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STJEPAN SEJIC continues the critically acclaimed SUNSTONE series with volume three. A classy, sexy, fun, and emotional look at two women and the alternative lifestyle they live. It's all fun and games until someone falls in love! But the fun and games carry on!...

Title : Sunstone Vol. 3
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ISBN : 26890119
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Sunstone Vol. 3 Reviews

  • Kaitlin
    2019-04-13 05:02

    I honestly think I'm falling in love with this series. Not only is it an amazingly realistic and responsible representation of BDSM but it is also a romance story which I am fully immersed in and care about. This volume was my favourite one yet. We see Ally and Lisa take a few big steps towards furthering their relationship and we also see a ton of beautiful BDSM lingerie which I have to say was pretty stylish! We meet yet more characters who want to learn more about BDSM, and we also discuss the negative view that porn puts across. I thought these topics of curiosity and available reference material were handled really well and I loved seeing how our new characters reacted. This story is not only wonderful becuase of how it deals with the topic, but also becuase it just feels genuine. The conversation always feels like it's calm, natural and jokey, no matter if it's sexual or not or between lovers/friends. I just think it feels like an organic storyline with some great moments of heartfelt conversation thrown in. Genuinely loved this volume and I had all the feels. 5*s and I'm so glad I already have Vol. 4 to go onto next! If you are open to reading about BDSM then I'd recommend, but this probably isn't for everyone!

  • Steve
    2019-04-05 03:55

    I'm really amazed at how well the author writes the feelings and internal struggles of the characters, every single one. I wasn't expecting the story to be this outstanding. I knew his artwork was going to be great, but I'm just enamored with the story!

  • Leseparatist
    2019-04-05 09:51

    2.5 stars again...I have such mixed feelings about this volume. I still enjoy the bdsm and relationshippy elements best - Ally and Lisa's growing feelings are cute and their insecurities and enthusiasm feel very real and enjoyable - but the perspective, at times, is simply unpleasant. The voice is mostly Lisa's, and yet with the exception of her scene in the bathroom, there are way too many scenes of men looking at women in a sexual way, instead of women looking at women - in a story that is purportedly about two girls falling in love with each other, and about their friends, not the other way round. I kept scowling more and more as the uncomfortable and gross scene with Alan progressed, and by the time we got to him getting so turned on by looking at the women in fetishwear that he had to go to the bathroom, my face was so disgusted I literally took a picture of myself for my records. And then the milk thing gave me gag reflex. (It's a particular pet peeve, and I honestly don't buy Lisa being so a-okay with Ally's horny ex hanging around sprouting erections while they're in the middle of afterglow, ugh. It's completely at odds with her overall characterisation as just coming to terms with being bi and generally being somewhat insecure about her sexuality in rl.)And in addition to Alan objectifying Ally and Lisa, we have Cassie's husband making a comment about Cassie and Anne [is that her name?].One other thing that bugs me is how similar some of the characters look. Lisa and Cassie, for instance, but also Lisa's boss and the tattoo artist. I literally thought they were one person for a moment.(And I'd think it would really make more sense for Lisa to be the one choosing a safeword - but it seems like it was Ally who made it up? o_O)And there were some grammar problems again, ugh the publisher should really pay attention to that, "an another" ffs.Going back to the good stuff - I really like Lisa's explanations about bdsm. And the subplot about moving in together. But could we please drop the guys? :(

  • lov2laf
    2019-04-24 02:50

    This series is addictive and, if you read this, get yourself ready to tuck into books 4 and 5. I couldn't stop once I started. We're getting an extra peek into additional characters here that will feed into ramping up the drama for the next books.

