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The War was over, the Devil Queen cast down...In the wake of the Apocalypse, veteran demonhunter Karian Vanador understands that the vigilance of her Order leaves little time for leisure. Even as one paragon of darkness is cast down, Kari knows it won't be long before another rears its head.For the Order, after all, the War never ends.With demons threatening invasion onceThe War was over, the Devil Queen cast down...In the wake of the Apocalypse, veteran demonhunter Karian Vanador understands that the vigilance of her Order leaves little time for leisure. Even as one paragon of darkness is cast down, Kari knows it won't be long before another rears its head.For the Order, after all, the War never ends.With demons threatening invasion once more, Kari soon finds herself lunging headfirst into danger again. It is the life she's chosen, the only path she really knows. She fights with savage passion, defending her convictions despite the varied trials awaiting her there in the dark. Tests of friendship. The fires of love. The heat of battle. Even the limits of her own faith. Through these, though, Kari will seek the answer to a question that has ripped at her mind for eight long years:"Why was I resurrected?"...

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Salvation's Dawn Reviews

  • Carrie
    2019-04-07 14:29

    Karian Vanador is a terra-dracon demonhunter who has been resurrected several centuries after her death. In the wake of the Apocalypse, Kari has been summoned by her deity to join a band of of half-demons known as the Silver Blades on a mission to try to stop another war. Salvation's Dawn is a very complex epic fantasy novel featuring a female lead character who is a species that is sort of a type of dragon. With demons, dragons and hunters my curiosity was peaked early on in the read even though it's bit our of my normal reading. I have to admit as the adventure went on even though the author did a great job building this world and describing the different species involved I would sometimes keep thinking of them as human but would get pulled back into the fantasy world. It was all a lot to keep track of but for a fan of this genre I think someone should be sucked right into this world. I really enjoyed Kari as a main character, it was nice just having a female in this environment and she was quite the strong lead. The story moved at a fairly good pace with enough action all throughout to keep ones attention as you learn of all the new things involved. Also, Another quick mention, at the end of this book there is also a section that details all of the species, lands, wars and deities involved in Citaria which was a nice add to reference if you do get a bit confused on which was involved at any point with the complexity of the story. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    2019-03-20 15:32

    Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption #1) by Joe Jackson is an epic tale which I was not expecting! I thought this would be just a regular story but this is so much more. This whole world the author has created is so meticulously detailed in the creatures, culture, societies, the magic, the geography, and the well developed characters that it is like looking at an epic screen in my mind! So much went into making this world and he delivers this in such a way that makes it come alive rather than describing it bit by bit. A true feat for writers. I loved this book. The demon hunter is the main character and female, strong male characters that are half-demons, so many unique creatures, magic, the twists and details are simply tremendous! An adventure like no other. Wow, I am hooked on this series now!

  • Alexandra Engellmann
    2019-03-20 12:34

    Salvation’s Dawn is an epic fantasy with a strong female lead that’s – and this is something new for me – not a human. While, of course, I’ve read plenty of books about vamps, faeries, goddesses, aliens and such, I don’t think I can remember a character as epic as Karian. (By the way, I love her unusual name.) Her description alone was a promise of a big adventure full of magic and sharp swords and sorcery. I don’t want to give away too much, since the author will do it way better (and his writing style is impressively rich). But I’ll just say, a strong female character who has wings AND human feelings?? Hell yeah, I’m up for a book like that!In the beginning, when I read about Kari’s looks and race, I must admit I’d expected another female general, tough as granite, and just as bold. Imagine my surprise when underneath the armor was actually a lady, educated, faithful, and with a higher purpose. She was simple and pretty easygoing (all things considered) and could be awkward and unsure, just like any of us, simple humans. I liked it.Kari’s new friends were just as interesting for me. To say they were badass would be a huge understatement. Their looks alone guaranteed that; but there were also the things they could do. Hellfire AND sense of humor – not something you see every day in a book.Of course, the world-building reminded me of TES 3 and 4. Oblivion was the only game I played for a long period of time, and it connected in a really good way with the book in my head. It made it easier to imagine, I think, and added to the rich picture that the author painted in my head. I stopped gaming years ago, but I do miss the fantasy creatures and their magic. Not just the races, but the whole scenery had a Morrowind-ish air to it, and it was awesome to read something like that. I think I could even hear the soundtrack somewhere in the back of my head as I read))I don’t want to share too much on the plot, so that I don’t spoil anything for you. The book begins with action and a mystery, then slows down a bit as we get to meet Kari and her new squad and learn a lot about the world and its history. It was so beautifully written and read so easily that I didn’t mind lengthy explanations at all. The plot picks up after a few chapters, and that history comes in handy when the actual action starts.If you’re looking for a new team of fantasy characters to fall in love with, this book is for you. And if you don’t mind a draconic protagonist (which looks awesome on the cover, by the way) who shows plenty of human emotions, and is kind of adorable, though still a kickass – you should totally give this one a try!I received a copy of the book from the author for reviewing.

