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A continuation of poems/reflections from my first book Soul Searching. This one deals with love, rejection and hope, hues of life rolled into one small book....

Title : The Spectrum of Life
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ISBN : 9781310413759
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The Spectrum of Life Reviews

  • Charlotte Kuchinsky
    2019-04-23 09:09

    Love is a mix of twisted emotion. It makes you want to fly one moment and die the very next. Whether it is for love of family, romantic love or parental love, the emotion digs into your heart and leaves a lasting imprint. The effect of that can often be difficult to put into words for one’s self much less for the remainder of the world. Yet Shaheen Daar has managed to do just that with her book, The Spectrum of Life. You will smile one moment and want to cry the next. Your heart will be both warmed and shattered into a million pieces. That is the job of a poet and Shaheen does it well.

  • Adri Sinclair
    2019-04-02 15:10

    Another one added to my collection. I am not sure if there was an order to read these in, but never me mind. I over indulged today for a few hours by reading Shaheen's writing. This particular collections was somewhat like taking a trip down my memory lane. It hit on points and questions, thoughts and intense soul-full musings of relationships, life, death, children... I felt at one point that I am walking along with a friend, looking back over the footsteps of her life, marvelling at how my own is not very different - but lacking the expression as she's put them down here.Shaheen, I cannot and will not pick a favourite, because they are all so beautiful and heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming. I am in awe of your vivid imagery that really left me wondering if we met somewhere, at some time. There is a sense of closure in this works, and oddly enough, it left me with a smile and a light hearted feeling of acceptance.Poetry, as I've said before, is very special to me, and when someone shares it, with as much passion and compassion, I can only stand in awe and admiration.Thank you for sharing this!To anyone ready for a beautiful read, this bundle is deep, soulful, [and can rile you up wanting to cheer for the writer!] It hits all those spots, leaving you craving nothing but a second read!!Thank you Shaheen!Adrixxx

  • Sharon Brownlie
    2019-04-18 15:12

    The Spectrum of Life holds a poem for everyone. I am grateful the author shared her thoughts in this book - the result is a well presented collection of life. Love, hope, need, regret, desire are to name but a few of the emotive prose the reader will come in contact with. A lot of the poems I can empathise with, others made me wonder what was happening in the life of Shaheen Darr at that particular time. Her work truly comes from the heart and I thank her for sharing it. This isn't a book you read once then shelve away, I for one, will return to it whenever a particular mood takes me. In essence it is a story of her life, I was moved by some of the poems, smiled at others and found hope in some of them. Well done Shaheen Darr for your collection.I thought it was expensive for an ebook - I soon changed my mind- it I worth every penny.

  • Traci Lawrence
    2019-03-29 07:21

    This is the second volume of poetry in the Soul Searching series. Ms. Darr takes us on another expert journey of the human psyche. It’s easy for the reader to put herself in the place of the nature lover, the observer of human nature, or the undervalued person.This volume focuses more on close relationships. The emotions of lovers, parents, and children are explored. The author doesn’t paint all interactions as rosy. She backs up my own opinion that our lives will always be full of beauty as well as sadness; there’s no getting around it. For that reason, I give her full credit for realism.I saw myself, or people I know, in a few of the poems. I’m sure every reader will feel the same way. This volume is a must read for any student of human nature.

  • Sandra Kerns
    2019-04-14 09:02

    Shaheen Darr has another great collection of poetry for you in The Spectrum of Life. You'll run the gamete of emotions from joy to fear to bitter sadness and yet, you'll keep reading because each one is as if pulled from the author's heart. Her words ring true on so many levels. One of my favorites is Lost Souls - I'm sure every one can relate to it at one time or another. I'm sure I could list more, but you should pick it up and read them for yourself. You won't regret it.