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This can be read as a standalone!Trust Honor Love: An experiment of marital proportions. Lucy Roberts is sick of the dating scene and especially of what she can never have; The Kerrigan brothers, specifically twins Will and Heath. A bad run-in with Heath proves everything she already knew about him; he’s not Will. Agreeing to a new experiment; she lets a panel of experts pThis can be read as a standalone!Trust Honor Love: An experiment of marital proportions. Lucy Roberts is sick of the dating scene and especially of what she can never have; The Kerrigan brothers, specifically twins Will and Heath. A bad run-in with Heath proves everything she already knew about him; he’s not Will. Agreeing to a new experiment; she lets a panel of experts pick out her future husband. Heathcliff Kerrigan is convinced Lucy is made to be his and not Will’s. Their family ties go back decades, just like his love for her. After his attempts to claim her go wrong, he lets her go. Or does he? Making a drastic change, he decides to partake in the same marriage experiment. Find out if their destinies are truly tied to one another or not. Trust has them risking everything. Honor gets them down the aisle. Love will be the biggest test of all....

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Trust Honor Love Reviews

  • Deborah
    2019-04-05 16:05

    CONTAINS SPOILERSThis book wasn't what I expected and I know I'm in the minority but this didn't work for me at all.Will and Heath are identical twins and ten years ago when she was fifteen Lucy Roberts had a huge crush on Will and couldn't believe her luck that she got to spend time with just him and then he kisses her and it's perfect until she discovers it's not Will but Heath. She's understandably upset and embarrassed and feels everyone knew but her. Ok so I understand that but she holds a grudge for ten years still insisting she hates Heath. Heath however is supposed to love her but hasn't said anything, not only does he not try again but he becomes a man whore. There's a whole load of other misunderstandings and Heath saying the worst thing possible whenever he opens his mouth and it was confusion and drama for the sake of it. Anyway it all progresses as expected and she ends up marrying Heath and then after the honeymoon it's like invasion of the body snatches Heath is like a totally different person and seems to be doing his best to wreck his marriage, I did wonder on more than one occasion if they were both bipolar.It's a mess and I was more annoyed with it than anything, Lucy annoyed me from the get go but early on I liked Heath then I just didn't care anymore about either of them and wanted them to split (which seriously isn't like me I'm a hopeless romantic and always want the HEA) but then I figured it wasn't fair to the other partners they would eventually get so its best if they stay together.I mean to give you an idea he's wanted her for years and years yet once he has her he disappears for days ignores her calls and texts and only returns to the apartment when she's not there or asleep. None of it made sense it was like a complete personality change.

  • Sommertime
    2019-03-29 15:01

    I almost didn't leave a review but there are so many 5 stars that I felt like I had to even things out.These two were such a mess. This book had so many things that I hate about second chance romances. Way too long separation with absolutely no good reason why. Big Misunderstandings and no effort to communicate. Man-whore H who loves the h to the depth of his soul. He loves her so much that he sleeps with anything on legs including during the time he is pursuing her. I'm sorry, but I doubt the fidelity and sincerity of a H who professes love for one woman while sleeping with another (or many many anothers). The H was a wimp who wouldn't fight for his woman. Not for ten years and not even after the marriage. I just couldn't like him. And both of these characters were so immature I thought they must still be teenagers.The writing was choppy. I would suggest reading the sample before you download so you know what you are getting yourself into.Kindle freebie. Deleted from my kindle.

  • Monica Cervantes
    2019-03-26 10:18

    "Keep Calm and say I Do".I'm glad these three books were combined into Truth, Honor, Love, as individually, they were probably short reads with excruciating cliff hangers, lol. Having never read this author before, I wasn't sure what to expect."I don't trust you". 4 Words that can break a relationship, in this case before it ever started. Lucille Roberts aka Lucy, has been duped by the Kerrigan twins before. Lucy Roberts, Will and Heath Kerrigan, as well as their 3 other brothers all grew up together, the children of best friends. One summer as teens, the twins played the ol' switch-a-roo and hurt Lucy, making sure she didn't trust either of them again.As an adult, Lucy finds herself looking for love. As a last resort, she decides to sign up for an experiment. She agrees to marry a man handpicked for her by a team of psychologists and other experts, who she's never met. Or has she? Social experiment gone bad, or good? Can time heal old wounds? Can she Trust, Honor and Love someone and take a leap of faith? Overall, I enjoyed the book and I'm looking forward to the stories of the other Kerrigan boys. I found some of transitions between characters to be jumbled and hurried at times, having to re-read sentences to make sure I understood who said what. I'm not sure if this is this authors style or just my interpretation, after reading too many other authors that are too similar to each other. It definitely won't stop me from purchasing the rest of the series, or from reading her other books, since the storyline kept me hooked from beginning to end.