  • S.E. Anderson
    2019-04-14 11:25

    This book is an incredible fantasy novel, just not the book for me. I rounded up because I know just how much some of my friends would love this novel, even if it didn't do the trick for me. Karian Vanador is a terra-dracon demonhunter, resurrected many years after her death to help fight a war. Now that the war has been won, she has been summoned by her deity on a quest with the Silver Blades, a team of half-demons, on a mission to try to stop another one from breaking out. The world building here is phenomenal. The scope of it is magnificent! The different species all living together, working together.. we have demons and dragons and humans, and any mix thereof. It's a massive world with a lot of detailed history. Kari is a strong and independent demon-hunter, a powerful leader and fighter, still struggling with her own resurrection. I love this depth to her character. She's complex, both a warrior and capable of true feeling and emotion, passion and loyalty. At times she feels very human - despite her wings - and is easy to connect with.However, the overly descriptive passages slowed things down and made it hard to get into the narrative. I found myself wondering why the author was describing something when it wasn't really helping to set the scene. Sometimes the reader has to do an effort of imagination while reading, but here there was so much of it laid out for you that the writing felt stunted. So while I myself had to push to finish the book, I can think of at least five people right now who would dive right into this novel and get hooked. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Avid Bookivore
    2019-04-04 11:43

    Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption, #1) by: Joe Jackson, is the first in an epic fantasy series. The story follows the main character Karian Vanadar, who is a demon-hunter, and the Silver Blades through an apocalyptic war. I am a huge fantasy book lover and dived right into this book! The world created by Joe Jackson came as a major surprise to me. In a magnificent way! It was clean-cut, intricately-woven, very imagincative and detailed. What more can a reader ask for?! I was amazed and delightfully intrigued, which kept me interested in continuing the book. The main characters' doubts about herself lends a realistic depth to the emotions felt and something readers could hold on to and maybe connect with. The plot that is surrounded by the cultures of the book is majorly creative, thoughtful and purely phenomenal. The authors' intricate details of the setting and the character's dialogue is borderline perfect; the pace, though a bit long, was not drawn out to the point it would be exhausting, but, it was evenly decent.I have to give this author major credit for creating such an imaginatively epic world! I enjoyed every aspect of this book and cannot name a part that I would change. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series and would recommend every fantasy lover to read this epic tale fantasy.

  • Segilola Salami
    2019-04-02 16:25

    wow, I am not even sure where to start.It's been a while since I read a book like this. It followed a steady pace throughout. The plot was mostly unpredicatable. It follows Kari, a terra-dracon, as the main character who was resurrected several centuries after her death. She was sent on a mission by her deity with a group of people who didn't know it was possible for one to be resurrected let alone that a resurrected being was in their midst. The book follows Kari's journey with her companions to carry out her deity's wish. The story is a nice intricate web that I felt like if I didn't return back to it quickly enough, I would forget key points. There are several similar sounding races, though the author took the time to explain them well within the story.There was next to no errors/typos, so it made for easy reading.The reasons I am not giving the book a 5 star are as follows (spoiler alert):I would have loved if the author did a detailed fight scene between Kari and Eric when they started their voyage on the Karmi swordI know this book isn't erotica (and demon erotica isn't my cup of tea) but it would have been interesting to know a bit more about the anatomy of the different races in relation to procreation. Like do they have the same anatomy as humans? How about the lizard men? do their eggs get fertilised in utero? etc etcAt one point, it looked like Eryn may be a traitor. Well that was the impression I got when she mentioned that the rogue had met the demon Emma. The rogue thought about it for a few seconds and put the thought aside as they had more pressing matters to deal with at the time. I thought there would have been an explanation as to how she knew that or at worse she was working with Emma but there was no explanation.There was an appendix at the end that summarised the characteristics of the different races but it would have been handy if there were diagrams of them too.On the plus size, the book was a very good length and I thank the author for not making it into two books. With the way the book ended, there's scope for book 2 that wouldn't leave the reader feeling short changed.I can imagine how hard it was to come up with the characters and the world as a whole but if the author chooses to write a 2nd book, I would love if he could bump the pace a bit more. I found this book at a moderate pace for my tastes but enough to keep me reading

  • Matthew Travagline
    2019-04-03 10:29

    I definitely enjoyed my time with this. I came in with hesitations, both for being a self-published novel, and also for the lack of reviews on Goodreads, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lead, Kari, is as good as those few reviews say. She is uniquely human, and still alien. I didn't feel like she was shoe-horned in at all. The relationships across the board, both romantic and naught, were dynamic, and fun. I loved the banter between siblings. Really immersive.I was astounded by the amount of world-building that occured without fatigue. There is so much that has happened before we get to page one, and parts of it we see. Certainly enough to identify how characters have reacted, but not enough, again, to bore, or to drone on.I will say though, that the novel was longer than I thought it needed to be. I can't say one area that was too long, but on a whole, it just seemed like it took longer to complete than I was expecting, unless of course, Reading Length was inaccurate in their estimate on the word count. EDIT: Turns out, Reading Length (which typically gives accurate estimates) was off by about seventy thousand words (which is about a novel's length by itself, so that's a big error). Joe responded to this review (you can see his response below) where he informed me of the difference between word counts that he has recorded (about 200 thousand words) vs. what RL had recorded (135 thousand, thereabouts). So taking that all into consideration, I will amend my criticisms. I was expecting a novel little longer than my own (111k), but read one that was almost double the length. Had I gone into the read knowing it was c. 200k words, I would've been more forgiving for the speed with which I read it. Because epic fantasies need naught be compared in the fields of length and pace, with shorter fantasies. Overall, a very solid start to a promising fantasy series. Definitely going to be keeping Joe Jackson on my radar for the future. I received this book for free through Goodreads firstreads.

  • J.C. Steel
    2019-04-12 13:17

    Salvation’s Dawn: Eve of Redemption, by Joseph Jackson, details the adventures of Karian Vanador, demonhunter, and the Silver Blades. As the war of the Apocalypse is fought to a close, Karian is summoned abruptly to the service of her deity, and sent with the band of half-demon adventurers known as the Silver Blades on a crucial mission: to avert another war. War-weary and lonely, Karian accepts the mission from a sense of duty alone. She isn’t certain what to expect from her assigned companions, and after eight years of fighting, she has doubts about herself and even her vocation as a demonhunter.Joseph Jackson has created an epic-worthy world of magic and conflict in Salvation’s Dawn, seasoned with characters and inter-personal conflicts that will draw you into the adventure. With a double handful of different fighting styles and a complex pantheon of deities and demons, the foes are varied and the action includes magic and divine intervention as well as fists and blades. The world-building is well done, the descriptions assisted by Karian’s sense of displacement to allow for a wealth of detail without at any point coming across as an info-dump. Definitely a book well worth the read, with a lot to offer for fans of adventure and fantasy alike.

  • Kayl Karadjian
    2019-03-28 13:22

    Salvation's Dawn by Joe Jackson is the first installment of what's to be an epic fantasy series, and it's a strong start. One of the things that Jackson executed best was the world-building, an integral part to any epic fantasy story. I was blown away by the amount of creativity and thoughtfulness put into the races and cultures of the world that Jackson has created.I'm a huge fan of intricate, interwoven stories between characters, factions, and races, and Salvation's Dawn sets up the potential for something great.The main character is also done very well, and it is easy to rally behind her and the struggles she faces. From the very start of the book she is thrust into conflict, garnering the reader's attention and setting the stage for the overarching story.While a long read, the pacing was good. Every epic fantasy needs bits of exposition, but Jackson does a good job not slowing down too much. A great read and definitely worthwhile.

