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Rin is a Kitsune, or at least she was until a witch’s spell turned her human. To regain her powers, Rin must make the lord’s son fall in love with her before the next full moon. She thought it would be easy, her kind have been seducing humans for centuries. But Hikaru is different. He’s handsome, intelligent, and kind –the opposite of everything she’s assumed about humans.Rin is a Kitsune, or at least she was until a witch’s spell turned her human. To regain her powers, Rin must make the lord’s son fall in love with her before the next full moon. She thought it would be easy, her kind have been seducing humans for centuries. But Hikaru is different. He’s handsome, intelligent, and kind –the opposite of everything she’s assumed about humans. The plan is to seduce him and get back her powers, there’s no room for love. Hikaru never believed in the Yokai. In fact, he thought it foolish to believe in monsters. A lifetime of skepticism has guarded him from truths too painful to accept. And Rin’s mysterious arrival in his life challenges all his long held beliefs. She has bewitched him. Though he is drawn to her, he has to keep his distance. His father’s treaty depends on his marriage to another and even an innocence dalliance could ruin everything. While they try to deny their attraction, they are drawn together as if by fate’s design. Falling in love is dangerous. Not only are they from different worlds, but their time together can only end in heartache. To break the spell Rin must betray Hikaru or be turned into a fox. But if they’re willing to risk it all, they may find a love to last lifetimes....

Title : Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling
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ISBN : 9781515232940
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Kitsune: A Little Mermaid Retelling Reviews

  • Bonnie
    2019-04-01 09:12

    “'And what exactly are you spying for?' 'I am making war.' She smiled with an almost childlike glee"(60).In this book Nicolette Andrews has managed to take a classic tale and reshape it into something tantalizingly familiar yet starkly original. While the main aspects of the original tale are preserved, Andrews expands the story into something heartfelt and compelling.. . ."A foolish man did not fear Yokai; they were cruel, vicious and petty. If you did not pay the right favors and dishonor them, they might curse you and your family for three generations" (42).This book's literary magic can be seen in the interaction between two very different yet equally vivid worlds. Politics abound in both, often overlapping to interesting results. One on level live the Yokai, forest-dwelling, mythical creatures with magical powers. On the other side lies the human world, ruled by feudal clans and a place where the existence of the Yokai is debated. Inhabiting this human world are Lord Hotaru and Lord Hikaru, sons of Lord Kaedemori, the leader of one of the human clans. The royal family is in the middle of settling a marriage treaty with a nearby clan, the Fujikawa clan. This alliance is vital for the continued strength of the kingdom.Meanwhile, in the world of the Yokai, two very different, magical kingdoms are at odds, led by figures known as 'Akio' and 'the Dragon'. It is here that Rin, the fiery-tempered Kitsune, is presented, acting out without official authority. Rin is appropriately inhuman in her ways of thinking about the world, not understanding the reason behind many human customs or ideas. Her very tone carries a sense of her inhuman state.. . ."If Akio wants him this bad, then I cannot let him have this man" (6).The book begins with a life-threatening interaction with Hikaru and a magical boar. Akio, a spirit of the forest, wants Hikaru. The only reason Hikaru makes it out of the forest alive is from intersession on the part of a luckily present Rin. When the two separate, both are wondering about the other. 'Is Rin human?' 'Why save Hikaru?' And so the two first meet.. . .“I have made you mortal, a form you despise. I will return you to your real form once you complete a task for me. I need you to break the treaty between the Kaedemori clan and Fujikawa clan. End their pact by the next full moon or I will turn you into a real fox” (56).Rin soon has a chance encounter with another magic-user. After this event, she finds herself altered and takes up a mission to regain what she has lost. In order to accomplish this task, she must first satisfy the demands of another. Beholden to this person's orders, Rin winds up on a path that is destined to collide once more with the path of Lord Hikaru.... . .Filled with internal dissent, individual rebellion, politics, fairy-tale qualities, lurking backstories, and surprises, this book is a pleasant whirlwind. Rin has a refreshingly sassy quality that lends to the image of her as a fighter and strong female protagonist rather than a simple damsel in distress. Hikaru struggles to find his place and his identity amid the ongoing politics of the clans. All of the characters (multiple are not mentioned here) have their own internal or external battles to fight and enemies to face. The events that occur often have more significance than just their face value. The characters' motives are often obscured, background given in small hints and half-truths.I have no true criticisms to offer about this book besides a couple of small notes. The book can seem slightly dense at times as it is packed with detailed content. Rather than trying to finish the book straight through in a couple of sessions, I recommend trying to read the book slowly so you can absorb the vivid descriptions to the greatest extent. As well, this book is more similar to the original fairy tale version than to the Disney version so there are definitely some darker qualities to the retelling. In my case, I take that as a positive trait but if you are searching for a "happily ever after" book without part of the hard truth of real life, this is not that kind of a book.There is also a love triangle. This saddened to me an extent but yet it also served as a way to measure Rin's comfort in and involvement in the two different worlds. I took it as a measure rather than genuinely considering the love triangle, especially because I felt that the other character Naoki was necessary for the plot (view spoiler)[ yet ultimately I never really felt that he stood a chance, knowing the original tale.(hide spoiler)]. . .I was provided a free copy by the author for review.

