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A lot of bad hands get dealt in Vegas, but E. L. Speare may be holding one of the worst: He’s cursed with the need to commit sins, and if he misses his daily quota, there’s hell to pay—literally. Fortunately, his hometown affords him plenty of chances to behave badly.But Speare’s newest case really has him going out on a limb. The right-hand man of a notorious crime boss hA lot of bad hands get dealt in Vegas, but E. L. Speare may be holding one of the worst: He’s cursed with the need to commit sins, and if he misses his daily quota, there’s hell to pay—literally. Fortunately, his hometown affords him plenty of chances to behave badly.But Speare’s newest case really has him going out on a limb. The right-hand man of a notorious crime boss has been found dead in a Dumpster—minus his right hand, not to mention the rest of his arm. What catches Speare’s attention, however, is that the missing appendage was severed clean by a demon-sword, a frighteningly powerful tool of the underworld.Speare’s out of his element, so he turns to a specialist: Ardeth Coyle, master thief, dealer in occult artifacts, and bona fide temptress. Ardeth’s hotter than a Las Vegas sidewalk on the Fourth of July, but she’s one sin Speare has to resist.The dismembered corpses are piling up, unimaginable evil lurks in the shadows, and if this odd couple hopes to beat the odds, Speare needs to keep his hands off Ardeth, and his head in the game....

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Made For Sin Reviews

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-03-31 18:27

    3.5 - 4★'s Stacia Kane is one of my favorite authors and she writes one of my all time favorite series (Downside Ghosts...LOVE Chess and Terrible!). Sooo, I knew that I just had to read this! I have to admit, it took me a little bit to get into it but that's only because things are say the least. And with first books, there's a lot of world building although Ms. Kane did a good job not laying it on too thick. Speare is something like a PI/Enforcer for his Uncle Lazaro who is basically a mobster but in a magic world. Yes, there are humans but there's a lot of "other" types and boy, are the lines blurred. Speare, himself, has a lot of blurring going on in his life especially with a demon inside him that he placates by "sinning". But the demon does give him a lot of invaluable skills, however, when someone is using a demon sword to cut off parts of people, Speare has to get some help. And that help comes in the form of a master thief, Ardeth, who is feisty but loyal all at the same time. And, naturally, that does something to makes him want makes him have hope. You just can't help but root for the two of them right from the could they not get together? But here's where things get complicated...that and they get kidnapped and well, this is where everything goes down. When I started this book, I had no idea if it was going to be a standalone or a series and I'm guessing the series part depends (a little?) on how well this book does. So yes, the book ends a little unfinished but the actual case is over. It just leaves you wanting more. *Fingers crossed* this isn't the last we see of Speare and Ardeth!

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2019-03-25 00:08

    Reviewed by : Rabid Reads.Stacia Kane has been taunting readers with the prospect of a new DOWNSIDE GHOSTS novel for FAR too long by constantly referencing “book 6” in blog posts, listing the release date as TBA on her website, and don’t even get me started on GoodReads’ catalogue entry. So, when MADE FOR SIN was announced, I jumped on it in the hopes that the author’s writing style, albeit in a different format, would help ease the Chess/Terrible void.Alas, no such luck. While I did see similarities between the above-mentioned series, and her newest work in the form of another antihero protagonist, and gritty universe; overall it was lacking in original ideas. Las Vegas isn’t exactly an innovative setting, nor were the parallels between the city and its reputation for sin avant-garde. The PI, mafia, and Frankenstein-esque murder mystery angles weren’t very groundbreaking either.I enjoyed the demonology with its artefacts, rituals, and how the provenance of E. L. Speare’s curse was unearthed. This title was intended to stand on its own, so we were spared the unpleasantness of unfinished plot threads, and the dreaded cliff hanger ending. Although, there was definitely enough material for a second installment, and I’d be open to learning more about this world should Kane feel the need to expand upon these characters.The third person narrative wasn’t the ideal way to convey Speare’s perspective; I found him to be pretty abrasive, and not in a he-been-done-wrong kind of way even though that was actually the case. His treatment of Ardeth was horrid, and there was absolutely no reason for it. Fortunately, she was a strong secondary in her own right which compensated somewhat for the lead’s deficiencies. Thank goodness the romance didn’t pan out.Don’t rush out to buy MADE FOR SIN because it’s no substitute for DOWNSIDE GHOSTS.

  • Beth
    2019-03-23 01:30

    Made for Sin is an intriguing start to a new Stacia Kane Series with a highly original premise. Speare, the main male characters, must commit sin every day or he will pay for it. Living in Vegas definitely helps Speare meet his quota.Speare finds himself caught up in an investigation that involves a crime boss, demon blade and an accomplished but sexy thief, Ardeth.Corpses begin to pile up and together Ardeth and Speare must unravel the mystery behind the mutilations before it might be Speare’s head on the block next.I was intrigued but never really connected with the story. The premise, the world building was there but I wasn’t a big fan of Speare which made this a 3.5 stars read for me.I received this ARC copy of Made for Sin from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication August 30, 2016.My Rating: 3.5 StarsWritten by Stacia KanePublisher: Loveswept Publication Date: August 30, 2016Sold by: Random House LLCGenre: Urban FantasyBarnes & Noble | Amazon | itunes