  • Tony Duxbury
    2019-03-24 15:40

    At first I wondered what I was reading as there isn't much of a set-up or world building at the beginning, the author just drops in right into the story and you have to figure it out from there. It's a world populated by humans and other creatures, a world where the inhabitants walk and talk with their gods. A world of many different races and beings.Quite honestly, I got lost with all the connections between the people and their gods and the sub-species of the different races.This doesn't distract from the story, just makes it more interesting. Fortunately, the different races act and sound like humans, so the story isn't hard to follow. The characters were well portrayed and it is easy to feel empathy with all of them. It is a surprising and entertaining read and I recommend it all fantasy readers who like the strange and weird.

  • Riley Amos Westbrook
    2019-03-20 14:17

    What's a demon hunter to do when the war ends? This was an enjoyable book. It reminded me of old stories of the crusade, and returning Christian soldiers, but with demons. A book that was hard to put down.

  • Lynda Morrison
    2019-03-29 09:32

    Excellent read.. detailed character and story line. Loved it!

  • Jeffrey A. Dewey
    2019-03-29 15:38

    Intriguing epicMuch better than expected. Magic and intrigue intertwined together with sense of humanity at it worse with the final outcome of higher forces overcoming and displaying compassion, understanding and tolerance of different races to show them at their best.

  • Cori Dyson
    2019-04-04 13:43

    Salvation's Dawn, where do I begin, well with Chapter 1, of course. Chapter 1 is a little hard to get into, I must admit. Mind you, the author does not smack you over the head with world building, but he does have to build a whole new world for you before you can fully appreciate the story line. Much of the story is dependent upon the reader knowing and understanding the world. So my advice, is to take your time reading the first two chapters, but definitely stick with it because the rest of the book is worth it. The other part that makes the first two chapters a little more difficult, is that the main character is thinking of different parts of the world and the narrator is describing her memories of different parts of the world and different people. Once she gets to traveling and describing what she sees, smells, hears, tastes of different parts of the world, it is much easier to follow along in the world building. The traveling and world building reminded me of Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K LeGuinn. It is obvious that Joe Jackson has spent years planning, creating, fine tuning the world this story is set in. He has also carefully created the different species and characters in the novel. His attention to detail on the creation of so many diverse characters is amazing. Characters who are of the same species have distinct personalities and voices that are easy to determine who is talking. He created and discussed several new species and at least one, often more, characters in each species. The supporting characters are not fillers, but are enjoyable and interesting as well. The main character is Kari. To prove that she keeps to herself and doesn't open up to others, she is even slow to open up to the narrator. You slowly get to know Kari over the course of the book as she slowly opens herself up to other characters and even the narrator. Gradually you begin to respect, admire, and deeply care about Kari. She is a phenomenal character, I will discuss more about her later in a blog post dedicated just to her character, because Kari is just that awesome!One thing I really liked was how he described Kari bit by bit over time in the narration. It was like a picture of her slowly grew over time in the novel. I could tell that the author had spent countless hours with Kari and really admired her. While Kari is a warrior, she is not simply a female body planted over a male warrior personality. She is a believable, feminine, yet hard when she needs to be character. She is a fully developed, three dimensional character that has more depth than a lot of people I have met. I haven't even discussed plot yet! Well, I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot there was even a plot! What a pleasant experience to forget you are even reading a book, forgetting you are reading the book to write a review, and you are in the the story experiencing every vivid detail. Amazing. Okay, so I do have to discuss plot even though I barely noticed it. While there was not a plot twist every turn, every plot twist is crucial to the overall storyline and helps to move the story forward. This is the first book in the series, and he does a nice job of tying up some of the loose ends at the end of this book but leaving plenty open for the next book in the series. The story arc is easy to follow and is seamless.One other fact, is that I stayed up three (3) hours past my usual bedtime to finish the novel. I generally guard my bedtime like a hawk, but I just had to finish the book. I did, three hours after I should have been in bed! If I stay up past my bedtime to finish a book, then it is a good book. When I'm already waiting on second book in the series to come out before I finish book #1, then that is a great book. I, however, disagree with all the above assessments and think the book is phenomenal. It is flawless in presentation and execution. It is a beautiful story with genuine characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages. My advice, get the book already. What are you waiting for? This is a must read.I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. For an in-depth review of Kari and an author interview, please check out this blog post

