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DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER:Caring. Hard-working. A devoted family man, loves kids.Clean cut, funny, smart, quiet, but a good communicator. ~ Asia JensonDESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER:Independent. Tall, blonde, sexy. Outgoing. Intelligent, neat. Unslutty. Confident. Loves to travel. Committed. ~ Talon ValentineA SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.The concept was scary but exciting... Marry aDESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER:Caring. Hard-working. A devoted family man, loves kids.Clean cut, funny, smart, quiet, but a good communicator. ~ Asia JensonDESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER:Independent. Tall, blonde, sexy. Outgoing. Intelligent, neat. Unslutty. Confident. Loves to travel. Committed. ~ Talon ValentineA SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.The concept was scary but exciting... Marry a total stranger.Live together for six months.Journal everything. (Feelings. Fights. All of it.)After six months, we each get $50K in trade for our journals, whether we stay married or not. But the goal is to commit to the experience and see if the relationship experts could put together the perfect matches.I have never been lucky in love. This was my chance to find my soulmate.I couldn’t wait to meet the man the experts felt was perfect for me.My hopes were immediately dashed when I saw him at the altar.Shit. I married my worst nightmare.Right?!** can be read as a stand-alone! **...

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Talon Reviews

  • Sleepless Readmore
    2018-12-10 18:23

    Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego. FIVE I LOVE THIS #COCKSTAR Laugh with me, Love with me No beginning, No end"You really don't recognize my name?" He asks in disbelief. "Or me? Come on."Ah. an ego is emerging, it seems."No, I'm sorry.""Marrying you doesn't change who I am.""No, but it changes who we are together."So I told myself that I would wait before writing this review to contain all these emotions that are passing through. HOLY F*CKING SH*T .. is Carian Cole for real???? This book was F*CKING PHENOMENAL. I legitimately CAN'T F*CKING EVEN. Normally when I see that the book is coming to an end it's bittersweet. With this NOVEL that was not the case .. I was absolutely DREADING it. I DID NOT WANT IT TO END! I didn't feel like I lost a friend after reading this I feel like I lost a part of MYSELF. This novel made me feel .. OH DID IT EVER! I was a SOBBING mess whether it be out of joy or heartbreak. This series was getting better and better and then when I read this one .. I was DONE for. The whole concept was EXCEPTIONAL .. I was NOT expecting that and Carian Cole truly blew me away.We're never gonna be perfect, baby,but we'll always be like this.Whatever this is between us,it's always going to be here.I promise you.I'm becoming the part that don't lastI'm losing you and it's effortless .. ►♫"Do I make you happy, though? I don't mean just sex, I mean, like everything?""You've redefined happy for me."Two strangers that are found compatible are paired and set to be MARRIED. It's a social experiment that is set for 6 months .. they both weren't expecting each other. It was an absolute roller coaster between these two and everything was done backwards however I wouldn't want it any other way. When I read how the story came to be and the basis I started bawling .. AGAIN! I don't even like cats but that was absolutely HEARTF*CKINGBREAKING. I read quite a lot (#Understatement) which I why I come to appreciate and shelf things as #ALLSTARS when they spark something. This one sparked something in my core and truly had me feeling all sorts and that is the work of Carian Cole writing. This book can be read as a standalone which give you no excuse but TO READ it however it's enjoyable to read it as a series and see how the stories intertwine."Um, I'm pretty sure mistletoe means give a kiss,not a blow job," I argue raising my eyebrows at him."No, it's a blow job. Santa changed it last year.""I love you.""What?""I love you and I don't know why you don't love me back.""Is that what you think? Then ya know what? You're stupider than I am."Talon Carian Cole

  • Mariℓina
    2018-11-24 17:08

    I'm writing this review while tears are streaming down my face, that's how purely in love with this story i am. Talon and Asia stole a part of my heart from the beginning and with every new chapter i fell deeper and deeper.For me this is clearly one of the best books of 2015. The ultimate romance, with an amazing main couple, great supportive characters, a very original concept and the best part? The writing style is phenomenal.I love all of Carian Cole's books, Storm was sweet and honest, Vandal was dark and heavy, Lukas was light and hopeful, but every time there was something missing, a tiny, little detail. Not in Talon. It was beautiful, painful, heartbreaking, hopeful, funny, unique and insanely romantic.Asia, her #cockstar -don't laugh that's his hashtag and there is a good reason why- and their tiny fury child Princess Pixie provide the reader with an intense love story and a journey towards family and deep connection. I really felt their hesitations, their doubts and their desperation. They put a smile on my face with their witty comments and had me bawling my eyes out in a matter of a few pages.So if you want to read an amazing book that will have your heart and your body melt, while also make you think and smile, this is the best book for the job. Asia and Talon's predicament is very unorthodox and their love is anything but ordinary, but 100% genuine. With a few words, a realistic fairytale and who doesn't love those?THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK- The real story Of Talon and Asia broke my heart so badly.- I always admire the fact that every book in this series has an animal as a key character.- So happy to read about all of my favorite characters.- Now i anxiously wait for Asher's book. After so many new hints about his story i can't wait.- Those boys possibly have the best grandma ever.- The dandelion part is utterly beautiful.- Talon possesses a beautiful, warm heart.- Asia is guarded but once you get to know her she is a sweet bundle of goodness.- Her past is disturbing and painful.- His disease is handled with such care, it was incredible.- Their dating time was adorable and so sexy.- I can't believe how cute the story with their first Valentine was.. AWWWW!- Those guys have a Guns N' Roses feeling. At least for me. But in a good way.ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review. Thank you Carian again, so much!

