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All Ben Vecchio wanted was a quiet summer before his last semester of university. Was that too much to ask? All Tenzin wanted was a cache of priceless medieval coins that had been missing for several hundred years. And some company. Phrases like “never again” don’t mean much when you’ve been a vampire for several thousand years. And promises made in the heat of anger don’tAll Ben Vecchio wanted was a quiet summer before his last semester of university. Was that too much to ask? All Tenzin wanted was a cache of priceless medieval coins that had been missing for several hundred years. And some company. Phrases like “never again” don’t mean much when you’ve been a vampire for several thousand years. And promises made in the heat of anger don’t outweigh the lure of gold. Ben Vecchio thought he knew everything there was to know about the immortals of Italy. But when Tenzin tempts him into another adventure finding a cache of rare gold coins missing since the nineteenth century, he’ll discover that familiar places can hold the most delicious secrets. And possibly, the key to his future....

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Imitation and Alchemy Reviews

  • Elizabeth Hunter
    2018-11-10 17:30

    They're baaaack!Imitation & Alchemy is posting right now on my blog New chapters every Saturday. I'll be posting through the holidays before I pull it for editing.Hope you enjoy! And also feel free to check out the new Elemental Legacy pinterest board at: where I'm posting pictures as I write.

  • Meg at
    2018-12-11 19:31

    Elementally Speaking… #BENZIN: It’s a ThingWhen I first started plowing through the Elemental Mysteries, and then Elemental World books by Elizabeth Hunter, I was a newb to the wonderment that is “E__Hunter” (That’s her twitter and instagram tag if you want to follow her, by the way… *hint hint nudge nudge*). I contacted her on facebook with some questions about the Irin Chronicles, and noted a lot of people talking about some other series of hers.Then I dove into Elemental – wow. Well, if you’ve not done it yet, I haven’t a clue why not. The series is, without a doubt, one of the best series I have ever read.When I dove into Elemental – wow. Well, if you’ve not done it yet, I haven’t a clue why not. The series is, without a doubt, one of the best series I have ever read, and I didn’t come up for air for ANY other book or series until I went through all of it. But like anything else, when you binge it, you inevitably regret it when it’s over.So it stands to reason that I would also inhale the novellas, the short stories on her website, and anything else she released to the desperate literary nomad I was, wandering around in a desert of unappealing literature.I know, you think that sounds dramatic. It is, but it’s true. Though I have since had some really happy forays back into some favorite series, I was desperate for some vampire adventure in a world not so foreign from this one, but entirely not my own either.When Elizabeth contacted me about reviewing her newest novella, Imitation & Alchemy, I was nervous – I knew things would be changing between some very important main characters, and I didn’t know if I was ready for BENZIN, even though it seemed the characters themselves were always angling towards one another in some odd way, uniquely their own.This book decided it for me.Gimme #BENZIN. I want Tenzin to be happy. I want Ben to have direction in a world where he’s never really belonged. I want more Louis moments. (You don’t get it now, but you will when you read this – and you need to read it).The Elemental stories haven’t come to a decisive end because there is more to be told, and by the direction of this book, we will be seeing it through Ben Vecchio’s eyes. Whether those eyes will be human, or something more, I can’t say. What I can say is that I am ready for another series in this world. It is rare an author can create characters so enchanting, a world so captivating or a plot so enthralling that it could make it through more than a dozen books.But Elizabeth Hunter can do it – and she does it in spades.I loved this novella. I loved every stinking minute of it. Though it is not a novel by any stretch, itwas definitely long enough to be delectable and with a full story arc that will take you around the world in under 100 pages.~I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The original has or will appear on Lit.Buzz~

  • Kara-karina
    2018-11-10 14:37

    4.5/5I think that seeing Ben grow throughout so many Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World books and discovering Tenzin's secrets along the way made me as a reader extremely comfortable and extremely attached to these two.As a result this powerful and enigmatic duo is so alive, familiar and cuddly, you just read about their escapades with a big smile on your face. The events of Imitation & Alchemy takes place a year after couple's adventure in China. This time the setting is very romantic, suffused with history and culture, and chaotic in a very different way from China. Author's love for Italy is clear in her descriptions of Naples and Venice. Especially, Venice. They are warm and gorgeous and iintroduce us to new, intriguing characters.Ben is all grown up and delicious and in search of his identity. He is charming, and on the surface, carefree, but deep inside he feels woefully under equipped for the fast, brutal world of elemental vampires. I love how when in danger he doesn't rush into battle with a much stronger enemy, but takes cover and lets Tenzin deal with it head on. Even then he still takes a beating, but you know he did everything in his power to avoid it. I also love how this is a story of building partnership between him and Tenzin. You know Ben is Tenzin's grip on humanity on staying in present, and in turn, she challenges Ben and makes him try harder to use his full potential.There is a distant possibility of a romantic involvement, but I was relieved to see that it's not here yet. I don't think we are ready for that twist quite yet!I am not going to describe what's happening in the book, but it's fast and fun and very Tenzin-like little heist. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think you will too. Recommended.