  • Marta Cox
    2019-03-28 20:25

    I will start by confessing that I am a huge fan of this author and her Downside Ghosts series is one of my favourites and as I read a lot that's saying something! I've even read her Megan Chase series so spotting this had me all excited. A different approach as this time the author has made the main character male but I'm an equal opportunities kind of girl so nothing wrong with that!Think of Las Vegas and you might think of gambling, living the high life and of course sin! Well it just so happens that this author has decided to delve into that a little deeper. A hero who is almost an anti hero because E l Speare ( don't ask what E stands for!) lives for sin. Sure on the strip you can find greed, envy, avarice, vanity, gluttony and lust and boy does Speare feast on it all . However his tale is not just one of evil and depravity no it's something far more complicated than that. If you are looking for a tortured hero than allow me to introduce you to one right here because the things Speare does are not for himself no, his activities quite literally feed another being!I wasn't sure at first if I would be pulled into this as Speare just didn't seem that likeable but as I followed the crumbs the author left it opened up this story. There's a phrase about being caught between a rock and a hard place and it describes Speare and his truly abysmal circumstances very well. Whilst not strictly action packed it is a story with mystery that unravels a little at a time as we learn more about Speare and those he interacts with. Speare has no choice and that's important to remember but he does have a heart and is prepared to sacrifice for those he feels worthy.My final thoughts are I'm not sure if this a new series or just a standalone but there are certainly possibilities for more but frankly I'm not sure how it would proceed . I ended up liking Speare and that actually surprised me. Yes it's a story told from his point of view but the heroine stood out as bright, confident and very smart but don't be fooled into thinking this is a romance because it's not. This is a suspense driven story with strong paranormal elements and a dark undercurrent, you have been warned!I was gifted a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Susana
    2019-03-27 19:22

    2.5 Stars Arc provided by Loveswept through Netgalley Release Date: August 30thHere's the thing is, I love the author's "Downside Ghosts" series.Even when the thing is breaking my heart, I am loving it. From the plot, to the amazing characters, not forgetting that amazing setting, that series is a must to all urban fantasy addicts.And then you start reading this, and you have to adjust your expectations, because when it comes down to the characters, this story feels too paranormal romance, and I've stopped being a fan of it..."Made for Sin" had a potentially amazing storyline. Not that it hasn't been done before, but, this is queen Stacia Kane, so yeah, great expectations.The idea of a normal guy having to share his body, more precisely his mind with a Demon is a great one, and the author knows how to write: this was an engaging story from first page to last.Thing is, I didn't care about the characters.I didn't even memorized their names: his seemed to come from an old noir movie. Hers? Well it could be at home in "Lord of The Rings". lolSo E.L. Speare is supposed to be this big shot PI who occasionally does the dirty jobs of this Mafia boss guy. Also, he may be related to said Mafia guy, so things are even more complicated, as if hosting a Demon in his head wasn't enough trouble already.We get the story from Speare's pov, but the thing is, at time he felt way too young for all that he had gone through. I don't know if it was just me, but with the exception of the steamy parts, he felt a little too YA: too emo. I got a little tired of being in his head.As for Ardeth, most of the times she was just this red haired Barby, with the great body, and with a plastic personality. She's supposed to be this master thief, but it was hard to get on board with that, since she spends most of the time bickering with Speare.And it isn't as if that bickering led to great sexual tension. Because it didn't!Most of the times they just came out as two (okay, she more than him) stubborn, moronic people, wasting time on frivolities. Yes, Ardeth, I'm looking at you.The plot was nicely done in a macabre way. Think Buffy and the Initiative episodes...Towards the end, the pace picks up a little more, the story becomes more interesting with possibilities, some truths were revealed, and the pages flew faster.I don't know if this is going to be a series, but if so, I really hope Ardeth gets a new personality. That, or that we get a new leading lady.As for the ending, there's no cliffhanger, but there are obvious possibilities for this to get turned into a series.Although, I would much prefer a new "Downside Ghosts" book.Author's Official Blog

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    2019-03-31 22:23

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. I went into this book with really big expectations. I absolutely love Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series so I had hoped to find a new series to love. I found this book really had a hard time holding my interest during the first half. Things did pick up and by the end of the book and I ended up really enjoying myself but it did take a long time to get to that point. I loved the idea behind this book. Speare is a Private Investigator living in Las Vegas. He is forced to commit sins in order to keep his demon in check. He really has no choice but to be a bad guy in some ways. He needs some help solving a crime involving a demon sword so he asks a local thief, Ardeth for some help. I liked the mystery in the story well enough. It was really just enough to keep me going in the story. I never knew exactly where things were going and there were a few twists that surprised me. I think that the main issue with this book was that the first half was so incredibly slow. The focus seemed to be on the characters more than anything and they just were not clicking for me at all. As the mystery picked up speed, something changed for me and the book became much more enjoyable. The romance between Speare and Ardeth never felt completely authentic. I simply couldn't feel the chemistry between them that I had hoped. I did really enjoy the last parts of the book and I am very hopeful about future books in the series. There were a few threads planted that I am hoping to see followed as the series continues. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for the purpose of providing an honest review.