  • Alp
    2018-11-21 19:04

    “You’re my heart’s hero.”THIS. I’m literally lost for words…This book grabbed me from the very start and then took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. The story is full of ups and downs, and the fluctuation of feelings I experienced throughout the entire book was too much for me to find the right words to express them here. It’s been a while since a book made me ugly cry. Gosh, I cried like a baby! My heart was broken and many tears were shed while reading this.Can you imagine yourself marrying a complete stranger, someone you don’t even know his or her name? And how can you love and care for a person you know nothing about, who happens to become your husband or wife?Talon and Asia decided to join the social experiment (both of them never knew each other before). They had to marry to a total stranger who the research team would match them up with for six months. And after that, they could either stay married or get a divorce.The moment they met each other for the first time at the altar, they both thought that it had to be a mistake. Talon wasn't a man of her dreams by any means, and Asia was absolutely not his type in every single way either. Both of them struggled from the first day of their marriage, but they agreed to give it a try and take baby steps to learn to know and trust each other. Of course, marriage isn’t that easy. It is neither destination nor happy ending. It’s a whole new chapter of their lives. They fought. They kept messing things up. They unintentionally hurt each other’s feelings. But they never gave up trying to do whatever they could to make their relationship work out.“Marrying you doesn't change who I am.”“No, but it changes who we are together,” I grab her hand to stop her fingers from nervously circling on her leg. ‘Together, we're supposed to be better.”Both Talon and Asia aren’t flawless. Talon isn’t what I call sweetheart. Sometimes he drove me mad. Sometimes he did or said things that made me want to smack him and kiss him at the same time. Although he made numerous mistakes, he learned from them. He not only tried to mend things but he also put all the effort into their relationship. I can tell you that Talon is certainly not perfect, yet I can’t think of any other reason not to love him!At first, Asia somewhat got on my nerves the whole first half of the book. She could be difficult at times, no, actually most of the time! Well, I can’t blame her for who she is, considering all she had been through. Undoubtedly, she had had some issues during their marriage due to her horrible childhood. But unknowingly at some point, I found myself making an exception for her. Thankfully, she could redeem herself in the second half. Somehow I found that she became less annoying and more adorable as the story progressed. And around the beginning of the last quarter of the book, when Talon was sick, Asia was there for him, took care of him, and never left his side. So yes, she completely won me over!I know I can never find words beautiful enough to describe how this story made me feel. This is a book that you should read and see for yourself how awesome it is! Highly recommended for all fans of rock star romances.Loved it!

  • TF
    2018-11-11 17:58

    This is a unique twist to a Rockstar romance. The MCs join a marriage experiment at the persuasion of Talon’s Mom, who feels it’s time for him to settle down, and Asia’s best friend, who believes it’s time for her to “air out her vag” and make herself available. The experiment requires them to marry a total stranger and for the next 6 months, talk regularly with a relationship coach and document their lives in a journal. At the end of the 6 months, they then decide if they want to continue with the marriage or part ways. Tired of their lifestyle, they agree and fill out the application listing all the traits they request in the ideal partner. They soon find out that their idea of the “ideal partner” is the exact opposite of what they receive but later discover it’s what they need and want. Talon is the lead guitarist for Ashes and Embers. He loves his women tall, blonde and big breasted and his cocksure personality attracts them all, well that, and his famous 11” inches. He parties hard and looks like the typical rockstar with his long dirty blonde hair and tattoos that cover most of his body. But he is tired of the line of groupies who are only interested in his attributes and stardom and is looking to find someone like his brothers and cousins did. What he didn’t expect is his bride to be someone that looks like the total opposite of what he is attracted to – short and flat chested. I like Talon and he really is a sweetheart but the lack of filter sometimes has him say or do things that came across as hurtful to Asia. To his credit, he would do his best to make up for it and express his commitment for the marriage to succeed.While Talon grew up with a big loving family, Asia had a tough childhood which causes her to have abandonment and insecurity issues. She is a sweet homebody with a creative flair for upcycling materials and creating adorable scented soaps. Her ideal partner is someone quiet, stable and clean cut and willing to share his life with her and her adorable cat Pixie. This is a sweet and enjoyable story of two opposites who learn not to judge outer appearances because that person may very well be your soulmate. It has wonderful side characters that you might be familiar with if you’ve read Carian Cole’s books. I love the banter and humor between these two. Their chemistry and affection is nicely paced and not instant. They go through many ups and downs with an unexpected medical condition that adds the right amount of drama and angst to the story.

  • Saffron
    2018-11-27 16:19

    LOVED this one! Gah!! I am totally surprised by how much I loved this! Can't stop smiling :D