  • Anelis
    2019-03-29 07:50

    I've been writing reviews for this comics for the past couple of days now, just because I can. If you haven't read part 1 and part 2 you should probably do so before reading this, otherwise it won't make much sense.I read a review that said that this series is a "realistic and responsible representation of BDSM" and responsible it is, which you know, is a good thing, especially after the whole 50 Shades misinformation galore. However, when we're 300 pages into the story, we don't really need to be stuffed -once more- with exposition about how real BDSM is like and how much of a big role trust and communication play into it. It's boring, it's tiring, it's frustrating and poorly done. Good writers will just fill you up with exposition and you won't even notice it. Not here though. Nooope. There's a scene, a freaking infuriating one, when a new friend, Anne, a woman with the same features as any other in this comic, bombards Lisa with really heavy personal questions and everyone's ok with it because "BDSM people" and must-explain-BDSM-to-those-youngsters vibes from Sejic. Hell dude, we get it. Everyone in this comic is going to be into BDSM one way or another and you hoped that your exposition scene would pass unnoticed because it would make sense for the n00bie to inquire about shit. Well if you're gonna go that route you best create a plausible scenario. It's already weird how Lisa became so fast THAT close with Cassie, that Cassie needs her to be present for her tattoo appointment. The plot demanded that they bond so it happened without there being any chemistry between the two. So we cannot take their friendship for granted, because it's not real yet, their bond has been narrated but not shown. Neither can we suspend our disbelief to use this nonexistent bond of theirs as an excuse to introduce a new character and give them the freedom to ask invasive, rude stuff just because they're all besties with Cassie. You can't expect us readers to find it normal, or endearing, when Anne-the-tatoo-artist (who's literally a stranger to Lisa) asks our protagonist, the person whose eyes we watch the story from, some really personal questions about her sexual preferences, how she discovered them etc AND makes some pretty annoying assumptions about her too. You need to ease into the relationships between characters, and lay off the exposition for a bit, because as they are now I can't find them believable.I'm ranting again about Sejic's writing. But you can't whine about much else. His art is standard and pretty well known by now. His women suffer from the same-face problem, some panels are hastily drawn, details are only there when the subject pleases Sejic.This is one of the most interesting things I've noticed reading Sunstone. When Sejic was working for Top Cow there needed to be some level of consistency between the art levels of each issue, of each page, of Witchblade. He didn't much get to say "well I'm kinda bored of drawing this doorknob, so [email protected] it I'll just leave it as a sketch." But he has that ability with Sunstone, it's his baby 100% so he gets to focus on whatever the hell he wants. And oh boy, is it apparent. There are many pages where there's a gleam, a detail that draws your eyes to it and you can see the effort that's been put there, because it stands out from all the rest; and you know, you KNOW, that Sejic had a blast drawing that. It's like looking into his mind, or his process, a bit and it's thrilling.Hm...I don't know why I'm writing these reviews but it sure is fun to read a comic critically again. I feel nice devoting my time and attention to a comic as I would to a book. Reading them this way and (half-ass) analyzing them helps me take them -more- seriously. I guess that's a bonus point for Sejic too, when I think about it. He kinda forced me to take a more serious look at his work (all that exposition sure didn't go to waste!!11!!1234!!) and that's a difficult thing for any creator to do. Nice job, Sejic!

  • Anna
    2019-03-26 07:10

    Another great volume! In this one we got to see Ally's and Lisa's big step in their relationship (can I just say how ADORABLE they are?) and how other people portray fetishes which I think is really important. I have to say that some stereotypes that were mentioned- I used to believe in them myself. It's great so find something that will both be just a great time, and actually teach me something I didn't know.Putting aside all of the sex and BDMS, this graphic novel series is simply very enjoyable and funny, but I don't think it's for everyone. Nonetheless if you're open-minded and don't mind reading about taboo topics, I would definitely recommend it!

  • Ana Rînceanu
    2019-04-05 07:13

    Growing closer and collecting lingerie and toys.