  • This Literary Life
    2018-11-17 13:35

    I got this book for my honest opinion, and I honestly loved it. First, let me say that I am a massive fan of Elizabeth Hunter's work. I just want to crawl in her brain and live there for a while, the stories and characters that she weaves into our world are so breathtaking. I have been anticipating Ben and Tenzin's story for quite a while, so I was more than happy to get my hands on Imitation and Alchemy. As I began this book, I was eased back into the elemental world that I love. This book was only 111 pages, so it just gives you a taste of being back with some familiar characters and places that we have been with some of her past books. As well as some new ones. I enjoyed reading the adventure, or should I say trouble, that Ben and Tenzin got in. Some new characters were added, setting up for the next novel I am sure, that are quite impressive. I can see Filomena having the capabilities of playing quite the role in future books. She is a strong, sexy woman, who could be a real wild card. As with every book I have read that Ms. Hunter has written, I now feel like I have traveled to where the story takes place. I have been to Rome, and Venice. I have walked through the streets, and tasted the gelato. I desperately wanted to be there the moments that there was a record player going (I don't want to ruin even a moment so thats all I will say) Usually with her books, my heart is beating fast as I read through the action, mystery and romance. This was a slower paced book, and that isn't a bad thing. This book is all about Ben. What will he do? What life will he choose to live, and how, now that adulthood has arrived? He is a remarkable and skilled man in his own right. Learning invaluable lessons from Gio from childhood, and now with each adventure alongside Tenzin teaching him a priceless lesson. As much as I loved this book, my heart wasn't fully involved until closer to the end. And then as I thought about life from Ben's point of view, I got a little teary eyed. My Ben (ok, ok, OUR Ben-I'll share if need be) is truly having a defining moment. When a boy becomes a man, what road does he take, and who will he surround himself with? This book leads perfectly into the first book in Hunter's next series. And I for one am, could not have been happier with how she chose to end this book, setting up perfectly for the next story. If you've read her work, you're most likely a fan like myself, and you've read every scrap and crumb that she has gifted us with. You will surely want to read this and see where the next adventure takes Ben, and while you're at it, stroll the streets of Venice.

  • Jenni
    2018-11-15 17:21

    Elizabeth Hunter returns to her Elemental World with a wonderful novella about two of her most loved characters, Ben and Tenzin. Benjamin Vecchio, human, adopted nephew of powerful vampire, former mercenary and assassin, Giovanni Vecchio, is persuaded to spend part of his summer break in Italy by his uncle's former mercenary partner and ancient vampire, Tenzin. A collection of antique gold coins owned by the vampire head of Naples has been stolen, and Tenzin, contracted to find them, wants Ben to help. Sounds like a fairly simple task, but as is often the case with Tenzin's plans, Ben soon realises that things are not necessarily as they seem.Fans of Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World books will no doubt love this continuation of the story - I did - and although it is part of a new Elemental Legacy series, anyone not familiar with Ms Hunter's work will find that there is enough background information given to enable this to be read as a stand-alone. However, I would recommend that you do read the earlier books first, they're worth it. The writing is, as always, excellent, clear, articulate, with attention to detail and no words wasted. The characters, even the non-human ones are well-drawn and believable, the dialogue is clever and often amusing, and the plot moves at a good pace. A very entertaining read.I received an ARC of this book for an honest review, and I'm very happy to give it 5 stars.

