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From USA TODAY bestselling author Chantal Fernando comes the latest in her steamy Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series featuring biker bad boys and the strong women who love them.Vinnie was once the youngest prospect at the infamous Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club but finally, he’s going to be initiated as a full-fledged member! But when Vinnie (now known as Wolf) puts on thatFrom USA TODAY bestselling author Chantal Fernando comes the latest in her steamy Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series featuring biker bad boys and the strong women who love them.Vinnie was once the youngest prospect at the infamous Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club but finally, he’s going to be initiated as a full-fledged member! But when Vinnie (now known as Wolf) puts on that WDMC leather for the first time, little does he know what he’s in for. The Wind Dragons have made enemies, and being a member means being on the front lines…...

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Wolf's Mate Reviews

  • Maddie
    2018-09-10 08:12

    According to me the 1st few Chapters of a book is THE BOOKS reflection - SO it must capture my attention from page 1!My review! Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club!“Dragon’s Lair proves badass chicks can tame even the wildest of men….."Chapter 1Terrible Tommy one of my brothers needs me, I’ll be there, day or night, drunk or sober. Even if I’m drunk. And it’s late at night, I’m not going to complain.That’s what the Wind Dragons are all about - A brotherhood based on loyalty and acceptance. We aren’t saints, but the intention is there. We do what we have to, to protect our own!“Family is not always about blood; you already know this” Vinnie nod. If I know anything in life to be true, it’s that family is about loyalty, not blood. (SOLD) Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures :Vinnie – Loyal mc member with a quick temper and the club’s lone wolfShayla – aka Shay (known as fucking gorgeous, has attitude problemsChapter Development Shayla is the daughter of some accountant – adopted – and Vinnie is appointed to protect Shay as there are men after her planning to use her against her father. Shay her father’s weakness.Vinnie is always there to help his brothers which are the only true family he has.Vinnie – I scrub my hand down my face and count to ten in my head. I have no fuckin’ idea how this girl is still alive. If I’m going to charge of protecting her, I’m going to change things around here.I look at the ceiling, my jaw tighter that it’s ever been. Wishing Talon had asked me to torture someone for him instead, I move to stand in front of her, blocking the TV from her view. “Hey,” she (Shay) growls, looking up at me. “I’m here to make sure you’re not fucking kidnapped, raped or tortured,” VinnieRelationship developmentWe All Fall Down are fighting the attraction, but hmmm this is a MC book, how long can this two really ignore the attraction? ohn The Revelator → I lovedNovel opening quote →They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. - Edgar Allan Poe Epilogue! → I am not going to do a lengthy review on this book as the reviews on GR states it all – I read some and yeah they are awesome! LOL Or must I say a longer review?This Life to the following type of readers: →Over 18 etc. Will I read it again?→OH YES My feelings while reading this: → To the Author Excellent, amazing – what can I say more – YES WRITE A NEW BOOK PLEASE!ARC Received via GR AUTHOR for honest opinion Time to put on my reading glassesA BIG Thank you to the author! :D

  • Sabrina
    2018-08-30 08:09

    It's LIVE!!!*Amazon*Barnes & Noble*Vinnie doesn't want to babysit a spoiler princess under the protection of the Wild Men MC. But he owes Talon a marker that just got called in, so he'll suck it up for a week and watch over Shay to make sure those after her don't succeed in finding her. When he meets her he automatically hates her for having money and the life he never got a chance to have. But stuck with her in a house for seven days makes him open his eyes to the real Shay...and he likes what he sees.When I first started this I had a completely different opinion about Shay. I thought she was going to turn out to be some spoiled brat that I wouldn't be able to stand. But of course Chantal Fernando wouldn't deliver us an annoying as shit heroine. once we got to know her more, Shay surprised me and I ended up really liking her. Vinnie was very family oriented, and the Wind Dragon's were the only family he's ever had. It was great to see how close he was with every member, and how he would do anything for them. And once he accepted Shay as his family, he would do anything for her too. I loved that about him, that he was so involved with his family.Overall, I loved getting his story and seeing how Vinnie could be much more than just the prospect that did everyone's bidding. He and Shay had a great chemistry that was fun to read about, and also added the sexiness factor to this story. Definitely a recommend from me. Random comment: I thought for a book with he Heroes road name in the title, he would be called "Wolf" more than just once. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • XxTainaxX
    2018-09-01 06:26

    3.5 Stars. Vinnie finds his mate in Shayla when making good on a marker for a rival MC. He's protecting Shayla from a mostly unknown threat. Their initial interactions were full of animosity, frustration, and a whole lot of sensual tension. As they get to know one another, they discover a connection that won't be denied. Their relationship moves very fast once they decide to be together. Fast enough, that they don't really iron out what they expect from each other until they are on the other side. They find their way together after some bumps, even though the main plot is left largely unresolved. If you haven't been reading this in order as a series, you may find this difficult to follow. It's not impossible, but not ideal. The writing is done well. The characters unique and consistent. I have mixed feelings about the ending. While I understood and even respect it for being different or unconventional, I admit to feeling disappointed as well. Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing. H's club owns a strip bar. He goes to conduct business there. The girls hug and proposition him but he does not accept. No rape/abuse. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jen
    2018-09-15 07:19