  • Sue
    2018-11-17 17:08

    I have been in absolute awe since the first time I read a Carian Cole book. So far I have read every one she has written to date and after devouring Talon I have to say BRAVO have matured into quite an amazing storyteller and this one is by far my favorite (and that is saying a lot because I adored all of the boys).A social experiment to partner up compatible couples (much like you might have seen on a reality tv show), have them get married without knowing anything about each other and then seeing if they would stay married after six months of “marriage” sounded like a fun idea for a book but honestly I was not excited to read it at first. Then...OMG...I started to read and was completely sucked into the story of these two complete opposites and what on earth was anyone thinking when they paired off a manwhore of a player and a shy artistic young woman who was looking for “Mr. Average” and not “Mr. Rockstar”.Things are not always what they seem to be though, and as the layers start to peel off of these two (seemingly) mismatched people looking for love, it becomes apparent that there is way more to each of them than what is on the surface.I can’t really say too much about what happens when they get married and are contractually required to live and sleep together, but suffice it to say that it was at times hilarious, at times sadly poignant and mostly just heartwarming and REAL. This is no fantasy people (yes it is fiction but this type of experiment has been done before) and what Talon and Asia go through was very realistic and insta-love or phony dialogue. The banter was witty and some of the expressions made me literally laugh out loud while I was cheering these two on that they would end up where I wanted them to be. It also opens up some serious dialogue and explores what really attracts and keeps people together and it’s definitely not the size of someone’s bank account (or body parts) but a deeper spiritual quality and chemistry.I was left numb in parts and honestly cried a time or two...alternating between laughing and wanting to slap some sense into a character (or two or three). It was just beautifully written, well thought out plotwise and hit so many places in my heart that it made me want to know these people for real and be in their world as an observer or friend. If you liked Storm, Vandal and Lukas you will LOVE Talon...he is my new favorite A&E member and definitely in the running for book boyfriend of the month for me.I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.***** 5 ***** “it’s all about what’s on the inside” stars

  • Amanda
    2018-12-11 15:11

    5 'laughter and tears' starsThis is my first Carian Cole and even being Book 4 of a series, it still can be read as a standalone. From the blurb, there are mentioned of 'social experiment', 'marriage' and 'nightmare'. Honestly, I thought is a dark erotica. But it isn't! Actually is a very sweet and lovely read. This book hasExperimental marriageA hippie heroineA 11" rockstar A celebrity catHumorSexLoveTearsHeartacheHEAFirst of all, I think the whole idea of they wanting to participant in an experimental marriage with a total stranger extremely bizarre. But I enjoyed every moment of them getting to know each other, living together and falling in love.Asia Jenson is a girl living alone in the ghetto. She is a hippie, the kind who are crafts loving, vegan eating and smoothie drinking. Talon Valentine is a rockstar. He had a long wavy hair, tattoos on almost every inch of his body. He is a drinker, a smoker and a recreational drug user. He is basically a stereotypical rockstar. When I was younger, I believed if I ever reached famous rock star status I would be as happy as a pig in shit. I'm trying to find a picture of a long hair tattoo guy with cat. But it seems like this is the best one I can scavenge. When they both ended up paired together, they nearly suffered some serious trauma. What the heck is happening? They are supposed to each get their dream partner, not a total opposite of their heart desire. Some hilarious outcome ensure!I wanted quiet. Normal. Family man. Suit and tie. Someone stable, not someone wild and crazy. Not a freaking rock star!"I'm not into the long hair and tattoos. At all.""I definitely see implants in our future, so I guess we're even, then."I love Talon. What is it about these endearing tattoo bad boys with a heart of gold that make me into a total mush. He really exceeded my expectation of a rock star. It amazed me that Talon is the positive one, the one that actually believes in the marriage and want it to works. He even try to change himself to be a good husband."I'll admit, you can be a real jerk sometimes and I want to slam you in the balls. But when you're good? I can't imagine anything better, and that's the truth."Asia is more level headed, but she can't help but had an underlying fear that their marriage is doom. But with times, she noticed that although her husband it not what she expect, he might still be perfect for her. Their relationship had it ups and downs, but they were both committed to make things work, even with their polar opposite personality. "Every part of you taste delicious. I want to fucking eat you alive.""Mmmm... sexy with a side of serial killer..."With the addition of Talon's bandmates and family, they bring forth so much warm to the story. Each of them have their distinct personalities without overshadowing the main characters.My favorite part of the book is the second half when the author thrown in some drama into the story and causes a shift in the romance department. The thing that happened to Talon sounds really unusual and refreshing and I'm a total sucker for vulnerable man and love seeing how the heroine fussing and fawning over the hero.I actually enjoyed this kind of delicious angst whereby they both are not in a good place, but we knew they still both very much in love and won't be able to stay away for long. I love the fact that the author gave them a do-over and seeing the cute and romantic side of Talon is priceless. "It's hard to shine when you're surrounded by stars, baby."Then don't be a star, Talon. Be the moon. Shine above all of them.As if Carian hasn't win me over yet with Talon and Asia, she even thrown in an acknowledge about her cats that make me cry a fucking river.I know she's waiting for him to come back, and nothing is more heartbreaking to see.True love never dies. Not for anyone.

  • Haidoulina
    2018-11-15 17:26

    I loved this book.... It had everything, humor,love,drama all wrapped up in a perfect package.... Talon and Asia are so perfect together.... I simply loved them....

  • Lina's Reviews❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥ღೋBook Blogღೋ ❥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ❥
    2018-11-16 16:07

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.This book tugged on my heartstrings. I cannot compare it with any other book. It was original, refreshing, well written and emotional.Talon is a member of Ashes & Embers. Women flock him but they never stick around. He is tired of meaningless hook ups. He wants something else.Asia is struggling to survive but she is a fighter. Her bad luck with men has led her to believe that something is wrong with her. She has tried everything, even dating sites.When an experiment offers her the chance of marrying the perfect man for her, she takes the chance. But nothing prepared her for her supposedly perfect match. Talon is not her type. At all. He seems wild and forward but she is bound to him for six months, until the social experiment is over.When Talon meets his wife, he is certain that there has been some mistake. He wanted a blonde bombshell but instead he got the tiny girl with the purple eyes. Can they make the marriage work? Can they become the ideal couple?I found the story excellently written and executed. The characters were the best I've read in a while and the way they were brought together was skillful and believable. The story is humorous and romantic and the pace smooth and perfectly orchestrated. Talon has some of the best lines ever. He is amazing.Asia was utterly lovable. Her kindness amazed me.If you are looking for something different but well written, this is for you. Do not miss this book.5_Stars for Tally and his Jelly Bean. Oh, for Princess Pixie as well.;))))

