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The Potential for Unlimited Power is Revealed... In a world where magical abilities are utilized through the Nexi Stones, there is one stone that stands high above the rest, shrouded in myth and mystery-the Elpis. Broken into four fragments centuries in the past, the Elpis waits to be pieced back together, and to grant its user godlike powers that could reshape the world fThe Potential for Unlimited Power is Revealed... In a world where magical abilities are utilized through the Nexi Stones, there is one stone that stands high above the rest, shrouded in myth and mystery-the Elpis. Broken into four fragments centuries in the past, the Elpis waits to be pieced back together, and to grant its user godlike powers that could reshape the world forever. Raised in a quiet town, Terico but life ambitions change dramatically, however, when his village is attacked and everything he holds dear is taken away from him. Delkol, leader of the feared Brotherhood and ruler of the aggressive Shire Kingdom, seeks the pieces of the Elpis, and is willing to burn Terico's village to the ground in order to find one. When the terror has passed and Terico stands at the greatest crossroads in his life, there is only one thing on his mind-one goal that encompasses his very existence. Revenge....

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Elpis Reviews

  • TS Chan
    2018-09-19 06:39

    This was part of the advertising blurb of this book on Amazon:"It is true that we can’t read as much we’d love to. But we all love to do some light reading from time to time. A book that suits our convenience should at least meet criteria like this: • Should have an interesting plot, but simple enough to read through without trouble. • Should have some humor; doesn’t have to be a comedy, but a few light moments make a good reading. • It shouldn’t be too long; 300 – 400 pages are okay; working life doesn’t give us that much time anyways. "Well I can't really disagree with all three points above. The plot was fairly interesting albeit straightforward. The magic system was not overly complicated although I find the usage of which during action/fight scenes a tad cumbersome. And there are a lot of action scenes in this book! For the first time in the past few years of heavy fantasy reads, I was able to almost speed-read through this one (whenever I can pick it up) as it really was that simple to read. While that in itself is not a bad thing, in the end it just did not have enough 'wow' factor to garner more than a 3-star rating, i.e. I liked it. The road toward vengeance is a bloody one, and often connects to many other bloody roads.What I liked about this book was that even in its simplicity, it dwelt adequately on the consequences of taking vengeance - emphasizing how revenge is never the best course of action to take, no matter how justified one felt his actions might be. Because of this, I actually liked the secondary characters, who were more interesting, than the main protagonist who just kept promising himself to kill the one who took it all away from him (that actually got tired for me after a while). Nonetheless, if you're feeling the need for a simple fantasy read, this is a decent choice.

  • Jesse Parks
    2018-08-29 04:30

    Now, if you look through my bookshelves and stacks of books, you will see that I am not really the kind of person who reads fantasy a lot. This isn’t because I don’t like the fantasy genre, but mostly because I just have to be in the mood to read it and I’m just not in that mood a lot.At the beginning of July author Aaron McGowan, who I had been following on instagram announced that he was giving away his book “Elpis” on Amazon for as a free digital download from July 1st- July 5th. I decided why not download it. I am always looking for new books, but also really like getting books by indie authors. Now when I first realized it was a fantasy book, I was a bit hesitant about starting it, but decided I was somewhat in the mood for a fantasy, because I have been reading so much contemporary young adult novels recently. Honestly, I am so glad that I took this jump!“Elpis” tells the story of a young man (boy) teenager named Terico. Terico goes on a mission of revenge against Delkol, leader of the feared brotherhood and ruler of the Shire Kingdom who is seeking the Elpis Stone so he can have the power of a god. Along the way, Terico ends up meeting companions that help him through his journey and into the final battle.Reading “Elpis” I couldn’t help but feel like I was reading a “Final Fantasy” “Lord of the Ring” mixture and I really enjoyed that. McGowan wrote the perfect amount of action with the battle scenes, but also story lines in which we get to know the characters better. I think one thing that really made “Elpis” so interesting is that each of the major characters had an internal that they had to deal with at some point throughout the story or through the whole thing. By the end of the story all these internal struggles for the most part have been cleared up, but there are a few that aren’t, but I am hoping that they are cleared up in the sequel “Haders”. Despite not all the internal struggles are cleared up by the end, you do see character development from all the main characters, especially in Terico’s party.I am giving “Elpis” by Aaron McGowan 5/5 stars. “Elpis” despite being a fantasy novel, was able to grab my attention from the start and kept me engaged through the hole story. If I didn’t have school and work keeping me busy in my life currently, “Elpis” would have been a book I would have read in one sitting. That is how much I enjoyed “Elpis” and enjoyed Aaron McGowan’s writing and I can’t wait to start “Haders” by him sometime in the next couple of months.