  • Caroline F
    2019-03-24 12:03

    Lucy grew up being half in love with William and disliking his twin, Heathcliff. Then one summer, when she was nearly 16, she grew close to William and they shared a kiss…only for her to find out that she’d been tricked and had actually kissed Heath! She spent the next 10 years hating Heath even more, even though her treacherous body tells her something else. Then, one drunken evening exacerbates her desire and her hatred of Heath. Lucy signs up for a dating experiment where her perfect match will be found for her, and she only gets to meet him on the day of her wedding, and they have to stay married for two months before deciding if their match will work or not.Well, guess who turns out to be her husband-to-be?This novel (which brings all three novellas together in one) charts the tempestuous relationship between the two. It deals with Lucy’s trust issues, Heath’s battle to fight for her and win her, and the unrequited love and physical attraction they’ve always had for one another. It was sexy, a little bit humorous, and I was rooting for them all the way.It was a really great story and I loved the side characters. I’m looking forward to reading the next trilogy in the series.

  • Kim Paluch
    2019-04-24 10:03

    Trust Honor Love is a character-driven contemporary romance with an interesting premise. Originally written as three separate books, it’s now one book with three sections. The first section, Trust, is told from the perspective of Lucy Roberts. Lucy wants love in her life, and is looking desperately for it. But standing in her way is a history with two brothers, Will and Heathcliff Kerrigan. Her preference had long been Will, but it’s Heathcliff who causes conflicting feelings in her. She can’t get past him tricking her when they were teenagers, so her head tells her to stay away from him. But whenever she’s near him her body reacts with a need she can’t control.Ignoring her feelings for Heath, Lucy meets with a matchmaker who has quite an experiment for her to take part in. A panel of experts will get to know Lucy and what she’s looking for in a mate, and they’ll find her perfect match. The catch—she has to marry her match, and she won’t know who it is until they meet at the altar. Throughout the process, Lucy faces lessons in trust, and getting through them means she just might get what she’s looking for. Lucy was surprised they found someone for her, but the biggest surprise was who she saw waiting for her at the altar. Her match was Heath. She couldn’t believe he was chosen for her, and she fought the truth. But Heath asked her to trust him and take that step with him. The second section, Honor, is told from Heath’s perspective. It takes us through the growth of their developing relationship. We also see some of Heath’s fears the struggles he’s facing in their new relationship. But Heath had a secret, and his honor’s at stake. Should he risk telling her, knowing it could be the end of the dream he’d had for so long?The third section, Love, is from the point of view of both Lucy and Heath. There’s great passion between them, whether their fighting or making love, but that passion doesn’t keep them from making mistakes. Even after all they’d come through, and all the truths they’d faced, Heath wasn’t ready to fight for what he wanted. And when it seems like he’s given up on the relationship, Lucy is left desperate and alone. They both must decide their relationship is worth fighting for, even when their path to love is a rocky one.ReviewTrust Honor Love is unique and well-written. It’s a lightly erotic journey into the lives of two people searching for the love of their life. Seeing the events of their lives as they struggle through and face their mistakes had me invested in the characters and their choices and actions from the beginning. The perspectives in the book keep the focus on the characters and move the story forward at a good pace. I thought the playlist was a fun addition, sharing a little more of what each character was feeling, even when they didn’t know it themselves. I enjoyed following Lucy and Heath as they faced their fears and fought for what they wanted. Using the matchmaking experiment as a tool to bring the two together in the end was a brilliant idea. It was exciting, fun to read, and it was hard to put down once I got started. This was my first book by J.M. Witt, and I can’t wait to read more, especially the Blind Vows series. Trust Honor Love is definitely worth the read!

  • Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    2019-04-11 18:04

    Can two people be destined for each other despite their constant battle? Can the love of your life be the one person you hate above everyone else? Is it possible to mend the mistakes of the past?Lucy and Heath have known each other forever… yet their relationship has been anything but pleasant. When Lucy finds herself infatuated with Will, Heath’s twin, a case of mistaken identity triggers events that will follow them for years. The drift between them seems too far to overcome, and while Lucy fights tooth and nail to keep it that way, Heath is determined to close it.Failed date after failed date causes Lucy to question the way her life is going. Tired of being alone, she enters into an experiment guaranteed to find her the other half of her soul. Excitement and apprehension settle unto her, but she’s sure this will finally change her life for the better.When Lucy finds herself face to face with Heath, will she accept his proposal? She is unsure due to their history, but will she change her mind? What happens when both are on the brink of letting their hearts go?When Lucy discovers Heath’s secret, she is feeling more than betrayed. Fighting the way she feels for him, fearing that her heart will be broken, she is reluctant to forgive him…but Heath is not so sure of Lucy’s feelings and soon finds himself pulling away.Fighting to make things work, Heath and Lucy embark on the last leg of their journey with nothing more than the love they each feel for each other and the desire to be together. They are faced with the obstacles brought about by their insecurities and the outside forces of jealous people.I did get frustrated with both Lucy and Heath and at times wanted to throttle them for their actions, but that just proves how invested I was with the characters after reading their story. Their connection is extremely strong and the love they feel for each other is evident, except their bullheadedness didn’t allow them to see it.Quirky humor, sexual tension galore, and hilarious banter kept me glued to the pages from beginning to end. The characters both drove me up the wall at the same time they caused me to swoon. I laughed, I yelled, I even cried at times over the situations they found themselves in. Heath F#@$ing Kerrigan is one heck of a man. ***I’ve already called DIBS!*** His arrogance, yet sweet demeanor, when dealing with Lucy is sure to cause a whole lot of fanning to take place while reading.J.M. Witt’s writing continues to improve with each book she produces. I can’t wait to read what she has in store for the rest of these Kerrigan brothers.

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2019-03-27 13:06

    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review“Yanking the towel from her body, I turned her and pulled her back against my front. My hands roamed her body as she lay lax against me, letting me do as I wished. Her body trembled and I knew it was with desire and not from the cold. The room was quite warm and I was grateful for it.”4 stars. I loved this story and the whole idea of twins and thinking one is better than the other, only to be totally mistaken. Great book!!Trust Honor Love: An experiment of marital proportions. Lucy Roberts is sick of the dating scene and especially of what she can never have; The Kerrigan brothers, specifically twins Will and Heath. A bad run-in with Heath proves everything she already knew about him; he’s not Will. Agreeing to a new experiment; she lets a panel of experts pick out her future husband. Heathcliff Kerrigan is convinced Lucy is made to be his and not Will’s. Their family ties go back decades, just like his love for her. After his attempts to claim her go wrong, he lets her go. Or does he? Making a drastic change, he decides to partake in the same marriage experiment. Find out if their destinies are truly tied to one another or not. Trust has them risking everything. Honor gets them down the aisle. Love will be the biggest test of all.This book was such an exciting and fun read. Lucy is over dating and she is over the fact that she can’t have the Kerrigan twins. But after a nasty run in with Heath, she’s even more sure that she wants his twin Will. After that run in she decides to have a panel of love experts pick her future husband. Heath is convinced that Lucy is his and they are made for each other. After being brushed off by her, he decides to let her go and join in on the panel of love experts. Will he prove to her that he is the guy for her or will she end up with someone else?? Ugh, I can’t stress how much I loved Heath!!! Great story!! Refreshing and fun read!!**Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club**