    4 Kinda Badass StarsVinnie grew up without a family, coming of age in the foster care system. After a rough childhood, he finally found his place as a member of the Wind Dragons MC. When a member of a rival yet somewhat friendly (?) MC calls in a marker and asks Vinnie to keep his cousin safe, Vinnie's warned to expect a week with an entitled princess.After her father got sent to prison for some Mafia related book cooking, Shayla found herself on the run and living on the down low. Vinnie's only supposed to be the one to keep her safe for a week, but sparks fly and before you can say "she's mine" Vinnie's claimed his not so spoiled lady.When you find something good, you fight to keep it. Even if it means fighting dirty. You look after it. You cherish it. And you don’t let anyone fuck with it.This is my first book read from this series and I had no trouble following along, for the most part. My favorite aspect of Wolf's Mate and the reason this bad boy's getting four stars? Vinnie and Shay. Yes, there was some insta love, but I'm giving it a pass because it was fun insta love. Sue me! I liked Shay and Vinnie together and when it comes right down to it, these two folks who didn't even know they needed each other worked for me. I don't read a ton of MC books but when I do, I expect a little edge and a little grit. This book was missing that for me. Yes, stuff happens you've come to expect from your normal MC book, but most of the action remained a little ho hum to me.While not an overwhelmingly awesome read for me, I enjoyed the author's writing enough to overlook some issues. This is my first Chantal Fernando book but it won't be my last.ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Michelle
    2018-09-18 00:09

    Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewChantal Fernando revs up her readers to another sexy, dangerous and highly intoxicating MC romance in her latest installment to the Wind Dragon Series. If you haven’t been following this series, shame on you because you are truly missing out on reading one gritty and fantastic MC series. “I glance down at it and see a picture of a stunning Asian girl with long black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. She is a petite little thing, with perfectly shaped lips that catch my attention.”Wolf’s Mate can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you to read the first four books of the series because trust me when I tell you that you will want to meet the men of Wind Dragons MC. Vinnie was once a prospect for Wind Dragon Motorcycle Club and now he is a full-pledged member. The Wind Dragon has and will always be Vinnie’s family. He lives and breathes for the club and his brothers. So when Talon, President of Wild Men ask Vinnie for a favor, Vinnie is forced to baby-sit Talon’s baby cousin for seven days. The job should be a simple seven day babysitting job but Vinnie never expected to find himself wanting to spend more than seven days with Shayla.Shayla is in need of protection while her father is locked away in a federal prison for embezzlement. When Shayla’s father makes a plea bargain with the federals in exchange for information on the fixed accounting of the mafia, Shayla becomes the number one target. The mafia assumes that Shayla has the information on regards on the ledger that will tie the mafia to criminal money activities and so Talon has to ask Vinnie and Sin, the president of Wind Dragons MC for a favor. So when Vinnie shows up, Shayla can’t help but be attracted to her new bodyguard. “Shay just came into my life. I don’t know where it will lead , if anywhere, but I know that my gut is telling me to protect her, that she’s mine. And I always go with my gut instinct. She’s worth taking a chance on.”Vinnie is well aware that he should not mix business with pleasure since she is Talon’s cousin but Vinnie couldn’t help himself. Shayla was everything that he didn’t expect. She was sexy as hell but totally down to earth. He loved that Shayla can stand on her own and could handle his brooding personality. As Shayla and Vinnie danced around their sexual attraction to one another, it was only a matter time till they crossed that invisible line. Once the lines were crossed, it was inevitable for Vinnie to not fall for Shayla.Their chemistry and connection was tangible, palpable and intense. It was raw primal love. And for the first time in his life, Vinnie found himself wanting Shayla and only her. She became his home. His heart. His everything. So what happens when the imminent danger that threatens Shayla’s comes full throttle? Will Vinnie be able to protect his mate? Or will he find himself wishing he never crossed that line with Shayla?“She pushes her body into mine, rubbing herself against my throbbing cock. The world closes in on us as I finally get a proper taste of what I want, a forbidden taste, which makes it all that sexier.”Wolf’s Mate is sexy symphony of chicanery, passion, suspense, and raw primal love. Chantal Fernando takes a bite into reader’s heart as she perfectly weaves steam, grit, danger, and an unlikely love story between two strangers. With Fernando’s signature of mixing erotic undertones and biker romance, she creates a story that holds you hostage. Readers will be immersed in the dangerous lives of these bikers and the strong brotherhood that they live by. And most importantly, readers will understand the gravity and depth of a biker’s love for his woman. What I especially love about Wolf’s Mate is that Fernando delivers a story that has an Asian heroine, which is very rare in books. You would think in this day and age, there will be more books with characters that are of different cultural backgrounds but sadly that is not the case. So I want to take this opportunity to applaud Fernando for taking a chance with her characters. So with that being said, if you are looking for a romance that is electric, raw, primal, and consuming then I highly recommend you to take a bite into this MC Romance. Trust me when I tell you Chantal Fernando will have you howling for more Vinnie and the men of Wind Dragons. Chantal Fernando

