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Some call me a monster, some a lover of evil, and others, the devil himself, but they’re all wrong. I’m a criminal’s worst nightmare. Most people run from darkness, but I live in it, require it, and thrive in the night. For the guilty I’m a shadow. I speak for the innocent when no one else will. Once I mark you, your time has run out…Revenge is the ultimate wage for evil.Some call me a monster, some a lover of evil, and others, the devil himself, but they’re all wrong. I’m a criminal’s worst nightmare. Most people run from darkness, but I live in it, require it, and thrive in the night. For the guilty I’m a shadow. I speak for the innocent when no one else will. Once I mark you, your time has run out…Revenge is the ultimate wage for evil. Some just can’t stomach to do it themselves. That’s where I come in. I am the ultimate judge when called upon for justice. I will decide who lives and who dies. Blood may be on my hands, but it’s not the blood of the innocent. Remorse is nowhere to be found. I don’t give a shit if you understand. I can live with the man I look at every day in the mirror. My soul was tainted the day I was conceived. You think you know me? You have no fucking idea. I am who I am because of what they did to her, and to him. They were my family. This is the only form of restitution he believed in. I owe him everything. His only heir—I took over the empire he built. This is how I repay him. He had one rule: shut off all emotions. Numb and heartless are the only two ways to live.What I never included in the plan…was her.Being in the wrong place at the right time can be terrifying, but it can also be exactly what is supposed to happen, because sometimes…love is born in the dark....

Title : Marked
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Marked Reviews

  • Vasiliki
    2019-04-13 12:14

    4.5 stars ***ARC kindly provided for the exchange of an honest review from Netgalley*** This was an amazing book and really unexpected! Indeed it's a love story but so different from the usual love stories! It was quite dark and still positive and strong! The plot was good although bit slow in some parts. The writing was great! The dialogues were intense, the descriptions detailed without being boring and the sex scenes different every single time. The book was written by Lux's POV and Kaston's POV.Both characters have lots of issues because of their childhood but they were honest and moral on their way. They didn't lie and they didn't have regrets for their choices. It was really beautiful how they cared for each other and how they show it.The only negative point was that we didn't get a bit more information about the background of the other characters in the book.The end was great! It came the right moment in the right way! I definitely recommend this book to everyone who likes a dark erotica.

  • Julie
    2019-03-28 11:15

    because I fuckin' love him!I'm not sure what I expected to get out of this book but I have to say it was an awesome read! I'm known as a major book whore, I've got so many men I love, but this man Kaston... I would pull out of my Kindle for keeps if I could! His personality had many different variations that I was crazy for. Oh, I loved he was dangerous, I don't care that he's a murderer, he has one hell of a heart! I want to mention something about a review I noticed because I would hate for others to pass this up because it's not what it seems. I understand everyone has their own opinion and I'm extremely ok with that but don't call it quits because of a couple of sex kinkeries at the beginning that wouldn't even make a blip on a story radar, (view spoiler)[KASTON~F/M/F~ LUX~ sugar daddy until she finds out he's married, and one F/F incident (hide spoiler)] you could possibly be passing up something you'd love. You'll forget about it as soon as you move on, the story is much more than that. Neither Kaston or Lux had one thing to do with each other. Now the mom topic, well again, the truth... she was a whore that's all there is to it so we can't blame that on Lux. What you'll find though is the author on many occasions regarding Lux's mother, mentioned the things Lux does/wants for her mother. That she loves her, it's her mother after all. True but what she did to her as a child? Sorry, mom or not... that's a whore.Hell, you can't even call her a mother! Who does that? A whore.Now, Kaston he didn't have much of a mother either. Used is what he was. You'll learn about his childhood up until the age of 8. There after, he had a good life until tragedy strikes and he becomes someone else, carrying on for another."You just fucked up, beautiful, because one of two things is going to happen:one, I'll find you and I'll kill you because I never leave loose ends, or two, I'll find you and never let you go. Either way, I'm coming for you. Be ready."[image error]"I'll decide when we move on from this. Sex with me isn't like sex with everyone else, beautiful. When I take you, I don't want ten minutes in a packed out parking lot. I want all night. I'm enjoying the build up, and when I blow, you're going to be the one strapped to the bomb. I think I'll stick around for awhile."[image error]One of my favorite things about Kaston is he didn't jump into bed with Lux right away, turning down several times, I liked that. He definitely wanted her but didn't want to taint her. Little did he know she had been tainted since childhood. These two together were amazing! Both troubled yet complimented each other. Lux has a very strong personality, she hides everything but inside she is so damaged. Kaston a killer but very loyal and troubled as well. He has a different mindset compared to many of my other men, he just pushed all the right buttons for me. Every time he opened his mouth to her, I turned to goo. However when he got pissed, I had to fan the bits;D[image error][image error]I loved it Charisse! Can't wait for the novella.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Fei ~ BookLover~
    2019-04-14 10:09

    "...Did you really think a girl like me wasn’t packing? Let me tell you a little something about me, baby. I may look like a spoil princess, but where I come from, cops are scared to enter. This can go down one of two ways; one, you back the fuck up, let me walk away, and we forget each other exists, or two, we become a modern day Romeo and Juliet."

