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Jude Samson has worked for the Woodley family for such a long time that he is seen as a brother. But he has very unbrotherly feelings toward the youngest of the clan, Lady Audrey. When they find themselves off at the family’s country estate, long simmering desires will come to the forefront and Jude won’t be able to stop himself from taking that one, oh-so-forbidden taste.Jude Samson has worked for the Woodley family for such a long time that he is seen as a brother. But he has very unbrotherly feelings toward the youngest of the clan, Lady Audrey. When they find themselves off at the family’s country estate, long simmering desires will come to the forefront and Jude won’t be able to stop himself from taking that one, oh-so-forbidden taste.After seeing what it has done to her family, Audrey is afraid of passion. But the moment Jude touches her, fear is washed away by intense and powerful lust. Only Jude has a secret that could destroy everything that is beginning to develop between them. And when it comes out, it will change everything....

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Forbidden Reviews

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-04-21 10:12

    This is a sexy, sweet friends to lovers story. Jude Samson has been a part of the Woodley family through the strong bonds of friendship for years. Ever since his uncle shunned he and his mother and refused to acknowledge them in polite society, Jude has served the Woodleys. He sees himself as just another servant, but they see him as a close friend and confidante. Lady Audrey sees him as even more than that and has for years. In this story, the two are presented with many opportunities for alone time and one thing leads to another...I felt like I was missing a chunk of history with this family, almost as if this was a second book in the series. Audrey's sister ran off awhile back, and that was a major focal point of the plot, but it was a bit confusing to me. Jude is carrying this (unwarranted) guilt over something that has to do with the sister's disappearance, and I expected big things to happen after that revelation, but it never really came. I guess I felt like the story was constantly on the verge of something big, but it fell short.The romance was nice. Audrey is perhaps a bit headstrong at this moment, but it seems she's always been an average sister/daughter and is just now ready for something to happen in her life. Her sister's disappearance after marriage to a man-ogre affected her greatly. Jude is an average guy, it seems. Not a huge standout character but a good person, a good friend, and a talented lover. As per usual, the sex was too frequent for me to get too excited about it, but that's a problem I have often. Less is more, but I think I'm usually alone in those thoughts. What was here was perfectly spicy, on the edge of erotic.A nice story. Not my fave Jess Michaels but a nice start to a new series/family.Advance copy provided for review

  • Celestine
    2019-04-17 10:38

    I love the friends-to-lovers trope, so I picked up this Jess Michaels historical romance. I've read some of this author's books before, but it has been awhile, and I forgot how much the bedroom times overwhelm her stories. If you are in the mood for sexy times, she does a good job of framing endearing characters and plot around the hanky-panky. If you are more absorbed by plot and just want a few sensual scenes, you should probably look elsewhere.The friends-to-lovers theme was dominant within the plot, and we see both perspectives. I liked how conflicted Jude was in acting on his attraction to Audrey. His guilt was palpable and added an edge to the emotion of the story. Audrey was a fairly average character, but I felt her fear of intimacy as a reason to have relations with Jude to be ridiculous and completely uncharacteristic of a woman of the time period. Big ugh. This story had a few hiccups, and like a couple of other reviewers, I felt dropped into the drama of the missing sister, even though this is book one. I felt a little adrift in regards to the backstory. However, Michaels has an effortless style and her prose flows well. It is an easy way to spend an afternoon in another time and place.

  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks
    2019-03-28 08:22

    Every time I read a book by Jess Michaels, I feel the need for a cold shower and a cigarette afterwards. In the case of FORBIDDEN, the first in the Wicked Woodleys series, I also needed a tissue for a few tears. After numerous family disappointments that have shaped his life, Jude Samson has accepted his lot in life. Taken in as family by the Woodleys and treated as a brother, Jude is eldest brother, Edward Woodley's man of business, but ever since he was a young man he has held Woodley sibling, Audrey in the highest of regards. No one knows that beneath his cool demeanor, Jude has the most passionate of thoughts about Audrey. When Audrey's sister Claire runs off to marry a rogue who would ruin her, the entire family is affected by her loss, but Audrey the most since the sisters had been so close. Believing that passion is the downfall of her family, Audrey tries her best to hold her emotions at bay. Now in her twenty-fourth year, it is time for her to settle on a husband, but Audrey can only think of the man her family took in so many years ago, Jude Samson.Noting that Audrey has been discomfited and withdrawn as of late, her mother suggests the two of them depart for the family's country estate, which will be her dower home since Edward has re-married, to help her in renovating some of the rooms to her taste. When Edward tasks Jude with helping the pair in these renovations he unknowingly throws a match into a box of tinder by having Jude and Audrey spend time alone.Audrey's fear of passion is chipped away when she begins to realize that Jude feels as deeply for her as she for him, but only an affair will be possible between these two since Jude has a few skeletons in his closet that could leave him tossed aside by the Woodleys if they find out that he has something to do with Claire's disappearance. Although Jude also feels he is only a servant to the Woodleys, Audrey knows that is not true, but convincing Jude he is worthy of her is difficult. Jude's and Audrey's illicit affair teems with desire, but will it be enough to purge the emotions that bring the two together. Methinks not.Where does one go after Jess Michaels NOTORIOUS FLYNNS? Why the WICKED WOODLEYS, of course. FORBIDDEN is a not only a tale with great passion, it is also one of familial love and kinship. After Claire's disappearance the Woodleys struggle to keep one another close even with such loss. The Woodleys evident love for one another is alluring and wonderful. Jude is a strong male on a mission, to put his baser feelings for the beauty named Audrey aside. Happily, he fails in that regard and thus he and the fiery Audrey make for a steamy tale. I look forward to more about the Woodleys as I have now adopted them as my own.~KIMBERLY~

  • Sylvia
    2019-04-17 04:13

    I am so glad when Mrs. Jess Michaels's continued with a new series "The Wicked Woodleys from the previous the Notorious Flynns series. Lady Audrey Woodley could never find the right guy for her because she is in love with Jude Samson. She knows he will never look at her in that way. Jude Samson know his status in the ton. He will never be good enough for Lady Audrey. Not when he works for her brother. He can't keep her out of his mind and his heart. When they are forced together for a project. The sparks fly. You have to hold on to keep the stream from fogging up your glasses. This is a wonderful book and I can't wait for read more this series. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review. This fact has no effect on my review in any way.

