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Since Witches came out of the broom-closet in the early 21st century, they have worked alongside humans as police officers, healers, stock traders, and more. But they aren’t the only paranormal entities in our world…Police officer and Witch Donata Santori spends her days interrogating dead witnesses by summoning their spectral forms. Normally the job is little more than taSince Witches came out of the broom-closet in the early 21st century, they have worked alongside humans as police officers, healers, stock traders, and more. But they aren’t the only paranormal entities in our world…Police officer and Witch Donata Santori spends her days interrogating dead witnesses by summoning their spectral forms. Normally the job is little more than taking statements and filing reports. But when she’s called in on the case of a murdered art restorer, she finds herself suddenly in possession of a mystical portrait that both the human and paranormal communities would kill to get their hands on.Unable to take on the forces hunting her alone, Donata seeks help from two unlikely and attractive allies: a reluctant shape-changer and a half-dragon art forger. But as the three of them hurry to uncover the truth about the powerful painting, Donata realizes that she’s caught in the middle of not one but two wars—one for possession of the painting’s secrets and one for possession of her heart…...

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Veiled Magic Reviews

  • Marta Cox
    2019-03-20 12:49

    Review sent to Literal Addiction.comDeborah Blake is an author I've recently discovered who clearly enjoys surprising her readers. Not content with just bringing us her contemporary interpretation of the Baba Yaga legend she has published this story about a witch with the ability to communicate with the dead. Now Donata is no ordinary magic practitioner as she is also a member of her local police department. You would think that her skills would be admired but no the humans are somewhat distrustful of the newly outed Witches and Donata spends her time in the not very hospitable basement! Ok she can cope with their ignorance but really all she wants to do is use her talents and make a difference but her next case is about to take her well and truly out of the dark and way up into a very bright spotlight!Whilst trying to discover why a local museum was broken into Donata finds herself followed home by a ghost with information about a painting that could well and truly bring about an unholy war ! Why such an ugly painting would be that important is beyond Donata but nevertheless she intends to fulfil her promise and sets out to track down Peter a somewhat reclusive forger . He is not exactly what she expected but intrigued enough by her tale to get involved. Peter finds himself embroiled in a plot where surprising enemies are hunting the very same painting that Donata seems to now have. They can't outrun everyone and need a place to hide but the solution is about to take Donata and Peter way out of their comfort zone. Caught between a rock and a hard place was never so apt!Oo this was good and from the first page I was well and truly sucked in. I'm not sure if there is a prequel to this as I did feel that there's clearly a story that could predate this as Donata and Chief O'Malley clearly have past history . It didn't prevent me enjoying this story though it just made me curious . Almost from the start it's clear that Donata is a strong and pragmatic heroine. She has put up with so much prejudice at work and even at home from her uptight family. Yet her desire to help others and bring justice shines through. The relationship she forms here with Peter is not exactly romantic but there's a real sense of interest on both sides . There's also a blast from the past to deal with but I'm not sure if that didn't just muddy up the story a little. However I loved a certain character named Ricky who just inserts himself into Donata's life and most of the humorous moments do revolve around that little fella . This is not a paranormal romance but an urban story that brings unexpected allies and more than a little danger. The climax came a little too quick for me leaving this reader with questions that unfortunately are left unanswered. Is there more to come? I sincerely hope so as to not expand this world would be a shame and it occurs to this reader that Donata has only just begun to see just how powerful magic really is ! An entertaining read that has certainly spiked my hunger for more.This is a voluntary review of an arc copy and is my honest opinion

