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When unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she's delighted. But she's in for a huge surprise: The house is haunted by the ghost of famous romance writer Max Murdoch (pen name Maxine DuBois) who insists Nan complete his last novel, threatening to keep her from sleeping until she agrees. The ensuing clash pitWhen unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she's delighted. But she's in for a huge surprise: The house is haunted by the ghost of famous romance writer Max Murdoch (pen name Maxine DuBois) who insists Nan complete his last novel, threatening to keep her from sleeping until she agrees. The ensuing clash pits youth against the long-dead but still egotistical author with humorous and moving results....

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Ghost Writer Reviews

  • Martha Cheves
    2019-04-21 03:29

    Ghost Writer - Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish "I don't believe in ghosts," I used to tell anyone who'd ask. I'm a 'techie,' a computer programmer. I deal with data and facts, not fiction and fantasy. So how did I get mixed up with a temperamental, egotistical, rude, smart, funny, aggravating, self-centered, loveable... uh... spirit? Okay, if you insist, ghost. Nanette (or Nan as most called her) Burton found herself caught up in the downfall of the mortgage industry only five years after graduating from college. But that was just the beginning of her problems. The building she lived in went into foreclosure, so she was also out of a place to live. Then her live-in boyfriend decided to bail out when she received an eviction notice. Well, his leaving was actually a blessing because he didn't work, wasn't looking for work, and simply lived off Nan. So when her paycheck left, he found himself another victim to mooch from. Final step, move back home with Mom and Dad until she could find a job and buy a car. Oh yeah, her car died, too. Living with Mom and Dad wouldn't have been so bad except they had turned her bedroom into Dad's study so she had to sleep on the sofa. The Victorian sofa with all its wood and firm springs.Then Nan's great-great-aunt Nanette Burton, whom she had been named after, passed away at the age of 104. When Nan and her dad were called to the lawyer's office for the reading of the will, there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Nan would soon be living at her rich great-great-aunt's beach cottage. Finally a place to live and a bed to sleep on. But her living at the cottage came with a few things Nan didn't expect. One being her aunt's dog, Mitzi, and the other being her aunt's famous author friend Maximilian Alexander Murdoch. Max actually wrote women's fiction under the name of Maxine du Bois and had done extremely well. But when Nan moved into the beach cottage, Max didn't take it too well. This was his house and had been for years... before and after his death. Yes, Max is a ghost, who ends up allowing Nan to live in 'his' house if she will help him finish his last book.I can never get enough of this writer's light reading. She always grabs me right in the beginning and continues until the very last page. She makes me laugh and she makes me feel sad now and then but she always delivers with a great book. You can't help but love this book.

  • J.L. Greger
    2019-04-15 05:30

    I generally don’t like stories with paranormal beings, but I loved Ghost Writer. This romance is a modern update of the tear-jerker The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. In Ghost Writer, the lonely and generally luckless Nan Burton inherits a run-down cottage from her great, great aunt. Then she discovers she must share the cottage with the ghost Max Murdoch, who once wrote florid romances. In acceding to his wish that she finish his last novel, she discovers herself.This well-written is a quick, fun read. Mitzi, the Shih Tzu, adds a cute touch to the novel because Mitzi can see the ghost while Nan can only hear him. The book's worst feature is it's title; several other authors have used a similar title.

  • Marja McGraw
    2019-04-10 03:55

    Ghost Writer by Lorna Collins was a delight. When Nanette inherits a cottage and a small dog, her life changes forever. It seems the cottage is inhabited by a ghost who was a writer and who wants his last novel completed. Nanette’s employer downsized, and she was part of the downsizing. From trying to write and complete Max’s novel to dealing with life, she has her work cut out for her. This story contains humor, more than one romance and a lot of fun. I don’t generally read anything but mysteries, but this was a pleasant diversion and a nice change. To add a little more to the already fun read, there just may be a treasure to find.I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be entertained and wants to find themselves smiling when they put it down.

  • Patricia Cleary
    2019-04-14 04:29

    Ghost Writer is a delightful novel, a mystery about a young girl finding herself with a little help from a ghost who resides in her seaside cottage. The main character, Nanette Burton, has a great voice and it's fun to read her plucky quips as she interacts with the helpful yet cantankerous ghost. This is the kind of book you want for a rainy day, to snuggle up with under the covers and finish in one sitting. I did! Afterwards, you will be uplifted having learned about touching relationships and will feel as positive as Nan did in the end about life and the future.

  • Patricia Gligor
    2019-04-20 00:38

    "Ghost Writer" by Lorna Collins is a different kind of mystery. No murder and no crime. And yet, it kept me, an avid mystery/suspense reader and writer, intrigued to the very end. I didn't want to stop turning the pages because I'd become so immersed in the life of the main character, Nan Burton, and I had to see what would happen to her next and how the story would end. I wasn't disappointed. "Ghost Writer" is a really wonderful read and I highly recommend it.

  • Patty A.
    2019-04-03 22:54

    Loved this story -- Lorna scored with this one -- I will read it AGAIN!

