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To win the woman destined to be his bride . . .Catherine Depford is the wealthiest heiress in London, and she is all but promised to a proper English lord . . . so why is she having dreams of a Scottish warrior claiming her for his own? She can't imagine that her heated fantasies would come true . . . until she locks eyes with the stranger of her dreams in a crowded ballroTo win the woman destined to be his bride . . .Catherine Depford is the wealthiest heiress in London, and she is all but promised to a proper English lord . . . so why is she having dreams of a Scottish warrior claiming her for his own? She can't imagine that her heated fantasies would come true . . . until she locks eyes with the stranger of her dreams in a crowded ballroom.A Scotsman will do anythingHighland chief Gabriel MacBraedon has come to London in search of Catherine, the woman an ancient curse dictates to be his bride. But he can't very well sweep the English beauty into his arms and carry her off to Scotland in the dead of night. Or can he? Nothing is impossible when a Scotsman's passion is making the rules . . ....

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The Night Before The Wedding Reviews

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-04-10 17:18

    An ancient curse proclaims them to be fated but it's not quite as simple as that. The hero was in love with another when his fated bride is found but he selflessly put aside his own happiness to save his people from starvation. As the clan he leads is in a famine when the previous bride refused to wed the laird. The hero travels to England and the second he sees the girl he's to marry, he instantly doesn't think fate is all that bad. The heroine lives in constant fear that her mothers madness will consume her so she desperately seeks a husband before her secret comes out. She fights the hero tooth and nail because a, she doesn't believe in the curse, and b, she's afraid of her own feelings. But when the madness begins to affect her, she has no choice but to go to Scotland to seek out a cure. This book was a roller-coaster. I spent the fight 2/3rds of the book hating the heroine. She was stupidly stubborn and selfish and possessed absolutely no regard for anyone but herself. The hero was unrelenting in his pursuit of her and wouldn't ever take no for an answer but finally it all builds and builds inside of him and he snaps at. He tells her she's selfish and while she's complaining she has to wed a hot, Scottish laird, people are dying. After that confutation, the whole story changed. She recognizes her faults and tries to be better though she still doesn't believe in the curse, she's willing to see the man for what he is. At some point I began to believe her. It's a little crazy that she's expected to go a foreign land and wed a stranger all because of a birthmark. When she doesn't instantly marry him, every single thing that goes wrong in the whole village is blamed on her. She gets yelled at and threatened so much that it's the hero who actually defends her. The curse is real but they're let it consume their lives and when she does marry him, the villagers begin to understand that not everything can be given to them. That sometimes bad things happen to good people. I absolutely loved the chemistry between the characters when it isn't until almost the end that it's even hinted at deeper feelings. The hero still cares for the girl who turned him away and the heroine's still reluctant to marry him. I didn't really like that aspect but overall it's an engaging story because it makes you feel for the characters.

  • Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    2019-03-27 12:14

    Debra MullinsJust a quickie review for this amazing, magical and curse driven Scottish tale of love. Poor Catherine Deplore is cursed by an old Scottish Fagan Curse that she doesn't understand because her mom, who was slowly going insane, jumped out of her bedroom window. Catherine has had dreams of a mysterious Highlander and has craved him all her life. Now she is 18 and going slowly insane with dreams, hearing voices, speaking Gaelic and being chased by her dream Highlander. Highland chief Gabriel MacBraedon must collect, kidnap and marry the Fagan Cursed Catherine before his clan is destroyed. He chases, craves, kisses and caresses Catherine all across London, but he must get her to Scotland and marry her ASAP! Will Catherine go insane before she marries Gabriel? Will they marriage save the clan? Can their passions turn to love? I loved this book so much I had to check it out again from my fantastic library. This curse just made their cravings, desires and passions increase ten fold. The steaminess and sexiness of this Scottish tale was "pull the fire alarm" hot. Ms. Mullins can spin and weave an amazing, original and captivating Scottish tale. I love a couple that must fight tooth and mail for their love and Ms. Mullins delivers that and more! She deserves my top score of 5 fingers up and 10 toes.