  • Charisse
    2019-03-29 12:10

    EXCERPT BELOW!Excerpt: "Here. Good play. I can't say with that view it was the worse time I've ever lost money." He turns and walks away as they announce last call over the speakers. "Does that mean I get half? I'd say I earned it."I look at Makayla as she turns toward me and hangs her legs over the side. "You think so?""I didn't see you pulling your dick out as bait. My pussy was the one on display so you could win."I move in front of her and grab her chin, closing in toward her. She starts to close her eyes until I speak. "Let's get one thing straight, baby. I would have won whether your pussy was present or not, but since you helped by sending him to the bathroom to take care of the hard-on you just created, I'll repay you in orgasms here in a few minutes. How does that sound?"She grabs a handful of my shirt in her fist, pulling me closer. "Damn, just take me already. I've never been so turned on in my life." She presses her lips to mine and the alcohol takes over, directing all of my muscle movement. I grab her hips and pull her toward me as I roughly kiss her back. She instantly wraps her legs around my waist. I grind her against my now hardening cock. She grabs the waistband of my pants, no longer concerned with where we are. "Starting without me?"I release her lips and look at Danyel standing next to the pool table. It's just now that I realize the bar is completely empty. "Where is the rest of staff?""I sent them home and locked the doors. Since I'm the manager I can do that. No one ever complains when being sent home early at closing. No work for them and a good time for me after a long night. It's a win/ win situation."Makayla groans out, clearly frustrated and not wanting to share. I nod for Danyel to come closer and look at Makayla, locking my eyes with hers. "I'm your partner. You trust me in the field, right?" She nods, her eyes flitting from my eyes to my mouth and back again. "Trust me now. Be open-minded. Just because you try something new doesn't mean you have a label. We're all straight. Danyel probably likes dick more than you do. Got me?"She breathes deeply, clearly nervous, but nods lightly. "Yeah, okay. I'll try...for you." I'm going to pretend I didn't hear longing in her voice and hope like hell I don't regret this at work Monday. I reach out and hook my index finger over Danyel's waistband, pulling her closer. I kiss her, starting things slow. She slides her tongue inside my mouth, allowing each of our taste’s to mix, creating one of its own. I stop and turn to Makayla, doing the same. She moans into my mouth before I release her lips. "See. You taste her. You taste me. It's no different." I continue to look at her. "Danyel. Come show her how gentle you can be. I want to watch."I step back, allowing Danyel to take my place. I can see the disappointment written all over her face, but she remains silent. Danyel touches her knee and skims her fingertips up Makayla's thigh, tracing the side of her body until her hand is on the side of Makayla's neck. "Relax, Makayla, and I'll reward you later." Her shoulders immediately drop. Danyel lowers her face and kisses Makayla, slowly at first, but then you can tell the moment Danyel slides her tongue between Makayla's lips, because she completely lets go, and places her hands in Danyel's auburn hair, wanting more. My dick presses against my pants, wanting free, as I watch two beautiful women experiencing each other for the first time. The room is hazed from the alcohol, but that's exactly where I need to be. I walk up to Danyel's backside, pressing my front against her. I press my lips next to her ear as they continue to kiss. "Do to her as I do to you. Are we clear?"

  • Markéta
    2019-04-19 11:12

    2 stars! ***The first half of the book was really disturbing. It was dark, intense and too over-whelming. There was too much sex. In one day Lux had sex with her lover, who then turned out to be cheating on his wife with her. Then she got off on Kaston in a tattoe shop while he was tattooing her and she met him maybe five minutes ago (honestly, it was probably less). And THEN she had sex with her GIRL best-friend Delta. Wtf? I didn't sign up for this.Lux is a twenty-five years old girl with a list of "conquests" longer than Barney Stinson. She doesn't give a flying fuck and she screws everything that moves. Her mother is an addict and her childhood was worth a shit, but is that really a reason for her to be such a whore? (You guessed right. I don't like her. I judge her and her actions. Whatever.)Kaston was supposed to become a part of FBI or CIA but he chose a different road. He's a hitman. But he only kills bad people and that makes it alright (does it, really? I don't think so). He doesn't do commitement and he doesn't do love but once he sees Lux something shifts inside of him.I didn't see any relationship being developed. Only sex here and there and over there and again here. Again and again. What bothered me the most that Lux just accepted that he killes people for money and she was okay with that. Also there was no police. Did they just disappear? Or do they really such a bad work that they don't even notice that someone went missing?For more reviews visit:*ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

