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The world ended. A new one began. But who gets to choose what it looks like?After two violent years spent scavenging for food and territory while struggling to survive, an easy life in Sickness-free England has a certain appeal to Donna. Only one thing—one person—could make her want to return to the ruined chaos of New York City. And she thought he was dead.Jefferson dreamThe world ended. A new one began. But who gets to choose what it looks like?After two violent years spent scavenging for food and territory while struggling to survive, an easy life in Sickness-free England has a certain appeal to Donna. Only one thing—one person—could make her want to return to the ruined chaos of New York City. And she thought he was dead.Jefferson dreamed of starting over—uniting all the warring teens and creating a Utopia. Instead, the discovery of the Cure fuels a massive power struggle in the city, and it turns out, the whole world wants a piece of the pie.With some of their own tribe in trouble, a deranged madman on the loose, and an unspeakable threat looming large, Donna and Jefferson must save not only themselves but what’s left of their world in this conclusion to The Young World trilogy. Because what good is living if everything you care about is gone?...

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The Revival Reviews

  • Sean
    2018-08-31 00:31

    So bittersweet that this series is over! I loved this conclusion and am very happy with the ending:)

  • Haley
    2018-09-20 18:28

    The Revival is the finale to the Young World trilogy. If you have not read this series, it’s set in a post-epidemic version of New York City in which only kids and teen survived the plaque. I recommend this to fans of the Gone series by Michael Grant, The 5th Wave, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maximum Ride, Quarantine by Lex Thomas, Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne, No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz, Inhuman by Kat Fall, The Murder Complex by Lindsey Cummings, Taken by Erin Bowman, and other dystopian book.Donna is back in New York City and with her comes some of the people she met in Cambridge, including Rab, the guy “seduced” her to get information. There’s Titch who’s a burly guy, there’s Guja, a Nepalese mercenary, and a few other. Jefferson, the leader of the group of kids who lived in Washington Square, was pinning for Donna to come back and Kath says he should get over her. Kath and Jefferson had a thing for a while. Peter is mad that Chapel, a guy who he thought her was in love with, betrayed him, and possibly also just seduced him for information. Evan, Kath’s brother, from Uptown, is a sociopath and has some nefarious plans. This book series is full of humor and action. This is one of the most fun dystopian book series you will ever read. It’s a little bit like the Gone series at first, minus the super power. I love that we get different first person perspectives. The male POV are in a serif and female in san-serif a typeface. The chapter headers have a weapon silhouette behind the character name. I recall the first book was all Jefferson and Donna, but here we get Peter, Kath, Evan, Imani, Brainbox, and Rab. Some of them only get 1 or 2 chapters. This book also brings up a lot of social issues like race, gender and sexuality, and it does it with humor. Some of the characters are clearly a bit racist, but most are just trying to survive and don’t care about that stuff. There’s just a extremely diverse cast of characters that the author created, maybe unreality so. I don’t think that it’s a very realist story, even if there was a virus that killed all the adult and kids had to survive. Yes, there would be cliques and gangs, but some of the story does seem silly, but this is fiction and I enjoyed it. The book ended in an acceptable way. We didn’t get to see what happed 6 months later or whatever future would happen, but the character definitely had some kind of resolution. A climatic scene, and showdown, some sad deaths, some romance. It’s a pretty good finale and I will miss this series, but there’s always more to read. Cover Art Review: Cool cover, as always with this series. I like that awesome samurai sword that the guy in the middle, who is probably Jefferson, is holding. ~Haley GMy blog:http://breathlessbookreviews.blogspot...

  • Laila
    2018-09-04 20:46

    Er was zoveel mis met dit boek.. Ik vond het concept heel leuk, het was een beetje The 100 meets elk-dystopian-boek-dat-er-is. Het had ontzettend veel potential maar de uitvoering was niet goed. personages waren niet goed uitgewerkt, te veel perspectieven, rare uitspraken, en ga zo maar door. Dat je in staat bent om in je boek te zetten ''Mijn vriend Adolf", en "raketten op Syrie want dat boeit niemand" vind ik wel erg. Ook al is het de slechterik die het zegt