  • Nice and Naughty Book Club
    2019-04-16 14:01

    Originally released as three separate instalments, Trust Honor Love is now available in one full book and is a light, fun & easy read.TRUST is told from the POV of the heroine, Lucy. We get an insight into her feelings & history with the hero, Heath and how she's never forgiven him for misleading her one summer when they were teenagers. Ten years may have passed but the spark between these two is definitely still there and Heath is no longer the boy she can be mad at, but is the man she loves to fight with :) Lucy decides it's time to settle down & jumps at an opportunity to test the art of matchmaking when she signs up to wed a complete stranger. What she didn't know was that the man waiting at the end of the aisle wasn't a stranger at all but rather her match in every way possible.HONOR is told from Heath's POV and shows how he & Lucy navigate through their newfound relationship while they try to logistically mesh their daily lives together. While all may seem like bliss to the newlyweds, Heath has a secret that he knows will rock the foundations of his new love and when Lucy finds out she will question everything and trust no-one.LOVE is told from both Heath & Lucy's POV. While Heath suffers from a case of douchebaggery in a few scenes he still ultimately won me over with his love for Lucy. These two fight like their going to kill each other but it's filled with passion and just leads to great make up sex ;) Life throws a whole heap of obstacles at Lucy & Heath as they try to sort through their feelings for one another but ultimately the connection they share runs deep and the love they're both searching for may have been there from the start.To be honest I couldn't put this one down as it was a page turner filled with lots of sexy banter, emotion and angst that is well paced and exciting. I can't wait for the rest of the Kerrigan Brothers stories to come out!!!

  • Cindy
    2019-04-19 15:04

    “I see you, Heathcliff Daniel Kerrigan. I know who you are. Your breath is my life and you’re the only one who knows who I am. You owe me, always have.”I owe to myself to tell you how this story made me felt mixed up inside. Trust Honor Love started off well with Lucy getting tired of going on numerous dating sites to end up on horrible dates. An ad in the newspaper called for volunteer to participate in a new study, where they will find a husband/wife for a person; she saw it at sign for her to finally find a husband. In the meantime she keeps bumping into Heath, a childhood friend, who she has a love hate kind of relationship with since he made a fool out of her one summer by pretending to be his twin brother, Will. The author has created a unique combination of a marriage program and love hate relationship that got me wondering how she would pull this off. A couple of chapters in, it became clearly, who the author wanted Lucy to be with. It’s none other than Heath. Lucy and Heath have a dynamic relationship. No doubt about there’s chemistry between them. My mixed up feeling began when their love story started, which became chaotic. Lucy was doing too much while the Heath was doing too little or not willing to fight for her. I wanted to knock some sense into his mind telling him if she is the love of your life, why are you not doing anything to make her stay.Near the end I felt a little rushed, but it was a fast read. Rating: 2 stars

  • Lisa
    2019-04-12 10:23

    This serial was previously released in 3 separate parts. Trust. Honor. Love.Lucy has a lifelong connection with Heath. They've had their ups and downs (mostly downs), but she can't deny her attraction to him. She grew up around him and his brothers, but one day he does the unthinkable. She throws caution to the wind and takes part in a new dating experiment... except it involved someone else picking out her date... who she'll marry, sight unseen.Heath was.... ok, seriously. JM Witt has a knack for creating these leading men that you can't help but drool over. I mean... come on!! It almost isn't fair to men in real life, lol. Him and Lucy have this bond, yet they they keep denying it. When they get together, it's just hotness on a whole new level.Heath and Lucy's marriage was anything other than traditional. It started with blind fate and required a leap of faith. They always had feelings for each other, but could never get on the same page. Once they did....fireworks. But life isn't always perfect. Sometimes we do things to protect our heart.I absolutely love that JM Witt writes real characters with real life problems. She doesn't sugar coat anything. Relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows. Don't shy away from Heath and Lucy's story because it's a serial. This serial packs a major punch and doesn't skimp on the story."I'm your anchor and you're my home."The ending.... exactly as it should be. Nothing was forced and it ended perfectly for these characters.

  • Dana Busenbark
    2019-04-10 13:05

    Think about the new shows that have been out on television recently. Did you see ads for Married at First Sight? This book mirrors that show perfectly. However, in the book, one couple is no stranger to one another. They grew up together. The book alternates between telling her side and telling his side. Then it alternates from summers past and how she was hurt to summers past and how he hurt. There is love, sex, forgiveness, marriage, babies, tragedy, women who don't know how to take "it's Over" for an answer and keep trying to meddle in things they should not. Watch how Lucy and Heathcliff work to overcome all of these bumps in the road and more. You saw the same thing on Married at First Sight if you happened to watch it. They had their own bumps to get over. These bumps in the road are real life issues that people face on a daily basis. Definitely a realistic fiction book to check out. Definitely a romance, but far from contemporary. I can't wait for Body Heart Soul Blind Vows comes out. RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR/HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin' With M.Brennan.