  • Karen Mc
    2019-04-07 10:04

    Marked is a dark, delicious, racy and raw roller coaster of a romance that dangles in danger, hangs on hope, and ignites with intensity---a story that marks your heart, body and soul. It’s a tale that wraps you in a blanket of darkness while, at the same time, slowly showers you with light. Marked bleeds angst and breathes fire in a brilliant book that holds you hostage from beginning to end.This powerfully penned piece scared, shocked, and scorched me. Not just a guilty pleasure, Marked is a dirty little secret that delivers chills, thrills, and terrifying twists and turns as it heats up your core to a boiling point. I felt like a sex-craved adrenaline junkie chasing my next high while reading this story that marked me many times. Picture an underworld or dark society where the super hero is both broken and badass, walking a fine line into villain territory. The super sexy and scarred hero tries to rescue the leading lady, who fights him as she doesn’t want to be rescued. Her lady balls are, perhaps, as big as his. Kaston Cox is one of the most beautiful and badass book boyfriends you’ll ever meet. He’s tall, tattooed, dark-haired, gray-eyed, and rocks a muscular body. He is the ultimate alpha with the panty-melting looks. In addition to being super hot, he’s dark, arrogant, rough, and raw---the bad boy who makes women nearly combust at just a glance or gritty word. His mantra is simple:“Follow the mind. Trust the heart. Forgive. Never forget. Protect those that are important to you. Never feel. Pick a side: good or evil. Kill or be killed.”Kaston is a knight who makes wrongs right---a modern day vigilante who rids the world of evil. Like Batman, he disposes of bad guys like the one who killed his father. “You took something that was mine, something that I can never get back. For all intents and purposes you can call me a grim reaper. I’m only here to collect what’s due. Hell’s gates are open for you.”Lux Larsen is brunette, blue-eyed, tall, and a body made for sin, Lux has lady balls made of steel. She chews men up and spits them out---gaining sizzling sex and a luxury life from her billionaire flings. Lux looks all lady, but thinks and acts like a man. Her relationship rules are simple: No strings. No attachment. No love. No loss.“I can’t deal with feely, lovey dovey s**t. For a girl, I must have missed out on that gene…or…never mind. Soft and sweet emotions give me the damn creeps.”In a tattoo shop one day, Kaston meets the cocky, confident, feisty and ferocious female version of himself: Lux. He is getting his tattoo touched up but wants to touch something or someone alright. It’s insta-chemistry and both are instantly ignited in a heat that fills the room along with a cloud of lust. “Hell is he one hot piece of man-candy, completely appetizing to my lady bits…He’s not even my type. He’s a little too jagged for me, seeming slightly jaded and cocky…definitely cocky…a bad-boy all the way.”Holy hot! Kaston just met Lux and he’s already dishing out the dirty talk. “I’m not complaining of this view, but if you don’t get your pussy away from my face, I will not be held responsible for my actions when I get up from this chair.”In the hottest tattoo session ever, Kaston goes from tattoo customer to artist as he inks Lex’s virgin skin in a steamy session that brings both pleasure and pain to Lux’s body. “Pleasure feels better with a little pain, beautiful.” From the moment they met in the tattoo shop, Kaston has invaded her life --- a bad boy her age and not the older billionaire in suits she usually sleeps with and she can’t get the hot and cocky man out of her head. Kaston is intrigued by Lux---the first woman in a long time who challenges him and may finally satisfy him sexually. “Making her orgasm and watching as she comes becomes my single-most want. Marking her becomes my need.”Witnessing something she should never have seen, Lux is now tied to Kaston. Marked for possibly life. “A monster is what he calls himself, but I’ve never known a monster to be beautiful. He scares me, but he also makes me feel alive.”Kaston is the ultimate dark knight who will protect his woman at all costs---even kill for her. Lux is thrilled by Kaston’s edge, danger, guts, and grit. Sex is hot but that’s all there will ever be. Emotions and love ruin everything. All she will give is her body for a few weeks---nothing more. “I’m not that forgettable, baby. Everything you know about men---forget it. I broke the mold. You may think you can just walk away, but you’re wrong, and in time, I’ll prove it. Saddle up, Lux, because you’re about to go for a ride.”Two broken souls find each other, bringing light to each other’s darkness. Kaston is the calm to Lux’s storm. She is the fire to his body and soul. Kaston may be the man to finally melt the ice queen and show her more. Lux is the only woman who sees the real Kaston, a killer but protector of those he loves.Self-doubts and secrets loom in a cloud of darkness over Lux and Kaston. Lux is beginning to feel more, and it scares her. Demons still lurk in the shadows surrounding her heart. Lux thinks she is tainted, tarnished, and terrible---unworthy of love. Her painful past is about to collide with the present and the ice queen can’t and won’t be marked. “The direction we’re headed is creating a noose around my neck and the longer I let him hold the rope, the tighter it’s going to get. At some point it cuts off your air. That I can’t handle.”Marked is Charisse Spiers’ best and most brilliant book yet that should be a romantic-thriller movie. This amazing and addicting story enthralled and excited me, and I left this book wanting more…needing more. Marked marked my heart, and is still holding it hostage. ***ARC received in exchange for an honest review from Bookalicious Babes Blog***

