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Chief Detective David Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father—a well known man in ancient fossils trade circles—has been murdered, she and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice. With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in northwest Colorado, whereChief Detective David Wolf’s son has a new girlfriend, and when she discovers her father—a well known man in ancient fossils trade circles—has been murdered, she and the rest of her shattered family turn to Wolf to bring them justice. With the help of a small town sheriff and a retired police dog named Jet, Wolf follows the clues to a dig site in northwest Colorado, where secrets have been entombed for eons, and people are dying to keep them that way. In a place where killing monsters are buried under the earth, it becomes clear there are still some roaming topside, and in this suspense-filled seventh installment of the David Wolf series, Wolf must keep his wits or his bones will be found next....

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To the Bone Reviews

  • Satrajit Sanyal
    2018-12-12 09:09

    I love these books and can't wait to get the next one. I was pleasantly surprised to see the hero in this one David Wolf did not get injured. Now I am in hopes Carson will at least let him have a chance at some peace and a good relationship with both his son and a romantic partner. The characters are becoming well developed and seem to be people I would like being around. Please keep up the good work I like to dive into books that hold my interest and have a nice mystery. With Carson's books I appreciate the clean story line and the minimum of bad language and long tedious sexual relationships. So many pages filled with graphic sex means the writer has nothing to say and can't add to the story line. Jeff Carson's books leave all that stuff out because he does have a a lot to say. This one was a little too short. Sonow I have to wait for the next one. Thanks for a really good book Mr. Carson.

  • Lori
    2018-11-22 03:21

    To The Bone byJeff Carson is an interesting read. I received this book as a free e-book via The title promises creepiness, and I was pleasantly surprised that it centers on archaeology and dinosaur digs. This is my first David Wolf mystery, and when I saw this is #7, I was a bit leery. There was no need to fret because this novel did well as a stand-alone, and it did not leave me hanging over an excavation pit. I enjoyed the journey of the read. The characters are believable, and there are twists and turns that made the ride exciting. When I am able to sit back and jump into the author's world without much effort, I call that good writing. I look forward to reading more Jeff Carson, and if not for the free e-book, I may never have read him.Jeff Carson has a new fan. Thank you for the enjoyable read.Content: Violence: There is violence, but not in your face blood and gore. There are homicides, but we do not experience the killing. Sex: There are allusions to sexual activity, but no graphic sexual activity. Would I read this author again: YesWould I recommend this series? YesWould I recommend this author to others? Yes.

  • booksthrubifocals
    2018-12-11 10:36

    Worth your time."To the Bone" was a multi-layered novel. The police procedural/mystery wasn't terribly suspenseful or rapidly moving, but the author invested a lot into the main characters and their relationships. David Wolf once a sheriff of a smaller county is now a detective after his former county was joined to another. He and his son, Jack are still getting back on their feet after the loss of his wife. When Jack's girlfriend's father is shot, Wolf is in charge of finding the culprit. A student in a local archeological dig disappears and other students become suspect in an illegal procurement and sale of dinosaur bones off a protected site. Wolf's sensitivity to others, bring out nuances of individual struggles and the reader is drawn into the inner workings of this small community surrounding Wolf and how they are influenced by each other. The reader is drawn into the microcosm of characters and unite with Wolf as he evaluates and disregards one suspect following another. The plot was complex with sufficient red herrings to hold your interest, although I read it over the course of a week, rather than a single sitting as is my usual approach, the holidays may have had a bit of influence in that regard.

  • Anne Hill
    2018-11-17 11:38

    Okay readI thought his first 2 books were the best of the series so far. The characters were more developed in this book but I found some of the dialogue stilted and forced, like the author was trying to squeeze personal tidbits in but it really didn't fit the scene. Will wait for the next installment.

  • Julie
    2018-12-03 03:38

    First time reading this series and I didn't start with book 1. But I didn't feel like I couldn't follow the storyline starting so far into the series. David Wolf is a cop in Colorado. He is a widower with a teenage son. His son's girlfriend find's her father murdered and the dinosaur bones that he was selling are missing. Lots going on - raising a son by himself, keeping his team working smoothly, working with out of town departments, forest fires raging nearby. And Wolf has a flatulent, retired police dog which made me chuckle several times. Good story! And I think I would very much enjoy finding the rest of the series. So many books, not enough time.

  • Mary
    2018-11-25 07:29

    The main character is a excellent cop but stinks in any kind of personal relationship. When he’s on a case he has tunnel vision he hardly eats or sleep and fails to keep his 14 yr old son posted on what he is doing. I don’t think he will ever have a lasting relationship job is first and all else doesn’t come close to comparing. If would be interesting to see this character’s personality advance.