  • India
    2019-04-10 03:14

    I can't get over how much I love this series.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-04-16 04:00

    The third Sunstone volume, and the third thing I've read by someone named "Shinez" (or however that name was spelled). Though not the third thing I've read by Šejić (though most of the stuff I've read that had Šejić on the cover listed him as the artist not the writer). And that's one of those things that came as something of a shock to me.There I was, years ago, happily poking around on DeviantArt, putting my own art up (I probably have something around 200 pieces up, but that's not important, and I don't really recall what my page on there is called (probably something involving 'Lexxi Kitty' since that's kind of my name everywhere, though I might have put it up as 'Lexxi Gynoid', or just 'Lexxi'; and by 'own art' I mean paintings I'd done in real life, and stained-glass, and real life stuff like that, plus some digital stuff; hmm, I, 2017 me, haven't 'done' art in forever, I don't remember the last thing I did artistic)), and poking around other people's work. Favorting things like cats, and pictures of ruins, and archaeology, and ducks, and pretty pretty sunsets and . . what's this? Hmms. Women in bondage. As a comic. It's not the only comic I'd read on DeviantArt, it's not even the only 'adult' oriented one I've read on there, but it's the only one that turned out to be actually created by a professional comic book guy.I had read the first two volumes and found them quite intriguing, interesting, a great look at BDSM, at a specific BDSM couple, and a growing love between two women. Reading them on DeviantArt. Under the name Shinez. It was around then, though, that I realized that Shinez was actually a man from Croatia and not, say, a woman. I've no real idea why I had initially been confused. He probably even had listed his gender on there as male, but I hadn't looked.All that to say that I was vaguely disappointed that whatever female I had created in my mind didn't actually exist, and to note that Stjepan, at least in this series, created some well constructed female characters.But this is the third volume, not the first two. While I had access to this one for a longish time, I hadn't actually read it until it came out in graphic novel form from Image Comics. And then it took me a month or two to actually get around to reading this one. I was slow in doing so for several reasons. Mostly because this is the first volume I hadn't previously read. So it'd all be new to me. Well, the story was solid. The characterizations were good. The relationship very slowly continued growing closer. Very slowly. Good bits of humor. Etc. My only real problem is that I could not always tell the characters apart. I think the series has 5 or more red-haired people in it. And they mostly don't look a like, but there are flash-backs and the like, and hair color (and style) gets changed and . . well. I mean, the blond is easy to identify. Then we go back in time to a flash back and . . she has black hair? Or is that the red-head with black hair? Or? mmphs. hehe. Well, now I just have to wait for volume 4 to appear. And gobble it down. Only took me 2 years to get around to 'gobbling it down'. October 13 2015/December 5 2017

  • Kristen
    2019-04-03 11:01

    I can't even... My feels... My heart... I love this series too much!!!I read this volume online as Sejic posted the pages and reading them in paperback still gives me the same glee as the first time. That's saying a lot for someone who doesn't often repeat reads (and I've read all of the online pages more than once).Sunstone brings together a lot of the things I love, and has taught me about things I would otherwise be ignorant of. It's enlightening, absolutely delightful, and a must-read for anyone who has an open enough mind. The world needs more creators like Sejic who can handle controversial/delicate content with respect and charm, and do it while telling an endearing story with very human characters.If you aren't already reading Sunstone, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?!It's the only series that's earned a solid 5 stars from me for ALL of its currently released volumes. Judging by the more recent pages Sejic has online, this series is going to keepgetting 5 stars.

  • Jodie
    2019-04-13 07:53

    Book ReviewTitle: Sunstone Volume 3Author: Stjepan SejicGenre: Graphic novelRating: ****Review: As I started the third volume of Sunstone I couldn’t wait to see where Sejic would take Ally and Lisa’s relationship after the dramatic events that took place in volume 2. We re-join Ally and Lisa a little after the events of Volume 2 as the two attempt to further their relationship.I learned in this novel that in each volume Sejic looks at a different aspect of the BDSM community. In Volume 1it was the sexual encounters between a Dom and a sub, in volume 2 it was the truth required between the Dom and the sub and in this volume Sejic looks at the different views outsiders have on the BDSM community and the people that enjoy BDSM in the bedroom. While we follow the same set of characters I was really excited to see more of them although I was a little disappointed we don’t see as much as of Alan in this volume as we did in the previous two and with only two volumes left in this series I really hope Sejic write a scene with Alan because to be honest, the poor guy looks really lonely. Another thing I noticed in this volume was even though I loved the relationship and scenes between Ally and Lisa, I really wanted to look at the other couples in this series but we don’t get to see much of that.I would say out of the three volumes I have read in the Sunstone series this one is my least favourite not to say that it was bad but I was extremely enthusiastic about it like I was with volumes 1 & 2. I would still highly recommend this series because it looks at BDSM relationship realistically and Sejic writes and draws it absolutely beautifully and I can’t wait to see where he takes Ally and Lisa after what happened in this volume and whether it will work out for the better or for worse.

