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Questionable Love starts off right where Labeled Love ended While my boy’s world stopped,My girl’s kept going. Promises would be made,And some would be broken. There was only one question that he ever needed answered.There was only one answer that she ever needed to say. I’ve clung to his question. I’ve clung to her answer. He’ll have to prove himself.She’ll have to let m Questionable Love starts off right where Labeled Love ended While my boy’s world stopped,My girl’s kept going. Promises would be made,And some would be broken. There was only one question that he ever needed answered.There was only one answer that she ever needed to say. I’ve clung to his question. I’ve clung to her answer. He’ll have to prove himself.She’ll have to let me. When you have a love as deep as ours, you fight to keep it together. We will have to fight for those three words if we want our love to be unending. Mature Language, Sexual Content...

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Questionable Love Reviews

  • Christy
    2018-11-23 07:19

    5 stars!Danielle Rocco writes the sweetest romance stories. When I read Labeled Love, I couldn’t wait to get book 2. And it wasn’t just because of that cliffhanger (though that had something to do with it). I really just wanted more of Shay and Jace and their swoony and sweet love story. Love letters, pink construction paper, love songs, names in the sand, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and heart shaped love will always remind me of them. I had high hopes that this book would be just as good as the first and it didn’t disappoint. If you’ve read Labeled Love, you know Jace and Shay were torn apart and our hearts were complete broken for them both. After reading the first few chapters of this book, I was in tears for Jace and Shay both. It was such a hard spot they were both in, but they handled it with as much grace and dignity as they could. What I love most about Shay is her undying loyalty and love. She knows the kind of man she has in Jace and she is completely devoted to him, as he is to her. You don’t see that so often in books, especially with the ages of these two and the situation they were put in. They honestly did the best they could with the hand they were dealt and something that would tear most relationships apart only made these two stronger. Not to say it was easy, it wasn’t. There were things that were especially hard on each of them, but with their true and undying love, they’ll always make it through. “Real love will always come with sacrifice. It’s when it doesn’t that you know it’s not real.”What I love most about Jace… can I just say everything? He is one of those heroes that is seriously perfect and almost too good to be true. I was almost happy to see that he made a few mistakes in this story. He’s only human. It didn’t make me love him less, quite the opposite. I loved his strength and determination, how he came from nothing, but somehow became everything to someone like Shay. He is truly a wonderful hero. Jace and Shay together make me smile. I can’t imagine either one of them with anyone else. They have that kind of love. It’s unbreakable, unyielding and meant to be. “Do you love me, baby? Do you, Shay? Do you love me, baby?”
“More than anything, Jace. I love you more than anything.”As much as I love Jace and Shay, I also loved so many of the secondary characters. Shay’s parents, Melody and Steven were amazing as always. I love Jace’s friend Landon, and I grew to love his mom, Grace, so much. I disliked her in the first book, but her changes and growth were beautiful. And OMG Jules and Beau. Their love/hate relationship… gah! I need their book! I love Danielle’s writing style. It’s got this fantastic flow and this quality that makes you hope her stories never end. The conclusion of Jace and Shay’s story was epic. It was so beautiful and heartwarming. There was some angst there in the middle, but I never doubted the love these two had for one another. By the end, my heart was happy and full and all I felt was love. This is a wonderful YA (with a touch of NA in this second book) story I hope more people will pick up because it truly is a special kind of love that these two have.