  • Richard Howard
    2018-12-12 04:15

    A fairly standard, though readable, police procedural set in an interesting landscape. The characters didn't engage me enough to make me want to search out more books in the series: too many of the usual tall, well-built tough men and beautiful women. When will someone write a realistic thriller set in an America where most adults are obese?

  • Teresa Perrott
    2018-12-16 11:37

    Fast paced thrillerThis is once again another fast paced thriller from Jeff Carson. This can be read as a stand alone novel or as part of the series. I have read all so far and definitely itching to get the others in series. The whole Wolf series is action packed, full of thrills, some humour, love and life so plenty for everyone

  • Merlene Winter
    2018-12-03 09:31

    You won't want to put it down how's thatI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I recommend it to everyone. It was a good a good yarn and we all like good yards I'm looking. I'm looking forward to the next book and thanks for riding it will all enjoy it.

  • Iva M Spindler
    2018-11-20 05:38

    So about this book...I'm giving 4 stars but would say 3.5... I wasn't really into this book as much. This is my least favorite in the series but I'm moving to the next. I did laugh though when he was going down I70 past the dog food plant... So true!

  • Bobby Nichols
    2018-12-14 07:12

    EnjoyableQuite the good read, it was nice not having to deal worth something so personal to David Wolf this time. Still a good read, nice detective work, as real like people. Truly enjoying the series.

  • Mary Roskoski
    2018-11-25 04:25

    ExcellentThis one is a good story and I really enjoyed it. The previous had left me a little cold and I was thinking that it may be down hill from there. But no. Moving on to the next one right away.

  • P Hartzog
    2018-12-06 03:27

    A really good readThey crime investigation definitely takes a back seat to the characters which makes this not only a good read but a reason to continue with this series & follow this author.

  • Black Butterfly
    2018-11-18 07:30


  • Mary Ashley
    2018-12-12 11:18

    Another good story from the David Wolf Series. I really enjoy these book and look forward to reading the next.

  • Claire
    2018-11-20 05:17

    This is a good series! I'm looking forward to more of these books

  • Joyce McKune
    2018-11-16 04:25

    Great murder mystery.David's son's girlfriend's father was murdered. He followed the clues to a dinosaur dig trying to solve the case but came across 2 more murders.

  • Rosina
    2018-12-04 09:23

    Starts slow but once you're into it there's no stoppingFirst I've read of this series. Well written and suspenseful. Like most series there are some references to prior events but they do not impede this stand alone tale. Well worth your time

  • Kevin Reeder
    2018-12-05 04:28

    just a good read, some interesting twists and turns. enjoyed Wolf and his crew. a good who done it

  • Linda K
    2018-11-28 06:17

    I started with Book 5 of this series, well because this is how I roll. Just a heads up, I wrote this review to cover Books 5-9 in this Wolf series. Was not expecting much from Cold Lake because this is SO out of my normal reading material. Don't get me wrong I love a good Suspense/Thriller but normally only in the movies. If the story didn't have Alpha males and hot romance then I would just skip over it. I enjoyed reading book #5 in this series so much that I continued through to # 9 in 4 days. Note, these are not short stories(35+chapters)and now I am anxiously awaiting #10 Dark Mountain coming out in March and have made my FIRST pre-order sale ever with Kindle store. There is movement throughout the story line never a dull moment, love the strong characters, each and every one and the author keeps building them with each book. The Plots are remarkable not repetitive and with endings that blew me away. So bottom line Suspense/Thriller with humor. Along with drama and romance but not over board with either but powerful and heart wrenching. I now have a new and favorite Author on my list. 5 stars and 5 thumbs up and while I wait for Book 10 to arrive.....I'll be reading books 1-4, yes backwards but how can I not .

  • Terric853
    2018-12-11 11:09

    I've never read anything before by this author, but this book was quite good. It's the 7th in a series and it was engaging enough that I'll go back and read some of the others in the series. The protagonist is Chief Detective - former Sheriff (I'm sure there's a story there) - in a Colorado county north of Vail. In this book, his 15-year-old son's girlfriend's father is murdered. The father was a dealer in rare fossils, as in dinosaur bones. He had recently arranged for a prominent senator to purchase a very rare specimen, a 75% complete Allosaurus. In addition to the dealer's murder, the college professor who discovered the dinosaur and was planning to sell it to the senator through the dealer has gone missing.Detective Wolf goes to visit the site of the dig to investigate, while leaving his deputies to follow up on leads in their home town. Wolf's investigative style and thought process is fascinating. Carson fleshes out all of characters well and he's a clever enough writer that I was still guessing "who done it" when the murderer was revealed at the end of the novel.Thrown into the mystery mix is Wolf's home situation. He's raising his son alone, as his ex-wife, who he still loves, died not too long ago (again, I assume there's background in previous books). Both he and his son are dealing with their grief in their own ways.I enjoyed the plot, the mystery was interesting and the character well written. I know I'll seek this author out and read some of the earlier Wolf books.