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2018-09-16 04:08

    4 Mate Me StarsWolf’s Mate is a standalone but is part of the Wind Dragon series. I haven’t read a Chantal Fernando book in ages. I forget how much I love her MC stories. There’s something about them that just gets me hooked from page one. They are pretty easy to read and the storyline is very engaging.Vinnie is now a member of the club and his assignment is to baby-sit. For seven days he has to watch out for Shayla. I love the storyline! You know fun times are going to happen during those seven days.Shayla isn’t your typical Heroine, she’s short and Vietnamese, I kind of want to type cast myself because well I’m short and Vietnamese, so you know I was very happy with her. She’s also very laid back and she listens to her Daddy. Her Daddy is in trouble and because of that, she’s in trouble. She’s been hiding out for the past couple months so when she sees her new guard Vinnie, she could care less.Vinnie doesn’t want to babysit, but if the club asks him to jump, he must do it. He thinks Shayla is a bratty princess and won’t put up with it. He’s pretty tough on her at first and I wanted to scream at him to give her a chance. But he wouldn’t be the hardcore biker Hero if he wasn’t that way.Vinnie and Shayla have a cute relationship when they try to get to know each other and just make the best of the situation. To my surprise, Wolf’s Mate has little angst and I liked that a lot. As you get more in the thick of the book the MC politics start to arise and you get deeper into who is after Shayla and what threats the MC will face. I love MC books, there’s something about these reads that take me into another place and journey and that’s the prime reason why I read. I really enjoyed this one and it won’t be my last Chantal Fernando book. An ARC was provided AMAZON

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2018-09-27 02:13

    "Love the man, love the club."That's part of the 'old-lady law' that you must accept if you find yourself in love with a member of the Wind Dragon MC. Being a huge fan of this series, I've watched the badass bikers, one by one, find strong amazing women even when they aren't looking for one. And let me tell you, they are very entertaining when they get together and compare notes. I've had my eye on Vinnie for a while, waiting for him to find the one. But he's been stubborn, determined to remain unattached, swearing that he will never get married or have kids. His Wind Dragon MC brothers and their old ladies are his family and his room at the clubhouse is the only home he'll ever need. All he's ever wanted was to graduate from being a prospect to a full patched member. Now that has happened and he's got all he's ever wanted...right?Vinnie (aka Wolf) knew he would eventually get that phone call, reminding him that he owed a marker. While he's not happy with what he's been asked to do, he's glad to finally get it over with so it's no longer hanging over his head. What could be so hard about babysitting? He's sure that she's a demanding diva, spoiled and used to getting her way. Her previous babysitter couldn't wait to leave when he showed up to take over. But it's only a week, he can handle it.Shayla is Talon's 'Baby Cuz'. She's under his protection, and he takes that responsibility very seriously. He's got his own club business to deal with, so he calls in his marker with Vinnie and sends him to watch over her. When trouble comes calling, he trusts Vinnie to keep her safe. They might not like each other, but they do respect each other. Their clubs are not at war and sometimes work together when necessary.Shayla can't help noticing how sexy her new watchdog is. She tries to ignore the attraction, but she keeps getting caught ogling. It really pisses her off when she realizes that he's already pre-judged her and determined that she's a spoiled shallow rich girl that expects to be treated like a princess. She can't resist baiting him and their witty banter is extremely entertaining.I'm not gonna give away the details that follow, just be prepared for a wild ride knowing that Wolf doesn't want a mate, but he damn sure wants to mate with her (wink-wink). She drives him crazy with her purposely provoking behavior and sexy moves. Will he be able to resister her? He knows that Talon expects him to keep his hands to himself, but "I've never followed any rules, and I'm not going to start now." seems to be his MO. And then there's Ranger...sigh♥ I really really hope the author decides to give him his own book. I know that I'm not the only one lusting over him. Right ladies?

