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He's JAX.He's a rockstar. He's a screw-up. He broke my heart.He's my new stepbrother.Jaxson Blue is rock royalty: the son of one of the biggest names on the planet. He was my first...everything.Then he broke my heart in the most public way possible.I never want to think about Jax again.Too bad his music seems to follow me wherever I go.Now my hard-living roadie of a fatherHe's JAX.He's a rockstar. He's a screw-up. He broke my heart.He's my new stepbrother.Jaxson Blue is rock royalty: the son of one of the biggest names on the planet. He was my first...everything.Then he broke my heart in the most public way possible.I never want to think about Jax again.Too bad his music seems to follow me wherever I go.Now my hard-living roadie of a father is marrying Jax's rock star mother and the four of us have to co-exist in the same house for two weeks. Jax is still the same sexy, arrogant jerk I fell in love with, and I'm too weak to resist him for long.So I make a deal with myself.It's only until the wedding.It's only a fling. It doesn't mean anything.I'm not doing anything wrong...right?NOTE: All characters in this standalone novel are over the age of 18 and are not blood-related....

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Jax Reviews

  • Lindsay
    2018-12-01 02:46

    Wow. So…ok…that happened. I’ve read a lot of stepbrother books…some good, some great…a lot of them bad. So it takes quite a bit (and a lot of talent) to impress me. Vivian Lux did that. From page one, I was hooked on Jax and his Lil Bit. I honestly could not put it down. I had started another book before this, was pulled into this and kept reading Jax instead of the other book. This book had a great storyline that’s missing from most stepbrother books. In the case of Jax and Liliana, they started out as friends when she went to live with her dad and on tour with Jax and his mom. They’d spent three years together as a quasi-family before finally getting together before things blew up for them, leading to a year apart. One thing you typically find in stepbrother books is that the parents aren’t yet married. That was the case here for most of the book. But there was more history between the family leading up to the wedding. But, there WAS a wedding. I actually loved everything about this book. I have no complaints. I loved that while Jax was a jerk at times (it’s just the way these books go), he wasn’t really the bad guy. Yes, he was stupid at times, and he said/did things to tick off Liliana but the one who did the most (emotional) damage was actually Liliana. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There was damage done by both of them. But, Liliana realized that she mistreated Jax and that she was “the bad guy” (to use her words). And she set out to apologize and make amends to him. I also loved that Jax spent most of the book wanting/working to get his Lil Bit back. That the song Liliana hated so much was actually a love song written for her and about how much Jax loved her. Overall, I’m so beyond glad that I read this book. I seriously want to sit down and read it all over again.

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2018-12-05 09:53

    RATING: 3.5 Lil Bit and Blue Hearts!! :)

  • Mojo_Mama
    2018-11-17 09:55

    This is just one of those books, that I think to myself: I'm getting too fucking old for this shit.Thoughts on this?Just...yeah, I got nothing.No triggers.

  • Mariℓina
    2018-11-16 01:53

    3,5 stars! Really nice.