  • Keeana Bookalicious Babes Blog
    2019-04-17 08:53

    Dark, Intense,intriguing,edgy,sexy,hot, captivating,emotional,this book was that and more. Charisse, is so talented you just connect with her characters and thier development you relate to what they are going through! I just love that you never know what to expect! " You took something that was mine, something that I can never get back. For all intents and purposes you can call me A Grim Reaper. I'm only here to collect what's due. Hell's gates are open for you.Kaston, is so sexy, wicked, dark, twisted, and total alpha with A heart of goal who dosent love A man that would protect you with his life but also that is dark sexy and will bring you to your knees and leave your panties "soaking wet!Every place on your body will be touched by me, fucked by me, licked by me, and belongs to me.I love how alpha Kaston, is he loves control, he is just so wicked but under all that darkness is A beautiful man who just needs the right women to understand his dark.Then thier is bad to the bone alpha female Luz, she is tough, sassy, sweet, in your face she gives just as much as she gets. She hasn't had A easy life she has secrets and demons from the past my heart really felt for Luz, but through all her pain she still remained strong." Awe you really think A girl like me wasn't packing? Let me tell you A little something about me baby.That's what I am talking about strong, sassy bombshell, but thier is also A sweet broken side to Luz, her character and her development was very well written, thier is so many twist and turns you never see coming and her connection with Kaston, was off the charts fiery, intense, sexy! I could not get enough of them!Charisse, remember that name because wow that woman can write. She, just sucks you in and takes you on this rollercoaster ride and makes you feel so many different emotions I was happy, sad, mad, and turned-on all at once I cannot wait for more in the seris. Great job! ARC received on behalf of bookalicious babes blog in exchange for A honest review!

  • Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog)
    2019-04-14 08:03

    This is the second book I've read from Charisse and I loved it.What is funny is that in Fight I thought I had read it all and don't get me wrong the story was incredibly powerful. However in Marked we are not presented with one Alpha but two. Before you think this is a ménage of sorts no don't go there at all. I've read numerous stories with powerful characters but this story has two. Both the heroine Lux and the male lead Kaston can make grown men cry!!These two had rough childhoods but were Kaston in some way had a redeemable youth and as much normalcy as possible, Lux has been living throughout most of her life in a cloud of nothingness. She's learnt to be strong and be a fighter regardless of what life has thrown at her. So when the universe decides to play hooky and align the stars for these characters to meet, sparks fly out of the pages instantly. Who would have thought getting a tattoo was going to be such an erotic experience! Do I have your attention yet?? Marked is a powerful and very dark story of survival, of finding love in the most unlikely circumstances and of life offering second chances. It's a cathartic tale of seeking justice and trying to make a world a better place. For some Kaston can be a vigilante, for others he can be a ruthless and soulless individual, but for me he was a Hero. For some Lux was a victim, a forgotten and lost woman, but for me she was a survivor, she's a total badass chick! I admire the author for writing such a poignant story, with so much content and so many twists and emotional moments because it's no easy task to deliver such a flawed result. The story is complex yet you are lost and totally submerged within and with the characters.I am moving on to my next read from this series because quite simply I just can't get enough. BRAVO5 KILLER STARS! Isalovesbooks

  • Karinosa
    2019-04-13 08:01

    I usually never give five stars, but I tell you this is deserving. I enjoyed every single bit of this story. These characters are really well thought out and well used in all aspects! True colors are shown and Lux has a soft side. It is good to see that play out. Her thought processes are not your typical woman and more manly. I would like to have seen more story line regarding the new surprise bomb her mom left behind and what happens with them like a year later. It was well well played and the scenes are crazy hot!! Well done to the author I liked that you could feel the angst with these two. "The force is strong in this one" Soo good! Awesome read. I received this ARC from the publisher for my honest review. Thank you Net Galley!

  • Christy McCurry
    2019-04-05 04:52

    Wow... Marked is Dark, Dangerous and Highly Addictive and extremely hot you will not want to put it down !!! I am a first time reader of Charisse Spiers, but I will definitely be a loyal follower from now on. Kaston Cox and Lux Larsen are explosive !!! They both have a Alpha personalities and neither one is looking for love. Or so they thought. Their story will definitely have you hooked with in the first few pages. The Characters are very well developed. Your emotions will run on high. I did shed a few tears for Lux her life has been anything but a bed of roses. If you like Dark, sexy, extremely HOT reads then this is definitely a must read... Charisse Spiers has done an Outstanding Job with Marked I can not wait for book two. ChristyRadical Reads Book Blog

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-28 07:08

    ARC received for reviewDNFHe has sex with two women. Then she's having sex with a married man. Yes, I know all this is before the two of them hook up. I have no idea what happened in his dad's past and their business. She basically calls her mom a cheap hooker. I don't want to read anymore.

  • Eve M
    2019-04-02 12:07

    As far as DARK ROMANCE this tops MY list. WOW this book absolutely amazing. I LOVE dark reads and this book is one of the best is HOT captivating and sexy as hell. Kaston Cox and Lux Laerson are cut from the same cloth, made from the same mold. Both had FUCKED up childhoods. Lux is a bad ass and Kaston is a killer.. They are two crazy you will fall in LOVE them.

  • Tina
    2019-04-04 10:11

    What an awesome read! I don't know why on earth I hadn't read this one sooner. This book is about a messed up love story that has you rooting for the H and h the whole time. I just wanted them to find their way, I need them to make it. This book is a tad on the long's about a 10 hr read but it had me captivated the whole time!!!