  • Meigan
    2019-04-19 14:52

    3.5 stars. Promising start to a new series. At least, I hope it becomes a series.In Veiled Magic, author Deborah Blake introduces readers to Donata Santori, a Witch cop working with the police department on "special" cases. Donata has the ability to raise ghosts of the newly dead, which helps incredibly when it comes to murder cases. In Donata's world, while some supernaturals are known to the Humans, not all of them are. Witches are one supernatural that is known to regular, normal folks. But that doesn't mean they're accepted. Donata faces quite a bit of adversity in her job -- many fellow cops think of her as odd, some don't really take her seriously, others don't really think of her as a real cop at all But she is, despite her status as a witch, and even has her own office. In the PD basement :) When a new and strange case lands in the hands of the police, Donata gets the chance she's been waiting for -- to come up out of the basement and actually work a case like her fellow police brethren. Unfortunately for Donata, the case is bigger and more complicated than initially suspected and the case is subsequently put in to more capable hands, according to her boss. While she may be off the case in the eyes of her boss, that doesn't mean she isn't still working it. The case in question has supernatural ties, and trying to solve it leads Donata into a dangerous world involving dark magics, various questionable magic factions, art, and the Catholic church.While Blake's world-building was quite detailed and rich concerning the supernatural elements that inhabit this alternate world, the only thing missing was the location. Perhaps I missed it, but I wanted to know more of the city that Donata lives and works in. Like I said, I may have missed it, but it seems like the author just used a generic, no-name place which really could have been anywhere. Personally, I like names, real or fictional. I like to know the surroundings and even the simplest details, when left out, can leave a reader feeling like they don't have a grasp on the setting and location. That was a minor problem for me and hopefully, if this does become a series, Blake will give the world a bit more detail in future installments.The characters were all dimensional and varied -- from shapechangers, who aren't your typical shifters, to witches, Kobolds (loved that little Ricky!), dragons, fae, and even some gods, Blake did an exceptional job peppering her story with a wide varity of supernaturals, while managing not to go overboard and cause confusion. I also liked how only some supernaturals were known to humans, with many others still being in the proverbial closet. There wasn't really any romance, although there seems to be a hint that some will come in the future, be it with Peter or Magnus, the foundation for a potential love triangle has been set. Both are equally good suitors, although Magnus seems like he would be a better match. He's exciting, he's strong and his backstory was really quite interesting. That's not to say that Peter isn't a good match. He is, he's just so different than Magnus, which is a good thing, but he's certainly not outspoken and dynamic like Magnus is.All in all, Blake has set up a really interesting, fast paced and magical story that has the bones to become a really great series. I am hoping it is a series, because I really want to jump back into Donata's world and explore more of the magic and the supernaturals. **eARC received via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-04-09 17:00

    Donata is a witch who can summon the dead. She works in the windowless basement of the police department. While most of her fellow officers will grudgingly admit her usefully in solving cases, the whole summoning thing freaks them out.Our story begins when Donata is called to a crime scene by her commanding officer. A restorer was murdered for a painting, and in a strange twist, she finds herself caught up in a case that could impact both the human and paranormal worlds. When the Witches Council and a secret society both want the painting, she finds herself turning to friends and outsiders for help.Dragons, witches, a secret society known as the Cabal, and unique paranormal creatures are all part of Blakes world. I loved the twists on shapeshifters and a creature known as a Kobold. The author does an excellent job of sharing the basic hierocracy of the paranormal world, and its role in the present world. There are five types of paranormal groups and then subspecies. The five major are Witches, Ghouls, Ulfhednar, Dragon and Fae. However, a rumored sixth group and a vexing problem for the Dragons have me drooling for more information.The world has a paranormal vibe to it, but I like the direction Blake is taking with it. This first novel shared Donata's perspective and introduced key characters. Blake provided one heck of a suspenseful mystery that allowed the characters to have growth.Donata finds herself with more than a familiar when a Kobold named Ricky follows her home. She soon finds herself evading her boss, and seeking help from Peter Casaventi, a half-dragon art forger, her ex-boyfriend, Magnus Torvald, a smexy alpha shapeshifter and her estranged family. I loved the dynamics, the possible love interests and other secondary characters we met.Aside from the stellar world building, Blake delivered a kick-ass heroine who isn't a whiner. (thank you) I loved how this motley crew interacted and the humorous moments Blake provided. Ricky was delightful, and the posturing between Peter and Magnus will leave you grinning.Copy provided by the publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-04-07 15:49

    New to me author, Ms. Blake captures my attention within the first few words in her new series. Veiled Magic is an urban fantasy with a slightly offbeat character, Donata Santori. Donata is the black sheep in her family. She comes from wealth, lives in squalor and possesses an inquisitive mind. Her skills as a witch come in the form of talking to the recently deceased. What she really wants to do, is be a meaningful contributor to society as a law enforcement agent aka a cop. A bit of a wall-flower, she follows the rules and quietly molds in a windowless basement office.The catalyst for Donata's deep desire to be more accepted in the police force is crime of murder and theft. Donata soon finds herself in a mystery and conspiracy much larger than her little view of the world. Forced to use her alliances and quick wit, Donata grows in both experience and ferocity. Donata's character comes off a bit timid at first. She may even seem a bit fuddy duddy. When her life is threatened and she learns more about the supernatural world, she strengthens instead of folds. I like this kind of character who focuses on the problem at hand and moves forward. She even surprises herself at her own tenacity. Donata is the underdog readers will root for because she's amicable, kind hearted and determined. The male characters in this story are a nice supporting cast for Donata. Magnus the friends with benefits shifter is a delicious and uncomplicated male. Peter the love child of a dragon and human is the intriguing one. Both have talents that are appealing to Donata. Both are delicious male specimens. Which one should Donata choose? In this first book, there isn't a leaning either way. My question is, why not have both? The world building in this book is nicely done. The reader learns about the different opposing forces and how the Church comes into play. It's nice to see a balanced view of the rival forces. The Church is not vilified just as the Supernatural council is not deified. Learning about dragons and how they have an impossible conundrum only peaks a readers interest. I want to read more about the dragons. I want to learn more about the witches. I really want to learn what happens to Donata as she proves she does have what it takes to be a good cop. The next book in this series cannot come fast enough.This action packed story with charismatic characters, vexing family members and troublesome opponents will keep a reader riveted. This is a page turner with a magical essence and intriguing plot. The vibrant descriptions paint a vivid world for a reader to dive into and enjoy. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who like knights, dragons and witches.*provided by NetGalley