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2018-09-13 06:12

    I'd been wanting to read about Vinnie for a while, especially with the last book teasing the beginning of this book with the situation that was going on… It was interesting because it only starts out as him fulfilling a marker, but it turns into so much more. The way Vinnie and Shayla got together was unconventional but it worked for them. They really got to spend a lot of time together, and they got to know each to her well beyond the perceptions. I really enjoyed getting to know Vinnie, his personal life and what was going on inside his head, as he's always been there in this series but you never got to know too much about him. I think Shayla was just what Vinnie needed to not let his future be tainted by the past. Both of these characters show growth in Wolf’s Mate, and I think that was really important in their story. I really enjoyed this book. It had me flipping the pages and not wanting to put it down. The Wind Dragons MC series captured my attention from the first book and it still has it. I can't get enough. Getting to see the past books characters so much here makes it extra fun, especially to see how they are doing now, and then continue to watch their relationships progress. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series! ~ Leah, 4.5 stars

  • Viollar
    2018-09-08 03:23

    2.5 Stars.Well, am a minority in this book. It didn't blow me away, the beginning was boring AF, i had to skip some pages. It was the same old story for me - if you have read so many MC Romance stories. Nothing original.I probably shouldn't rate it, because i kept skimming and skipping pages but i got to 100% at that's something...right?

  • Holly Baker
    2018-09-21 04:00

    ***DNF***It started off really good, I loved Vinnie and Shay. Once it hit 60% it just seemed liked the whole storyline had already played out and I became so bored. Nothing was happening to add to the story, it dragged, and it was taking me a long time to even get through one page. I also didn't like that Vinnie never went by his road name. Kind of made me feel like he wasn't really part of the family of the club. And don't even get me started on how the timeline of the previous novella does not fit in with the novel at all; it was so confusing! In my opinion, the first book in this series was the strongest of them all.*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

  • Chrissy
    2018-08-31 05:26

    4.5 Stars you’ve been wanting to check out an MC series, this is the series to read! I am in love with all of the men in the Wind Dragon’s MC, and was ecstatic to finally get Vinnie’s book!Vinnie has always been the lone wolf of the MC, hence his road name “Wolf”. He sticks by his brothers, and keeps his word. So when Talon calls in the marker that is owed, Vinnie packs up to spend a week protecting Talon’s cousin Shay. He goes in expecting a spoiled little princess, but is shocked to see everything he thought Shay was, was completely wrong.Shay is in hiding, people are after her, thinking she has information that could bring people down. With her father in prison, and her cousin’s MC in shambles, she is under protection by a different person almost every week, so when Vinnie shows up, she just goes on with her life.Neither of these two knew what to expect out of each other, they are complete opposites, yet are so right for one another. The first few chapters of this book, where they are trying to figure each other out, is angsty, and amazing. I loved the back and forth between them, as well as the way each of them seemed to always be shocked when the other did something they weren’t expecting.The two of them run again when the threat shows up at their doorstep, and Shay is now at the Wind Dragon’s club house. I loved that Vinnie took her there, knowing she’d be safe and he didn’t want to let her be in the care of someone else, but I truly loved how everyone seemed to embrace her, especially the girls. They may be a group of bikers who do some illegal things, but when they bring someone into the family, they look out for them and would do anything for that person. This was proven over and over again in this book. Shay and Faye’s relationship was beautiful to watch. Faye has always had a relationship with all of the woman in the MC, but there is something special about the connection between these two.Not only is this book action packed and full of surprises, but it’s a beautiful romance as well. Watching these two figure each other out, fall in love, and deal with unexpected circumstances, was awesome, and I loved how the two of them seemed to overcome anything that was thrown at them. Watching Vinnie grow and change so much in this book was beautiful, and the last chapter and epilogue?! OMG! I fell in love with him even more!This series is a definite must read, for anyone looking for action packed romance, with big bad alpha guys who are brought to their knees by the woman they love. Definitely pick this series up today, and if you’ve already read it, get your copy of Wolf’s Mate ASAP!I have received this book as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dawn
    2018-09-07 07:27

    I really like this series. This book is Vinnie's and Sharon's. She is in hiding from the mafia after her father has gone to prison and Talon calls in his marker for Vinnie to watch her for a week. What none of them expect is for them to hit it off and Vinnie to be so protective of her. He doesn't like how Talon had been handling he so he take her back to his clubhouse to protect her and she end up getting along with everyone. Things start going from bad to worse and they have to make a plan, the problem is they don't tell Shayla. All alpha male and funny old ladies to help cheer up Shayla, not to mention three puppies. But now it's bad and things start to happen that pull her and Vinnie two different ways and she ends up leaving the clubhouse. No, I haven't told you everything because you have to read it, but it's really great so you won't mind at all, especially if you're an MC fan. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Asia
    2018-09-02 04:21