  • Paul
    2018-09-10 04:35

    This is a fantasy story about a young man who has lost everything in his life. It's also about the lengths to which he will go to exact revenge.Terico is your average young man, living with his parents in the village of Edellerston. Suddenly, the village is under attack by warriors of the Shire Brotherhood, the sort of people who seem to enjoy killing. Everyone in the village is murdered, including Terico's parents. Terico's best friend, Turan, is taken prisoner by the Brotherhood, and Suran, Terico's girlfriend, is missing. After Terico single-handedly buries everyone in the village, he meets Jujor, who is a lot more than just the town drunk.Jujor tells Terico that Delkol Shire, the leader of the Brotherhood, and the man who killed his parents, is looking for pieces of the Elpis stone. It's a stone of immeasurable power. A millennia ago, it was broken into four pieces, specifically to keep any one person from having that much power. Jujor leads Terico to one of the pieces, in an underground city under Edellerston. Terico gathers a rather interesting group of people around him in his quest for the rest of the stone. Areo is a teenage vampire, Borely is a ship's captain without a ship and Kitoh, a young boy, is able to turn into a giant dragon. Terico acquires another piece of the stone, and is informed that Delkol Shire has the other two pieces.By the thousands, Brotherhood forces mass for an attack on Setar, the capital of the Fiefs Kingdom (the good guys). Shire says that he just wants the rest of the Elpis stone, and will not attack Setar. Even if he gets it, everyone knows that Setar will be wiped off the map. Terico is the only one, with his half of the stone, with any chance of stopping Delkol Shire. Is he successful? What happened to Turan and Suran?This is an excellent piece of storytelling. It has plenty of action (maybe a little too much action), it also has heart, and intelligence, and some first-rate writing. (And the author is only 23 years old!) First of a series, this one deserves a much wider exposure.

  • Jay Douglass
    2018-09-08 02:37

    I just had the pleasure and honor of being selected to record the Elpis as an audiobook, by it's author, Mr. McGowan.While graphic novels, normally aren't my genre, I became riveted with the compelling story. The book is extremely well written using vivid and descriptive imagery. There is plenty of action but not over the top, as well as some poignant moments.You will find yourself becoming vicariously involved with several of the characters,especially Terico.

  • Sophie
    2018-09-07 02:32

    Elpis by Aaron McGowan is an intense, fast paced, action packed novel. It is cleverly written by the Australian author and once you start reading you won't want to stop. The story follows a young man, Terico, and his thirst for revenge once his village is attacked. He finds loyal companions along the way, who will fight with him until the end, but alas, as with any story, not everyone will make it that far. No one will survive unscathed and every reader will struggle with emotional turmoil as Terico keeps staggering on his path. Even still, there is always a light shining in the darkness, and for Terico, his light comes from the hope of finding his best friend, Turan, and the love of his life, Suran. If he can find them, maybe he can start a new life in a new village and create a new family.The book was written in such an intriguing way, because most characters you read about are completely selfless and heroic. The story is about Terico, who experiences a great loss and ventures on his journey for revenge. The fact that he goes out seeking to kill almost make the character seem more human, because not only was he thinking about others he was thinking about himself. He tried to protect his friends and he tried to protect everyone he met because he felt it was his duty and he raised his bar incredibly high, heaving a massive weight on shoulders.The idea of this novel is so alluring because the concepts are unheard of. I have never read a book like it and it is extremely interesting. There are familiar and unfamiliar creatures in this book which added a sense of familiarity and mystery. Also, the use of the nexi stones really fascinated me because it was such a well written idea that I had never heard of before which made this story a real page turner for me.The characters in this book are all different in both their personalities and species which makes each individual character as interesting as the next. It’s hard to pick a favourite character because they are all great to read about, with either epic backstories or unbelievable talents. The characters, while fictional, still felt real and it was easy to keep turning the page to learn more about them. What was even more gripping and fantastic was it wasn’t only the good guys that I could relate too, I was also able to sympathise with the bad guy - Delkol. The plot in the novel kept me engaged and I couldn’t wait to read more. I would give this story a 5/5 because there is really absolutely nothing to fault about this fantasy. If you’re interested in the fantasy genre then this is a must read for you. Even if you aren’t into the fantasy genre, this book is still for you.

