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"Ayelet Waldman has given birth to a fresh new franchise with her Mommy-Track mysteries. Juliet Applebaum is smart, fearless, and completely candid about life as a full-time mom with a penchant for part-time detective work."--Sue GraftonA public defender turned stay-at-home mom, Juliet Applebaum is bored with playdates and trips to the park--so near the end of her second p"Ayelet Waldman has given birth to a fresh new franchise with her Mommy-Track mysteries. Juliet Applebaum is smart, fearless, and completely candid about life as a full-time mom with a penchant for part-time detective work."--Sue GraftonA public defender turned stay-at-home mom, Juliet Applebaum is bored with playdates and trips to the park--so near the end of her second pregnancy, she gets off the mommy track to track down a murderer. . . . Juliet isn't too surprised when her feisty, tantrum-throwing two-year old daughter doesn't get into Hollywood's premier preschool--but she's shocked and suspicious when the school's principal is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Against the advice of her screenwriter husband, and with her rambunctious toddler in tow, Juliet heads to the local playground to dig up some dirt on a disgruntled studio executive whose daughter wasn't offered a place in the school. But she has some surprising new suspects to consider when her investigation takes her into a seedy on-line newsgroup--and the most dangerous parts of the human heart."[Juliet is] a lot like Elizabeth Peters's warm and humorous Amelia Peabody--a brassy, funny, quick-witted protagonist."--Houston Chronicle...

Title : Nursery Crimes
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ISBN : 9780425180006
Format Type : Paperback
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Nursery Crimes Reviews

  • Lauren
    2018-11-13 16:46

    I wanted to enjoy this book and usher on to a new series of fluffy mysteries. Alas, not as an enjoyable as I had hoped. The author is clearly attempting to write what she knows but it isn't as interesting as it could be. This feels more like a book about motherhood with a mystery thrown in rather than a mystery with a crime solving mother.Our protagonist is a heavily pregnant mother of a two year old. She is an Ivy League educated former attorney now stay at home mom. Her husband is a screen writer and the two of them have a loving a close relationship. While she and her husband are attempting to secure a spot for their precious monster Ruby at a top pre-school, they stumble across the murder of the director of the pre-school.A lot of this book is set up. It is setting the scene for the forthcoming series. However, I did not find our protagonist that likeable. The setting of LA and the mixing in of the Hollywood scene added a drop of interest but not enough. I also found (not that this is the author's fault per se) the use of technology in this book as attempting to be cutting edge. But this book was written/published in 2000. Her illustration of internet chatting and computer sleuthing was a might painful. Again not truly her fault given that a lot has happened in 11 years.This book was only ok. I am toying with the idea of reading the next in the series to see if her writing improves. I cannot say I was rushing to finish, the book was just short and very simple. I will say that the writer doesn't gloss over pains of pregnancy or childrearing - she states front and center that at times her daughter is hard to handle and being a stay at home mom is difficult.

  • Mattia Ravasi
    2018-12-03 13:00

    Part of my 5-Review Extravaganza: in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2017Hilarious and exciting all the way through, with a wonderful protagonist that's both kickass and very relatable. It's a cocktail-novel, it goes down sweet as honey but packs some punch in a few dark-ish pages. Even if you see the ending coming (which you might), the laughs and the off-beat-mother musings more than make up for that.

  • Aaron
    2018-11-28 13:14

    This book was so incredibly predictable. I called every "turn" that was in this book. The author tries to be funny and witty but comes off as dumb. I actually ended up throwing this book at the wall when I was done because I was hoping that it would not end the way I suspected it would...which it did.

  • Mary
    2018-11-30 13:14

    Well, since Sue Grafton approved I had to read it. The mystery itself was rather weak but the heavily pregnant "detective" with a toddler in tow was fun. It would definitely be hard to go from being a public defender to a mother of two. Instead of losing her mind or maybe because she already has lost her mind she becomes a detective...will look good on her resume at some point, I am sure. Interaction with her whole family was entertaining and the writing style is easy to read and focussed. I enjoyed this book. Easy fun read if that is what you are looking for.

  • Shelley Giusti
    2018-11-20 12:14

    I have always been a fan of Independent bookstores and when I found this book on the shelf, it caught my attention from the start. I had not heard of the author before but after reading the first page I knew it was going to be a hoot. And I will tell you, it did not disappoint. This is a great debut to what I think will be a fun-filled series. Juliet Applebaum and her little girl Ruby are the star of this book. Juliet is pregnant again, she is full time mom and amatuer slueth on the side when murder calls. She has all the knowledge of the law as she was a public defender before pregnancies. So when things go awry and a murder takes place she is determined to find out who the killer before they find out she is sleuthing and come after her. The twist and turns will keep you on your seat in eagerness to see what will happen next. You won’t want to put it down. Ruby is witty and sassy and Juliet is wiry and fun. You will be laughing out loud with every page. A witty and humorous read that will have you up late in the night reading.