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2018-11-13 15:09

    No beginning, no end, just now...I want to say that this is my favorite book in the series, but then I feel that way every time a new one is released. I flove them all. I want to say that this one ripped out my heart more than the others, but then I have flashbacks of being vandalized. Nope, I still can't choose just one, I love them all.I found myself smiling and laughing a lot at the beginning, as Talon and Asia got to know each other. I was so intrigued by the idea of a blind marriage without even having a blind date first. I was already in #CoverLust with the sexy rocker on the front of the book, so I couldn't imagine the bride being disappointed rather than lust-struck by his sexy long hair and tattoos. But, she was. He didn't fit her image of her ideal man. In fact, her thought was "This is not my dream man. This is like a rock star hippie Tarzan." She wanted normal and Talon was as far from that as you can get.Talon is a #Cockstar, he's attracted to what I consider to be the fake Barbie type. He's a boob man, the bigger the better and real doesn't matter. He likes his women tall, confident, well-traveled and experienced. WTF? Did those people running the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT even bother reading their answers to their millions of questions regarding what they looked for in a partner? Disappointment was an understatement of epic proportions. How the hell did he end up with short, shy, insecure, inexperienced and afraid to fly? Just when I got myself under control, his internal mental dialogue regarding the fact that the romance team had found the only woman who didn't want to fuck him, had me giggle-snorting again.Let me tell you, the hilarious banter between the bride & groom was so entertaining. I was excited to see how they were going to work out their required obligations, including the journaling, living together for 6 months, and other things the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT insisted on. I ate it up, like the romance junkie that I am. As the couple got to know each other I was anticipating the eventual outcome of their relationship. It seemed like it was gonna be a predictable, yet satisfying rocker romance where they would instantly fall in love and live happily ever after. Um...NOT. If you've been reading this series, then you already know, that's not how this author works. Nope, she likes to pull us in, let us get comfortable, and then rip the rug out from under us. She never fails to surprise me, and she never disappoints. She's a sure thing, unlike Asia. Like Talon's father said, "You don't just add water and stir." They soon discovered that the idea of a ready-made marriage was cool, but that was the easy part, making it work is a lot harder.

  • Ivy Deluca
    2018-11-30 11:24

    Full 3 star review & giveaway posted at premise: Can you let someone else pick your HEA and marry them, sight unseen? Arranged marriages are not that common and they are certainly not your usual fare in a rocker romance, so I dove into this one with both feet, much like Talon and Asia did.Talon, the guitarist for Ashes & Embers, is known as the partying, not-so-small member (yes, in more ways than one) of the band. He’s living the rock & roll lifestyle to the hilt. He’s just not that happy about it. When his mother suggests he participate in this experiment where he goes into an arranged marriage (never even sees the bride until the day of the wedding), as wild an idea as it is, Talon wants love. He just has no idea how to go about it. He tells the folks running the experiment what his ideal woman is - long legged, big boobed, flaky blonde that wants to party as much as he does. Instead, he gets...Asia. She’s a petite, dark haired, small boobed, bohemian kind of chick who’s led a lonely, tragic life. Abused by her father, betrayed by her brother and ditched by her mother, Asia’s just getting by supporting herself with her homemade products and handsewn clothes. Above all, she’s looking for stability and love, and for goodness’ sake, someone who won’t abandon her at the first sign of trouble. She wants a clean-cut, non-tattooed, slim, professional type who’ll want to lead that quiet life with her. She gets...Talon, big, bad, tattooed long hair rocker boy. Yeah, it’s not smooth sailing.Sweet love: Talon and Asia’s love story is a very sweet tale at its heart, and you get to see them work their way towards falling in love. At the beginning though? Much like Talon and Asia, I had to adjust to these two and their tentativeness with each other. They want alot and can’t seem to look beyond their own preconceived notions of what they want to appreciate what they got. There’s no instant spark, more like WTF did I just get into? kinds of reactions from them. They both freak out when they realize how polar opposite they are from their usual, and if they’d been left to their own devices, I doubt it would have worked out. It’s a rocky road, but I appreciated that Ms. Cole gives us the story in alternating first person perspective, so you really get to understand Talon and Asia’s reservations and feelings, even when they don’t communicate that well with each other. Good (sexy) times: Their chemistry builds just as their relationship does and when they consummate their relationship, it’s definitely enjoyable and fun to read. The angst: Miscommunication is a tricky thing to use as a plot device, and these two have their fair share of issues with it. Neither are very well versed in discussing their feelings with each other, and most times it seemed that they needed that push from outside influences. I would have loved to have seen them find their way to each other a little more often without the aid of someone else. Perhaps have a bit more faith in the other. I will say that there’s unexpected turns to the story and when it happens, I enjoyed seeing the way they both stepped it up when it counted. Plus, it gave me a chance to see more of my boy Lukas, so I was thrilled. Asia’s very fragile emotionally and it takes alot for her to let go and give love a chance. Talon certainly doesn’t make it easy, so these two butt heads and can be frustrating. It’s completely understandable why, but it does require patience to see these two find their way to their HEA. The postscript: Take a moment and enjoy the story of the real life Talon and Asia. It really is the most adorable bittersweet little tale.Lukas may still be favorite Ashes & Embers member ever, but I did enjoy my time with Talon and Asia. I would recommend the entire series for those who like rocker romances.**ARC provided by author for review**

