enemy. He won’t allow himself to trust Jay even though Jay has clearly fallen for him fast and hard and that’s really the biggest point of contention in the story.Teodora Kostova is a new to me author. While her writing style worked for me and I enjoyed the romance between the two men, there were some spots that left me wondering. Although we only get Amir’s POV, I found Jay to be a well-rounded character as well. He goes for what he wants and with the exception of dealing with his father, he doesn’t hold back in voicing his needs. He came off as a bit unsure at first, but we never really know why and he eventually appears to get over it. There was good chemistry between the two men and I liked how Amir’s insecurities were dealt with and the beauty of the moments when Jay shows him that he loves everything about Amir and that the scars are just a part of that. I understood Amir’s struggles and insecurities, but towards the end it seemed his inability to move forward in certain areas didn’t make a lot of sense after the relationship had progressed so far.There were a couple interesting secondary characters and stories including Jay’s roommate Cedric, who seems to have a lot of issues with both Amir and Jay, as well as Jay’s friends Shane, who runs the rehab center and Greg, his best friend who is still on deployment with the RAF. Cedric’s disdain is never really explained and although there is a reference to Jay and him talking things out at the end, I felt like I missed something there. Shane and Greg’s story also got pretty serious but I was left hanging there as well. These characters played a big part in the story, but the way their plots were left open left me to wonder if this is part of a planned series.This was an enjoyable, quiet romance. Jay and Amir’s relationship was sweet and sexy and felt real. I was also invested in the secondary characters, but ultimately the story left me wanting a bit more. If this is set to be the start of the series I would love to see what plays out between Shane and Greg. This was my first story by the author, but Amir and Jay’s date to the theater definitely piqued my interest in her previous books and I look forward to picking them up soon.

  • Pianka *call me PIU*
    2019-02-04 15:34

    3 “You are my HERO” STARSCookies is a relatively low-angst, sweet and wannabe emotional read about a war veteran, who is trying to cope with PTSD and his romance with a college student who dazzles him from the moment he steps into his bakery. From the blurb, I kinda hoped or quite an emotional read about a damaged and broken hero but the story really lacked on the emotional/broken part. It was sweet, sure, but I felt that this story had huge unexploited potential to really squeeze the reader’s tears.We have Amir Gopal, a war veteran, who is a very gifted baker. He owns and runs cookies, his bakery where for the first time he meets Jay. Amir has scars, both physical and emotional. He has bouts of panic attacks and there are many triggers that jump starts his PTSD. Amir struggles a lot with his condition and his healing is a working progress.James Brooks or Jay on the other hand is a smart, vibrant and handsome young man. Jay is attracted to Amir from the start too. He accepts Amir with all his baggages and insecurities. He gets under Amir’s skin fairly quickly. They have a very sweet and passionate relationship. Jay becomes a part of every facet of Amir’s life very quickly and Amir’s causes becomes his causes.The story starts off a little slow but it finds its bearings after the first 40%. The writing style is very mellow and soothing. There were no overly painful or intense emotions involved. Amir had his insecurities about Jay’s feelings towards him but despite of that their relationship coasts along pretty smoothly. The veteran center plays quite a big part in the storyline and I liked all of Amir’s friends. They were exposed very less in the book but they had a very profound presence in the story. Shane and Greg’s character raised my interest a lot and I would have loved to read more about them. I kept on waiting to learn more about what happens with Greg till the end of the story but there was no mention of him whatsoever.The plot had a huge potential to be a tearjerker but the emotional element of the story was really low key. We know Amir is suffering from PTSD but except for two or three instances, his sufferings are not exposed to the readers in full effect. Jay and Amir’s relationship was sweet but not intense, which was what I expected of a damaged hero romance. The read felt like we are going ahead with the plot line without any progress. I can’t say that Jay’s love healed Amir or cured him of his insecurities. They were both the same persons they were, before they met each other. They just fell in love and had great sex, nothing more. The plot line was a lot bland for my taste.The leads had pretty awesome sexual chemistry. Their passion was portrayed real nicely and the sex scenes were smutty and steamy but also sweet. Their sexual encounters were well paced throughout the story. It was hot without being explosive.All in all, this book won’t make your heart race or make you fall in love but if you are in for a low angst, sweet contemporary romance between two compassionate guys then this is the book for you. Don’t get waylaid by the blurb into thinking this is an intense read, you will be disappointed.**This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews**