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A new book from Bony Blithe award–winning mystery author Cathy Ace where her sleuth Cait Morgan investigates a chilling cold case from a university in Budapest.A gig as guest lecturer at the university in Budapest should have been a dream job for a travelling criminologist and food lover. But wherever Cait Morgan goes, murder seems to follow. One of Cait’s new students pleA new book from Bony Blithe award–winning mystery author Cathy Ace where her sleuth Cait Morgan investigates a chilling cold case from a university in Budapest.A gig as guest lecturer at the university in Budapest should have been a dream job for a travelling criminologist and food lover. But wherever Cait Morgan goes, murder seems to follow. One of Cait’s new students pleads with her to solve the mystery of her grandmother’s brutal slaying. She agrees, but when she is repeatedly hassled by a weird colleague, and as bizarre details about the student’s family members come to light, Cait is beset by uncertainty.As she gets closer to the truth, Cait's investigation puts the powers-that-be on high alert, and her instincts tell her she's in grave danger. Bud races to Budapest to come to Cait's aid, but will it be too late?PRAISE FOR THE CORPSE WITH THE GARNET FACE“Unique and original . . . more than a mystery, this page-turner is a revealing insight into love and loyalty.” —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark–award winning author“A taut and tantalizing mystery . . . an irresistible, gastronomic, and artistic jaunt through Amsterdam.” —James Ziskin, Anthony- and Lefty-nominated author of the Ellie Stone Mysteries...

Title : The Corpse with the Ruby Lips
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ISBN : 9781771511957
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The Corpse with the Ruby Lips Reviews

  • Doward Wilson
    2019-04-03 14:47

    Cait Morgan is doing a stint as a guest professor of criminology in Budapest. Her beloved husband, Bud, is temporarily caring for his parents back home in Vancouver, Canada. Cait is enduring the unwanted nosiness of a fellow professor at the university and one of her students has asked her to help discover who murdered her mother in the 1970's at Cait's university in Vancouver. With the help of Bud's connections to the police and her students family in Budapest, Cait is starting to piece together the events that happened many years earlier. The more she discovers, the more she feels like someone is watching her.This series is well written and the characters very realistic. The murder plots are intricately plotted and will keep you turning the pages. An engaging and entertaining cozy mystery with a bit of edginess to it.

  • Nada Sobhi
    2019-04-07 15:49

    Didn't see this one coming!The Corpse with the Ruby Lips by Cathy Ace is a new instalment in the Cait Morgan Mystery Series, and a different mystery by all means.In her books, Ace often takes the reader to a foreign country. In The Corpse with the Garnet Face, the country of choice was Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In this instalment, the novel is set in Budapest, Hungary.Cait goes to Budapest to teach for a month; there one of her students, Zsofia, asks that she look into her grandmother's death which occurred almost 40 years prior on Cait's university campus at UVAN (University of Vancouver).As Cait begins to meet other family members, exercising her psychology tactics and having her husband Bud, who had to remain in Canada, dig into the unclosed mystery, things begin to spiral in a new direction, as the case opens fresh wounds for many.One of the things I liked about this instalment was Ace's use of books, a saga to be exact, that might mirror what has happened to the family. The author also handles a variety of themes and problems such as Alzheimer's and alcoholism, to keep Cait – and the reader – away from finding the truth.Regarding alcoholism, Ace carefully utilises the problems accompanied with it in the book and characters.Having lived with a person whose memory was often ravaged by too much liquor, I recognised the expression that flashed across Alexa's face; she couldn't recall exactly what she'd said to her daughter the night before, and experience was telling her she'd never be able to retrieve the lost words from the black hole where they'd sunk without trace. The Corpse with the Ruby Lips is quite realistic; I particularly liked how the renowned psychologist Cait isn't perfect and despite her intelligence can be gullible at times.I was speechless. She'd used me! She'd researched me, found my weaknesses, and just plain used me. And I'd fallen for it. I'd actually liked her. As always, Cait's little insights never fail to impress me. I particularly liked this part where she describes a music manager who had come to look at new artists and sign them up. Cait's emotions are clear and easily transferred to the reader.He handed out cards, his fingers lingering on Zsofia's as she took one. I felt everything in me clench – not just because of the way his eyes were sliding across Zsofia's bosom, but because the way he presented himself wasn't endearing at all; there's only so much bling a person can wear before you begin to wonder why they need to have that much gold about their person at all times. The book is not devoid of humour and bit of sarcasm. "'Careful' is my middle name," I mugged."Not it's not, and it never will be. Your middle name's much more likely to be 'catastrophe.'" Narrated in the first person, The Corpse with the Ruby Lips has many beautiful lines, imagery and quotes. The overall narration is exciting, even when events don't seem to be moving forward. "Words can never be unsaid. They ring in our ears forever - sometimes when we least want them to." Overall rating: 5 stars. Note: This review was originally part of a blog tour with Lori Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours, but due to commitments I was only able to publish the guest post titled "The Effect of Words" by Cathy Ace on my scheduled date. Check out the post highlighting the theme of 'words' in The Corpse with the Ruby Lips:

  • KSue
    2019-04-13 16:08

    Well, I just spent most of the last two days with one of my favoritepeople, Cait Morgan. This time mostly on her own in one of the wonderful and fascinating cities in the world, Budapest, in The Corpse with the Ruby Lips.The story is full of adventures, history, interesting and intriguing people whoare sometimes very mysterious and scary.As always, I finished the book to soon, but I just kept telling myself just onemore chapter, just one more. Cathy Ace gets better and better with eachbook she writes in this series. If you love mysteries and haven't found Cait Morgan and Bud Anderson it now. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed. You will make two new friends and get to tour the world with them as they stumble upon bodies and solve mysteries unique to the locale. Besides you will just flat out have a good time lost in the pages of many great reads.

    2019-04-04 15:06

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsAnother adventure with Cait Morgan and I can’t lie I was nervous about her traveling without her hubby, Bud, at her side. Not that I think a woman needs a man to travel with her, they just work so well together and he centers her. Her photographic memory is a huge advantage to solving any mysteries thrown at her but she needs Bud to bounce ideas off of and when she goes into a little trance to order her thoughts I feel better when he is with her.In this story she has traveled to Budapest for a month long class at a university. Who knew she would meet people with so many ties to her university back in Canada? One of her students quickly asks her for help in solving her grandmother’s murder that happened years before Cait even started at the college. She discusses it with Bud via Skype and he knew she was going to investigate no matter what he said and told her he would look into the case on his end. Soon Bud is told not to look any further and Cait is threatened as well. But even as she tries to back off she realizes it may be too late and Bud isn’t there to save her this time.Cathy Ace tells such a great story. This one has so many layers, as we get deeper and deeper into the story the pace and the danger pick up. Soon the pages are flying and I am on the edge of my seat until the very end. This one is a little different from other stories by this author in that it is a cold case and she has no idea who could be the suspects. This is unlike the closed roomed mysteries she has solved before.In addition to the mystery, we follow Cait as she does a little sightseeing and the descriptions were wonderful. I will never get to Budapest but through Cait’s eyes I enjoyed my little virtual vacation. She also introduces us to the history of the region too and how it affected people, choices they made, and the ways their lives were changed by those choices. Some secrets that were never brought to light before are uncovered.I have said it before, Cathy Ace has a unique writing style that captures you from page one and doesn’t let go. When you sit down to start reading any of the stories in this series you are going to be there until you reach the end. I recommend all the books in this series. They each can be read on their own but as soon as you read one, you are going to want to read the rest.

  • Mave
    2019-04-07 08:50

    I am very fascinated by the city of Budapest, I would love to visit it and I am really happy to do this virtual walk.Cait is not excited like me to visit this mysterious city without her devoted husband Bud. He has had to return home to attend to his mother and she had to face alone this experience to teach in a foreign university. One of her students involves her immediately in a unsolved case of many years ago, the murder of her grandmother.This book is part of the "A Cait Morgan Mystery" series but can be read as a stand alone, I have only read another book in this series, and I had no difficulty understanding this story.Cait is really a great protagonist, intelligent, curious, meticulous, with great investigatve qualities even without the support of her beloved life partner.It was a fun, smart and cozy mystery. The author is very good at describing places, knows how to make live the cities which set her stories and knows how to make us feel the smells, the tastes and atmosphere of these lovely places. The plot is well developed, flowing, full of clues and suspects, captures you from the first page.Highly recommended

  • Jane Irish Nelson
    2019-03-25 08:13

    Cait is in Budapest, teaching there for the fall semester. One of her students, Zsofia, asks her to look into her grandmother's murder, nearly forty years earlier, in Vancouver, where Cait normally lives and teaches. Missing her husband, Bud, Cait is intrigued by Zsofia's request, and asks Bud to help back home. She meets Zsofia's remaining family, her widowed mother, Ilona, and her reclusive uncle, Valentin. Ilona wants the past left alone, but Valentin encourages their interest. But then, on Skype, Bud tells Cait he's been warned off, and that she too must drop the investigation. This is another fascinating book in an interesting series, full of intriguing and believable characters in an unusual location. Highly Recommended.