  • Meigan
    2019-04-02 20:21

    Made for Sin was a fairly standard paranormal romance, blending in some familiar elements of urban fantasy, and topped off with touches that author Stacia Kane excels in. Speare is a man with a secret. Working for one of Las Vegas' most notorious crime bosses, he's tasked with a mission to figure out why other members of various organizations are coming up dead, some dismembered and marked in the process. The weapon of choice is something incredibly hard to come by, which is how he finds himself working alongside Ardeth Coyle, a fiery redhead who makes her living stealing magical and demonic items. Ardeth has more knowledge of magical objects than Speare, making her a perfect partner for the investigation. Unfortunately for Speare, his secret is making he investigation rather difficult on two accounts. 1) The item they are searching for is riling up his little inner secret, and 2) He needs to sin to survive. Not a problem when you live in Sin City, but definitely a problem when you don't want to hit and quit a woman you've developed feelings for. Such a conundrum for old Speare, but certainly made for some fun reading. While this was certainly a departure from what I love and expect from Stacia Kane, I was a little disappointed overall. Yes, I know this isn't Downside. Yes, I know this is paranormal romance. Yes, I know it's not fair to compare unrelated books to one another. But - it is fair when one is beautifully written, emotionally involving (Downside!), and the other falls short of what you have grown to love from an author. That's not to say this was a bad book, it wasn't. But there wasn't much to set it apart from the hordes of other paranormal romances, and that's where my disappointment stems from. I wanted more. More relationship development, more emotional connection, more world building. But again, this is a standalone romance novel, so I can kind of forgive some of my grievances. The pacing for the first 2/3 was rather slow, but interesting because of Speare's inner turmoil. He's fighting a war with a part of himself that's unexplainable. He doesn't know why he's the way he is, it's just something he's grown used to, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. And he really doesn't. Speare doesn't want to sin, he doesn't want to be the bad guy, but unfortunately that's the life he's been given. All in all, Made for Sin provided a quick, satisfying read. As I stated before, it's a fairly typical paranormal romance, but Kane throws in some familiar elements with punk references and of course, throws in a muscle car for good measure. It also has the kind of character Kane excels in - ones who wrestle with demons, sometimes literally, oftentimes figuratively. Although there's not really anything that would make this stand out among its peers, it's well-written, funny at times, and has a really interesting main character with a more interesting little problem. Fans of Stacia may be a little disappointed in the end, just because we know what's she's capable of. Fans of paranormal romance may enjoy everything about this that I didn't, so it's really a mixed bag.**eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Kim the Strange
    2019-03-23 22:22

    This was pushed back to August 2016...Update: 4/11Ooooh I dig the cover art!! Snazzy....Update: 5/12According to the email I got from Amazon, this book comes out August 30th! Excellent......Update: 6/20NetGalley approved my request this morning, so I'm reading this baby right now! I'm 20% in and it's good! I suggest if you're interested in reading this, head on over to NetGalley and request it!! Update: 6/23I finished reading this a little bit ago, I need a bit to gather my thoughts. But I dug it! Eek now I have to write a legit review, ok .......

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-04-09 20:18

    3.5If this is the beginning of a new series, I can say I will definitely read anything featuring this protagonist. Stacia Kane does anti-heroes really well. Made for Sin has its flaws but none of them takes away a single good thing from this story. Some might consider the speed Speare falls in love/lust with Ardeth one of them, but after that ending, I'm fine with it all. Why? Because it's a well plotted, fast paced story. A mob boss, who may or may not be Speare's father, tells him to find the killer of his right-hand man. What starts as a simple investigation any P.I. could do, soon turns out into something more horrific than anyone anticipated.All that while keeping the beast demon living in his head calm enough. Nobody wants that out. It's more than a decent urban fantasy story set in Las Vegas where certain circles deal with occult items and rituals. There is even a 40-year-old truce that forbids anyone using magic against the other families. They are allowed to kill each other in other ways, though. But one of the reasons I like this story is this: in fiction today (I may even go a step further and say not just fiction) authors are all too ready to mock Christianity while hypocritically bowing to something else (I'm being nice here). My emphasis is on the hypocrisy rather than Christianity. Well, Christian symbols actually work here. Not completely, of course. Just enough for us to see it doesn't like it. There is nothing simple with this demon, but it doesn't feel comfortable with a cross, for example. It's nothing over-the-top, not a single preachy line. I don't appreciate any kind of preachiness, either. And I mean any. Nothing like that here. It's just the fact that Stacia Kane didn't feel the need to go with the flow makes me like this story even more.Overall, Speare has so much to offer. I wouldn't mind reading a book or two with him in it.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-04-03 01:18

    Like many other readers who will pick up this book, I am a huge fan of Stacia Kane’s Downside series. I knew this story wouldn’t be like those, but I like a good PNR and I figured that Kane’s talent would shine through in just about anything she wrote. I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed. Made For Sin isn’t bad, but it’s not especially good either. It’s kind of superficial in its character development. The romance is lackluster and insta-love. The pacing is uneven. And the ending just didn’t satisfy.The premise was pretty interesting. Speare is a Las Vegas P.I. with strong ties to Lorenzo, a local mob boss. He also carries a demon inside him. That demon forces him to commit various sins to stay sane. The heftier the sin, the more relief Speare gets from the rage and noise inside his head.Anyway, Lorenzo has tapped Speare to figure out who killed his right hand man. But the investigation turns out to be nothing like he expected. One murder turns into more. Body parts are missing. And someone is using a demon sword. That’s where Ardeth comes in. She is a specialized thief who Speare visits for tips on the sword’s origins. The two end up working together once the killers seem to start targeting them.I was kind of meh about the execution. Speare’s a tough guy who doesn’t seem all that tough. Ardeth seems like she gets what’s happening with him –and is so totally understanding of his demon-induced behavior, that it made no sense. I kept waiting for it to come out that she already knew his secret, but apparently she’s just that awesome. So awesome, in fact, that these two were in love and changing each other’s lives in three days.The sex was pretty good. And I liked it when the beast came out in the second half, but this book had none of the charisma and angst that Stacia Kane is capable of. This is an author whose stuff is so good that I have re-read chapters inside the same books over and over, just to savor them. And the fact that this is PNR shouldn’t change that. It doesn’t have to make the romance less believable, and it certainly doesn’t have to make the characters less fleshed out.Oh, and there is no HEA. Not even a HFN, so maybe you can’t even call it PNR.This was not for me.*ARC provided by publisher