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-04-20 13:26

    The title "The Night Before the Wedding" is a bit misleading, but I still enjoyed Debra Mullins latest historical about sacrifice, a brawny Highland chief, and the spoiled English bride he must marry to save his clan. There's a curse involved too, which just makes it jucier.Catherine is many things: the daughter of a wealthy businessman, an heiress, beautiful, spoiled, oh...and she's pretty sure she's going mad! Her mother committed suicide at a fairly young age after going mad and Catherine has begun hearing voices since her eighteenth birthday. So now she and her father are working at finding her a husband with two special traits: he must be titled(for her father), and he must be someone who would care for her even if she does go mad (for Catherine). It's just too bad that none of the men she's considering are the one she keeps dreaming about.Gabriel MacBraedon, Earl of Arneth, Highland Laird, has tried everything he can think of to break the curse...without success. The only option left is for him to find the latest Farlan daughter, the one who bears the mark, and marry her. Never mind that he already gave his heart to another, never mind that she's a spoiled brat who thinks mostly of herself, and never mind that she still makes his loins burn...he has no choice left unless he's willing to see his people starve.Gabriel was a wonderful Highland hero; strong leader, sexy lover, kind to animals and women, yadda, yadda, yadda. Catherine, on the other hand, was a spoiled, selfish, teenage-acting, 18-year-old who I never particularly warmed to throughout the story. She did eventually learn to think of others, but it took drastic examples of want and privation...what a witch! The attraction between these two, though, was as hot as any Debra Mullins writes; and that's very good indeed.I never really figured out exactly which era the story was set in, although if I had to guess it would be late regency, early Victorian. None of that really affected the story, but Catherine's insistence in disbelieving a curse would have been much more plausible the later the era...know what I mean?In any event, the title "The Night Before The Wedding" must refer to the fact that Catherine had already picked out someone to marry...even though there was no actual engagement. Or maybe it referred to the events that occurred prior to the planned wedding of Gabriel and Catherine...I'm not sure. It was still a book I didn't find hard to finish and as I normally like Debra Mullins writing, I'll just note this one as 'not her best work, but still readable'. Works for me!

  • April
    2019-03-25 16:22

    Very good! Couldn't put it down.

  • Debra McEathron
    2019-04-02 12:03

    This was a love story about 2 clans having to overcome a curse. The chieftain must marry a particular woman from the other clan with a certain mark. If the woman refuses the curse prevents the clans from prospering. The characters were good and the plot line interesting.

  • Siyana Slavova
    2019-04-18 15:17

    "A broken vow when peace was sworn,The price shall be a daughter bornOf Farlan blood to wed our chief -Each generation, no relief.The dagger is her mark of grief,The girl who's born to wed our chief." This is the first ever book from Debra Mullins I've read. The night before the wedding captivated me from the very first sentence (that being the quote above).The way the story begins is this ritual that gives a start to a curse that connects two families.Catherine Depford is such a refreshing character. She is a young woman, just turned eighteen, and fears that the voices she hears in her mind and the dreams that she's having is the begging of her getting mad. She fears that she's getting mad because her mother once did and it cost her her life. But little does she know that she is a part of a family curse and her decision can save all of them. Gabriel MacBreadon, her chief of his clan is searching for his bride. He travels all the way from the Highlands to London in order to get Catherine to marry him. He ties everything in order to win her over. But ends up "kidnapping" her with the hope that when she sees the disaster back at home she would wish to be with him in order to save everybody else. (I just can't resist a male character who happens to be a Highlander.) On a very early stage of the book, it becomes clear that both characters have this strong desire for one another, but Catherine tries to fight it back, for she thinks that the curse of nothing more than superstition.Once at the Highlands we meet Jean, Catherine's cousin. It appears that Gabriel used to have an affair with her and even feelings. I think that the jealousy was the key thing that pushed Catherine into admitting that she can't be without Gabriel. The ending was absolutely heartwarming. I loved every second of it and there is nothing bad I can say about this book. I would love to read more from this author and I highly recommend it for people who love Highlanders and curses. A full 5 out of 5.

