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The story of one of the most recognisable and successful players in world football. Didier Drogba is renowned for his heading ability, sharp shooting and sheer strength. He has played for his native Ivory Coast and for clubs in France, China and Turkey, but it is as a Chelsea striker that he is best known. His feats with Chelsea have made him a cult hero among supporters.The story of one of the most recognisable and successful players in world football. Didier Drogba is renowned for his heading ability, sharp shooting and sheer strength. He has played for his native Ivory Coast and for clubs in France, China and Turkey, but it is as a Chelsea striker that he is best known. His feats with Chelsea have made him a cult hero among supporters. In Didier Drogba's honest and revealing autobiography he will talk about life as an immigrant in Paris, the importance of his education and how finding success later than most professional footballers has kept him grounded. In 2012 Didier was voted Chelsea's greatest ever player. He talks from a privileged behind-the-scenes position about tactics and how he felt mentally and physically as well as anecdotes from the dressing room. Didier provides unique insight into important and controversial matches from the first trophy he won with them in 2005 to the Premier League title a decade later; as well as what persuaded him to stay when he was at his lowest ebb. Away from football Drogba has been widely applauded for his involvement in trying to broker peace in the Ivorian civil war - he is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and does a huge amount of work with the Didier Drogba Foundation - "Time "magazine named him one of the world's 100 most influential people. Go behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge and find out about life on and off the field for this humble Chelsea hero....

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Commitment: My Autobiography Reviews

  • Altay Aktar
    2019-01-13 22:42

    Dipten zirveye bir hayat hikayesi. Hayatta hiçbir şey için geç kalmadığımızı, ilk önce insanın kendine inanması gerektiğini, ailenin ve dostların önemini anlatan harika otobiyografi.

  • Daouda Badio
    2019-01-09 01:50

    This book was written by Drogba without a doubt. It's written in the plainest conversational English. That being said the book is very enjoyable and easy to read. As a big fan of Drogba and Chelsea I was surprised by a few passages in the book and can say that my level of respect and admiration for the man has only increased after finishing this book.

  • Sipho
    2018-12-17 23:40

    Didier Drogba is arguably one of Africa's most successful footballers (pardon me Messrs Eto'o and Weah). In this tell all book, Drogba shares his life story in a very readable narrative.Drogba was born in Abijan, Ivory Coast the son of a bank employee and a housewife. At age 5, Drogba moved to France to live with his uncle and aunt. This would be where his football roots would be forged.With an uncle who was a professional footballer, Drogba found inspiration and encouragement to pursue a career as a sportsman. He played some junior level club football until his father, who had moved to France with the rest of the family, banned him from competitive sports.Submitting to the authority of his father, Drogba spent a year without playing football and focusing on improving his school grades. Fortuitously, the ban was lifted and he plunged straight back into the world of football, now more determined than ever to become a pro.PSG soon made an offer, but Drogba turned it down, instinctively realising that something was off about it. This proved a good decision in the long run.After stints at Le Mans in French Ligue 2 and Guingamp in French Ligue 1, Drogba was eventually signed by Marseille. He spent a full season at Marseille where in a Champions League game against Porto, he impressed their then manager José Mourinho. Mourinho wistfully vowed to sign Drogba one day.At the end of his first season at Marseille, Drogba reluctantly moved to Chelsea. And the rest as they say, is history.Didier Drogba was to spend the next 8 years in London as Chelsea's talismanic forward, winning every trophy along the way. Eventually , seeking a new adventure after the Champions League victory of 2012, Drogba moved to China and then later Turkey, before returning for another season at Chelsea in 2014.In all this, Drogba also tells of his family, relationships with teammates (he is particularly fond of Flourent Malouda, Frank Lampard and José Mourinho), personal insecurities, turmoil in his native Ivory Coast and his philanthropic efforts in Africa. Key Takeaways Hard work beats talent. Drogba admits repeatedly that he was not as gifted as his contemporaries but had a stronger will to win. This translated into a indefatigable work ethic.Don't compare yourself to others - your time is your time. Early on Drogba consistently mentions his age mates Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet as having leap frogged him in development. By all accounts, Drogba peaked later in his career. But finally, the author seems at peace with it. In fact, this arguably aided the extraordinary longevity of his career!Treat people with respect and be a person of your word. The reason Drogba didn't want to sign to Chelsea initially was that he had already extended his contract with Marseille. Even though the money was better at Chelsea, he would not have moved if he had not felt disrespected by the club president. What I liked about the book The conversational style of writingInteresting to have a player's accounts of memorable moments in football historyI learnt a great deal about the "backrooms" of football clubs. What I didn't like about the book It felt like the writing was made up of sound bites and the typical things players say in post match interviews. To be fair, this may be due to the fact that English is not the author's first language.Drogba seems to vindicate himself a lot. Granted that is his prerogative, but it gets a little annoying after a while. That said, he does certainly come across as a very genuine, kind and compassionate man.I really enjoyed this book. The rating is probably not as high as it could have been because I care little for Chelsea Football Club!