  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)
    2018-11-12 14:10

    Aaaaargh! So much potential, but in the end characters do make or break a book for me, so this was more a miss than a hit.Still, I'd like ot say that I love Cole's writing style, the A&E family and rock star world/atmosphere. Weirdly enough for me, what I did not like were the main characters. I mean, I liked Asia, but she was the worst possible match for Talon.So here's my issue with him. At first, I could even excuse his being rude to her, his hurting her feelings because I was expecting some satisfying groveling. He did not deliver. At all. Their relationship was almost abusive. He hurts her feelings so many times and each and every time she's the one who has to take the first step, who has to make the first move toward a reconciliation. Eff that. Eff the eff that!I loved the idea of a blind arranged marriage as a social experiment and all that came with it. Beside the un-scientificness of it all (who cares, it's romance!) I really was interested in the originality that would add to the plot. And to a certain extent it did, but the main byproduct was that it added unnecessary anxiety regarding their relationship.Which leads me to the second issue, something that this book kinda shares with the others in the series. Most plot twists are quite predictable. Which is not a huge flaw, but adding something extra, and unexpected, would set this series to a whole new level, IMO.But back to this story. In truth, I liked Talon's realness. The way he's not good at communicating his main feature. Sex is the way he expresses his feelings, and I could get behind that. All right, that's who you are. FINE! But coupled with Asia's personality and his tendency to run her down every time an issue arises... I could not, for the love of all it's crispy and sugary, like him as a person or even swoon for him. In a nutshell, he comes off as a grade a-hole. "I never claimed to be fuckin' Romeo, baby."No shit?! Still, you don't even have to be fuckin' Otello for that matter.Especially after Lukas' story, Talon stood out as a rude, vulgar, unromantic, abusive a-hole. And yes, I did want them together, but I wanted him to get his heat out of his ass way more. The way he treats Aria throughout the book had me flabbergasted, because I couldn't get past his lack of insight on the damage he was causing her and his inability to properly grovel.I felt bad for Asia so many times. She is too good for him. Simple as that.Talon needed a different kind of heroine... or a different kind of story altogether. He needed someone to put him back to his place, to answer his insults with the nad-kick of the century.In the end, the three stars are for the good writing style, interesting plot device and the few moments in which Talon and Asia were actually happy and real with each other."You have redefined happy for me."/b>Also, Asia's backstory, the semicolon and the whole theme of hope and soldiering through the roughest patches of your life was well treated, with respect.;This is just a pause.Not today.Maybe not tomorrow.But I will be.Someday.It won't always be this bad. This pain isn't my forever.This is just a pause.There's more waiting for me, somewhere down the road of my life..

  • Jan
    2018-11-16 11:24

    5 Jelly bean starsFirstly I love discovering new authors so after reading Storm I couldn't wait to read more from Carian Cole, each book is a stand alone and yes they are categorized as a rock star read but focuses more on their personal lives, each is completely different so whether you like Rock-star reads or not it wouldn't matter.------------------------------------------------A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.The concept was scary but exciting...Marry a total stranger.Live together for six months.Journal everything. (Feelings. Fights. All of it.)DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL PARTNER:Caring. Hard-working. A devoted family man, loves kids.Clean cut, funny, smart, quiet, but a good communicator.~ Asia JensonMy hopes were immediately dashed when I saw him at the altar.Shit. I married my worst nightmare.Right?!------------------------------------------------This is the best yet! I absolutely loved the highs and lows in this book and feel like I've been on one hell of a roller-coaster ride, didn't want to put it down but didn't want it to end either. I laughed many times and felt my heart twinge at each dilemma, I loved the characters totally bonded with both of them which is evidence of good writing. Two people paired up for a social experiment, meeting for the first time at the alter and the results were humorous,heartwarming,hot and one hell of a ride. Recommended readArc gratefully recieved for honest review:bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends & L.A.B.B

  • ~ Cariad ~
    2018-12-09 17:18

    Absolutely loved this book - LOVED - like, soooooo much! From a few percent in, I was in tears and choking back the odd sob. How rare to say that I could hardly see my Kindle because of crying and rubbing my eyes - I just completely felt this book and Asia's struggle. It was beautifully written as were Talon's struggles later in the story. The characters, the writing, the story... all awesome, again I've lost sleep for this author! : )Oh and I loved Pixie too! AND I broke my heart at the real Talon and Asia story at the end : (Jeez ...What a ride this book has been for me... I heading straight on to book 5.

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2018-12-03 17:21

    OMG! I wanna cry so bad.. And I'm trying to hold it in. EVERYTHING about this one, was on point. My heart responded to it all... I don't even think I can articulate my feelings for this one in a way that would do it justice. So, Please just read this one people. And Start at the beginning. I take that back. Start at Lukas' book, like I did, and then go in order. *giggles*And thereal Talon & Asia, actually got a few sobs out of me.Thanks Carian for penning such a poignant, beautiful story <3I would recommend this read, this series.Happy Reading :)P.S. Hubby read this one with me, and he loved it too :)

  • Fathima
    2018-11-29 12:23

    Perfection ! Pure perfection ..... ! This series is love ...... this series is life !