  • Paula
    2018-12-01 13:48

    I don't even know why I bother writing more then one line for any Elizabeth Hunter review. Because every single one of her books can be summarized in one word, actually: Amazing!"Imitation and Alchemy" is no exception. This "Elemental Legacy" novella follows Ben and Tenzin on their trip to Italy. Rome, Naples, Venice...sounds like a great vacation. But nothing involving Tenzin is that easy. Instead, it usually ends with illegal activities, possibly one or two vampire deaths and mortal danger- at least for Ben since he's the one who is a living human. Why should their trip to Italy be any different? It's not and so Ben doesn't get to relax all that much on his summer break. Tenzin makes sure of that. But more than the danger and adventure that keep Ben busy, it's his indecisiveness about his future as well as the undefinable dynamics between him and Tenzin. It's an eventful summer ahead of him and I loved tagging along for the ride. In past books when Ben and Tenzin were just supporting characters, I had a hard time warming up to them, but especially to Tenzin. She was hard to relate to for the longest time but with this book I feel like I finally know her better and actually like her. She isn't overly emotional or sympathetic, but fierce and often distanced. Even with knowing her back story, that often made her seem aloof and slightly unbalanced. And at times really, really annoying. Which I'm sure Ben could attest to. But I've now really warmed up to her and her motivation for doing things the way she does is clearer. It's evident she deeply cares about Ben and wants his best, sometimes nudging him in the right direction. And Ben is finally growing up, finding his own way and trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. His life was never easy, coming from a broken home to growing up with vampires. It's understandable that he feels a bit lost and unsure on what he should do. It's thanks to Tenzin and some serious thinking that he slowly figures out his own way. It's interesting to see him as a young man, instead of the little boy. A young, sexy man who has some serious womanizing skills. It'd be easy to write him off as the jock type, but he's too smart, too aware and too caring for that. The dynamics between him and Tenzin are a beautiful mix of banter, annoyance, love, caring and friendship. And maybe some attraction that both aren't aware of and that I'm sure is going to keep us readers on our toes in the upcoming books. The worlds Elizabeth Hunter creates are the best worlds to live in-if only for a few hours. The writing and descriptions are so well-done, I was able to travel to Italy, feel the scorching heat, taste some gelato and enjoy the evening breeze on the canals in Venice - all from the comfort of my couch. 5+ I-can't-get-enough-of-Hunter's-stories stars.

  • Elizabeth Arrowood
    2018-11-22 16:32

    "She used her looks to her advantage, but no matter what expression Tenzin wore, Ben saw the millennia when he looked into her eyes."Wow. I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Hunter, and I've been following her Elemental Mysteries spin-off series' as she writes them. She is a consistently excellent storyteller, and her books are great, but she REALLY hits her stride in novellas.I'm delighted that the Elemental Legacy series will be novellas. This novella takes us on another one of Ben and Tenzins adventures, and it is simply teeming with action, intrigue, and glorious sexual tension. It's got a bit of gore, too, which I love. The relationship between the two main characters can feel so iron-clad at times, and then fragile other times. I felt so transported when walking through the under-belly of Naples, as well. The authors love affair with Italy shines through in her brilliant and vivid depictions of Rome, Naples, and Tuscany. If you're a fan of her other elemental books, then you be pleased to know that there are meaningful cameos here. I don't know how she manages to pull of so much story in so few words, but she does, and it's always done so beautifully.I read this novella twice in one day. I wasn't ready to leave these characters. I will look forward to the next installment, with absolutely no patience. I received this novella as an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and it deserves everyone of it's five stars. :)

  • Douglas Meeks
    2018-11-20 13:33

    I have no idea why in my mind I seem to have this corner of my brain that says Elizabeth's books are nice but dull. I wonder where this came from since none of her books have ever really fit that description, maybe it is the fact she takes the time to let a story build into an intricate plot that I end up loving even with the slow start.This book is pretty much exactly that kind of book, it is a slow start building to a really great story while throwing us hints randomly as to what the future might be for Ben and Tenzin and it is almost frustrating trying to figure out if there is going to be a romance, will Ben become an immortal, etc. All of those things are going on almost as background noise while the real plot of this book builds into a story that made me give it 5 Stars.It should be noted that these very long novellas are slowly building a world that while obviously still in the world of the Elemental Mysteries Ms Hunter is adding to this world a few more corners that we have not seen before, places that she will use again most likely in this spin-off series of Elemental Legacy that she is building around Ben and Tenzin.I loved the story, it was intricate, it had enough action to keep people like me that require it appeased while adding a lot of mystery to the future. I expect to see a full fledged novel at some point but it seems she is still building this series a bit at a time with addicting stories filled with humor, action and bits of things from books past and future.I won't add a lot of what this story is about because the synopsis covered that very well and I don't do spoilers, let me just say that as with many of her books you get to some nebulous point in the book where it evolves from a "nice story" to a "I can't go to bed until I finish this!"So call it 4.5 Stars rounded to an easy 5 and highly recommended

