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In this relentlessly suspenseful legal thriller from Robert Dugoni, the #1 Kindle bestselling author of MY SISTER’S GRAVE, attorney David Sloane takes on an unwinnable case that threatens to kill much more than his perfect courtroom winning streak… Things are going well for David Sloane: he’s basking in the victory of a $1.6 million wrongful-death verdict and enjoying lifeIn this relentlessly suspenseful legal thriller from Robert Dugoni, the #1 Kindle bestselling author of MY SISTER’S GRAVE, attorney David Sloane takes on an unwinnable case that threatens to kill much more than his perfect courtroom winning streak… Things are going well for David Sloane: he’s basking in the victory of a $1.6 million wrongful-death verdict and enjoying life with his new wife Tina and stepson Jake. That is, until Beverly Ford asks him to sue the US military over the death of her husband James, an officer killed in Iraq. Sloane, by virtue of having been a soldier himself, feels duty bound to take on the seemingly impossible-to-win case. With virtually no evidence to work with, Sloane enlists Charles Jenkins, a former CIA agent turned PI, to help him find the only witnesses to the overseas death: the men James served with the night he died. When Sloane and Jenkins realize that two of the four officers who came home died soon after, and a third refuses to talk, their only hope is to find the youngest and most mysterious soldier and get the truth out of him…if they can keep him alive long enough to do so. As Sloane pushes the case forward in the courtroom and the investigation further in the field, he and Jenkins begin to realize just how deep this case goes…and how much danger Sloane and his new family are in. New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni is in top form in this nail-biting page turner. “Dugoni is a superb storyteller, and his courtroom drama shines.”—The Boston Globe “John Grisham, move over.”—The Seattle Times "Exhilarating...I could not put it down."-- Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of DIE AGAIN ...

Title : Wrongful Death: A David Sloane Novel
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Wrongful Death: A David Sloane Novel Reviews

  • Jean
    2019-05-25 05:54

    Leave it to the government to impose a doctrine that forbids claims against the federal government by service members or their families for death or injuries that result from activity incident to military service. The Feres Doctrine is just one of the beasts that attorney David Sloane must combat in Robert Dugoni’s Wrongful Death. Sloane has just moments to celebrate his eighteenth straight courtroom victory when Beverly Ford, widowed mother of four, approaches him and asks him to sue the US government for the death of her husband, who was killed while serving with the National Guard in Iraq.Sloane fears that it is a case that he cannot win. He’s not concerned about ruining his unblemished record. He only wants to avoid disappointing this woman. Once he visits the Ford family at their home and begins to understand what kind of man James Ford was, he knows that he has to try. When he learns that other men in the unit have died since returning home, he becomes suspicious. Subsequent events create even more mistrust; there are too many “coincidences” and things that don’t make sense. Despite – and because of – threats to his own family, Sloane is convinced that digging for the truth is the right thing to do.Flashbacks reveal the events of that tragic day in Iraq. Dugoni made me feel like I was watching a movie; I could palpate the fear and tension, see the sand blowing, and hear the explosions. The author also briefly recaps Sloane’s history, particulars from The Jury Master that I’d forgotten, which I felt were important to know about David Sloane, the man. What I enjoyed the most was how his investigation unfolded. This is a legal thriller, but the courtroom action is minimal. Most of the lawyer business is conducted tracking down information, trying to locate witnesses, meeting with military law experts to understand the implications of the Feres Doctrine. I liked the personal time too, of course. David is now married to Tina and has a ready-made-family with her son Jake, who at age eleven is an avid fisherman. They are lucky to have each other. Sloane is fortunate to have his buddy Charles Jenkins as his PI too. Jenkins is a savvy former CIA man, experienced, and seemingly fearless. His much younger girlfriend Alex proves invaluable to David’s family also. Sloane and Jenkins don’t seem to have a problem so much figuring out what happened. It’s how to prove it, because most of the witnesses are dead. It becomes a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. In the end, will Sloane get the evidence he needs? Even if he does, will the judge rule for his client?What I really liked about Wrongful Death is that Sloan is human. He wants more than a settlement for his client; he wants answers. He wants her to have peace of mind. Some of the names and details were confusing at times, but I got the gist of it, and it made sense by the end. Robert Dugoni did a fair amount of research into military procedures for this book. He writes with conviction, warmth, and humor. Several of his characters are named for personal friends, and I think that’s great. I’m sure I’ll be reading book three, Bodily Harm, in the not-too-distant future.4.5 stars