  • Steph
    2019-04-25 08:19

    After the first 20% I hit search for Claire and skimmed the rest only to find out what was going on with her. Spoiler alert: not much.

  • Liz F
    2019-03-28 06:10

    Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.I've read a few of Jess Michaels' books and have really enjoyed them. The Notorious Flynns series was really great. This book starts a new historical romance series for her with The Wicked Woodleys. I enjoyed this book but something was missing...I thought Audrey was just an okay character. The problem was that I never really connected with her all that much. She had all the right characteristics: sweet, innocent, kind, trusting. But she felt... I don't know... robotic to me. Like, she was going through the motions of being a real person but she never actually felt like a real person. Or there were no "stakes" for her because nothing that she did mattered. I don't know; it's hard to explain. Something was definitely missing from Audrey but I couldn't ever figure out what it was. Jude was an interesting character. He's a legitimate son of an aristocrat but his father's family disowned him and his mother when his father died. Since he was no longer titled, he had to eventually take up a trade and was welcomed into Audrey's family as their man of affairs. First, he grew up with Audrey and her brother Edward (the future duke). He became like family and the Woodleys loved him like a son or a brother. Later, when Jude needed a job, he became Edward's man of business. So Jude had to straddle the line between being a family member and being a servant. I really felt for him and hated that he didn't have the freedom to be who he was supposed to be. But he was a good man, was very smart, and he loved Audrey to distraction so it was easy to like him. The Sexy Time was very plentiful and super hot. There was a lot more Sexy Time here than in most historical romance novels. I would almost classify this as an erotic historical romance. I only wish I had connected to Audrey more. The relationship between her and Jude felt more one-sided because she only seemed to be parroting emotions as opposed to actually feeling them. Again, it's tough to explain but Audrey didn't move me at all.This was a pretty good book. I didn't love the heroine but the hero was pretty great. There is a great deal that hadn't been explained by the end of the book though. Audrey has a sister, Claire, who run away and/or was abducted but her disappearance wasn't really a disappearance and I didn't have enough of a connection with anyone to care about her at all. That's important because her absence is what keeps a dark cloud hanging over the whole family and over the book in general. There were no laughs and this is not what I would call a fun book to read. But this author has already proven, at least to me, that she can write really great books that I love so I'll probably stick around for the next book in this series.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-24 06:28

    I received Forbidden for free in exchange for an honest review.Probably closer to a 3.5.Forbidden is considered an erotic romance, and with good reason. It definitely has a strong erotic bent, where the focus is on the physical relationship. Seriously. There's sex. And a lot of it. That is not a complaint. Not a complaint AT ALL. It's just, if you're looking for a typical historical romance, this is likely not the book for you. Forbidden is focused on the relationship between Jude and Audrey and while there are factors that keep them apart, they don't necessarily drive the plot forward.One thing that erotica struggles with is the love/sex line, and Jess Michaels skirts that nicely by presenting us with two characters who have loved each other from afar for years, but haven't been able to act on them because of their positions and expectations. That made their sexual tension incredibly believable and hot.The one issue I had with this was that a lot of motivations are told to us. Audrey is afraid of passion, etc. And while this is fine, it wasn't enough for me to connect to her character and why she acted the way she did. I didn't know enough of Audrey's family and what they'd gone through for me to understand it, and the plot thread of Claire was not really resolved. It was more than a tease than anything. I would have liked more closure on it, but I also figure that Claire's story will be woven throughout the other Wicked Woodleys stories.If you're looking for a decent erotica with a historical romantic bent, Forbidden is a good option. I'd pick up more Jess Michaels books.

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2019-04-15 08:23

    This is the first book in the series : The Wicked Woodleys". I have read several Jess Michaels books and she never lets me down. Her books are really a good, quick and a hot read! Our hero, Jude Samson is seen a brother of sorts to the Woodley family. But Jude does not have "brotherly" feelings toward the heroine and youngest of the family. Our heroine, it would appear that Jude has another secret of sorts to keep them from finding out. Lady Audrey is missing her sister, that left a year ago. Also she is trying deal with her feelings for Jude as he is doing with his feelings for her. Neither knows the other one is feeling more than friendship toward each other. This starts our story of love and passion with them being put to the test by being off on the family country estate. I am so glad to have this book and hope that you to will enjoy it!

  • Aki1713
    2019-04-11 03:37

    Wenn ein Buch mit einer Hochzeit beginnt, das Brautpaar aber nicht die Hauptpersonnen sind, denke ich immer ob ich gerade den zweiten Teil einer Serie lese. Diesmal bin ich mitten im Buch drauf gekommen, dass ich die Geschichte des Brautpaares schon gelesen habe. Sie gehört zu einer anderen Serie. Also zuerst die Notorious Flynn Serie lesen und dann diese Serie.