  • Superheltemor
    2018-08-28 21:36

    Skuffende tynd afslutning, på ellers god ungdomsdystopi

  • Caleb McNutt
    2018-09-18 22:32

    Donna and Jefferson and the rest of their friends finally have go together and now they are trying to find a way to survive in this new world that could end all the tribes and all the separation that’s happening now in the world that has been devastated by the sickness. Donna was seperated because she was on the boat and she and others that was with her was killed and now she was put in the Cambridge University all the way in England and she is trying to find her friends actually make sure they aren’t actually dead and that’s what she was told and she is not trying to believe the people who told her that Jefferson her lover is not dead. Jefferson is trying to find Donna and trying to save the whole world from the sickness that has killed everyone over the age of 18 but in Europe there are people over the age of 18 and he doesn’t know that and Donna knows that there are people over the age of 18 in Europe and they reunite and save the world from the sickness and they stay together to lead all the kids who was in the United States and they become the leaders of those kids and all the tribes come together and form one powerful tribe. Donna had an affair with someone else because she thought Jefferson was dead and she finds out that he is alive and she feels horrible that she slept with someone else and now she has to tell Jefferson about it and she is very nervous to do it because she loves Jefferson so much that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings for her.

  • David Morrison
    2018-09-18 20:34

    A somewhat disappointing end to an overall decent trilogy. I say this due to the fact that the author includes a love themed thread in the book where one of the characters let's his lover (who recently jilted him) get away with a device of staggering power (the nuclear football that controls the US arsenal) because he was conflicted as to how he felt about the guy after seeing him shoot and kill one of his friends. Not being in an apocalypse I cannot 100 percent relate but I would hope that most people would not let the guy go due to 1. He just killed his friend in cold blood and 2. He was stealing the most powerful device from you with the help of a group of psychotic teens. Poor story setup for what was a decent premise.

  • Ricky
    2018-09-19 01:35

    I was expecting better for this conclusion to the Young World trilogy, but I confess myself a bit disappointed with the final result. It's shorter than I expected, which isn't really to the book's benefit. There are simply too many POV's to keep track of, which makes the story feel pretty disjointed, and there isn't much of a resolution. But at the very least, Weitz keeps things interesting with an always-moving plot, and at least we get to see more of the characters we know and love - Jefferson, Donna, Peter, etc.If only Weitz could have had the chance to write maybe 100 more pages to settle the most annoying lingering details.

  • James Noyes
    2018-08-26 20:40

    I really enjoyed the first book of the series and the second book was a very fast read that was very enjoyable as well. However, I did not like this one much. It gave an ending to some characters, however, it seemed rushed and was 100 pages less than the previous book. If you liked the first two stop there, this will not make the series better.

  • Marie-Pierre Desrosiers
    2018-09-21 23:38

    Fucking good series. That's why I read it so fast. Took me some place else and I admire the way the author, Chris Weitz, was able to change the way he wrote for the first person narration, due to the special context and current change of narrator. Congrats to Chris for that!

  • Debra LaBonne
    2018-09-03 19:31

    The 3rd book was not much better than the 2nd, mostly descriptive narration with very little action. Ending was good but quite short. I can't believe I read books 2 & 3. Such a great premise that could go so many places, and started to, then stalled... forever.

  • John-Paul Cheyne
    2018-08-28 21:28

    Creative conclusion to the series. Even more character viewpoints were added from book 2. Pace of the book was nice.

  • Jenelle
    2018-08-30 21:20

    Somehow, this book didn't propel me through the story quite as fast as the first two. I didn't feel the same sort of urgency. And the end? What the heck? How is that an end?

  • Gapeach
    2018-09-20 22:44

    Solid ending to a great series. Can't wait to read anything else this author writes.

  • Kang Ying She
    2018-09-09 23:34

    Beautiful ending of this trilogy. It has everything I wished it would have.

  • P.M.
    2018-09-08 19:35

    The trilogy ended as well as could be expected. However, I wish Brainbox could have made it.

  • Denise
    2018-09-21 21:39

    *2.5Too many things happened in such short amount of pages, and there was no proper resolution to the ending of this trilogy.(And a trilogy this story shouldn't have been; easily could have been condensed into a duology or a lengthy standalone.)

