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What if Colonel Fitzwilliam had made Elizabeth's acquaintance before Mr Darcy? In this variation of Jane Austen's classic, Colonel Fitzwilliam attends the ball in Meryton and gets off to a much better start with Elizabeth than does Mr Darcy. Unfortunately the colonel is to be reposted to the continent, and neither he nor Elizabeth have enough fortune to make a continued reWhat if Colonel Fitzwilliam had made Elizabeth's acquaintance before Mr Darcy? In this variation of Jane Austen's classic, Colonel Fitzwilliam attends the ball in Meryton and gets off to a much better start with Elizabeth than does Mr Darcy. Unfortunately the colonel is to be reposted to the continent, and neither he nor Elizabeth have enough fortune to make a continued relationship prudent. But when circumstances change, can Mr Darcy overcome the poor first impression he has made on Elizabeth, or does he risk losing the only woman he ever loved to his cousin? This variation deviates from Jane Austen's original plot. It can be read as a complete story by itself, though the final resolution will come in the second volume....

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Darcy's Denial: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Reviews

  • Mary
    2019-05-17 21:28

    Dear reader, This was one of the most amazing books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading!From the very first chapter,you slowly begin to realise that this book,this tale is unique...not just in the context of the plot itself,but in the beautifully scripted conversations,playful situations,warm cheerful banter and overall sense, for the reader, of being present,right beside the characters as the story unfolds with many brave twists and turns. I loved so many different aspects of this story..... the beautiful way that the story is portrayed...........the sense of having stumbled upon a story that is as old as time,yet one that had a freshness,a certain likeability factor due,perhaps to the different perspective deployed by Ms Whyte-one that flows so effortlessly that my heart in turn raced and beat dangerously as I reacted to events that I had no control over. (Yes dear reader,it's P & P but not as one knows it......)!I was totally engrossed in this story and although I am,at present,bereft (for reasons only disclosed to the reader), I await book two with bated breath. If you treat yourself to no other book this year,dear reader,treat yourself to this. Put simply it was delightful-a truly fantastic read.....I highly recommend it and can only sit in awe and applaud the talent that brought forth this literary gem!!

  • Nicole
    2019-05-02 15:16

    4.5 Stars Okay...So I WAS going to say: Glad I waited until Book 2 is out, or I would have been one unhappy girl!... Then I realized I read Book 1 too fast and have two days to wait for the release of Book 2 :(ARRRGH!!!

  • Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813
    2019-04-27 19:34

    I read both books by this author this weekend and I really enjoyed both books. However, this one was my preference and left me hanging in that mystified, "Why can't I get this story out of my mind way."I really enjoy books that delve into the Darcy/Elizabeth/Colonel Fitzwilliam triangle. They're fun and interesting and I like to see how Darcy gets himself out of his way, by getting back into Elizabeth's good graces.After reading numerous "love triangles," I enjoyed this one as one of the best written and most believable of the JAFF triangles. With that said, it took about 30% of the book to get me really pulled in by the plot. Once I was hooked, I finished the book quickly, and contacted the author, congratulated her on her JAFF debut and found out that "Darcy's Deliverance" (book 2) will be published by (fingers crossed, no holding breath here!) January 2016.I loved how Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam battled over Elizabeth! I loved watching them try to seduce her, which included sonnets (think Shakespeare) and romantic gestures, while holding an animosity towards each other that also paralleled their great love and respect for each other... What a web of angst, heartbreak and obstacles!Ms. Whyte's writing style is purposeful and engaging. As a reader, I enjoyed her use of witty dialogue, descriptive language, and her well-paced plot lines. I was gripping my kindle until the last swipe of my virtual page, savoring the twists and turns of this highly original plot until I read the very last word... " Oh well, that ship has sailed," I said to myself, as I closed the cover on this story and started counting the months until book 2. The story stayed deeply within my thoughts all weekend long.Now I am anxiously counting the days for the final book...