  • Eva
    2019-04-03 10:18

    *I got this copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*As everybody probably know I love Jess Michael’s books – her stories, her characters, her way of describing fashion and the dialogues of course. This one is the 1st of a new series called “The Wicked Woodleys”.Audrey, the youngest of the Woodley Clan (and the only girl) is unmarried, living with her mother and has feelings for Jude Samson, her brother’s man of affairs. Because of her brother’s new marriage and many other things their mother thinks it would be the best to go to the countryside to make some renovations in Audrey’s favorite house.Of course Audrey and Jude fall in love and she knows very well what she wants from him – passion. She wants to know how it feels to be wanted and Jude has loved her for years so in the beginning its easy for him to kiss her but the further they go the more complicated it gets. Next to all that he’s a servant and she is the sister of the boss, an aristocrat.So Samson has to dive into his own past and the family’s past because there are secrets nobody talks about. There are things hidden …I liked the twist with Jude’s family’s past and the things connected to it. I also really enjoyed to learn about Claire, Audrey’s sister, and why she ran away but I didn’t really get why she wants to stay with her husband but maybe – hopefully – we’ll learn more about this complex and dangerous relationship in one of the other books.Funny was also Audrey’s mother and her illness because she had a cold, suddenly a high fever and with some herbs she is much better again. Unfortunately doctors during those years let their patients bleed quite too often, unnecessarily. Jess made a point there.It’s a really a great book, a lovely story and I went through it within hours. I really loved it.5*****PS: Jess always has those covers I love so much.

  • Lynn
    2019-04-07 06:29

    I was so excited to get the advanced copy of the new series "The Wicked Woodleys", there is a lot of mystery in the goings on in the family. There are 3 brothers, 2 sisters and a widowed mother. This first book focuses on the youngest sister Lady Audrey, she is 24 (almost on the shelf) being a beautiful and from a good family has not found her a husband and family. Could it be because she is hiding feelings for her brother Edwards, best friend? Jude is quite a hero, he is pretty much the NICEST hero I have ever read, in stating that he is not remotely weak or unmasculine. His lineage is as good as the Woodley family, but his father's marriage to his mother was not a marriage of advantage and both Jude and his mother suffered from this. Jude however found a family inside the Woodley household as well as the love of his life Audrey whom he has loved for 7 years. He however is at a disadvantage as he is not treated as a peer by the world and actually works for Edward making him unlikely to be considered a good match for Audrey as he is (in his mind) "the help".The story is a buildup to a powerful, addicting relationship between our heroine and our hero, the road however is bumpy, there is a new marriage with a brother who has had a terrible marriage previously, there is a missing sister (who has apparently married a villain) and is missing. The story is a wonderful rich story and I loved the characters. I look very forward to reading the next book in the series...thank you Netgalley for the ARC!

  • Barbara
    2019-04-19 11:13

    It's been a while since I've read a Jess Michaels book. After finishing this one, I can't believe I waited so long. This story hooked me from start to finish. It has all the elements I adore. Friends turned lovers, forbidden romance, hero who secretly pines for the heroine for years, a bit of mystery and let's not forget super passionate love scenes. The romance between the hero and heroine reminded me a little bit of Lisa Kleypas's Scandal in Spring--only steamier. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

  • Ellen Klock
    2019-04-22 09:13

    What a naughty, randy girl is that Lady Aubrey! After watching what passion has done to her family members, from the distructive marriages of her siblings to the heartache her mom suffered after the death of her father, Aubrey Woodley is afraid to enter into an intimate relationship. Perhaps that is why after numerous seasons with The Ton, she still finds herself unwed. Her mother determines it is time for a break from the London social scene, so the two find themselves at their country abode, being remodeled as her mom's dowager house. Accompanying them is Aubrey's childhood heartthrob, Jude Samson. Born the grandson of a viscount, he was never quite accepted into that family due to their disapproval of his father's choice of bride, so it is not surprising that upon his dad's death, both mother and son found themselves permanently estranged. When Edmund Woodley offered him a job as steward to his estate, Samson quickly becomes like a member of the family, but Aubrey definitely doesn't think of him as a brother. From the moment they met, she felt a strong attraction to this adopted sibling. Due to their close proximity in this out of the way locale, she decides he just might be the one to help her get over this fear of ardor - someone she implicitly trusts. Unable to thwart her forward advances, Samson awakens Aubrey's inner libido, not only taking her virginity, but introducing her to pleasures she can't resist. The affair is only supposed to last for the three weeks they are relegated to the solitude of country life, especially with mom sick in bed with a cold. Samson, who secretly has been in love with Aubrey from the first time he saw her, experiences a variety of feelings from anger about being used to guilt at betraying her brothers who have befriended him, but mostly he is consumed with pure lust. The two lovebirds can't keep their hands off of each other and they explore their sexuality, not only in his cabin, but all over the grounds. Aubrey is a natural, giving as good as she gets as she discovers the joys associated with passion. Yet when her mother's cold turns into something more serious, her maid threatens to reveal all, and her brothers show up, the fun and games appear to be over. Complications ensue as reality returns to their lives and guilty secrets are revealed.Forbidden by Jess Michaels is book one in the Wicked Woodley's Series. A continuation of the Notorious Flynns series, this Regency Romance picks up after the marriage of Mary Quinn to Edmund, the Marquis of Woodley, detailed in the novella A Marquis for Mary (The Notorious Flynns, #5). As Mary acclimates to her new husband and inlaws, we discover that sister-in-law Claire has run off with a con man and now lives a life of crime, refusing to return home to her loved ones, including her twin brother Gabriel. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are merely alluded to, leaving the reader searching for a nonexistent prequel to explain the backstory. This book is definitely one note, with too much repetitive introspection (even the sexual encounters, although erotic, become same old/same old) and not enough of a plot to sustain an entire book. The story I wanted to read was the one about Claire and her evil spouse. Now that sounded interesting. My guess is that Claire's story is the glue which will bind the series together, with Michaels teasing us by slowly revealing the details until the last book in the series ties it all up in a neat bow. This will be fine if the other stories garner our interest, but this first book was a disappointment. Hopefully younger brother Evans love affair will contain a meatier tale and the Flynns (who always entertain) will actually play a role in the continuing saga. Two and a half stars

