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Jyra’s parents have a surprise for her – a trip to the snow! But Jyra’s forgotten to tell them about a very special school excursion and she can’t find the words to tell her parents or the note that explains it all. What is she going to do?Follow Jyra as she tries to figure a way out of her dilemma....

Title : Jyra and the Excursion
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ISBN : 9780992577131
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 36 Pages
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Jyra and the Excursion Reviews

  • Penny Minding Mom
    2019-03-22 02:38

    Field trips are exciting! My daughter was so excited when her Kindergarten class went on their class trip last year. She talked about it for days. I was lucky enough to go on it and experience all the fun and excitement the kids had while exploring one of the local farms. It was a day my daughter will remember for a long time!“Jyra and the Excursion” is the story of a beautiful little girl named Jyra who forgot to tell her parents about a very special school excursion. When her parents plan a trip to the snow (ski hill) Jyra become very upset and refuses to go. Will she be able to find the words she needs or the note to explain to her parents why she doesn’t want to go with them on their family trip?“Jyra and the Excursion” is a wonderful story about responsibility, that most children can relate to. Most children have forgotten or lost notices sent home from the school. Often times there aren’t any serious consequences, but sometimes these forms are permission slips contain information that Mom and/or Dad need so that plans can be made (or cancelled). This was a great opportunity to talk to my children about putting their school notes in a special spot in their backpack.The story also opened up the opportunity to discuss with the kids about how to deal with frustrating situations. When Jyra couldn’t find the words to tell her parents about the excursion so she needed to think of another way to resolve her dilemma. The kids and I talked about different ways Jyra could deal with the situation. She could just give up in frustration or she could go search for the note. We also talked about how the mother may react depending on Jyra’s choice.The story was little confusing for the kids because of some regional differences. Where I live we do not call school trip “Excursions” instead we call them “Field Trips”. We were also a little confused about “a trip to the snow”, we made the assumption the author meant a ski hill or resort. These differences didn’t take away from the story, but gave my children an opportunity to learn some new words.As my daughter learns to read she is using the pictures more and more to help her understand the story, the illustrations in “Jyra and the Excursion” match up to the story perfectly. The font choices are fun as well adding a dynamic to the story. Through the illustrations and font choices you are able to pick on the emotions of the story, you can feel Jyra’s disappointment and excitement.“Jyra and the Excursion” is a story that school-aged children can relate to about taking notices home from school and dealing with frustrations.The author, Lou Silluzio’s is Grandfather of six. His grandchildren are the inspiration for his stories. A third battle with prostate cancer spurred him to follow his dream of creating a series of books as a legacy for his grandchildren. He donates 10% of the book’s profits to the Epworth Medical Foundation.*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Jyra and the Excursion” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

  • Autumn
    2019-02-26 06:03

    We received this book to give an honest review.For K and I this was an okay book, I don't think K enjoyed it as much as I thought he would.Jyra's parents are wanting to surprise her with a cool trip but when they wanting to go is during the week and Jyra wanted to do something with her school. At first of course Jyra gets upset and then realizes she should have given her parents the permission slip to attend the school trip. Will she get to go or is it too late? I think this was a good message for kids to understand that if you want to do something really cool or special then make sure you give your parents the note you are suppose to. I didn't understand the way the author kept saying a trip to the me that just sounds off, but maybe people do talk like that. K asked me what they meant and I explained that it probably meant to go skiing as that is what the picture looked like. K's favorite part in the book was going to the museum and he has said he wants to go to the museum one day.Overall a good book and good illustrations.

  • Pamela Hubbard
    2019-03-07 07:05

    This is a cute story about a sweet girl who gets frustrated. Jyra's parents want to surprise her with a special trip to the mountains but Jyra surprisingly has a fit at this news. She is struggling to communicate something to her parents and finally the information comes out that Jyra's school has a field trip that day and she really wants to go. Everything gets resolved and Jyra has a great time. She learns that it's important to communicate and bring all school information to her parents right away. The story was sweet, but I did not like some of the behavior portrayed. When Jyra was upset and frustrated she was rude, stubborn and had a meltdown. As I am dealing with this behavior from my toddler right now, I wasn't a huge fan of reading those scenes to my daughter and thus validating the behavior! Other than that, good story!

  • Lou Silluzio
    2019-03-02 06:35

    A lot of the my book ideas come from observing and listening to my grandchildren. Children have much better imagination than we have because their minds aren't cluttered with garbage like ours.I hope you enjoy reading Jyra's story and I'd love it if you left a review too. Thank you.