  • Brenda
    2019-05-03 09:10

    I read the first book in the David Sloan series, The Jury Master, quite a while ago. After completing Dugoni's Tracy Crosswhite series, I wanted to continue with this series. I have to admit I'm not as taken with this series, yet, as I was with Crosswhite.David Sloane is an attorney who is asked by a woman to sue the U. S. government for the wrongful death of her husband in Iraq. David is unlikely to win due to the Feres Doctrine, which basically states that the federal government is not liable for death during wartime. However, things go hinky.The book was good, though the story was a little cliched. I have the remaining books in the series and will definitely continue with them.

  • Dee
    2019-05-23 05:07

    Two-haiku review:Military caseSloane's wife and son in dangerWitnesses dyingExciting thrillerLegal maneuvers and tricksTense and gripping style

  •  Olivermagnus
    2019-05-12 07:01

    This is the second book in the David Sloane series. David is a wrongful death attorney with an incredible records of wins. When Beverly Ford approaches him with a request to take on her case, he's intrigued but can't give her much hope. Beverly's husband, John, was killed in Iraq during an operation, and soldiers are exempt from suing the government if they are killed during a wartime battle. David, a Marine veteran, feels like he can at least look into Ford's death to make sure there are no options. Almost immediately he discovers things might not be right. Statements from the other soldiers in the unit look like they are all identical. When he goes to interview the witnesses he discovers at least two have died under suspicious circumstances.Overall, Wrongful Death is an exciting, fast moving story of deceit and lies. The author did a great job of taking the reader through the intricacies of how the military legal system works. This book can easily be read as a standalone, but it does use several of the same characters we met in Book 1, Jury Master. I'm definitely planning to continue this engrossing series, and probably start series Dugoni writes, featuring homicide detective, Tracy Crosswhite.

  • Judy Churchill
    2019-05-02 13:00

    This is an excellent action story. It involves the military in Iraq, a disreputable civilian contractor, and dirty judges and Senators. It has a little bit of everything. The wife of one dead soldier asked for an explanation of how her husband died and when the military refused to answer the excitement began. It doesn't stop until the story ends.

  • Msjodi777
    2019-05-09 13:13

    Started this one other time, but just couldn't get into it, but this time it caught my attention, and held it. Have to admit that when I got into it, Dugoni did not let me down. He has become one of my favorite authors, and this book is a good example of the reason I like him so much. <><

  • Sharon
    2019-04-28 12:10

    This is the 2nd book in the David Sloane series. Looking forward to reading the 3rd one!

  • Monty
    2019-05-16 09:20

    This is the second in the series, and I will be reading more. I love how the author weaves the plot and subplots around his characters. There is much tension and suspense as to what will happen next and how safe the characters will be as new threats present themselves. And I really like that the story is mainly set in Seattle and surrounding areas.

  • Erin Bleek
    2019-05-11 08:07

    If you haven’t read Robert Dugoni, you should. He’s my new favorite author. Dugoni writes legal thrillers, but they’re not trial books, they’re books about injustice with a legal bent. In Wrongful Death Dugoni brings back his protagonist David Sloane and his sidekick, Charles Jenkins, from The Jury Master, and I’m glad he did. Sloane is a great character, a hero with a conscience. Now living in Seattle, Sloane is approached by the widow of a National Guardsman killed in Iraq who wants to sue the government and the military. The odds are stacked against Sloane and his client because of military law, and they get worse for him and his family when he starts investigating how this soldier died. It’s not a book about the war, but the Iraq scenes are very real and frightening. Dugoni doesn’t glorify the war, he tells it straight. If you’re looking for real characters and action packed suspense, read this book.