  • Sheila Melo
    2019-04-19 10:20

    "For years he had born a secret. And with each passing day, it weighed more heavily on him."THE STORY: Lady Audrey Woodley has been fascinated with Jude Samson for years. The friend and man of business of her older brother, the Marquis of Woodley. Although born of a good family, Jude and his mother were shunned by his father's family after his death and Jude has had to make his own way in the world. Although Jude has strong feelings for Audrey, he knows that they have no future together. He believes that his status as an employee disqualifies him from having a relationship with Audrey. Even worse, Jude has been keeping secrets that he knows that will make Audrey hate him if she knew. When the two end up unchaperoned at the family's country estate, Jude and Audrey cannot contain the passion that bursts between them. Jude knows that when his secrets are discovered that Audrey will never forgive him and he risks losing the family he loves.OPINION: Michaels introduces readers to a fun, intriguing, sexy family that have enough secrets to justify the series that this books kicks off. The Woodleys siblings are comprised of Edward (the Marquis), Evan, Gabriel, Claire and Audrey. Edward is newly married (A MARQUIS FOR MARY). The older sister has disappeared after running off to marry a man who turned out to be a scoundrel. Claire's disappearance negatively effects all the members of the family -- most especially Audrey who now fears passion as a result. Audrey is supposed to be hunting for a husband, but has lost interest because she worries about allowing her passions to lead her astray. To give Audrey a break from the Season, her mother and she travel to the family’s country house that is being remodeled. Edward sends an unhappy Jude along to handle the business issues. Their seclusion allows the longtime friendship between Jude and Audrey to blossom into passion and love. Audrey and Jude do not plan on a longtime relationship even though each is attached to the other. Their passionate relationship begins on the excuse of showing Audrey that she doesn’t have to fear passion, but both clearly know that it is only an excuse and the trust is that Jude and Audrey have wanted one another for years.The characters here are fresh and fun. Like the Flynn series, the Woodleys are not stuffy, staid typical ton. This is a family and they have deep connections to one another and their missing sibling has left a hole in their lives. Each of the siblings experiences that differently and Michael has managed to distinguish each of the Woodley siblings through their response to their loss.Audrey is the more reasonable daughter. After what happened to Claire, Audrey fears and yet yearns for passion and love. She is not bound by convention and doesn’t allow expectations to interfere with her desire for Jude. Jude has wanted a family like the Woodleys. Although they consider him a part of the family, Jude has been damaged by the rejection of his own family and cannot help but expect for the Woodleys to ultimately reject him as well. He knows that his affair with Audrey will ultimately separate him from the only family he has ever known but he cannot resist her. He wants the chance to love her and to show her that she doesn’t have to fear her passions. Jude has made poor decisions in the past and believes that Audrey will never forgive him. He is filled with guilt and yet continues to do what he feels best even if it means lying to Audrey.I love these books where there are conflicts arising over the stations of the characters and Michaels does a great job reversing the usual trope of the woman being of a lower working class. (Michaels has a similar cross-station story in the excellent NO GENTLEMAN FOR GEORGINA). This book doesn’t shy from confronting the inadequacy that Jude feels because he is employed by Audrey’s brother. What is also wonderful is the strong love that the Woodleys have for one another – and also for Jude even though he insists on not accepting that the Woodleys really do see him as family.Finally, this book is really hot. Michaels has built on a true emotional relationship to make the sexual relationship between these characters not only hot and sexy, but also emotionally engaging. Michaels does a great job in writing hot sex scenes and her most recent books have also created fully developed engaging characters. Her characters are likeable people and it makes it easier to root for their happy endings. WORTH MENTIONING: There is a fascinating story regarding the missing sister Claire that I look forward to discovering more about in future books. Her story appears to be an ongoing dilemma for the family that will cover several books.FINAL DECISION: Likeable characters, sexy romance and secrets that threaten to tear them apart, FORBIDDEN is definitely a book I recommend. I can't wait to read the next book in the series to find out more about these Woodleys.CONNECTED BOOKS: FORBIDDEN is the first book in the Wicked Woodley's series. There is a prequel story about the oldest brother called A Marquis for Mary. That novella is not necessary to read to enjoy this book, but I recommend reading it first anyway because it introduces the Woodley family.STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.NOTE: I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in order to provide an honest review of the book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

  • Wendy Tavenner
    2019-04-24 08:26

    Jude has always loved Audrey but with his lies by omission and him being a working man almost like a servant in some peoples eyes he knows he’ll never have her. Audrey has never thought of Jude in a brotherly way and when they are thrown together while redecorating her mother’s dowager house things just happen and they become lovers. But when her mother becomes extremely ill and she finally finds out about Jude’s omissions things change. A great read, can’t wait to read more about the family.