  • Sharon
    2018-11-20 13:42

    I was thrilled I was able to read this book as an ARC, thru my Facebook group All books by Elizabeth Hunter. I loved the entire series, and I've read them all at least twice. lol the characters are now old friends, and I have have been there to take each journey with them. The Elemental Mysteries series, and The Elemental world Legacy series, are my first loves. The novellas are small snacks , but are certainly filling. this This one will not disappoint!! Ben, Tenzin are fast friends from the beginning of their friendship, they have discovered they love their adventures together! The unique relationship between the two will keep you on your toes. I'm so grateful we will witness the ongoing enthusiasm and easy banter between them. This novella is giving Ben a chance to make some serious decisions about his place on the playing field of his life and I'm beyond excited to see where both of these characters end up. This adventure is setting us up for the meat and bones of their story...This novella packs a punch,from singing gondoliers, picture perfect moments, dancing a Fox trot in warm Venetian nights, ancient vamps, sexier more confident political vamps, and a soul searching Benjamin Vechio. I promised an honest review, this was just an awesome read, it gives us enough to keep us satisfied, and yet hungry for more. my only critique is that it wasn't long enough (smiles). I will honestly re read this several more times..but it won't change my initial response at the end of it...wistful sighs...Elizabeth please make our next Benzin book a full novel..I might be a trifle bit prejudice, but I thought this novella was amazing.thank you for the opportunity, it was an honor.

  • Star
    2018-11-25 16:34

    I received this book as an ARC for a honest review, and I have to admit I was so excited that I stayed up until 2am reading it. I've enjoyed all of the novels and novellas in Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Series. I love the multitude of characters and the carefully woven relationships between them. What I love most of all is the strong female characters, no wishy washy, weak wallflowers here. (Something that I feel is lacking in a lot of Paranormal fiction.)I was sucked into this story from the very beginning. Ben and Tenzin on another adventurous job collecting treasure. Ben wanting to stay safe, get paid and make it out clean. Tenzin, well... she had more complicated and dangerous plans. Ben is an old soul, with a quick wit, strong will to survive and a swoon worthy mannerism. Tenzin is fierce, cunning, irresistible and impulsive. Together they are mischievous fun, and with their relationship uncertain and unpredictable, you are always left wanting more. (I have my fingers crossed) The way Ms Hunter writes about them makes you want to rush to find out what happens next and at the same time linger over every page never wanting the story to end. When I got to the end, I was pleasantly fulfilled but sad to realize it was over. I definitely recommend this novella. You CAN read it as a standalone, but why deny yourself the pleasure of reading Elemental Mysteries, Elemental World and the first Elemental Legacy. Once you immerse yourself in their world, you won't want to leave, it's addictive.