  • Valicity Garris
    2019-03-21 12:29

    This book is very interesting for a number of reasons. First, let me give you all a description of the roller coaster of awesome I got to ride for a few days. Salvation’s Dawn takes place in a world not much like earth at all. There are creatures, humans, demons, even half-demons. But—get this—the main character is NOT human! And this is not a children’s book. It’s not often I come across books where the main protagonist is not human. I’ve read things about vampires and wolves and such but Kari is Terra-Dracon, a species I’ve never heard of until now. I can’t give you all too much information because I don’t want to spoil it, but Kari is the type of character who can steal the show. A strong female lead isn’t exactly how I would describe her, she’s more like a commanding presence that dominates the story. Yes, she dominates because she is the main character but also because she has a leadership mentality—which is expected from a military trained Demon-Hunter, right!? Kari was resurrected against her will to fight in a war that’s not much her business or responsibility—I mean, she was resurrected 200 years after her death! After joining Silverblades, Kari faces a quintessential battle of good versus evil. This is always a plus for me because, who doesn’t love a good old right versus wrong smack-down?The world building in this book reminded me of those MMORPG video games the kids are playing these days—that’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for those of you who aren’t nerds XD. Things like World of Warcraft or even League of Legends. Think Lord of the Rings meets Dragon Age. It’s an epic fantasy of epic measure, something I honestly wasn’t quite used to. When I say I like fantasy, I mean simple things like magic here and maybe a witch there but not half-breeds, not a world on the verge of an apocalyptic meltdown, not a creature that isn’t human but has very human emotions. This book was an adventure that I had to take my time to enjoy. I mean that in a positive way, while I had to try hard to imagine Kari’s looks and piece them together in my head, Jackson did a wonderful job with his small hints of detail.There were no ‘info dumps’ where I was reading paragraph after paragraph of details and long running descriptions. Everything I needed to know was carefully woven into the passages in a very smooth and graceful way. Kari is probably my favorite character here, I know it’s easy to love her because she’s the main character but Jackson does such a wonderful job at ‘getting in her head’ despite having the book in third person narration. I can see Kari’s facial expressions, I can feel her fear and confusion in those heart-pounding scenes that Jackson is so good at writing. The beginning of the book has Kari flying across the skies—yes, she has wings, awesome right??—and I just remember feeling like I was floating right there with her. I could feel the icy air whipping across my cold cheeks, I could imagine the texture of her rough feathers. It’s a beautifully structured piece when it comes to those little details that are so easy to overlook. One of my favorite things about Jackson’s writing? He makes it look like a work of art that comes so easy—when we all know it does not. This book is almost a whopping 200k words! But it flies by so smoothly because of Jackson’s graceful tone and smooth talk. Look at me, making this sound all romantic and such! Speaking of love, it is so absolutely easy to fall for this book. Coming from someone who wasn’t so sure about it at first, that’s a huge complement. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys high-fantasy and original characters/settings. Trust me, you will enjoy this. *A last note, I would not label this as a ‘religious read’ but there are slight references to deities and other spiritual concepts. It’s minute enough where it wouldn’t be classified as a religious or strictly secular book. Have some imagination and give it a chance!