  • DelSheree
    2019-03-24 05:30

    Nanette's life quickly hits a road block when she loses her job, her boyfriend, her car, and her apartment all within a few months. She thinks everything is turning around when her great aunt passes away and she finds out her aunt has left her something, but is disappointed when that "something" turns out to be a dog she doesn't want and a trust fund she can't access for three years. The only consolation is a seaside cottage her aunt leaves her. That is, until she moves in and realizes the cottage comes with a cranky ghost who vows to annoy her until she finishes his novel. The idea for Ghost Writer was very fun. I loved the twist on the traditional ghost writer arrangement. This was a fun and entertaining read with well developed characters. For me, I think the relationship between the characters was the highlight of the story. Nan is instantly relateable with her down-on-life attitude and recent bad luck.I thought she handled the situations she landed in and her interactions with the other characters like a real person in most situations. Her view of life matches her situation and changes during the story as things begin to get better. Her banter back and forth with Max, the ghost, were a lot of fun, but I enjoyed seeing them become closer the more they worked together. The one area I had trouble with when it came to Max and Nan was that her initial reaction to him was so mild it seemed odd. She thought it might be a joke at first, but even once she realized he was real she just kind of accepted it. That was the one area I didn't feel she reacted realistically. The progression of the storyline was nicely done. There weren't any slow parts or sections that seemed to fly by too quickly. The story kept moving and stayed interesting throughout.The humor woven into the story was quite enjoyable. I liked Max's reactions to hearing people's honest opinions about the writing he thought was masterful. Nan and her experience working on Max's last novel is a light story about friendship and what it means to care about others. I was initially expecting the storyline to be a little deeper than it was, but I enjoyed the lighter tone. It was a fun, casual read. The one aspect of the story I didn't particularly enjoy were the writing lessons Max gave Nan. Maybe because I'm a writer myself, but I felt like the explanations were trying to tell the reader why they should like the book they were reading rather than just letting them enjoy it. When it is mentioned that Nan's no good boyfriend, Jeff, abandons her, I immediately suspected there would be a new love interest. Indeed, there were actually two, but I don have to admit that I was a little disappointed in the romantic aspect of this book. Nan's hunky neighbor, Tad, catches her eye, but it's made pretty obvious to the reader that he's a big dud right away. I had very little reason to like him or want Nan to like him. The other interest was Steve, a member of Max's old publishing company. Right away, it was clear that Steve was a doll, and a perfect choice, however Nan seems strangely oblivious to his interest in her. I didn't feel it was realistic for Nan not to see that the reason Steve hung around so often and gave her rides and took her grocery shopping was because he was in love with her. With either man, Nan's interest was only vague. There was never a real compelling romantic moment with either of them, which was also disappointing. The more interesting love story was between Max and the woman who used to type his manuscripts, Helen. I found their story very sweet. Overall, this was a fun book, but more of a light, casual read than one that will really grab you. Would I recommend this book? Yes, but only as a casual read. Who would I recommend this book to? The main audience for this book will be women in the 30-50 range who are looking for a sweet story about the value of friendship. Check out my other reviews on The Edible Bookshelf

  • James Callan
    2019-03-22 02:29

    To make this simple, Ghost Writer- is a fun book to read. Nanette has lost her job during a bank crisis. But at the same time, her great aunt Netta, dies and leaves her a small cottage on the beach and a dog. The rest of her inheritance is tied up for some years, and contingent on the good health of the dog. Nanette is not a dog person.It turns out that the house is inhabited by the ghost of a famous writer from some years back. And this ghost will be there, and give Nanette a hard time, until she finishes his last novel. Nanette is not a writer, so this poses another problem. Author Lorna Collins makes the most of it. She has crafted some great characters that you will get to know and enjoy, including the ghost.I can recommend this book for everybody -- seniors, YA, middle aged, baby boomers, and the new adult. It has romance, mystery, intrigue, and a ghost. What more could you ask for.

  • Pamela Gibson
    2019-04-06 02:44

    Fun with a Talkative GhostNanette, an unemployed techie, inherits a beach cottage complete with Max, a grumpy, egocentric ghost who won’t let her have any peace until she finishes the manuscript he began when he died in 1977. She begins her task, only to find that she can’t read his scribblings, but the spirit’s secretary is still alive and agrees to help with the project, not knowing Max haunts the cottage. The story is a refreshing change from books with broken characters and life-changing trauma. It reminds me of an old television series that is sometimes on reruns called The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. The characters are strong and caring, the ghost is perplexed by all the technological changes creating moments of humor, and of course, there’s a cute little dog that steals your heart.This is a fun read you don’t have to think about, just enjoy.

  • Lorna Collins
    2019-04-09 02:56

    Nan Burton loses her job, apartment, boyfriend, and even her car. But she inherits a cottage on the sand near Laguna Beach, California. Unfortunately, the house comes equipped with highly-opinionated ghost, Max Murdoch. He was a famous author prior to his death in 1977 and decides that Nan's purpose for being there is to type his final manuscript and submit it to his publisher. She's the first person who can actually hear him, so he is determined to make noise until she complies with his wishes. what ensues is a battle of wills that leaves both Nan and the ghost richer in the end.

  • Ann Howley
    2019-03-30 03:59

    Ghost Writer is an engaging, entertaining story written with wit and warmth. Nan, the smart, skeptical, practical protagonist, is perfectly characterized and completely believable for a woman who has no choice but to believe in ghosts. I enjoyed this book, especially the few twists at the end that make the conclusion particularly satisfying.

  • Lorna Collins
    2019-03-26 22:47