  • Alexis
    2019-04-13 11:08

    Guess who became addicted to this series, me!I can't stop. The last time I became so utterly engrossed in a series it was French Kissing Series Box Set: Seasons 1-3 by Harper Bliss.After reading vol 1 yesterday and vol 2 this morning, I decided to just purchase vol 3, 4 and 5 in one go. I just finished vol 3 and boy am I glad I decided to get the rest of this incredibly sexy, funny and sweet series. This time the author gave us a little backstory on Cassie and Tom, how they met and how they eventually started implementing BDSM into their lives. It seems like the next pairing being set up will be Alan and Anne, which i'm very curious about.This series is really blowing my mind and I can't wait to get tucked in to part 4!

  • AndyHaigh
    2019-04-16 10:05

    The third volume of Stjepan Sejic's Sunstone continues the story of domme Ally and sub Lisa's relationship as well as featuring several other characters who play a part in their story. One of the best and most surprising aspects of Sunstone is it's not the pornotastic cringe inducing affair you might expect from a story of lesbians in a BDSM oriented relationship written and illustrated by a guy. There's a lot that can be said about how poorly sexuality and women are portrayed in sequential art. Sejic shows how to do it right with a great engrossingly human story of everything that makes up a relationship from the highs to the lows and all expressed through his perfectly pitched art, art which flows from a looser sketchier style to the more painterly style he is known for.

  • Ashley
    2019-04-04 06:10

    I utterly love this series. The relationship between the two girls is truly sweet, honest, and utterly believable. The portrayal of the bdsm lifestyle is positive, truthful, and accurate. I find it a bit odd that everyone in the friend group ends up having some connection to BDSM. My one and only complaint is that bisexuality doesn't ever come up as an option. The girls both go through intense anxiety and questioning periods contemplating whether or not they're gay- despite having previous relationships with guys. yeah, sure they might be gay but they might also be bi so I wish that was presented as a valid option. Can't wait to read the 4th volume.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-19 05:55

    It's crazy how much I'm invested in Ally and Lisa's story. I love this series way too much. Sunstone brings together a lot of the things that I love. And has taught me about things I would otherwise be ignorant or completely clueless of. It's enlightening, absolutely wonderful, and a must-read for anyone who has an open enough mind. The world needs more creators like Sejic who can handle controversial/delicate content with respect and charm, and do it while telling an endearing story with very human characters.Volume 3 has given me so many feels my heart can't take it. All I know is that I can't wait till Volume 4.

  • Diana Prince
    2019-03-28 03:02

    Favorite in the series so far.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-21 05:49

    Volgens mij is dit echt mijn nieuwe, favoriete graphic novel reeks aan het worden. Step aside, Saga.

  • Andreea
    2019-04-19 10:56

    I got this series as a recommendation in one of my Advent entries last Christmas. It was only Volume 1 actually, but trust me when I say that you need to go through the whole series not just stop at it. I kinda did at first. I read Volume 1 and stopped, but got back to it now as curiosity was still back in a corner of my mind. And now, after the first three volumes I really want to find out what happens next and believe it or not it's not the main characters that I'm mostly interested about. So this is a graphic novel. The storyline is not that complicated, the characters are rather childish at times, but the art is nice. Some people might be put off by the subject it approaches, I admit that I kinda felt the same at first and indeed I was a bit reluctant in regards to it, but hey, this is reality, so why not get a taste of it?What I like most about it is the trust thing that keeps showing up... it's true and somehow I feel that these days trust is something that we fail at more and more. I think that deep down Mr. Šejić is trying to give us a hint of that and make us realize that maybe we should work more on building trust and just keeping it there and also accepting the trust that the ones besides us are capable of offering and not just go around breaking it and stepping all over it just because we can.

