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“I'm walking away from that dream.”“We can't guarantee your life if you keep playing.”At twenty-three, an undiagnosed heart condition sends pro hockey player Cameron Riley back to his hometown newly single and looking for work. Cam can't hide his past – especially when his heart racing is a big risk, and boy, does his new boss's nephew make his heart race. Noah's exactly t“I'm walking away from that dream.”“We can't guarantee your life if you keep playing.”At twenty-three, an undiagnosed heart condition sends pro hockey player Cameron Riley back to his hometown newly single and looking for work. Cam can't hide his past – especially when his heart racing is a big risk, and boy, does his new boss's nephew make his heart race. Noah's exactly the kind of guy Cam needs after his hellish ex.“I want to do something new.”Art curator Noah Clark is glad his beekeeping uncle hired this hunk. Cameron is a sweet, smart bad boy. Noah works hard, like organizing a hockey-themed art exhibition, and he wants to let himself love hard. Noah's busy life would be perfect with Cameron, but what's his new lover hiding?“Tell me why you've been watching me.”Pitting Cam's budding relationship with sweet Noah against millions of bucks, Cam is offered a lot of money to abandon his new priorities: life, love, and family. The game of their lives is on the line. And after all's said and done, is it too late for Noah to forgive Cam for his partial truths?...

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Buzz Reviews

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2018-12-01 18:06

    DNF at 24%Eh, this one just isn't doing it for me. It's too simplistic? Immature? Not enough depth? IDK...but it's not grabbing me.And the conversations are starting to make my eyes roll so...

  • Gigi
    2018-11-11 14:18

    M/M hockey romance! It's been out a week and is number 2 on Amazon. Why hasn't anyone read this?

  • Ele
    2018-11-15 13:01

    I didn't like this at all. Obviously. And I hate it when the same scenes are narrated by both MCs. Someone get me out of this [email protected] book slump.

  • BWT (Belen)
    2018-12-03 14:18

    More like 2.5 Stars, but I'll be nice and round up. It's the New Year!It's not a bad first effort, but it certainly reads at times like one. It also has some moments where I had to fight the urge to skim.I definitely had two head scratching moments; one with the old boyfriend (what a douche canoe!), and one with the new boyfriend (why the secrets Cam? What did it really matter?). Also, what's up with ending without letting us know whether the dude's heart condition is fixed or not? Huh, E. Davies? Other than that, it's low angst, not too bad on the whole and I'm pretty sure I'll give Jackson's story Clang a go. If for no other reason than to find out if Cam gets his heart fixed.

  • Annie ~ From Top to Bottom Reviews
    2018-11-10 14:08

    Loved this book. Haven't heard of the author before, but I saw the book on amazon, 1-clicked it and started reading right away. It was the perfect feel-good read. Lovely story with great characters and I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I loved all the hockey references. BUzz is a fun, sweet read. There's a little drama, but nothing over the top or annoying.I'll definitely look out for more books by this author.

  • Nerea
    2018-11-24 15:01

    I was not expecting too much of this book after reading some reviews, but I must say I really liked it! 3.5*It's not a very romantic book. I think is more about affront a situation, and a make a change in your life and in that journey, found the love. (Not in a very deep way, of course)The narration is a bit different! We have some SAME scenes narrated from different POVs and we have 3 POV!! Yes! I usually don't like the books with more that the 2 main character´s POVs but I liked a lot Jackson (One of the MCs brother) part! We know a lot of things through him and is a very CLEVER idea because we can know more about him and surely wanted to read the book 2 that is about him xD!About The ending…. I didn't like it :( Sorry but I really love the HEA epilogues and this one was a bit weak for me.Oh! Must add I loved the totally unrealistic idea of the 3 houses in a row for the brothers LOL is too cute!!! ^_^I´m starting BOOK 2 of course :D