  • WTF Are You Reading?
    2018-09-24 00:06

    The down and dirty drama, can't get enough characters, and so so sinful sex, that readers can't seem to get enough!The fifth time defiantly proving to be more than the charm. As the best of two MCs come together. With one mission in mind, and this's personal.Wolf's Mate is the story of Vinnie and Shayla. From all appearances, Shayla is a girl who has it all. Designer labels adorn all of her clothes. She's been educated at the finest schools. She lives at the best address. But when her father is taken, amid scandalous accusations of embezzling from underworld kingpins. She is left defenseless and in need of protection.Protection that her cousin, Talon, president of the Wild Men MC knows that only one special Wind Dragon can provide.Vinnie a.k.a. Wolf and the world that he inhabits are as far from that of his pampered charge, as night is from day. But the more that he gets to know her, the more he comes to see that appearances are definitely deceiving. Meaning that just as in his case. There is much more to Shayla than meets the eye, and the two are far more evenly matched than either could have dreamed.Authoress, Chantal Fernando, is one who is always looking to take her stories from better to best. Wolf's Mate being a case of her having done just that. Exploring such topics as orphanhood, foster care, and adoption. This latest addition to the Wind Dragon saga is undoubtedly one for the heart.Oh...and the fact that our leading lady could be facing eminent death.Well...that just puts a time clock on things that makes the lightening fast pace at which this tale moves, all the more necessary.Because this book is at such a far point within the series. It is strongly recommended that you read those that proceed it.The reason for this being that the strong familial bond that has developed within the Wind Dragon organization, is just as much of an integral part of this story as all other aspects of its plot.There is so much that could be said about this book!The best thing being...JUST READ IT!...and be prepared for a ride that your heart and mind will never forget!

  • Laurie
    2018-09-26 04:28

    I’ve enjoyed The Wind Dragons MC Series despite a couple of hiccups here and there. Apart from Wild Ride (which I considered incomplete), each book in the series has been a solid read. It was because of my frustrations with Wild Ride that I delayed reading Wolf’s Mate, despite purchasing it as soon as it was released. Somehow I had an inkling it wasn’t going to work for me and unfortunately my intuition was spot on.For the first half of the story, I found myself begging for some kind of action. Unfortunately, when something did happen, we are told about it instead of shown it. I almost DNF’d at that point, but I soldiered on. I should have gone with my gut instinct. At one point we got a play by play of an everyday freaking burger run that Shay and Rake went on. A. Burger. Run. I kept thinking “What’s next, the dentist, the gas station?”. In the words of the famous Facebook lady, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.At the 80% mark, we hit the manufactured angst motherlode. It was freaking ridiculous seeing as how she didn’t even give Vinnie a chance. The good news is Vinnie does do good grovel.To add to it, throughout the book we are constantly reminded of how freaking great Faye is, to the extent of comparing her to ninjas or superheroes. Don’t get me wrong, I like Faye and have reread her book more than once, but I don’t like the idea of the heroines getting overshadowed by someone else. It’s akin to going out of your way to outshine the bride on her wedding day. Tacky.After all that we get to the ending. Sigh…Shay put herself firmly into TSTL territory, and her reason for holding back info was the dumbest explanation I have ever heard.While I have enjoyed this series overall, with this being the second book I have struggled with and considering each book is $5.99 a pop, I am doubtful I will continue.2 I Like Faye But This Wasn’t Her Book StarsFor this review and more, check out EDGy Reviews

  • Kei • lovelypagesreviews •
    2018-08-30 08:17

    Well, can't say I loved this one, or even liked it. The later Wind Dragons' books seem to be a mix of previously used plot stories and a stream of the same characters with minor differences. I need something fresh from this series, no more kidnappings, no more pregnancies or killings for no reason but just to drive the plot forward and no more lame porn-ish dialogue and situations just to get the character to have sex. I never really connected with Vinnie and Shayla mostly because it was so out of the blue how the two were forced in each other's company and they were kinda boring from the start but half way in the story became the same plot the series has presented many times, characters doing the same stuff, everything just seems pretty pointless. And towards the end, yeah... the book just went back to the same stuff that just because they worked the first time doesn't mean they'll fit in every storyline. It made me miss Dex and Arrow and Tracker.Still, I'll be waiting for the next one because this gang is addictive!

  • Angie
    2018-09-24 07:06

    DNF @ 19%. Rolling my eyes already. I think it's time to call it quits with this series.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2018-08-27 07:22