  • Gabba
    2018-12-14 10:02

    1.5 Ni sé por dónde empezar. Va, ni sé si tengo que empezar. No sentí conexión con los protagonistas, no me simpatizaron. Pura histeria, la cual se podría haber resuelto desde el primer momento, eso hizo que no creyera una sola palabra de lo que la autora contaba. Exagera reacción, poco madura. Ni siquiera sentí un mensaje positivo... ¿Se puede desglosar un poco más? Sí, pero con SPOILER. Ni ganas de evitarlos. Es un libro donde dos "adolescente", no llegan a los 20 años, se conectan por esas cosas del destino. PADRES. Ella, pierde a su papá, en un sentido figurativo. Su pasión por la música lo hizo abandonar a su familia. ¡Excelente tipo!. Su mamá, rehízo su vida con un pobre diablo... poca dedicación tenía para su hija. Eso hizo que aprendiera a ocultarse del resto de la humanidad. Pierde a su mamá, cuestión que la hace volver con su papá y la alocada "familia" del rock and all. La cual resulta ser parte también de la de Jax. Él, por su parte viene de una familia prodigio en el mundo de la música. Madre narcisista y adorada por el maldito mundo. Padre, Dioh sabrá. Un pibe que tiene sus inseguridades, por más que las quiera cubrir con su engreimiento (qué feo suena esa palabra)Ellos van a conectar, y bla, bla, bla. Entre pito y flauta comparten una primera CABALGATA. Y bueno... después comienzan los malentendidos. Ella decide desaparecer, interponer esos infinitos kilométros de distancia. Es decir, cambiar de costa, ¿a qué? A escribir, esa era su pasión. Ahí vuelca todas las reacciones que le encantaría que él hubiera tenido. Tiene una compañera de piso que prácticamente apesta. El casamiento de su papá con la mamá de él la hará regresar . Sí, un año después vuelve. Y bueno, se imaginan toda la histeria. De ambas partes. Para todo esto, él pegó un mega hit musical. Suena por todos lados. Letra que escribió después del desastre. Y claro, ella la escucha por doquier. Va, jamás la escuchó entera... y a partir de ahí la autora creo la historia. Van, vienen, van, vienen. ¡Cabalgan a pelo, y lo peor es ese discursito clichetero del "Estoy limpio, me hice los estudios ni bien me enteré que venías". #CualquiDeCualquiera (Está claro que ese año el no fue un puto monje tibetano. Se cabalgó toda groupie que se le tiraba encima). Hasta que resuelven el asunto, y decide hacerle .I. al mundo y hacer lo que dicta su corazón. (Ay, qué cursi). La frutilla del postre, en lo que digamos podría ser considerado el epílogo, él le propone casamiento. Y lo peor que ni llega a los 20 años.¿En qué joroca estaba pensando la autora? Eso fue todo, besis.

  • GypsyBelle
    2018-11-23 04:56

    Jax, Jax, Jax you are so damn cocky !! But that is what I loved about you. You know what you want and you don't stop at nothing to get it. I really enjoyed this book. It had a great story, wonderful H/H and the supporting were funny and made the story as well. Lil Bit was the type of heroine I like, she was tough , and didn't take anything from anyone. Yet she had a vulnerably side that was appealing. If you love second chance romances, and true love never fails this is the book for you! Reviewed by Justabooklovinjunkie

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2018-12-12 05:58

    Achei a história fraca e previsível... nada demais e não vai ficar na memória.-rock star com mãe famosa e revoltado com ela.-ele conhece e encontra garota tímida que é virgem.-o casal transa e ele estraga tudo com atitude arrogante e atitude idiota.-eles se reencontram para o casamento dos pais deles. -a mãe dele uma estrela da música e o pai dela um membro da equipe técnica.-alguns mal entendidos e então o HEA!-------------------------------I found the story weak and predictable ... no big deal and it won't stay in memory.-rock star with a famous mother and angry with her.-He meets shy girl who is a Virgin.-the couple have sex and he ruins it with arrogance and bad attitude-They reunite for the wedding of his parents.-his mother a music star and her father a member of the technical crew.-some misunderstandings and so the HEA.

  • Vânia Nunes
    2018-12-01 09:49

    They are young. Too young. She lost her virginity to him. They were in love. But, in a moment of wonder because of his new career as a rockstar, he makes an erroneous statement. Angry, she goes away.One year later they will have to meet because her father and his mother are getting married and now he will be her stepbrother...Awkward situation? Deff!!But the worst is that his most famous music talks exactly about that moment of love which they lived. She feels outraged because that song plays at every turn on the radio. She feels humiliated. Jax, the rockstar, are not sure why Lily, his Lil Bit, lives running away from him. This forced encounter - for two weeks they will have to live in the same house until their parents wedding day - they will have a chance to hate forever... or make it up. But it would be awkward because they would be siblings. And worse, how would their parents react to knowing about their relationship?The plot is interesting, but too fast. The characters are cool, but not very deep. Everything happens very fast. If you're looking for a love story without deep dramas, this is your book.3,5 stars