  • Matthew Michalski
    2018-08-25 23:35

    ***SPOILERS***3.5 starsEven though Donna and Jefferson are now back together, things are worse than ever for them. Jefferson's hope of utopia crumbled after Kath (yes, back from the dead) and Theo told everyone that the rest of the world had not been affected by What Happened. To make things worse, Chapel has turned on them, and now the Football (the case containing the codes the the United States' nuclear arsenal) and the Biscuit (the device that can activate the nukes) are in the hands of Evan, the psychopathic ruler of Uptown. Jefferson and crew have to recover the Football and the Biscuit, stop Evan from starting a global nuclear war, save the girls from Washington Square (they were imprisoned by the Uptowners), and somehow manage to stay alive all at the same time.This book was the best of the three books in the series. If you are looking for a thrilling action packed book, I would definitely recommend this. One thing that I liked about this book was that the author told the story from the perspective of multiple different characters. He also used different methods of talking for each character. For example, when the story was told by Brainbox, there was no punctuation. It felt like a long stream of random thought. I found this to be a very creative approach to writing. You also got to hear some of the story from the perspective of Evan, which helped you to see both sides. This book, along with the rest in the series, were weakly written. It was an entertaining storyline, but it wasn't a very strong novel. I didn't like how the character Rab was introduced. He got in the way of Jefferson and Donna, and put a bit of a wedge between them. I also didn't like how the story ended. It wasn't anticlimactic, but I wished that it went into what happened after a little more. In the end, everything was resolved, but it left you wanting to hear more, and with this being the last book, that will never happen.

  • Antonietta Mirra
    2018-08-29 22:32

    La trilogia scritta da Chris Weitz, noto regista della serie Twilight, ci propone un mondo completamente stravolto da una strana malattia che colpisce gli adulti e i bambini. In The young world, primo libro della serie, un virus uccide letteralmente tutte le persone al di sopra dei diciotto anni di età e i bambini molto piccoli, lasciando vivere soltanto gli adolescenti.Un’idea davvero molto particolare e sicuramente originale che mi ha subito colpito.Gli scenari sono certamente catastrofici. Ci troviamo di fronte ad una sorta di fine del mondo che però si presenta con un accenno piuttosto adolescenziale e con una visione della vita frammentata e drammatica.I ragazzini diventano i nuovi padroni del mondo, che abbandona di punto in bianco tutte le sue vecchie certezze, i suoi valori, la sua moralità e la sua cultura, per rivestirsi di tanto coraggio, all’occorrenza cattiveria, spavalderia e ahimè, soprattutto violenza.Del resto, come si sopravvive in un mondo simile? Tutto ciò che esisteva prima è stato completamente stravolto. La tecnologia è stata spazzata via, così come tutti i mezzi di comunicazione. Non esiste quasi più la natura, è raro ormai trovare sulla terra un semplice vegetale. Non esiste cibo, non esistono animali, tutto è stato completamente raso al suolo. E dunque come vivere in un inferno tale?Ma soprattutto, mi sono chiesta, come fanno degli adolescenti a prendere il comando, tra l’altro forzato, in una giungla simile? Ovviamente, nonostante le difficoltà, le mancanze, le morti e i cadaveri che pullulano le strade ed infestano i sogni e gli incubi di quei pochi sopravvissuti, i ragazzini, unico baluardo di una speranza andata in frantumi, non si coalizzano tutti, per combattere la crisi, ma anzi, come nelle migliori tradizioni opportunistiche e di avversione, molti di essi si uniscono in gruppi differenti, opponendosi l’uno contro l’altro.(...)CONTINUA A LEGGERE SUL BLOG L'AMICA DEI LIBRI DI ANTONIETTA MIRRA

  • Alysa H.
    2018-09-20 20:40

    If you liked Books 1 & 2, you will like this final installment. It's the same recipe of pop-culture, snark, action, urban decay, politics, and drama. I enjoyed seeing these characters again, including some new POV's (during Rab's, I was like PLEASE CHRIS WEITZ PLEASE WRITE A WHOLE BOOK IN THIS CHARACTER VOICE!!! Rab for Young James Bond!!), and I liked that the whole thing took place back in post-apocalypse NYC, after the middle book's partial jaunt to England.Definitely a page-turner, but I found the ending weirdly abrupt. Felt like there were a few pages of wrap-up missing. But then, these crazy teens really wouldn't bother with that, would they?

  • Eden
    2018-09-17 02:45

    This is supposed to be the final book in The Young World series. I can't really say that these books are my favorites, or even in my top 10 or anything, but they really weren't bad. The final book wrapped things up pretty well, though Weitz could probably write another one about the rebuilding of New York City. This series is set in a post apocalyptic world, so there was action like crazy. There was some romance, though not a lot. Weitz is not afraid to kill of characters, so people die throughout the series and throughout this book that made me tear up a little bit. Overall I give it 2/5 stars. The character building was not fabulous, though the world building was pretty good. I did not like the way the book was like a script at most times. It just about drove me insane. It was really sacrilegious a lot of the time too. Personally, I have a problem with that. It was straight up offensive. I also would have liked an epilogue to fully finish the story. I wanted to know what future New York City would be like. Just a glimpse would have been great. I suppose I wanted a "happily ever after" of sorts. I would not go out of my way to recommend this series. If someone asked me, I would tell them not to read it, butat the same time, it wasn't the worst book I've ever read. So if you like this genre, and you like apocalypse-y things, just go ahead and test the water with these books. If you're religious, hate the degradation of women (only in some parts of the book and not with main characters), hate badly written books, etc... STAY AWAY.