  • Kate's Corner
    2018-11-27 14:22

    What to say about Elizabeth Hunter? I think Yoda can help me with that one I had to triple check this review as at nearly every sentence there was I love this, I love that.Once upon a time….In modern day Los Angeles.A small air vampire floated into the room and over the library table, blocking his notebook. She settled on his textbook and waited silently for Ben to acknowledge her. He glanced up at Tenzin for a second before he shook his head. “Nope”But Ben can’t ignore Tenzin even if he has been honing those skills for years. “I want to go to Italy this summer.” His eyes twitched and looked back to his book. “No” Tenzin whispered, “Medieval gold coins from Sicily.” He groaned and let his head fall back. “I hate you a little right now.”Ben ends up going to Italy with Tenzin where they must avoid Naples at all costs but where do they end up, yep Naples. Ben is just about to finish university and he is at a crossroads, growing up with immortals he has seen the positive and negative aspects. He doesn’t want to become a vampire BUT he is greedy for time and as a mortal you don’t really have a lot if he decides to stay mortal. Tenzin is one of the oldest vampires. She has quite the reputation and I adore her. She is totally kick arse, has no sense of boundaries whatsoever, says what she wants and does what she wants. She is sly, manipulative and a genius. My kinda gal. Ben and Tenzin have chemistry well at least I think that they do. And I love them together. Yes I know I am totally fangirling here. But like I give a shit!“Ask me your questions,” Zeno barked. “Then take your lovers’ quarrel somewhere else. I don’t want to listen to it.” “He’s not my lover,” Tenzin said. “He’s coach.”They have banter but after eight years that is no surprise. And woke to Tenzin on the bed beside him. “This is starting to become a habit when we travel, Tiny.” “You’re not necked this time. I checked.”Only Ben can get away by calling a thousand year old vampire Tiny. In Naples they talk to the leader Alfonso. About the coins that he wants back. Tenzin actually has the coins and as she doesn’t like to part with her valuables she has a plan. Ms. Hunter that was extremely thin ice you were walking on with that b$tch, Filomena. I feel sorry for Ben being a mortal he will always be treated with indifference. And he really is starting to rethink his life. After nearly losing his life and all the blood and gore, he goes home although he doesn’t know where that is anymore but for him it turns out that it is Tuscany.Gio comes to visit him to help in what to do next and who he is and who he could be. “Who am I?” Ben asked. “Benjamin Amir Rios, bastard pickpocket? Ben Vecchio, ward of the famous vampire? Your son? Tenzin’s…butler?”“You’re none of those things,” Giovanni said. “Or maybe you’re a bit of all of them. What is important is that you have the choice.”Ben needs to be challenged otherwise he won’t be happy. “Gio?” “Hmm.” “Do you wonder? About me and Tenzin? About… whatever it is we are?” Giovanni paused. “Not anymore. I love you both. Whatever you are…you’ll figure it out, Ben. Both of you are simply more alive when you’re together than when you’re separate. I don’t know what that means yet. I don’t think you do either.” Ben let that one sink in for a while. “It’s okay,” Giovanni said with a smile. “You don’t have to know yet.”After Ben *cough* brooding, sorry I meant thinking he goes back to Tenzin. He has finally made his mind up. “Partner.” Tenzin blinked. “What?” “You and I,” he said, “are going to move to New York.” “Hmmm.” It was a suspicious hmmm. “We’re going to find shiny, pretty things,” Ben continued. “I like that.” “And we’re going to return them to people paying us to find them.” “I don’t like that so much.” “For a very generous fee.” Tenzin thought. “Can we-?” “No, we cannot make forgeries and keep the originals for ourselves.” She pouted. “You’re no fun.”She was glad she let him figure it out on his own. It was much more satisfying to know he’d cine to the same conclusion she had years ago. It was obvious after their trip to China that he’d be the perfect partner to treasure hunt with her. It had taken him a little while to come around, but he couldn’t help being slow. He was human. For now.

  • Amy
    2018-11-20 14:38

    Of course, I need to start with a disclaimer. I received an advanced copy of this book. As per usual, I tried to pay with my first-born son, and as per usual, Elizabeth Hunter cruelly denied my offering. It's almost like she has no idea how much fun almost 4-year-old boys are.This is the second in the spin-off Elemental Legacy series and it features my second favorite Elemental World character: Tenzin. (My heart will always and forever belong to Carwyn...sigh...)ANYWAY!Because this is a book by Elizabeth, you know right off the bat that I'm going to praise her world building. This book, like everything she writes, is the perfect combination of fantastic world-building, brilliant writing, and complex and interesting characters.It was so well-written, in fact, that it sucked me in and I read it in one sitting - once again forgetting to take the time to mark things that specifically appealed to me. That, of course, meant that I had to read it again. For you guys! Not for my own pleasures at all.One of my favorite things in this world of ageless creatures is watching Ben grow up and change. His relationship with Tenzin has always been delightful and as he's grown from a child to a young man, so has their relationship. For as much as she is continually getting him into trouble, he goes into it willingly knowing what he's getting into.The characters, some of which have been present for most of the Elemental World books, are so very consistent in their actions, words, and behavior. Elizabeth crafts her worlds so well that her characters never waver or wander (unless they are wanderers by nature).Each book I read, regardless of series or setting, is an improvement over the last - even when that should be nearly impossible to do.In addition to being completely delightful watching Ben grow up, it's equally delightful to watch Elizabeth's writing continue to develop and get better and better.The Quote: "'s Louis singing 'A Kiss to Build a Dream On.' On a record player. [Ben] swung [Tenzin] into his arms and began to lead her around the entry hall. "In the most perfect house in Venice. We have to dance."Bonus: it's set in Italy. I've never been, so it was fun seeing it all through Ben and Tenzin's eyes.Go forth! Read the book - read them all!