  • Alisa
    2019-04-14 02:11

    I was really excited to read this first book to a new series by Stacia Kane and I have to say it didn't disappoint. Speare is a Las Vegas P.I. who is cursed with a demon inside of him. He must sin to keep the demon under control. If he doesn't commit enough sins the demon makes an effort to get out and things go very poorly when that happens. When the right-hand man of a local crime boss is found dead, Speare is asked to investigate. As his investigation continues more dead bodies keep popping up and Speare is led to Ardeth who is a thief that deals in occult artifacts. The case turns dangerous quickly and the two soon find out they're in a race for their lives.I loved Speare as soon as he's introduced in the story. If you love a good tortured hero then you're going to love him too. He's a really good guy in a really bad situation and there's not much he can do about it. Despite that he tries to do good and he is desperately lonely. Ardeth is introduced mid way in and I liked her right off also. She's a strong female character but not one that comes across too harsh. There is some world building as there always is in urban fantasy stories but it was done is a smooth way. It was interspersed throughout the book, not all dumped at once, and it was really easy to follow. I was immediately pulled in and interested in the plot. It was fast paced and entertaining and I thought it was pretty creative.I don't have any complaints. I thought this was really well done and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. This is a must read for fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

  • Tatiana
    2019-04-11 00:28


  • Keertana
    2019-04-14 18:20

    Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series is simply incredible. Each book is better than the last, the characters well-developed and unique in a world that is bursting with originality and darkness. I've been anxious and excited for the latest Downside Ghosts novel for years, but when I realized that Kane was starting a new series, I immediately transferred those emotions onto Made For Sin. And that is, certainly, my fault. Made For Sin is an interesting, certainly thought-provoking new foray into urban fantasy for Kane but it is no Downside Ghosts. Sadly. Where this novel falters is, unfortunately, in its rocky beginning. Made For Sin takes place over the course of three days and that first day--nearly the first third of the book--is painstakingly slow. The mystery is gruesome, but fascinating, so it is a surprise that it is Kane's characters who leave the story bleak and dull. Speare, our narrator, works for a notorious crime boss in Las Vegas, tasked with determining who has been murdering--and slicing off body parts--of said crime boss's right-hand men. In order to help solve the mystery, Speare turns to Ardeth, a thief and dealer in magical artifacts. But Speare and Ardeth are not safe and as the bodies--and missing body parts--keep piling up, Speare must decide which danger is more pressing: the killer on the loose or the evil in his head. Literally, there is evil in Speare's head. At thirteen, a demon appeared in Speare's head, sharing his body with him. In order to keep the beast at bay, and satisfied, Speare must sin. If he keeps himself from sinning, the beast could take over--and when that happens, Speare surges back into his body, often overlooking a carnage of death. Thus, Speare has learned the art of sinning like no one else, keeping himself aloof and alone so that the beast cannot hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, what this means is that Speare is quite...boring. When he hasn't sinned in awhile, like at the start of this novel, he is nearly incapable of holding a witty conversation, instead focused on keeping the beast held down. His entire existence revolves around the beast--which I completely understand--but it's akin to befriending someone whose existence revolves around their significant other. After awhile, there's just not that much more to them. Where this story really picks up is when the beast begins to make an appearance. The mystery is extremely well-paced and unpredictable, so it's not easy to set this book down, and Ardeth, though a little bland at first, grows into her character, proving to be indomitable and clever. As Speare's demon grows stronger, flickering in and out of his mind-view, Made For Sin becomes a strong, four-star read. I sped through the pages, marveling at the complexities and layers that the beast brought to Speare and Ardeth's relationship. The ending, with its plot twists and unexpected sacrifices, is compelling--it's certainly enough to have me eager for the sequel (although another Downside Ghosts book, first, would not be unwelcome). Nevertheless, I cannot deny that the first third of this story isn't as fascinating as it could be and, further, I feel as if this story has been written before, in bits and pieces, and in some ways better. Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon's Lexicon and Lynburn Legacy trilogy contain demons and voices-in-your-head, respectively. More recently, V.E. Schwab's This Savage Song is about monsters and humans; how a monster tries to keep himself from killing/eating in order to convince himself of his own humanity. It's similar, in so many ways, to Speare's sinning and while this book is Adult while those previously mentioned are Young Adult, there's nothing more that makes this novel better. Made For Sin is an interesting read. I'm curious to see where the future of this series lies and would love to read more about this world--not to mention, there's an elephant (or demon) in the room that needs to be taken care of. But if this is your first foray into Stacia Kane, read her Downside Ghosts series instead. It's vivid and alive, its characters leaping off the page and never dull, not for a single moment. Its romance is sexier, stronger, and far more swoon-worthy. Naturally, I'll read anything this woman writes, but her latest is a mere shadow of her full potential.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-04-05 23:16