  • Joan
    2018-12-11 04:26

    This book was not as good as other Jeff Carson books I've read, but it was still an interesting novel. The plot was disorganized and hard to follow, and the writing style was not as polished as his usual work. In fairness to Mr. Carson, there was a mix-up at Amazon and the version of the book I downloaded was an in-progress version. The author went to a great deal of trouble to sort the problem out and even sent me an email with the final version attached; however, I was unable to access and download the file. I read the version I had, and the changes shown there didn't appear to be substantial. The edits were mostly formatting and punctuation, so I don't think the finished book would have been much different from the version I read. I still enjoy the main character of this series, David Wolf, and will read future books by this author.

  • Chris Adams
    2018-12-04 10:20

    I will admit I was a bit apprehensive to continue reading when I discovered this book was the 7th in the series, but I soon discovered that this book is a good stand alone novel and I did not feel lost at all by not reading the first six novels in the series. As someone working on a sequel to my novel the style and structure of Jeff Carson's writing was very encouraging and informative giving me ideas on character structure to allow my sequel to function as a stand alone and not be dependent upon the first book in the series. Thank you to Jeff Carson for both giving me a new series to dive into as well as ideas on how to become a better novelist in my own path.

  • Quillracer
    2018-12-14 03:23

    Carson delivers another great entry in his David Wolf series.David Wolf’s investigation into the murder his son’s girlfriend’s father leads him to more murders at a dinosaur recovery site driven by one of the most unusual motives I’ve ever encountered. Carson did a good job here of keeping the reader guessing the guilty party.David Wolf is very much an Everyman, which makes him a much more realistic character than the superhero types found in many novels. He stumbles, he makes mistakes, and he has doubts.Carson also includes just enough ‘outside the job’ scenes to keep the reader from thinking his characters have no life outside police work.I see there’s another David Wolf novel on the way. And that’s good news.

  • Pat Stanford
    2018-11-26 05:22

    So soI went looking for paleontology fiction and this came up. I downloaded it as library borrowed book. The dialogue gets confusing - at times you can't tell who is speaking. The beginning is good and then gets rushed to tie things up toward the end. Characters are so so. You sorta care for the main character, but then there are so many characters it gets confusing.I did find out that apparently German Shepherds have a flatulence problem. So that good to know if I wanna adopt a dog, but it was mentioned too many times.I did finish, but just like the story, I rushed through towards the end.

  • Rose Mclaughlin
    2018-11-22 10:17

    Good read!I have to be honest ,I was not as impressed with this storyline as I was with first six. The story started out ok, but didn't have as much action,. Didn't know who the killer was but, by the end of the story I didn't care. I think the storyline was flat ,I expected a lot out of this one After reading the last story . David wolf series is one of my favorite series. I would prefer a little more mystery then dinosaur bones and 4 murders where the first one was the one was close to the main character son,then kinda went away from what I come to expect from this author.well here's hoping book 8 won't be a let down! And please give him some kind of relationship.

  • Linda Curry
    2018-12-12 08:36

    Good mystery storyI like books with a good mystery to solve and something to learn. This book checked both boxes. The mystery about the murders was solved over time with several false starts. The amount of information on paleontology was perfect and explained in terms that were easy to understand. I read this as a stand alone, knowing nothing about David Wolf or any of the other characters. Now I need to go back and read the earlier books in the series because I really want to know more about the back story.

  • gerri boyle
    2018-11-19 07:31

    Finished in a dayI waited patiently (not) for Book 7, after having read the other 6 books back-to-back. Once again, Carson did not disappoint. It was nice to see that Wolf and his fellow officers were back on the job solving the murders of characters involved in a dinosaur dig. There's also a glimpse of Wolf's vulnerability surrounding the violent death of his ex-wife. All in all, it was an enjoyable read and now I'm sad that I have finished the book. Hopefully, Jeff is working on #8.

  • Tamara
    2018-12-01 09:26

    Hooked AgainI knew this would be an intriguing book and I was right. The author's detailed descriptions throughout the book clearly had me drawn into the storyline. Wolf continues to use his law enforcement knowledge to get to the bottom of the case. As always, I found myself gathering clues and solving the case along with Wolf. I even yelled at Wolf and Shumway! Lol! They needed to pay attention to Jet! Not to give away too much, I will just say once again the author will keep you reading not wanting the story to end and saying Who? Why! What? OMG!

  • Jenny Andersen
    2018-11-27 10:10

    David Wolf is always a treat. This story takes him into a different part of his Colorado an ex-geologist, I loved the bits of rock and paleontology. That aside, he has an interesting puzzle to solve and does just that in his usual competent fashion. I really like that he's a good detective and that we get not only interesting crimes but a good hard look at why people behave the way they do. A really good read!