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Lieutenant Colonel Perrin Shin is not happy.Not happy about the changes he's seen in Edge since he arrived sixteen years ago. Not about his daughter and son turning into teenagers. And certainly not about the Guarders turning the village teens into thieves, or the world not noticing anything but the latest entertainment.Which also means no one’s noticing the ever-tighteninLieutenant Colonel Perrin Shin is not happy.Not happy about the changes he's seen in Edge since he arrived sixteen years ago. Not about his daughter and son turning into teenagers. And certainly not about the Guarders turning the village teens into thieves, or the world not noticing anything but the latest entertainment.Which also means no one’s noticing the ever-tightening control of Chairman Mal and the Administrators.While Perrin and Mahrree notice, as does their claimed brother Shem Zenos, there's nothing that two soldiers and a school teacher can do about those who rule the world.So when a disaster hits Edge and half of the world, then Perrin receives an urgent message demanding that he return immediately to Idumea--Well, he’s not sure what's worse: the fact that he has to leave his village that desperately needs him in order to face the government he hates, or that his wife and children are going with him....

Title : The Mansions of Idumea
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The Mansions of Idumea Reviews

  • Melinda
    2018-12-02 23:24

    Another Excellent Addition to the SeriesThis is the third book in the Forest at the Edge series, and they must be read in order to make any type of sense. This. book starts fourteen years after the second book, and Perrin is now a Lieutenant Colonel and Mahrree is teaching the incorrigible boys from full school.A horrible tremor occurs across all the lands, including Edge, but especially the outlying villages, enough so that houses are knocked down, people are killed, and food is hard to come by. High General Shin goes missing for five days until his wife leads the search party to find him. He was almost killed. His son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren from Edge come to visit, and this gives the Administrators a good look at both Perrin and Mahrree, whom they have been compiling information on, and trying to kill for years.Two things are abundantly clear, the Administrators live like the King's of old and don't care at all about the people - even wiping out an entire town is acceptable if those people aren't wealthy. They are truly amoral and evil. The other thing that becomes clear is that the Guarders in black are just criminals being paid by people in the political system to get revenge or to control others. So it is true, Guarders do live among them. The thing is, these people really aren't true Guarders. The real Guarders are completely different. There is a prophecy involved, as well as the Creator, and a different way of life.The characters as always are wonderful. We finally get to see the real High General Relf Shin. He has a wicked sense of humor, is a devious old man, and is a great father and grandfather. Hycymum finally gets to use her plaid, and almost makes a play for Uncle Shem, who is way younger than her. She is one of my favorites. Jaytsy is now almost fifteen, smart as a whip and beautiful. Peto is thirteen and wants no part of a soldier's life. Mr. Hegek is a mouse with common sense. Poe Hill came back! They are great characters with human qualities that are so very familiar from friends and neighbors that by the third book you almost feel like you have met them before.In this book both Perrin and Mahrree get tested by both mental and physical challenges and heartbreak. There was at least some divine retribution, which was quite funny. The ending was rather sad, and I wonder how much more Perrin can handle before losing it, or Mahrree telling him about her forest excursion so that they can see those ruins.While there is less action in this book, there is more tension, as the playing field switches to the Capitol city of Idumea, where all the Administrators and their henchmen reside to further their planned and unplanned skullduggery and call it research. There are many hidden potholes waiting for the Shins, but they manage to get out of most of them, with the exception of some whoppers at the beginning and the end.Bottom Line: This was a mature work, and as a third book in a series, showed seriousness in the plot and significant growth on the part of both protagonists. It is an epic fantasy in scope and in depth of the intelligent discourse. I can't wait for the next book to come out. Highly Recommended...

  • Tiffany
    2018-12-01 20:06

    Ok - so I accidentally read this book before book two. That being said....other than a couple of "new" characters, I was able to jump right in and enjoy the Shin family and didn't really felt like I missed all that much. I was again surprised to enjoy this book and series. As an avid fantasy reader...finding books outside of my preferred genre that I can suffer through is hard enough. Finding ones I truly enjoy are rare.The editing wasn't perfect (I have the kindle version) but it does not take away from the story in the least bit. So about this book - we continue on with our favorite characters (both the ones we love and the ones we hate) and learn more and more of the story. At first, frankly, I was a bit bored. It seemed like a lot of story for not a lot of action. BUT - that changed later in the book and then you are in a whirlwind of events that carries you through the rest of the book. I feel I have to warn you though (as I was totally unprepared myself,) have a box of tissues nearby....You will need it.

  • Annie
    2018-11-28 20:21

    Love itI absolutely love this series. I have really been enjoying every second of reading these books. It's crazy how much I love Shem at this point but still have no clue who he is!! I had a working theory that was just poked full of holes at the end of this book. Many times while reading I have pumped my fist in the air with excitement, I've fought back tears, and I have now completely destroyed my nails from nibbling on them. I've even missed sleep because I just couldn't put the book down. So many great things happened in book 3 and I can't wait to get started on the next one. Thank you, Trish Mercer! This series is excellent.

  • Bethany Cousins
    2018-12-06 23:15

    This book series has captured my heart quite fiercely. Trish Mercer has created absolutely brilliant characters, and they only get deeper and better as the narratives continue. Her talent for writing is one of the best I’ve read; reducing me to tears and then making me laugh out loud less than two pages later. This cycle repeated itself an unadmittable amount of times during this book, possibly the most emotionally-consuming of them yet.

  • Elizabeth Reid
    2018-12-15 22:22

    Wow, there are some pretty tense moments in this one including a natural disaster and murder! I loved learning more about Idumea.

  • Marissa Lusk
    2018-12-06 21:30

    I really love these books. They are extremely enjoyable and always leave me with something to think about.

  • Alex Mercer
    2018-12-04 01:06

    This book is just a very fun, different book. Personally I had never read anything like this, and I enjoyed it very much!Some action, diverse characters, and absolutely fun protagonists.

  • Karla
    2018-11-27 23:33

    While I still liked it, I enjoyed this one slightly less than the first two books. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of reading fight scenes, and there were a few in this one. However, I am looking forward to continuing the adventures of Perrin and Mahrree, especially with the new staff in place at the fort. Things could get interesting!