  • Angelo
    2018-09-15 03:40

    How am I going to start this? Ok, I could say I liked the book. I enjoyed it. The story was about revenge. I enjoyed the adventure of Terico in this book. From the destruction of his city until the end of his story. It was finding the Elpis and the 'gathering' of his comrades I enjoyed the most. I also liked the action, using the Nexis and fighting the monsters stuffs like that. It was also beautifully written, the narration was awesome.I loved all the characters. From Terico to Delkol. They all have their own stories and pasts. That's what's really important in character development 'cause if they have different stories, past and identity readers would love them. My favorite character was Areo, she was a vampire and she's really a tough girl and fighter. She was just a 'wow'These set of characters reminds me of the Anime Fairy Tail 'cause all the charaters there also have their own past and stories that gave them the motivation to fight for their life. I think the characters especially Terico, Jujor, Areo, Kitoh and Borely lacked in what you called 'bond'. I would have love to see more of their friendship to strengthen their bond because the camaraderie in these kind of characters for me was really really important. It will also add the color of the book.The STORY/PLOT. Having a book about revenge is a good and bad thing for me. Yes, I love the books about revenge but I have read numerous books about revenge so I'm a little bit tired about 'revenge' booksAll in all, I enjoyed this book. Loved the adventure and the characters. Kudos, Mr. Aaron Mcgowan

  • Brittany
    2018-09-02 02:32

    Just FANTASTIC! I loved everything about this book...I didn't even mind the sad parts of the ending or the fact that I was left kind of hanging! I can't wait for more and I seriously hope there is a part 2. This book is nothing but non stop action and adventure from page 1. There's some really great symbolism and life lessons as well. It's appropriate for all ages for sure...maybe a little violent but still. McGowan is incredibly inventive and descriptive. I was able to really envision the battle scenes without getting too bogged down in the details. There were several twists and turns that I just didn't see coming and a rather shocking ending. My heart was so heavy for Terico...he has been through so much more than any 16 year old should. He has had so much responsibility and pressure placed upon him. I honestly have no idea how he didn't succumb to it all. McGowan explores so many life trials and emotions...loss, death, failure, revenge, doubt, fear....just so many. I was truly impressed with the way he approaches so many topics and how he is able to pose so many life questions. It really makes you think about what you would do if placed in a certain character's shoes. How far would you be willing to go to avenge the death of your family? Your friends? Is it worth it? All very valid questions...and if the time came for you to do something about it, could you? Phenomenal book...excellent writing...ahhhhhhmazing plot and action. Many thumbs up and bravo. Now where's the next book at??!!

  • Roz Balidio
    2018-08-28 02:53

    The story's told in a clear manner and picturing the scenes are made easy by the author's style. The pace of the story is average, fast and breathless at times (specially at fight scenes) but also slow and dramatic.The twists and turns, although predictable, are still surprising. It seems that the story will never run out of action (actually, it never did).You can see the development of the characters as the quest goes on.This book is like a movie put into words.CONS:The editing.A word being said by only one character (or perhaps some who came from the same place) can be justified as a trait or distinction. But it being said by many, if not all, is anti-climatic. It may just slip out as a necessary word in a sentence but how and where it is placed gives a feeling that it's the author talking and not the characters. Although a story's just a product of an author's thinking, they're still 2 different matters. Unless of course it's an autobiography.Names of the characters are said repetitively instead of just using pronouns. Some words were misspelled.My previous statement still stands: this will make a great movie.