  • Shameca Smith
    2019-03-30 17:09

    When I started reading this book, all I thought about was that new television show that I keep seeing commercials for. Where two strangers are arranged to be married and to see if their marriage will last. It's not exactly like the show because these two to be wed, know each other and have quite a history with each other. I loved this book. Within the first chapter or so in the book I knew I was going to love Lucy. After being at the bar and spotting Heath, she was flustered, but she managed to sneak out the bar and made him pay the tab! She kept me laughing through this whole book. Even though she tried to brush off her feelings for Heath, she could no longer hide them. Heath, oh Heath, I really wanted to hate him after I had read what he had done to Lucy in the past. But he never gave up on what he wanted and even pushed to keep Lucy when she found out, walking down the aisle, that she was about to be wed to Health. This is the kind of guy you would want to be with. Once again, I loved this book and I cannot wait until the other parts come out in the series.

  • Kathleen R.
    2019-04-06 18:19

    Overall Stars: 5 STARSMatchmakingTrustThree were born on the same night and have been inseparable since, but another will test their devotion to each other. Trust Honor Love: An experiment of marital proportions. Lucy Roberts is sick of the dating scene and especially of what she can never have; The Kerrigan brothers, specifically twins Will and Heath. A bad run-in with Heath proves everything she already knew about him; he’s not Will. Agreeing to a new experiment; she lets a panel of experts pick out her future husband. Heathcliff Kerrigan is convinced Lucy is made to be his and not Will’s. Their family ties go back decades, just like his love for her. After his attempts to claim her go wrong, he lets her go. Or does he? Taking a drastic change, he decides to partake in the same marriage experiment. Find out if their destinies are truly tied to one another or not. Trust has them risking everything. Honor gets them down the aisle. Love will be the biggest test of all (Amazon Blurb)I truly enjoyed this first book in this series. It was unique, captivating and emotionally charging – the connections and chemistry existing between the characters were poignant and the sexual tension!? Yowzah! Trust Honor Love is the first novel in the Blind Vows series and I sincerely must say that it is a great start and promises to be an amazing series. Lucy has had enough of having to deal with choosing between two men: one who broke her heart but makes her blood boil in all the right ways, and the other who owns her heart. The only problem choosing for Lucy is the fact that both men share the same face since they are twins. As a result, she turns to a matchmaker who will decide her perfect partner based on many factors, but the only draw back is that she won’t find out who the mystery partner is until both are at the altar. Knowing he’s destined to be with Lucy, Heath does everything humanly possible to be the man she meets at the altar and as a couple, the two must learn what trust, honor and love means. As a first time reader of J.M. Witt, I’m an absolute fan and can’t wait for the next part of this series – a highly recommended novel that readers could easily immerse themselves. **Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. Read and reviewed by Kathleen for Alpha Book Club**

  • Ebbie ~Author Groupies
    2019-03-24 10:54

    Trust (Blind Vows #1)Trust is the first part of a serial and the first book I have read from this author. This was a great quick read. I loved the love/hate relationship between Lucy and Heath. This seemed to be a theme for most of their lives and had me wondering if they would ever work things out. I really liked Lucy, she seemed like someone I could be friends with. Heath was a little too cocky. He had my mouth gaping in awe of the things he said. This was a great start to the serial and luckily the next part is out so I didn't have to wait to read on.Honor (Blind Vows #2)Honor was a great story! I love the idea of marrying someone without meeting them even though I think it's a little crazy! I mean who would agree to that? And once Lucy finds out that Heath is her match is will she become the runaway bride? Great quick read. Full of angst, love and some pretty hot sex scenes! Heath is redeemed in this part of the serial and seems to have grown and matured. But he has kept secrets from Lucy and when they come out their love will be put to the ultimate test. Love (Blind Vows #3)Love is the third and final installment of the serial. This installment is full of secrets and turmoil. Will Lucy and Heath's love be enough? Or will all of this tear them apart once and for all? Heath has so much going on with his brother and family that he doesn't seem to notice that Lucy is slowly slipping away. They are also waiting to find out if Heath or Will was Lucy's perfect match, like that mattered at this point. They were both so in love but couldn't see it. This part of the serial had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I had to know what would happen next. This story had so many unexpected twists and turns. The ending was perfect! I cannot wait to see who Ms Witt's next serial is many choices with Heath's four brothers.