  • Luna
    2019-03-29 11:02

    As I sit here writing this review, there are a lot of thoughts racing around my mind. Now don’t think they are bad thoughts, believe me, they’re not. But these thoughts threaten to break me. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how I am feeling. The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite fairy tales/Disney movies. In fact, it’s my third favourite. Aladdin being first and Beauty and the Beast coming in close second. This means that I hold retellings to a very high standard. Call me ridiculous, but that’s just me. But let me tell you that the retelling I have just completed surpassed all of my expectations. If anything, it has raised the bar. Kitsune is one of the best novels I have read this year. And thanks to my gargantuan of a reading slump, I haven’t read that many. It’s a tale of love, war and betrayal, with a huge dollop of magic. I love me some magic. If I had to sum it up in one word, well, I can’t. That’s how good it was. I went into to this novel not knowing much about and that is the best way to enjoy this novel. As much as I love the supernatural I had no idea what a Kitsune or Yokai was. I knew it was something do with animals but I did not fully understand what they were. But even with my lesser knowledge I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this book. It’s one of those novels that you just know will stay with you. Nicolette Andrews, how talented you are. Is there some special potion you drink that give you magic writing powers? If so, where can I get some?This is the first novel I have read by this fabulous author and it definitely won’t be the last. In fact, when I finish this review I am going to jump on Amazon and go on a book hunt. Anyway on with the actual review. The world in Kitsune is unique, magical, beautiful and, above all, one I don’t want to leave. The vivid descriptions brought to life many magnificent images in my mind. I didn’t know words could leave me like this. And don’t even get me started on the characters. But this is a review so I kind of have to.Each character is brought to life in just a few lines. Every character is complicated but in the most beautiful of ways. Shin, for example. I liked him, then I hated him. And then I liked him again. This is the kind of power Nicolette holds. There were points in the book I where I didn’t know what to do with myself. I have read many retellings where the plot is exactly the same as the original storyline. Kitsune did the opposite. While keeping the same elements as The Little Mermaid, Nicolette turned the story into something else. Going into it, I knew to expect the same sort of story but in actual fact, I found myself lost in a world bares only a slight resemblance to that of its origin. That’s what drew me in. The fact that Kitsune is a retelling that is not a retelling. Towards the end of the book, I found myself reluctant to keep reading. I didn’t want the story to end. As I type, I am staring at my Kindle and I’m struggling to keep myself from diving back into that world. There was action in every chapter and right now, I’m struggling to keep the spoilers from presenting themselves on this post. The pace, oh my God the pace. It wasn’t too fast and it wasn’t too slow. It was just right. And now I feel like Goldilocks. I highly recommend jumping to Amazon and grabbing this novel before it’s too late. I promise you, you will not regret it. If you do, then you obviously have no taste in literature. Nah, I’m just kidding. But seriously. Get. This. Book.*Enter Shia LeBeouf*So there we have it. Your next favourite read.

