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Hidden no more. Imprisoned by the all-controlling government. Slated for Re-Education. Liberty must escape from a high-security facility to rescue the colonists who lost their freedom. Their capture is her fault. Set in the not-so-distant future, where the government controls society through indoctrination, population control, and the eradication of the family, Liberty bidHidden no more. Imprisoned by the all-controlling government. Slated for Re-Education. Liberty must escape from a high-security facility to rescue the colonists who lost their freedom. Their capture is her fault. Set in the not-so-distant future, where the government controls society through indoctrination, population control, and the eradication of the family, Liberty bides her time in Aldonia’s Re-Education facility. If she fails to escape and rescue the others, the children, teens and adults of the Maxwell Colony will be integrated into society, facing sterilization and indoctrination. She is not alone in the desire to rescue the colonists. An underground, anti-government group has been rescuing people from Aldonia for years, but never have they attempted to rescue so many at one time. To do so would risk exposing, even ending, their operation. Dedrick, one of the top rescuers, grieves for his family members who are now residents of government’s facilities. He wants Liberty free, but he is opposed to working with her. Racing through the wild, the underground and sordid inner-city slums, Testing Liberty follows Liberty from one trial to another, to her final sacrifice....

Title : Testing Liberty
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Testing Liberty Reviews

  • Susan Peek
    2018-09-01 20:42

    If you're the type of reader who enjoys nail-biting suspense and plenty of adrenalin highs, then look no further than Theresa Linden's heart-pounding novel, Testing Liberty. It forms Book Two in her highly acclaimed dystopian Trilogy set in the not-too-distant future when the world government controls and dictates every aspect of human life and strips its citizens of all vestiges of freedom. The heroine of the series, a young lady by the name of Liberty, has already escaped once from the tyranny of the Regimen of Aldonia . . . but can she do it again? After a mistake that caused not only her own imprisonment but that of her initial rescuers, Liberty finds herself locked in a high-security cell and surrounded on every side by enemies. Harrowing decisions lie ahead. All seems lost. Can she get out of this alive, let alone save her friends? Her one hope lies deep within her own soul. Liberty clings to the presence of a loving and all-powerful Being she knows with certainty dwells in her heart, Whom she calls simply her Friend. This book is a bone chilling and frighteningly realistic glimpse into what may indeed be around the corner for us all, and shows us the only solution is, in fact . . . God. Another incredible tale crafted by a masterful writer!

  • Carolyn
    2018-09-13 02:51

    Testing Liberty is a fast-paced adventure you won’t want to put down.Desperate to rectify her mistakes, Liberty sets out to free the Maxwell colonists imprisoned by the Aldonian Regimen. The risky rescue missions test Liberty’s strength, faith, and commitment to both her own ideals and the underground group the Mosheh. Dogged by her relentless enemy Dr. Supero and his minions, Liberty needs all her wits and skills to keep from being returned to the Re-Education Facility. Through it all she’ll open her heart to freedom, family, the seeds of true faith, and possibly Dedrick - her rescuer, ally, and perhaps the one person who can truly show her what it means to be part of a family.Chasing Liberty and Testing Liberty have made me a fan of dystopian fiction. Smart, suspenseful, and well-written, these gems will have you eagerly awaiting the final book in the series!(The author is a fellow member of the Catholic Writers Guild.)

  • A.K. Frailey
    2018-09-15 02:46

    Theresa Linden is a superb writer who knows how to keep the plot moving, creates authentic characters, and delves deep into some of our world's most troubling issues. Both my teenage daughter and I have enjoyed reading and discussing the Liberty Trilogy and can't wait for the next book to come out. Thanks for a great read!

  • Steven R. McEvoy
    2018-09-22 21:45

    Theresa Linden is one of those gems of a find. I only started reading her books last spring, and in under a year I have read 8 of her books. And to be honest if I did not have over 100 books in my to be read pile when I discovered her writings, I would have read all her books by now. I have read two books in each of her series, Chasing Liberty and The West Brothers, I have read a side short story for one of the series and both her other published short stories. I have appreciated everything I have read, and I have loved most of them. Linden's works remind me most of two famous authors, both of whom won the Newbery Medal twice, they are Madeleine L'Engle and Lois Lowry. And I believe that in time Linden's series will come to be considered classics in youth literature. And should be on the curriculum for Children's Lit courses and in schools! Last year I read 380 books, and Chasing Liberty, was number 2 on my top 10 list for the year! In a previous review I stated: "If we were to do a direct comparison between L'Engle and Linden then the Chasing Liberty Series would be the Kairos series and the West Brothers would be the Chronos series. And in many ways Liberty reminds me of Meg Murry in many ways, but in a much more dystopian future. And if we were to compare Chasing Liberty to Lois Lowry's writings it is much like The Giver, except with a clear-cut Christian under pinning. And from what I have read both series are wonderfully written." And the more I read the more I stand by that statement. In book one, Liberty 554-062466-84, was rescued from the regime, and was relocated to a colony in the wilderness. But when she found out her friend in the home for older people was not going to be rescued, she decided to take action herself. And it ended with her in prison back in control of Regimen Custodia Terra. And that is where we begin book two.Liberty is being kept in a cell, sleep deprived, and under nourished. It is phase one of her reeducation. But things are starting to change in Aldonia. When she is rescued she believes all the adults captured from the settlement were rescued, until she finds out who her rescuer is. But almost immediately Dedrick shows up and really rescues her. She begins training wants to join the Mosheh and help to rescue those who were captured because of her, and also to help free other Aldonians who want to leave. They need to stage three rescues that need to take place, with primary children, teens and adults. Mixed in with all of this is Dr. Supero, who is becoming more and more unpredictable as he seeks to find a way to remove his brain tumor. The characters in this book, this series are amazing. From Liberty a young woman who is learning what true freedom is, and not just for herself but wanting it for all people. To Dedrick, a young man who has risked his life saving and serving others for almost 4 years. And then we have Dr. Supero a many who is slowly losing everything he believes in, and is desperate to hold on to it, especially his life. And in this book, we learn more about the Mosheh and how their council operates. We learn some of their history. And it is starting to feel like history is about to repeat itself. The question is will it be a totalitarian regime or a revolution? This book is an excellent read and part of a wonderful series. It has great characters, fast paced plot, and a very intriguing story. But it will leave you desperate for book three. This book is a great read for pre-teens through to adult. And I recommend it to all who are looking for a great read!Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Theresa Linden. Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

  • Erin Cupp
    2018-09-09 19:49

    I loved Chasing Liberty, but in Testing Liberty, Linden really ups the ante. It was like in Chasing we got to see the veneer of Aldonia's oppressive deep green culture scraped painfully off, and then in Testing, we dive down deep, deeper into the hearts and lives threatened, destroyed, and changed for good or ill by the conflict between the Regimen's culture and the inner drive for freedom and independence that some of the colonists live out for themselves... and are getting ready to share with Aldonia on a wider and far more risky basis. Usually the middle installment in a trilogy is the most difficult to keep spinning on a lively axis, but Linden turns that idea on its head and somehow makes Testing even more heart-rending and engaging than its predecessor.

  • Slhanley
    2018-09-16 18:33

    A great sequel to Chasing Liberty. It takes up from the first story and carries it forward. You meet more characters, also thoughtfully drawn. It is full of action and surprises, as well as thought provoking ideas. It is totally believable, as our society heads the way of the Regimen thinking today. I like how Dedrick and Liberty draw closer, although she has to atone for what she caused to happen in book one. I can't wait for the wrap-up in the last book. I hope they overthrow the Regimen and return America to its roots.