  • Kristiej
    2018-11-24 13:10

    Still a 5 out of 5, four reads laterI’m so taken with this whole series. This is my third book read and I’ve enjoyed it just as much as the first two books. This one is Talon’s story. He is the youngest Valentine brother. His three older brothers, Asher, Storm and Michah as well as their cousin Vandal and occasionally Lukas are in a rock band, Ember & Ashes. Talon has been into the sex, drugs and rock and roll life style but now that he’s starting to grow up, he’s pretty much dropped the drugs and while still quite sexually active, he does want to settle down. So far he hasn’t found anyone worth it yet which is why he agrees to a very unusual experiment, kind of like an old fashioned arranged marriage. He doesn’t meet his wife to be until the actual wedding and they have to agree to stay married for six months, after which they either stay together or divorce. He and his perspective bride are each to keep a journal of their thoughts and meet regularly with the psychologist doing the experiment. He fills out all kinds of questionaires as to what he is looking for in a wife and prepares to meet and marry the woman of his dreams.In the meantime, we have Asia Jensen. Asia is a very lonely young woman who can’t seem to make any connection with a guy though not from lack of trying. She makes a modest living restyling old clothes and lives alone with her dwarf cat. Although very reluctant, her best friend who works for the psychologist convinces Asia to become part of the experiment since what Asia wants most in the world is to find someone to love who will love her. She fills out her questionnaire on what the perfect match for her will be.They meet at the wedding and both are shocked as neither is what the other one is expecting. Here’s Talon, a long haired, tattooed rocker who’s on the road touring often when she wanted someone who comes home nightly. Asia, who is rather on the sheltered side and has led a sad and abandoned life, hasn’t even heard of the band and has no real idea what a sex god he is, or has been. And Talon is looking for a tall, blond bombshell who is self-assured and ready to party with the band which absolutely does NOT describe Asia.So here they are each married to the exact opposite of whom they thought they wanted and they have to give it their all. They are different in so many ways. After the initial let down, they both agree to at least try since both want to find someone to love. At first glance I’ll admit, Talon comes across as a real douche and I was prepared to not like him. But it took no time at all for me to open my heart and come to adore him just as much as the other heroes in this series. He was just behaving to the level he thought everyone thought of him at. Once he has someone else to look out for he’s tender and caring and thoughtful. He’s had quite the active sex life previously, but he’s willing to put it aside despite his own randyness until Asia is ready. He’s been ‘the flirt’ of the band, performing shirtless. But when Asia lets him know she’s uncomfortable with it, he’s more than willing to start wearing clothes. In fact, she makes a shirt for him to wear and when he loves it and when he realizes she designs it, he jumps right on board and helps her in a number of different ways.Asia is very sensitive and Talon feels terrible when he inadvertently hurts her feelings. And he loves her cat. Being a lover of cats, I love me a hero who loves cats. And then there is the hat scene. I don’t want to give anything away, but to all who have read it, when I say the hat scene I’m sure they know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s very memorable. Despite the occasional setback, Talon and Asia grow closer and closer and begin to fall in love. That is until something terrible comes up and threatens to completely ruin what they have built together.I’m late getting to writing this up and in the meantime I’ve read it 3 times. I LOVE this book, this whole series. Talon is such a sweetheart after an initial rocky start and with Asia being so innocent and shy, there is potential for her to be annoying. But she’s not, not at all. She’s the kind of character you want to befriend and take under your wing.I’m going to have to contact the author and gush I have it that bad. As with the first two books I’ve read, this one also gets a well deserved 5 stars

  • Tricia
    2018-12-02 11:17

    Talon is part 4 of the Ashes & Embers series and I must say I have not read the first three. I jumped straight to this one because I was intrigued by the blurb. And it was my favourite cover of the four books.Asia Jensen has been unlucky. She had a traumatic upbringing with all sorts of major drama and now that she's free of all that, her love life is practically non-existent. But she tells herself it doesn’t matter because she is completely focused on making ends meet by working hard in her hand-crafting business, designing and sewing clothes and making smelly beauty products (just roll with it if you're pro scent-free like I am). And she has her best friend. What more could she need? Someday she would like to meet a caring, hardworking, clean cut guy and get married. Someday.Talon Valentine is known for the size of his cock. Not that he minds all the women clamouring to fuck him, he’s just tired of them only wanting him for his junk and the fact he’s in a popular rock band.The grabber for me? These two strangers are paired to get married and live together for a year as part of a social experiment. And come the day of their nuptials, they go through with it.Yay! Let the games begin!It's a modern day fairy tale: poor, inexperienced, and small-chested girl marries the rich, ripped and hot rock star.Talon learns how to woo a woman. Asia learns how to accept good things can happen.Talon goes from asshole to sweet and sensitive and Asia goes from cold and unapproachable to learning to let down her guard. And then they hit a major obstacle that I thought was very true to life and what had felt like reading a fantasy up until that point, suddenly became grounded. A situation mostly all married couples/partners think about happening and we wonder what we’re going to do when the time comes.The couple are now really struggling to own the commitment to do their best to make it work.I don’t want to give away too much but it was how Ms. Cole depicted the situation and how Talon and Asia responded, both as individuals and a couple, which made me add a 4th star to my review. HEA, duel POVs, Sexy times: 3.5/5 (loved the mint lip balm), Be Still My Heart Moments: 4/5

  • Yiota Misiou
    2018-11-30 16:23

    Άλλη μια υπέροχη ιστορία της σειράς Ashes and Embers. Δεν λείπει τίποτα από αυτό το βιβλίο!!! Περιμένω το επόμενο και είμαι σίγουρη πως Carian Cole δεν θα με απογοητεύσει...