  • Naima
    2019-03-28 10:01

    baru kali ini baca novel dengan latar belakang skotlandia lengkap dengan keajaiban2nnya semacam kutukan2 gitu.tiga ratus tahun yang lalu klan mac braedon dan farlan terus menerus bertikai,hingga muncul gagasan untuk berdamai. detilnya aku lupa, yang jelas klan farlan mengingkari janji hingga kemudian muncul kutukan dari klan mac braedon bahwa pemimpin klan mac braedon harus menikah dengan perempuan farlan yang mempunyai tanda lahir berbentuk belati jika tidak kedua klan tersebut akan menderita kekeringan dan kelaparan. tidak itu saja, gadis farlan tersebut juga akan mengalami kegilaan, yang akan berujung pada kematian.hal itu telah terjadi pada ibu Catherine yang mengingkari takdirnya dan kawin lari dengan ayah Catherine, gila dan berkali-kali berusaha kabr kembali ke tanah kelahirannya,Skotlandia. Dan kini catherine dicekam ketakutan, setiap saat telinganya seperti mendengarkan suara-suara yang tidak dikenalnya, bak mantra. Belum lagi mimpi-mimpinya selalu dipebuhi oleh seorang laki-laki yang tidak dikenalnya. Kemudian laki-laki itu tiba-tiba muncul begitu saja di hadapannya, memberitahunya agar menjadi mempelainya. Catherine ketakutan, terutama karena dia udah menetapkan pilihannya. Tapi setiap kali di mencoba lari dari laki-laki itu, semakin kuat suara2 itu berdenging di kepalanya. Hingga pada puncaknya dia tidak lagi mampu berbicara bahasa Inggris, tapi bahasa Gaelic, bahasa skotlandia. anehnya tiap dia berada di dekat Gabriel Mac Braedon,laki-laki dalam mimpinya, keanehan2 itu sirna. walau begitu ia masih tetap keras kepala dan tetap bersikukuh menolak Gabriel, hingga kemudian Gabriel menculiknya. Bersama orang-orangnya, Gabriel membawa Catherine ke tanah kelahirannya. Ia berharap dengan melihat keadaan di sana, Catherine mau mengubah keputusannya dan bersedia menikahinya. Tidak peduli demi menghindari utukan itu atau demi cinta, Gabriel tidak ingin memaksa Catherine.

  • Tatrd
    2019-04-11 17:16

    Catherine Depford & Clan Chief Gabriel MacBraedonHer mother went mad due to the curse and she has started hearing chanting since her 18th birthday and has been dreaming of a Scottish Lord. When she sees him (talking to no one) looking at no one but her she's sure she's mad. Now she's desperate to marry Lord Kentwood who is so kind to his ailing mother. He won't just take her money and lock her in an asylum. Gabriel knows he must marry to lift the curse on his clan that causes their poverty and bad luck. He's come to England to try to marry her according to her stupid English customs but when her father refuses, he takes her to Scotland to show her she can break the curse and they must marry.Review

  • sli_reads0321
    2019-04-16 17:10

    I could have given it a 4star rating but because of the on and on talk if the 'curse' it just really irked me --- so i really get what Catherine was getting at. For someone in a society of prim and proper upbringing then suddenly you think youre getting mad then everyone keeps on blaming a curse, who would believe so but, yes, i know that this book realy is about the curse or we would not have the story itself and yes, i know the Scots side is also approriate since they're the ones suffering but hey, you can just get enough up to a point.Sorry, i could have really loved the story the H and h simce they really are likable.

  • Monique Takens
    2019-04-11 15:20

    Ik heb de Nederlands talige versie gelezen : Jij bent mijn bruid / Candlelight Historische roman 830 .Dit verhaal vond ik beter dan de vorige ( CH 800 ) die ik van D.Mullins gelezen heb , niet alleen maar omdat het thema Schotse hooglanders en een eeuwenoude vloek mij erg aanspreekt maar het is beter geschreven dan het vorige .

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-29 17:27

    I really liked the story but the author drug it out until I was yelling at the book. Catherine (the heroine) would not make a decision to save her life. I felt the author could have put in more plot to keep me interested instead of frustrated due to the predictability of this book. I gave it 3 stars because I did relate to the characters.

  • Claire
    2019-04-09 10:02

    Catherine was a refreshing character. Selfish but believable. None of that "I don't know what these odd feelings I'm having are" and "why am I so drawn to him?" I hate when books do that! Make the characters dumb to their feelings. Anyway, the whole book was a very simple read. But most romance novels are. I really enjoyed taking a break from thinking while I was reading and just enjoying it.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-24 17:09

    I did not think this romance book had enough romance (which I found surprising for Debra Mullins, as most of her other books are quite romance filled). There was only one and a half romance scenes and I was expecting more.

  • K.G. White
    2019-04-06 14:15

    These old, historical romances are especially fun. The old highlander culture is almost like a fantasy novel. I liked the dynamics of the relationships between each character and how it was written both subtly and loudly.

  • Carrie Olguin
    2019-04-10 13:13

    Cute story. A bit annoying in the beginning when the heroine is such a spoiled shrew. But she has to overcome her selfish nature to find her happily ever after. Once she arrives in Scotland, she's better.

  • Jody Ellis - pownall
    2019-04-16 14:26

    Lovely book especially the way it was written but would have love a few extra pages on the end to see what happened in the coming months.

  • Julie
    2019-03-29 14:19

    A fun historical involving a little bit of magic too! With a mysterious curse, a dark and handsome Chieftan, and a beautifully innocent Lady, this story has all the makings of a rich romance.