  • Wyrdness
    2019-03-21 16:13

    I found this to be a bit of a disappointing non-story with an "oh, that's it?" ending. (view spoiler)[Poor Friar Matthew. He sacrificed himself in a blazing inferno that apparently incinerated him and the Plot MacGuffin instantly, and 5 minutes later everyone was "welp, I guess that's that. I'm off to learn new super powers now, bye!" - With friends like these you're probably safer with enemies! (hide spoiler)]Lots of things take place and there's the usual running around, baddies and an annoying (proto) love triangle, but at the end the main character seemingly circles around to exactly the same place that she started from. She still has a strained relationship with her family and the Alliance Council, she still doesn't really have any close friends, and her boss was already interested in her career and broadening her responsibilities before she went on a week long supernatural jaunt that put that in jeopardy. I'm honestly not sure what this book set out to accomplish and overall it feels like this would have made a much better optional backstory novella.It's a little bit of a shame really because there are many classic UF points in this book I should have enjoyed, and the writing itself was pretty okay (I found it a bit repetitive in places, but nothing too terrible), but overall it just failed to grab me or make me really care for most of the characters and I don't feel a great need to continue if/ when a second book comes out for this.

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    2019-03-28 11:57

    Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup. (on the blog 1/15/18)Amazon: new urban fantasy series by one of my favorite authors? Yes, please! Veiled Magic definitely caught my attention and was a fun time as a ragtag group of misfit paranormals are tasked with, well, saving the world.The Gist: Donata's a bit bored at work. All her time is spent in the precinct basement and, well, she's ready to spread her wings as a cop and get out in the field. And then one minute you're talking to a dead man like normal and then ya find yourself stealing an enchanted painting with the help of two hunky yet damaged men and on the run from, well, everyone other than them. :facepalm: Yeah. Be careful what you wish for.I enjoyed Donata and her men. She's determined to do the right thing and doesn't back down from chaos thrown in her way. And the men are oh so tempting. Peter's a somewhat broody and reclusive art forger and just finding out that he's maybe kinda a dragon. And Magnus is a shifter trying to keep his beast from taking over. He may be all smiles but he's got an inner wildness. All three are so different from one another but worked well as a team. I liked seeing their mission light a fire in each of them and spur them on where some tough personal choices were concerned. There's a slight potential love triangle with tiny teases of potential with both men and one fade to black sex scene. But nothings too grrr argy with the triangle at this point. There's a lot of on the run action as they try to figure out the mystery behind the painting and the danger it holds and simultaneously avoid a fanatical human group and a paranormal council who both want the painting for their own. Lots of threats, betrayals and such that kept things exciting and lively.The call from the Chief, late on their first day at the monastery, didn't go much better.He said, "I suppose you know your apartment building burned to the ground." She said something clever like, "Um, yeah, I saw it on the news." He then countered with, "I suppose you know what you're doing," to which she she answered, "Oh, I seriously doubt it."I did have a couple small hitches. I found myself skimming some of the magical bits. I'm just not into spell casting and that was a bit dull for me. And the ending didn't totally work for me as far as the final showdown was concerned. But teasers for book two may change my opinion on that. Hard to know. All in all, though, a good time was had and I enjoyed checking out one of Blake's earlier works. Veiled Magic was an exciting taste of Blake's newly released world and has me ready for more.