    3.5 stars When I learned that Stacia Kane was coming out with a new book, I got super excited. As a huge fan of the Downside Ghosts series, I was curious to see if this book would be just as good as her other series. Now I don’t know if this book will become a series, but I can definitely see the potential there. MADE FOR SIN is an Urban Fantasy that follows PI E.L. Speare in Las Vegas.It’s no surprise that I like the writing style since I do enjoy a lot of Kane’s other books. However, in terms of originality, this book doesn’t exactly offer something new to the genre. We have a PI protagonist who gets a new case involving murder, crime bosses and a bit of magic is thrown in as well. Speare took me a while to get used to. He’s not the most likeable character. He’s a bit cocky and a smartass, which don’t bother me on its own, but he does have this one relationship with a character that was unnecessarily complicated. I didn’t see the reason for it so I tended to roll my eyes whenever it occurred. I just didn’t like the way he acted with her, and his behavior is pretty much the same with a lot of other characters in the story as well although that didn’t bother me as much. So I guess I wasn’t fully sold on his character based off of this one book, but Kane can easily make this into a series and perhaps continue to develop his character.The book explores quite a bit of demon mythology, which I enjoyed. But I would have liked to see it more fleshed out. It runs a little vague here and there and I wonder if that’s due to it being possibly a first book in the series and she plans on exploring more. Either way, it can be better.The Vegas setting is fun and exciting but again, nothing that different from what we’ve seen before. I honestly wouldn’t have minded it if this was a new author on the scene, but this is Stacia Kane we’re talking about here! She’s written some great books. Unfortunately, I was really hoping more.If this becomes a series, I’ll continue to read. But as a stand alone, it’s decent but nothing earth shattering

  • Kira
    2019-03-25 19:09

    When I saw that Stacia Kane had a new urban fantasy book with a bit of a mafia twist I was sold. I think my expectations for this were too high since I loved her Downside Ghosts series. It was okay but not a page turner. Downside Ghosts had such rich world building, and this didn't have much world building at all. Magical workers and objects were mentioned without any rules or explanation given. Speare was a PI who worked for criminal organizations. Some important men were being killed and he was tasked with finding the killer. I wasn't too invested in the case. None of the people who died had any page time. I didn't care about them. It was too easy to figure out who the final target was. I had that and an important piece of Speare's history figured out long before he did, so the shock value wasn't there when things were revealed.Most of the book focused on his need to sin to keep the demon in his head at bay and on his obsession with Ardeth. Speare was the kind of guy who kept his secrets well guarded, but within days of meeting Ardeth he poured his heart out to her. Sure he liked her, but did he have to turn into an idiot because he wanted to get laid? He laid some heavy shit on her. There wasn't any shock or fear. Her reaction was suspiciously calm. She was too perfect for Speare. I liked him, but as the book went on he made dumber and dumber decisions. The intensity of his feelings for Ardeth didn't make sense. He didn't really know her. Yet there was something I liked about them together.I'm not sure if another book is planned or if this was a standalone. It could go either way, but I would read the next one if it is turned into a series. It has the potential to be really good.I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    2019-04-03 20:37

    First off, I am a huge fan of Stacia Kane's previous series Downside Ghosts so I was thrilled to learn that after some publishing woes she was writing again. The premise of Made for Sin is good,the hero E L Speare houses a mysterious demon who can only be kept under control by our unfortunate hero sinning, the bigger the better. When he is thrown together with a career thief Ardath O'Rourke despite his vow to remain alone and try to rid himself of his "beast" sparks soon fly as they try and solve who has broken the pact for Vegas families not to use magic for their own ends. I liked the story and characters and it definitely has potential although I don't think the emotions or the characterisations are as strong as The Downside Ghosts. But I'm really glad to get another novel from the amazing imagination of Stacia Kane.3.5 stars.

  • Emily May
    2019-03-24 18:34

    Maybe I will come back to this later, but right now it's doing nothing for me. I'm not interested in the murder mystery and I'm already bored by the direction of what I assume is going to be the romance. Speare's just not an exciting protagonist and Ardeth has thus far been described by her beauty and tight clothing - not enough personality to hold my interest.

  • Shari Kay
    2019-03-23 18:30 (view spoiler)[no HEA, no second book (hide spoiler)]

