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From acclaimed author Anna Schmidt comes a sweeping historical Western romance about the unbreakable bonds of family, second chances, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West."This is me, Addie," Jess murmured. "You and me, the way we always were."But it wasn't, no matter how much she wished it were true. They were different now. She would always love him...But can she trFrom acclaimed author Anna Schmidt comes a sweeping historical Western romance about the unbreakable bonds of family, second chances, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West."This is me, Addie," Jess murmured. "You and me, the way we always were."But it wasn't, no matter how much she wished it were true. They were different now. She would always love him...But can she trust him not to break her heart?Jess Porterfield fled to the big city after his father's sudden death, leaving behind his family ranch-and his childhood sweetheart. Now Jess has returned as the local lawman, determined to prove his worth...and win back the one woman he could never live without.Young frontier doctor Addie Wilcox was devastated when Jess left her behind. Now he's back and it's difficult to remember why she should keep her distance. But with the town's richest man set to see her hang for a crime she didn't commit, Addie must put her faith in the lawman who broke her heart-and trust that together they'll find their second chance at love....

Title : Last Chance Cowboys: The Lawman
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ISBN : 9781492612995
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Last Chance Cowboys: The Lawman Reviews

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    2019-04-12 00:05

    There's something about this little town that pulls me in completely! The Lawman definitely hit the spot. The gist is that months earlier Jess lit out of town looking for adventure but now he's back to make amends to his family and the woman he left behind. Something the fiery doctor in training is going to make him work for. Settling in and putting roots down again Jess has his work cut out for him earning everyone's trust again and to prove himself as the new Marshal.I loved these two. Jess and Addie were such a good match. They can both have a bit of temper and be a little ornery and it was fun seeing them deal with their attraction, annoyances and being around each other again. They really were cute even when they squabbled. lol I loved that both were passionate about what they were doing. Seeing Jess really settle in to his new responsibilities to the town and keeping them all safe and Addie working hard at becoming a doctor and caring for their community that way.There's a little sheet time but mostly things are kept PG as they deal with different things that come at them and with getting over the past. It worked well for their situation and the tension between them kept things lively.There's a bit of suspense dealing with a powerful family in the area that has some shady dealings. There were parts that had me so frustrated (for them) and wanting to reach in and just wallop on the "bad guy". Some danger and bits that had me clenching my hands. All in all, a nicely done romance from Schmidt. She really has a lovely way with world building that makes you feel like you're right there with her hero and heroine and the adventures they're going on. I can't wait for book three. Totally squeed when I saw there was going to be another book or two from the series. lol

  • Coleen
    2019-03-28 00:45

    It is no secret that I enjoy cowboys and Westerns and this one fit the bill for me. Although some are romance advertised, as this one seemed to be, The Lawman had enough murder, mystery and intrigue to make it a fast read for over 300 pages. I particularly enjoy reading about the style of living and the 'real' work that was required to survive each and every day. And the book leaves no doubt that women did more than their share with little reward. I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

  • Emily
    2019-04-16 01:57

    Spoilers for Last Chance Cowboys: The Drifter in this review. At the end of the previous book, the oldest Porterfield sibling returned home. After his father's death, Jesse felt he had to leave home and find himself, and after a few months away and no communication, he returns to find everything has changed. His mother is better, his sister is getting married, the ranch is saved, and his father's death is no longer considered an accident but a murder. One thing hasn't changed though, and that's his interest in his childhood friend and sweetheart, Addie Wilcox. Addie isn't so sure she wants to get back together with Jesse. The two of them are thrown together though when Jesse becomes the new town marshall, and Addie starts taking on more of her father's responsibilities as town doctor. Their reviving relationship is put in danger when Addie is accused of murdering Pearl Tipton, wife of Jasper Tipton, one of the richest men in town. Suddenly, Jesse has to prove that Addie is innocent and find his father's killer.I liked the romance in this book better than in the first one although it still wasn't perfect. I thought that Addie and Jesse reunited a bit too soon and without enough struggle, but ultimately, I felt their relationship more than I did Maria and Chet's. I did have some issues with the murder plot though. I didn't understand why Addie was immediately accused of murdering Pearl. Yes, she prescribed the pills, but at first they didn't think that Addie had forced to take them. They thought she had just prescribed them, and then Pearl od'ed. So, Addie could be brought on charges related to that, but not straight up murder charges. I was also irritated by Addie not revealing information she knew about Pearl that was important to the investigation. Yes, she was trying to protect Pearl's privacy, but also, Addie was facing a murder charge and Pearl was dead. Privacy doesn't really matter then. I also thought that (view spoiler)[Buck was too gentle with Addie. He was already a rapist and had already shown that he was willing to do whatever to get Addie, so I don't really buy that he had her for three days and did nothing. Not that I wanted Addie raped, but the characterization didn't work for me. (hide spoiler)] I also wish there had been a better explanation for why Jesse came home. He said that he didn't want people to think he just came home because he ran out of money, but also implied that that was partially true, and said he had been changed by his time away. It felt like a blank spot not to have more explanation for what happened then. In terms of romance, this was a stronger entry than the first book, but I had some big issues with this plot that I didn't have with the previous one.

  • Eileen
    2019-04-12 03:05

    the story continues where it left off with The Drifter when Jess Potterfield returns home after going out into the world and leaving his girl Addie and family behind. He wants to make amends for up and leaving but it isn't going to be easy. He needs a job so he takes the job of town sheriff and does a pretty good job of it. He is so busy with the townspeople and one of his old friend, Lucas. He gets this man back on his feet and his family as well. Addie doesn't want to fall back in love with Jess because her plans haven't change. she still wants to be a doctor and stay here in Whitman Falls, AZ. She has a tough time of it and when she befriends Pearl Tipton things change for her.The beginning was a little slow but it definitely picked up and I had to finish it. It was tragic what happened to the Tipton family. It haunted me too. Thankfully it turned out well for Jess and Addie. I like the fact that we were introduced to a new character.

  • Patty Nobles
    2019-03-23 02:03

    In her latest novel “Last Chance Cowboys: The Lawman” Anna Schmidt takes us back to Whitman Falls, Arizona in the late 1800’s where the town has been battling two brothers who have forced people out just to buy their property. Jess Potterfield has returned to his hometown after taking a leave of absence shortly after the untimely death of his father. The time away has made him realize what is important to him and the need to set things right in his life. Addie Wilcox once loved Jess Potterfield, but when he left town her broken heart was nursed back to health by her need to become a doctor. Jess and Addie work to put aside the past in order to help their mutual friends, and when Addie’s life is put in peril Jess does everything he can to save the woman he has loved since he was young. This is a fast-paced novel that is hard to put down once the book is opened, and it points out the difficulties that came from taming the west. I was given this book to read by the author in exchange for a fair review.