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"[AN] ENGROSSING DEBUT...In prose studded with passages of dark luster, Baker offers a truly original heroine".--Publishers WeeklyDimitri Rozokov has awakened after a sleep of one hundred years. But for a fifteenth-century Russian aristocrat--and vampire--at large in modern-day Toronto, there is no safe haven.Ardeth Alexander is leading the predictable life of a graduate s"[AN] ENGROSSING DEBUT...In prose studded with passages of dark luster, Baker offers a truly original heroine".--Publishers WeeklyDimitri Rozokov has awakened after a sleep of one hundred years. But for a fifteenth-century Russian aristocrat--and vampire--at large in modern-day Toronto, there is no safe haven.Ardeth Alexander is leading the predictable life of a graduate student when she is grabbed off the street and thrown into a prison cell with a dark, mysterious stranger--Dimitri Rozokov. But even more terrifying than her abduction is its purpose: she is to sustain, with her blood, the life of her fellow prisoner.Yet once Ardeth breaks through the vampire's madness and sees the man within, the nightly feedings become more than necessity, even something to be longed for. Desperate to survive, Ardeth makes a daring decision--one fueled by the promise of immortality, the lust for revenge, and the fulfillment of desire...."COMPELLING...BREATHLESS, LINGERING, EROTIC".--The Globe and Mail...

Title : Kiss of the Vampire
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ISBN : 9780449149577
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Kiss of the Vampire Reviews

  • Willow
    2019-05-22 14:46

    I absolutely loved this book, and of course while I’m reading it, I kept wondering why it wasn’t it more popular when it was written back in 1991. So I went to Amazon and checked out some other reviews and read comments. I found this:This book won't be staying in my house, and nor will I be reading anything else by Nancy Baker. I like vampire romances, but this certainly doesn't qualify.I was like, okay, so people want fluffy romance vampire books. I’m not a big fan of defanged vampires, but to each his own. Maybe some of the confusion comes from the two titles this book was published under, The Night Inside and The Vampire’s Kiss. The Night Inside is definitely the much more appropriate title, because that’s what the book is about, a descent into darkness. These vampires are dangerous and they are killers, and this book does not gloss over that. Baker makes turning into a vampire a ghoulish thing, and that’s one of the things I loved about this book.The Night Inside is dark story about a college student who get’s captured, dumped into a cell next to a vampire to be used as food, and her whole life takes a spiral downward. The characters are intriguing. Dimitri Rozokov is not a sexy vampire at first. In fact, he’s grotesque, a monster that kept reminding me of Klaus Kinski’s Nosferatu. He’s awkward, ravenous, and completely incapable of hiding his true alien nature because he’s being starved. The heroine Ardeth is revolted, scared for her life, and doesn’t want him near her. Yet she’s been dumped into a cell right next to him and can’t get away. Realizing he’s a prisoner too, she slowly starts to sympathize with this creature and they begin to talk. Ardeth begins to change. As Dimitri drinks her blood, she starts to take on more Vampire characteristics. Ardeth starts to think differently too, going through an interesting character arc. The vampire changes as well, touched by Ardeth’s sympathy.I really liked Ardeth. She wasn’t a tough Buffy character or a helpless bimbo. She’s thinking all the time, trying to work out the puzzle of her new existence. She’s flawed and has some baggage, but she doesn’t dwell on it for pages at a time. Baker has a great knack for describing people and their motives in one sentence without going into a long diatribe of character reflection. I love how Ardeth metamorphosizes from one being to another. And I love how Dimitri changes from a grotesque monster to someone desirable, without really changing that much at all. It’s mostly just Ardeth’s perception. Now I’m sure this story might seem slow to some readers, but for me it was riveting. I was so curious to see what would happen in this strange relationship. Yes, the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I might have wished. The evil villain at the end had sort of an over-the-top back-story that was sort of shoved in there, but that didn’t take away from my initial enjoyment. I still think Dimitri and Ardeth are cool characters. I will definitely be reading book 2, Blood and Chrysanthemums.

  • Bark
    2019-05-20 20:33

    This is a haunting, well written book that no vampire fan should miss. Ardeth Alexander is an average graduate student living an average, structured, somewhat boring life. One morning while exercising she is abducted, blindfolded and finds herself thrown into a cell in a former sanitarium. As if this isn't enough of a shock she realizes the cell next to her is also occupied, and the inhabitant isn't human. Ardeth soon discovers she is there to *feed* the vampire until her usefulness runs out. Ardeth decides to keep her sanity and believes she can bring the vampire out of his world of madness (he is also a prisoner & is forced to do things against his will for some real sickos) by forcing him to speak to her and when he tries to ignore her she tells him all about herself. This begins the relationship between Ardeth and Dimitri and if I go on I'll give too much away.Pick this one up! It's one of those books you just can't put down no matter what is going on around you. It also takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride and you won't soon forget the heroine.