  • Sharilyn Dickerson
    2019-04-03 17:04

    Trust (Blind Vows 1.1)Oh my goodness!! I absolutely LOVED this book! Yes, it is short but it is so absolutely worth it! Lucy and Heath grew up together since their families were good friends. She had a crush on his brother Will and HATED Heath. Can love grow from hate? If it can happen for anyone, it would happen for them. Or will it?I loved the storyline in this one. It is very original... at least I haven't read any other books like it. As with all of the author's books I have read so far, there are plenty of twists and turns and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.Honor (Blind Vows 1.2)I loved Heath and Lucy in the first book Trust! I loved them even more in this book! JM is a master at plot twists and her ability to pull you into her stories. She did it with her Anchored Hearts Series and she is doing it with these books.Heath and Lucy have loved each other for as long as they both can remember but bad decisions and insecurities have always stood in their way. Heath finally realizes that Lucy is IT for him and he will do whatever it takes to make her his forever. Now maybe they will finally have their HEA... or will they?Love (Blind Vows 1.3)What a great conclusion to Heath and Lucy's story!! I love it!Heath and Lucy have so many ups and downs in this one. After the revelations of what really led to the two of them getting married and the aftermath of O's injuries, they are both in a tailspin. There were moments I wanted to just reach into the story and grab them both by their ears and make them sit and talk. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way though.

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-04-08 16:21

    Trust Honor Love is one fantastic serial, although with J.M. Witt's amazing, and highly addicting writing style, I ALWAYS WANT MORE! Lucy Roberts has had enough of the dating scene. She's been in love with Will since she was a young girl, but he doesn't feel the same way. And after an ugly run in with his twin brother Heath, she decides to let a panel of experts choose her future husband. Heath has had a thing for Lucy since they were kids, and has done his utmost to make her see that he, not Will, is the man for her. When he sees no other solution, he backs away and decides to try the same marriage experiment. With experts picking out their future spouses, what could possibly go wrong?I couldn't get enough of this series, and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Even though a quick read, the character development is great. The story line is original, fast paced, and well written while flowing very smoothly. J.M. Witt has a talented writing style that no matter what she writes, I'm hooked from the beginning while she keeps my heart racing cover to cover. Add in EXPLOSIVELY HOT sexy scene goodness, well placed humor, and unconditional love, it's an amazingly awesome story that everyone should read. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Haley Whitehall
    2019-03-28 10:07

    I really enjoyed reading Trust Honor Love. The contemporary romance was a hot, easy read perfect for a summer afternoon. Lucy Roberts joins a marriage experiment and agrees to wed the man chosen for her by a team of psychologists and other professionals. She never expected the mystery man waiting at the alter would be an old flame, Heathcliff Kerrigan!Fans of Decadent Publishing's 1NightStand series will enjoy Trust Honor Love. The first section trust reminded me of the series, and in this story you actually get to see what happens after they are married and fall deeper in love.This story was well-written and I liked how the backstory was woven into the pages. I liked Lucy better than Heath. The hero was a bit too chicken for my taste. Thankfully he comes to his senses before it was too late. The marriage experiment was interesting. I almost wondered if a candid camera was taping somewhere for a reality tv show.I highly recommend Trust Honor Love. I look forward to reading more by J.M. Witt. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Caroline Ferriday
    2019-04-24 14:02

    I loved this book!You meet Lucy, who is a lady fed up with the dating scene, so tries a new method of falling in love. She's going to marry... A stranger. Lucy is such a strong character and every fault and barrier that comes at her, she breaks down. She has overcome so much to do with the family that she basically grew up with, that I was begging her to fall in love with HeathHeath is what I'd expect a love sick puppy to behave like. The love hate relationship he had with Lucy was such a front and u just wanted to slap him so I could show him who was right in front of him.I loved the concept of marrying a stranger, but the emotions that Lucy and Heath displayed can be seen in real relationships. I loved the whole will they, won't t hey aspect, as I was praying that they would. This book is filled with everything, a childhood romance and obsession, betrayal, hot sex, gorgeous brothers and a wounded military man.So worth 5 stars, and worth the time to read it and get sucked into the world JM. Witt has created.