  • Tyler
    2018-09-17 02:45

    Its not bad but I wouldn't call it good either. Just a very quick paced and a fun, if empty, read.

  • B220
    2018-09-15 20:40

    The third book in The Young World trilogy, The Revival wraps up Donna and Jefferson's effort to save the world as they know it is a spectacularly action packed and bloody way. I will keep the details to a minimum since this is the third book in the series and I don't want to spoil anything from earlier!But, told from multiple perspectives (add Peter, Evan Rab, Imani, and Brainbox to Donna and Jefferson's points of view), Weitz does a great job creating and developing characters and building voice. These different perspectives will keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat. There's a mix of humor, passion, anger, hope, and fear in each character. Which side will come out on top?(This would be a great teaching tool for young writers who are trying to develop their voice!)Fans of any of the recent dystopian/post-apocalyptic hits such as Marie Lu's Legend trilogy or Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy will eat The Young World trilogy up! I finished The Revival in less than 2 days!

  • Sharon
    2018-08-27 20:38

    The Revival was one of my most anticipated conclusions to a YA Dystopian trilogy this year, yet it ended up being that which disappointed me the most. The spark is gone, leaving readers with tired plot lines, reworked and rehashed from the previous books. The way that the survivors banded together to further their goals is largely absent; instead, there is only suspicion, abuse, and a wholly implausible story.For a book that is well under three hundred pages, The Revival drags and is difficult to finish. The only thing that I can be glad about is that the series has concluded and author Chris Weitz can move on to future endeavors. I do like his writing style and his ability to craft complete characters, balanced with a good story, so I look forward to that which he may write in the future.

  • L.M. Justus
    2018-09-21 01:39

    DNF at page 104.The things that bothered me about the first two books are bugging me even more in this one. My time is too precious to keep reading a book I'm not enjoying. If you weren't bothered by anything in the first two books, I'm sure you'll like this one too.

  • Erin Irvin
    2018-09-17 20:30

    Chris Weitz totally got my attention with his debut. I was curious about what his writing would be like because you can be a great storyteller (see his directing career) without being a very good writer. But he's fabulous. The writing is smart, snappy, philosophical, thought-provoking, at times even beautiful. The characters are well-developed with distinct but cohesive voices. The Young World trilogy is a dystopian feast for the mind's eye. I truly enjoyed exploring this desolate, depraved, violent world.

  • Art
    2018-09-04 23:22

    The final installment of The Young World Trilogy ties things up nicely.In book one, teens are suffering from a disease that kills them as they finish their teen-aged years. But everyone older has already died of the disease.So factions form, neighborhoods are armed and New York is the post-Apocalyptic territory inhabited by the teens. And everyone is hoping for a cure.Book three may not have the impact of the first book, but it does a good job of bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion.

  • Lara
    2018-09-24 00:30

    It felt super-rushed, and while there was closure in that the threat of utter destruction was averted, the question of what will happen to the teens in New York (and the entirety of the Americas) was never really explicitly answered. I'm assuming that Mr. Weitz got too distracted by his new gig as one of the "Rogue One" writers to pay more than basic attention to properly finishing this story.

  • Brittany Bostic
    2018-09-11 23:24

    The ending to a great series! I loved every word. Seeing things from the point of view of a bad intriguing and really makes me think about values. This is one of my favorite series ever! I think I'll read them over again soon!

  • Lydia
    2018-09-18 18:37

    As much as I enjoyed the second in this series, the conclusion did not feel as satisfying to me.Everything made sense - there was logic and the sequence of events were logical. I simply was not as entranced as I had been during the first two.Regardless, I do recommend the series.

  • Katlynmae Chatfield
    2018-09-20 18:23

    This book was alright. I was so happy that Donna found Jeff again. I also did like the ending. It's always good when you can have a happy ending. This book like all the others was just written so strange though. It was kind of cool but confusing at times and that's why I gave it 4 stars.