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2018-11-30 02:47

    JAX is the first book I have read by Vivian Lux, and boy did I LOVE it! Jax and Liliana develop feelings for each when they are teenagers, until he broke her heart on T.V. He's rock royalty, and it just so happens that he has talent of his own. Now Lil can't get away from him, because his first hit song, she believes he's making fun of her. When his mother gets engaged to her father, Lil and Jax are going to come face to face for the wedding. She finds that the feelings aren't gone, but what can she do about it now since he's going to be her stepbrother? WOW! I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough with this story. The character development is great, with secondaries that had me rolling. A fast paced, sexy, and well written story line flows smoothly. The chemistry is tangible, leading to some seriously SMOKIN' panty melting goodness. Vivian Lux hooked me from the very beginning, and held my attention until I finished it in one sitting. Her spin on the stepbrother front is original and awesome, and I really need more of Jax and his Lil Bit! (hint hint) Great story and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Dai Alvarado
    2018-11-20 05:44

    Creo que es primera vez que leo una historia de hermanastros. Como que me dan repelús, pero tengo que admitir que no se sintió raro en ningún momento, en realidad fue divertida.La historia es un poco cliché, pero se deja leer bastante fácil, alguna parte me parecieron tontas pero en su gran mayoría son divertidas. La protagonista es una idiota total a la que odié desde el primer momento. Es una completa inmadura ¬¬Jax esta simpatico, medio infantil también aunque no al mismo grado de Liliana, completamente arrogante pero lindo. Me gustó. El resto de los personajes fueron medio nulos, el momento más destacado de los padres de ellos fue esa llamada que hizo que la tonta corriera detrás de Jax... porque ni en su boda brillaron.En fin, fue una lectura entretenida aunque no repetiría la experiencia...

  • Shay_yahS
    2018-11-22 08:48

    I wanted to love this book... But it was a lil rough for me... The main characters clearly had feelings for each other but there was not much depth to their story.. Lily was a bit dramatic for no reason.. She had issues with Kax and NEVER talked to him about them she jus ran away and Jax wasn't open about his feelings so they butt heads... It was annoying at times.. Felt like the second book in a series where you already know the characters because of the first book.. If that makes sense... Repetitive words drive me crazy.. "Asshole" and "cocky" we're used a lot... It felt rushed and the end was really rushed.. I jus don't know.. I dunno.. Not my favorite..

  • Michelle Cage
    2018-12-09 05:02

    This is the first book that I have read from this author and I must say I loved it. Jax and Lily grew up around each other and eventually became involved until one night Jax being in show biz said something that made Lily run. A year later they are reunited for their parents wedding. The interaction between the two was enjoyable, they were either being snippy or they were having heart felt conversations. The sex scences were hot and believable. This was a very enjoyable read.

  • Samantha-jane Hardacre
    2018-12-10 09:54

    When your life goes to hell and back literally, it is amazing what our family and loves will do to bring us back.Thank you for the amazing story bring on more

  • Melisa Regueira
    2018-11-23 10:03

    Doblemente enganchada con el simple hecho de que él sea un rockero y además su hermanastro.Muy entretenido. Lo único negativo es que necesité un epílogo... soy una chica de epílogos >.<

  • Coni Fernández
    2018-11-28 04:49

    es una historia tierna que se lee muy rápido. Los personajes protagonistas me caian bien, estaban bien ambientados y actuaban acorde a su edad. En verdad no siento que fuera una historia taaaan de hermanastros pq se habian criado y empezado su relacion sin serlo, asi qe para mi jugaba un rol secundario. Le doy más crédito por mostrar un lado más humano del mundo del rock and roll, que pese a la vida loca y desenfrenada, se forman lazos familiares invaluables

  • Милена Божинова
    2018-12-05 05:47

    This is the first book that I have read from this author and I must say I loved it. Some parts of the book I dont like it. but that is the way author is writting. Maybe the next one that I will read I will like it more than that book.

  • Tammy
    2018-11-18 09:47

    3.5 stars. Good, but felt like some issues were not resolved.

  • Smonro
    2018-12-11 05:03

    3.5 a little boring in my opinion

  • BJ
    2018-12-12 08:47

    This was just an ok read to me. I needed more depth into their feelings from Jax & Lily(Lil Bit).

  • Dani
    2018-12-12 08:42

    This was my second book from Vivian Lux that I've read - well duh, it's the second book of the serious lol. I enjoyed it but not as much as the first one, Smith. Vivian Lux writes very well written characters and how she narrates the characters. I recommend this book, its not a super long read but if you are like me, its nice to read something like this when you don't have too much time.