  • Kimberly Lawson
    2019-04-23 12:00

    Arc kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. I don’t really know how to start my review. I guess I’ll start with the basics. There is a lot of sex in the book. We learn about Kaston and Lux lives before they meet. We get an idea of who they are emotionally and sexually before they meet. It’s pretty hot, Kaston is all alpha and very possessive Lux is a kick ass.Okay she doesn’t spank anyone. I just like this GIF. LOL Kaston wants to be the good guy but he has these urges which don’t really come to light until the incident with his father. He isn’t looking for love. He doesn’t feel he deserves it. Although, he is the good guy he doesn’t see it that way. He has a rough start in life but he ended up with a good life with his father.Lux and Kaston are a lot alike. Kaston was able to escape his mother, Lux wasn’t. This is about two people who meet their match. To alphas fighting to be on top.Lux is a gold digger, but not the kind you think. She isn’t trying to trap a man. She is sexual person who believes in give and take. She has standards and one is that the man is rich. She has a strong exterior, but she is fighting demons on the inside. Lux carries a lot of guilt and shame. She doesn’t love herself. She believes she is incapable of love.Kaston sees through her front, and will stop at nothing to break her. He fights for her. He is patient with her. More than I was LOL. “No matter how many times you run I’ll chase you, how many times you hide I’ll find you, or how many times you close off I’ll open you back. If you fall I’ll catch you. If you jump I’ll jump with you. I’ll never fucking give up on you.” I loved the way they met, The 2nd time. Lux didn’t even bat an eye. I think that when Kaston knows she’s the one.I fell in love with Kaston.This is a dark erotica. Lux childhood is what makes this book dark. What she endured was heartbreaking. A couple times I had to put the book down. My faceThere are a lot of emotions in this bookIt was great because you watch two really messed up people grow emotionally. Why 4 stars? The books was a bit repetitive at times and a little long winded. I still liked it.

  • N.E. Henderson
    2019-04-20 08:04

    DARK...SEXY...and oh so ADDICTING. A must read. Kaston Cox | Lux LarsonTwo Alpha's. Two demanding individuals. Two independent personalities. Together....they're dynamite. This story drew me in from page one. Ahhh, Kaston. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and beat his mother 6 feet into the ground. Kaston is dark and dangerous and oh so lovable. The things he's gone through were tough to read, but they also shaped him into the man he was meant to be. The person Lux needed him to. Lux, her past was even more heartbreaking and harder to read. The emotions I felt for her, seemed so real that I kept forgetting this is a fictional story. Simply put, I love her. Okay, I may have a huge girl crush, even. She is strong and brave and bigger than life. She proves people with crap-shit history can overcome what life throws at them. They can prevail and overcome anything. Kaston and Lux together, oh my gosh!!! Their banter is like nothing else I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I laughed out loud countless times and often hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. The sex...WOW. So hot there were times I had to pause and come back. Yeah, that sexy and heated. This story is deep, but worth all the emotions and dread and heartbreak to get to the end. I am forever marked by this story, by Kaston and Lux. Merged review:An addicting, dark, and sexy readKaston Cox and Lux LarsonTwo Alpha's. Two demanding individuals. Two independent personalities. Together....they're dynamite. This story drew me in from page one. Ahhh, Kaston. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and beat his mother 6 feet into the ground. Kaston is dark and dangerous and oh so lovable. The things he's gone through were tough to read, but they also shaped him into the man he was meant to be. The person Lux needed him to. Lux, her past was even more heartbreaking and harder to read. The emotions I felt for her, seemed so real that I kept forgetting this is a fictional story. Simply put, I love her. Okay, I may have a huge girl crush, even. She is strong and brave and bigger than life. She proves people with bad childhoods can overcome what life throws at them. They can prevail and overcome anything. Kaston and Lux together, oh my gosh!!! Their banter is like nothing else I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I laughed out loud countless times and often hard enough to bring tears to my eyes. The sex...WOW. So hot there were times I had to pause and come back. Yeah, that sexy and heated. This story is deep, but worth all the emotions and dread and heartbreak to get to the end. I am forever marked by this story, by Kaston and Lux.

  • The Book Fairy Reviews
    2019-04-17 08:47

    Righting the evils of the world and having lived through them can leave a mark on you, you soul and your heart. Kaston was dealt with a tough entry into this world but his father rescued him from it and vowed to make it right. After having lost his daughter Kaston's father dedicated hi life to making it better for him and for the world in general, ridding it of the evil that exists. THis is a life that can and will isolate you. This is Kaston's world, that is until the female equal to him steps into his path. Now their isn't anything he would do or sacrifice to have her at his side forever.Lux has lived a life with horrible things that have defined her. She is numb to love having never felt it before for the one person that was supposed to show her what love is or was. The one thing she does value and will never falter is honesty and honoring those you pledge you life and heart to. Betrayed she ventures out with her bestie and meets her other half.OMG this book made the tears pour out in buckets! Starting from the lost and hurt little boy to the man tat has grown to be fierce and protective of the ones he loves. Then throw in the love of his life and how that relationship grows and you have the perfect cocktail of passion, love, heat and mystery. Kaston and Lux are perfection in their imperfections but between the two of them the soul that they share is just what you would expect from epic loves and that is exactly what Charisse give us an epic love romance that is filled with all the ugly in the world but still has the hero and the princess waiting to be saved. In other words we have the fairy tale ending that we all crave in a story that will have you insides screaming at all the horrible in the world. You will love every minute of Lux and Kaston love affair!