  • Alealea
    2019-04-20 05:55

    Waaaah ! I just binged-read all the volumes so I can't really give any specific about each volume today. I will do it next time I read them (and there will be one I can tell )To sum-up : The art is awesome. The main characters are so sweet. There is no porn vibes thank you sweet god. It's sensual, tender and beautiful and I'm so in love with all of it ^^.

  • Searska GreyRaven
    2019-03-30 04:00

    I seriously adore this series more with every chapter.

  • Anna
    2019-03-29 09:49

    This volume right here was PERFECT. So far the best of the series, easily!Volume 3 starts out with Anne designing a tattoo for Cassie on her back. While looking for inspiration she looks up examples of BDSM and gets real interested, at the same time, conflicted in what she sees. After it cuts to Lisa and Cassie talking about the tattoo and Lisa just getting off work. Lisa gets stopped by a co-worker she can not stand and feels judged by her cause of her secret relationship with Ally. When Lisa's co-worker confronted her about Cassie potentially being her partner, Lisa freaks on her telling her it's none of her business....As she walks away her co-worker is greeted by her own female partner and they kiss. Kind of ironic right? Lisa while at home gets a surprised visit from her brother Mike, who is having marriage problems with his wife. After consoling her brother, she is reminded of her relationship with her ex how she lied to him and how that turned out. Which makes her freak out and think things will be the same with Ally. When Lisa arrives at Ally's, not only does her doubts of their relationship strip away, so does the clothes! This series does a real good job about showing the lust between people without being full on sex. It hits just the right spot and you gotta love the author for it. After their sexual release, Ally calls her friend Allan to bring over a gift she had made for Lisa. And this in my opinion when the comic becomes most lovable. All these characters together just being friends with all the same interests. The author knows how to make the characters funny and serious when needed. And speaking of the sex. While Ally and Alan are chit chatting about the gift and among other things, one of the outfits Lisa had on while making love with Ally started to chafe down in her groin area and make her really hot and bothered. So she goes to the bathroom to "take care" of this problem. This part is the CLIMAX of this volume. Pun VERY intended. Then the story cuts to Cassie and Anne and we learn a little bit more about those two and how their friendship developed from cassie being a metalhead and anne being a pop lover to the people they are now. This little side story i loved. I don't mind going off the trail as to speak, especially if it develops a character and can help me better understand where they come from. Cause right now, Cassie is really struggling with this whole BDSM interest. On one end she thinks its really interesting and the outfits are nice. On the other though, she doesn't get the extremes people do during their BDSM time. And she's kinda surrounded by it, which only fuels her interest even more.Next we have Ally coming over to Lisa's place. Where we see more of this thing called "love" develop. Upon first arrival, as Lisa is making coffee for the two, Ally notices some papers about the place and finds out that lisa is paying a LOT for this tiny house. Which then makes her think of an idea that itches at her brain for the rest of the volume. Afterwords, Lisa and Ally get it on again (these two thirst know no bounds...and im ok with it) but this time Ally is shocked by the way Lisa claims she is hers forever. Which brings us to how this beautiful relationship started. Ally came upon Lisa in an online forum where she was discussing the nature of BDSM to a new user who was very ignorant about the subject and was spreading lies. Ally steps in to help Lisa out with the online "troll" and the spark of their wild fire relationship started.The next day Ally is freaking out trying to figure a way to go about asking Lisa to approve of this new idea she has.(view spoiler)[she wants to ask Lisa to move in with her (hide spoiler)] Something that could either potentially benefit both. Or ruin their friendship. Meanwhile Lisa went off with Cassie to go help her get that tattoo from Anne we read about earlier in the volume. This is when Lisa, who is meeting Anne for the first time, helps her get a better understanding of the nature of BDSM. Finally, Ally and Lisa are spending time together. You know how this goes by now. But things are a little out of touch. Ally is losing her ability to be a dom because she's still internally freaking out how to pop a serious question without Lisa misunderstanding and ruining the potential relationship they have been building. So after their failed BDSM session, Ally sits Lisa down and tells her whats been nagging her brain all day and presents her best case, hoping, lisa will agree and see it her way. (view spoiler)[she said yes! (hide spoiler)]Overall, this volume was BY FAR my favorite one. I still loved the others, but this one was MILES ahead of volume 2 and just a step above volume 1. I cannot wait to start number 4 and can't wait till 5 comes out. This series has a serious hold on me. And i don't think ill ever be able to find something quite amazing as this graphic-novel known as Sunstone.

