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Trust hides the truth and spans eternity when one secret-born of treachery and upheld by honor-stands between a broken heart and shattered soul. If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose honor... Awakening to a new world, Gawain has high hopes that the last 500 years have cooled the fires of hatred burning in the heart of his wife, Nimue. CruellTrust hides the truth and spans eternity when one secret-born of treachery and upheld by honor-stands between a broken heart and shattered soul. If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose honor... Awakening to a new world, Gawain has high hopes that the last 500 years have cooled the fires of hatred burning in the heart of his wife, Nimue. Cruelly betrayed by the one person she put all her faith and trust in, Nimue hasn't forgotten the lone cowardly act of one of King Arthur's greatest knights. Together again and yet forever apart, can they heal the past when a new enemy rises to threaten the foundation of all they hold dear?...

Title : Timeless Desire
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Timeless Desire Reviews

  • Christina
    2019-05-04 11:18

    Once again, Torie James delivers with Timeless Desire! It was a page turner. The suspense built up appropriately, and kept me hooked.I don't like to put spoilers in my reviews, so don't look for any. Let me just say it is chock full of humor, suspense, passion, and action.When a book leaves me wanting more, it gets my top rating. This one definitely earned it. I cannot wait for book 3 to see what happens next! The plot twists were amazing and well thought out.Great job Ms. James!! Can't wait to read more.

  • K
    2019-05-17 06:15

    The second book in Torie James' series is truly deserving of praise, and every single one of those five stars. Not only has she successfully pulled off a sequel, she did so with style and class that only the best authors can pull off. The storyline is original, making this a great stand alone novel as well as a continuance of the New Camelot series.Nimue and Gawain have some serious issues. Like how she wants to kill him, or how he refuses to give up loving her. Nimue is Gawain's Lady disdain, hating him to her very core. Gawain, however, remains strong and accepting, although he never gives up. You can truly feel the problems they have, and feel the connection all through this novel.The scenes are well described, while still being brief and keeping the reader entranced. There is a magical quality to the writing, and an erotic intensity that will surely leave you steaming. While some authors will fail to rebuild their world in sequels, Torie James was sure to include all the needed details in a way which would not bore one who was fortunate enough to read Timeless Nights.Nobody is perfect, and Torie James was sure to include that lack of perfection into her characters. They have their flaws; they aren't perfectly good, nor are the indestructible. They bleed, and they have bad habits. This naturally pulls the reader in so they may better connect with the characters and feel their emotions; their happiness and their pain. You feel for them, and you feel with them.She also was able to surprise you. Just when you thought you had all the answers, she was sure to point out that you didn't know what you thought you did. Confusing, right? That was the beauty of her little twists. And yet she kept the same level of believability, nothing was convenient or forced.So yes, I do highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys not just romance, but a good sound action packed paranormal. Or anyone who enjoys Camelot based tales. This volume is sure to be a good read, and sure to not disappoint!

  • Ishabelle Torry
    2019-04-29 10:57

    I cannot exclaim just how much I freaking love New Camelot enough!Book two in the New Camelot series, the story picks up where one ends with a whole new ménage of issues that time failed to heal, only worsen. New dangers, new enemies, and an old love that is in desperate need of rekindling.Nimue and Gawain have been separated by a secret so dark there is no hope...or forgiveness to be found. Nim is determined to make Gawain suffer, and vows to break their blood link at all cost.Gawain's only desire is to recapture the love he and Nim once shared, once upon a secret. His "Lady Disdain" is the only thing he lives for. I found the love/hate relationship between characters to be enigmatic and exciting. Miss James did a beautiful job in giving just a bit of information to keep me hooked, determined to unravel the damning secret that could render love apart. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to strangle them both! Nimue's adaptation to the modern world is hilarious. Whereas Gawain, although able to acclimate enough, maintains his code of honor and chivalry...and yeah, seximatastic alpha male characteristics. As a series should go, I was delighted to find the characters I fell in love with in book one were also a part of book two. Just can't get enough of Merlyn and his sassy seed, Bri! And don't get me started on the plot twists! *shakes fists* That wraskly wabbit Torie got me!I highly recommend this book, and look forward to book three. However, I also recommend reading book one before delving into the depths of Miss James' New Camelot. You won't be disappointed on either account.