  • Melanie
    2019-03-29 00:22

    My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at 3.5 starsI’ve been a huge fan of Stacia Kane for several years now. I started off reading her Megan Chase series and then really fell in love with her after starting theDownside Ghosts series (Downside is especially good on audio). It has been since since 2012 that I’ve gotten a full length book from Ms. Kane. Needless to say, I was pretty excited.Made for Sin is a story that, of course, is set in Sin City itself, Las Vegas. The story is told by E. L. Speare (don’t ask him his first name), a PI with a dark side. He has a demon inside him. He must commit a sin everyday or the demon takes over, only to leave Speare waking up to carnage. It can be any of the mortal sins, but the bigger, the longer the demon will let him go before he has to commit the next sin. Shoplifting is one of the smaller sins we see him commit to pacify his demon.When a body start to turn up with a piece missing, as in a whole arm taken from the shoulder, Speare is on the case to help look for what is going on. Then even more bodies with missing pieces start to turn up. There is also a demon sword involved. Speare decides the best place to start looking is for someone who just got their hands on the demon sword. He recruits a thief, in Ardeth Coyle, who also dealer in occult artifacts.This was a good story. It has all the things you expect from a solid Urban Fantasy book. The world that Kane built in Vegas does it proud. Add in the magic and it is a solid location that any UF fan would enjoy. Speare is a great tortured hero, who is working hard to be “good”. Ardeth is a solid heroine who isn’t trying nearly as hard to be good. The suspense and action are all there. All in all, this is a solid story. That being said, I didn’t love it as much as I expected to. I think this book might have suffered from “too high of expectations” and “over anticipation”. As much as I loved Kane’s first two series, I think I expected this one to blow me out of the water and it just didn’t do that. Kane mentions on her blog, that this book could be a stand alone or possibly a start to a new series. If there is a book two, I will definitely give it a go. I know that it is often that the first book of a series is okay, but get way better with more stories. I’m sure Kane could do that, as I’ve loved her other series. I really hope that there is a book two.NarrationThis is my first book with Aiden Snow as narrator. I really liked him. I thought he did a great job with our tortured hero. I also liked his women’s voices. The pace was great. I thought he really brought the darker side to the story. He is definitely a narrator that I will be on the look out for in the future.**I like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

  • Wendy F
    2019-04-15 22:26

    Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series is in my top 3 Urban Fantasy series of all time. When anyone asks me for recommendations it’s always one of the first series/books I mention because Chess and Terrible are simply incredible together. One of the best series ever, one of the best couples ever. No contest. Even though it’s been years since I finished the 5th book in the Downside series, I’m still painfully hungry for the next installment. When I heard that Kane was releasing another book first I was equal parts grumbly and excited. I was grumbly because it wasn’t Downside, and excited because it was Stacia Kane.I should point out that other than Downside Ghosts I haven’t actually read anything else by Kane. I had no idea if it was the series or the author. After finishing Made for Sin I still don’t know.Made for Sin started off rough. For the first 40% I was plodding along, depressed because I was sure it would be a mediocre review because I wasn’t inspired. Speare was only sort of interesting, Ardeth was your usual blah heroine… the plot was kind of interesting, but some of it felt like regurgitated stuff from another series that I love. However, somewhere between 45% and the half way mark I found myself finally getting invested. I’m still not sure about the plot, but I started to really care about Speare. I finally started feeling the want. I wanted him to fix his curse. I wanted him to be free of his burden. I wanted him to have a chance at a real future, the one he’d always hoped for.That want was enough. It was what made me keep clicking next on my kindle. While I do still think that some of the concepts have been done before, Stacia Kane brought a new spin. A spin less romantic and more dangerous and violent. There isn’t a rosy picture for Speare. His curse is truly nasty, without a silver lining.And now, with that said, I really really hope that Stacia Kane isn’t done with this character. It seriously cannot end the way it did. Does anyone know if this will be ongoing?Thank you to Loveswept via Netgalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.For this and other reviews, visit us at Badass Book Reviews!

  • Audrey
    2019-04-16 02:09

    So one of my favourite authors finally has a new series, featuring a cool dirty Las Vegas setting and a very cool protagonist sharing headspace with a demon who makes him sin. Unfortunately, its ruined by the most godawfully boring heroine. This is the same author who came up with Chess, right?? Ardeth is completely useless and I have no idea why Speare is head over heels with her. For someone who is meant to be a badass thief she spends most of the book looking pathetic and crying over dead bodies.I would read more of this series, because I love the author and like the idea of demon possession that requires sin to control. Maybe she'll kill of Ardeth and introduce a character with actual sexual tension instead.

  • Helen
    2019-04-20 02:34

    Well, I really enjoyed reading this one, it was one of those books where I would happily have turned the world off and stayed at home curled up on the sofa until I'd finished it. I liked Speare and Ardeth, they were both interesting and the attraction between them sizzled nicely. I want more of them though, it can't end the way it did! And I want to see Ardeth again, using her thieving skills more and generally being clever, and winding Speare up. The only thing that felt a bit off for me was that I couldn't picture Speare very well Near the end of the book it says that he's tall but other than that I didn't get a good mental picture of what he looked like.

  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    2019-04-07 20:25

    I almost DNF'ed this book several times. I simply could not get into it. I had to push myself to the end because I don't like to give up. Fans of the author's writing style may enjoy it; but I wasn't getting much of anything out of it. The last 10%, when Speare's demon finally made his appearance picked up the read a bit; but that was way too late to save the book for me.The summary sounded soooo interesting, yet the reality was a pedestrian read. I can't help but wonder what Jim Butcher or Cynthia Eden; or even Diana Rowland could have done with this premise.