  • Fre06 Begum
    2018-12-10 03:10

    Such a beautiful couple who know the meaning of love and loyalty,

  • Sophie
    2018-11-25 05:15

    If you love:- cute romance stories with the perfect boyfriend, always so sweet with his girl and a flawless female heroine;-childhood sweethearts growing into "forever" lovers;-stories paved with pink hearts and countless love letters;than you'll positively adore this book and will give it 5 stars."My" 3 stars are entirely based on my personal taste. I read sweet stories from time to time, just to recover from some dark read but I don't have an overly sweet tooth. I need some drama, tension or flaw even in cute love stories.Questionable Love is the second book in that series. It begins right where the first book ended: with Jace being sentenced to two years. Shay is devastated, her entire world is crumbling. Jace can't breathe without her. They were barely engaged, made all their plans and everything stopped on a fateful night.Their time apart, was hard to read about. Shay tries to go on with her life while waiting for Jace to be free. Pushed by her family and a new friend, she's beginning a career in singing but does not like being in the spotlight. She feels guilty for working on songs without Jace.Jace is consumed by jealousy as Shay goes to music events where other beautiful boys will attend but he does not want to spoil Shay of her fun because he is possessive. He is supportive but slowly dying inside, guilt eaten.I won't say more about the plot, just know you'll have plenty of love letters, heart shaped messages. Their love was unwavering and inspiring.

  • Leonor
    2018-11-26 09:24

    183 chapters yep you read right lol 183 chapters and more povs from them after those chapters..This book was too long with unnecessary drama. I liked it until 29% after that I stopped liking the heroine I still liked the hero and his love for her. It went up to 59% when I just couldn't take it anymore I started skimming until the end. I glad the hero got his HEA he really deserved it. Both celibate during separation.

  • Bailey Strickland
    2018-12-13 07:09

    Holy Guacamole! Questionable Love absolutely blew my doors off. I am speechless sitting here holding my kindle. I first fell in love with Jace & Shay close to a year ago. Their story was so unique and precious. When I was finished with the first book, I was already craving the second one. The book doesn't miss a beat, it begins right where the story stopped in Book one. Questionable Love is filled with SO MANY heart-filled, beautifully written scenes. When reading this I felt all emotions possible. I laughed, cried, swooned and blushed. This book will take on one, big, rollercoaster ride. Just hold on is all I am saying! The detail's that Danielle Rocco put in are absolutely flawless. With each sentence, she draws you in even more. I love all the characters! I am really looking forward to Beau's and Jules story. When it comes down to it, Jace & Shay's love is easy, airy and light but the journey they go through is not. Don't miss one second of this amazing series! Please give this outstanding story of two, young people who find what true love is a chance. You will not be disappointed! Danielle Rocco is a phenomenal author! She is passionate about showing how beautiful and pure real, heart-pounding love can be!

  • Stacie Christensen
    2018-12-17 07:19

    Holy crap! This book was absolutely flawless. It picks up where Labeled Love left off. This book will bring out every emotion. I laughed, cried, swooned and wanted to throw my reading device down. Jace and Shays story was not an easy one by any means but it was such an amazing read. Jace was a total alpha male and absolutely loved him. His live for Shay was breath taking. If you haven't read Labeled Love you will want to do so before reading this. Please read both books you won't be disappointed.

  • Danielle Rocco
    2018-12-09 08:22

    For those of you that read Jace & Shay's entire story this is for you! A NOTE TO READERS...Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking this journey with me! I never in my life thought I would be a writer, but when this story came to me, I was on a mission to write it. I wouldn't change a single word, a scene, or a character. Jace and Shay's entire journey and everyone who was a part of it are so perfectly perfect!I'm incredibly proud of my first fictional babies, Jace James and his girl Shay Stark.I wanted to create a young adult story that I could be proud of. A story that inspired teens to find true love and not settle for anything less. I wanted love and respect at its best, and for you to feel that love and appreciation for a loving relationship within these characters. I'm truly proud of the Stark family and the James family for showing all that families should be, can be , and what true love, first love, only love can achieve when you have love and support. To all you teens out there who embrace this story, I want you to know that it's out there. There is a Jace James who will love you, who will cherish you, and you are worth all that and more. And, to all of us that embraced this journey who are not 'teens' anymore but 'teens' at heart, thank you for loving young love. We only have one time in our life we get all those first-time feels, and I wanted Jace and Shay to give you the best of them. Let's teach our young girls to strive for the perfect boy to give her all of her sweet memories. Thank you again for reading their story! XOXO

  • Kelly with Sugar Shack Book Blog
    2018-11-29 08:28

    GAHHHH.... To say I have been patiently waiting for this book would be a complete and utter lie!! This has been my most anticipated book and oh my stars was it worth the wait!! Danielle Rocco has blown me awayonce again with her amazing writing, her abilty to suck you into the story and leave you reeling is unbelievable! Questionable Love picks up right where Labeled Love left off!! This book was filled with so many different emotions, one moment I am crying, the next I am laughing. The swoony moments will make your heart go pitter patter the whole way! The chemistry and love between Jace and Shay is a beautiful thing. But can the beauty of their love be enough?? I would without a doubt recommend this series to everyone!! It is going in my all-time favorite reads file and I doubt it will ever leave. I am beyond excited for what Danielle has to come and I will be once again not so patiently waiting!!