  • Sassa Margot
    2019-04-03 09:42

    A worthy addition to the epic fantasy canon“If it so pleases you, we will fire dance in his honor.”This story is a treasure, a work of art, a labor of love and a magical artifact. Weighing in at 446 pages and something near 200,000 words, Joe Jackson’s first foray in epic fantasy nails both epic and fantasy. Featuring the rare strong female lead, who is not human but demon-hunter, black and winged, but simultaneously all female and all warrior, Jackson’s world and heroine are fresh and unique. First, to the naysayers. Yes, the story starts slow. For the world-building is intricate, detailed, lovingly crafted and real. I know Kari’s world, for I have now smelt it, tasted it, heard it, learned of its gods and demons. I call this not fault but beautiful slow-building power and solidity, a concreteness and reality that make Jackson’s world as real to me as Tolkien’s or Le Guin’s or Salvatore’s worlds. Is there too much explanation and back story and arcane detail? Possibly. But if you are a reader who is looking for your next great fantasy world and characters to fall in love with and pursue through hundreds of rich and glorious pages, you will not mind the slow pace of the first half or the detailed descriptions of races and lands and history but rather will revel in them.For gamers, of both the dice or digital tribes, you will instantly know the distinctions between rogues and wizards, healers and tanks. If you, of those tribes, enjoy the RPG part of MMORPGs, you will love this book. And if you are a dice-throwing D&D fanatic, you will have found your ancestral home. If you have no idea what I am talking about, this beautiful rich world and its gloriously complex and detailed heroine may not move you, and so you should pass by, and read something simpler and less demanding. But if you are of either of those tribes, then you must make this journey, alongside Kari, demon-hunter.I do not want to give away details of the plot, or Kari’s relationships with her fellows the Silver Blades, or her fascinating back story, for these are pleasures due the worthy reader. But any book that begins with a bath and a double god-hammer and ends with a fire dance promises a strenuous and adventurous journey, slow though its start may be. The fighting is rare but physical and visceral, with a Special Forces concreteness that makes the moments memorable. The sex is loving and based in relationship. The conversations are between real and distinctive characters, with individual motivations and agendas.Jackson has fashioned an amazing world and a brilliant heroine. I look forward to the next installment in the Eve of Redemption series and highly recommend this work to fans of epic, gargantuan fantasy.

  • Levi Walls
    2019-04-16 15:44

    I must admit that I thought at first that I did this book a great disservice by reading it in between Harry Potter books--my first reading of the Harry Potter series. I mean I'm walking around at work expelliarmus'ing people I don't like, and I was dying to continue that epic series like none other before it. However, I have been wanting to read this book from the first time I saw the cover, and knowing that the second book was coming out I felt like it was time to experience Salvation's Dawn. And I'm glad I did!!Salvation's Dawn is an epic first novel reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien and the sprawling world of Middle Earth in its scope. We follow Karian Vanador and a band of siblings set out to protect their world. A few Demonhunters, demons and a half-demon, and along the way--humans as well. We also encounter swords, dragons, forests and many other races of people in this rich, engaging world. I won't lie, this book moved somewhat slowly during its first half. This is a prime example of world building, and this is a very complex world.This book is refreshing in that the warriors depicted are as vulnerable as they are strong. There is a lot of backstory into why each character is who they are when we meet them; this is part of what makes the plot plod along in the beginning. Also, there is a powerful underlying theme of accepting others regardless of looks or preconceived notions; a timely message given our current antagonistic climate.I can't wait for book two, but I do hope that with the world now laying sprawled out before us, the plot will be much more quick-moving. I would hate for such a great story to be abandoned by casual observers not willing too endure a build up. As it is, I recommend this to anyone who enjoys this type of fantastical story!Four out of five stars for this absolutely ambitious undertaking by a brave new author! The ending was magic and action packed, with a revelation that has me anxiously awaiting the next volume now, like I also am with the Harry Potter series. Great job, Joe!!

  • Sarah Sunday
    2019-04-06 10:39

    Salvation’s Dawn is definitely on the complex, epic side of the fantasy spectrum. It is set in a world with a diverse range of races and a large religious pantheon. The races are not generic—they are visually striking and they are not all humanoid, which is very refreshing and I adore that aspect. The world feels believable and consistent. The naming of the races are deliberate and sensical. Definitely done with care. The character names are the same way. There was care put into the world-building of the novel. That is very evident.The characters themselves have the same attention. Kari, the main character, has a backstory and an entire life that could have been the subject of the novel, but instead it focuses on the after. Not the war, not her ‘defining’ moment, but what comes after. This is very interesting and I really like this perspective. The relationships between herself and others, navigating love, prejudice, redemption and all the complexities that come with life were wonderful to watch unfold throughout the book. Compelling.The plot was not as much. I felt it lacked a single unifying thread and push to it—I wasn’t that interested in what was going on. But that was fine as the characters were strong. I think that might be a theme to it—that this is after all the big important world-changing events. This is the repair and the recovery, which is really interesting to see be the basis for a story rather than as an afterthought or closing note. I like that about it. The weakness comes from that the story drags at various points. I felt bogged down in my reading during some long descriptions and sections. The pacing was off in parts. It flowed with dialogue but without it felt very heavy.Overall, Salvation’s Dawn is intriguing and very promising. It is filled with care and attention that gives it a life of its own, through its world and characters. Although the pacing and plot may not be perfect, the characters compelled me to read on. I recommend it for people looking for a detailed fantasy novel to sink their teeth into.