  • Aurelia
    2019-04-01 11:19

    There are lots of YA books out there right now that feature a fairy tale retelling with a kick-ass heroine. Many are well written (example: Cinder by Marissa Meyer), but there are also many which are horribly written. To me, Kitsune is one of the very good onesBEST I'VE EVER READ!While there were some mistakes and tropes (*glares at the love triangle*) in Kitsune that I couldn't ignore, this book has so many elements I love. Forbidden romance. An anti-hero, kick-ass, non-white (I'm not being racist!) main character with a super complicated past. A villain who is simultaneously wicked and awesome. Unexpected twists at every corner.The only issue I'd with this book was the other main character. While I love Rin, I couldn't feel any connection to the other MC, Hikorai. Honestly, he comes across as a weak character who needs saving almost every time. Other than that, Kitsune is an awesome read and I highly recommend it!

  • Jennifer Kaser
    2019-04-08 09:51

    I loved this book! I especially liked that my predictions did not come true and I was kept guessing even until the end!

  • Nick Sweet
    2019-03-28 04:14

    Loved loved loved this! I finished it in a day. A great fairy tale and love story! Cannot wait for more!

  • Rabia Gawish
    2019-03-25 07:11

    The little mermaid was and still is my favorite story, and I was apprehensive reading your retelling of it. But I was pleasantly surprised and loved how you wrote this one. Loved the story and the worlds you created.

  • Dilyana
    2019-03-27 04:05

    I won Kitsune in a raffle during its facebook release party, which was quite some time ago. I was too busy to read it at the time and I set it aside. I even read and reviewed two other books by Nicolette before I got to Kitsune.However, when I was packing my bags for my vacation earlier this month, I was like “I’m so taking this book with me” and boy, I’m I glad I did!The sun and I do not like each other. I block it with glasses and it retaliates by burning my shoulders. You know, making them all red and itchy. That meant that a seaside vacation for me was to get up, eat, go to the beach for an hour or two and come back to the air-conditioned hotel room until it was time to go out for dinner.And what did I do while I was chillin’ in the room?I read. A lot.And here comes my first complaint about Kitsune: it was over too soon. It was such an amazing, enjoyable book that even a slow reader like me read it in two days. Okay, three, but that was because I purposefully saved the last couple of chapters for another day.Let’s start from the plot. A Japanese-inspired tale about love, secrets and yokai (they are supernatural beings) – what’s not to love?There were plenty of things going on to keep you engaged, all the subplots met at the end and fit together beautifully.It followed not only the main characters, but also some side ones and we got to see (briefly, but see) the Dragon, who is a main character in another series by Nicolette – theDragon Saga.And speaking of characters: I just love the main one – Rin. I find her amusing and she always manages to get in trouble, so you won’t get bored when she’s around. She’s definitely my favorite in this book and is one of my favorites in The Priestess and the Dragon, even though she’s a side character there.The rest of characters are also pretty good.I had some problems with the male lead – Hikaru, annoying me a couple of times, but that wasn’t because he wasn’t written well; it was because of his personality. He’s definitely not the toughest guy out there, but hey, at least I’m looking forward to him becoming stronger in the next books.I also really enjoyed Rin’s friend- Shin, who got in trouble at the end of the book and I really hope Rin finds a way to help him out in this series, preferably in Book II.And now that we are at the end – this is the second thing I didn’t like about the book.Well, I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t like it either.The last chapter was a wrap up. That’s actually a good thing, but when you are going through a story like Kitsune with so many things happening, with everyone constantly doing something, characters popping up and leaving, the end chapter where the climax has passed and we just see the characters adjusting to their new circumstances seems slow.I’m glad it’s there, I’m glad I got to read it, but compared to the rest of the book, it’s slow.I’d recommend Kitsune to everyone who loves Fantasy Romances, fairytales and Japanese culture.

  • Tina
    2019-04-22 11:07

    This book is supposed to be a retelling of the Little Mermaid. And yes a lot of the storyline keeps faithful to the original tale of the Little Mermaid. But I love how the author turned the book into it's own story. We get to see a lot of betrayal in this tale along with some romance. The witch/priestess in this book is basically controlling every aspect of the little situation that is going on in the story. And I don't like that. I don't remember the sea witch being that controlling in the original. I really want to see what's going to happen with her since she disappeared at the end of this book. I know she's going to back for more trouble.We also get to read the story from a lot of different perspectives. You can be reading from one of the main characters eyes and then it just switches to a different character. I don't mind reading a story from different perspectives but I wish she could have just confined it to like three or four not like six or seven. It made it sort of hard to keep up with during some of it.However I did enjoy the tale and I look forward to book two.