  • Zeee(I Heart Romance & YA)
    2019-04-09 06:39

    I received this book for free from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. MY THOUGHTSUnrequited love is probably one of my favorite romance themes so I was very excited to read the first book in Jess Michaels’ The Wicked Woodley’s series. This did not disappoint. As I’ve said before, this is a story of unrequited love between the classes, which makes the story all the more exciting!Lady Audrey has been in love with her brother’s best friend, now steward for as long as she can remember but has tried her best not to show it. Jude Samson has also been in love with Lady Audrey for as long as he can remember but feels that he is not good enough for her. Plus, he has become part of the Woodley family and does not want to go behind their backs and ruin Audrey. All his plans go awry, however when Audrey starts making moves toward him and they begin a very steamy affair.I love what Jess Michaels did to a very common (and well used) theme. The whole book was exciting and very, very steamy! I immediately connected with the heroine, Audrey and thought that she was very relatable. Jude Samson was also the perfect hero. He is the grandson of one of the aristocrats but because his father married beneath him, they were disowned and basically, the Woodley family became his own family.There is also a little mystery here with regards to Audrey’s sister, Claire (I see her book coming soon!) and what Jude knows about her disappearance. I thought this added more conflict (other than sexual) to the plot and it also sets the second (or maybe third) book in the series.I thought there were no boring parts, the sexy times where done very well and placed strategically throughout the book and I read it in one sitting!  Hi readers, if you found my review helpful, please vote for it on Amazon.  Thank you! This review was originally posted on I Heart Romance & YA

  • Adria (Musings and Reviews)
    2019-04-13 09:18

    Originally posted on Adria's Romance Reviews* A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review.Lady Audrey Woodley has seen what passion can do to a person. Her brother’s passion for his first wife almost destroyed him and her older sister’s passion for her worthless husband has taken her far away from her family. Naturally Audrey fears what she doesn’t know but that doesn’t stop her from having intense feelings for a family friend. Worse still, the moment he kisses her, Audrey forgets her fear and wants more but when she finally lets her guard down, a terrible secret just might take away Audrey’s chance for happiness.Jude Samson has been the man of affairs for the Woodley family for so long that he is seen more as a brother than an employee. Except when it comes to Lady Audrey, his feelings are less than brotherly. When he and Audrey find themselves working together to redecorate the family’s country estate, those feelings become harder and harder to hide. So does the painful secret about the Woodleys that Jude has carried around for years.The first official full length Woodleys book is finally here!On the surface, Jude and Audrey don’t seem to have that much in common but once the social class barrier is removed they have almost everything in common. They’re both loving, loyal and accepting characters. Despite believing he had no right to her, Jude pursued Audrey as a woman and not an object of conquest. His consideration of her feelings made his claim of affection more real to me. Audrey may have been a titled lady but I loved that at no time did it ever occur to her that her social class might be an obstacle between her and Jude. She was intelligent and stubborn to the point of recklessness though and her emotions sometimes overrode intelligence and logic.Jude and Audrey’s romance was passionate and the center of Forbidden but it also opened up the door to many more questions about the Woodleys’ past and that just kills me! It’s obvious her elopement with a less than honorable man has the Woodley’s worried and mourning her absence but author Jess Michaels, tease that she is keeps hinting that Claire’s life is so far from the one she had before that it may be impossible for her to come back to them so naturally: I wanna know what happened to Claire and how her story will play out! Oh please let her be an unconventional heroine!Character curiosity is going to kill me one day I know it is. This family's dynamic is a mixture of unconditional love, playful banter, protective instincts and blunt conversation. I loved their interactions and I can't even say that there isn't one member of that family that I don't love.Forbidden brings more questions than answers about the Woodleys and the secrets they carry but that only heightens my interest in them. They’re an interesting bunch to be certain. Jude and Audrey’s passionate romance was addictive but so were their relationships with the rest of the Woodleys.Final Verdict: I definitely can’t wait for the next book and I’ll try not to get too hung up on wanting Claire’s story like, right now.

  • FV Angela
    2019-04-03 06:21

    Review originally posted at Samson has been intimately involved with the Woodley clan for decades. He works as a man of affairs for the oldest brother Edward and considers them the closest thing he has for a family. He has also been in love with the youngest sister, Lady Audrey, since the first moment he laid eyes on her. Only his position and a secret betrayal keep him from pursuing the only woman he has ever wanted.Lady Audrey Woodley has been half in love with Jude for as long as she can remember, but she’s seen all the ways passion can hurt and tear a family apart and she’s afraid. When Jude is asked to accompany Audrey and her mother to one of the family’s country estates he knows it’s a bad idea, but reluctantly agrees. But suddenly they are left with only each other for company, and before they know it their desire flares to life. Audrey makes the decision to find out for herself all the ways Jude can introduce her to passion and seduction with the agreement that it will all end when they journey back to London. Only once they start an affair they realize how hard it will be to say goodbye.There were several interesting relationship dynamics at work with this romance. Not only was there a friends to lovers theme, but also that of an aristocrat and servant. Although, Jude wasn’t really a servant, he just views himself that way. As the son of an aristocrat who has been disowned and neatly forgotten by his family, he was taken in at a young age by the Woodley’s and given employment. I think Jude was forced to live in both worlds and yet neither. He was considered part of the family, but never really trusted them not to set him aside once they realized his betrayal. When Audrey offers herself to him he just can’t help himself, but there is always this sense that he knows his place and it will never be by her side.As with any Jess Michaels romance the sexytimes are abundant and very, very sensual. Even when you wonder if the main protagonists are connecting on a deeper relationship level, you never wonder if they have chemistry. There was no doubt this couple came alive together in the bedroom. I did have the feeling that Jude felt more than Audrey, but that may be because his character seemed to be more fleshed out. I liked Audrey, but did not fall in love with her. I wanted her to end up with Jude because he so desperately wanted her to.The set up for the next several books was very well done. I’m completely invested in Claire’s story and can not wait to see why she ran off and remains apart from her family. I have my suspicions, and can’t wait to see if I’m correct. I think the second book in this series will feature the second oldest brother Evan and will release sometime this fall. I plan to put it on my TBR list. Final Grade- B-Favorite Quote:She was like an angel swooping down from heaven. She was like a demon meant to tempt him and prove that he couldn’t control himself. She was everything.