  • Kathleen Freeman
    2019-03-28 12:47

    Budapest is a city I don't know anything about so for me this book was wonderful for its descriptions of people, places and food in Budapest. It was interesting to learn a little of the history that has shaped this city and country. I also really like Cait and how this story came together. I hope we see John again in future books and we can continue to travel the world with Bud and Cait.

  • Loraine Littlefield
    2019-04-01 16:05

    Mystery, pretty bad. read whole thing unfortunately. Shouldn’t have bothered. Lots of filler, added ending that was too silly. And improbable. A professor in Budapest. Asked by a student to solve her grandmothers murder.

  • Sheila
    2019-03-30 16:00

    As we're planning a trip to Budapest this fall, I thought that this book might be an interesting read. It was just okay. Not as atmospheric as I had hoped. I doubt that I'll read any more of the series.

  • Simpson9820
    2019-04-15 13:48

    Still impressed with Cathy Ace's work.

  • Lourdes Venard
    2019-04-21 16:07

    (This review first appeared in criminology professor Cait Morgan is only 10 days into her monthlong teaching stint in Budapest when she runs into murder—again. It seems a common occurrence with Cait, but this time there’s a twist. A Hungarian student, Zsófia Takács, asks Cait to investigate the 1976 murder of her grandmother, Ilona Seszták, killed at the University of Vancouver campus where Cait normally works. In the 1950s, a group of academics and students who had fled Hungary arrived in Canada, finding a new academic home in Vancouver. The rest of the Seszták family remained there until 1992, returning to Budapest. Cait’s connection to the University of Vancouver, as well as her specialty of psychological profiling, is enough for Zsófia.In Budapest, Cait meets Ilona’s now-grown children, Alexa (Zsófia’s mother) and Valentin, who turns out to be a famed fantasy author on the scale of J.K. Rowling. Alexa has no interest in reopening old wounds, while Valentin, who has Alzheimer’s, may not have the best recall of those days.With her husband Bud, a former homicide detective, still in Canada, Cait presses him into getting more information on that end. The unsolved case is puzzling: Ilona was killed on a campus bike path, late at night. No weapon was ever found and she had no known enemies. Through Skype calls, Cait and Bud begin to piece the clues they have, as the case grows stranger and stranger with long-buried secrets. Then pressure is put on Cait to drop her investigation. Will she readily do so—or continue poking where she shouldn’t, at her own peril? The eighth in a series, this engaging book can be read without having read preceding books. It doubles as a travelogue of Budapest, showing us the beauty of the place as well as its long history. The descriptions of boat rides on the Danube and picturesque medieval castles are delightful, but best is that this all comes with a cleverly plotted mystery.

  • Barb
    2019-04-16 12:11

    Interesting plot with good Canadian detail and believable scenario. Convoluted and awkward dialogue, spirally downward. I did not care who did it and put the book down.

  • Vontel
    2019-04-06 14:49

    I have read a couple of Cathy Ace's mysteries before and enjoyed them, but somehow missed the continuing series. This one is starting in Hungary, where Criminolgy professor Cait Morgan is on a visiting session from her position at the University of Vancouver (SFU). Her policeman husband has had to stay in Vancouver to help his elderly parents.I enjoy the way she mixes fact into her fiction, eg the entire forestry faculty, profs and students, who escaped from Hungary in 1956/57 and were accepted into UBC, become much of the psychology faculty from Hungarian University of Budapest, coming to the University of Vancouver in 1957. One of Cait's student's grandfather was one of the immigrating Hungarian faculty professors, and her grandmother was murdered there 40 years ago. It was never solved, so she tries to enroll Cait in helping solve it when she returns to Vancouver.Good read, interesting twists, unusual ending. Look forward to the next book, since there will be some change in circumstances and direction.

    2019-03-30 11:11

    An Over-the-Top Mystery FanI enjoy the Cait Morgan mysteries very much. Her photographic memory, her love of good food and her honesty make her a marvelous heroine. This story had delicious twist with her encounter with the wolves and the hunter. Anyone who loves cozy mysteries and is (dare I say) middle-age.

  • Lynn
    2019-03-29 08:07


  • Suenomad
    2019-04-20 15:02

    I loved this latest in the series of the Cait Morgan books - the descriptions of the city make me want to visit, the story had enough twists to keep you guessing and wonderful bits of history to put it all into context. I only put it down at night because I was tired, not because I didn't want to read more. I looked forward to picking it up again and just had to read right through to the end once I reached a certain point. I love Cait - it's great to have a strong female character I can relate to - fallible and human as well as intelligent. I'd recommend trying to read this series in order to see how Cait and Bud's relationship develops, but each stands well on its own - don't miss the chance to read one.