  • Sophia
    2019-03-23 12:51

    I really enjoyed the author's Baba Yaga series so I eagerly accepted this one where she again weaves her creative magic in writing an entertaining Urban Fantasy story of witches, dragons, shapeshifters, and dark secretive forces set to tear apart the world. A small band of misfit paranormals takes on the powers that be and the powers that live in the shadows in this paranormal adventure with a hint of romance. It ended on a high, hopeful note that felt more like a new beginning than an end.The story opens with witch cop, Donata Santori, called to a crime scene to interrogate the dead witnesses. Humans still are adjusting to the fact that they have magic users living amongst them, but Donata's gift of speaking to the dead is a harder sell than oh say a healer like her sister. But when push comes to shove, she is right where she wants to be earning her own way and making a difference for people. This murder turns up something disconcerting in regard to a painting that is the main piece of evidence. The restorer who died makes Donata his new crusader in the fight to both render the painting harmless while getting it to give up its secrets before it falls into the wrong hands. The painting is spelled and it will take an expert and specially qualified restorer to work on it. Donata is appalled to discover her new contact also happens to be a half-dragon professional forger who has no idea he has a bit of flame and scale in his family tree. But between dodging the Cabal and her own paranormal Council, Donata and crew struggle to fulfill their tasks. Donata also is confused about her growing feelings for the forger and the feelings that are fanned back to life by a past lover who joins their rag-tag crew. It was one breathtaking, intense story nearly to the end once everything got going.Alright, this one sets up like a paranormal murder mystery in the beginning with the author carefully weaving in the worldbuilding and situation for each of the characters. Donata is the sole narrator. She was engaging and wry, tough, but has not wholly come into her own yet. She hopes that by completing the task laid out by the dead man that she will earn the respect of her family and her boss with the police. She is surrounded by characters who in their own ways are just as in limbo as she is and must figure out how to rejoin the world around them and make peace with their past.As to the romance, like many Urban Fantasies, this one has hints and some 'moments', but nothing concrete since the focus is on the quest and not the development of relationships. This story ended leaving things up in the air and a potential love triangle. Normally, I run from those, but not when they are developed organically and not just present to beef up the drama.The background of this story is strong. I enjoyed the color flavors of creative characters in that the half dragon is slowly learning about himself and the shapeshifter is more blended with Viking Berserker (yum), and there is also a Kobold who is like a short elf who can be a strong support or a dangerous annoyance when riled. Donata's own witch background is the most filled in. Her spells were intricate and felt authentic when she was weaving and casting them (makes sense with the author's background). But even the little things like delicious foods, the art connection, and the police politics were all nice layers to the story.I hope there is more after this story though I loved what I got. I would definitely recommend it to Urban Fantasy fans who enjoy a strong witch heroine and a colorful cast of paranormals supporting her in her mission to protect the world.My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review.

  • StephanieG
    2019-04-04 16:57

    After interrogating a spirit, Donata Santori finds herself in possession of a mystical portrait that human and paranormals alike would kill to get their hands on in this thrilling urban fantasy.Donata seeks help from two unlikely and attractive allies and the reader can’t help but get caught up in all the excitement as Donata becomes caught in the middle of two wars. Lots of spine tingling excitement as the danger escalates and guarantees that there is never a dull moment as a war for the possession of the painting begins placing Donata and her allies in danger with lots of exciting attacks against them with expectation building the suspense as they try to discover the true secrets of the painting. The well written scenes and details paint vivid images that capture the imagination while the intriguing events sweep the reader along on one heck of an adventurous ride as Donata, the reluctant shapechanger and the half-dragon art forger struggle to keep the painting from falling into the wrong hands.This fast paced and smooth flowing plot thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement and a touch of romance as the strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attentions and draw them into this fascinating world where witches are out of the closet but other paranormals are still hidden. Donata finds herself in the middle of a second war between Magnus and Peter as they both are attracted to Donata which cause some testosterone filled moments and a bit of emotional anxiety with some unexpected surprises for the characters causing some emotional turbulence throughout the story that readers can certainly relate to.Donata and this fascinating world kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end and while I was unable to determine if the author intends to write more books about Donata, she did leave some things open ended which means that she has thought about it, so I certainly hope that she does because I would love to visit with Donata, her intriguing life and of course the two sexy men in her life as well.- Eva

  • Amber
    2019-04-04 17:00

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review through net galley. From the beginning I was hooked. Witches, dragons, shape shifters yes please! Donata works at the police force and is a witch whoBasically talks to the spirits of those murdered so she can find out what happened and hopefully who murdered them. Well she ends up getting pulled into a case that could affect all paranormals and finds herself in more danger then she has ever been in her life. Bring in a sexy bear shape shifter and a half dragon and you get some boy candy as well. It was a great fantasy and I really enjoyed reading it. I hope there are more in the series.

  • Stacy
    2019-03-29 11:48

    I gave it 3.5 starsI really enjoy books where the main character is a police officer and I have enjoyed Blake's Baba Yaga series, so picking up a review copy of VEILED MAGIC was an easy choice.VEILED MAGIC starts off on the slow side, but things really pick up when multiple people start threatening and giving Donata ultimatums to get her to do what they want. I enjoyed Donata's character. I liked what she does for a living with her magic and I liked her personality. There are actually some great secondary characters —as well as some animals— that are involved in VEILED MAGIC. Grimalkin and Elymr in particular really stole the show when they were in a scene.Are you ready for a love triangle? Donata meets Peter for the first time in VEILED MAGIC, and they certainly have an attraction. I really thought there would be more romance between them, but then enters Magnus. Donata had a previous relationship with him and they are just friends now, but they have a history that shows and they actually DO get romantic in VEILED MAGIC, but Donata is adamant that their relationship would never work because of who and what they are and she is still pulled towards Peter. I wasn't too thrilled with the way the love triangle part of the story line left off, but maybe book 2 will make it up to me.I enjoyed reading VEILED MAGIC, but I wish we got more of the cop feel I was looking for. Donata is an officer, but the case she is working on takes her out of the police station where she investigates with those that aren't officers, which to be fair, is stated in the blurb. I am hoping book two—which I will be reading—will have a bit more station action.* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Rhonda Stees-marcial
    2019-04-10 14:54