  • Shauni
    2019-03-25 11:20

    Originally Reviewed For: Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyOnce upon a time... Seriously discovering Jess Michaels for me was like discovering a fantasy, a fairytale, ok a slightly erotic and oh so sexy one but the woman is gold. I first discovered her when she began writing about Those Notorious Flynns, a family that was true to who they are even when it became the main strain of a ducal family. Living always on the edge of "polite" society. They were happy. But fortune changes and suddenly they ARE polite society. Each of them found their loves and were very aware that true love doesn't always come in an expected manner. Now Ms. Michaels has moved on the Those oh so Wicked Woodleys.. The first book, A Marquis for Mary, married the Flynns to the Woodleys in a very definite manner. Forbidden is the story of a love that shouldn't be but can't be ignored. Jude Samson might be the grandson of a titled lord but he's just a lowly clerk. He has spent years as the secretary/estate manager for the Woodley Family. He has watched the younger siblings grow up and has become friends with the Marquis. They think of him as part of the family but he considers himself the hired help. It would be ok if he wasn't madly in love with the youngest sister, Audrey. He thinks he's beneath her and refuses to accept that there might just be a way for them. Until life offers up an opportunity that even he can't ignore. Lady Audrey is the youngest of a powerful clan. She has watched her family be destroyed first by the conniving first wife of her beloved eldest brother and then when her sister marries an unsavory sort and refuses to come home. Even when her life is obviously harsh. Audrey knows what bad choices in a marriage can do to a person and she knows, Jude will never marry her. But she's willing to "learn" what she can from him. To learn what it's like to be loved by a man she loves before having to face her family duty. In today's modern world such choices are unfathomable but Ms. Michaels makes Jude and Audrey's story into the love story it is, not just star crossed lovers but two people, individuals with dreams and goals of their own. And baggage, yep there are secrets that must be shared before there can ever be a Happily Ever After. Audrey and Jude are a push and pull couple without the angst and woe is me attitude that can happen in such a book. That's because Ms. Michaels has a deft hand with character development and it becomes a joy to watch them unravel the gordian knot that is their life. A true pleasure to read.. ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Forbidden, provided by netgalley

  • Nikita
    2019-04-07 10:17

    Audrey Woodley is still reeling from the kidnap and loss of her beloved sister. She hasn't been the same since Claire left and Audrey knows for certain that her mother has yet to recover, though she hides it well. The only person that seems to draw Audrey from her shell is Jude Sampson, longtime friend of the family and estate manager to Audrey's eldest brother. Audrey and Jude have been friends for years, but Audrey has always longed for something more between them. When Audrey and Jude accompanying Audrey's mother to one of their other estates, Audrey quickly learns that the long-held attraction is mutual.Right away, readers need to understand this is NOT a historical romance novel. This novel and many of Ms. Michaels' other books (go check those out!) are a sub-genre I would classify as historical erotica. Love scenes are plentiful, emotional, and very, very steamy. The plot, while holding to many of the traditional conflict requirements of a historical romance novel, also carries with it a strong plotline influenced by the sexual exploits of the hero and heroine. In a nutshell, this is a well-written historical romance novel that features a lot of sex between the main characters. Enjoy!Jude was a complex character and I sincerely hope his backstory will be explored some more in future books. He straddles the world between not-quite-a-peer and not-quite-a-servant. Though he has aristocratic lineage, he and his mother were disowned upon the death of his father and they have survived through sheer force of will and tenacity. And through the generosity and friendship with the Woodleys. But Jude carries a dark secret that could jeopardize both his job and friendship with the Woodleys and destroy any future he has with Audrey.Audrey, on the other hand, was a little flat at first. But that appears to stem from her fear of passion and constant struggle to present a perfect and unflappable demeanor to everyone around her. She has had to stay strong and be the glue holding her family together for so long that it has zapped both her energy and personality. Thankfully, the real Audrey shines through once she and her mother escape the confines of London and she is shown to be an enterprising, hard-working woman who will do anything for those she loves.Jude and Audrey's relationship builds quickly, but stands firm on the foundation of their pre-existing friendship. I loved reading about how these two characters overcame class divides to find love and happiness. What a wonderful kick-off to a new series!Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] ComI received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  • Tracy Emro
    2019-04-02 08:39

    **I received an eARC from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**I thought this book was a very good start to the new series. We met the Woodley family in the last book A Marquis for Mary and both Edward and Mary make appearances in this book.This book is about Audrey - the younger sister and Jude Samson, her brother's man of affairs. I loved Jude, he has been secretly in love with Audrey for years, but between his position in the family and secrets he is keeping, he thinks that nothing will ever come of it. I didn't like Audrey as much as Ms. Michael's recent heroines. She struck me as a bit selfish and impulsive, and the fact that she started an affair with Jude, planning to marry someone else and planned to deceive the unknown man about her virginity, just didn't sit well with me. This book basically picks up where A Marquis for Mary ends. Audrey feeling restless and out of sorts since her sister Claire ran off, agrees to go with her mother to their country home to redecorate. Jude is sent along to help. Once they all get to the country, sparks fly between Audrey and Jude and they agree to start an affair. The love affair is HOT and spans for about 1/2 the book. But the real plot of this story is Claire. I will admit, I was intrigued by Claire's story in the last book and this book just increases the intrigue. The reader learns more about her disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it. But that story is FAR from over. Even with more information about her - I have even more questions than I did before I started the book.Audrey finds out Jude's secret and feels betrayed - which I felt was a bit unfair. Jude made a mistake, but he didn't do it with the intention to hurt anyone. And once he realized his error, he tried really hard to make things right.I was happy that everything is sorted out for these two - more for Jude than Audrey. I thought this book was well written and flows well. It is steamier than A Marquis for Mary, but didn't seem to hold my attention as much as that book did. Even with that said, I would recommend this book. I will definitely be reading the next book Deceived, which is Evan's story and comes out in Oct 2015.