  • Charles Daniel
    2019-04-06 11:58

    A Foxy Little TaleThis is subtitled as a retelling of 'A Little Mermaid,' but that is slightly misleading as the Kitsunes involved in the story achieve a better resolution to their immediate problems than the mermaid ever did. The literary universe of Akatsuki is a nuanced world of political intrigues in both the spirit and human realms; and when the two intersect problems grow geometrically. Rin, the Kitsune, finds herself enmeshed in both realms' plots and those she loves will suffer for her errors.

  • Demelza Carlton
    2019-04-11 12:04

    A book based on Japanese mythology? I was sold even before the mention of mermaids. And I must say, mermaids were few and far between, for the kitsune's tail is of the furry variety as opposed to the scaled kind. This book is both intriguing and enchanting, transporting the reader to feudal Japan where mythological creatures live side by side with humans - and the conflicts between the two can be fierce. At its heart, it's a love story, but with plenty of adventure and an ending that would have the little mermaid sighing in envy, I highly recommend this book.

  • Martina Urbanová
    2019-04-18 06:04

    A little mermaid retelling? I think this story is so much more! Kitsune is part of Japanese mythology and as a fox spirit; she has really interesting life full of mischief. I loved the Japanese culture; it was so different in every way. It was really refreshing. The story was thrilling and emotional and mysterious. I had no idea, what is going to happen next. Even better than the story were the characters. Rin was like fresh air because of her foxiness. Hikaru was sweet in one way, but honourable in the other. I got really great story full of magic and different creatures. I loved it!

  • MaryLynn Kebort
    2019-03-28 07:03

    Kitsune: A little Mermaid RetellingI loved reading this story because it has everything a reader could want in a fun adult fantasy. Kitsune is a lovely story filled with magic, love, tragedy and faithfulness. In the story, set in Japan, we meet so many interesting and diverse characters I was never able to totally predict what was going to happen next. I believe this story will be fun reading for anyone over the age 14 years. Like Disney fun for all ages.

  • Sara Schoen
    2019-04-04 09:10

    Finished this book and enjoyed every second of it. While the Japanese folklore confused me with names some it didn't take away from the story. I found it as a unique outlook on an old tale, and insightful to Japanese superstitions. I'm slightly upset we never learn what happens to Shin in the epilogue or further information on Tishua (I can't spell these names sorry) and who could travel to wake her up or why she was asleep, I just hope it means there's more to come!

  • Elizabeth Swan
    2019-04-24 12:05

    Very Creative. I typically don't like foreign style books because there could be a lot of words I don't know the meanings of or jokes that go over my head but I didn't have that problem with this book it seemed a little Americanized which I liked. I would have liked a slightly longer conclusion, I wanted a little more in depth to how the characters ended up.

  • Susan Commeford
    2019-04-22 05:09

    This story reads just like a classic fairy tale. The prose is reminiscent of some of the old tales and easy to read. The characters are interesting; we are able to see the story from a few different viewpoints. This is not my favorite way to read a book but it does help keep the story moving along. Overall, this is an enjoyable story.

  • Laura
    2019-04-16 03:53

    I received this book for free from Goodreads. I don't usually read much fantasy, but I do love fairy tales, and The Little Mermaid is one of my favorites. I liked this book very much: it was a lot more than a Little Mermaid retelling. I enjoyed the Japanese folklore and setting. It romantic but not overly so and an enjoyable read. Thank you, Nicolette Andrews!

  • Susanne Cutler
    2019-04-14 05:06

    I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads. I loved fairy tale books as a young girl but never really read any an an adult. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was an imaginative fun read with colorful characters.

  • Stef
    2019-04-18 09:07

    won on goodreadsgreat writing. interesting characters and story. would recommend to fans of Japanese myths.

  • Angela
    2019-04-25 07:55

    A well written Japanese retell inn of the Little Mermaid. May read the next book in the series later.