    I loved this book. I have been searching for a replacement for my Rachel Morgan fix and I found it. I really enjoyed the character of Donata. always sure of herself, she never really needed saving once. No wishy-washy heroine here and I loved it. Only drawback, and it`s small, I hate love triangles, and there could turn out to be one. Go buy it and read it!

  • Katy
    2019-04-12 12:07

    Good book I really love the authors Baba Yaga series so I decided to give this one a try. While I thought this book was entertaining it didn't reach to the same level of awesomeness as the Baba Yaga series.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-04-20 15:03

    Donata Santori is a witch working for the police – one of the future supernaturals that are publicly known to the general population. But even with her useful ability to speak to the dead doesn’t make her very popular with her fellows.Just when she’s starting to get out of the basement and be trusted one of those ghosts comes to her with a mission that not only risks that newfound trust – but also her life. There’s a painting that holds not just all the secrets of the paranormal races (which the Inquisition Cabal would love to get their hands on to push their crusade) but also a lost race… which may be even more destructive than a renewed inquisition.This book is a very classic Urban Fantasy – very much in line with all the classic points and elements of a basic Urban FantasyAnd that sounds like a bad thing – but I like Urban Fantasy. I like classic Urban Fantasy. If I didn’t like all the hallmarks of a basic Urban Fantasy then I wouldn’t be a fan of that genre. The key is both what is added to that template and how well done that template is addressedI do like Donata, the protagonist. Again she is a very classic Urban Fantasy protagonist who ticks a lot of boxes but does it well. She’s a witch, which in this world means lots of ritual magic and utility spells but not much in the way of throwing lightning. She’s also a cop (therefore involve in investigation) and knows enough martial arts to be useful in a fight and not be a damsel. She’s active and dangerous without being super-powerful and story breaking. I really like how she asserts herself when defying both the authority of the Council and her disapproving family (and certainly her two male cohorts) but does so without the classic suicidal sass that is so common to the genre (Honestly, I am tired of raging protagonist raging at authority which should squish them so many times over but never ever does). And she has conflicts with her family but does love them and seems to be blessedly free of the almost compulsory tragic past. I also quite like that the romance was only briefly the cause of men fighting each otherI mentioned that she can hold her own in a fight though it is slightly frustrating that her two male cohorts are so much more physically dangerous than she is – it’s such a trope and when the supernatural are involved it’s so unnecessary. Why can’t the woman be the one with physical super powers and the man be the one with support magic?The world setting is also interesting – again, it’s very classic. We have a range of supernatural beings forming a council – some of which is known to humanity (the witches) but most of them are still very much hidden. What is interesting is that the creatures chosen are a nice difference from the usual vampires/werewolves. We have witches which are very similar, but also dragons, ghouls, a different take on fae and a very different look at wereanimals.Read More>

  • Ami
    2019-04-01 13:54

    3.5 starsI was introduced to Deborah Blake’s works when I read her Baba Yaga series. So when I saw that she would release a new series – featuring a cop! – I couldn’t resist to request the ARC. I love both urban fantasy and murder mystery, so I thought the blurb for Veiled Magic was pretty intriguing.The world of Veiled Magic is pretty ‘common’ in urban fantasy, including the supernatural beings, therefore I didn’t experience too many difficulties grasping the idea. Here, there are five major Paranormal races: Witches, Dragons, Fae, Ghouls, and Ulfhednar (or shape-changers) along with some minor races. Donata herself is a witch whose main ability is to talk to ghosts and currently she works as Witness Retrieval Specialist – they talk to the dead victims who become witness of their own homicides.The story started when one of the murder victims in recent case came to visit Donata and told her about a very important painting – one of the Lost Pentacle Pentimentos that can reveal the identity of the lost sixth paranormal races. Because of it, both the Council (ruling body for the Paranormal Alliance) and the Cabal (renegade arms of Catholic Church) want their hands on it. Donata is forced to ally with a half-human and half-dragon, Peter, and asks help from her-ex, Magnus, to find a way to keep the painting safe.I liked Donata enough – although her ability seems to be more of ‘talking to ghosts and making spells’ which might not be as physically aggressive when it comes to fighting the bad guys. Still, Donata is pretty resourceful and she can hold her own when needed. She does seem to be a little lacking in confidence when it is about her own job, though, probably because she spends too much time being ‘cast-aside’ in her basement office. But I liked that Donata didn’t step back from challenges when it came to protecting the painting, even if it meant being scolded by her family or possibly being fired from her job.I was a bit let down with the ending though – let’s just say that after all the threats from both the Council and the Cabal regarding the painting, I felt that what happened with it was underwhelming. I can’t say more because it would spoiler the story, but it just didn’t seem worth all the trouble that Donata and her friends go through to protect it.There seems to be a potential love triangle between Donata, Peter, and Magnus. I usually hate love triangles, but it has not yet fully happened here so I had no problem with it. I might change my mind in the next book whenever that is. *laugh*A Guest Review for The Blogger GirlsThe ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.