  • Bitchie
    2018-12-05 14:11

    Reread for a challenge, and my initial opinion still stands. This fit too many stereotypes, and I didn't like how the medical thing was treated, at all. Not enough testing to find out what was wrong, and no resolution by the end? Could someone who's read that far spoil me the dealio with Cam's heart? Does it ever get fixed, does he go back to hockey?There was potential, but this didn't really do it for me. I picked it up because hockey, but then the hockey barely played into the story. I also felt like the relationship between Cam and Noah fit too many stereotypes. The big, burly athlete with the more femme, sweet guy, complete with a lisp? I didn't get why Cam kept secrets from Noah, and the health issue wasn't even resolved. I guess the author left it open as sequel bait, like 2 more gay brothers weren't enough.

  • Naomi
    2018-11-22 17:59

    Nothing really happens. Seemed like the main point of the book was to introduce a ton of characters to keep the series going for a while. There are several POVs and we don't get too deep with any of the characters. It was actually a bit boring in a non-DNF way, but I skimmed most of it, including the sex, because Erika got me hung up on winking. Anyway. I'm still gonna read the rest of the series because it's KU and I want to see how the author's gonna write 6 mm books about three brothers.

  • Josy
    2018-11-13 19:02

    This was a cute, light, drama-free story. But I'm not sure yet if I'm going to read the rest of the series.Read as part of my EuroPrideCon reading challenge: to read new-to-me-authors before the convention (

  • Ariadna
    2018-12-03 19:05

    Actual rating is 2.5So it happened that I read the last book in the Riley Brothers series as part of a challenge. I liked it enough to read the rest of the books (this time in order.)Please disregard the novel's blurb as it is wildly misleading. Yes, Cameron does quit professional hockey (he was in the minor leagues) due to a heart condition, but nowhere in the story does he actively consider returning to it. So, the "temptation to leave Noah for fame, glory and cheddah$$" never quite solidifies. It is true that people offer him deals and whatnot. However, there is a severe lack of suspense as to what Cameron's final decision will be. The sex scenes were OK but skewed a tad repetitive by the end. #YMMVIMO, your enjoyment of this novel will be largely based on two things:* How well do you handle characters keeping secrets from each other Cameron ~struggles~ with telling Noah the truth about his illness and his life as pro-hockey player. The illness bit is neither here nor there (by the 60% mark, it feels like the the author forgot about it too since it's not brought up until the last 30-35% of the book.) The pro-hockey player part, though. Sheesh!Here's the thing: (view spoiler)[Cameron moves back to his hometown. The one place in the whole world where everyone would know what he's been up to for years. He runs into a lot of people but, if Noah's present, not a single person ever asks him about his hockey career. Really?The town is a small one. I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that no one ever talked about it. ESPECIALLY because Noah runs an amateur hockey team. *tired sigh* (hide spoiler)]* How well do you handle codependent characters? Cameron is v. close to his brothers (and viceversa.) Like, to the point that Cameron and his younger brother move back to the hometown and (temporarily) with Jackson, their older brother. They end up buying three houses based on the fact that the houses are next to each other. When the story begins, Cameron is not only dealing with a breakup but also leaving hockey behind. As a result, he does spend a lot of time hanging out with his brothers. Their bond with each other is almost like something out of a TV show (again, due to the closeness factor. FYI, I don't mean in an incest-y way.)As for hockey, it does pop up here and there (mainly at the beginning and then a little at the end.)Cameron does take an apprenticeship as a beekeeper which is ten kinds of delightful to read. \Bees/!The writing style is good (not great) and makes for a really fast read. HOWEVUH, there's an excess of both Noah and Cameron "shivering", "feeling tingly", and/or "feeling something like an electric shock" every. single. time. they touch. My one gripe is that there's only one female character (Noah's co-worker) and a genderqueer one (who apparently shows up throughout the series.)TL;DR: The first book in a 6-book series that has an art curator and an ex-hockey-player-turned-beekeeper fall in love with each other. Ignore the blurb and how it hints at some suspenseful moments (there aren't any.) Definitely a neat book to pick up as a palate cleanser because it's such an easy read. The least angsty read I've finished this year so far.