    First, I loved this book, so what I’m about to say may sound a bit weird. What is up with that blurb? That’s not even remotely a good blurb. Not only isn’t it accurate, but it tells you NOTHING about this book at all. Vinnie isn’t newly initiated into the club in this book, nor does anyone call him Wolf. Wolf is his road name but I think they mention it once, maybe twice throughout the book. This is NOT the blurb on the back of the book, however this is the blurb on Goodreads, Amazon and B&N. Here is the better, on the back of the book blurb:“Vinnie – or Wolf, as he’s known now that he’s no longer a prospect but a full-fledged member of the Wind Dragon’s MC – has always been a man of his word. So when Talon, the leader of a rival MC, cals in a favor, Vinnie must respond, even if his fellow Wind Dragons aren’t too keen on it. Little does Wolf know that the “favor” is babysitting Talon’s cousin Shayla, who’s known to be a spoiled princess whose daddy embezzled his way into the slammer. But when he meets the damsel in distress, she’s far from spoiled – in fact, Shayla’s pretty amazing. But her security is crap, and Talon’s guys don’t know what they’re doing. It’s up to Wolf to take matters into his own hands, and not even his brother in the WDMC can help with this one, Shayla’s all his – if he can keep her alive”See? Much better, although still not great because again, not newly initiated, but I’ll take it. Ok, now where were we? That’s right, how much I loved this book. I actually love this entire series. There’s just something about MC books that I can’t get enough of. The men are alpha, yet they treat their women with such care. I. Love. It.Vinnie has very concrete rules about his life. His brothers come first because they are the only family he’s ever had. When he meets Shayla he’s thrown because he was expecting a spoiled princess and she’s much more laid back and caring than what he was told. She’s been sequestered away in hiding due to her father cooking the books of some of the roughest men in the area and now they are looking for her because they think she has what they need to keep their dirty hands hidden. So of course she’s a bit grumpy being couped up for days on end with shit security. Vinnie quickly learns that his growing attachment to Shayla isn’t something he wants to fight, but embrace. Regardless of what her cousin Talon may think.Shayla had no idea her father was up to his eyeballs in dirty accounting, and is devastated when he went to prison. Now, all she has left is her cousin Talon. She knows she needs his help keeping out of the line of fire and so she does whatever he asks of her, even after he sends in someone from a rival MC to watch over her. Vinnie is unlike any man she’s ever met and the sparks instantly fly between them. Add in all his protective brothers and their women and Shay may have just found the family she didn’t know she was ever missing.The Wind Dragons are a fearsome group for sure. They protect what is theirs from the moment they decide to bring someone into the fold. They may live be a different set of rules than most people, but those rules are what make them so special.The only thing I can say somewhat negatively about Wolf’s Mate was the lack of action. In the past books something generally happened towards the climax of the book and I didn’t feel like this one had that aspect. It seemed like it was leading up to it but it fizzled out without much fanfare.Overall, another wonderful romance from Fernando! I can’t wait for more!I give Wolf’s Mate by Chantal Fernando 4.50 stars!

  • Heather C
    2018-09-13 03:27

    I really enjoy this series and have loved getting to know each of them a little bit more with each book. Rake has always been my favorite but there was always something about Vinnie that kept me interested and I always wanted more of him. I'm so happy we got his story.Vinnie owes a marker to the President of Wild Men MC, a rival club to the Wind Dragons. When this marker is called out, Vinnie is asked to protect a woman that is close to the rival club. As soon as he meets Shayla, he's instantly annoyed with what he considers a babysitting job. He thinks she's a rich spoiled brat. How will he ever survive a week with this torture?Shayla is annoyed that Vinnie is so quick to stereotype her because she's rich but she also can't help starting at him. She's instantly attracted to him but she can't stand the way he keeps taking jabs at her because of her wealth. How will she ever survive a week with this complete jerk who is judging her?I want to start with Shayla. I just absolutely adored her. She is a tiny bundle of fire and sass yet she has a heart of gold. She gives Vinnie a run for his money when he first starts watching over her. She fits in well with the others and just overall belongs with them. Easy transition.I knew I would like Vinnie. Like I said earlier, there has always been something about him that just kept me wanting to know more. He's honest and hard-working. His past has shaped who he is and why he is so loyal to those he calls his family. The club is his life and the special relationships that he has with the Old Ladies is just awesome.Although I typically love really gritty MC books, this series has a great balance of angst along with the sweetness. Vinnie seems to bring a little bit more of the romance in his story with Shayla that just seemed to work perfectly with some of the angst that we get. There's enough action that should keep you satisfied if you are an angst junkie. I think a lot of people will like this balance. Don't worry if you haven't read the other books. It can be read as a standalone. However, the rest of the guys are awesome and I do recommend you reading them just so you get to really know them all.*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

  • Samantha
    2018-09-21 02:15

    4 stars for Vinnie's story! I always forget Vinnie had a road name because I don't even think it was ever used before. I loved the Vinnie that was shown through the previous books so I was thrilled he got his own book. Without a doubt, this is my favorite MC series and I have to thank Chantal Fernando for writing it! Vinnie is an orphan who got thrown around in the system without a happy ending until he became a Wind Dragons prospect. The only family he's ever known is the motorcycle club and he's loyal to each and every member. His loyalty gains him owing a favor to Talon from a rival club that is on shaky ground with the Wind Dragons. His job is to spend a week protecting Shay, Talon's adopted cousin who has some serious threats coming her way for things she didn't do. Vinnie takes the job on and there is the beginning of something more for him. Shay has been locked up and moving from safe house to safe house since her father was thrown in prison and things blew up. Talon took it upon himself to keep her safe and that meant hiding her away with protection. She's got a talent for numbers, a generous heart, a sassy mouth and a gorgeous face and body. It isn't hard to like Shay and I found I adored her. Plus, she's an avid romance reader so that is my kind of character. The chemistry between Vinnie and Shay is astronomical which is why the tug and push between the two comes into play. Shay isn't sure what Vinnie feels but she's well aware of her own attraction to him. It isn't until things come to a head when she realizes he wants her just as much as she wants him. The problem is Vinnie has to keep her safe and staying at the house is no longer safe. Does a Wind Dragon just leave his lady love? The correct answer is no. The two are thrown together ever more tightly bound by the intense chemistry, Vinnie's undeniable need to protect her and Shay's very real problems. I loved it and was really quite happy with the way everything rolled together. It's always great seeing the previous couples living good lives and Dex is still my favorite Wind Dragon.