  • Kt
    2019-04-01 14:53

    Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionVEILED MAGIC was an interesting start to what I hope will be a new series. The premise was very intriguing and while the plot moved along a bit slowly, that's to be expected at the introduction to a new paranormal world due to all the world building. And let me say that it was a very interesting world. There's a plethora of various supernatural characters, factions, and magical angles and when you add that into the rather unique plot, I was pretty hooked and intrigued from the start. I found it particularly interesting how only some of the supernaturals were public knowledge, yet everyone else was still in hiding. And it's not a recent "outting" either. So it was entertaining if not slightly baffling that the rest of the secrets were so well kept.Not only the main character, Donata, but the entire cast of supporting characters were full of depth as well, or at least at the beginning. Unfortunately while I was impressed early on with the characters, they didn't seem to progress much further in development past where they started. I would have hoped for more growth especially if this isn't a series starter but a stand alone. As far as the romance, I do wish it had of been ramped up just a bit rather than being overly toned down as it was, especially when you consider it seems to almost be a triangle. But again if this is to be a series, that makes a bit more sense. Both men have their merits, but I think by the end there was a clear path/choice for Donata.Overall this was a decent start to hopefully a new series. There's just so much room for growth and potential that it would be a shame to end it with just this book. So here's to hoping it continues.

  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    2019-03-28 16:44

    Trying out a brand new series is always a little bit of a risk, especially if you haven't read the author before and especially if it is Urban Fantasy. UF has the potential to be fabulously rich and imaginative and gives an author the chance to break down the world and build it with a brand new set of rules, which is all part of the reason why it is my favourite genre. Of course, you could say this is true about most genres, but I have always viewed UF as having the most potential, as it isn't burdened by having to have a HEA by the end of 350 pages.Which, brings me to Veiled Magic I decided to give it a try, I was jonesing for something new, so what better way to start than new author (to me) and new series. I am pleased to say that this isn't a decision that I regret, I had a lot of fun reading this and found it had a good mix of likable and capable heroine, interesting new world, man candy and story line. I admit, it was shy of achieving a full five stars mainly because although it was all really well put together, it also wasn't anything original or new.However, this was a solid UF read, fast paced enough to be exciting whilst feeding you knowledge about the new world that Blake has wrapped around familiar reality. So far, I haven't seen any details of the next book in the series, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out, as well as having a look at the back list. This was a great book I am pleased to see I have discovered a new author's book to devour and a new series.

  • Jo(Mixed Book Bag)
    2019-03-30 12:56

    According to Deborah Blake’s author’s notes this is the book that got her an agent. While she got an agent the book sat on the shelf unpublished until now.There are some really interesting takes on the paranormal in Veiled Magic. The world building and back story are both revealed in action and dialog as the story progresses. Characters are introduced as they are needed to keep the plot moving.I found the story to be exciting and tension filled. Donata Santori is a great character. She is a witch and a police woman who can talk to the dead. You would think that would be an exciting life. It isn’t. She works in the basement and is very isolated from everyone. On her first case out of the basement everything changes when the ghost of one of the murdered men demand that she keep a painting from falling into the wrong hands. That brings in three new and interesting characters. Together they start out on a very dangerous journey.I loved the interaction between Donata and the other characters. It kept the story moving as the plot developed. I did think there was a little flaw in the end. See if you feel the same about the fate of the painting.This could be the start of a new series. I hope so as this world is big enough to support a lot more action and adventure as well as adding new and interesting characters.

  •  Reading In Pajamas
    2019-04-01 13:48

    ✦Review: Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake Publication Date: November 17, 2015Genre: Paranormal Romance Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated: 3.5 Stars REVIEWI enjoyed this fast paced quirky story of Donata the witch who finds herself in the middle of a mystery. I liked how the author pulled in the inquisition, giving it a twist that is quite fun and perfect fuel for more books. At times the story became a little convoluted but she managed to reign it in without losing momentum. My complaint would be that it was listed as a romance but it’s more of an ensemble piece with a little tension and a couple kisses. That being said, I had fun reading it.*Review copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ann
    2019-03-28 17:59

    What a great paranormal book that one can only hope is book 1 of a long series. Witches are now accepted by the humans but the fae, dragons, shapeshifters and more are still unknown to humans. Donata is a witch who works for the police talking to the dead, helping to solve crimes. When a magical cursed painting is found next to a dead museum expert, his ghost asks for help keeping the painting away from evil doers. Well written, great characters and a wonderful story line make this a great book.