  • Melinda Martin
    2018-12-09 17:30

    **I have been given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Elizabeth Hunter has once again worked her magic, taking us on a journey to Italy with Ben and Tenzin (aka #Benzin) in a search for stolen ancient coins. No adventure is ever dull with Tenzin involved, and this story is no exception. Ben is sexy, charming, and is easily growing into a swoon-worthy hero. Through a balance of witty banter and shared friendship, watching the growth of these two characters, individually and as a duo, is exciting! Although this could be read as a stand alone, there is so much depth to these characters built in the earlier Elemental Series/World, that I highly recommend reading them first. If nothing else, you should read the first two novellas of Tenzin's history and their first solo adventure together:The Bronze Blade Shadows and GoldMs. Hunter is adept at drawing the reader into a rich world full supernatural suspense, strong characters, and real-to-life banter. My only complaint: it isn't long enough! With Elizabeth Hunter, it never is. As with any great story-building, Imitation and Alchemy leaves more questions than answers and a hunger for more! Her plans for more #Benzin are outlined on her author page, and she often gives out teasers to fans and followers at www.elizabethhunterwrites.comSo, what are you waiting for? Get to it! Happy reading.

  • Tracy
    2018-12-02 14:34

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ben and Tenzin are the perfect partners. Their journeys and events are always intense and sometimes quite funny. Their banter keeps you on your toes and I love reading their adventures because you feel like you're right there with them! Ben was confused about his place and what he wanted. But Tenzin gave him that push to get away and through this mission together he discovered his true place in his life. The ending was brilliant and heart warming. I'm honored I was chosen for this ARC . And I absolutely loved this book ! <3

  • Alicia
    2018-11-12 15:48

    Alright enough with the prequels, wonderful-author-lady. They're fun, they've set a great tone, and they certainly wet the appetite, but I neeeeeeeeeeeeed full length stories about Ben and Tenzin.Please? :)Thank you? :)

  • Vanessa
    2018-12-08 11:41

    I am glad that Elizabeth is doing a few novellas before she writes a full length book for the Elemental Legacy series. For one thing it is aging Ben which needs to be done for a few reasons. He’s still in his early twenties while Tenzin is…well older. It’s kind of a huge age gap to accept. It’s also giving him time to mature and become his own man. Two it helps me get use to the idea of Ben and Tenzin together. It’s not that I don’t think they should get together more like I see their relationship as more of one as companionship than a romantic one. The novellas will help turn that around and to speed along the process I think. Ben is on the verge of self-discovery. He has realized he can’t live with Gio and B forever (even if they are ok with it). He has to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He wants to do something useful and meaningful even if he doesn’t know what that is yet. He would prefer an occupation that doesn’t involve running for his life or having to kill people. So let’s see what I can tell you that wouldn’t be considered a spoiler. Tenzin is up her old schemes with Ben and others. We get to see Ben put his training to use and he survives!! You should see the other guy though. There is an insane immortal but aren’t they all at least a little bit? There is gold of course, enough gold to bath in…or maybe just enough to make an uncomfortable warm pillow. Some crystal moments of Ben and Tenzin that will make you smile and for a few seconds you can see how this might all work out. A touching father son moment…kind of and of course there are a lot of bantering between Ben and Tenzin. Imitation and Alchemy was an enjoyable read that I can’t wait to get my hand on the next novella to see what Tenzin will pull next. Ok and to see more crystal moments of Benzin and to see where it leads. I received this ARC of "Imitation and Alchemy" in exchange for an honest review thru "All books by Elizabeth Hunter" on facebook.

  • Sarah Leenart
    2018-11-15 13:46

    To say that I get excited every time something new gets released in Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental World would be an understatement. I'm pretty sure this is my absolute all time favourite fictional world. That this is Ben and Tenzin makes it even more exciting. Tenzin is as always, at times delightfully cute and others completely terrifying, always interesting and as ever unpredictable. I would love to know what she sees in the future for herself and Ben or is it one of those occasions where she is hilariously surprised. She never seems to expect those surprises, wise one that she is. Ben is growing into a mature and complex adult, it's easy to see traces of the child he came from but also fascinating to watch where he is going. He did a lot of thinking in this novella and it is certainly setting the scene for the full series that is to come. How Elizabeth Hunter manages to create such amazing characters of growth and realism I have no idea but I adore reading these books and sometimes I mourn the fact that they aren't real!In this instalment, Ben and Tenzin go on yet another treasure seeking adventure, discover more vampires of Italy and ruffle a few feathers. Hilarious at times, breath taking at others it was an adventure from start to finish and I loved every second. This story appeared on the authors blog for free in instalments and I then received an arc copy from the author herself, but let me assure you I will as always be buying everything she writes. This world is as good as it gets and if you haven't read the others then go straight out and do so!!