  • Ginni Hall
    2019-03-25 16:07

    The Full Book - J.M. Whitt4 StarsThis was 3 books combined into one read for me. I’m so thankful for that because I’m not a fan of cliffhangers.Trust – I thought this one was the best one out of the three! - Childhood tricks create a lot of adult sexual tension! Love that JM chose Heathcliff as the male leads name! So nice to see something new! Lucy cracks me up and I instantly connected with her character!Honor – Certainly entertaining! I like where JM took this story! I enjoyed getting Heathcliff’s POV as well. Very quick moving, very enjoyable read!Love – The conclusion! Sometimes I wanted to smack Lucy; then again I knew where she was coming from! I am really glad that JM ended the series this way. I think it was an great short series!All and all I liked this series. I think there could have been a little less drama, a little less sex, and a little more story, a little more depth. J.M. Whitt did a great job on the storyline.

  • ☮ Syrina ☮ RWBR
    2019-03-28 17:04

    Different concept, loved the plot, nice sweet romance, I loved the characters especially the Kerrigan twins, LOL! I wasn't sure if Will and Heath were naughty or nice bad boys and to find out they were both was a dream come true! I might be a little jaded for I might have wanted a little more naughty in my bad boys yet the truth of the matter was it was a well rounded loving sweet romance. Lucy Roberts does not trust her beloved childhood friends the Kerrigan brothers for they burned her once before in a summer crush fling. Lucy always thought she wanted Will when maybe it was his brother Heath she really longed for.There is a Social Pairing Experiment that experts find and match up soul mates. The dynamic duo sign up for this match up and find out they might have much more in common than their love/hate relationship. Secrets and lies are revealed and the stakes are very high indeed!Thank you J M Witt, very clever and I loved it.

  • J.C.
    2019-04-22 12:08

    Trust Honor Love (Blind Vows #1-3) JM Witt 5 stars Reviewed by ByoBook Club I adored this book, it was a very easy to read, very light but had some steam to it. This book resembles some of today's reality television shows, except (at least for me) it was enjoyable. Lucy is over the dating scene and over not being able to be with one of the gorgeous Kerringan twins. Heath and Lucy have a love/hate relationship. Lucy claims to hate him, while he loves her. The two have a terrible run-in, then Lucy decides to have a panel choose her future husband. Heath, in turn, joins in the running to be that future husband. I loved Heath, I loved Lucy, I loved everything about this book! I highly recommend this read, it's very light, refreshing and upbeat! A change of pace for romance novels!

  • Tara Santiago
    2019-04-05 15:18

    Overall rating of the series as a whole is 4.5 Stars. The storyline was refreshing and I really enjoyed the characters. The premise of the story is straight out of a reality show, and this reality tv junkie loved it. Nothing was overdone, everything flowed nicely and the sex was HOT .The volumes are pretty short which made it easy to read each volume in one sitting.I'm looking forward to the next series from this author.**A gifted copy was received by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review**Be sure to check out more of my reviews at: &

  • Myriam
    2019-03-24 16:59

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! This book was just what the doctor ordered. It was light, witty, & funny. Had me hooked from page 1 and Holy Mother was it H. O. T! I will never look at a Heath Bar the same way again.Heathcliff & Lucy are very likable and unpredictable characters and they're love story is both heart wrenching and beautiful! I loved the dual POV and the author did an amazing job at evoking my emotions. I felt like I was a spectator in the book itself.This is definitely a fun read that I would recommend to everyone, especially those of you that enjoy a good, fun HEA with a sassy heroine and a hotter than life alpha male! Oh, and the sex was AWESOME!!! I will definitely be reading more from her.