  • Amber Reid
    2019-04-11 09:57


  • Jade Simcox (3 Degrees Of Fiction)
    2019-04-10 07:15

    WOW, WOW, WOW!! This book is absolutely amazing. Dark, mysterious, captivating, hot, gripping, FANTASTIC! That only kind of sums up how I feel about this book. I loved every second of reading it. The story was gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was one of those books, were you put it down and you start thinking about it and then say to yourself just one more chapter but end up reading about 5. I was on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, it had me in tears and at one point I had to stop reading because my vision was blurred I just couldn't carry on. Laughing, happy, sad, angry all the emotions were there. Some parts broke my heart reading, but it gave me a better understanding of the characters. These are 2 broken souls coming together, at first just for sex but soon enough it's more then that. Kaston Cox has just made me all time favourite book boyfriend list. I feel in love with him reading the book. He's hot, demanding, caring, controlling, protective but all in a good way. I'm so glad Callum got what was coming to him. He's one of those characters you hate with a passion!!I am so excited for book 2 with Kross & Delta's story. Even though we only see a bit of them in this book, they are interesting characters!

  • Angela
    2019-04-22 04:57

    I like this author a lot - she writes the most unconventional love stories with very layered, complicated characters that I really fall in love with. I must say, it took some time for me to become invested in Lux and Kaston but as I did the book became engrossing! These two were the light to each others darkness both a bit broken by pasts that forever shaped who they are now. Although the book is dark, gritty and oh so sexy - it's still so hopeful and I think that's the part that hooked me. Also - the words. I love the writing, the the way Katon and Lux fully describe their feelings for each other at the right times - worth a read for that alone. The book is a stand-a-lone with an ending - although there will be a continuation novella (and that always makes me nervous, I like the ending here). We shall see if I wilt take a chance and continue or leave the characters alone...

  • Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance
    2019-04-21 05:00

    Great story! Plenty of angst, heartbreak, smoking hot sex, and drama!Lux is a beauty. She has a smoking hot body, beautiful features, she's an 11 on a scale of 10! She uses her attributes to hide a messed up childhood at the hands of her mom.Kaston, her soulmate, suffered at the hands of his mom also but he got out before too much damage occurred. Lux wasn't so lucky....Sit back and enjoy the ride as the two tortured souls meet, mate, and fall in love! It's a dysfunctional and erotic ride. May not make sense now but as you devour this story you will definitely get the picture!Four stars for Lux and Kaston!

  • Ginni Hall
    2019-03-26 03:57

    Sweet Baby Jesus! Kaston and Lux! HOT HOT HOT HOT! This book SIZZLES!!! This book will OWN you!! Nothing I type will be even close to how freaking AWESOME this book is!! I am still in a hangover that this is book is over for me.. Hot, sexy, steamy, dark, and twisted! This is a true MUST READ!! This is a true O.M.G. book!! I HAVE to read more by Charisse Spiers! I'm just in WOW over this book!! Grab a bottle of wine, because once you start, Charisse will draw you in, and keep you turning pages until your finished! So glad I got to read this book!! Now, I must wait patiently for Book 2!!!

  • For Our Pleasure Book Blog
    2019-03-30 06:51

    You not only get to know the characters but you come to love them! This was my first Charisse Spiers book and I am already addicted. WARNING if you do not like long books them this is not the book for you! Lux is not the "Hearts and Chocolates" kind of girl. Kaston is a hitman who is damn good at his job, possibly the best. Two people have never butted heads as much as Kaston and Lux do but damn it sucks you in.

    2019-03-29 08:01

    This was a fast paced steamy love story between Kaston and Lux that made me sweat, made me laugh, made me cry. It was full of emotion, love, and surprises. It had villains I loved to hate and I just love the happy ending. Awesome read.

  • Natalie Kings
    2019-04-19 05:50

    I know i am re-reading this sometime soon.MINDBLOWN...*dances Away Happily*The bookGods are smiling on me .Haha