  • Carole (in Canada)
    2019-04-24 15:32

    How could this happen...Elizabeth choosing Colonel Fitzwilliam over Darcy? Ms. Whyte deftly takes you through how it possibly could. Darcy's reserve, shyness, overthinking and ultimately his arrogance are his undoing. The Colonel's outgoing personality, sense of humour and kindness makes a tremendous first impression on Elizabeth. His respect towards her and others leaves an indelible mark. Both are aware that a future together is not possible but still a friendship is formed. With the Colonel, at times I felt he was just a bit oblivious to Darcy's connection to Elizabeth. When circumstances change, Elizabeth still believes nothing can come of it. Elizabeth's emotions are all wrapped up in the Colonel but I felt she had a 'connection' with Darcy during one of my favourite scenes in the book (music room at Rosings). Unfortunately, she just didn't understand the true significance of it. By the end of this book, I was in tears and sighing. This just can't be happening. I was emotionally engaged and couldn't fall asleep as I was busy coming up with scenarios of how Ms. Whyte was going to resolve this. Thank goodness the next book is coming out shortly.

  • Debbie Brown
    2019-05-05 17:26

    Other glowing reviews for this already have said many of the things I could write here. I will only add that the most unique feature I find in this book is that the Colonel Fitzwilliam created by the author is as attractive a suitor for Elizabeth as Darcy. His character is fully defined - not quite as much as Darcy and Lizzy, but still someone it's easy to root for. If the reader doesn't approach this with the mental preconception that Lizzy MUST end up with Darcy (yes, almost an impossibility for passionate Darcy lovers!), you feel compassion for Darcy when Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are together but have to acknowledge that this also seems like a good match. The cliffhanger ending is gut wrenching for the odd man out and definitely leaves you grabbing for the sequel, Darcy's Deliverance.

  • Karen
    2019-05-03 20:12

    Excellent Pride & Prejudice variation. This is first of a 2 part story. Carolyn Whyte writes an especially excellent tortured Darcy. I'm eagerly anticipating part 2 release in early 2016, hoping Darcy gets his hearts desire.

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-05-20 21:09

    Oh My! Darcy was a mess. I liked it, but I didn’t love it:I read the reviews. I knew going in that there would be angst. I knew and yet I had to read this work. Like most readers, I love our dear Colonel Fitzwilliam. As the second son of Lord and Lady Matlock, he has had to make his own way in life and we’ve always respected his attitude and forbearance. He is the light to the dark side of his cousin Fitzwilliam Darcy and their brother/cousin relationship has been lauded in many JAFF variations. These men have stood together through the good times and the bad and in this work, that relationship is about to change as both men are in love with the same woman. Only one will garner her affections; only one will wed her. The other will have to face life on the outside looking in with grief and regret as his reward. Things I liked: Keeping to the P&P story line as closely as possible. When situations changed, that often allowed for our story to go in another direction or take a different route, but with the same outcome. There were several situations that had to be adjusted and yet the author was able to still bring it about. The marriage of Lydia is a perfect example. [no spoiler] Language from canon also had to be adjusted; however, it was fun seeing it pop up at the most unusual times and to see who delivered it. What a hoot. Our usual cast of characters from Austen’s P&P were pretty much the same. Caroline’s behavior and mental state was a bit more aggressive in her determination to have Darcy. The chapters were short and it was a quick read. The text moved our story along at a rapid pace. There were a lot of surprises such as… Mr. Gardiner, wow, that one I did not see coming. The author was pretty slick with that reveal. What I didn’t like: Well… I hate to say this… I really hate to say this; I didn’t like Darcy. I know… that’s tantamount to sacrilege. I couldn’t help it. He was worse than canon. We are in his head a lot and it was a one man show. He was the center of his universe and everything revolved around him. In his head, he knew his feelings, his desires and what he wanted. He then, in his arrogance, ASSUMED that Elizabeth knew what he was thinking. WRONG! His every action and look said something completely different and it was loud and clear that he thought himself above his company. The author needed Elizabeth to be drawn away from Darcy and lean toward Richard. And… by George… our author was successful. However, she also drew me away, the reader along with my sympathies. I had none for Darcy. What little I had soon dissipated like fog does when the sun comes out. I had sympathy for Georgiana, cousin Richard and what suffering Darcy was putting them through and what was about to happen in the future [2nd book]. His disdain for the feelings of others; his refusal to interact with society beneath him; his looking upon those around him with a haughty demeanor, superior looks, or his imperious stare [finding fault] was disgusting. He was the last man in this book that I could ever be prevailed upon to like. I have never disliked a Darcy character as I have this one. I kept thinking… get him out of England …. NOW! With his attitude and behavior, he didn’t deserve Elizabeth. He was awful. I am so upset with his character. Even Wickham’s behavior [as bad as he was] was consistent with his character and who he was. Darcy’s actions were outrageous. It was a wonder that our dear Colonel didn’t run him through. Enough of this. I won’t do a spoiler. If you want that, read those reviews that tell all, and they are out there. There were many good points regarding this story. It sets up wonderfully the second book. There were no jolts in the transitions, and drama and angst were manageable. I liked the story; however, I didn’t love it. I am anxious to start the next one so I can see what the heck happens.