  • Eric Stockwell
    2019-04-20 12:25

    Eve of Redemption, Book I, Salvation’s Dawn: A long awaited review…Joseph Jackson is a very serious writer. To explain, even within the prologue the scope of this work is expansive and the following chapters only serve to paint a larger picture; no, that doesn't quite do this depth justice. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel MAY approach reasonable facsimile to the breath-taking expanse of world-building that this author has undergone. Is it an amount of effort that I'd personally undergo on a project? Probably not, but I am glad that he did.The characters were varied, unique, and fully realized with the exception of one member of The Silver Blades that seemed hopelessly silent throughout. Conversely, the settings were also imaginative and detailed enough to provide reasonable images without a twelve-page dissertation on the dust that caked the shelving; I understand that publishers dig on that level of detail, but I'm fairly convinced that the reading community does not so, publishers, smarten up.I was even pleasantly surprised by the Appendix sections at the end of the book; yet further evidence to the God-like scope of the tale that has been crafted.So why 4 stars instead of the five that is seemingly deserved? It pains me to relive this, but there was one moment that legitimately scarred my mind; a perceived, literary sin that shall haunt my subconscious for years to come. What grievous turn of phrase could wound me so? I believe it was something to the effect of a series of attacks described as a “7 hit combo.” When I think of that phrase, in contrast to the beautifully written majority, it feels horribly out of place; that description is woefully sub-par, more suitable to Scott Pilgrim vs. whatever, or a sentence uttering adonis in the same, miserable breath.That one moment of ugliness pushed aside, if you're looking for an action-packed romp through a richly detailed setting that's more fantastical than many things I've experienced, you won't go wrong with this book.

  • Aviar Savijon
    2019-04-01 17:17

    A great adventure into a dark fantasy that will grab you and not let go till the very end, Masterfully written. I loved it!!

  • L.W. Tichy
    2019-04-05 12:30

    A complex and descriptive read!Joe Jackson has created a fascinatingly complex world with depth and consistency (including varied races, religions, histories, countries, etc) that captures the reader’s curiosity. His descriptions throughout were clear and well written which made is easy to picture both the world and it’s inhabitants while reading. However, at times, it was a little too detailed/ descriptive, which I feel detracted from the story as whole (although, I generally prefer minimal description when I read, so for many I do not think this would be an issue). I also struggled a bit with the pacing, as it was not consistent, though some of this comes from the fact that the author needed to lay a thorough foundation for a story of this scope, which he did wonderfully. Now, while in the beginning I had a harder time connecting with the characters (again, I believe due to the necessary world building) after the first couple chapters I began to quickly fall in love with them. His cast of characters was wide and varied, and each had its own distinct voice, so by the end you not only love the individual characters but how they function as a group. I particularly loved his development of the character Erik. His lead, Karian, is beautifully complex and makes for a wonderful, strong protagonist with a lot of heart. Joe Jackson brought this novel to a wonderful close that was both thorough and pleasing while setting up questions and mysteries for the next book. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys epic fantasy!

  • Kimberly Cummons
    2019-03-27 15:42

    This is a great start to what promises to be an incredible fantasy series. Citaria is a well-thought-out, vivid world filled with lush landscapes and fascinating races, mostly non-human. I think one of the more interesting aspects of the world is that humans crashed on the planet thousands of years ago and many of the population’s expressions, foods and pastimes are a result of their integration into the world.Karian Vanador is the heroine and this is her story for the most part. A resurrected legendary demonhunter, she’s sent on a quest to prevent war and remove a demon. Along the way, she joins up with the Silver Blades and from that moment on her life is changed forever.The book is massive in scope, impeccably detailed, and well-written. The only fault I found with it was at times it seemed to drag a bit, a result of the long distances they traveled, especially in the rainforest.Salvation's Dawn (Eve of Redemption Book 1) by Joe Jackson is a must read for anyone who likes detailed world-building and skilled character development with a tough-as-nails heroine who gets the job done but has great compassion for those who deserve it.