  • Line
    2018-11-14 07:44

    Two of my favorite sub-genres in one; Rockstars and Stepbrothers, what's not to love <3This story was well told, original and emotional

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2018-11-19 06:59

    Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆What happens when the one that professes love, destroys you without a thought? This is the tale of a broken heart and how it is put back together! In author extraordinaire Vivian Lux’s Cocky, we meet a girl that writes about steamy hot romance and an out of control rock star that loved and left her. So what else could go wrong in this situation? Of course, the girl’s father could marry the guy’s mother! It’s not easy being born into a family of Rockstar Royalty. Expectations can be good, but at the same time they can destroy your hopes and dreams. What you envision for your future. Jaxon has always had special feelings for Liliana. Growing up side by side during their teen years in a dysfunctional family of rock and rollers, it was not always easy to keep you head and your ego under control. He realizes that he made the biggest mistake of his life when his ego caused him to lose her, his best friend and the only one he has ever loved. But his Lil Bit is back and instead of saying and doing the things he plans to win her back, everything he does drives her away again. This rising rock ‘n roll star needs to get his act together, before she once again walks out of his life. What she lacks in size, Liliana Nesbit more than makes up for in her fierce determination to stand strong and face whatever life throws at her. Face it with a [email protected]@K you attitude! At the tender age of fifteen her mother dies and her roadie father takes her on the road with him. That’s where her love/hate relationship started with Jaxson. Jaxson the beautiful sexy guy that stole more than her heart, then left her shredded trying to put all the pieces back together. The call from her father with the news that he was getting married was enough of a shock but when he said to Jaxson’s mother that left her in shock. What she was expecting was not the feelings that resurfaced, feelings that were really hard to ignore. Is there a future for her with Jax?Jaxson Blue and Liliana ‘Lil Bit’ Nesbit’s story is an unforgettable stepbrother romance that you will want to add to you library as soon as possible. Ms. Lux has not only produced the perfect storyline, but also created characters that while you may want to hate, you will find yourself falling in love with them instead!***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***JAX: A Rockstar Stepbrother RomanceVivian Lux

  • Halime Yazıcı Mimaroğlu
    2018-12-13 01:42

    I think this will be always my regret that attracted the cover of book and start immediately reading it but sometimes it comes with huge disappointment.Yesterday I saw an advertisinf of this book on Sabrina Paige's facebook page and started immediately read it after finishing book I m reading. Because I read lots of stepbrother books of Sabrina and I enjoyed.. So I thought this alsa will be good one but it tourned out to be disaster.. ...The very beginning of the novel you know someting bad happened and want to learn it through the novel but turning page after page you dont get what was the problem ..Why Lily leaves the JAx,, why she walked away from this relationship.....what was the real reason he made her shamed in public(as the introduction implied ). I didnt learned the reason... Im so sorry that Author ruined the Lily and Jax character. Specially she was special but she didnt get her story very well because of lack of settings.....story was good but development of characters, the process of story and lack of attraction between characters made it bad one....Öncelikle neden bu kadar yorum yazmaya zaman ayırdığımı bilmiyorum. Fakat elimde çok kitap var be bazen başladığımda iyiki bu kitabı atlamamışım dediğimde oluyor. Bu yüzden ve kitaplarını beğendiğimi bir yazarın bu kitabın reklamını yapması benim için yetmişti. Fakat beklediğimin epeyce altında kaldı. Çok güzel bir tanıtım bülteniyle kitap size başlangıçta çok vaadler veriyor. Kafanızdan kurmaya başlıyorsunuz acaba ayrılmalarına kızın kalbni kırmasına sebep olan olay neydi diye. Hikayeye başladığınızda ise hani nerde deyip sayfaları çeviriyorsunuz ve booom hiç bir şey yok aslında var ama ne olduğunu siz de anlamıyorsnuz....... yani geliştirilebilecek çok güzel iki karaktere ve güzel bir hikayeye yazık etmiş yazar... Ve böyle bir kitap kapağının telef olmasından ise hiç bahsetmiyorum. Her ne kadar içerik önemli olsa da kapağa da çok önem veriyorum bazen .ve keşke çok sevdiğim bir kitabın kapağı şöyle olsaydı dediğimde çok oluyor ve bunun başka güzel bir kitabın kapağı olmasını çok isterdim.... sonuç olarak 1 yıldız kapağı için ve bir yıldız da geliştirilebilecek iki güzel karakter için (malesef harcandılar bu kitapta )