  • Andy Regan
    2019-01-14 23:59

    I tried to remain neutral (having attended the Bridge for over forty years) as to the quality of the book but quite happy to give it five stars anyway given the quality of the writing and the manner in which key dramatic moments unfold. Most importantly there is a clear picture of Didier, his values and attitudes. He shares the incredible journey from the low key upbringing in Ivory Coast and various regions of France - sent to a cast of family members to improve his opportunities - to superstardom, with sensitivity and intelligence. His charitable and humanitarian endeavours only add to the impressive portrait.The central sections are clearly great reading for Chelsea fans. The beauty and willpower of his scoring contributions in four FA Cup Finals and of course in Munich would be towering achievements to rival any sporting prowess. Didier's interventions both on and off the pitch for his homeland are also the stuff of legend, not least helping to diffuse a civil war. Many players have shown immense levels of determination and fallen short in achieving so much on the major stages that ultimately it's only possible to conclude this is a very special man with a very special story to tell about conquering the odds on both a personal and team stage.Some minor football inaccuracies (Chelsea's first trophy of the Abramovich era was in 2005 rather than a year earlier) which in no way diminish the whole.

  • Apurva Modak
    2019-01-01 02:40

    Must read if you are a Chelsea fanGreat insider view of some of Chelsea FC's biggest wins, and some painful losses. Glimpse of the man behind the footballer we know.

  • Luke Bennion
    2019-01-02 21:44

    I think the thing that I'll take out of this book the most is the roundness of Didier Drogba as a character. As a supporter, we only truly see the side to a player, and so it's easy to sit there and argue that they're one-dimensional, and that's where you get this stereotype of footballers who are either too aggressive or cocky or some other synonym for 'bad person'. But I think what's so great about 'Commitment' - certainly in comparison to other autobiographies I've read - is it's distinct focus on Drogba-The-Man, opposed to Drogba-The-Player. Rather than just saying 'this match was good', 'this match was poor', it explores the emotions, the values and the people that Drogba holds closest. I always knew he was a great man, but reading his thoughts on the importance of trust, communication and respect really made me warm to him even more. As a result of this however, I feel as though if you're looking for footballing stories, this might not be for you - there are a few, but as a book that covers an entire career, it's difficult to fit in a thousand back-stage stories. Having said that, I really enjoyed the structure of the book and feel that it does a great job in getting to the point whilst also centering on that overall theme of exploring Didier Drogba, The Man. A very enjoyable read!

  • Sophie Moth
    2019-01-10 02:44

    This is such an interesting read, it's interesting to hear Drogba's own thoughts on some very memorable moments during his earlier career. I loved that you could tell he had so much input into this book too, which can often be doubted in books of this style.Another thing I really liked is that, although mentioned and there's a whole chapter dedicated to his wife, children and extended family, this book has mainly been written about Drogba's footballing career, alongside his feelings of these and the charity that he works so tirelessly for.My enjoyment of this book is probably heightened by the fact I'm a Chelsea fan & I really like Drogba as well. If you're not a fan of football, you'd probably find yourself skipping most of the chapters. If you are a football fan, no matter what team you support, I think it's a very interesting read.

  • Barry Rutter
    2018-12-31 22:50

    Definitely worth four stars for any Chelsea fan, maybe only three otherwise. Drogba provides some great insights to his thinking around certain key moments at the club and the various managers - it's particularly interesting to read the section on the champions league penalty shootout against Bayern Munich (the psychology involved and how he felt as he approached his crucial kick). The book is written in very plain English and easy to read.There are whole sections on his childhood, his late-starting football career and his charity foundation, which will be of interest to all, not just Chelsea fans.

  • Muhammed
    2019-01-18 01:40

    A must read to any Chelsea fan to get to know more about Club legend. Also nice insight on football dressing room and relationship between manager so as a fan you understand the game is more than what we see on the pitch. As a fellow African I was happy with Drogba sheding some light on challenges in Ivory Coast and generally in Africa as well as valuable teachings of generosity. I enjoyed the read and waiting to another Chelsea's legend John Terry to reveal more about our beloved club.

  • Ögeday Karabulut
    2019-01-14 19:41

    Keyif alarak okuduğum bir otobiyografi oldu. Kariyerinde yer eden hemen hemen herkesten detaylıca bahsetmesi, olayları ayrıntılarıyla anlatması harika olmuş. Galatasaray'da geçirdiği zamanları anlatırken aynı detayın olmaması biraz üzdü.Sadece bazı ufak bölümlerde çevirilerin özensizliği rahatsız ediciydi.

  • Alvin
    2019-01-05 02:07

    This book is about the life of a famous Ivorian soccer player Didier Drogba. In the book, Didier Drogba wrote about how he play for Chelsea and other teams. I like this book very much because he is my favorite striker and in the book he told us how to be leader of a team.

  • Abanoub Raafat
    2018-12-22 18:56

    Loved it!!