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-05-12 17:26

    I kept saying to myself, "Say it isn't so, say it isn't so...something has to happen to change where this seems to be going." But what happens is NOT what the majority of JAFF lovers want! For me that is a HEA for ODC. I now wish I had waited for the second book to be published before reading this. I just can't imagine how I am going to be completely happy with the ending for everyone. My thoughts are someone is going to die – and that is not good in my opinion. But if not, then why have a second book. It could have just ended here.The thoughts we read of from Darcy’s POV are not what one expects, if you know him from canon. He gets downright spiteful in his reactions to seeing another man flirting with, dancing with and courting Elizabeth. Reactions he doesn’t act on but we read and know of them. He does NOT accept, he is in denial, that any one, especially someone who is so close to him, can betray him this way. In this book not only does Darcy not pick up on the signals from Elizabeth that she perceives him as arrogant and disdainful and only looking at her to find fault but he also is in denial about the other man's attraction to and courting of Elizabeth. That is suppose to be me is his constant refrain.My heart truly ached in this book and I was on the verge of tears, especially while reading the church scene at the end...and then as he tears up the letter to her and sails off...NO, NO, NO!If we had never read P&P and didn't know who is to marry who, Richard plays the gallant swain in this story. We have a man wounded in the wars, a charming man who looks to make many a wallflower happy when he asks one lady after another to "sit out" this dance with him as his leg can't perform the steps. And THEN when weeks later fortune places him in the position of being able to select a bride for reasons only he decides, we know it is going to be reasons of love, not position nor fortune.And to then read of how wretched Darcy becomes - even to consider a duel and as a reader to be glad the Viscount took away the dueling pistols...did you not think that this author's Darcy might be on the edge of doing himself personal harm?So many stories with this UNHOLY triangle (as I like to label it) lately. I don't know if I am going to survive all this angst. I hope our dear couple does. Late January cannot come soon enough.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-09 22:20

    I want to give this book a 5 stars even though it was heart reaching but had to settle on 4 stars because I found myself yelling at Elizabeth for (SPOILERS ALERT!) marrying Colonel Fitzwilliam (although it's not her fault when Darcy hasn't admitted his love for her and the Colonel is such a great character) and because Darcy's initial action when Elizabeth is engaged! Although that waltz was a scene I thought that would have been a show stopper! The writing style was amazing so it kept me hooked! The author made you feel the pain, fear and love our characters faced! I felt for Darcy, really pitied him - that's how well this was written! And even though I want to yell at Darcy for his life changing decision at the end, I want to read part 2 to see what happens next! I still want to believe in Darcy's love for Elizabeth! And though I don't wish pain on Colonel Fitzwilliam, I want Darcy to be happy! I must know when part 2 will be released - I'm hooked!

  • pamela k cronister
    2019-05-22 19:32

    Can't waitFinally a new direction for the storyline. Bravo on the first volume, I hope that the following are as strongly written. I shall watch carefully for the next installment

  • Iris McNeer
    2019-05-23 20:05

    Wow!Amazing book. Great plot. This is sure to be a long term and often re-read favorite. Looking forward very much to volume two.