  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    2018-09-23 07:17

    3.5 / 5 Fangs Wolf's Mateproved that Chantal always writes a fun and steamy book! Even though there were some things I didn't like about this book, I still enjoyed it as a whole.When the main female character, Shayla, was first introduced in Vinnie's POV, I was turned off from her right away. Shayla was portrayed as a spoiled brat, and I didn't want any part of that. I am glad that I didn't let that stop me from finishing the book, because Shayla turned out to be very likable! The more that I learned about Shay, the more I really connected with her. I thought she was an enjoyable and relatable main character! Vinnie was sexy and so dedicated to the people he cared about. I loved how devoted he was to his MC family. I thought his interactions with the club members and their significant others were great! I really enjoyed learning more about Vinnie in this book.Vinnie and Shay made a great couple! I thought they were very sweet together and they had great chemistry. This book was very steamy, and I thank Chantal for that! ;) The major issue I had with this book was that it got very slow and repetitive. I started to feel like nothing was happening plot wise. The characters were just doing what other characters did in previous books, and it just felt redundant. I would have liked some new and exciting plot points in this book. However, I did like the MC politics in this book. I thought that aspect was really interesting to read about!Overall, I thought this was a sexy and fun read. There were some parts that felt a little boring, but it was a fast paced read as a whole. I am excited to continue with this series and see what happens next!3.5 / 5 Fangs*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. *MrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter

  • Steph McVicker
    2018-09-23 05:05

    This is a really excellent MC series, especially if you're someone who enjoys the sweeter side of the leather wearing dudes (and ladies). When Vinnie, aka Wolf, gets his marker called in by rival MC member Talon, he's obligated to babysit Talon's cousin for a week and keep her safe from the men who want her dead. Wolf has no use for high-maintenance, bitchy women, and something about Shayla Anderson sets his teeth on edge from the moment he met her. But once he gets to know her, Vinnie realizes Shay is nothing like he thought, she's gorgeous both inside and out, with a wicked sense of humor and an ass worthy of a rap song. Shay and Vinnie fall fast and hard for each other, becoming inseparable almost immediately after meeting. Vinnie will do whatever it takes to keep his woman safe from her father's enemies. WOLF'S MATE is the fifth book in the wildly fabulous Wind Dragons MC series, and as usual, Ms. Fernando has done a kick-ass job making you fall in love with her bad guy bikers. I am utterly in lust with Vinnie and Shay both -- they're so badass yet totally sweet on each other -- and the chemistry between them is enough to light up the entire east coast. Vinnie was funny, loyal and protective...a good man making the best out of life. Shay was a smartass who came off as a rich bitch but who was humble, caring and dedicated to Vinnie and his Wind Dragon MC family. The story was fast paced, well written and edited, and definitely sexy as hell. My only negative is that the danger element fell totally flat in this one, as it had the potential to really be excellent. Bottom Line: No OM/OW while MC's were together; no condom use; no sexual assault; violence/murder.

  • Pamela Lilley
    2018-09-26 04:12

    I've read and loved the previous Wind Dragons MC books, and Vinnie's story is just as fast paced and super sexy as the previous books. Although each story is a standalone in itself, the pieces of the puzzle fit together so much better if you read the series from the beginning. Vinnie is sent to protect Shayla, a spoilt rich girl (or is she?). He has one week to get in, out and pass the job on to someone else, but we all know things never go to plan, and when Shayla's life comes under threat, Vinnie knows he can't just up and leave her under someone else's protection. Within just a few days he's already invested in seeing where their 'urges' takes them, and in making sure no one threatens what belongs to him. When he finally decides to tell Shayla his plans for the future, he has no idea what a can of worms it will open. Can he see past his insecurities and become the man Shayla needs him to be? I loved the writing style, I loved the dual POV and I loved hearing all the gossip that I've been missing at Wind Dragons MC, I can't wait to catch up on further news in the future. A must for Wind Dragons MC fans, and a series that I highly recommend to anyone who has not yet read any previous books by this author. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • P Leslie
    2018-09-21 03:18

    I received this book from net gallery for an honest review. Wow I absolutely loved Shay and Vinnie's story- it was sweet, funny and intense. Talon calls in on his mark, asking Vinnie to protect his cousin, Shay. Vinnie is very judgmental: believing Shay is some spoilt, rich brat but is he mistaken? Can Vinnie protect Shay from those who wish her harm? I was laughing so much in the beginning at the bantering between Vin and Shay. Their chemistry was insanely hot and intense. The sexual tension between them was crazy hot: and I liked the fact that they both knew they were attracted to each other. I liked Shay: she made me laugh and she was perfect fit for Vin. The characters complemented each other nicely and I liked the appearance and familiarity of the MC members and their women. The alpha bikers are bought to their knees when they fall in love and Vinnie was no different. This was a funny, hot and sexy read: one I simply couldn't put down. Brilliant book and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the book.