  • Cat
    2018-11-30 18:31

    Once again, Ms Hunter’s ability to spin worlds from the closely packed microfilaments of her abundant imagination stupefies the senses and tickles the tender parts of the reader’s intelligence. Elizabeth Hunter’s world-building is so uncommonly spectacular, it’s apparent she’s become a standard to which other writers must reckon by. She continually outdoes her previous installments, and Imitation and Alchemy maintains and expands on that trend. It’s not a romance, per se, but everything about it is romantic. The setting, the people, the nigh folkloric atmosphere of the prose and intelligence of characters is reminiscent of the great Gothic romances of the past. Only entirely more badass. With 100% more Monty Python references.more at

  • Sue
    2018-11-12 11:36

    Once again Elizabeth Hunter takes me away to another world filled with magnificent characters that come to life on her pages. No story synopsis from me, just leave it say this novella featuring Tenzin and Ben perfectly sets the stage for her new spin off series in the Elemental World. While this book can be read as a stand only you would be selling yourself short not to read, at the very least, The Bronze Blade, which tells Tenzin's story and is one of my favorite books. It's such a treasure to read yet another masterfully crafted book from this talented and creative writer. FYI I did receive this ARC in exchange for an honest review which I've honestly and happily done!

  • Anna
    2018-11-16 11:39

    I am IN LOVE! This is yet another great addition the the Elemental family. I love all thing Elizabeth Hunter and this book did not disappoint. The relationship between Ben and "Tiny" (I really love that nickname) is so engrossing that I crave more when the book is finished. I cannot wait for the next installment of this series to see what's next for this bombshell duo. If you haven't read any of Ms. Elizabeth's books I suggest you rectify that right now. Start with the Elemental Mysteries, Hidden Fire. You will not be sorry that you did!

  • Charity Chimni
    2018-12-04 15:36

    I love the dynamic between Ben and Tenzin! This installment was amazing. Ben is growing and starting to understand their dynamic and his wants for the future. I can't wait for their adventures to continue while their relationship grows. Another awesome hit from Elizabeth!!!!

  • momokaachan
    2018-12-11 14:26

    Lovely, lively sequel to Shadows and Gold. *Dances around the room with a smug smile* and...I was right!

  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    2018-12-02 12:31

    ARGH!!!! The UST is killing me. These two are perfect together. I enjoy seeing Ben & Tenzin together again. On another adventure where Ben has to be extremely cautious or end up dying or something because of Tenzin. Not really, she would never let her person die. We see Ben struggling to find his place in a world where he's to weak for one, or not satisfied in the other. I like how Tenzin allows Ben to come to close at his own. She gives him the space to breathe, to be a adult, and to figure things out himself. Yes they badger each other so well, but I can feel it coming between these two!

  • Snow White
    2018-12-11 19:41

    Location: Naples and Venice, Italy

  • Elizabeth Williams
    2018-11-22 19:50

    Elizabeth Hunter truly knows how to write an engaging story. This latest edition of the adventures in the Elemental World will not disappoint you if you have enjoyed her other books. If you have not forayed into this series yet, then you are missing out on a spectacular world that is well developed with captivating characters. Although I would recommend beginning with A Hidden Fire, this book does not require any background knowledge of this world. Elizabeth Hunter does a superb job catching up new readers without making the story drag or feel overly repetitive. One of the most impressive things Elizabeth Hunter has done in her books is to continually develop characters who make choices that are logical for the character that she has set book...after book...after book. I have found that in other series, after a few books characters often veer off in oddly unexpected directions for the seemingly sole purpose of keeping readers interested or shock value. As a reader who likes to invest in my books, I cannot express how excited I am to have confidence that each new book will grow the characters in ways that are logical and tailored to each individual character. This becomes increasingly meaningful in a literary world that is being so thoroughly fleshed out.In Imitation and Alchemy you can expect an overall theme of self discovery that will undoubtedly have consequences in the next book. The plot will initially make you nostalgic for some of your favorite characters from old books, but will quickly have you emotionally connected to our two leads, Ben and Tenzin. Their adventures have some fantastic twists and turns while their dialogue indicates the complexities of their relationship. Their unusual relationship continues to unite them in ways that they both cherish. What will the future hold for our two leads? Based on the well crafted ending to this story, there are many opportunities for adventures and a budding romance to develop. Pour yourself a glass of wine, curl up under a warm blanket, and read this book this winter. You will feel uplifted, eager to continue reading, and encouraged that despite difficult situations, loyalty and compassion can get people through difficult times. This book will be added to your shelf of books repeatedly read. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, but I will be purchasing this book to show my support for how much I appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of the story.