  • Anna Fitzwilliam
    2019-05-03 14:33

    This book is marvelous, one of the best P&P variation I ever read.

  • Charlene
    2019-04-24 19:06

    Denial and ConsequenceWow, this is the first book in a two book series and the premise for this book is truly original. I did read the second book because I just couldn't stop reading to write the review. In the first book the story starts just as the original except that Col Fitzwilliam is at the assembly and when Darcy is over heard with his disparaging remark, the Col steps in and spends time apologizing for his cousin. As a result both Elizabeth and Col Fitzwilliam end up impressed with each other though knowing that nothing could come of this because of financial reasons and him being a second son. This sets the stage when fortunes change and Darcy who has still not made a favorable impression; will lose his chance with Elizabeth and the unthinkable happens. The angst that occurs is most acutely felt and even though I felt that in the end all would be righted, I cried. This book was incredible and I couldn't wait to start the second book! I highly recommend this book. It truly is a gem!

  • Carol Perrin
    2019-04-27 14:09

    Darcy's Denial: A Pride and Prejudice Variation ( Denial and Deliverance Book 1)In this variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Colonel Fitzwilliam accompanied the London party to the Meryton Assembly. Darcy is his usual frowning self and insults Elizabeth where not only she hears the slight, but so does Colonel Fitzwilliam. Richard Fitzwilliam enjoys her company very much, but given his situation in life cannot make an offer. Back in London, Darcy realizes that he does not need to marry for money and connections so he ponders how to see Elizabeth again. Their Easter sojourn is scheduled and unbeknownst to them Elizabeth is visiting Charlotte. Colonel Fitzwilliam's fortune has changed with the death of his older. He is one heir to Matlock and becoming the next Earl. On one of their walks, Richard asks Elizabeth to marry him. She accepts with much deliberation. Moments later, Darcy approaches Elizabeth with his plan to ask her for her hand, when Richard tells him his good news. Needless to say, Darcy is angry and hurt that Fitzwilliam has done this. As much as I like Fitzwilliam's character, I had a hard time accepting Elizabeth without Darcy. His plan to right this wrong is foiled which was a good thing, because it would have caused the shame of the Darcys, Fitzwilliams, and the Bennets. This is when I needed to retrieve a box of Kleenex. Carolyn has written and given life to such a heartbroken, Darcy, that his pain and depression can be felt deep inside ones self. Darcy has decided to leave England, but before doing so, Fitzwilliam asks him to stand up with him for his wedding. It takes all of Darcy's inner strength to get through the wedding. Darcy requests Richard and Elizabeth to care for Georgiana and Pemberley. Elizabeth can see the tormented look in Darcy's eyes, but is not aware of his distressed condition. Darcy and his valet leave for Canada where he plans to stay until he can conquer his love for Elizabeth. Story ends at this point. Hopefully, Carolyn makes Darcy and Elizabeth happen in Book 2 and happen to be for sale soon.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-25 15:12

    To put it simply, I loved this book. It is part one of two(?). But it successfully stands alone and ends on a resolution which is satisfying.Beginning at the Meryton Assembly the first change is that Colonel Fitzwilliam is in attendance. He is recovering from an injury so when Darcy insults Lizzy he steps in and asks her to sit out with him. He proceeds to charm the ladies of Longbourn and Lucas Lodge with his wit and manners. The story offers multiple perspectives on the same scenes and time, from Darcy, Lizzy, and others. We get a really unique view of Darcy's 'pride' where he refuses to accept the truth of something because he is of course the best.

  • Talia
    2019-05-16 19:34

    I loved this book. It was terrific right until the end...where I see it will continue. Anyone know when the second book is out?!

  • Evil Mommy
    2019-05-06 19:13

    Oh the drama!Honestly, I'm torn by this book. No doubt, it's well-written and entertaining; however, Mr. Darcy is not my favorite Darcy. I'm waiting for book two to completely judge him. I understand why he was written all angst, but I tend to like my Darcy a little more... together. Then again, if he was written like a typical Mr. Darcy the book wouldn't be as good as it is.The story is clever and full of melodrama. I am looking forward to the next book and looking forward to more books by the author, Carolyn Whyte.