  • Tiffany Readz
    2018-11-17 12:03

    Every time I read a book in this series I think I've found my favorite Valentine. Storm, Vandal, Lukas and now Talon? There is no way to chose a favorite, so far I love all of the Valentine boys.Again we are introduced to a member of the rock band Ashes to Embers, Talon, the youngest brother of the Valentine family. I was instantly drawn to the premise of this book and wondered if Carian Cole was going to be able to pull it off, which she did. Beautifully I might add. At first read, the book feels like it's going to be pretty predictable, however there are enough surprises, as well as twist and turns to make it absolutely perfect.Talon is a manwhore rockstar living up to the name he's been given by his loving groupies. He knows he's being used by these girls and for a while didn't care. Now that his brothers and cousins are in committed relationships, it makes Talon stop and take stock in his love life or lack of love in his life. Asia is a little girl all alone. Well, not little. She's in her mid-twenties and is looking for a safe, solid, committed partner to share her life with. Asia is tired of being let down and wants somebody who will be with her through thick and thin.Both at a crossroads, they unknowingly sign up for a totally calculated experiment to find their soul mate. After the initial meeting, Talon and Asia are nothing but confused. Each is exactly what the other didn't want. At. All. Nothing in common and nothing physically attractive to their mate. Talon and Asia instantly realize they have signed up for a huge mistake. "How is it possible that I can have a father who wrote hundreds of love songs and a mother who has written pages upon pages of nothing but pure love and romance, and I cannot form one sentence that doesn't make me sound like a [email protected]" ~ Talon Uncharted territory, that's is what Talon and Asia find themselves in and I loved every single page of it. It was like watching a reality show. Peeking into the lives of these two people that chose, but really didn't choose to be with each other. Learning telltale signs that their partner is upset, or sad, or mad for that fact. And with Talon, poor Asia was mad quite a bit. The struggle felt real. It was hard to predict what was going to finally happen with these two, so I didn't. I just kept reading.The book is well written and told from dual points of view. Talon's book had much more humor than the previous books and it fit in with his story nicely. While you can read Talon as a standalone. It is more fun to read the previous books in the series to see where the bothers and cousins are coming from when giving advice. The entire family is present, including Talon's sister and grandma. Every character is interesting and I like how many ways this series can still go without getting tired.Also, the real story of Talon and Asia. O.M.G. While the book pulled at some heartstrings for me, the real story of Talon and Asia at the end made me shed a few tears. Unbelievable. Reviewed for Renee Entress's Blog.

  • Jeannine Allison
    2018-12-07 17:59

    I really enjoy Carian Cole's writing, and her book Torn is one of my favorites! Unfortunately I didn't love this one. I could list the things I didn't like (actually I probably couldn't because my memory is shit 😂), but I think ultimately it comes down to the fact that I didn't believe in their love. The back-and-forth between the two of them went on for far too long for my liking and I never really understood why they loved each other 😞 This is clearly a "it's not you, it's me" situation, so I'd read some more reviews before making a decision.

  • Michelle
    2018-12-09 16:06

    Okay, so onto book four of the Ashes & Embers series. From the description of Talon's book I was intrigued. It's obvious from the onset of his book, that he wants more than just a roll in the sheets - that he wants love. But the problem with Talon is, that he keeps looking in ALL the WRONG places. When offered a chance at partaking in a social experiment that is expected to find your perfect match, pair you off and oh, yeah. Marry them. Without meeting them first. For Asia, the money you get for participating would be nice to have. But after several failed attempts at dating, maybe she's just shit at picking the right guy. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? She gets married - if it works out - great, if not, she's fifty-thousand richer. But who expected this not to be a disaster?When Talon and Asia finally meet, at the alter - both are shocked to realize that none of the traits they checked off exist in the other. It must be huge mistake right? Or maybe they knew something that these two didn't.This was such a fun approach for Talon's story. Often times you get so caught up in the muck with series that it can be struggle to find a story plot that is different than the ones previously done. But this change up was fantastic. These two characters were such opposites but there was still a bit of instant attraction, even if both were too stubborn to admit it. I loved that although this whole set up was to toss two strangers straight into marriage - they both sort of tiptoed around a relationship and really had to spend time getting to know one another, taking the slow approach. Asia's character was endearing. Usually the uber-insecure chicks cause some massive eye-rolling, but it was hard not to want to root for this girl. A pure underdog that just needed someone to put the effort into making her feel worthy. Talon was an ass. Pure and simple. You knew he had more of a nice guy in him, but his knee-jerk reactions all were asshole moves. But I enjoyed watching him come around to his feelings. He was cocky and all ego. Sort of the guy who does the same thing over and over again and ends up in the same place without realizing HOW. But he just needed to open his eyes to something new - to take a chance and to shelve a bit of the ego.I am also a fan of unusual twists, and when we get the twist in the second half, it was refreshing to see the big - bad rock star be the vulnerable one. This book hit all the feels, balanced drama and angst perfectly and I loved the crazy ride it took me on.And I have to mention the little insight to the story the author offers through the story of her cats. Jesus. I bawled like a baby.

  • Lea ★
    2018-11-17 12:03

    6 STARS!!!This book goes straight to my favourites!AMAZING!I love Carian Cole writing, and I really enjoyed all books in this series, but this one is hands down, the best of them all! I am completely in love. Highly recommended!!!!

  • Nance
    2018-12-10 11:08

    So freakin' amazing! This was a solid 5 star read for me, and Carian Cole just rocks it again! Loved both main characters and the storyline just pulled me in totally!!!Full review to be written soon...