  • Janet Robel
    2018-11-18 19:51

    I usually love cozy mysteries but I draw the line at a heavily pregnant mom going around trying to solve a murder and almost getting herself killed in the process.

  • Jennifer A.M.
    2018-11-21 17:14

    Nursery Crimes by Ayelet Waldman (Mommy Track Series #1)Juliet Applebaum is a stay-at-home mom who used to be a public defender. Being a stay-at-home mom isn't always her cup of tea, but she's trying to make it work. With a new baby on the way and her daughter almost 3 years old, Juliet and her husband attempt to enroll their precocious daughter in a prestigious Hollywood preschool. While it's no real shock that rambunctious Ruby doesn't get in, it is a shock when the preschool's director is run down that evening and killed. Juliet can't help but wonder who did it. Was it an angry parent? Her cheating husband? You can take the mom out of work, but you can't take the investigative work out of the mom.This is a fun book for a couple of reasons. The storyline and mystery are pretty well-written. That said these books are extremely easy reads. I only have about 4% brain power after my daughter goes to bed at night and I still managed to grasp everything in the book and follow along with the investigations twists and turns. I also enjoy the character of Juliet because she is the kind of stay-at-home mom I can relate to. She loves her kids and wants to be there with them and for them, but she longs for a career and life that is just her own. She hasn't found a way to have both successfully, and in many ways resents that. It's honestly refreshing. Juliet and her husband also work well together as a parenting team, which is a nice element. Nursery Crimes is the first book in a series of seven books all with the same protagonist. Book #2 is The Big Nap. That one is next on my list.

  • Colleen
    2018-12-11 15:55

    The subtitle "A Mommy-Track Mystery" caught my eye because I've been on the mommy track a long time! I should be able to relate to this detective more than those in other mysteries, right? At times I could relate to her, especially during her interactions with her daughter, Ruby. The problem is that this book just wasn't very good. I gave it two stars but it really deserved only 1 1/2. The biggest problem, and it's a big one for a mystery, is that the mystery wasn't engaging, or interesting, or even much of a mystery. And, as our mommy-track crime fighter, Juliet, gets closer to solving "who-dun-it," it gets even less interesting and more predictable. Why would Juliet want to solve the mystery of the murder of a woman who she met for all of ten minutes and who rejected her daughter from her "prestigious" preschool? Why would she put her life on the line (and her unborn baby's) confronting narcissistic, power-crazed film executives and cheatin' spouses to solve the murder of this woman? There's lots of Los Angeles film industry name-dropping in this book so it shouldn't surprise me that the story seems like an amalgam of movies such as "Legally Blonde" and "Fargo." I don't know if Waldman's strength lies in being a crime writer. She's getting rave reviews for her new book, Red Hook Road, (which is why I read this book) so maybe she should stick to serious literature. This is an amateurish attempt at a mystery. And if this is the most interesting case Juliet gets to solve, I think I'd just stay on the mommy track.

  • Wendy
    2018-11-10 13:51

    The 1st in the Mommy-Track Mystery series. With Sue Grafton's endorsement of "Kinsey Millhone would approve" I just had to pick it up. It was a good read. It was interesting to read her take on going from a career to a stay at home mom. You won't read stuff like this in any parenting magazine, "Anyone who tells you that having a child doesn't completely and irrevocably ruin your life is lying. As soon as that damp little bundle of poop and neediness lands in your life, it's all over. Everything changes. Your relationship is destroyed. Your looks are shot. Your productivity is devasted. And you get stupid. Dense. Thick. Pregnancy and lactation make you dumb. That's a proven, scientific fact."It's a little over the top, but some of it is spot on. I plan on reading the next in the series.

  • Kaethe
    2018-11-10 14:07

    I give you the extensive notes I made about this earlier:"#1. The one about the preschool principal."Okay, sometimes it can be hard figuring out which book is which in a series, so that's why I noted #1. [Thanks, goodreads, for addressing that, by the way]. But "preschool principal"? Whatever. The fun thing about Waldman's mysteries isn't the mystery. It's the interaction between the mother, the father, the baby, and society. In the "write what you know" vein, Waldman has a new mother trying to decide whether or not to stay home or continue working as a public defender. And she's pregnant. And her husband's a writer. So there's a whole bunch of madcap family stuff that is funny as hell. That's why you'd read it. And the rest in the series.