  • Shanlynn Walker
    2019-04-13 13:16

    Enter a world of half-demons, humans, and dragon-like people. The world building in this book is simply spectacular, bordering on, but not quite stepping over, the line to overdone. I give the book five stars, I did enjoy the story of Kari, a demon-hunter who is also one of the draconian people in the book. The story is very complex and interesting, our main character after all is a demon-hunter who is also friends with half-demons, so you have to really get into the book to understand it, hence the extensive world building that includes not only topical information, but also information about the different races, the existence of demons, and the overlying religious structure. The setting is a war-torn land and the time is right after the war is over. Our main character embarks on a missive from her particular god she serves and finds adventure, new friends, and even love along the way. Would definitely recommend to lovers of fantasy with extensive world building and complex social systems.

  • Erin Groppe
    2019-03-29 15:34

    Jackson has created an entertaining and readable tale of light versus dark, good versus evil that will grab your attention and not let go. We encounter the main character Kari, at the close of a world altering apocalypse. Our reluctant hero was resurrected against her will, 200 years after her death, in order to fight in the war. Now that the forces of light have prevailed she returns to her guild for guidance and instruction. The guild assigns her to an existing company known as the Silverblades. They are then sent on a mission to root out a problem on a distant island. Some of her new companions readily accept that she is the resurrected hero from centuries past while others believe she is a fraud. As Kari battles the enemies of light and her companions mistrust she also battles her own internal demons. The story is full of rich descriptions and thoughtful character development.

  • Ana Meyer
    2019-03-27 10:36

    The novel follows the tale of Kari a demon-hunter fresh out of the Demon Wars. I love a strong female character and she doesn't disappoint me. Joe doesn't give us a male character with a female name, she holds onto things that make her feminine and that makes me very happy. The book is filled with twists and turns as the post Demon War world throws its challenges at her. Joe has built a very clear and detailed world for the reader that doesn't leave you scratching your head about...wait what does she look like? Nope everything is as clear as a movie on the screen. I have never been a big demons and fantasy books but this one sucked me in and I found myself really enjoying the world he created. A must read for the lovers of fantasy.

  • Johan
    2019-04-06 12:40

    Well, what a fun read this was. At first you feel like you are getting to much information but then you realise that the world is very fleshed out with various and wide ranging characters. Karian Vanador, the protagonist, is a demon hunter under the command of Zalkar. He is the god of justice through mercy. She had died previously and have been resurrected for an unknown reason. The plot, characters and world is beautifully created. Everyone are unique towards themselves, the characters around them and the wide ranging world.Loved reading about their exploits and their backstories. Quite long but worth itPeace out

  • C.L.
    2019-03-26 13:31

    Jackson has created a spectacular world that combines a bit of science fiction with what may be the next epic fantasy world to garner a ton of fans. With one of the strongest female heroines, Jackson has developed Kari, a demonhunter sworn to obey her Order, as a cross between a woman of true nature and genuine raw emotion and the unyielding warrior most authors peg as men. After being summoned from duties diligently served, Kari must once again enter the darkness to unleash the light. The cast of characters is as rich as a role playing game with dramatic worlds and themes that fantasy fans will love to explore.

  • TDCbookreviews
    2019-04-19 13:25

    Salvation’s Dawn by Joe Jackson is amazing! I must admit my fantasy reading tends to lean closer to vampires and were animals, but half breed demons and demon hunters are awesome. I started reading this book with no real ideas about the book, but when I realized the main character was female I was excited. Fresh from battle and ready for her next assignment, Kari is focused and driven to fulfill her duty. Joe Jackson has created a detailed new realm that lets the reader see his world in detail. This is definitely one of the top must reads for anyone interested in fantasy!

  • Sheila Sanchez
    2019-04-01 10:24

    I really liked this book and the characters. I am very impressed with the amount of detail the author has put into creating this world. I also like where the story is going. I only have one problem: I want more information. While I was reading, I would often think: "I need a map" or "I really want a chart of the races and the different deities." So imagine my pleasure when I found the appendixes at the end of the book with precisely all the info I wanted. I guess I should have paid more attention to the table of contents.I still would like a map :)

  • Aly
    2019-04-08 10:14

    A great story about Good vs Evil. I enjoyed this book very much. The characters were well developed. This book had lots of things I like for me in it. I loved the magic and the sorcery and the strong female character. I think will have to watch out for more books on this series. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*