  • The Clover Club LG
    2018-11-15 04:01

    Puntaje total: 2.5- Honestamente la historia no es mala pero tampoco me parecio buena. Creo que la autora exagero en ciertas ocasiones, demasiado drama innecesario para un final simple. Lo más destacable es Jax, si es engreído y un poco idiota , pero es honesto y nunca intenta fingir ser diferente. En cambio Lily, es taaan desesperante. es la creadora principal del drama. No me gusto para nada. Un libro ligero pero sin mucho que destacar.- Drama y más drama que ocasionalmente salían de la nada... siento que los personajes en ocasiones tenían actitudes de una persona madura y otras de un niño, pero solo tienen entre 18-19 años. Jax cumple con su personaje, no creo que tenga mucho que destacar del, ya sea bueno o malo... es como es. Lil es una chica desesperante, que crea drama en nada... solo quiere ver lo que ella desea y no abre los ojos, se cree víctima y todo lo que Jax dice o hace, ella lo toma como un ataque emocional... sin contar que es un personaje inmaduro, egoísta, cobarde y dramática al máximo. El libro es rápido de leer, sería recomendable para un momento donde no tienes nada mejor que hacer, pero no es destacable en su totalidad.- En general el libro me gusto, a pesar de tanto rodeo y el comportamiento de estos dos.Jax me encanto!! Un engreído pero igual de lindo, y las letras de esas canciones si que me gustaron. Liliana aunque infantil tuvo sus cositas, en especial esa novela que escribía, totalmente la leería jaja - Creo que es primera vez que leo una historia de hermanastros. Como que me dan repelús, pero tengo que admitir que no se sintió raro en ningún momento, en realidad fue divertida.La historia es un poco cliché, pero se deja leer bastante fácil, alguna parte me parecieron tontas pero en su gran mayoría son divertidas. La protagonista es una idiota total a la que odié desde el primer momento. Es una completa inmadura ¬¬. Jax esta simpatico, medio infantil también aunque no al mismo grado de Liliana, completamente arrogante pero lindo. Me gustó. El resto de los personajes fueron medio nulos, el momento más destacado de los padres de ellos fue esa llamada que hizo que la tonta corriera detrás de Jax... porque ni en su boda brillaron. En fin, fue una lectura entretenida aunque no repetiría la experiencia...

  • Bella'
    2018-11-19 01:58

    El inicio me había enganchado pero luego fue horrendo. Tremendamente cliché. He leído libros de hermanastros cortos que han sido wow, pero este fue más como pff!

  • April Symes
    2018-12-03 08:49

    Such an awesome ride- Jax and Liliana are one couple you want to root for from the get-go. They realize early on as teenagers that they have some deep feelings for each other. Liliana has fallen deep in love with Jax but something happens that makes her see Jax in a different light and her heart break apart. She thinks he never cared for her. She leaves her home and tries to forget him but he never is really gone and suddenly he is everywhere , especially when Jax is on the radio with his first hit song and that song, as she thinks, is making digs at her. Liliana gets a call suddenly out of the blue from her dad telling her he is getting married again and her presence is required at home because he is getting married and his soon to be wife is…. Jax’s mother. Oh those feelings are still there and still as strong but what does she do? Especially since the man she is loved and still loved is going to be her step brother?OMG I loved this book. Reading the dual POV was great and yes at times Jax was sort of a jerk but he really had some problems in his past that caused him to be but not toward Liliana. He was torn and was trying to be a good guy…and sweet Liliana. She always loved her Jax but she never felt like she belonged. The emotional twists and turns in this story kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. The book has great flow, the sex scenes were quite erotic and sooo hot and the MC belong together. You can tell it from the get go. I highly recommend this story. My rating: 4.6 stars ****