  • Danielle
    2019-05-19 09:17

    I won this book from a goodreads giveaway. I have to admit, that at the beginning I was quite confused with some of the flashback scenes as I had no idea there was a book previous to this one. Once I got into the meat of the story however, it was pretty easy to get a general idea of the background needed. I would give this book a 3 1/2 stars if I could. Once the plot line really got moving about a third of the way in, I had a hard time putting it down. One dislike I have is that, despite not reading the previous book, the references to past events in David's life seemed a bit repetitive. I can only imagine how annoying that would have been had I actually read the previous book as well.

  • Jo
    2019-04-30 05:13

    I won this book (thanks!) - it just appeared in the mail - and the plot really hooked me. I started it yesterday & I finished it today. It's an involving story about a lawyer investigating an ambush in Iraq. The bad guy is a big chemical company. I have no idea whether such things really happen, but the author definitely makes them sound plausible ;) Loved the meth lab scene. Now THAT'S contemporary.The book mentions the main character's childhood in Mexico, and a massacre several times, I think there may be a previous book or two. I may hunt them down.

  • Kelly Stewart
    2019-05-20 05:00

    This second David Sloane novel was much more exciting than the first, a rare occasion of a follow-up being better than the debut. I will definitely be reading #3.

  • Jenene
    2019-05-24 13:04

    Excellent! This is my second novel by Robert Dugoni and I am definitely a fan!!

  • Ross McDougall
    2019-05-04 09:19

    I really enjoyed this book!I listened to the audio edition, performed by Dan John Miller. Miller did an excellent job in translating Dugoni's written word into the realm of the spoken.An attorney is asked by a woman to investigate the death of her husband while on deployment in Iraq and is drawn into a ever-deepening web of lies and deceit... Sounds pretty run-of-the-mill, right? This was good though! Dugoni takes the characters on some interesting adventures, none of which turn out to be red herrings thankfully.Miller expertly performed a myriad of complex characters interacting in every scene, and I particularly liked the 'telephone-effect' used when a character was talking to another on the phone - it really helped to keep me in touch with who was where.Dugoni's plot was well-crafted with suspense, flashbacks and multiple characters slowly moving toward an inevitable collision. The way Dugoni explained all the contexts of the characters' actions (and left some mysteriously unsaid) all helped to create a clear picture in the mind of what was going on and built tension in nearly every scene.Talking about that tension, I know that it's standard procedure to keep readers guessing and end scenes before resolving them... BUT it felt like this was being written as a TV series. In the middle of the book, there was so much darting around with mysterious people walking into houses or phones ringing that I started to get a little annoyed. I'm already reading the book - just advance the plot already! As the storylines converged toward the end it trailed off thankfully and we got down to resolving the story.I liked that Dugoni kept it all pretty straight (no trips to Paris and murders under the sea) and doesn't mess around. Short of the quick-fire scene changes in the middle this book gets a glowing recommendation.

  • Steven A. Chase
    2019-05-22 07:03

    This is the second David Sloane book that I've read. It is also the second book by Robert Dugoni that I've read. I'm an attorney, and I appreciate attorney books where the characters think like attorneys and act like superior attorneys. This is such a book. The character of Charles Jenkins is a good counterpoint to David Sloane, and Jenkin's girlfriend, Alex, is a bit of a super hero, but is nonetheless a charming character. The book (and the Jury Master before it) moves at a fast clip and was enjoyable cover to cover. There's lot's of action, and there are twists and turns that keep it interesting. I lo0k forward to reading more of Mr. Dugoni's books.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-17 11:14

    This was an excellent story. Should the relatives take the story given to them of their loved one's death? Maybe not. David Sloan is the perfect attorney to talk to about finding out what happened. James Ford died in Iraq but his wife is not sure she has been told the total story. Sloan and his friend Jenkins look into this and find that most of the men who was with Ford are now dead also. The further he investigates the more interesting and dangerous he finds his investigation is for him and his family. Interesting twists and turns.