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2018-12-02 12:14

    I picked this up because it was hockey and it was on sale. Really there is not much more that I really need. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but if it turned out even halfway decent I figured I got my dollars worth.It was however actually really good. It was lighthearted and not a lot of angst (and it definitely convinced me to stay the hell away from bees!) but I liked it all the same. And I'm totally gonna check out the rest of this series because it looks great. I love having found some more hockey books to add to my hoard and since this is still on sale over on amazon, I'd recommend you pick it up if you have the chance!

  • F.
    2018-11-20 13:03

    Enjoyed this, interested in reading more in the series.

  • Pixie
    2018-11-10 16:13

    So this was a bit of a gamble. I hadn’t read anything from this author yet & none of my friends had rated/reviewed this. I’m reading a pretty hardcore Steter fanfic right now and figured since it was kindle unlimited I might as well take the risk to keep my mind in a good headspace. Overall not a bad read for the first in a new series. This has virtually no angst. Sure there are some life changes, a health scare & old relationship dramas but mostly that’s just stuff going on throughout with no real feels behind it. It’s like it’s happening, but not creating enough tension for me to care. Like you know from start to finish how this story is going to go. That did lead to my complaints, for such a short book there are a ton of character introductions, which I am assuming is to lead the way to other books in the series, but man it was just too much. Even Jackson, one of the brothers, gets some chapters from his POV.Speaking of which, there are a shit ton of chapters, something like 32(?) and it’s mostly POV switching, they end up being pretty short. There is a move, a hockey championship, another move, bees, a fucking bear….OOOOHHHHH but that is what saves it, the fucking. Cause these two, boy did they. The prologue is a sex scene that takes place later in the book from Nate’s POV, which is then retold from Cam’s POV about mid-way through. These two…descriptive, on page, every single time. Earned all three stars. I think every time these two got it on I was like, yup gold star. For those that care (which I don’t) complete with HEA.So yeah just gonna move this right on the “read only for the sex” shelf and call it a day. On a side note the next book is about Jackson, hot ass welder brother & some heavily tattoo’d artist, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing (which we all know I am).

  • Tony
    2018-11-20 18:18

    I really enjoyed this story! *****4.5 rounded up to 5*****The writing was good! The story line flowed well! I am even interested in continuing out to read about Jackson (the older brother) and already have a feeling the baby brother is going to be a homo also!Hockey player Cameron is forced to stop playing due to a medical condition. He goes home and decides to purchase a house along with his 2 brothers (which was kind of strange to me - the selling of 3 houses together in one big sell, but whatevs)! Noah is an art curator, with a lisp and seems to be a little on the effeminate side. I thought they messed well! Not a WHOLE lot of drama (you know, besides the heart condition that could kill Cameron) --- I have been read so many dramatic bad stories - I was just waiting for Nathan's ex to reappear and do something crazy! But that didn't happen. Overall - I liked it and will continue on with the other books in the series!

  • Michele Notaro
    2018-11-18 17:59

    Absolutely Fantastic!!I loved this book. I think I was smiling and giggling through the entire book. Cam and Noah are the cutest couple, they are both so sweet. I loved the character development of all the characters, including Jackson, who I'm so happy has a book coming out in a few weeks...can't wait. This is a book that I will definitely re-read many times. I loved it! If you love romance, you will not be disappointed with this one.

  • namericanwordcat
    2018-12-10 13:03

    I really love this series. It is very low angst and we get a ton of couple time and a lot of falling in love. So good! It is pretty sexy too.Cam and Noah are wonderful characters and I am delighted when they find each other. They actually date. They are charmed by each other. Cam keeps some information from Noah a bit longer than I thought was needed or understandable and that didn't allow us to see Cam really process with Noah in an emotionally intimate way what was going on with me but it is a really nice love story anyway.I like the setting and all the world building of the family and the book. I adore Noah though his backstory could be more round out who he is is vibrant. Good stuff! Free so pick it up while you can!