  • Trisha
    2019-05-19 16:53

    Could very well be my favorite vampire bookever and that is saying a lot because I am a vampire connoisseur. This book really should be more well known than it is.(It's also been published as "Kiss of the Vampire"From Publishers Weekly"While taking an early-morning walk through the streets of contemporary Toronto, graduate student Ardeth Alexander is abducted by two men and taken to an isolated building, where she discovers to her horror that she has been brought to supply blood to an imprisoned vampire named Dimitri Rozokov. Baker's engrossing debut alternates the present-day story with the 1898 diary of obsessed businessman Ambrose Dale, who drove Rozokov into hiding and a 100-year sleep from which he awoke only to be captured by a sadist who keeps him in line with an ultrasound machine and makes pornographic snuff films of the hapless vampire feeding on prostitutes. Learning his story, Ardeth gradually loses her horror of Rozokov and begins to see their human jailers as the real monsters. Their only hope of salvation is to trace the links to Rozokov's Victorian nemesis and discover the person behind his 20th-century captivity. Modern subjects like AIDS and incest mingle with age-old vampire lore as the narrative moves toward a gruesome climax. In prose studded with passages of dark luster, Baker offers a truly original scenario."

  • Ash (It's a Word Vomit World)
    2019-05-23 19:34 shall I go about this review? Let me start by saying I am not a romance reader, and I'm not entirely sure how this book got on my shelf. That being said, the word "Vampire" kept taunting me; so I went ahead and looked at some of the reviews before putting this on bookmooch. They all said it was darker than what the title suggests, so *shrugs* why the heck not?Am I happy I finally decided to read this? Well, I'm not unhappy.It started pretty good. I am not totally against cliché; so the whole vampire waking up after a hundred year sleep was okay with me, especially because the writing was decent. The book had a little bit of a lull getting into the first chapter, but sped back up nicely once we got past introductions to our protagonist's life.Then...came the middle of the book. I probably could have skimmed most of this without feeling too left out, and at times I kind of wanted to move onto something else. The end got better again, still not AMAZING, AWE INSPIRING literature, but good enough to finish.Will I continue onto the next book? Probably not, but that's okay. This was still an alright read. So if you find this to have mysteriously appeared on YOUR bookshelf, it's okay, give it a gander. I promise you probably wont be nearly as disappointed as I was with The Silver Kiss.

  • Mell
    2019-04-28 19:33

    Finally- a vampire novel that isn't a cheesy alpha-male romance or a pulpy vampire hunter/vampire renegade tale. This was written in the early 90s and predates the flood of bad vampire romance trends. Nancy Baker does not romanticize vampires and the life they lead. This book portrays the bloodlust and how it defines them. The story is pretty unique, and addresses both the ancient and the modern problems of blood as a life sustaining substance. The story bogged down a bit near the end, and I won't pursue the sequel, but this was an interesting read.

  • Chris
    2019-05-03 15:50

    Baker is one of the few authors I have seen that actually examines the change that being a vampire would cause in a person. This is a wonderful book. Ardeth is wonderfully drawn character, and Baker makes the transition real. Ardeth changes after she dies. No, she doesn't just get powers, but the death does something to her. Baker does examine this issue, and that look makes the book stand out.

  • Laura
    2019-05-16 16:39

    Very good as a read alike to Sunshine by Robin McKinley. Woman gets captured by baddies and kept as prisoner to feed a vampire, deciding she must side with the vampire to defeat the baddies. Very similar beginnings, very similar feel to the books, but very different books. Ardeth goes through a journey of self discovery, it had a very similar feel to many YA books about discovering who you are against the backdrop of a sister with a stronger personality.I would have liked more of the romance, but that's a personal preference, the story was strong without it.Update: Now, six months after I have read it, I want to be stronger in my praise for this book, it is still very haunting, and now that I know there is a sequel...I am buying them both. It is certainly a rereadable book.I think this would make a great movie, because, for once, I think a screenwriter would make it a better story by focusing on action and romance, and not as much identity crises and soul searching.

  • Carly
    2019-05-17 21:36

    Was totally not expecting to like this but I so did! (The original title The Night Inside is far more appropriate title for this book. Kiss of the Vampire is quite misleading, especially for people looking for a vampire romance.)