  • April
    2019-03-27 07:30

    #1 in the new and exciting "The Wicked Woodleys". What a passionate romance. Ms. Michaels never disappoints her readers/fans. Well written with hot, steamy romance, secrets and the power of love. Jude Samson and Lady Audrey Woodley are formidable characters. While, Jude feels more for Audrey than brotherly feelings, he has loved her from afar for years. Problem one...he works for the Woodleys in his father's stead. And has secrets of his own. Problem two...he thinks of her brothers as family. Problem three... Audrey is fighting passion for she, feels passion is the cause of all evil.Lady Audrey is the youngest of the Woodley clan and has been protected and pampered all her life. Just one forbidden kiss to teach Audrey a lesson, leads to so much more.Fast paced and passion filled.Fans of Erotic Historical Romance, passionate kisses, drama, secrets, and hot, steamy scenes will grasp the reader and hold them there. The problem... Audrey believes passion will lead to disaster. The solution...Judd will hopefully, prove otherwise,but will the Woodley family and his father ever forgive him. The H/H are engaging, and endearing characters. The storyline is unique, interesting and intriguing. A well executed tale of finding passion, love and HEA. Ms. Michaels is an amazing storyteller who writes from the heart, with a firestorm of emotions and some very formidable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to the next Woodley installment.The sensual encounters are not just about sex but includes all the emotions involved, love and passion. Ms. Michaels is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Erotic Historical Romance. A must read and a keeper. Another page Turner and another hit for Ms. Michaels. Well done! *Received for an honest review from the author\publisher via Net Gallery***Cross-posted on My Book Addiction Reviews dot com**Rating: 4.5Heat rating: SteamyReviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  • Zeee(I Heart Romance & YA)
    2019-04-12 07:38

    Unrequited love is probably one of my favorite romance themes so I was very excited to read the first book in Jess Michaels’ The Wicked Woodley’s series. This did not disappoint. As I’ve said before, this is a story of unrequited love between the classes, which makes the story all the more exciting!Lady Audrey has been in love with her brother’s best friend, now steward for as long as she can remember but has tried her best not to show it. Jude Samson has also been in love with Lady Audrey for as long as he can remember but feels that he is not good enough for her. Plus, he has become part of the Woodley family and does not want to go behind their backs and ruin Audrey. All his plans go awry, however when Audrey starts making moves toward him and they begin a very steamy affair.I love what Jess Michaels did to a very common (and well used) theme. The whole book was exciting and very, very steamy! I immediately connected with the heroine, Audrey and thought that she was very relatable. Jude Samson was also the perfect hero. He is the grandson of one of the aristocrats but because his father married beneath him, they were disowned and basically, the Woodley family became his own family.There is also a little mystery here with regards to Audrey’s sister, Claire (I see her book coming soon!) and what Jude knows about her disappearance. I thought this added more conflict (other than sexual) to the plot and it also sets the second (or maybe third) book in the series.I thought there were no boring parts, the sexy times where done very well and placed strategically throughout the book and I read it in one sitting!*I received this book for free from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  • Isabel Winsor
    2019-04-03 06:12

    I'm a dedicated Jess Michaels' fan so my review may be slightly biased!She kicks off The Wicked Woodleys with Audrey's story. We first met Audrey (briefly in) A Marquis for Mary, the novella that concluded the Nortorius Flynns series. This is important to note because I love series of interconnected books that are also standalone stories. It makes me feel like there is a this great world of characters waiting for you to walk into and enjoy.Audrey is a nice girl who can't or rather, is unwilling to find a husband. As she approaches the end of her youthful bloom and into the old age of 24, she is ready for something. She just doesn't know what.When she escapes to the country with her mother and the family friend and steward, Jude.It's easy to dismiss Audrey as another clueless, witty and innocent historical romance heroine. But when she finally indulges in a torrid sexual affair with Jude, suddenly you see a vibrant, curious and fearless woman ready to test her sexuality. For me, the story really got started at this point and from then on, I couldn't put it down until the very end.Jude's emotional complexity is played out very well through the story. We get little clues dropped along the way - I don't know about you but I'm not a fan of the long monologue about the hero or heroine's wounded past. Jess Michaels' skillfully reveals the extent of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father's aristocratic family and reflects it in his behavior with Audrey and her family.There is a story line about Audrey's missing sister and I'm dying to see how that will play out at the conclusion of the series.To my fellow Jess Michaels' fans, we have another great family and series of scorching romances with a touch of mystery to look forward to!Thanks Jess for another great romance!

  • Amy Alvis
    2019-04-02 04:33

    This is book 1 in the Wicked Woodley series.Lady Audrey Woodley has been in love with family friend, Jude Samson, since they met. Knowing that they can never be, she goes to the country to try to forget about him. She never imagined that her brother would ask Jude to go along with her and her mother.Jude was born with the right family background, but circumstances beyond his control have forced him to go work for his best friend. Because of this and the fact that he is keeping something from her family,Jude knows that anything between him and Audrey would not be tolerated.What happens when their passion for each other ignites while spending hours together in the country? What will Audrey's reaction be when she learns the secret that Jude is keeping from her whole family?Once again, Michaels hits it out of the park! I fell in love with this family while reading A Marquis for Mary and book one of the series just got me more interested in hearing all of their stories.Audrey is a strong willed woman, which always makes for an interesting story. After shedding some of her doubts, she went for what she wanted...Jude. The chemistry between the two of them was red hot. I could practically feel the tension between them just reading the book.If this is any indication of how the rest of the series will go, we are in for a wonderful treat!!Thanks go out to Jess Michaels via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