  • Michelle
    2018-11-17 08:37

    Epic love I loved going to through this journey with Jace and Shay. The love they share us truly epic once in life time love. I know not all young romances make it. But I'm true beliver that when you know you just know. I knew the first time i met now husband back in high school that he was something special. Everyone couple goes through there up's and downs. It's the ones that truly love and support each other that make IT. Jace and Shay are a true example. Epic love is what they have.

  • Fly FreeBird
    2018-12-17 04:27

    Beautiful story.

  • Amandajane
    2018-11-22 09:22

    Syrupy sweet deliciousness. The gorgeous love story between adorable poor boy Jace and sweet, rich girl, Shay continues in this sequel to Labeled Love. Jace and Shay's love is tested by the separation due to the events in the last book. With all her plans for their future together on hold, Shay has to make a life for herself alone. Jace has to come to terms with how his actions changed their lives. These characters are so beautiful. Jace is a sweetheart who grew up in the worst situation but the connection between him and Shay gave him something to live for. His love is obsessive but she is the brightest thing in his world and being with her gives him purpose as he strives to be a better man for her. I love his loyalty to Shay. "The day I met her, I knew deep within my heart that she was my one and only, and she has been my one and only, and I’ve been hers...I don’t believe in accidents happening, making a mistake when it comes to love. That’s a fucking copout. When it’s true and real, and so fucking meant to be, you won’t fail each other with another."Shay is adorable. She comes from an amazing family who keep each other grounded despite the glitz and glamour of the LA music industry and the Hollywood lifestyle they are surrounded by. Her love for Jace is so pure and true. She sees straight through to the beautiful heart of Jace, not the surface of undesirable address and scruffy clothes.  "I never cared about where he lived, only who he was, but seeing his writing with the return address being a prison facility has my already broken heart shattering into a million pieces for him. I know how prideful he is, and I know writing this broke him....He never thought he was good enough, and to me, he has always been everything.”Credit to Danielle Rocco for sending her character to prison for his violent behavior. It seems that every YA/NA book has a scene where the hero gets into a fight. It is almost like it is desirable to have a man explode in a jealous rage. No, no and fuck no. He chose the behavior so has to wear the consequences. I liked how Jace worked through what happened with Cole and accepted responsibility for his actions. He tried really hard to control his jealousy, which was never about not trusting Shay but was about everyone else having more access to her time than he was able to. Shay will always be the one, and I know in my heart she feels the same way about me. But, still I’m a guy, and the thought of anyone touching my girl or getting time with her away from me has my blood fucking boilingI liked how he and Shay discussed their feelings about jealousy and chose not to put the other in a situation that they would be uncomfortable with. It was understanding and respectful of the other's feelings. Not submissive or bossy as is common in other stories. Their loyalty to each other, standing by each other even when things are difficult but also holding on to an expectation of behaviour, of how to treat and be treated by the other person makes this relationship so special. I loved the end of Jace and Shay's story. I'm not usually a fan of epilogues but this was necessary and rounded out the story. I love when the conclusion ties back to the beginning, in this case what Jace dreamed of having.This is one of those stories that stick with you. Loved it. “Do you love me, baby?”  “More than anything.”