  • Elke
    2019-04-29 14:57

    Kiss of the vampire is one of my favourite vampire stories. It brings suspense like a good crime story and also has its romantic moments, but not overly so. And, of course, the vampires are not really the bad guys ;)

  • Corinne
    2019-05-16 17:45

    "The Night Inside" is the Canadian title. "Kiss of the Vampire" the American title.What is the ultrasound they use on the vampires? All I can picture is the device they rub on a pregnant woman. I guess it must be some portable sound wave???"Ardeth & Rozokov" I'm not fond of the names.The vampires are monsters but the story shows us there are worse monsters out there.My favorite part of the story was how Ardeth took control and didn't let the "monsters" kill her. It reminds me of the strength of humans and it is my wish that we could all find a way to make it through hopeless situations.I liked it well enough to order the 2nd in the series but don't think I'd ever read this again. I think target audience would be young adult or college age.

  • LadyMoonlight
    2019-05-25 20:40

    Bei "Die Nacht in mir" handelt es sich um einen Sammelband, der soweit ich weiß die komplette "Creed" Serie enthält. Mir ist zumindest nicht bekannt, dass noch ein dritter Teil geplant ist. In "Discovering Japan" wurden aber wohl noch einige Kurzgeschichten veröffentlicht. Beide Bücher sind schon über 20 Jahre alt. Band 1 (Blutgesang) wurde zum ersten Mal 1993 veröffentlicht und sein Nachfolger etwa ein Jahr später.Bei "Blutgesang" handelt es sich um einen spannenden Vampir-Thriller, der sprachlich durchaus auf hohem Niveau angesiedelt ist, obwohl es sich hier um einen Roman handelt, bei dem die "Bösewichter" Mädchen entführen, um Pornofilme zu drehen. Es kommt schon etwas Romantik vor, die Liebesgeschichte steht hier aber keinesfalls im Mittelpunkt, was ich bei einem Vampirroman zur Abwechslung wirklich einmal sehr erfrischend finde. "Blut und Chrysanthemen" ist dagegen eher ein "leiseres" Buch. Wunderschön geschrieben und sehr interessant, aber nicht annähernd so aufregend wie sein Vorgänger. Die Charaktere aus Band 1 spielen natürlich wieder eine Rolle. Hauptsächlich geht es in diesem Teil aber um einen asiatischen Vampir, durch den man sehr viel über die Geschichte und die Kultur Japans erfährt.Dieser Sammelband mag zwar ein dicker Schinken sein, rückwirkend hat es sich aber gelohnt, ihn zu lesen. Auf den Leser wartet in "Die Nacht in mir" ein spannender Dark Fantasy Roman und ein sehr interessanter aber ruhigerer Fortsetzungsband mit einigen historischen Rückblicken und poetischen Zügen.

  • Sara
    2019-05-17 21:46

    If I could write a vampire book, that is have the talent and the will to commit into writing a near 300 page book of fiction, it would wish to be this book. As it turns out it is horror the way vampire books are supposed to be with a self-awareness and self-exploration that is tragic, intimidating and uncomfortable at the same time.(view spoiler)[Ardeth Alexander leads a boring intellectual life but that is irrelevant. Dimitri Rozokov is a 400 year old vampire aristocrat but that is also irrelevant. They are forced to play a sadistic game beyond reasoning and they are forced to answer violence with violence. It feels justified and celebratory until this traumatically created predator is released into a city full of people.The thing about vampires is that it's perfectly definitive who is the predator and what they prey on, you have the animalistic tendencies the hunger, the inhuman strength and the erotic lure of the being that will kill you to sustain themselves like it's a Darwinian adaptation. The author blurs the lines. Ardeth sees the animalism, feels the lure struggles with it and accepts it. She sees her own savagery and the evil humanity is capable finds herself hiding behind her pain and anger and just generally being a well rounded broken lost character in the finest intelligent vampire book I ever had the pleasure of reading. (hide spoiler)]Why the hell is this out of print?

  • Marina Dubois
    2019-05-21 18:34

    I read this book many years ago, and recently I found my self wanting to reread it. I know that it had many bad reviews when it was published, but I don't think that such books were in fashion back then. It was not the best I have read, but still very good. Though I must say that the description "erotic thriller" is not accurate, since the plot is not very erotic. Normally I read vampire books with more action and more gore, which I enjoy very much, but this is one of the few love based thrillers as I would call it, that I really liked. It's not the kind of love story as in the Twilight Saga, where vampires are nice and have real relationships with humans. It's about the love between vampires, and the struggles of being a vampire: being forced to leave their loved once behind and being chased by powerful humans for what they are.In a way is the book is about starting a new life and finding a new identity all on your own, almost like when you move to a new country, but of course there must be a twist to it since it is a story about vampires so there is of course a lot of killing.It was very easy to read and if you like vampires, but still do not enjoy the gory side of it, this is a good option.