  • Mel
    2019-04-02 21:17

    4 stars!I immediately became a fan of Stacia Kane after reading her Downside Ghosts series, and I knew that I had to get my hands on her newest book, Made for Sin, after reading the blurb. I love the vivid urban fantasy worlds she creates and Made for Sin did not disappoint.E.L. Speare is a Las Vegas PI who is known for his strength and persuasion. But Speare has a secret. He literally shares his head with a demon and keeps the beast satisfied by sinning. Luckily, living in Sin City allows for many opportinuties to help keep the beast in check.He didn’t steal because it was fun. He stole to keep from going Mr. Hyde on the general public – he sinned to keep from going Mr. Hyde on the general public. It wasn’t something he chose to do, just because.When Speare is put on a new case, we see the world Stacia has created come to life. Speare has to solve the gruesome murder and it seems he needs the help of Ardeth Coyle.Ardeth is a smart, confident, sexy thief who is successful at what she does. She knows a lot about occult artifacts and could be the answer to finding out who used a demon-sword as a murder weapon in the case Speare is working. When Speare meets Ardeth, though, the two are imediately butting heads, unsure of how they will get along. They bicker back and forth but Speare is a no-nonsense kind of guy and doesn’t play games. Ardeth is rattling him big time yet there is an attraction growing that Speare is not used to and it's something he can not act on. The beast wants her, too and for her safety, Speare can't allow it to have her either.The beast had already taken his freedom from him, years before. No way was he letting it take anything else, even if that meant not allowing himself to have anything it could takeAs bodies start piling up, each death worse than the previous, Speare and Ardeth find themselves in the middle of a dangerous mystery as their feelings and desires for each other grow stronger. The more time they spend together the harder it is to deny what is happening between them.She was salvation, something he’d wanted all his life but had long since given up hope of finding. And she was there. Ready. Willing. Wanting him.…He just couldn’t refuse the chance she was offering him, the chance to know how it felt to be with a woman he truly cared about – not just liked well enough to take home for the night, but cared about. And to know that she was there because she cared about him. Just once in his life he wanted to feel that. Fuck the consequences and fuck the pain he knew he’d be in later; this was his chance, and her was fucking taking it.Unfortunately, as Speare and Ardeth get closer to solving the mystery, everything goes to hell. Toward the end of the book, we finally meet the nightmarish creature hidden inside Speare’s head when the demon comes out to play. He is horrifying, shows no mercy, and enjoys the kill.How will things turn out in Speare and Aredeth’s supernatural world. Is there a future for them when the mystery is finally solved?I really enjoyed Made for Sin and all that surrounds Speare and Ardeth. Speare interested me from the start. He’s a man that wants a normal life but can’t have it. He wasn’t given a choice and my heart broke for the longing he had to be free from the demon. I also hated that he didn’t feel deserving of Ardeth and that he didn’t think he could ever have a true relationship.I really enjoyed Ardeth as well. I liked her personality and how she was gentle and supportive toward Speare when his secret is revealed. She does not judge him and tries to understand what he is going through.I do, however, wish there was more of a connection between Ardeth and Speare. I liked how they interacted but I wanted  a deeper development of a relationship. The way the book seemed to be going, I figured there would be more romance than there was.  The mystery was the main element though, and the unique plot kept me interested and engaged. It had you guessing why things are occuring and what is going to happen next. There were twists toward the end that I did not see coming and I was glad we got more information about the beast.Made for Sin provides the excitement, action, suspense, and mystery I've come to expect and love from Stacia Kane. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and just wished there was MORE!! I am not sure if this is a standalone, but this would be an awesome start to a new series, Stacia Kane! *hint hint, wink wink**ARC generously provided by NetGalley and Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review*

  • Marsha
    2019-03-22 00:22

    Okay, let me be upfront. I am an avid fan of Stacia Kane and she can do no wrong in my book. So, before I really knew anything about "Made For Sin" I preordered it. I am so glad I did.In this new world, P.I. E.L. Speare operates on the streets of Las Vegas aka Sin City. For most of his life rumors had it that his father is mobster, Lazarus Doretti. His former showgirl mother always told him it was true as well. So when Spears gets a phone call that his 'father' is cooking enough food for an army, he knows something bad has happened. It seems one of Doretti's most trusted henchmen has had his legendary right arm cut off at the shoulder. Director wants Speare to investigate who did this so he can invoke revenge. What Doretti doesn't know is that Speares has a demon living in his head since the age of 13 and in order to keep it at bay,he must feed it with a steady diet of sin.As the hacked bodies begin piling up, Speare's realizes that he need to find out who might has purchased a demon blade. So, he goes to talk to the beautiful thief, Ardeth Coyle. Unfortunately, it seems others do not want them exchanging information. When they are both attacked it becomes clear that if they are going to survive they will need to work together. However, Speare's demon is quite interested in the beautiful but frustrating Ardeth.With the help of a Las Vegas police officer, Majowski, Ardeth and Spears try to get a drop on the murderers before another body is found but soon it becomes clear that the only body they want is Speares. The world building, plot and characters are great. My only problem is at time I just didn't feel the chemistry between Ardeth and Speares; yet, there was plenty of action and entertainment to be enjoyed. I can't wait to read more books in this series.

  • Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥
    2019-04-07 23:28

    Review to come...