  • Don Bradshaw
    2018-11-24 17:10

    Though short on the hockey, I enjoyed this smooth, uncomplicated story. The argue Mr. Davies used to remove Cam from hockey was flawless. I liked the idea of the three brothers living right next to one another and look forward to their individual stories. Cameron and Noah made a good fit and the bee keeping was interesting. The three POVs was an excellent idea. I thought it was going to be too much but found it flowed very well. Highly recommended.

  • DeeNeez
    2018-11-12 16:57

    An OK read, but I felt it just ended with no real climax. Like, "Huh, that was it?" Noah and Cam are a sweet couple. I've always enjoyed hockey, so for once I wasn't turned off with the sports portion. And I found the entire apiary beekeeping fascinating. So there were a lot of good points to the story, just not enough to give it humph.

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review
    2018-12-08 14:18

    A nice read to spend the afternoon onI like the story of Noah and Cam. Noah is a lil sweetheart. As he says,he has ever been in the closet. He , is comfortable in his skin. Things just can't seem to go right in the romance department. After Noah got stood up on a date he has just about given up hope. Things change for the better when Cam walks through the door.Cam has decided to move back home after he finds out he has to give up the career that he's worked on for so long. Is on again off again boyfriend has left him for the final time Cam decides that he needs a fresh start. He finds that fresh start with Noah. This is written as a multi POV. This is book one of the series and can be read as a standalone. It does have a HEA but does kind of leave us with a cliffhanger on Cam's condition. I assume we will find out more about it in later books about the brothers. The characters were easy to fall into like with, their dialogue flowed nicely , the descriptions to details were easy to visualize, and the storyline flowed very well. All in all a good read.Would I recommend this book? YesWould I read more from this author? YesSassy Beta Reading and Review

  • Denise H.
    2018-11-11 18:59

    * Oh, Canada ! * Hockey player, big, handsome Cameron has a major league team in his grip when a heart problem sidelines him. He moved back home to start a life with something he missed, family close by. Noah is a curator, smart, lively, and adorable.The guys hit it off and the slow romance begins. This is a delightful M/M romance with deep characters, an interesting tale, and erotic hot sexiness. It's not really a "hockey" story, but there is play by play hockey ball, hockey talk, a hockey exhibit, and of course, it's sexy fun when Noah sees Cam's jock strap ...yum. Noah's Uncle has a beehive business that needs a helper, so Cam signs on. Meanwhile he and his brothers get their homes, and begin to set their roots deep their hometown. No angst, lots of camaraderie, plus more is happening than I can tell you, so, you'll just have to try this charming romance. Highly recommend this sweet gay love story. ENJOY !!! ==========================================Thank you Gigi for the rec !!! ==========================

  • Tj
    2018-11-19 12:21

    Buzz is the first of the Riley Brothers Series and centers around Cam. Cam is a minor league hockey player on the verge of being drafted into the majors. An unknown heart issues forces him to give up on his dream and, he moves back home.Cam starts a new life meets Noah an art curator, he and his two brother buy houses next to each other and, he starts a new job working as a bee keeper. A door closed but a new window opens for him. Becoming a bee keeper is an imaginative angle and, the series holds promises. Unfortunately, there are a few stumbling blocks. Cam keeps the fact he was a hockey player and his medical condition from Noah. As the relationship becomes more personal and intimate, Cam's secrecy doesn't make sense. Also, the medical issue wasn't diagnosed or resolved by the end of the book. This being a series, I am hoping we get a resolution.The book also doesn't "flow" easily. The writing seems stiff and the scenes don't segue smoothly. I am hoping this improves and Davies hits that writers' stride and lets the characters take the driver's seat so to speak.