  • Pamela
    2019-03-24 15:11

    This book was previously written in 3 serials but the author has now combined them into 1 book. Lucy and Health have known each other forever. They have had a complicated past that seems to get worse everytime they see each other. Lucy has had enough of relationships that go nowhere. She has signed up for a blind wedding experiment.The soon to be bride and groom will not know who their match is till they are about to be married. Lucy walks in and sees no other than Heath waiting to be married to her. She freaks and runs out. You will have to read this to find out how it ends. This was a quick read that I really enjoyed.I didn't want this book to end. I will definitely be reading more from this author. I received an Arc in exchange for an honest review

  • Lori Garside
    2019-04-03 13:00

    What would you do if you were single and looking, but were tired of kissing a ton of frogs with no prince in sight! Would you let a group of experts match you with your 'perfect mate' -- without having ever SEEN the man? Lucy Roberts is willing to put herself in just such a position. The problem? Twins. Yep, two men. She's had strong feelings for both ... one she adores, the other she detests. Heath switched with his brother Will when they were very young and hurt Lucy immeasurably. You know one of them is at the altar on her wedding day, but just WHO is it? Will Lucy be able to put the past behind her and see him for who he really is (no, I'm not saying which 'him'). Will she be able to Trust, Honor, Love and live happily ever after?

  • Melissa
    2019-03-31 11:59

    A Highly Enjoyable ReadThis book was a really great romance, perfect for relaxing and reading on a breezy summer day. The plot was both intriguing and uniquely interesting. When I read the blurb, I immediately knew that I wanted to read the book. The idea of letting a panel of people pick out a husband, and then seeing that the person who was picked out for her was a person that she definitely disliked seemed to be a perfect recipe for trouble. I was even more entertained than I had expected. It is a smooth read that will pull you in and keep you turning pages. There is definitely drama as expected but there is a whole lot more. There is fun and romance and sadness, and love. I definitely recommend this book. I was given a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-30 18:08

    I was blown away as always by how J.M. can pull you into a story and she sure did that with Lucy and Heath. She had me crying from the start of the book to the very end. For Lucy, she says she hates him but deep down she really doesn't and for Heath, he has loved her since he was 18.Now his dream has come true. Heath is hiding something from Lucy and he need to tell her before she finds out from someone else. He has the girl of his dreams but will it last and for how long?Lucy and Heath have had their struggles throughout the whole book and now that they are married and Heath's brother O has been injured will Lucy and Heath's marriage survive before they kill each other or will LOVE conquer all? You will need to read the whole story to find out...

  • Page Turner Soap Co Book Reviews
    2019-04-08 12:10

    (Received ARC from the author in exchange for our honest review.)Lucy was tired of the dating scene. She enrolled in an experiment where she completed a battery of questions and she was matched to her perfect mate. Catch—she would not meet him until she walked down the aisle.Heath Kerrigan is a twin. His brother Will, Lucy has had a crush on him through her adolescents. Will and Heath even did a switch where Lucy’s first kiss was Heath who she believed was Will at the time.This book is a must read. J. M. Witt writes with a flair. The story is impossible to put down. Find out what happens when Lucy walks down the aisle. Find out how Heath treats Lucy from that point.

  • Melissa Ann PA
    2019-04-16 11:12

    Reviewing for Book Boyfriend HeavenSo Trust Honor Love by J.M. Witt was amazing this is the first book I have read by the author but I can guarantee it won’t be the last. So I absolutely loved Lucy and Heathcliff’s relationship and how it shows the fine love between love and hate. It is also great how the author took something that is so popular right now such as getting experts to find your husband or wife and put it into the story. I got so drawn into their story that I just couldn’t put the book down before I knew it the book was finished and I so wanted more.

  • Lindsey Armstrong
    2019-03-31 13:22

    This is the first book that I have read by JM Witt and can't wait to read more. This was a new spin on a romance story with the marriage experiment that Lucy gets into. There were times in the story you wanted to scream, but there were such sweet and loving parts that you just wanted to cry happy tears from all the emotion between Heath, Lucy, family & friends. Sometimes people are just suppose to be together in the end, but to find out how this story ends you'll have to read the book for yourself.