  • Lindsay Nixon
    2019-05-21 07:02

    If you like A Few Good Men-type "government/military conspiracy coverups" (or the second season of Serial) you'll love this book. A woman whose husband was killed serving in Iraq wants to sue the government and military for not providing the correct armor. Our lawyer hero realizes there's more to the case when the deceased's "team" has all died suspiciously in the years after discharge. It was a miss for me... I'm not sure if it's the subject matter or Dugoni or both. I LOVE the Tracy series but all of the other Dugoni books I've reD have fallen flat and been a bore for me.

  • wendi wigham
    2019-04-26 13:14

    Dugoni has done it again!.What a talented writer, every book grabs you & keeps you enthralled to the end - you can't wait for the next time.His characters are believable, no airs & graces - real human beings with real emotions & reactions to whatever situation they find themselves in.The animals behave as animals everywhere, I hope Charles latest addition lives a long & happy life!A very well rounded story. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good book & wants their cast real.

  • KarenClagett
    2019-05-08 08:06

    Wrongful Death - David Sloan Book 2Another really good story from author Robert Dugoni. Once Captain Kessler delivers his story I cried. There are some very emotional and moving portions of dialog within the story. After reading this and reading through his Acknowledgement and the mentions he gives of the First Person Accounts books I am definitely putting them in my reading list.

  • Yves Brunet
    2019-05-05 06:58

    Beverly Ford asks David Sloane, famous lawyer to represent her as she wishes to sue the American government and military for her husband death in Iraq. Normally never successful, this however takes new twists and turns for a satisfying ending.

  • Jane Rose
    2019-05-09 09:08

    Quite a gripping legal thriller. It is the second in a series, the author felt obliged to catch us up on the back story of the lawyer and the investigator which was a bit clunky. I'll follow up with reading the first one next when this story will unfold.

  • Jaimie
    2019-05-20 08:06

    Good readI really like this author and all his series. The characters are great and honorable people. The stories always flows nicely and there are never any gaps or holes that never get filled.

  • Evie
    2019-05-02 06:01

    Excellent. Complicated. Riveting. Professional. Never a dissapointment from this author. The amount of research, that must have been done, regarding court and other judicial proceedings, is mind boggling.

  • Danielle Gonzalez
    2019-05-18 13:10

    It's hard for me to rate this the way I did. I really like the other series this author writes - the Tracy Crosswhite series. I just can't get into this one. The storyline was too confusing for me. By the time I finished, I was thinking "what?". I think I'll stick to the other series.

  • Michael Maslo
    2019-05-06 06:54

    Awesome Book This was a extremely good book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. David Sloane was awesome the story well written. I recommend this book to all legal thriller read it

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-11 08:12

    Considerably better than the first book in the series. Having been a Washingtonian I always find the settings engaging. The characters continue to develop and the plot with roots in Baghdad was a fine one.

  • Karen Devine
    2019-05-11 11:08

    Wow what a great story!Considering all the military families and their sacrifices, this book opens your eyes to possibilities of corruption and the abuse of the power hungry. Great Read!

  • Joanie
    2019-05-12 05:12

    Robert Dugoni always a great read!I blame Robert Duhoni for the bags under my eyes! Another book that I couldn't put down! I love the characters in the David Sloane series and the suspense in the novels always build to a great endings!

  • Yvonne
    2019-05-26 07:04

    ComplicatedGood but sometimes hard to keep all the plots and characters straight. But I enjoyed it and the focus on the military.

  • Marietta Caldwell
    2019-05-24 13:00

    Did not finish. Lost interest