  • Kristi M
    2018-12-10 19:26

    Once again we return to the magical and mystical world of The Elemental Series. The novella, Imitation and Alchemy by Elizabeth Hunter focuses on the developing personal and professional relationship between Benjamin Vecchio, adopted nephew of Giovanni Vecchio, and Tenzin. If you haven’t had the chance to read The Elemental Series it is highly recommended (as well as her other series), but will not stop you from enjoying this story. Elizabeth Hunter does a fantastic job of introducing the characters and providing just enough background information to set you on your way. The mystery and intrigue begins immediately and we dive into the unknown as we follow Ben and Tenzin to Italy to solve a crime; the theft of a collection of antique gold coins. Tenzin is successful in persuading Ben to join her on this new adventure. From the start we can see the growth of these richly developed characters; Ben in his last semester of college has matured over the series and he and Tenzin provide us with witty banter, as well as a deep, respectful rapport. You will not get bored with these two around.The story is highly developed and moves quickly. The writing provides attention to detail and is clear and concise. The characters, both human and vampire, are crafted beautifully and extremely interesting. The novella is filled with action and adventure. You will not be disappointed by this fantastic read.I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Elizabeth Hunter,, and the Facebook group All Books by Elizabeth Hunter for this opportunity. I am excited and honored to be part of this experience.

  • Briana
    2018-12-10 11:46

    I should start by saying that I love the Elemental Mysteries series and Elizabeth Hunter. I liked Gio and Beatrice, but completely fell in love with Ben and Tenzin. If you love the Benzin duo, then read this second novella for their upcoming series, Elemental Legacy, because it does not disappoint. Ben gets roped into another of Tenzin's schemes with the lure of a gold, and we get taken on a fun adventure back to Italy. Gio, B, and a few friends make a reappearance, and it was definitely nice to see those relationships reconnect. I loved the witty banter and bickering between Ben and Tenzin, it had me laughing aloud at moments and made for a very entertaining read. And of course, in true Tenzin fashion, heads roll. There is danger, complicated vampire politics to maneuver, intrigue, and of course, a hefty payout. So if you're like me and anxiously awaiting the start of Benzin's series, then this novella will definitely give you your fix. I received an ARC through the Facebook group "All Books By Elizabeth Hunter" in exchange for an honest review. I am super excited to have been apart of this experience.

  • Cora
    2018-12-04 19:30

    Ben and Tenzin....two of the best characters ever! It has been just awesome to watch Ben grow up over the books and Tenzin remains the ultimate vamp. I am enjoying their adventures together and this novella is no different. As always Tiny takes Ben on a trip that ends up being part business, part pleasure, and a whole lot of drama. She takes him into another gold filled world only in Italy this time. This has to be one of the best novellas yet as we sink a little deeper into the famous Benzin... We all wonder what they are about and what the future holds and now Ben begins to question it himself. How long can a human live in the vampire world? Can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Denise Belt
    2018-12-10 13:50

    Tezin is an extremely old vampire and Ben is her life coach, yoga instructor and anything else she likes to call him. Together they find themselves treasure hunting and finding trouble. This time trouble comes in the form of gold coins. I really enjoy the novellas of Ben and Tenzin and hope that this last story is an indication that Elizabeth Hunter is going to branch them out in their own series because the only issue I have with the novellas is that they are so short and I need more story.

  • April
    2018-12-07 18:26

    It's really hard to make a novella feel as rich and layered as a full-length novel, but Elizabeth Hunter makes it seem effortless and natural. I love these characters, I love the amount of world-building and research that went into their world, and I love the complete adventure they took in this story. This book, like everything Elizabeth Hunter writes, is beautifully written and totally satisfying.