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-04-04 01:35

    This review was originally posted on (un)Conventional BookviewsMade for Sin is set in a dark, gritty universe, where there are demons and magic, and where safety is not a given. Characters that kept me on my toes, a tight plot and a good storyline entertained me and had me hooked from start to finish.Made for Sin has quite a bit of suspense, as the story starts with the discovery of a corpse without its right arm. Yes, you read that right - the whole arm was taken off, from the shoulder, and the rest was left behind. Speare was the one PI who was set on the case, and he needed help both from the police and from a thief who might know something about a demon sword. Ardeth was an amazing character, too, because she was able to hold her cards oh so close to the chest, so while I enjoyed her and got a good feel for her - neither I nor Speare really got to know her very well.Kane is quite a master at world building, and in Made for Sin, the story is set in Las Vegas, but not necessarily in the same world as us. Speare truly loves his sinful city, and he wants to do what he can to protect it from the evil that is lurking and might destroy them all. The characters are well done, and I enjoyed both their personalities and their strange humor. The dark magic that was present made things very interesting as well.If you're a fan of dark and gritty stories with extremely flawed characters who have to truly fight to be 'good', you should definitely pickup Made for Sin and enjoy the slightly scary, quite suspenseful, and sometimes romantic ride it will take you on. Written in third person past tense, with a narrator that shows us what happens mostly from Speare's perspective. (And really, how can you not wonder about that name??)Speare figured it was a mixture of both, but either way, the place was full of gold leaf and shiny flocked wallpaper and ruffled pink bordello curtains. Mirrors hung on almost every wall, too, amplifying the neon glare. Speare wasn't a guy who knew much about decorating, but he knew that place hurt his eyes.Those adding-machine eyes were back, he could feel them, calculating how much she trusted him. How much to tell him. Hopefully the answer was "all of it," because fighting her over every piece of information was already getting old and he'd only known her for three hours."Sorry," she said. "I didn't realize it was a sore spot.""It's not.""Sure it is." She sucked on the Coke he'd bought her and made a face. Yeah, sitting in the car for forty minutes hadn't made it taste any better. "You're kind of a walking sore spot, Speare. I wonder why."

  • Mel
    2019-04-16 23:19

    In all honesty, Made For Sin isn't an easy book to review. Why? When you love a book, it's easy to sing its praises. When you loathe a book, it's pretty easy to bash it. When a book is mediocre? It's difficult.While I found the world building in Made For Sin to be unique, which definitely seems to be Stacia Kane's thing, I had a hard time connecting with it. I really liked Speare and grew to like Ardeth, but there was just something missing and I can't quite put my finger on it.Maybe it's the fact that almost the entire time I was reading Made For Sin, I was wishing it were another Downside Ghosts book instead. I don't know. I just know that I went into Made For Sin expecting to love it and didn't. If this ends up being a series, I might continue on with it, but I'm not sure. I'd much rather Ms. Kane spend her writing time in Downside.

  • Regan
    2019-03-22 19:15

    Gah! Stacia Kane just hits all my buttons. Excellent, immersive worldbuilding (which exists in layers but which feels seamless - there's no need for chapters of "well, Bob" exposition to explain how and what and why that what), deep characterization of a small cast, genuine dialogue and beautifully built tension (of the suspenseful and sexual kind). And I swear she writes the best chapter breaks in the history of UF.This doesn't have the sometimes uncomfortable grit of her Downside series (I love it but know that some people got squeamish) but there is a serious danger that rocks back and forth across a thin, thin line throughout the story, adding major stakes - on top of the investigation plot.I want this to be a series - a series of about 17 books. I could watch Speare and Ardeth play and fight and lean on each other for years. Did I mention this story has a very cinematic feel? There's Vegas as a backdrop, which includes a lot of sensory input, but the settings are all each suffused with character which lends to a richer atmosphere.I did wish for a bit more Ardeth. She and Speare have very distinct and strong personalities at the beginning, maybe just for being slightly at odds and slightly on edge, but I felt that dimmed later in the book. (This is all written in Speare's POV, by the way, and there is a very good reason for that) And I'm not sure why, because she was still active - including handing out a few surprises. Possibly I just really wanted more of her. I guess that's what the next 17 books will be for...right, Loveswept Publishing?Sex is on the page and...I guess it's graphic? I don't know how to evaluate that. It's detailed but toned down. There, that's how it is. Oh, and HOT. Like, don't read it on an airplane. (I totally read it on an airplane and regret nothing - nor does the guy reading over my shoulder)I'm going to throw one reminder out to anyone about to start this. Please note that this is urban fantasy with romantic elements, but it is (view spoiler)[ NOT A ROMANCE. I know, I was surprised as well.(hide spoiler)]

  • April Symes
    2019-03-28 02:16

    Made for Sin is a great new start in the new series by Stacia Kane. She has written some awesome books in the past and I am so glad to see her back. This book is set in Las Vegas, with an anti-hero named Speare who finds himself caught up in an investigation that takes many turns and a fiery and sexy thief named Ardeth.When the bodies start turning up and piling up, Ardeth and Speare together must figure out the secrets and the mysteries behind what is going on before it might be Speare’s head on the block next.There are twists and turns in this book and some defiante turn in the romance for Speare and Ardeth. I liked where the MC went and the creep factor was set with the mutilations and also there is this thing about Speare. I didn’t think I was going to like him. He definitely was not my idea of a hero, which is why I call him the anti hero. I will also say, this feels like a possible start to a brand new series, even though this story wrapped up but left room to come back for more stories. I love Stacia Kane and her brand of stories. You cant help but getting enthralled by her storytelling. My rating: 4.5 stars **** **I was given an ARC by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review***