  • Decadent Kane
    2019-04-27 13:14

    Ms. James continues to impress me.In the second book of her New Camelot series, Timeless Desire, Nimue and Gawain go head to head in their relationship as the knights and Aurther face Uther and a new foe. While the adventure lies in the total deceit through out the piece, the relationship between Nim and Gawain is intense, fireworks both good and bad.Torie James did an incredible job pitting her lovers against each other and keeping their secrets, which had me on the edge of my seat dying to know just what the hell happened between Nim and Gawain, the main couple in book 2.There were some great twists I had not expected which made this a fun and fast read. I really fell hard for Nimue. She's a mixture of dark strength and vulnerability I think many female readers will be able to connect with.One of my favorite lines in the book has to do with a plate. Nim and Merlin are discussing Gawain in the kitchen and she tells Merlin to take a plate. He does. Then she tells him to throw it on the ground. He does and it shatters. It's a reference to her trust and how things will never be the same. I fell for it hard and there was so much emotion wrapped up in that single idea.If you are a fan of Camelot, fantasy, knights, and a different take on fangs...pick this up- you won't be disappointed, and if your not- why not pick it up anyway and try something new.

  • Rachel L.Demeter
    2019-04-27 10:53

    The incredibly talented Torie James does it again! In Timeless Desire, she gifts us with two stunning characters, Nimue and Gawain, whose love story inspires laughter, tears, and tingly sensations in all the right places. ;-) Ms. James's has a truly unique and innovative voice—fresh, witty, and flowing with lovable, highly identifiable personalities. I was hooked from the get go and entranced until the very end. When I reached the conclusion, I felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends!Her stories are like warm apple cider on a winter's night; steamy, satisfying, delicious, and wildly addicting. The next installment can't come fast enough!!

  • Nik August
    2019-05-11 05:11

    I can't impress upon you all who read reviews how much I loved this story. Totally fell in love with Gawain. This installment was intense, emotional, heart wrenching, hysterical, and powerful. What a web of story lines. I laughed, I cried, (more than once), and I read it in 3 days! I loved the made up words: douchetardism? OMG! I think this is the most fun I've ever had reading. BUY IT!This part of my review is for Torie James herself. (not a spoiler). As I read a specific part, I'm mumbling to myself the whole time... "Is she going to leave him on the roof for the sunrise? Is she leaving him ON THE ROOF?" No way!!

  • Jeannie Wise
    2019-04-29 05:06

    The 2nd book from New Camelot was as good, if not better than the first. Ms. James pulls you into her world and you are easily lost in the characters. Once again I found myself traveling into the realm that is New Camelot. I laughed out loud at witty banter, I cried and at one point I wanted to climb into the book and shake Nim. It is a great read from page ONE. Torie James is a literary treasure and I promise you will be delighted with her Gem of a book. If you have not read her work, by all means begin with Timeless Night.

  • Christina Mcclellan
    2019-05-05 09:12

    Book two of the New Camelot series. From the very first word, I was drawn into Gawain and Nimue's story. Betrayal, secrets and an ending you won't see coming. I laughed, I cried and I loved every single word. Torie James is a master of making magic with words. If I could give it more stars, I would! I can't wait until the next book!

  • Mia Epsilon
    2019-04-30 07:11

    Wow. I thought I loved book 1. I love book 2 MORE. Nim is a tough character, so strong and yet so very in love. Gawain is the perfect blend of trying to fit in this 'new world' and wanting to be back where he knows what the heck is going on. LOVE isn't strong enough for this book. When's Book 3? I have Camelot withdrawls...

  • Galina Sulaiman
    2019-05-23 13:21

    I liked this book better than the first! It had the right amount of myth, action, sex, magic. I enjoyed this story, the flow kept me reading. Nim and Gawains story is a roller coaster ride of emotions to put it mildly. This book brought back all the characters from book one and a new set of enemies. Very good book, I give it a 4+ stars. Will be getting book 3.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-05-07 08:00

    3.5/5.0Talk about a unique spin on the characters of Camelot! Ms. James writes with a delightful snarky wit.Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Brantwijn Serrah
    2019-05-05 05:53

    A Wonderful Story, Love the Characters BestThis book, and its leading lady Nimue, is the reason I picked up the New Camelot series to begin with. I couldn't wait to read this one, and it absolutely lived up to my hopes. I love the twist on the romance Nimue and Gawain share, and I love the continuation of the main plot overall as well. I can't wait for Book 3.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-06 10:16

    Oh cant wait for moreI must say that the background story in this book made it so much better. Between the Knights and their wives, trying to save the world, this book definitely brings New Camelot to life.n