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Title : A Father This Christmas?
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A Father This Christmas? Reviews

  • Vintage
    2019-03-07 06:06

    The moral of this story is sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you. A lesson our pity-party throwing hero should take to heart.After leaving for bloody Africa, you know the dark continent, for four years after a one night stand where he leaves a note (what a guy), Jacob the hero leads with the refrain,You’ve withheld my son from me, you selfish witch. I paraphrased; he’s not quite that harsh. On top of that he hasn’t been in touch with his own parents for four years. FOUR YEARS. Four years in Africa and never called his parents once. If it were my son, I would have tracked his ass down and delivered the lecture of the millennium, “You call your mother, Dr. Mr. Big Britches.”Eva whose glass is never quite even half full is the product of years spent in various homes and foster families, and has continually been let down. Even when the H is trying to explain about his dead fiancee and says he doesn’t know if ever really loved her, Eva is still set on doubting how he feels about her. Leaving her for Africa with only a one line note probably didn’t help. They do bond over their plot moppet, a three year old with the verbal skills of an eight year old, and the romance develops like grass growing and is just as interesting, Yes, I am being a cynical bitch about this warm and moving story of two hurt people bonding over their son, but I can’t help it. I feel manipulated out the wazoo. Same feeling I had when I read The Fault in Our Stars. Jacob has a big secret about the death of his fiancee, a secret he dare not speak because it’s HIS fault she died.(view spoiler)[The story that his fiancee died on Christmas Eve on the way to their wedding was false. The dead F had arrived earlier at the church when he was by himself (that alone is so freaking implausible because anyone who’s ever gotten married knows that being by yourself is not gonna happen on your wedding day unless you lock yourself in the bathroom. Even then some bossy female relative will either barge in or send in the troops aka a bridemaid.) The dead F had to confess she had cheated on him with his best friend before they got married. Best friend? Jacob said some mean things to the dead F. It’s never stated exactly what he said, but from his guilt I imagine he said he didn’t care if she died or something along those lines. She fled in tears; ran into a semi and died with her blood all over the snow. Thank you, thank you so much. Now I have the image and sound of Axl Rose singing November Rain competing with my tinnitus. Sooo, Jacob killed her and feels so guilty. No one knows about her confession. He couldn’t face the guilt over KILLING her, and all the sympathy he didn't deserve so he left for Africa for four years the night after getting a girl pregnant and then never called his parents. Oh yeah, he also feels guilty because if he had been a better fiancee and more attentive, his dead F wouldn’t have cheated with his not-so best friend; he wouldn't have yelled, and she wouldn’t have died.This Christmas is not much better. Jacob does connect with his parents and takes his uber-verbal mini-me tot and Eva along. After a nice long visit when Eva sees the family she has always wanted and been deprived, they hop back to London. Plot moppet gets very, very sick on.. guess what date? Yes, Christmas Eve strikes again, and Jacob is once again faced with more drama and the now horrendous fear his son may not survive. I know horrible coincidences exist in real life, but this was just too manipulative all over again.(hide spoiler)]I don't know why this triggered the evil, cynical bitch that lives within, but it did. The hero is a nice guy; the heroine is a sad but hopeful woman in need of a real family. Well written, but just for me.

  • Nas Dean
    2019-03-03 05:30

    A FATHER THIS CHRISTMAS by author Louisa Heaton is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for November 2015.Dr. Eva Corday had one passion-filled night on Christmas Eve four years ago. She had not forgotten that night and had a lovely reminder of Jacob Dolan in the form of her son, Seb.Now four years later Dolan was standing in her ER department as the new doctor. He was back from Africa and was on a mission to find Eva, but what would happen when he finds that Eva had kept Seb a secret from him? He had missed the first three years of his son’s life. Could that fact override the feelings they had for each other? Eva wanted to be loved and cherished for herself. Could Dolan forgive her and forget his own past while moving forward with Eva and Seb?A FATHER THIS CHRISTMAS is a sweet romance filled with emotions to tug your heart. Dolan had his own demons to fight with before he could commit. And Eva, though a strong person, had her own insecurities which she had to overcome. Author Louisa Heaton has her own unique style with words and hooks a reader in charmingly with her story telling. Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

  • Amanda
    2019-03-20 08:19

    Dr. Eva Corday spent one hot Christmas Eve night in the arms of Dr. Jacob Dolan four years. But when Jacob leaves her bed the next day without her knowing, he leaves a part of himself with her unknowingly. Eva gets pregnant and delivers a beautiful baby boy named Seb. And when Eva thinks she'd never see Jacob again, now years later he is back and standing in her ER department looking as handsome as ever. As the story unfolds we see the characters grow, we see them overcome the issues that crops up between them, we see Seb, that beautiful little boy play a vital role in bringing his parents together. We see love blossom and memories made and we see Eva and Jacob attain their happy ending by working out their problems together… A Father This Christmas by Louisa Heaton is a warm cozy read filled with emotional intensity amid the backdrop of medical drama. Ms. Heaton's unique writing style garners the readers full attention from page one.Recommended5 Stars

  • Mary Stergioti
    2019-03-24 02:32

    Δεν ήταν άσχημο για το είδος του αλλά η επενάλυψη των σκέψεων των πρωταγωνιστών καθώς και η περίλυψη των χαρακτηριστικών τους κούρασε. Βασικά η όλη ιστορία θα μπορούσε να είναι γραμμένη στις μισές σελίδες χωρίς να έχει σημεία που χάνουν τον αναγνώστη.