  • Clare O'Beara
    2018-11-21 15:57

    I've read a few of this series and they were unusual, well-focused and just right for someone with kids, who can't concentrate on too many plot twists and levels of detail for long. The amateur sleuth has been a public defender but now she's a stay-home mother who is looking for preschools, attending play-dates and funerals and all kinds of things that women do instead of being at work. She still can't help investigating crimes and in this book a pre-school owner has been run over. The kids are pretty good kids I have to say, and the good mother comes to the fore and puts their needs first.

  • Katherine Tomlinson
    2018-12-01 17:12

    This is not really a cozy, but more like a chick lit book with a mystery plot. Juliet’s skill-set seems rather contrived and the concept of a heavily pregnant, ex-public defender tracking down criminals because she’s bored with the “mommy track” seems unlikely to connect with the public. The supporting characters (so important in a series, whether it’s books or television) lack the quirk factor and none of them are particularly interesting. The insider stuff relating to Peter’s career as a screenwriter won’t interest people who don’t actually work “in the industry.”

  • Christine US
    2018-12-06 18:59

    It was cute - i liked it well enough, but it's not going to win anything or go down as a "best read ever". I read it in a few hours, it moved quickly. My problem with it will be a spoiler so I won't explain, but ultimately - I find the authors close-mindedness of relationships to be frustrating and judgmental.

  • Ashley FL
    2018-12-02 15:09

    Well written, but this author just annoys me. The main character is so clearly auto-biographical and the author clearly thinks highly of herself. Blech. I am also reading a memoir she wrote and it can be hard to tell them apart. For someone who decries the idea of parents judging each other, she is awfully sure that she is doing the best possible job.

  • Terri
    2018-11-17 13:07

    Another 'cozy', which I hate to think I'm reading. The book is well-written even though I believe the premise is too much.. What 8-month pregnant woman, with a 2-yr old is going to chase murderers? Despite all that I like the main character, and the way she deals with her kids and husband.

  • Melanie
    2018-11-30 12:49

    I am quitting on this book about 2/3 into it. It's far too stupid to finish, and I'm reselling it to Half Price tomorrow, along with the other Mommy Track books I picked up there in anticipation of these being the least bit interesting to read.

  • Rosalie
    2018-11-17 13:05

    After I finished this book I was left wondering more about the main character’s motivations than the murder’s motivation. What kind of woman puts herself in that much danger when she’s 8 months pregnant? The mystery was obvious, the characters annoying and child services needed to be involved.

  • Vicki
    2018-11-15 16:13

    I didn't hate it but I thought it was weak and not very interesting or believable. If we could rate in fractions, I would have given it 1.5 stars.

  • Meg
    2018-11-12 12:16

    It was kind of fun to read a murder mystery where the investigator is a pregnant mom. Especially after all those books where the glamorous detective is out staking vampires until 2 am and then is awakened at 5 am by a werewolf trying to attack her and then stays up all day running around town investigating her client's mysterious disappearance and... Reading those books makes me so tired these days. I'm like "EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP! YOU NEED THEM!" So this was refreshing: "I stayed up a little too late investigating X on the computer and then I had a big bowl of ice cream and went to bed." Yeah, that's my kind of P.I.At the same time, it was like "So... you and your glamorous writer husband just kinda hang around all day hanging out with your daughter and each other? Oh excuse me... he stays up late writing and then sleeps till 11, and THEN you just hang around all day. And then you go on tours for ridiculously expensive preschools. And then you call your Hollywood movie star friend." So, okay, this is a very privileged mommyhood. That said, I liked that Juliet explored her ambivalence about staying at home vs. working outside the home, and expressed feelings on both sides of the fence.Re: the plot/ story, I just don't have much to say, because I just didn't really care that much who murdered who. The secondary characters (including victim and suspects) were just not that three-dimensional. And Ayelet Waldman's wry, goofy humor (which I like) does kind of take away from the tension which murder mysteries are supposed to have. If you expect a pulse-pounding Agatha Christie/ Hitchcock, this is not it.P.S. Juliet did a few really stupid dangerous things of the type which amateur investigators in mystery novels always do, but which, as a public defender, Juliet should have known better than to do. Like asking the nanny whether the dad hits the wife and kids... and then leaving her card with the nanny. That was really dumb. Or going to confront the killer when she realizes who it is. That was also really dumb.P.P.S. What's with the gratuitous disrespect to polyamory? Give it a rest, Ayelet. Kinda sounds like you had a bad experience with it or something. (view spoiler)[Really, no alt.polyamory people would ever suggest that the best way to get your partner involved in polyamory is to cheat on them, then let your partner find you in bed with the cheatee! OMG no! I'm not saying some weirdo would never come up with this idea, but a whole bulletin board full of poly people would NEVER express approval of it. Apparently Ayelet thinks poly people are dumb enough to be blamed for an idea this stupid. Nice. (hide spoiler)]

  • Carol
    2018-12-01 11:47

    This was a re-read for me. After the last book I read, The End of Everything by Megan Abbott, I needed a book that was not as demanding to read. (I had issues with The End of Everything.)This book is the beginning of a series but it was not exactly a cozy. There were not a lot of suspects to choose from but the detective and her family are very appealing and I enjoyed this re-read. I won't go out of my way to find the next in the series but will check my local library to see if the next in the series is available. This book is recommended for readers who enjoy semi-cozy mysteries.