  • Katy
    2019-04-15 05:16

    I received my copy free from the Publisher through Goodreads Firstreads.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-21 09:11

    It is a great book to read

  • K. Bird Lincoln
    2019-04-02 05:16

    This is an interesting and fun introduction to Andrews' fantastical ancient Japan where Yokai such as trickster foxes, Dragons, witches, boar-headed guardians of the forest, and okami-wolves live secretly alongside the usual human lords and warriors.There is definitely an emphasis on the fantastical. And Andrews throughs her own spin on the Yokai hierarchy, with main character Rin part of a Dragon Lord's service one of her enemies, Naoki, part of the guardian of the forest's retinue. The magic is usually transformational, strength and "sending out spiritual awareness" while the actual curses and magic are interestingly mostly done by a human witch who causes the most trouble in this story.I have to admit, I got a little lost as to whom the witch might be helping and whom she might be harming. She ends up appearing to almost all the main characters and nudges them on one path or another. I also got a bit mixed up in the second half of the book because we're introduced to like four or five love-pairings. We don't spend enough time with any of them, except for Rin, the Kitsune main character, to really get to know them so I felt a little lost at times.I enjoyed the first half of the book more that focused alot more on the love triangle of Rin, cursed into speechlessness and sent to sabotage the human Lord, Hikaru's, treaty with another powerful family for reasons we never end up finding out, Hikaru the already-married human lord, and Shin, the okami friend of Rin who secretly loves her. Watching them interact was fun. The world is believable enough as a fantastical Japan, sometimes the details (such as Hikaru's brother's name Hotaru, which could be a legit samurai name but not one I'm familiar with) were more on the imaginative side. But that's not an issue with enjoying the story.But then we get a whole mess of other characters I hadn't grown to love yet, and as I mentioned above, that got confusing after a while. And part of that confusion might just be a personal prejudice of my own against multiple POV jumping. I don't mind a few jumps between two or three, but in order for me to really enjoy a story, I want to spend time feeling things from the main characters' perspectives. This one had us jumping into the heads of many of the main couples, so again, not necessarily something that other people would mind.If you are a manga/anime lover, or enjoy Japanese mythology, you'll like this story.

  • Donna
    2019-04-18 04:17

    This is a retelling of the Little Mermaid fairytale, but set in ancient Japan. Some elements were a bit confusing to me as I don't have any knowledge of that area or its customs and beliefs (hence 4*), but that didn't stop me enjoying the story a lot - just don't ask me to read some of the names out loud! I really liked the author's imaginative use of Japanese legends and myths to populate the forest court, and her own "spin" on this well-known fairytale is so original and yet you can still see the overall elements of the original within. I loved this book and would definitely recommend it to any other lovers of fairytale retellings.

  • Mary
    2019-04-21 04:56

    FunAn interesting read that captivated me. Rushed at the end and missing certain key details but good all the same. I recommend to lovers of Japanese folk lore and paranormal romances

  • Ashley Lynne
    2019-04-13 08:15

    DNF'd after 64 pages.The writing was very amateurishThe story wasn't original or unique or engagingNone of the characters had any personalityThere was never any realistic dialogueI just couldn't anymore with this...

  • Courtney Wendleton
    2019-03-28 05:06

    Pretty GoodReads almost like a Martial Arts movie. Could be a bit slow going on places but really picks up at the end.

  • Dennis Moss
    2019-04-21 10:17

    Waiting!!Waiting for the next episodes for Rin and Hikaru. I should have read this book before I read the other two. Now you have 2 series to finish.

  • Breslin White
    2019-04-17 05:08

    Rin, the heroine, is a compelling character.

  • Elisa
    2019-04-23 12:09

    This is one of those books that's not quite interesting enough to race through, but too good to just quit on. Mostly I'm confused. I'm not sure that I am the target audience, since fantasy is not my favorite genre. I enjoy the characters, but cannot figure out who all the "beings" are and what powers each of them has. There seem to be subsets of various ones, and I can't figure it out. However, the story is interesting and the characters (most of them) are well drawn. I wanted things to work out for Rin.

  • Brittany Goodman
    2019-04-12 05:11

    A bit strangeThis was a bit strange. The story itself had elements that parallelism The Little Mermaid, but it was different and more Grimm-like than not. It had a mostly happy ending yet there are some loose ends. There's also little regard for the sanctity of sex. Affairs and sex outside of marriage was common in the story and while there was no explicitness, it was disappointing. I am not sure I liked it enough to recommend.I received this book free from one of the book subscription emails.