  • Xenya Ravenskaya
    2018-09-22 23:56

    I had possibility to dowload this book for free. Thank you Amazon and Aaron!My rate - 4.5 from 5 stars.Even if I am not a fantasy lover. I gave this a book a try and it's almost (except two things) per-fect! Mister Aaron invites their readers in the world their are humans, elfs, eignis and vampires. But also are some creaturies that can't be explained from there they came. The main character is a boy Terico with a really unpleasent surprise waiting him in near feature. Despite all the bad things that are in the path of an extradionary and dangerous journey, the main character managed to be a really good boy with a pure heart. Also through the pages we can see how character is developing, becoming more stronger and wiser (ok, sometimes). What I a little bit didn't liked is the end, I wanted a more darker than it was. And Jujor. Ma-a-an, why in such way?I recommend this book for those who likes fantazy, advanture, battles, blood, a really good characters and humor.

  • Brendan
    2018-09-25 02:44

    This book had one of my favorite magic systems in a long time! I really enjoyed the use of the Nexi stones and their various abilities. This book balanced the action with the slower scenes extremely well. The book kind of jumped around a bit in the plot during the middle sections, but by the close, the loose ends tied together. This book was great at pulling my emotions in 50 million directions. (view spoiler)[Especially when Suran was stabbed, and then was healed by the Elpis, but then turned out to be poisoned. I gasped, and then breathed a sigh of relief before gasping again... It was that kind of book (hide spoiler)] Needless to say, Elpis was an extremely engaging fantasy novel that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. If you are looking for an action-packed, emotional, magical type of story, then definitely check out this book.

  • L P
    2018-09-01 05:39

    Action-packed and very enticing book!Elpis tells the story of Terico, who witnesses the vicious murder of his parents and the destruction of his village. He decides to leave and sets out to discover the fragments of the Elpis stone, which will enable him to avenge his parents' and firends' deaths, and rescue his best friend Turan.I really enjoyed reading the adventures of Terico and his friends, and I had trouble putting the book down when i had to.The writing style is fluid, but what I preferred was the complex and yet perfectly accessible world-building. The different kinds of protagonists create a colourful and interesting world, and the author manages excellent balance between action, world description and character introspection.I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining, fast-paced adventure!

  • Book
    2018-09-21 05:54

    Finally, a fantasy book about revenge that doesn’t cop out trying to be politically correct. This book is dark…and I love it!When I first started reading this, I planned on setting it down after the first chapter or two. But before I knew it, a couple hours passed and I was already a quarter of the way done with it.What to say about the Elpis, the story kept moving and didn’t have hundreds of pages of useless fluff that so many other books seem so fond of. I understand what the author was doing and he pulled it off very well.Great book and I will be keeping an eye out for the next books in the series.Highly recommended!

  • Cassie Parker
    2018-08-28 05:46

    I read the kindle edition of this in a few hours after I finished a contemporary read. It was entertaining and interesting. It kept me reading through one sitting. The characters were compelling. The plot was easy enough to follow.It was really easy to get into and kept me on my toes. Overall it was a great read.

  • Kayla
    2018-09-17 02:44

    I may be a little bias because I know the dude who wrote this but I fucking loved it. I fell in love with characters, hated others and was extremely excited throughout their entire journey. I literally yelled when certain deaths occurred and my heart was warmed by Terico and Suran's relationship. The ending has left me craving more and I hope, more than anything, that more is to come.

  • KayteReads
    2018-09-07 05:29

    This helped me get out of a huge reading slump I was in! It kept me sucked in and entertained the whole time I was reading it!

  • Joshua Ennor
    2018-09-10 03:43

    Turned the last page less than 30 minutes ago. Only so many books can leave you feeling like your best friend has just died. More please.

  • AVBooklovers
    2018-09-01 02:53

    It was interesting. Different from what I'm used to reading. There were a few action-packed scenes that I truly enjoyed.