  • Jenny Brightman Harris
    2018-12-12 09:46

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Jaxson Blue and Liliana Nesbit (Lil Bit). Liliana's father always wanted to be a musician so when she was 9 he left both her and her mother to try and start a music career. He never could but one night he meet up with Annie Blue's band when he realized the reason for so much feedback from their system was a simple wiring problem. When Liliana was 15 her mom died of cancer and she called her birth father to come get her. She could have stayed with her step-father and step-brothers but she always felt like she was invisible.Jaxson always felt like everyone saw him as just the son of Annie Blue and the grandson of Randall Blue. Jaxson wants to be known for his own music but what he really wants is Lil Bit to come back and see him. Just like Liliana Jaxson always felt like the people around him didn't really see him, he was just there. He has been on the road with his mom through-out most of his childhood and into his teens. He has watched Liliana's dad with her mom in an on and off again relationship for the last 15 years. So when they say they are getting married his first thought is of Liliana. This is a great book about going through life, taking those hard knocks and letting them turn you into a stronger person. This is also about finding that love that you never want to let go of, and fighting for it when you get another chance. This book has it's ups and downs and there will be times you want to smack both of these characters. However it is an amazing book that I would highly recommend.

  • Elizabeth Wright
    2018-11-20 09:56

    This was my first Vivian Lux read and I am a fan for life. This was one of the absolute best new adult books I have ever read. She totally nailed that first love, angsty feeling. Add to it that Jax an Liliana were raised about as far away from normal as you can get and you get an emotionally and hormonally driven romance for the ages.Liliana"Lil Bit" Nesbit is the product of a rock roadie and a straightlaced woman who deserves more. When she goes out and gets it, she saddles Liliana with a distant stepfather to add to her distant dad collection. The one stable thing in her life is the son of her dad's on again, off again lover, Annie Blue, She and Jax connect and are the best of friends until it goes too far. Jaxson would do anything to get his Lil BIt back, including using his music as the ultimate apology. When Nails and Annie finally decide to get married, Lil comes home and Jax hopes for a happy reunion. Watching Lil and Jax reconnect and work past all the misunderstandings and hurt was so bittersweet. There is so much love there and all the time wasted. Ugh just heartbreaking. There was also a lot of personal growth throughout, which made it super easy to get lost in the story. I would love to see more of these two in the future. We'll have to see what Lux has in store for us next.

  • Jessica Vargas
    2018-11-16 02:58

    Siempre te seré fiel.Te amaré por siempreEste es mi voto.Honrarte para siempre, tanto en público como privado.Reconocer mis defectos y tratar de ser un hombre mejor.Amarte cómo te mereces ser amada.Ser tu mejor amigo y hacerte reír.Cuidar tu cuerpo y tu placer.Ser lento en enojarme y rápido para perdonar.No aferrarme a los desaires y errores, ya sea intencional o de otro modo.Respetar siempre tus deseos y nunca ignorar tu dolor.Ser tu compañero en las buenas y en las malas y nunca dejar que los malos momentos quiten lo mejor de nosotros.No tienen idea como ame este voto de amor… ¿Era esto lo que significaba ser adulto? ¿Tener que dejar de lado tu propio deseo más ferviente por el bien de los que amabas?Es la cruda verdad, ser adulto es algo que cuesta pero al final luego de todo el dolor, uno voltea a ver al pasado y decir “Fue la mejor decisión”Llego el fin tan rápido que no se como me voy a recuperar de este libro, lo ame cada párrafo, cada capitulo fue increíble; son de eso libros lindos que no te quieres despegar porque te traen lindo recuerdo. Me encanto tanto el final porque el chico siempre fue como es y me gusto que la aptitud del personaje principal sea siempre igual porque eso lo hace más real.

  • Christin
    2018-11-20 06:58

    Just got done reading this one. And I have to give it to the author. She did not take it to the over dramatic scenes of something bad happening so that the lady could be saved by the guy who finally realized he loves her. No in this one it started off after that. Jax, fu**ed up on his own, and realized it on his own. Then turned around and wrote a apology to her that ended up being a popular song and bring out his own fame. The fact that his mom, and Lil's dad decided to get married and bring them two together again after a year, was amazing in my part. Especially both parents knowing that these two were in love with each other. This story was more real life than most books like this. And for once the girl was not always a hot mess who couldn't think straight when she was around him. I love how Lil gave him just as much shit as he gave her. And I love how instead of a big blow out, she made it a simple way of realizing that what had happened to keep them apart was a big mistake, and brought them together again just as easily.The only downside to this whole book, is I wish she would have ended it with more details into the future for them.