  • Shannon Diaz
    2018-12-16 05:35

    What can I say, but Danielle Rocco knows how to deliver us "PERFECTLY PERFECT PERFECTION" Questionable Love picks up right where Labeled Love leaves us with that CLIFF-of-a-HANGER. Rocco gives us an epic journey into what it truly means to find your Soulmate, and believe you're worth each other's love. Jace and Shay are the true epitome of what "TRUE LOVE" represents... Shay loves hard! While Jace loves harder! My heart broke for Jace and Shay and the obstacles thrown their way, yet pink hearted love notes put me all back together on their journey of UNENDING LOVE. Jace is the true definition of swoon and devotion, and shows Shay through their Happily Ever Firsts, that real men, even fictional, are out there. I believe because Rocco makes you believe! "Why would I ever want to test the waters when I'm already swimming in the perfect sea?" Jace JamesI couldn't put Questionable Love down because every scene just drew me in further, and even when I thought I had it all, I got more, and then some... Oh! and Rocco gave me one of the most MADDENING-SWOONY love scenes EVER!!!! I couldn't help but wish I was Shay in that moment...Not only does Rocco give us Jace and Shay, she gives us Beau and Jules, and the rest of the Stark clan... One might say they're secondary characters, but I say they were a part of Jace and Shay's journey. It's a first for me to call them a clan of family members whom I felt were one hell of an addition to this ride I was on. I can't wait for what's to come, especially for Mr. Beau Stark and Ms. Jules Thorn... I NEED them NOW!!!! So, what am I saying? I'm saying go out and get a Love Beyond Labels Duet, and start this journey NOW! Danielle Rocco has proven she can write one hell of a YA love story, and I can't wait to see what Rocco brings to the Contemporary NA genre. Mrs. Danielle Rocco you've hooked me with your words, and I'm one hell of a fan girly of your writing!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me Beau and Jules NOW.... One hungover, patiently waiting fan!

  • Alexandra Bacalla
    2018-12-03 05:34

    Sooooo, this is the second book in the series. I finished reading this book a few weeks ago, by the way. I'm not gonna lie, as soon as I saw Danielle's post on Instagram that the second book of the love beyond labels series was out, I immediately went and downloaded the ebook because I was sooooo ready to read the second book because I was left hanging in tye first book. I enjoyed reading this book as much as the first book because I get to watch Shay's and Jace's relationship grow. It taught me that no matter how far away you are from the person that you love the most, you will always love them no matter what, and them in vice versa. I'm beyond excited for the third book because Danielle Rocco has got me hooked onto her stories. If you haven't read her books yet, GO READ THEM NOW. SERIOUSLY, JUST GO AND READ AWAY. Shay and Jace forever. ❤️

  • Viona Zharku
    2018-11-25 07:10

    “The Earth shook for a reason that day. A forever love was bonded and rooted, never to be broken. I think that’s what happens when an earthquake takes place. It’s the galaxy’s way of telling us another soul has found its mate. Jace James is my forever earthquake”

  • Ginelle Syrko
    2018-12-15 02:24

    I really loved this book! I'm not a "reader" so for me to read over 600 pages says a lot! Loved the fairy tail story of Jace and Shay. So sweet and so precious! Can't wait for your next book!!

  • Mary Ruth (TheReadingRuth)
    2018-12-09 10:39

    *An e-ARC of the book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review* Important note: This is a sequel to Labeled LoveDanielle Rocco magnificently captures the tingly, dreamy feelings of falling in love. And seriously, with the way this woman swept me up in heart-shaped clouds with Labeled Love, I really didn’t know she could take me higher. Questionable Love was, with no question, a powerhouse of swoon, sexy cuteness, and a sparkle of drama. “I’m always going to be your boy, and you are always going to be my sun-kissed baby under the California sun.”Jace James loved fiercely and it was the same reason why he’s serving time in jail. But it will also be the very same reason that he will get through it. I really, really loved the loyalty and integrity of this man. Even when he was helpless, he sought light and love in his memories of Shay. He was so sweet, thoughtful, and equally sexy. “ life was always going to be with her from the moment I met her.”Shay Stark lived in a dark place after her boy was put into jail. She was helpless and sad, but she never gave up hope. Instead, she poured her heart out on the one thing they dreamed of sharing--music. Sassy Shay was a sight to behold but when in love and driven by hope, she is magic. I loved the passion in this woman. She genuinely invests her heart in everything she does. “I’ve made some mistakes, but the one thing I’ve always done with everything I am is love you with my entire heart.”There were times when I thought this book was predictable but Miss Danielle proved me wrong every time. In the bits of moment I thought she will make doubt prevail, she made love overpower everything. Although I would say that this book was generally light, there were little sparks of heartbreak and tears in between that kept the story interesting. This book is definitely oozing with a lot of heart-shaped love. Entertaining, swoony, and addictive.