  • Tracy
    2019-04-04 07:58

    The parts of this that were good were great - namely the chemistry between Ally and Lisa and the development of their relationship. That being said the bad parts were a real drag in this volume. The story kept jumping to various secondary characters and storylines that seem shoehorned in to create room for spinoffs. I was also disturbed by a scene between Ally and Alan that seemed to be written as "playful shenanigans between two longtime friends" by seemed more like a violation at best and assault at worse. I still plan on finishing the series but it's getting rough.

  • Phil Bova
    2019-04-13 06:11

    The previous two volumes were a delight to read, and the third installment was no different. Furthering their exploration in BDSM, Dom-Ally and her submissive, Lisa are a lovely couple, depicting the boundaries and often taboo stereotypes associated with bondage and relationships. More importantly, this tasteful graphic novel explores the world in which they inhabit, and provides an honesty and heartfelt approach to BDSM and the acts the couples utilize. Stjepan Sejic does a wonderful job and intertwining real life elements, with the private spaces of our leading characters. The artwork alone is desirable and beautifully elegant. I hope they continue to explore the relationship of Ally and Lisa even further, and look forward to reading more volumes in the future.

  • Jason
    2019-03-28 05:09

    A wave of good storytelling carried me through volume 2 and halfway through volume 3 but then I started to lose interest. The exposition disguised as normal conversation gets to be a bit much, though I'm still on the fence about it because I'm learning a lot about this particular community. Still feeling stretched a bit regarding the subject matter. I'm just not sure morality is as simple as doing what you feel is right and not over thinking it,as Alan suggests to Ally at one point. I realize none of these things have to do with the quality of the work, but my reservations distract me from being able to assess the work objectively.

  • Stefan Fergus
    2019-04-18 09:47

    Another great addition to the series. Continuing to look at Lisa and Ally's growing relationship, peppered with humour and plenty of sweet, tender moments. And not actually that much sexy stuff. The side characters are also starting to be fleshed out, as we spend a bit more time with them, and they get to know Lisa. Laughed out loud a couple times, too, which doesn't happen as much as one might think when I'm reading. Great artwork, too.

  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    2019-04-13 03:58

    Good shit. I think this one had the most nudity so far? Click to read all of my Sunstone Reviews: Volume 1 Volume 2Volume 3 (Really short.)

  • Cloak88
    2019-04-15 09:50

    Funny, romantic and relatable.Vol: 3 continues in the direction as Vol: 2. A slow buildup of an intimate relationship between two very human characters. In short, If you liked the previous volumes you'll like the third one as well. Not much ells to say other than that the art continues to be of superb quality and that i'll be looking forward to the next one.

  • Rike @ RikeRandom
    2019-04-06 04:06

    Yeah, it was kind of too good to stop reading. All hail the internet... But this is too good to not have a hard copy in my book shelf, so the deluxe edition of volume 1-3 has just been preordered, yay!

  • Y.♡
    2019-04-24 09:08

    I wish Sunstone was a bottomless pit. ♥__♥It's not even because of the sex parts (10/10, btw), but the way Stjepan Šejić showed the real human side of people: we all just wanna be loved and appreciated the way we are. Lisa and Ally are just so darn cute together!

  • Melanie
    2019-04-04 04:13

    Vol. 1: ★★★★★Vol. 2: ★★★