  • Jean
    2018-11-14 15:49

    I love mysteries written by women with main characters who are just every day people that accidentally get involved in solving a mystery. And that's what this is. Nothing deep, life changing or anything like that. Just a fun quick read with a reasonable plot and a few funny moments.

  • Sandra
    2018-11-15 19:59

    I bought this because I enjoyed Waldman's writing in Red Hook Road. I found Juliet Appelbaum, the main character, endearing although I wondered if her husband was a little too accomodating? I liked the dual plot-lines of her anxiety that alternated between Juliet adapting to becoming a stay at home mother and solving the crime. The mystery was OK although I thought it was reasonably easy to guess who did it but I'm not sure that particularly spoilt my enjoyment of the novel. I will try the next book in the series.

  • Lynn
    2018-11-28 18:07

    I will meet this author on Friday, so wanted to read at least one of her books, if possible. Definitely not "high literature," but quite enjoyable, and some nice musings about mother-child issues. I particularly like the fact that she realizes she needs to truly appreciate and enjoy her child/children if she continues to work as a full-time mommy. And she battles with herself regarding her desire and need to be "useful" in the outside world and her desire and need to raise her daughter... Although the mystery wasn't all-consuming, this book did make me laugh and think... Good things!

  • Shana
    2018-11-29 11:54

    By Ayelet Waldman, wife of Michael Chabon, and author in her own right. Discovered this series while tracking down book-group questions for Kavalier & Clay. An entertaining quick read! Not too heady, not too involved, but kept me interested and up late. Quick summary: Juliet, former attorney now home with a two year old and 8 months pregnant, decides to investigate a murder. I admit I figured out who did it about 1/2 way through the book... but it was still amusing to finish the book. Another series!! Yippee!

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-12 14:59

    This book is a decent murder mystery with likeable characters, but my favorite aspect is the protagonist's ambivalence about motherhood. While she loves her child, she often gets frustrated and misses her childless existence. I've read few books that are so honest about the heavy price that mothers pay for having children, so I truly appreciate Waldman's willingness to reveal that being a mother is NOT constant joy and fulfillment. Anyone could enjoy this series, but I think mothers who have been plagued by secret frustrations will especially enjoy it.

  • Ann
    2018-12-11 17:09

    I heard the author speak at a conference and was totally charmed by her - enough to take a break from my regularly scheduled reading and pick up the first in her series of "mommy-track" mysteries. What can I say? Great literature, it ain't. It is a murder mystery, and follows the usual conventions of the genre. But the protagonist is fresh and smart and sassy and also sweet - I mean, where else are you going to read about a woman who is 8 months pregnant and decides to investigate the murder of her toddler daughter's would-be nursery school director?

  • Jeanne
    2018-11-23 19:00

    Juliet Applebaum is bored. Public defender turned stay-at-home mom, Juliet craves a little excitement, or at least some intellectual stimulation. Well, she certainly gets what she wants when the director of Hollywood's premier preschool is killed. After only meeting the victim once, Juliet makes it her business to conduct a murder investigation and become entangled where she shouldn't be. And did I mention that she's pregnant?Super easy reading on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-24 19:14

    I thought this was a fun mystery type book, and I really loved the main character, but I was a tiny bit annoyed with how much she hated being a stay at home mom. I mean, she could have enjoyed the "chase" while not simultaneously complaining about how boring it is to play with her kid. I have high hopes for this not being a focal point in other books though, so I am definitely going to try more in the series. In the long run, it was a cute, fun, quick read, which is a favorite kind of mine.

  • Vicki
    2018-12-11 12:51

    I listened to an interview with the author on NPR and decided to check her books out from the library. I am really enjoying this series. It's been a long time since I wanted to read a book instead of going to sleep when the baby goes down for the night. It's lighthearted (though a murder mystery) and funny (in the sense like "that is soo true!". I'm not much for the mystery genre, but I am enjoying her writing style.

  • Tiffany
    2018-12-11 19:06

    Overall, this book was funny and engaging. However, I read this book after reading a series of Christian authors whose writing is very clean and inspiring. So the scattered curse words and intimate scenes scattered throughout the book was a little shocking to my senses. I loved the author's humorous description of pregnancy woes, especially the "squeezing down the isle" scene. I read it three times it was so funny and so true!