  • Linda
    2019-03-20 14:45

    A Witch and a Half-Dragon become involved with uncovering the hidden image underneath a painting. But this hidden picture is said to reveal the true natures of the five races and possibly expose a sixth race thought to be merely a myth. Chased by both Alliance and Cabal fanatics, and hampered by a curse on the painting itself, can they unravel the mystery or will there be a second Inquisition that could destroy the Paranormals. I enjoyed this tale and the main characters of Donata, Peter and Magnus. I look forward to more stories with these three teaming up.

  • Dakota
    2019-04-06 13:44

    3.5 Characters and the story were likeable. I hope she continues with this series.

  • Jeanny
    2019-04-09 16:56

    This counts towards the Cliterary Genius discussion 2016 A to Z book challenge. Letter: V

  • Skye
    2019-03-28 13:13

    I love the magical realism that Blake brings to her work. She manages to take the world of today, Wicca and our daily social struggles and create a world that is entirely her own. It is the most enjoyable and wonderful way to become immersed in a story. Especially when Donata is such a relatable and thrilling character to take you on such a whirlwind adventure.I’ve had this novel on my ereader for ages, but actually finding the time to sit there and read it has been a whole other story. No matter how many good ebooks I get my hands on, I still love the feeling of a good, hard cover in my hands. So, it did take me forever to actually read this. And now I kind of regret taking so long to read it. Because it was phenomenal, and now I can almost immediately start on the next book in the series, Veiled Menace. Although I won’t, because there are a whole slew of other books that are in my TBR pile and I tend to jump between series.Other than Blake’s ability to create a beautifully realistic and layered world in which dragons, witches and changelings are part of everyday life, I love her character construction. There is something beautifully relatable about these characters. Donata is the black sheep of her family – the one who doesn’t quite fit in, never measures up to their expectations and has never been able to fit, so are the other two members of the little love triangle that she finds herself in. Yet, unlike many of the black sheep stories that I’ve read, Donata’s is willing to still love her and accept her. Alright, there’s strings attached and maybe they’re not as willing to accept her as the picturesque family would be – but there is still love there. Unlike the Baba Yaga series, this has a very cops and criminals feel to it. Probably because Donata herself is a cop, but I love the overlay of the supernatural need for a cop as well. It is such a promising beginning of a new series, and I can’t wait to see which other supernatural crimes she is forced to face up to…

  • Aira
    2019-04-03 14:08

    the difference between a good book and a bad book imo is that a good book immerses you in the story, you feel like you can imagine the surroundings and are taking part of the adventures, a bad book just tells you whats going on... Veiled Magic falls into the latter groupThe concept was really cool, but - boring and bland characters that dont really offer much to the genre- a love triangle of sorts *ugh ugh ugh*- and simply I just was not invested at all in the story

  • S. S.
    2019-03-27 14:44

    Can I please give it 6 stars? I don't know when I've enjoyed a book more. Our heroine was enjoyable. She was flawed but not obnoxiously so. Not being a teenager, I liked that our heroine was a bit older. There were tons of plot twists and turns. But they were not implausible. It was more like life, sometimes stuff just goes wrong. There was also a very sad part, so readers cannot exoect all sweetness and light.

  • Darcy
    2019-03-29 16:59

    I really like this author's Baba Yaga series and it's spin off, so I thought I would check this one out. Sadly it didn't work out for me. I made it 5 chapters before giving it up and didn't really connect with the story from the start, despite really liking the blurb about the book. It just seemed boring to me. In the end this one just wasn't for me.

  • Anna Wick
    2019-04-13 14:08

    Great new worldLove Sonata, Peter, Magnus and Ricky. Looking forward to reading more about them. I like this world a little more than Baba Yoga