  • Ann Smith
    2019-05-18 20:28

    Amazing variation This is the second book I have read by this author and it certainly won't be the last. In fact it can't be because I am now waiting with bated breath for the second volume of this story, because at the moment I really cannot see where the author is going to go with it. I don't think it is too much of a spoiler to say that Elizabeth does not marry Darcy, although she does marry, and apparently very happily. Please do not let this put anyone off reading the book; it is very skilfully written and very convincing in the way the story unfolds. I can only hope Ms Whyte is close to completing vol.2.

  • Anthony Williams
    2019-04-25 21:12

    Heartbreaking, but goodIt is a mixture of emotions as you read through, knowing in your heart you want Darcy to win Elizabeth, but excited to see Colonel Fitzwilliam become his competition. I would have like to see more struggle from Elizabeth when it came to her feelings between the two men. I wasn't quite convinced that she was in as much love with the Colonel as she possibly was with Darcy. Overall it was a good read and I would like to know the absolute ending to this story because I feel there is more to this than where Ms. Whyte left off.

  • Tamra
    2019-05-09 22:07

    So many reviews on Amazon and Good Reads reference the excellent writing but who cares that it's written well if the storyline stinks. I couldn't wrap my mind around the plot and was left frustrated and completely unsatisfied. I'm really tired of publishers and authors publishing books in volumes. So maybe there's the happy ending in book two but for goodness sakes, why should one wait for book two.

  • Janis
    2019-05-13 19:05

    Talk about ripping your heart out! That was excruciating to read, but I have hope book 2--may it come out soon!!--will settle everything satisfactorily. Well planned and executed, Ms. Whyte! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • Brittany
    2019-04-29 15:32

    I will update this review later - after I read the second book in the series! I am excited to find out how they weave their way out of this mess!

  • Shannon
    2019-05-17 16:06

    Absolutely loved this book. I was overwrought at the end, in expectation for the conclusion that was not yet penned!! Lucky are you, as the anguish of awaiting the sequel has ended (although it was a short time in coming).This rendition offers Elizabeth a most unexpected choice that changes the..should we say... desired outcome and thus the expectations of each beloved character. This is one JAFF story that I shall return to again and again. 5+ stars.

  • sTACEY
    2019-04-27 17:11

    Waiting with baited breath for the conclusion.Book two isn't out yet, so put this on your reading list for early 2016 if you can't stand suspense. Otherwise, read immediately. It's great.

  • Beth
    2019-05-04 18:07

    Oh my goodness noThis writer has caused me great sadness. In her variation Lizzie doesn't get involved with Darcy but falls in love with Colonel Fitzwilliam. Of course Darcy is heartbroken and at times irrational. Its quite painful to even read because its almost canon that Darcy and Elizabeth end up together. Mrs Bennett isn't as bad. Caroline is crazier than usual. Bingley still falls in love with Jane. Wickham still wants money instead of working for it. And Lizzie is clueless to the drama that is swirling around her especially on her wedding day. I don't want to but I'm going to read the second book in hopes that Darcy ends up finding peace.

  • lily johnson
    2019-05-08 17:27

    A dilemma for sureThis book is a great read. Truly to follow the story is heart wrenching. My kind of story. The development of the characters is wonderfully complex. I would not have predicted how it ended

  • Patricia
    2019-05-25 16:29

    Different Pride and Prejudice variation. Looking forward to book 2.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-01 15:10

    This book left me uncomfortable. It was an interesting spin on the familiar story and thankfully didn't go off the rails like some other variations, but it was just not believable at times. The romance between Lizzie and Col Fitzwilliam seemed to come out of nowhere, especially on Lizzie's part, and lacked depth and passion. Darcy also acted completely out of character in how he responded to their relationship. For a man who always seemed in complete control of his world, he was unable to out maneuver someone who wasn't even trying, which I really couldn't buy. The finish just seemed wrong. Luckily, there's a second book to set things straight.

  • Jessie Massey
    2019-05-04 17:27

    WrongI hope book will rectify this situation because we know that Darcy and Elizabeth belong together. This is so wrong!