  • Sunami
    2019-04-12 09:50

    11/1/17 - Freebie

  • Kimber Hellmers
    2019-04-19 11:49

    Dark, heart-wrenching, dirty and worth every wince and cringe; this is not for the faint of heart. First of all, if this on your TBR list, bump it to the top NOW! I waited far too long to read this book, and it’s one of the best I’ve read in a while. This read is a commitment. This is a full-length, dark and sexually charged story with devastating situations, psychological triggers, a sweet tinge of madness, and compelling characters that are not going to be far from me for a long time. Do not take this read lightly. Settle in, savor it, and let yourself feel it. Too much? Then go find a romantic comedy (there are great ones out there by the way!). Kaston and Lux have needs and your full attention is one of them, they deserve it. Lux is described as a sexual con artist; I think she is more of a sexual entrepreneur. She’s not hiding her rules or her goals, only her past. And for a good reason. When you come from a place that epitomizes the bottom of the barrel on the wrong side of the tracks somewhere south of hell, you aren’t too eager to share your story. She makes no apologies for the way she lives, and she shouldn’t. Kaston is a man who thrives in the dark places and embraces removing emotion from any situation to retain control. He is the master of his reality and things like want, need and love, have no place there. These two people are the last two who should be together. This isn’t a case of opposites attracting. They are more alike than they want to admit. Their connection is random, and honestly, that’s the best way for two people to meet. Accidental. And at that point, instant. Like lighting a match. Sometimes all you need is a little friction in the right place and boom, fire. Analogy = intentional.Lux and Kaston are both damaged at the core of their being and had two very different paths to finding each other. Lux is fundamentally opposed to man being worth more than the things he can give her (orgasms, cars, means to and end). Kaston doesn’t recognize himself as capable of anything that lasts, and that includes life itself. At the risk of sounding dramatic, their darkness’ finds each other randomly, and recognize each other as a need instantly. Their hearts are what struggle to accept it. Both characters have their individual stories given full attention by the author prior to being together, and while it makes for a longer beginning to their story, it was so well done that you realize how necessary it was. It gives you a connection to each of them. It’s long, but not frivolous. I see that readers who did not like this read, either didn’t get far before they made up their mind or their reviews showed a lack of comprehension of the story. Basically, they just didn’t get it. Stories this good take time, and Charisse Spiers obviously put a lot of time into this. It gave you a chance to understand them, therefore, care about them. Nothing is sugar coated; Lux and Kaston are beyond rough around the edges. The profanity, the sex, and the darkness were all a part of their reality. You have to be willing to go there with them and the reward is amazing. There are a lot of layers here with what Lux and Kaston each have to go through. Again, these are damaged people, and for love to conquer all, it is a process. I’m not even sure who was more “Alpha”! I laughed out loud, but worse than that, I cried (Damn you Charisse Speirs!), on more than one occasion. I don’t cry. I’m not a crier. And yet, ½ a box of Kleenex later, I’m grinning like a damn Cheshire Cat. Bring on Kross and Delta’s story, I dare you! And thank you Charisse Spires. This book was amazing. 5 stars it is.

  • Marissa
    2019-03-27 07:54

    This novel was crazy! Honestly, I was completely captivated by the main characters. Lux and Kaston were two of the most unusual people I had ever read! This story just kept the conflicts coming but I loved the way the characters reacted to each other and the situations that they were put in. This was a darker tale with murder and a little bit of suspense. But the way Lux and Kaston come together is what makes it a fantastic romance!Lux Larsen is a badass. She clawed her way out of hell and she will be damned if she gets sucked back into that place again. She wants for nothing because she knows how to use her body to get what she wants. Not only is she not ashamed, she has confidence that goes on for days. Until she winds up in a tattoo chair. When she meets her tattoo artist her life is thrown into a tailspin. She is no longer the top dog but as scary as it is she doesn’t mind. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks showed her true love doesn’t exist but Kaston is a patient man, and Lux just became Marked. Kaston Cox is a killer. He didn’t start out that way but growing up with his father and what happened to his father, shaped the way he now sees the world. He want to carry on his father’s “legacy” of ridding the world of evil. But the life of a hitman doesn’t allow for getting close to people or making mistakes. But after he meets the foul mouth, gorgeous, unapologetic Lux, he isn’t sure if the rules can be followed anymore. Can he invite her into a world where trusting the wrong person can get you killed? Or will he do as he was taught and leave no loose ends? “We’re two lunatics mesmerized with each other’s crazy”.I loved these two’s relationship! I think the reason it was so different from what I normally read is because they accepted each other instantaneously. They were both psychotic and both reveled in it. Lux accepted Kaston for what he was due largely to the fact that she was as crazy as he was. These two were the ultimate ride or die couple and it was awesome! They challenged each other but also knew when to back down.All in all this novel was aces in my book! Lux and Kaston are a couple that are all kinds of crazy but also a couple that will have each other’s backs no matter what. This series is continuing and I’m so excited that Delta and Kross get to tell their story next in the book: Love and War!!!!! If you are in the mood for a darker romance that has a stone cold killer that is hotter than hell then come find out why Lux is Marked!!!You can find this review and many more here:

  • Paula Radell
    2019-04-13 08:56

    It's taken me a long time to write this review, because Marked, as a dark erotic-suspense novel, really defies an easy description; the emotions it evokes are complex and literally all over the map. At first, I wasn't at sure I was going to "enjoy" it - and even wondered why I chose it for review - but something about the synopsis - and the author's devoted fan base - intrigued me. I pushed myself beyond my comfortable "happy-ever-after" zone to take a walk on the darkest side of life - the life of a paid assassin. As I read the first few chapters, I continued to hold back - it took me several chapters to bond with its principal characters. But once I read their back stories and appreciated the depth and complexity of not only the characters, but the entire plotline, I was absolutely hooked.Although dark romantic suspense is one of my favorite sub-genres, this one felt darker than most. It's raw, gritty to the core, as is its hero & heroine, Kaston and Lux. Kaston is a truly tormented character, powerfully attracted to a woman he should mark for death - a woman who lives life very much in the moment, haunted by demons of her own. Together, they are a lot like one of our California wildfires - fierce, wildly unpredictable, often out of control - but hypnotic in a way, and shocking to witness. The eroticism leaps off the page with the urgency of their need to connect. They are both sworn loners, determined to remain independent of any type of permanent relationship, and Lux, in particular, has built walls around her heart and soul that are virtually impenetrable. Kaston wants nothing more to live a private life free of complications, his view of women deeply damaged by his past. But he cannot walk away from the one woman who seems to mirror his own dark soul. When complications arise - as they inevitably do - Kaston proves to be a much more honorable man than he believes himself to be. Lux recognizes the true hero in him; she understands him; she cares deeply for him - and she doesn't know what to do with it. She has no frame of reference for a loving relationship that strips your soul bare; she expects to be used, and believes she deserves it. She sees herself as wholly unredeemable and ultimately unlovable, expecting rejection if she reveals the details of her past to Kaston. At times the tension is so frustrating you might feel like tossing your e-reader across the room -- but don't. Kaston & Lux are too smart, too strong, and too unstoppable to let anything stand in their way, regardless of the risk. The suspense builds steadily and relentlessly throughout the book. Your heart will pound, your breath will hitch, you might cry. But you won't soon forget this couple - soul mates forged in darkness. I have discovered yet another favorite author. If you are a fan of the darker side of life & love, I encourage you to do the same.

  • Heather Cavanaugh
    2019-04-10 06:08

    Wow just wow. This book was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this book and so glad there are more coming in the series. This had everything I love in a good book an alpha male, an equally alpha bad mouth female, lots of hot sex, and thirst for making the wrongs in the world right with some good old violence. Kaston lived with his mom a woman who never wanted to be a parent or wanted to be if she could trap the man who impregnated her. But when he wouldn’t leave his wife for her she used Kaston as a pawn for money. She paid no attention to him didn’t want to be bothered as long as she could shop and spend money. Until that one day when his father showed up at the door when Kaston was 8 and asked him to choose who he wanted to go with. Kaston chose his dad. They moved to Spain and his dad gave him everything he could have wanted. When Kaston graduated high school his dad explained what his side business was. He helped to avenge the death of his daughter by killing people for hire who were bad and escaped the justice system. Kaston wanted to help people by protecting them so he joined the police force came to America and hoped to one day become CIA or FBI. That was until he got called back to Spain after something tragic happened. He stayed in Spain for 10 years and now it was time to come back. One night while getting a tattoo he met a girl that reminded him a lot of his self. He tattooed her and figured this was the last time he would ever lay eyes on her. Lux’s childhood was horrific her mom was a who*e and an addict. She did unthinkable things as a parent to get money for drugs. And with that scared Lux to the core. She has walls built up for protection and doesn’t let anyone close. She doesn’t believe in love. She is not a happily ever after girl. All she wants is some hot sex and nice things in return. When her and her best friend Delta go to get tattoos she can’t believe her eyes. She never thought she would see him again until one night in the ally. That started the change in the world she knows. Everything she thought she knew before was about to change. But could she handle it? Was she ready to let someone in?If you love a book with a good hearted bad boy who loves to dominate all things and who knows exactly what he wants then this is for you. They both have had major issues and struggles in their life. But Kaston is the one who is grounded and helps Lux through the hard times she has faced and about to face. This is definitely a must read!!! Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed for Marebare’s Book Shelf.

  • Tori
    2019-03-30 06:09

    I read Marked awhile back but it has taken me awhile to leave a review because of the shock I was in after reading it. If you love the typical billionaire, dominant, boyfriend love story where the woman quietly submits to him and his every need then this is NOT the book for you. However, if you are looking for a book that challenges the mainstream idea of how steamy romance novels should be then this IS the book for you. Charisse Spiers has written an unbelievably amazing book with characters that fight against and for each other at the same time. Kaston is a man that has a troubled and secretive job that leaves the reader questioning how someone could do that for a living and still remain human. He feels that he has to fight societies demons by doing the only thing he believes is right and for that reason he cannot trust anyone with any information. That is until Lux comes along and challenges every rule that he has set in place. Can Kaston trust her with his deepest and darkest secrets of his job and past?Lux is a bombshell of a woman who has been through so much in her lifetime and she has no problem protecting herself. Growing up she had to deal with the ramifications of her drug-addicted mother and had to pay the price for her mother’s problems multiple times over. She learned at an early age that she did not want to be dependent on a man for anything that she absolutely needs but also didn’t mind using them for what she wants. She believes if men can use women for sex, then women can use men for sex. She has in place a hard exterior that seems unbreakable until Kaston comes along. Will Lux be able to let Kaston in or will she continuously treat him like she treated her other men?Charisse has done an amazing job writing a book that is challenging, compelling, loving, funny, emotional, badass, hot, sexy, demanding, and many other emotions that I had while reading this book. The characters seemed so real and I was very emotional when the book ended (hence the reason why it has taken me so long to write this review). This book invaded my every thought and even my dreams for a long time and it has made reading other books almost impossible because they simply do not measure up. I strongly recommend reading this book to anyone but you have been warned that other books will not seem quite as great after you are done.