  • Dawn Baxter
    2019-02-27 01:16

    Loved itLoved reading this book. Thought l wouldn't get into this book but very happy l got into it. Fab book

  • Diana Tidlund
    2019-03-17 01:34

    Louisa Heaton's A Father This Christmas?, is a wonderfully heartwarming story that'll bring a couple tears to your eyes but an ultimate smile on your face....I have loved reading Louisa Heaton's work for quite a while now and she has never disappointed me and with her latest " A Father This Christmas? " she's once again captivated me with not only her writing but her characters as well.Former loves Dr. Eva Corday and Dr. Jacob Dolan are reunited at work when Jacob comes back after 4 years doing medical aide work in Africa.While Jacob may be happy to see Eva Eva is shocked to see him. And she was about to turn around and shock and surprise him right back by telling him that she has a little boy named Sebastian that is the spitting image of his father, Jacob. And more shocking was that their son is the little boy that he's working on after he was injured in a school bus accident.Jacob may be shocked momentarily but hes not going to let his son live without him in his life and makes sure she knows it.Eva has no problem letting Jacob into Sebastian's life the problem is keeping him from getting to close to her, especially since he abandoned her once already to go to Afria, unknowingly leaving her pregnant. Besides, she knows she'll never have his love, that was buried 5 years ago with his fiance on their wedding day.Can Jacob overcome his past and love Eva the way she deserves to be loved? Love her enough to give this former orphaned child the family she deserves but has never had? Then, just when you think they are going to be able to get through this tragedy strikes , will they survive or will this be the final nail in the coffin for them?You really should grab a copy of Louisa Heaton's A Father This Christmas and find out what happens, you won't be disappointed, I never have been.Definitely a must read!

  • Hina Tabassum
    2019-03-20 01:34

    The cover explicitly portrays who the main guy is!The cute young boy is there from the very beginning of the story to steal the thunder from his parents. Being an adorable addition in a situation which would probably have been drab if not for him.Dr Eva Corday and Dr Jacob Dolan meet after four years. The only time they met was the time when they created the cute little boy they both hold dear to their lives. A little boy who had been in accident.A foster kid for as long as she remembered, Eva had always been made to believe that she was someone unwanted and thus always guarded her heart and never let anyone come near her emotionally. Jacob, on the other hand is busy carrying guilt for what happened with the woman he had once wanted to marry.Knowing the abundance of happiness that is theirs for the taking, this one couple works head on. Keeping a clear mind even in times when emotions bubble and are about to gurgle out.A story of parents who must keep the happiness of their child forefront even hen looking for their own happiness, this story strikes very real with the struggles of parents and a life a doctor leads from the other side of the desk. It gives a peek into how a life is upended when a doctor finds himself or himself in a position when they have to be the ones waiting for news from doctors.A very emotional, and in places completely heart wrenching, story.

  • Jenny
    2019-03-01 07:32

    Dr Eva Corday and Dr Jacob Dolan have a one night stand that results in pregnancy. Jacob however doesn't know that because even though Eva searched for him he was in Africa and impossible to find. Now four years later Dolan is standing in her ER department as the new doctor. How will he react when he finds that Eva had kept Seb a secret from him? Will he let go of his guilt over the death of his childhood sweetheart Michelle? - the woman who betrayed him and died on their wedding day? Eva had a bad childhood. She went to ten different foster families. She'd been hurt so many times before and she longs to be a part of a family but she is afraid Jacob still loves his dead fiance. Does Michelle rule Jacob's heart? Will he ever let her go? is Eva trying to compete with a ghost? A sweet medical romance. I loved Eva. I liked that she remained celibate and became a successful single parent. Despite her lonely childhood she is a strong person and a loving great mother. It takes confidence, resilience and courage parenting on your own. I admired her for that. I loved how Jacob's family embraced her and made her feel at home. She deserved it. Great, quick read with an adorable epilogue.

