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Many years have passed since the Rebel Alliance was victorious over the evil Empire, and the galaxy has been at peace. But a new darkness is rising, and now the brave men and women of the Resistance must stand against Kylo Ren and the villainous First Order....

Title : Star Wars: The Force Awakens Storybook
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ISBN : 9781484705582
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Storybook Reviews

  • Em
    2019-02-02 01:58

    The pictures are beautiful, and the story matches the movie.AVOID THE EPUB VERSION! The book is so graphics-intensive that it kept crashing Adobe Digital Editions (not that that's anything new, sigh) and the text is unattractive and difficult to read. You just won't get the best experience.EPUB screenshots:

  • Nancy
    2019-02-14 02:33

    Good enough for what it is. The story is very (very) simplified but the core beats are there. A lot of the artwork is A+ very pretty. I found it interesting that the reveal of Kylo's identity was saved for the catwalk confrontation.

  • Andy
    2019-02-02 05:01

    I used to enjoy movie storybooks when I was younger, reliving favourite movies after seeing them on the big screen and before they were released on VHS video. Yes, it was that long ago! And with all the (many) books adapting and inspired by The Force Awakens, this is another addition to the Star Wars bookshelf.Adapted from the original screenplay by Elizabeth Schaefer and filled with superb photo realistic illustrations by Brian Rood, we once again meet Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and the rest. The text is very cut down and briefly just tells the story, plus also has brief bio paragraphs on the main characters, but that just makes it all the better for enjoying the gorgeous art that dominates each page with scenes from the movie.Great for Star Wars fans of all ages, particular the younger ones.

  • Twofrontteethstillcrooked
    2019-02-07 08:35

    In an age when even (or especially?) blockbuster films leave theatres and enter homes in a few short months I'm not, actually, all that sure movie storybooks still need to exist, but that doesn't mean I'm sorry this one does. Nice illustrations, and you can feel sorta cocky remembering the details from the movies that the story as presented here leaves out or changes ever so slightly. My 7-year-old self would've been really happy to have this.

  • Mark Nevitt
    2019-01-25 07:00

    I found this story book very disappointing, It had no feel to the story, the illustration are fantastic, but they do nothing to tell the full story. Computer enhanced movie shots classed as illustrations? All being said a very poor effort based on a great franchise. A really poor showing from Disney. I gave it 1 star, simply because it is Star Wars.

  • The Brothers
    2019-02-10 06:56

    Asher (10yo) four stars.Dexter (7yo) five stars.A storybook adaptation of the screenplay. Dexter said he liked it because the book let you know what the characters where thinking during the story.

  • Tim
    2019-02-08 01:44

    A very beautiful storybook with magnificent art by Brian Rood. Not that much to read, but still, the book is close to 130 pages. This publication reminds me of the classic Disney fairytale storybooks I had as a kid.

  • Will Plunkett
    2019-02-11 01:37

    I am really starting to love Brian Rood as an artist. Don't know if he can overtake Drew Struzan, but he's very good. The storybook is back!

  • Victoria Ramsey
    2019-02-05 05:33

    this children's storybook has gorgeous art and adds another layer of depth to the force awakens. i also bought it exclusively for the cover art and it was SO WORTH IT.