  • Dot Salvagin
    2019-04-09 08:26

    I do like the way Jess Michaels writes. Her Hero and Heroine are very realistic. They have much to recommend them but they also have some serious flaws. Jude’s flaw was to be too hard on himself. For years he has carried around guilt that affects all his interactions with his best friends and employers the Woodley family. Audrey Woodley’s flaw is to be too impulsive wherein she imperils her own well being/life and that of those around her. But all flaws aside these two characters have a lust filled, sizzling attraction to each other that they feel unable to deny. The attraction is not new, it has been simmering for seven years and only now boils over.This is the first book in the Wicked Woodleys Series and Each of the three brother Woodleys are introduced, Edward first born, Evan, And Gabriel whose twin Claire has gone missing for three years since she ran off with a nefarious rogue. Audrey is the youngest Woodley and Jude Samson is the family business manager, steward.I enjoyed this easy, steamy read and Highly recommend it to all Historical Romance readers. I have already pre-ordered book #4 Ruined coming in April. I also intend to read the others before that one comes out. I just love it when I don’t have to wait for the next book in a series.The Wicked Woodleys Series:1. Forbidden (Audrey’s story)2. Decieved (Evan’s Story)3. Tempted (Gabriel’s story)4. Ruined (Claire’s story) coming March 8, 2016

  • Diane
    2019-04-08 11:20

    Once again Jess Michaels blows me away with her newest series, the Wicked Woodleys. In this first installment we are reintroduced to Audrey and Jude Samson. Audrey is the younger sister of Edward Woodley. Jude is the man of affairs for Edward. Both have long denied their feelings for one another. Each secretly longing for the other not knowing that their feelings were the same. Audrey has secretly desired Jude since she met him. When they are thrown together in the countryside without a chaperon, she finds it is the perfect time to act on those feelings especially once she sees the desire burning in his eyes. As she begins a love affair with him little does she know that she will finally realize that Jude is the man she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with.Jude, although born the grandson of a Viscount, has been shunned by his family for as long as he can remember. He considers the Woodley's his family, and although he thinks of Edward, Evan, and Gabriel as his brothers...he definitely does not think of Audrey as a sister. He has loved her from a far since he met her. When she approaches him seeking an affair he finds he cannot resist. But as he falls deeper in love with her, he knows it only a matter of time before she learns his secret. And once she does he will lose not only her, but the family he as come to love as well.Great novel, can't wait for the next installment.

  • Rhonda
    2019-04-04 03:25

    HOT SEXY PASSIONATE ROMANCEJess Michael’s Forbidden is the first book of the new series, The Wicked Woodleys. Just as her past series or stand-alone books captures the reader, so does Forbidden. With this book filled with sexy passionate romance while this author brings characters to life as if they are actually living people. This is one that you will not want to put down once you begin reading. So grab the book, open it and forget all your cares and escape into an exciting adventure. The hero, Jude Samson has been with the Woodley family, as a man of affairs, long enough to be thought of as a brother. However, his feelings toward the heroine Audrey, is anything but brotherly. Audrey fear of passion makes her want no part of passion whatsoever. When the couple finds themselves unchaperoned and in the country desire sparks and Jude has a hard time keeping himself from wanting to take things farther with Audrey. Jude also knows that his secret could destroy anything that should develop between them. Audrey finds out the secret and Jude now must convince her he tried to correct the mistake and it wasn’t done with the intentions of hurting anyone. I highly recommend any book written by Jess Michaels. I mark my calendar for upcoming releases and almost always read the books more than once. Anyone who enjoys romance will love reading her series of books. I anxiously await the next one.

  • Avis
    2019-04-11 04:34

    *** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***I loved the complicated relationship of Audrey and Jude. Forbidden is very accurate name for this book. This new series digs into the family of the Woodley’s. You have Jude who is viewed by the family as an equal, but viewed by the servants as a servant. Jude has walked a very narrow path of not knowing where he should be. But knowing one thing, that his feelings for Audrey are real and very strong. Jude thinking that he could never have the woman he truly loves. Audrey as the only sister to a Marquis, she is expected by “society” to marry a peer. She does not desire a peer, she desires Jude. Jude who has always been “like a brother” to her. Jude who is her brother’s best friend. I love how Jess Michaels develops her characters and makes you feel the same emotion as they are feeling. The raw sexual desire is so very real and you feel this same desire. The author teases you with tidbits about the other family members, which makes you want to read more of her books. As a reader, you become very invested in the characters and you want to read more about them. I now look forward to her next book regarding Evan Woodley

  • Amanda Richardson
    2019-04-24 11:18

    Jess Michaels is now one of my favorite authors! I really, really liked her latest book "Forbidden". This story is about Audrey Woodley and their family's man of business Jude Samson. Everyone in the Woodley family thinks of Jude as another brother, everyone except for Audrey. Audrey has always been a little bit in love with Jude, but knows that she is supposed to make a ton marriage and he isn't interested in her at all.Audrey is wrong, Jude is more than interested in her, in fact he has been in love with her since the first time he saw her. Jude knows that he is really a servant in the household's eyes, even if they treat him like family, he is still not good enough for a daughter of the house. Audrey and Jude together is hot and passionate, their stolen times together feel very real and they want each other so much. It didn't sit well with me that Audrey would start an affair with Jude, but still talk about making a marriage, I thought that was really unfair to Jude and to herself.I am still very interested in what happened to their other sister Claire. I can't wait to read more and find out more about her story. All in all, I really enjoyed this book!I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review