  • Melody Cox
    2019-03-08 03:26

    ***4.5 Stars***What a gem! I adored his book. The characters were refreshing and the story line was emotional and tugged at my heart. We meet Dr. Eva Corday who thought she would never again lay eyes on the gorgeous Dr. Jacob Dolan, the man who stole her heart in one sizzling night of passion only to find him gone when she awoke. He left her a brief note saying that he was leaving for Africa and shortly thereafter Eva discovers she's pregnant with his child without any contact info. Eva did her best to find Jacob to inform him of her pregnancy but no one she contacted knew his whereabouts. She searched repeatedly without any luck and after exhausting every avenue she was aware of she finally gave up.Now, Dr. Dolan has a lot of heartbreak in his past (don't we all) and he is dealing with strong conflicting feelings about the woman he was once to have married. But she was not the woman he thought she was and she came very close to destroying him. He was left with a life filled with tremendous guilt and angst.I loved this book, I truly did. I highly recommend it. Was there anything negative about the story? Yes. Our heroine did a lot of self thought and self talk and it did become redundant. Other than that it was perfect!

  • Sarah
    2019-03-10 08:08

    Thanks to Goodreads and Louisa Heaton for a free copy of A Father This Christmas?A Father This Christmas? is I think the first romance novel that I've actually, you know, gotten. Most of the time, by the time I reach the end of a book where romance features heavily, I'm frustrated and creeped out -- let's just say that the controlling alpha male love interest doesn't do it for me.So, this book was really lovely to read. It's a sweet love story about two doctors and their son, but more than that, it's about family and belonging. There are some fantastic conflicts that move the story along in the first half, and while I thought there were a few plot points that were too coincidental, everything was wrapped up and explained by the end. And there are some interesting medical details worked in as well.This is a great book to read while curled up inside on a snowy evening.

  • Dottie
    2019-03-19 05:17

    A lovely medical romance that brings back together two people that spent one Christmas eve together that changed their whole life. Dr. Eva Corday has a 3 year old son Seb who was conceived on that memorable night, the father was Dr. Jacob Dolan, however he doesn't know that because even though Eva searched for him he was not to be found. He said he was going to Africa and so here three years later he is standing in the hall of the hospital where she works. How does she tell him she had his son, what does she say at all. Life throws some difficult things at people and this is one that both will have to deal with. Jacob had his reasons for leaving and Eva has her ghosts from the past. However Louisa Heaton brings them together with the help of the cutest little boy and everyone will enjoy this reunion, once the dust clears. A very sweet enjoyable book.

  • Debra Ashwood
    2019-03-03 06:21

    A Father This ChristmasWhen a man leaves with no way to contact him, he has no right to be angry when he finds out that he is a father years later. That is the basses of this story. The hero comes back from Africa and ends up working with the same woman he'd slept with before he left. He had run to Africa to get away from the demons of his past. But now that he is back what will he do about the son he just found out about?

  • Helen
    2019-03-20 08:06

    This is a beautifully written moving and emotional story that will have you grabbing for the tissues and smiling as well as Dr Eva Corday finds love and family and Dr Jacob Dolan comes to terms with things that have driven him from his past and little Seb has a mother and father.Eva has never had a family she grew up through the foster care system but always dreamed of family and when one night of passion with Jacob leaves her pregnant and alone, although she searches for him she is unsuccessful so she carries on life to the fullest with her son never thinking that she would see Jacob again.That one last night in England for Jacob was never forgotten Eva the gorgeous red head was always in his mind and when years later he finally comes to terms with his past he returns to England from Africa and finds Eva but what he discovers also will shock him but make him more determined to open up to Eva and his son Seb although with it being Christmas many memories are brought back.This is such a gorgeous story I have been lucky enough to always have family but Eva hadn't and to feel her joy as Jacob, Seb and her get closer is amazing and to see Jacob come to terms with what had happened to him and re-uniting with his family will have you smiling, Seb is such a beautiful little boy and of course I do love Christmas stories especially set in the cooler climates my recommendation is don't miss this one I loved it.

  • Alexia
    2019-03-19 09:31

    "A Father This Christmas?" is by author Louisa Heaton. It is listed under the Medical Romance for Mills & Boon but it is also a classic romance story. In this book Dr. Eva Corday and Dr. Jacob Dolan meet and share a passionate night. The next day he's gone but he leaves a reminder of their night together....their little boy Seb. Fast forward 4 years and they meet again under not so great circumstances. Eva guards her heart and happiness. Jacob has his own qualms to face. They thrown back together and try to fight the attraction. Such a great, quick read.

  • Madonna
    2019-03-06 02:32

    Received this book from Good Reads Program.Loved reading "A Father This Christmas?" by Louisa Heaton. I read it on the bus during a tour last month and by the time I got home just forgot to do the review. It is a light reading and at less than 200 pages was a very fast read. A lovely story about two medical people who discovered that the thing they had in common was not only a passion for each other, but also a lovely little boy for them both to love.

  • Marife
    2019-03-25 03:33

    I want to give more stars, but I feel that I am cheating if I do that. This has so much potential, but I think the story is predictable and the way of writing is redundant. I feel that everything repeats itself, just rephrased.