  • Eyvette Abreu
    2018-11-18 06:38

    “Do you love me, baby?”  “More than anything.” 4.5***This book starts right where Labeled Love ends. Jace and Shay have no choice but to deal with the consequences of Jace's mistake. They both suffer tremendously and thru it all depend on their great love to get them thru.This book is more emotional than the first because neither of them have any choice but to deal with what is happening. As in the first book, the feelings between the two are evident. Shay's life goes on without Jace by her side and even though he is dying inside he is totally supportive of her. Shay is also having a hard time going forward with her plans because these plans were made for her and Jace's future. I was glad to go on this ride with Jace and Shay and I cannot say enough how truly beautiful of couple they were. From the age of 12 and 13 these two were soulmates. A little angsty as Shay is now in the public eye. This causes some doubts and misunderstandings, and even as they live thru these they never waiver in what they feel for each other. If you need a super sweet, filled with ILY's, devotion, loyalty, and pink shaped hearts, this is the book for you."We are true love, passion, soul binding, forever kind of loves, fated to be together from the moment we looked into each other's eyes"

  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    2018-11-30 08:17

    I have the swooniest smile on my face right now. I wasn't sure how Danielle was going to work her magic on Questionable Love, I fell so hard and so fast for Jace and Shay in book 1. She has created a magical story with so much love and so much heart it will live on forever. Shay and Jace face many obstacles in Questionable Love, there were moments I wasn't sure what directions it would go, but, there love breaks the mold on it all. DEVOTION. These two love so fiercely so loyally it will show you what true commitment means. Jace and Shay are older, wiser and much more in love. LOYALTY. I'm blown away. I love young adult it's a fave for me, and Danielle wrote a story that shows what love should look like. It's not always easy not always smooth sailing but when you have a love like these two it's worth it. This book was the perfect ending for the perfect couple.

  • Paige Smith
    2018-12-04 04:14

    Danielle Rocco has written the most epic, heart-shaped conclusion to Jace and Shay's story. I loved Labeled Love so much and couldn't wait to see how Danielle was going to end their story after the cliffhanger she gave us. If you haven't read Labeled Love, what are you waiting for? Everyone needs a little heart-shaped PB & J love. Questionable Love picks up where Labeled Love left off. Jace and Shay have to endure so many obstacles to fight to be together. Is their love strong enough to survive? I cannot say enough about Questionable Love. I laughed, cried, and swooned. This book is the epic conclusion. If you're looking for a new author, take a chance on Danielle Rocco. You won't be disappointed! 5 heart-shaped stars!!I have heard that Danielle is writing Beau and Jules's story next. I can't wait to read how this feisty fashionista tames the Hollywood playboy.

  • Alicia Sevanya
    2018-12-04 02:34

    WOW. JUST WOW. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH. Questionable Love & Labeled Love are the kind of books that will always stay with you forever. The writing (amazing!), the characters are so wonderful especially our two leads. Jace is so devoted to Shay and vice versa. Jace is the kind of boy your parents wish you would be with. His devotion to her is just so swoon worthy, he will do anything to protect her! He's obsessively in love with Shay and it's just so heartwarming <3 Shay is wonderful! She's beyond mature for her age, she's sassy, she's fun and a tomboy, but loves her coconut chapstick so much hehe. Shay is also very devoted to Jace, she's always there for him even when he refused to. They're both what I would call true soulmate. They complete each other! Thank you Danielle for writing these incredible books, I can't wait for Jules & Beau's book!