  • Bianca78
    2019-04-07 13:50

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Donata Santori is a pure-bred witch in the employ of the police department. As a Witness Retrieval Specialist, Donata speaks to the dead witnesses of crime as a means of incriminating perpetrators. Her ‘conversations’ with the dead are recorded and entered as evidence to be used in court. But when an art theft goes murderously wrong, Donota is thrust into a very dangerous paranormal mystery. With an inherent sense of right and wrong, Donata sets out to neutralize the mysticism surrounding the potentially explosive Pentacle Pentimento, the secret under-layer of an otherwise underwhelming Romantic-era painting. And so, Donata finds herself in possession of the painting and on the run from different, very dangerous, ruling factions.I adored Veiled Magic and am thrilled to have found this new series. As a series opener, Veiled Magic is set to be on par with great series like Downside Ghosts, Rylee Adamson, and Charley Davidson. Donata is a funny, smart, and resourceful heroine. She has sex-appeal without being needy or reliant on her male counterpart. She’s complemented by a cast of rich, intriguing characters including half-dragon art forger Peter Casaventi, berserker on the brink Magnus Torvald, and Ricky, the dutiful Kobold. Each brings a refreshing, entertaining touch to the book and, though different, each is equally likeable.This book is non-stop action and intrigue. While a love-triangle has emerged between Donata, Peter, and Magnus, it’s certainly not at the forefront, nor is it at all resolved. This will provide explosive fuel for future series installments and I eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama. I enjoyed the fact that sometimes Donata is smarter and more resourceful than the men around her. At times, there’s a power imbalance in favour of Donata, which gives the developing love stories a fresh and interesting vibe. I loved this book’s conclusion; while not neatly packaged, it is immensely satisfying.Deborah Blake is an expert story-teller. The plot is excellent with a healthy dose of suspense and intrigue. As an art history enthusiast, this tale was beyond appealing. Blake’s characters are full, multidimensional beings capable of true and meaningful introspection. They show transition and growth throughout the story. Blake is also an adept wordsmith who applies a rich and varied vocabulary. And, any author who appropriately references Machiavelli is a thinker exploring all the angles. Reviewed for I Smell Sheep

  • Deborah
    2019-04-10 13:01

    In a world where witches have ‘come out’, the supernaturals are tolerated but not really trusted. Donata Santori is a witch cop, a ‘Witness Retrieval Specialist’, which means she gets the ‘fun’ job of interviewing victims. Dead victims.To her not-so-trusting colleagues, she’s known as a ‘Ghost Yanker’ – incredibly useful because the fact that a victim is dead no longer gets in the way of a damning witness statement – but that doesn’t make the other cops any more comfortable about being around her. Her office is a windowless basement and she doesn’t get out much, so when she’s asked to attend a murder scene in person, Donata thinks things are looking up. Unfortunately the whole case goes sideways, developing the potential to ignite a second Inquisition.Donata is a great fun character, and the two hot men in her life spice things up a treat. All three of them have major issues twisting their private lives, mostly family relationship problems, just like regular people only skewed by their paranormal natures. The supporting cast of Ricky the Kobold, Grimalkin the feline familiar, and Elmyr the French bulldog, are all great additions to the mix, as are the odd family members that turn up from time to time. Blake’s writing, as always, gives a smooth and flowing read with some delightful descriptions and dialogue, plus some interesting imprecations: ‘Crap on toast,’ springs to mind.This book sets up what is clearly going to be an ongoing mystery about a ‘lost’ paranormal race. I really enjoyed it right up until the end, where I was a touch disappointed in the climax. Don’t get me wrong, there is a climactic fight, a sacrifice, and a resolution (of sorts) to the current problem, but it left me with rather a ‘was that it?’ feel, a bit like a balloon deflating.There are certainly plenty of juicy threads to take forward, and I will be reading the next book to find out where they are taking us, I could just a wished for a more fulfilling ending to this individual novel.

  • Caroline
    2019-03-26 13:04

    I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.As a witch cop Donata Santori can usually be found working in the basement of the police department talking to dead victims and filing paperwork. After helping the police chief in a private matter she is finally given a break in her career and is asked to investigate the death of an art restorer. However Donata quickly figures out that nothing is simple. The art restorer’s death is tied to the painting that was in the process of being stolen. Further, the painting winds up being a mysterious artifact that everyone is dying to get their hands on. As facts pile up Donata quickly figures out she can’t protect the painting or solve the case on her own and corrals a shape shifter and half dragon help her.Verdict: So there were things I did and didn’t like – and both pretty much canceled each other out making it a somewhat pleasurable but unremarkable read that passed the time. The things I liked: this was a stereotypical urban fantasy read. It had all the earmarks one expects when one picks up a book in this genre: a magic using capable protagonist, several paranormal species, a mystery or problem to be solved, a hot (or two) love interest, a potentially world altering showdown. All in all, it scratched an itch for me since so many paranormal authors are jumping ship to write gritty contemporary romances which is what is selling right now. What I didn’t enjoy was how long it took to set the stage so to speak. When world-building urban fantasies, I understand that sometimes you have introduce readers to a lot of details that can get forgotten in the shuffle to more quickly get to the action. However, in this case, so that readers didn’t forget anything, every time a new character was introduced everything that had happened in the book up to that point was recapped in the form of dialog. It got really annoying after the 3rd time. Overall impression: If you like urban fantasy and are feeling like everyone is abandoning the genre, pick this one up, you might just be pleasantly surprised.