  • Hooked On Books
    2018-09-17 02:12

    I gave this book 4.5 stars! Another amazing story from Chantel! She really knows how to grab your attention from the start all the way to the finish. I have read a couple of her books and I think Vinnie and Shay story is my favorite. You will not go wrong with this MC book. Vinnie gets a call from Talon, that will change his life be he didn't know it at the time. Vinnie has to babysit Talon cousin Shay to pay his marker back to Talon. Vinnie only sees Shay as a spoiled princess until he actual has a conversation with her. With people still out to get her, Vinnie makes it is mission to be the only one protecting her. When the threat is no longer a problem , will these two be able to have a real relationship? I love how we get to see other members of the MC and catch up on their lives. I liked how both Vinnie and Shay had similar background and could understand each other.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2018-09-14 05:03

    Recommend all series!

  • Mayte Urse
    2018-09-18 00:05

    More and want to read moreeee about them!

  • Ankita
    2018-09-09 07:23

    3.5 stars

  • Naira2975
    2018-08-30 05:17

    #140 - 2017

  • FMR Book Grind
    2018-09-23 07:12

    Join us in celebrating the release of WOLF'S MATE (Wind Dragons MC, #5) on August 6th!Release Day Blitz w/ Review Option:*NetGalley ARC Only*'S REVIEW6 STARSThis is Vinnie’s story.. Where do I even start….Vinnie is paying a debt, one he doesn’t want to, but he is nothing if not a man of his word!Shayla is seriously misunderstood. She shows Vinnie a side to herself she shows no one else. She is a clever and intelligent woman. She works out very quickly how tomanipulate people to think what she wants and to give her what she wants. She is nowhere near as dumb as she lets people believe.But Vinnie is different. He is not like everyone else. She recognises this immediately.Vinnie and Shayla had certainly met their match in each other. There are some huge laugh out loud moments in this book and it adds a lightness to their, at times serioussituations.Chantal Fernando has once again given a story that is emotional and addictive. She writes in a way that draws out the characters personalities and makes you feel like you are reading about your very ownfriends or family. There were moments I just wanted to jump into the pages and make everything all better. The emotion is raw and the combination of angst and humour is perfectly balanced.This is a story about family. Not blood related but a self- made family that have your back no matter what. Even if they don’t agree with the choices you make, they stand by you.The storyline is believable and intense, the characters are likeable and well developed. I loved that all the characters from previous books in this series are all here and not just in minor ways, they aresuch a huge part of Vinnies life and as such, that is how they are written into the storyline. This family is phenomenal with their love and support of each other. It amazes me how through each new book in thisseries they evolve and grow, they just become more loveable and addictive! This book will make you laugh, make you cry and make you feel every emotion in between. I would strongly recommend tissues if you are an emotional reader like me and a glass of wine or a cup of tea, a comfy chairand a few good hours up your sleeve to relax and get lost in the world that is Vinnie and Shayla.ERIN'S REVIEW5 STARSThere are not enough words to express my love for this author and this series. I was gifted the first 3 books by our amazing blog momma, Rose, right before Rake’s Redemption came out. I really wanted to read Rake’s story but was told I really need to start from the beginning. And so began my love affair with the Wind Dragons. This author has an amazing ability to tell a phenomenal MC story. Her characters are so alive. I feel like I am in the room with them while reading each story. Vinnie and Shayla are incredible. I loved this storyline. The drama, the angst, the lust, the dirty talking. All of these components combined to make a story that I could not walk away from. The character development was amazing. I loved Vinnie’s playful side that I did not see coming. His alpha, protective side will make your ovaries explode. Shayla’s character was surprising. She is not what I expected at all, but she was the perfect woman for Vinnie. She is a very strong woman and fit right in with the rest of the Old Ladies immediately. I absolutely love these books and can’t wait to see what is in store next!AMY E'S REVIEW4 STARSVinnie!!!! Finally he gets his story told!! Through this entire series we've watched as Vinnie has given his all to protect all of his MC brother's and their families. His bond with the woman is a special one that makes me smile anytime we get a peak at it.Shayla is the perfect match for Vinnie. She's a laid back go with the flow kind of girl that's easy to like. The way she acclimated to Vinnie's life style was refreshing and surprisingly drama free.This book was one of my favorites so far! There was more Faye (who I adore) and Sin. It was nice to revisit the couple that started it all.