  • Otterpuss
    2018-12-02 17:09

    There's so much about this book I don't get. Why is it called Buzz? What's up with the old boyfriend?Why did Cam lie to Noah?Why are there so may PoV's but absolutely no depth to any of them?Did the heart condition get sorted it not?Nothing really happens and the characters mostly read like immature teenage girls. The main point seems to be introducing loads of characters but not actually getting down to the nitty gritty of anyone's personality. There's so much.....fluff. And not good fluff. Unnecessary sentences all over the place just...taking up space. Adding nothing to the story. The writing is stilted, the plot (such as it is) seems to meander around taking several illogical turns but not actually going anywhere and absolutely ridiclous coincidences.

  • Neil Plakcy
    2018-11-17 17:12

    Well-written but ultimately disappointing-- the author missed a lot of opportunities for deeper conflict between the characters, though she writes very well about sex.

  • charlotte
    2018-11-12 15:08

    this was cute and as a bonus didnt have any relationship angst bless :')

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2018-12-09 15:15

    I enjoyed this one - in particular how the author wove the story of the family in. The pace was great and the setting was well described. The medical issue was very problematic though. It needed a lot more information.

  • Wax
    2018-11-30 18:15

    I really liked the main couple, so I bumped it up from a 3.5 star rating. Because there were a couple of issues: one was the miscommunication, and two was the length of the story. Honestly, there didn't seem to be enough material to last that long, and that's why the lying by omission was so annoying.

  • CJ
    2018-11-14 11:20

    3.5 Stars. This is a nice easy sexy read ... but maybe a little too nice. Do you know one of those books where there is a nice story, nice characters, nice chemistry, nice sex scenes ... but then there is just something missing to take it from a nice read to a WOW. I can't put my finger on what it was, but I was just waiting for something to take this from nice to really good. There are a couple of things that I feel people should know, if you love mm sports reads this is NOT one. There is really only one major sports scene at the beginning and then a little bit of sport sprinkled through but really it is about a guy who can't play sport any more and a guy who is a curator (so therefore if you don't like sport mm books this will please you). Really it felt more like an introduction to the whole Riley men via Cameron and his moving on from ice hockey, idiot ex's and finding his place. A nice enough premise for a story. My other slight concern is in relation to the ending I have to call it a HFN because (view spoiler)[ we don't actually find out what is really wrong with Cameron that made him have to quit ice hockey so he could actually end up being having something terrible ... and I have to say I found this a bit annoying, a huge part of this book was his health and it was not answered(hide spoiler)] . However, I do think it will turn into a HEA in Cameron's brother Jackson's story by my concern being answered. I have to say I will probably give Jackson and Chases story a go because I did like this book it was a nice read, I just wasn't blown away by it.

  • Lorraine
    2018-12-01 15:26

    This is an excellent read, based around Cameron, a minor league hockey player and Noah, an art curator. Cameron moves back to his hometown after a health scare, and meets Noah, who has arrived in the small town relatively recently.The two men find themselves immediately attracted to one another over a market stall and don't look back, but Cameron is hiding his real reasons for moving back home; both his health issues and his former career from Noah.A decision that could have caused a real break in their relationship.The two MCs were both likeable and easy to understand. I understood Cameron's reticence in explaining to Noah his real motivation for moving and job hunting, but for me Noah should have been much more annoyed with him. It was the one place in the book where, for me there wasn't enough emotion. Certainly if I had been Noah I would have been furious.That apart, it was an excellent read and I struggled to put the book down. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.An excellent 4.5 stars rounded up.

  • Jennifer Y.
    2018-11-17 17:08

    Review soon

  • Ali
    2018-12-08 16:06

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Cam is forced to give up his dream of being a pro hockey player when it is discovered he has an unknown heart condition. He goes back to his hometown to be with his family. He quickly meets Noah, a local art curator. They begin a relationship, however Cam doesn’t share much of his past and Noah is shocked when he learns that Cam was a professional hockey player and never told him. When Cam is sent to the hospital after a stressful confrontation, Noah is there when he wakes up. Cam then understands how important it is to open up to those he cares about. This was a sweet story and I can’t wait to read more in this series.