  • Nadine
    2018-11-18 11:13

    Die aus einfachen Verhältnissen stammende Asia nimmz an einem Experiment teil: Ihr soll der perfekte Partner ausgesucht werden, den sie dann ohne vorheriges Kennenlernen heiraten soll. Nach 6 Monaten können die beiden sich dann entscheiden, ob sie zusammen bleiben sollen, oder nicht.Ihr schwant bereits komisches, als sie den Gang zum Altar entlangschreitet und auf der Seite des Bräutigams fast ausschließlich langhaarige Rocker sitzen. Sie fällt dann noch mehr aus allen Wolken, als klar wird, dass ihr frisch gebackener Ehemann Gittarist in einer Rockband ist, einer sehr bekannten Rockband.Aller Gegensätze zum Trotz kommen die beiden sich jedoch näher...Hach das Buch war klasse! Die Charaktere waren sehr sympathisch, der Humor großartig und die sexy Momente sehr ansprechend. Ich war ja froh, dass es keine Pressebelagerung der Frischvermählten gab, aber so ganz glaubwürdig erschien es mir nicht, dass SO eine Story nicht ausgeschlachtet würde.Dieses war der vierte Band einer Reihe, die Story hatte mir gut gefallen und ich hatte gehofft, dass ich auch ohne die ersten 3 Bände zu kennen klarkommen würde, was auch der Fall war. Definitiv zu empfehlen, auch ohne die anderen Bücher der Reihe zu kennen.

  • Sultry Steamy Reading
    2018-11-15 16:58

    I received an ARC of this book from Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book's release promotions.The first book I read in this series was Vandal's, and I loved that book. There was a darkness and a sweetness to it that reminded me of a KA novel, and I am open about how much I love KA. Anyway, back to this series, when I found myself loving Vandal, I just had to find a way to go back and read Storm and Lukas' book. After I've read all four books, I just can't say which one is my favorite. They all have that special something that I greatly enjoyed. I loved Storm, but I also like the tragedy that was Vandal's life. I loved Lukas, but Talon is also a wonderfully great story. Really. I think that Carian Cole is now definitely on my watch list. I will be looking out for future books from her.

  • Soonya
    2018-12-03 17:10

    While this heroine wasn't my favorite, the author has incredible way with words. I loved their connection, the premise of the story and how gone those two were for each other. It was my first book by this author, and I'm curious to read others. Safe in my opinion.

  • Virginia Hill
    2018-11-22 11:12

    Oh my God, this story! It was perfect and I loved it SO much! ❤️ Be the moon...*sniffs*

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2018-11-13 18:25

    ARC received for an honest reviewYay, I am back in the Ashes and Embers world - and it is a great place to be!Talon has been a bit of an enigma throughout the series, so I was keen to get his story - and what a story it is.You know that TV show "Married at First Sight"? Where the first time the bride and groom meet is the wedding?That is the situation Talon and Asia find themselves in. They are from such completely different upbringings, such different statuses in life, and neither of them is what the other wanted in a partner.I really like the "blind marriage" concept - gives us a completely different feel to the story, an unpredictability that I as a reader love.But they say opposites attract, and you can feel the pull between Talon and Asia from the beginning, from behind the snarky comments and observations. I laughed so many times as our lovelies got to know each other.I LOVED that Asia does not fall straight into bed with Talon. That it was not an insta-lust, sleep-with-the-rock-star relationship. That she made him work for it - cos you now how those rock stars don't have to work for it! She wanted, no needed more from him.There was so much emotion in Talon. As much as I laughed with our lovelies, there were some deeper issues that cropped up that had me sad. Had me in tears. Had my heart hurting.Talon has quickly become my favourite in the Ashes and Embers series (though I have said that at the end of each book so far!)It was great to see where the characters from the last book were at, and there are some characters we got more of, hopefully leading up to their stores - which I am sure I am going to love also.Thank you Ms Cole for giving us the Valentine men. I can't wait to see whose story we get next!

  • LynnLexie-shea
    2018-11-29 19:26

    I swear, I'm gunna go all Chinese sweatshop on Carian Cole and lock her away working 16 hours a day just so she can produce books for us faster!!!! This was given to me as an ARC for an honest review. And just lemme say I'm being very honest when I sayI. LOVE. THIS. SERIES. MORE. WITH. EACH. BOOK. RELEASED.Brought together out of an "experiment" to marry each other before ever meeting each other, Talon and Asia are two people looking for a perfect mate to spend the rest of their lives with. When they finally meet one another after they say their vows, they realize that neither of them ended up with the perfect mate they asked for. Talon, a famous rock star, likes his women leggy, blonde and large breasted. Asia, wants a quiet, sincere, professional type of man. And this is where things get interesting.... The deal is, get married to a person you've been matched up with by a panel of psychologists. Live just as any other married couple would for at least six months and report back to the good doctor every week explaining how things are going. After the six months each person gets fifty thousand dollars. The choice is up to you if you want to stay married to each other.Talon is a great guy hiding under the lifestyle of a rock star. One minute he's a big jerk, spewing off insults that he doesn't even realize are insults and the next he's a gentle, kind-hearted guy just trying to please his woman.Asia is a genuinely sweet soul who had a less than stellar upbringing. She sees herself as plain and normal when in reality she's a beautiful girl next door type with a pure heart and a creative side that impresses all who meet her. She designs her own clothes and makes custom soaps and such. Oh, and she has a cat, Princess Pixie, who has it's own blog and has more of a fan base than Talon and his band. Or as Talon said it, "The blogging, fan-mongering dwarf cat is gonna be trouble, I can feel it."I enjoyed this book because of the humor intertwined with the scorching hotness of it. Like when their decorating for the holidays and this conversation ensues: "Um, I'm pretty sure mistletoe means give a kiss, not a blow job", I argue, raising my eyebrows at him. "No, it's a blow job. Santa changed it last year."The stories in this series get better with each one, in my opinion. I like all the characters and how they are so flawed yet so irresistible. The only thing I don't like is not being able to discover all of them again for the first time. You just keep hitting it out of the park, Carian, and I hope you have many more books planned for this family.