  • Tricia
    2018-12-15 05:11

    Speechless about how incredibly beautiful it was. All hardships aside Jace and Shays love remained true blue as their eyes and pink hearts and swoony things. I can't form words for what I am feeling and I finished the book yesterday. But I have to say that yes, LOVE NEVER FAILS and Jace and Shay are proof of that. All the hurdles Jace and Shay overcame just to bask in that refined, pure love was worth it to the end of the book. Never once did they lose sight of what was important and real. THEIR LOVE. The conclusion brings it full circle with a renewed relationship and very serious discussion between two boys and where they stand. It brings a man to his knee with a promise of forever to his girl to never be separated again and three very happily ever afters.

  • Jennifer Norris
    2018-11-23 08:13

    Questionable Love is the conclusion to a sun-kissed fairy tale. Jace and Shay are forced to deal with their separation and other challenges along the way but their love for each other stays true. Beginning where Labeled Love leaves off, my heart was breaking right along with these two characters. Jace and Shay mature through the obstacles in the way of their relationship and I was a willing participant in their journey. Jules and Beau's angsty banter provides plenty of laughs (I'm looking forward to their story). This story will take you on a roller coaster of feelings as you continue to experience Jace and Shay's pink heart-shaped love.

  • Laura
    2018-12-17 06:31

    The end of Labeled love left me feeling so hurt for Jace and Shay. I was so afraid of what could happen.Jace had a rough life and was very lucky to find Shay and her family. I just love her Family so much! I couldn't believe how nice, supporting and understanding they were. And they are a very important part of the book.I also loved the surprises life threw on him!Questinable love made my heart full of hope and love.I could feel in every page the love and devotion they had for each other. And it really made me feel that love conquers all.I'm really hoping for Jules and Beau book. Is going to be epic!Enviado do meu iPhone

  • Kasumi Ren
    2018-12-13 04:15

    I survived the over the top cheesiness of book 1. However, halfway through, I want to throw my book reader away because of the TSTL heroine. She was always crying, complaining, whining, etc during the hero's imprisonment. And it continued on after he was released. Honestly, I didn't know what he saw in her.Anyways, she made simple problems bigger. Again, stupid. Ugh. I just read through the chapter so fast (especially those letters in between that were soooooo cheesy, that I hardly believed that it came from an 18 year old boy)My boy? My girl? Jeez, I know they're 18-19 years old. But the image in my head from their conversations felt like they were 14. Just ranting.

  • LisaReadsAlot
    2018-11-17 08:19

    I think I may still be walking on swoony clouds. After reading Labeled Love I fell in love with Jace and Shay's love for one another and definitely WAS NOT expecting that kind of ending in book 1. I love that Questionable Love picked up right where Labeled Love left off. In book 2 Danielle Rocco definitely hits you with lots of swoony love. The development between Jace and Shay was everything I hoped for. QL will leave your heart filled with little pink hearts everywhere. I know my heart are filled with them. 4 'Only Ever You' Stars!

  • Gracie K
    2018-12-16 03:28

    I loved this book so much! I read the first book, labeled love, and I just could not wait until this book. The love between Jace and Shay is amazing. Since meeting, Jace and Shay have had their ups and downs and this book was the icing on the cake. The great cliffhanger from book one was so frustrating (in a good way) which kept me wanting more and this book was outstanding. I recommend everyone to read it. I love love love love this book. I can't wait for more!!!! Beau and Jules??? I ship them 100%

  • Tina
    2018-11-16 07:21

    What an amazing sequel to an amazing love story. I couldn't put it down and then I didn't want it to end. I felt every moment the characters felt and it was so special. Loved this book and can't wait for more.

  • Wendy
    2018-12-06 02:23

    Swoonie!!!!I typically don't care for tween/teen romance but I am definitely a fan of Danielle's for life. Jace & Shays story is beautiful and complicated yet not all at the same time.Do you love me baby? More than words.

  • Angel
    2018-12-16 08:27

    I swear this book has such a perfect book boyfriend. To quote Jules: "Jace is like the ultimate book boyfriend right? Like every single characteristic we like to read about."Enough said.

  • Keisha
    2018-12-04 04:16

    Loved it!!