  • Jackie
    2019-04-26 15:41

    A graduate student, Ardeth Alexander, gets kidnapped by snuff film makers. They have also captured a vampire, which they use in their films, and she is to be his dinner. Imprisoned in adjoining cells, Ardeth gets to know the vampire, Dimitri, and realizes that he is a civilized man forced into servitude, not a monster. To escape from the truly monstrous, her human captors, Ardeth's one chance at freedom is to have Dimitri turn her into a vampire.The book explores Ardeth's changing perceptions, and the concept of what is evil. It has a touch of romance, psychological horror, and a century old mystery.Recommended for fans of non-gory horror, more along the lines of Anne Rice. But better.My copy is also called The Night Inside, which I find a more apt title than the generic Kiss of the Vampire.

  • Miranda
    2019-05-19 22:35

    Frankly, I found this book so tediously boring, I put it down 3/4 of the way through. The plot was interesting at first, and even in the middle of the novel, there were some page turning events -- but then the writing would become trite, the plot would screech to a halt, and I would yawn. Baker is not Anne Rice -- and maybe I am more of an Anne Rice type of vampire gal.I just could not finish the. So, instead, I flipped through the pages, figured out what was going on, and read the ending. I did not understand the epilogue -- so if someone wants to explain it to me, please feel free to.

  • Anna
    2019-05-14 22:33

    I suspect this felt fresher back when it first came out.What bothered me was the lack of believable fleshing out of the two main characters. They lack depth. There are some details given, but they don't feel plausible. I don't buy into Rozokov's deep guilt over not having been able to protect his vampire companion in the past; I do not believe that anyone can switch personalities as quickly and absolutely as Ardeth did, and I don't understand why she should feel zero connection to her sister at all given their backstory.I stopped reading on page 249.

  • Kit
    2019-05-04 20:48

    OMG! Took me long enough to get this book, after reading the sequel, I needed to get this one. I was not let down. I really got to understand how Ardeth became the vampire that she was in the second book and that there was a little more history on Dimitri. I couldn't believe the things that Ardeth was put through and same with Dimitri. There was a lot of emotions that ran strongly through this book and I really think people should pick up these books, even though they're out of print, it's not to say that you can't find a used copy on Amazon. Please do.

  • Ross Armstrong
    2019-05-02 20:33

    Ardeth Alexander is out jogging when she is kidnapped and imprisoned. She is horrified to find that she is to be fed to a vampire who has also been captured and is being used for nefarious purposes by his captors. They must team up to escape their captors.This is an underappreciated book from the early 1990's that spawned one sequel, Blood and Chrysanthemums. Baker tries to get inside the mind of her characters to find out what being a vampire does and feels like to the individual.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-15 15:42

    This book was given to me at one of my first visits to a gothic meeting back in 1993, it was the book choice that they were reading that month... Now I run my own group, in my hometown with a bookclub as part of it, I still pass on the details of this book to new members... It is a well written and a great shame that there are only two books with these characters in...

  • Susan
    2019-05-23 16:37

    Finally a vampire book I could sink my teeth into. A great vampire novel which broke the mold of your typical vampire love stories. A love story this was not but the savage world of humans preying on vampires and their need to survive.A great read.

  • Pam
    2019-04-25 18:47

    The Night Inside is that rare vampire book that's actually - gasp - well written. I was drawn in by the unusual plot device and impressed by Baker's manipulation of words into things of beauty. Would that more vampire novels were so well written...

  • Catherine
    2019-04-28 20:53

    A pretty good vampire love story adventure although it did feel a little shallow. But I'm going to read the sequel so I must have bought into the characters. Hopefully the next one will take it up a notch.

  • actress
    2019-05-07 21:49

    Read this vampire book in High School and most memorable to-date. I had to search my old town's catalog to find the name by year to find it. Best sex scene ever. I have never been a fan of Rice or Hamilton but this is a good novel written by a woman.

  • Kazen
    2019-05-06 22:30

    A refreshing vampire novel in that there's no instalove, no teenagers. It was also neat to slip back into 1990s Toronto, though things never feel dated. I'm really interested to see where Baker takes it from here.

  • Christopher Hart
    2019-05-22 18:50

    The story flowed well, though the climax came too early, leaving the rest of the book to falter towards the end. The actual "boss fight" was like firing a party popper when one expects fireworks. Had great potential, but tripped in the last leg and couldn't quite recover.

  • Stina Gans
    2019-05-02 17:39

    My copy is titled "The Night Inside"

  • Crickx
    2019-04-29 20:38


  • Sally Bisbee
    2019-05-23 15:33

    This one is hard to describe. It mixes vampire lore with modern technology and things like AIDS. It's a very interesting read.

  • Velvetink
    2019-05-04 17:39

    *note to self.copy from Al.

  • Dami (Damiellar)
    2019-04-27 17:43

    I really found this a good angle for vampire fiction. Unfortunately although I was able to borrow the sequel from the library I'm still looking for my own copy.