  • Louisse (louisseandbooks)
    2018-09-20 04:44

    THIS REVIEW IS ALSO POSTED IN MY BLOG. SERENE AUGUST READS"It was pain that brought me to this point. This is my driving force... This is what I have become. I am agony." **4 NEXI STARS**Like what they said, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." A heart wrenching and fast-paced adventure fantasy book which fulfilled its promise of "no dull moments." It's a book with strong characters, significant life lessons and action-packed story line :) This book has been on my kindle for a long time and I can't finish it due to annoying school works. I'm glad I did now and it was really good. I got this as a free download on Amazon Kindle (Jan. 19th-23rd promo) and I’m really thankful for this opportunity because I like supporting independent authors’ works too. PLOT & CHARACTERS: Elpis is an epic tale of adventure, magic and revenge about a young boy named Terico who venture out to seek revenge against Delkol, the ruler of the Shire Kingdom, who slaughtered everyone in his village in search for the powerful Elpis stone fragments. Once acquired, The Elpis stone can give anyone the power of a god and this is the reason why it was split into 4 fragments and buried deep in the earth. Terico knew that acquiring this powerful stone will help him defeat Delkol but every power has its price. Along the way, he met loyal companions who fought with him side by side and some sacrificed their life. All of them knew that this battle they are waging, can even cost their lives.What I like about this book is that it has depth. It's so eventful and plot wise. In every chapter, everything was significant and each chapter was engrossing and satisfying. It left me at the edge of my seat from the beginning 'til the end and I ached for the characters.I have seen variety of revenge books but this one was one of the most sensible stories mainly because even if Terico's driving force was his thirst for revenge, Terico still found a way to value and care for others more than himself and his mission. STYLE OF WRITING: Even the book is fast paced, Aaron McGowan made sure that he still attend the details he needed to elaborate without being boring and draggy. His style of writing was engaging and I think Even the book is fast paced, Aaron McGowan made sure that he still attend to every important details the reader must know in order to grasp the full story. He carefully explained the things he that is really important when writing a book. You have to make the reader feel that they are part of the world you are building and not just mere watchers. And Aaron McGowan has done that on this book. The whole time, I felt like I was travelling and fighting side by side with Terico and his friends. It made me wish that I have my own Nexi stone too! He made the characters interesting and relatable and the dialogues were good. He has craft the characters well that I even felt sympathetic with them even Delkol. All in all, this book is highly recommended even you're not a fan of fantasy. The story will surely take you to different places and introduced you to many different aspects of human character and values in the face of the characters. This is more than a revenge book. This is a story of bravery and finding hope amidst the impossibility that lies with all of them including Delkol. ahead. This is the story that shows us that very big decision we take has a price to pay. After all, he who wears the crown must bear its weight.

  • Melka Stansah
    2018-09-17 00:45

    This book is highly entertaining and captivating! There was good mixture of characters with different races, backgrounds and personalities. It was hard for me to pick a favorite character because each of them had a personality I liked and disliked. The elements of the plot were about revenge, friendship and love – and each element integrated beautifully with the right amount of balance. The author was highly imaginative and descriptive in writing his characters, the events and setting. It was amazing! However, in few events such as the battle scenes, I found it a bit hard to depict the description and portray the imagination in my head. Having said that, after re-reading the particular scenes two or three times, I managed to get the whole picture. Following the author’s profile, I am aware of the idea to transform this book to a graphic novel and I think that is fabulous! While entertaining and captivating in its written form, this book will definitely be even more entertaining and captivating in its visual form.

  • Stephen Marquez
    2018-09-17 01:45

    As fantasy novels tend to go this one was different from much of what I have read in the past. I liked how it started out in humble beginnings and developed throughout. A good collection of beings of various types with good development as the story unfolded. Give this one a read.

  • Richard Harrison
    2018-09-27 06:41

    Got this book for free and was prepared to find it average. Instead I really enjoyed it. I could easily see this being a Final Fantasy style video game or anime and I was really drawn in to the final battle. Can definitely recommend this.